The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER fS, 1981 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*!ly rmi* p«r Do* for oor^ecuilva Insertion: Minimum ch*ffi ,, t6c I llmi pci Urn 1*« ] lime* pel lin* per <»f l»c 3 »Lmw per On* per d&j *c I tlmri per Lin* per d»y 1e 13 Urn** p«[ lln« ptr day *e Monih pel tin* K^ Count M*t aieragt word* to th* line Ad ordered for ttirtt or iti iLmM ted •ionprrf brtor* etplr*llo» will bs churn*d lot lh« numbtt of »lm« th« ftd Appeirtd ftnd e.d)iiiimciil ol bill mad* All dimmed id»prti*ln| copy ftub- Kit Wo bj person* rwldlnjt ouMlda of th* cily imm be kccotnpnnl^d hy cain •MM m*j rurily b» compninl imm Mi* itxiTi ubl» AdvtrllitnR ordered (or irrrfculai in- MrtinnF uVet **« «»• 1!m « ** bu Mo respmiilbimj wm be uken t01 All ad* arc clftumcitlon Courier M*** rMtrtei«i to their prop*t «J'* a " d l yP e : T ** rft'*"** th> right » *dli good usrd machine* at a bargain phoa* 8001. 100 South Third on Railroad. NKCCHI S1WINO CIRCLE • 29 ck tl 6411 ire aluminum MAytag and «lu- dlo Cable Nelson Piano, ph 2366. 2.19 pk 28 600 i 16 lined TJrea. wholesale or retail, 1 or 100 All Hre» guaranteed, BOSE 8A1,KS CO. 501 S. 21sl St. Phone 4i8fl a'.ll pV 10.1 Magazine aubacrlplloni. Club plan or cwh For detail*, ph 3894. S3 pk 103 1 Ib. MR DEALER l &a]p on Sunl -Flush olPABle Price Only 8 O7- c»n, 12 to CRH», 11,00 per cane 10 ox, can, 24 to cnae. II 29 per rasp Hr« eomr, rir&t **rved ROSE BALES CO. 501 B. 2lsl St. Slyltiefin?. Ark. Ph 4.SM Q IS pk 101 Apartment for Serif 2730. 1 3-im apis, rear locution. C«!l 9;il pfc 2B 112 K, Cherry. ' 4 rm nntur. apt, In Roo Closa in. ph. 4565 or 2595. condition. 8,19 cklf ^ 2 room turo. apartment. Private bath 516 Lafce. ph 2106 »;1S pX 25 Close In, nice 4 rooms nnd bath. Unfurnished apartment. Oi»s. Ph 2612. Night 2366. _ . 9 i l .l P * 3 rm fur apt. prLrat* bath. 404 K. Davla. ph. 3183. 9J18 P* 3S Furnished ftparlmcnt, 3 rooms and private bath, RctrlRcrator. electric itove gas hPAt. etc. MB \V. ChlcXa- tawba. call 9700. »jl8 P* 2S USED COMBINES If it's a used combine you want—see us first! We have A very wide selection — All Makes & Models! Cash or Terms 61 Implement Co. N. Hi way 61 Phone 2142 8-31 ck tf 4 rm. unfur. apt-, n«wljr decorated, auto. K,W. heater, ph. 3325, Modem, newlr rtccomttd Bprvrtmenl. Kisonnblc. Close In. InBrum BlrtB. Telephone 2276 Orric« space nlso «T«1I- 3 room unfurnished i-pl. tecenllj redecorated. Ph. 2350 or MM. Xfodern 7-roo Call 585 or 1W furnlahed apartment Small Apartments, fvirnish' Wholesale Price Only Alcono) In 1 gnl. CAnn • g*l. u> case — 63c Kal. Permanent In I gfi\ cana • « gnl to case — 11.^0 gnl. ROSE SALES CO. y>] 3. 2lnl 8t Phone 4^9a / « 15 nk Service Station and catp. living quarter* upMnlrt. Selling Brer at present One television Antenna am) lend-In wire. 12U. Ph. 8S17 or 6189, S.2J |)k 2« Il.ECTROI.UX CLEANERS Sulen - Seivlce - SuppllfB Tout old clenner Inspected Iree Call for [re» nemonstratlon. J R. Harris. 