The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JUNK C, 1939 -COUKIER. NKWS IPPORTUNITY W!J THE WANT-AW CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION t>ally rate per line for coiisecu eivc Insertions: One time per line 10< Two times per line per day....08c Th'rec limes per line per day...06e Six times: per line per day....05.. Month rale, per line 6<X Cards of Thanks ....50u & Minimum charge 50« Ads ordered for tlirce or six (lines and stopped before expiration will be charged for Die number, of times the add nppcared and adjustment, of bill inndc. All closslfied Advertising copy submitted by ixjrsons residing oul- tlde of the city rnusl Ite accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily computed from nliovc table. Advertising ordered for irrcgutoi insertions takes tlie one time rate No responsibility iviil be taken for more tlian one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad'. For Kent Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Uea- soiiable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wnl- J '«l- -, 5-ck-tf Cool, comfortable Iront bedroom. Phone 351. 515 Walnut.. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment, Newly decorated. 814 Heard. Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone 764. 3-ck-tf Furnished apartment. 900 W. Wal. "Uly' H-pk-M Two large bedrooms for rent., Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Walnut, Mck-tf Comfortable bedroom. 625 W Main. Phone 277-J. is-ck-6-15 Store building and residence combined. Good location for grocery and meat market, CW Lake St. See Dr. .1. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or H8. , 12-ck-O-ia Altractive -front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. 003 W. Main. 1'h. 6'2/ . , 10-ck-U Furnlslicd room .entering Into bath. Beautyrest Mattress. Will give 2 meals a day. 818 Chlcka- sawba, phone 636. Itrfa OfDce. rooms. Sudbury. Building. See Graham Suclbury. 2'ltf For Sale 80 to BCD acres 'bottom land, $10 per.-acre, this week. Partly, improved.-i Goofl-itille. L. A. "l?avis, Morehoiise, Mo. ~ ', " 6-ipfc-B We have, a number of attractive and desirable cottages In Blytlie- ville, well located, which «'e can sell at reasonable prices. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. rihone' 617 ''•' ' 6-cfc-tf :st. cottage rented as Duplex at $30.CO. On corner iol Price $000.00 6 room cottage at ; High Sc'liooK Rents at $30.00. Price $1250. Pretty cottage oil yine St. New roof and in fine condition. Price S850.CO • - Nine little home on N. Fifth St. Pretty lot, with shade. 5850.00 Thonias Land Co. . G-ck-13 Cans for Jug Fishing complete with cans. Guaranteed won't leak. 7!ic each. Raymond Brooks, SteeU, Mo. • 2-pk-9 FOR"SALE •100 Acres land, 175 cleared, facing gravel road, for mile. S'25 per acre. S-5,000 casli, balance Icrins. 1 to 1 1-4 hales to acre. Also 80 acres, 45 in cultivation. <1 mules, tools and crop. $3,200. 1GO Acres. 100 cleared, three cs, $10 acre, % mile of concrete on new road In PemiscoL county. Riales J,aiid Co, Olencoe Hotel. 3pk7 Have cash buyers for various size ..tracts of land. If you have law! for sale list it, witlrRialcs Land Co. 3-pk-7 HOLD EVERYTHING - By Clyde Lewis DESIGNING . ' Howesr JOHN" RKI6ALL GAMES SLOT MACUIMES MUCH CTC. "My masterpiece, boss! Tlic machine not only lakes (lie customer's iloiifil), but Iliis gnclyei.jumps out ami steals liis wuchi" ...... Room and Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rales. 112 E. Cherry, phone 602. 8-ck-tf Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. As!). Phone 093. 5-pk-7-5 Notice Fishing License FOB VOUIt CONVENIENCE, \\'K A TIE PREPARED TO ISSUK YOlin FISHING LICENSE AT OUI{ STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY .HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Wauled CASH''PAID for good 1935, : 1936 .aiiS.3937 model JTords", Plymo'iith's ind "Chevrolet.?.