The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 22, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX . MEETJH Grand Amcn'can Handicap Opens at Vandalia/for Four-Day Run By JIMMY DONAHUE .NEA Sm-ice Sports Writer VANDAMA, > o—Proiwb'y no sporl In (he world ben is cut tlw old saw, "They don't come back." cs well as does Irapshootln?, Tlie Grand Ameilcan Handicap of that sport will be lield here on Ihe permanent range rf the Amateur Trnpshoolini) asscelatlcn P:i llie last day of liie nnlional tournament, Aug. 2-1-28. Ncvei in Hie 3li->car hlslory of the event has n winnlii! marksman relumed will] enough of his old skill to annex the clay _ bird classic' the second time. Tliat puls J B noynll. iQ-jfj winner from Tallahassee, via., on the spot, Filtering the Ciund ' American for the first time In his career in JD35. the Irain roiulnu- tcr prevailed In a shout-oil' witli Sam Vance cf Tllkmsburg, Out. Of course, Itoyiill may be able to blast the dope bucket full of ]>c!«s, but (lie odds are us htm. In no other event in the coun- tiy !i there so much pressure en the inaiKsman. He h compEtlnj .against the best hup artists 111 ;'the country, most of them winners of loinnnments held In every one of Uie stales, whose toll of birds ha\e qualified them for Ihe: "Grand.' Gunning For Record Sieve Crothm. Philadelphia veteran, will, „,,.„„ of 635 b| d to ,, S credit, will shoot to break Ihe U2 j record of Boyd Dimeaii of Lucy rcna, sol In 1923, when he compete In the ,, nce for Stale Champions at Vniulnlln. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) Pastime Defeats Builders, 8 lo 0; Famous Trims Hughes, 4 to 6 W. L. Pet. •'5 H 12 S 8 « 11 1 1 .789 fl .731 6 .GC7 .500 .421 11 .389 12 A Winner at 14! Being a handicap event, the classic draws from all ages. The youngest ever lo win It was Ku- fm King, n )4-\eai-old Texan, who annexed honors in 1925 from 16 yards, a spot where II has bach won five limes. One of the oldfst, was Chailcs Young of Springfield, who -won In 1920 at 03, registering the first ]>crfcct score i|j the classic, lie still competes. 'Handicaps are based orr scores in'ieglslered..shoots, and the lo.v- er the'handicap, the farlher from the target the marksman has to perform. One of Ihe big guns who rales a chance to annex fioyall's lltlc this year Is Joe Heistand. Joe is a ' "near-and-yet-so-far" ..' fellow, who has won Just about everything m liapshoollng but the •Grand" Itself. ' u Last jcai , he annexed the national doubles, illy target title, Gltbons .Hotel Cup, and Jim Day Cup, oiily lo lose out In the Handicap lite Hillslxjjo, O., firmer is going great guns so far tills . yeai-y ..nnd is in the best condition of Ills career. This -may be 'his season. Woman Is Threat Even women ccmpetitors have a chance, nalably Mrs Leila Hull, trap artist from East. Lynne, Mo. This bird breaker, in 1831, won third place, defealing four male opponents In a shool-oir. . ' An- interesting; sidelight In this year's tournament will be the attempt of the veteran Steve Ciolhers, who has been shooting birds for 25 years, to break the straight kill record of Irapshcot- ing The Philadelphia!! started a run during the Pennsylvania slate shcot in "June that has reached 535 " straight birds, and, in the Race for Stale Champions here, has a chance lo crack the 021 > mark.-set by lioyrt Duncan of Lu- 'cy, Term., back in 1023. Nearly 1200 marksmen arc expected-to take part in the Handicap and preliminary events. This is in excess of the 1929 record of 1100 marksmen. By. lurry Gray so Time was called during a playoff game between Cniuthersvllle nnd Jonesboro in the Northeast Arkansas League and Sherlir Houston Johnson, president of the Jonesboro club, niiklcd out on the Held and "fanned" Umpire Tony McDonald. . . . The arbiter surrendered a .38 caliber pistol which he had con- eealcd under his s'nht. . . . Well, he came prepared, anyway. . . .' McDonald is u deputy sheriff. . . Ford Prick may draft him for the SI. Louis Cardinals 1 games. Hurry liassler, who. gives picture stars the lowdown on golf, l.s a brother of Johnny of baseball fame . . . Law-son Lllllo is geltlny a wee bit stout around I'nc waist. . * Oooso Goslln suggested that Schoolboy Rowe plncli-liit for hhri against Thornton Lee, Cleveland southpaw. ... "I just, can't lilt that giiy," explained I'oe famous lett-haiulcd swatter of Ihe Tigers . . . Prank Chbjnackl, 18-year-old apprentice slar of the Thistle Down meeting alid tlic country's leading rider for 193C, declares that he became a Jockey w'ncn he discovered that there wasn't much a little fellow could <io in Ihe way of nmkln* n Jiving. ... Dean B. Cromwell who has turned oul many stars at the University of Southern California, calls.'Frai Kelly, his old Ymrd- ling champ'lon, the finest competitor In any event llial lie ever coached. . . . Before the 1876 game at Ihe Polo Grounds, Bill Terry asked Jim Mutrie, 91-year-old former manager who named the ai- nnls, If they hit behind a runner in his day. . . . "Yes, and we knew Iiow lo bunt, too," came back Mu- Irkv ' * * • WoiKtx'aril Wanted to Win Elusive Trixvers Stakes William Woodwnrd was parllcu- larly desirous of havhi" Grnnvlllc win Ihe Trovers Stakes as n saive to tliat sore of 1930, Wnen the 100 lo 1 shot, Jim Dandy, ueat thu lie- lair stud's chnmplon, Gallnnt Pox sire of Granvllle, In knee-deep mud . . . Woodward ho|>e<l for revenge a year ago, but Omaha went wrong shortly after his triumph In fne \rlington classic. . . . Gibson vhile, whose Rosalind Irottcd off vllh the Hainblelonlnn, became a 'it nellled at reports that pictured urn as an invalid in a wheel chair. ". . "I guess 1 w'as real sick'two •cars ago, but I never felt belter nan I do now," says the good-nh There are 82 appointments at large to the U. S. Military Academy at West Point; two are appointed upon recommendation of the vice president. FOXY FOXX CUB The name of Jimmy Foxx is sure to be pcrpetualcd in baseball, if jou listen lo Ihe proud arguments of Papa Foxx, Red Sox sockcr. and the youlhful ambitions of James Foxx, Jr. The joungslcr, shown above, is the slugger of Camp SokoUs, « bojs' outfit m Maine, and is noted for his long distance clouting lie doesn't quite fill , out a Red Sox uniform yet, however. boy. . Rosalind makes George Ligosky (o Meet Mobley; .Marrs and Myers in Feature Match iOorge Ligosky; the Russian Lion., returns to (he Iccal wrestling arena, after an extended absence. Monday night to meel Hex Moblcy, the grapplh:,; grappler from Texas. Ligosky paraded across thn local ring for several weeks a year or more ago as one ,of a series of pulilic enemies and acted m the tough boys usually acl in Uu wrestling racket to get tlic crowd in their necks. , , . '_ LlKOsky was beaten at Caiiith- -•rsvllte this week by Johntiii Mans, tlic southern 'heavyweight lillc claimant, 'who iiiceUs Ihe reliable Lee Myers in the feature here Monday night. The Ma ITS-Myers match will ai'ing together two veterans of Jie grunt and groan gnme. Both have grappling skill hul have a decided tendency toward rough work. If each commands the respect of the olher as a malnun the match may be devoid of rough work and depend 'mostly on mat skill. '•'• • .Standings Pastime Billiards I.lltlc Chevrolet Co. Famous Store K. D. Hughes Co. '.'.'.'." McMtillln Grocery Phillips' Motor Co. ... Ark-Mo Power Co la East Arknmas Builders 3 16 Soft ball fans were treated to .some excellent hurling plus K ood support last night at Haley Field when the pace setting Pastimers >f the Commercial soft ball league ihutout the tail-end East Arkansas Builders, 8 to 0. and the third place Famous Store club beat R 13. Hughes Clothiers, 4 to o Dan Warrliieton the lanky lasllme righthander, and, John Holland, (lie heavyset red-headed ice of Applebaum's Famous roupe, turned In the fine pitching performances. Each allowed the opposition only four hits. Holland's exhibition was particularly note worth because he was facing one of the heaviest hitting clubs I 'he loop in the Clothiers. The league leading Pastime Billiard Parlor lost little time in letting starlcd on Its vlctorj Irlvc lasl night. The Pastimers scored one run In the first Inning when Ihey forcwl Eddie Sallba 'roni the mound after he had nilkcd ihree straight to open the stanza. The Builders came off •ery well in limiting Uie Pastime The Standings Sumnrrn league W. L. Pet. Atlanta ..." ;.... 