- Phone Hpwa;-d Burton at 810. Plil!ljp s Motdi- Co. 20-ck-6-28 Ice ICE-ICE Phone107 JOHN BUCHANAN ^linnows For Sale Minnows mid ftshlng cnnes. 300 E. Main. Phone 800. O. C. Hawks. 'M-ck-8-2'l Flowers, fruit anrt \c < jctnblcs for the king's 'thblc usually arc supplied trom . Ihc roynl lijsilsh estates, wherever the court may be nl Ilia time * \Vllllnm Pemioccuplcrt the mubilck house In Amcilcn t :t'. "i - : ', " • jj| .Jtost^ bird's, or , prey 'have* PRESCRIPTIONS . Freshest Slock - (rujiraiitccd Kctit l'rtcc« Kirby Drug Stores Goldfish Minnows B-J^BrofjUon, sty |) m , e ,.,i, K1NNOWS & ';OCK~H6ACHi;s ftxrl Damon. Cor. Rallrnad tt Ky I>cff Causes Car 'Crash ' PORT CLINTON, O. (UPJ —A dog which wandered, out on the highway near here caused n highway crash which Injured tour per•-—PRESCRIPTIONS—. Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription DruggUl Fowler Drug Co. Main & ffai I'lioiiE Ml .-.,,;..Clinton- ; .L. : Caldwcll ! Ingram BWg. '' Bl.vlhevilic, f ARKANSAS iind MfSSOUKI TITLE OPINIONS. TITLE 'INSURANCE. COMPLETE COVERAGE Dr. F. J. Weitzi Registered Veterinarian 719 W. Ash'"Phone .«)i)2. BEAUTIFUL BIRD QUALITY Plus ECONOMY Firestone Convoy Tires Any way ym, llpurc, riicslonel Convoy Tires civc yiin | lie' ercatcst value for the money. llulll with ;i)l Vlrcstunc iwlcntiul conslvuctliin fe:iturr s . iti'inrin- brr you can uuy on uur HU!)GET. D,AN, SET Of 1 FOR AS 5 A,S , PKH WKEK $1.50 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Siilpi-», Hudcct Mcr. Nb A Walmil I'liouc Bill Dollars Saved fire Dollars Made Aiili-Kmitk (Jay (.'emiiuo Ulliv ,t I-. Octane, (,'al. SO Octane, Cii 13.5c 14.3c •VANIA jiIOTOK ()1I^-TAX i'All/- ••Al ( . CAN. _ (Jimlily I'roilti'cis aV " mm GAS co. Wilra Krom Sliitc Uno Hollnnd, Mu. SKfiN CANCER lhif» t1, U i,»,,i,,l | W »3,,, <t | 0 „, riMl , c , 1Uill »„,„•„„,,_ v]lM m lcm » ftllllltul liOBllcouco, 1'yiics vary, tliu caimni cuiiijiln. Inn skin c.ilicn ' ' l)rctcn oil Bint iltvfttoiioil casDB enroll II licatnl p.trly wlilln (lie IM^Imnil |» a nnalr. "'«»IM'"T Ilka ,,r,l,n», y «»rU l.ut^^^raiL^^ilM'ta lurZl Wforo llioyauvcloii into volnill»l' Ski,, ,-anni» nto nql wliol- i iirtivciiini 1,,,|, It i, Mtn ,| ,„ 1 |, IIOi M)lot |,,|j, )iy „„„ ,, k n| ci | w|lll .I'liyslollmranj uralwonl, .1 cixo nuy bo nisnroil Will, yc.n« of »!,„!», 0 «,,o t i c11M nll(l i rM ,,,, ellt „, ,,„,„,„„, „, '„,„ !^°.""\'"•'"""" l " """ 1 " lllls «''l""«»». ISx^uliulHl, f,«o „,„! Clinic 611 DKS. INIES'.& N1ES Ninv l.oiMtnl ill 1U1 Niirtli ijiruml ADDING MAWHNE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON' lilMVAIIIJ.S, I'rnpi idiir AH itlikis »f Itilunll 'Ivpiwildrx, Ailillu,. Miutilnrs uiul Ciitnilulurs—Ucpalilnn—I'iiiltj—ittitlinns LAWN MOWERS Bliiifpcnccl, factory nietJiod, fti.j^v. cd ollcd-Plckcd up &. delivered 51 Used Uu\n Mowers For* Sale ATKINS nliicliiiic Shop Ss GWUKV 110 S 2nd |.), wie s m—m*m-^m ' J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Ornrlunlc Olilome- In Ulytiicvllle. Corrccllj' , gs with slotted Lips, . W | l!cn enable jaln altitude i\ Mule \ For Sale •MRS. DIKTR1CI! Phone ,172 or 70" FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Doha Implements, luc, 312 South 2nd I'titme 8(li> HOW LONG SINCE, ypuii c/VIE JMD AH Ajiproifd rord /.abriudoii?', VK3I There Is n difference Id lubilcsUons. 'Eveiy place do« not have tho tame standard!), . . . npr ran they give ypu tha b|)cc)n) Fold Liibrlcanls matlo especially for rord cars. Get tho SPECIAL CHASSIS MJHRICATION AND WHKEJ, PACKING ll'or 30 Days Only) ' COJW'MSTB CHASSIS LUBRICATION PreH-uio Gun Grease In all pics- biiic Qiin nitlng.s. Springs, Hood Lncliijis, Uoor striker rtlales ivaxcd, Door Hinges Uibrlcntud, Spwlnl Chesses In' Unlvcrwl Jowls, special luhi Irani In btcer- I'lfr geiir iind distributor cam. PACK FRONT WHEELS W/isli mil hub niul healings, luick iiilh special r-crrt 6hoit flaei Sodium Soap grease"", Ad- Just wlieel beatings, All Above Service 0 In Combination. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. rhiMw 810 Answer to Previous Puzzle 18 To be sick, 20 Purpose. 22 Red vegetable 24 Naked. 26 Opposed to front. ZTFast, 29 \Vindow ledg. 31 Genus o£ frogs,, 33 Sound of sorrow,. 35 Vandal. 37 College Sow and pigs. 631 Clark. 31-pk-12 Cot with wooden frame, wire springs and cotton mattress. S3.50. Call 030. 30-da One 5-room house. George, M. Lce.i Phone 329. 10-ck-tl Personal tlronse Sluggtsh Uvcr, work, off the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and thai sour, (eeline. Take one box of KI KEY'S ACTIVE LTVER rIU,S 25c. at all Klrby Stores. Dairy quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free o( Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery, 802-J, lor Halsell's Grade A Raw Milk, Cream, Country Butter, But- termllk, extra or holiday order*. Inspection encouraged anytime. Halsell's Dairy Promised Land, Koute 2 Male Help Ranted MAN for soap route. Start Immediately. Up : to $45 first veek. Car given as bonus. Write ZANOL, 7214 MonmouU), Cincinnati,. Ohio. HORIZONTAL 1 Large strutting male bird. 7 It has beeri domesticated since —— . times, i 2 For the affirmative, 13 Climbing plant. 15 Golf term. 10 Kettle, 17 Large *9V»rnl«:»i ioS'S e ^« —'- - Wwk-i 41 Note ill scale. poems. 40 Against. 21 While. « To discover. ^ ^0* of ski!]. 42 Feasted. 22 Vagabond. 44 For lhat 2 Company. 43Chocolale. 23 Cotton picker, reason 5 Holding beverage. 253.H16. 45 Thin?' ' cSTi?' «Branches, HA**.. ss±r ?sr vcs ' " 7 s branous 28 Ankle. 48 Natural canal. 8 African harp. 43 Ever 30 Bay window. 51 To mold anew 0 Neuter SOSister 32 Clock face. 5 *S' b " Uve • 1r ,? r0 " OU "-, 5 'Old wagore •ivc i , • i Justice, 10 Snaky fish, [rack 34 Social msect. 56 Automobile, n Low tide. 52 And 35 Pronoun. • 57 It has 34 To total. 53 Capuchin 36 Measure of p i umagc . 16 u belo fo ; ^*™ m W Conhmr. • ' M It iS lW " d On thC gcnus — 55 Sh IsOved ° n> «««9«'««n«t "Owteiuo- Carolina. JBOwed. of—. blunder. 58 Form of "a" THANKS foR 6A.VING MV Life .' 1 FEU SO oR(W TOfJ THE POOR CAGED ANIMAL VOO WERE SELLING TO THE Ipo .' 5PUAW > — ME B'iSGUSTlDflAO,' HY V. T. HAML1A - SEARCHED THE _. OUT ,.._ STREET5HOT5FIP.. -• I-KUDAUUV XMiC3=.--Ltis ,StfS I lAMfAY CAW STAR! JUST A FALSt\GFT BACK /fAIUTiy |'.| 71 IE (5Q7TED ALARM; cAU-Vio THE f LIMES AMD STUFF,'/>.- / OFF|CC/N - /L— 11 irrc A ~ -^ ^-- -~-**-^ x"^ AM>Vi6^V, 1 . \ ST PJ'V 1H ' S OUGl-'TA WIMD'US/ TMIMK.'tl-liST.l'lA)J-; °" K -/Uli EXCEPT FDR A SIOT TDMSTUFF'IS' ,,/, ' f OF THE PH^KITOM HIM- ) A LCTHA ;/,;,V "'. , SE JrR IP 1HECOPSCAM (•• 1-IOOEy/. /V^,C,/, £ ^,, ^., 1?» BY rttj. SERVjCE IHC T M BtC V 6PAT.O#F. HOOTS AND IIKR nV KIlfiAR MARTIN WASH TUKIJS His SUmuich Doesn't (''orgct BY ROY CKANK . lSW«E8t IIWED. VJ1W, UUOER THAT TREE IS'VJMWB ,VOU PROPOStO TO UK FAUILKVf?, /VOU TOOK UNHAND WILLV, / AUO 6AIO i WAS THE CREWUBE \UWE. A PKWIC-MOW f REMEM BER! A»' WU OBOUSHT A LUWCH OF FRIED CWCKEH AU'8LITTEESCOUH PIE, HUMPH! IF TH\T AIHV JUST LIKE A AU' M>ULV, ... THA.XX LEFT; ASO! ^^ EWOUGlt T() FRECKLES ANl)"lHS 'i'rucr Wnrtls Were. Never Spoiccn THEY'VE GOME I'M ANXIOUS To weer YOUR. BOY ' r.r WILL Be A PtEASURE 'TO SEE A TULJMCiSTnf^ ,f. THIS TOWN WHO MAS ALL- MIS BEAIM CEU.S I I CAM FIND A C3OOD Jt>B FOR A CONSCIENTIOUS BOY .' K ME WELL. BEMAV6O 'V Ybu CAM GET ONLY- ONE ANSWER. FROM ME TO A QUESTION LIKE THAT. MR- •" GIMLET ' ROOM .' 1 CAM SNEAK W WOW AMD CHAKJG6 MV CLOTHES ' / PERSOMAL'.Y. / 1'THINK' FRECKLES 15 I AN ANGEL/

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