83 47 .C38 Nashville '12 Biimln'jhnm 67 New Orleans 05 Little Dock 65 Chattanooga ..'....-,. 59 Knoxville 52 Memphis 48 .563 .523 .510 ,504 .4G8 .403 .384 Nallon:i] I.eapue V/. St. Louis 77 10 New York 10 Chicago C7 Pittsburgh Gl Cinclnnnli 55 Boston „ . S3 Brooklyn 45 Philadelphia 40 I.. Pel. ler next start in u, c America,, Stakes in Milwaukee, Aug. 29. Asked if he would entertain ail offer to sell Hosaliml, young Whitn replied that the bid would 'nave o be prelty high. . . . "i wou ld rather race her and then breed her lo sec If llg'ntnlng can strike twice in ihe same place," he beamed. -. . . The California commission Insists that Marty Simmons, who won tne middleweight, championship of Australia, demonstrate liiat he can fighl before lie Is matched with Young Corbctt III or any other llrsl rale opponent. Mothers and Daughlcrx •unrney Proves I'opulir Midlothian Country club Chicago, Which for 33 years has slagcd a nationwide tournament for fathers and sons, introduced a -companion piece for mothers anil daughters . . . 'n,c allair, limit- to 18 holes, was largely attend... The low net Irophy went to Mrs. H. M. Dudley and her daughter, Eleanor, wno turned In a n 8-. . . Miss Dudley held Ihe western junior title last scasin president George Trautman of the Americar, Association estimates that (he prolonged heat wave cost the circuit nearly 60,000 In attend- free. . . . when omciaU of the Louisville club feel big-hearled they «n'C mint juleps to the press at night games. . . . American Association clubs are hiring American League W. L, New York 70 40 Cleveland 05 53 Uclrolt U5 54 Chicago ; Cl 57 Washington 50 58 Boston 59 60 St. Louis 44 14 Philadelphia 42 75 .609 .603 .578 .521 .478 .401 .395 .351 Pet. .055 .551 .54(i .51' .504 .496 .313 .359 Northeast Arkansas League W. 1, Pet. Newport 34 7 xCtsccoia 25 13 xCimillu-rsville 17 21 Balesville 17 24 Jonesboro 16 24 1'aragould :... 10 30 .250 .829 .653 .44' .41! .400 Baseball Results Southern I*ague N'ight Games Knoxville 10. Memphis 8. New Orleans 5, Nashville 4. 1 Illle Rock 7. Atlanta 0. Birmingham 13. Chattanooga 8 National League Nc»- York 3. Boston 2. Pittsburgh 5, SI. Louis 4. Chicago 7, Cincinnati 2. Only games scheduled. ALL ABOARD FOR A SUBWAY SERIES '~ " Kreii?/) he third, Ihree In the fourth "id one In the sixth. Shoeless Joe Godwin lilt a homer lo figure nnterlally In the scoring. With Varington he collected two hits rhcy were the only Pastime balers to get more than one. - e>u>. utru \ii mt: iullders four blows, Wilson get- Ing one and" Johnson one. Eight, Jirors didn't help the Builders causp any while the Pastimers nlscucd three times. . A fast double play hi the s cv- nth Inning ended the principal coring .threat of the Clothiers and. saved a shutout for Holland lughes' four lilts were scattered among as many players and only wo were bunched in one Innlhit—' he last. Famous .played heads up ball iU alro made • cleaner, sharper nti than ! usual off' ITalmadge y, the Clothier southpaw. They' ollected eight blows but most' of liem were, well hit balls. Famous nadc one error while Ilnghes iiade four errors, some at crucial iioments. Famous made two runs in the econd Inning, one in the third ni<l two In the fourth. The victory gave" Famous' an entrenched position in third place n Ihe league race. Score by Innings: lughes Famous Pastime Easl Ark. 000 000 0 021 200 x 121 030 1 000 000 0 n. it. E. -044 -481 K. 11. E. -893 -048 Today's Games Southern League Knoxville at Memphis. Nashville at New Orleans Allanta at Little Rock. Chattanooga at Birmingham. National league Cincinnati at Chicago. I'ittsbnrgh at St. Louis. Now York at Boston. Philadelphia at Brooklyn American Ltague Chicago at Detroit. Boston at New York. St. Louis at Cleveland. Washington at Philadelphia. Northeast Arkansas League Open date. Three of four successive presidents of the Unlled Slates died on the Fourth of July; John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe. any at fancy prices than oilier minor league outfit. The W^Ti^ on Uie American league Dclrolt 8, Chicago C. Cleveland 4, St. Ix>uls 2. New York 4. Boston 1. Philadelphia 3. Washington 1. Northeast Arkamu I.rtne Newport 3. Balesville 0. .'oiusboro 10. Paragould 8. Osceola st Caruthersvlllc, night game. Wiwker Senri« - OM OPEN ALL NIGHT 11 . PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 7TJ - 1:3 Btfore Too Buy Any Outboard - Sec Iht NEPTUNE 2 II. P. (gjr SIngle Cy). W tJ (Olher Sizes lo 16 It. p.) HUBBARD TIRB & BATTERY CO. LUMBER FOR SALE Plant Closed Down I'erina- nently Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY LUMBER Chicago Mill & Lumber Company BlythevIHe, Ark. ' . .Phone 800 WE'VE FINISHED AkEAD OP SCHEDULE Sharks Yield Face Powder SYC5JEY. N. s. W. (UPJ-Beau- ,ies here may soon be powdering their noses with shark's brains. ind jxiwdercd brains. - Thomas Tomplon Li known as lie "falher of English watchmak- ing." A vast-number of'beautiful :locks and watches were liiude at NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE wife, to me, as grantee, dated January 30. 1932. and recorded in Record Book "W-rl 208, of the records of the Chiek'a- sawba District of Mississippi Comity. Arkaasas,. default .having been made in the payment of the Indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, now due-and r unpaid, and default having been made on payment; of .t«xes, general and special, upon the land described In said Deed of Trust, and said failure to pay the in- debtcdness secured 'by said Deed of Trust and the taxes' upon the land described therein, conslilut-' ihg a breach of the provisions of said Deed of Trust, I, the undersigned mortgagee, will on , Under authority vested In the undersigned by a Deed of Trust »«.^.«. b ..^ .., u ^ bu£ ^, »,., u,, Executed by Thomas 'G. Wilson, Wednesday, September 1C, ' 1936 imur mn -^ than one year de-j within legal hours, sell at public .», ma.* u,iu j-tur tie-] »viL,im legiu nuurs, sen ai puunc pcased, and Artie M. Wilson, his sale to the highest bidder,- for cash, at the :front door of > the Court House in 'the Oity ; of Blytheville, Arkansas, the following described, real estale In ; ihe Cliickasawba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas, to-wit: Forty acres of land described as being the- Northeast Quarter : (NE'/O . of the Northeast ' Quarter <NE',1) of Section Ten (10), Township Fifteen (15), Range Eight (8); lo pay the debt secured by said Trust Deed and the costs of executing (his Irust. D. G. RA1NEY, Mortgagee. 14-21-28-4-11 OWN A FARM •Save- your money by putting it in a Farm. You can pay all cash or part cash and the balance yearly. Land values in this valley are gradually increasing ?n e Jn aV !; V™ ""'"I* /° Se "' lf 5 '°" have a "J' fa ™ ^nd to sell, or If you \yish to buy a. farm, 'see me. I , Phones .597 jinil Y86 G. G. CAUDILL Blytheville. Ark. 1 > ", " ' Read 'em and REAP The advertisements in this paper are guide-posts to the best values in town. If. they weren't the best values in town, by any chance,'the.'advertisers would lie foolish indeed to call your attention to them. Because no advertiser can afford to.focus upon a fault! Just as you consult a road-map before taking a four in your car; just as you pore.over a bill-of-fare before ordering-lunch .or dinner; just as you read reams of booklets and folders before starting out on a; crime-^read the advertisements before going dqwntowa into:the shopping traffic;' r v .Advertisements are advance news of all that's newest and best in merchandise and service. They show you/in the quiet and comfort of your home, what you may.; expect when you sally forth into the marketplaces. You can check the items that interest; you, . and "chuck" those that don't. Read the'advertise- ments. Read'em and reap'/ ;

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