513 N 1st, Ph. 8393. «;7 pk 10,7 Cypress lumber cut to or«d. $8 up per week. Bedrooms der, G. G. Flowers, Ph. 6363 $4 up single. 114 West Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Modem Apt.. 3 rooms and hath, newly decorated, good furniture, gas equipment. Ph. 3373, F. Simon. S;il ck tf ~a room turn. apt. couple only. Oas •qulpmenv 1411 Ash. 9,21 pk 28 •Auto Suppfie* and Services Don't endanger your family with fcullv tlr»—BUT LM TIRES. OHAPUAN amvici STA non Haln and DlTlaloc Phone 2M1 11 U ck tf 8-25 pk 9-25 tX) TOU HERD TTRES We Kara all »l£e± in s:ock. All Urea gllaranteed. ROSE SALES CO. SOI a Hal &t* Ph. 4SM •|is pk io;ia room houaa with hulf bath, mint mov»d from lot, che»p. »500 Th. 1, 1711 W Aah. 0jl3 pk 27 AOTO AMD UTRNITMRB t,O Frompt peraonal SerfLet ••neral Contract Ptirchaie C 1M South 9th Phone oaDJ Service! quintns wanted. Phon 2B22. o;}0 Take care of children day or nl^ht. Phone 2622. 9jlO 9,27 FLOORWOHK—Lay and finish old and new hardwood floors Lay asphalt and rubber tile and linoleum. Call 6767 for free, estimate. SHELBY SELF Washing Machines repaired, all makes. BlytheTille Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-8 ck tf FURNITURE ' ROSE SALES CO. 501 3 2lnt 31 •lythevine. Ark , Ph 45M 8 IS i* tO;l 4 room Kerosene hrat«r Good Contact Grunge Bj2ft dh tf 9',17 pk 23 condition A OprtgM Flsno. Ph. 2701, 8nar« «t»nd. dnim, cymhiU. Automttlo iLde. »ntl drin pb, 3076. 0,18 ck 35 CARS '49 FORD . $1095 If you have your eye on a late model car, then here's the right c»r at the rlxht price! A '*Q I'nrd CuNlom Turlor, The color Is maroon. Kqiiippftl vrllh radio, hralrr, seat covers, wh)t« tire*. '47 FORD F.v^n thniiRh on now, we'll rotor "Dove $895 ie dove .scnsnn's have to tall (he firry" Hadio. heater, custom uplmlslrry. This '47 Ford Is our super deluxe model with four doors. $895. '47 FORD $695 Want a bargain? Who ilni-s- n'tl Well, look no furllicr.. , hfre'ji a 1917 Fnrcl Tudor with ' radio, heater anil a price tag 'of jus! $695! Super deluxe model. .Make ft a point to see this car tomorrow. '46 Mercury $745 Here'* • car with a gnod-lnok- Ing maroon finish lhat your wife will like. A 4-door Mercury sedan, Play the radio.. turn nn (he heater.. Inuk at thr seat covers. Then get behind the wheel for * drive! TRUCKS '47 CMC $695 Amillier riretlenl buy at Phillips .Motor Co. This ]'/i-Ton fi.MC) Call & Chassis Tnirk ii a fine Imy at $695. lias Z-spttA axte. The Urea are excellent [S?5xiO llres on the rear), R«d color. '47 Ford $695 (let more truck for your money nt Phillips, Mere's an exiiiiililc: this '47 Fortl l!-i-Ton Cah & Chassis at $G95. Comr ilown and see It tomorrow, look 11 nver, drive It. Vou'll make a fine trade! '47 Chevrolet $795 If you want to trade for a Iilrkun, then here's Die one • j'ou'vn heen tlilnkfnjE about! It's a 1U17 Chevrolet 14-Ton Job that romes equipped with hofh radio anri heater. And it's priced at Just $395. '46 Ford $645 Here's another plrkuji that you'll want to try out. A 1946 model Ford Vi-Ton Pickup nilli a prire laR of just S645! Traile for II now anil Ret (lie easy terms that Phillips can offer you! Broadway & Chickosawba ompany Phone 4453 LETS TRADE MY new trailer for 55 bushels of your soybeans delivered this fall. Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520 — BlythivilU, Dial 2371 Wanted to Buy Do you hare anything to aellT W« buy .any kind of merchandise. SVa pay mor« and sell for l«w. ROSE SALES CO. 501 S, 21&1 St. Phona 459S ctric rotary Ironer, Ph. «M, fl;20 pfc 23 or Propane at Krngcra. Bottle. Bill &.20 9,23 FARMS-FARMS-FARMS WANTED We Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w Ajh et ai.KHCOl HOT1I BUIUD1NO Taken Up Fair of Orry Horn Mules. w*!ffht *bovit 1100 Co 1150. R. L. Payne. Ph. hav« several cash bnyem for ' 3825 9J8 pit 35 d nnmll iKnns thai did not get located tlits year. Will buy HOW subject to possession Jan I. 1952 A* you know, most "of your land buyers come from the South, If you want to &«11 or trad* your tntm ep*. write or c*ll K1AI.ES LAND CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Phone 3322 93 ck 10,3 for Rent, Miscellaneous Ktispltil Maroon belt lor ] adits Jit If d coat. x)si between Churlenc St.. St. Paul Church, and Chinaman's store Reward. Cull Charlie Or«en. «t Rlt7 Theatre. Ann Gre«n, 9^21 pk 25 BrdA Ifl.M rt M ftU pei *dn ifi Oo pel ran nth. ra. II 00 pp; diy: w»iei I 0* per dft? WAD! rURMITURB ,OO per tnnnt/.. mnnin baby ncuum clekn- *nd poltnh»r Ph 3132 Private Rooms 1 year old «-room house. In good con- ] " dlllon. $9.300, I30C cash will hanrile ner out of town. See Dr. J A -Sft- ! Two passengers Nice 4 room residence, modern ; corner lot with shade trees, on pavement,. Has been t?cl to share ex 25 penses to Ixjs Angeles. Call!, Leavlns Rhout Sept. 26 W R Is erf Land, tU 2. Boy 119, B]y. 21 pic : Share expenses going to Texas, ai.., part, the n1 8 bt or the 23^. Early in G. I/d. Equity $950. Balance j^J^^'^ILf!!^ 132 : ]»;2i_ck 23 $31.00 month. F. B. Joy ner, a»r folks. »roi " ~ II. C. Cnmphcll. 4446, 487-1. fl-20 ck 23 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-D»j strrtM on J«w«1ry— 3 d»y§ on WAl«hM &nd cloeki. QiiB.ritnt**<l work done bj fip*rt repairmen L^wewt "PAT 0'BRYANT Mam & Second lt;l ik »f RADIO&""" TV SERVICE Tour MC nn th« cltnkl fot fast »«TT- Ice call Ukr,*K<r Carl LODR at BLYTHEV1LLE Television ct Radio Service U4\i W Ma'.n rhone W* 11:15 ck It If you are thinking of getting one of the choice Va price buys of Perfection Gas Ranges at Hubbard & Son, or Hubbard & lioke tlien hurry, for they are going like Hot Cakes. These are brand new ranges, damaged in the flood in Kansas City. We purchased them at R good price, steam cleaned them and are selling them at r / 2 price plus a guarantee. Look them over and see for yourself that any one of these is a good clean buy — BUT HURRY! 9-21 ck 25 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trad* Used Furniture GUN HARRISON i SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Th. 2552 8-2 ck tf AT A STEAL one of the best Cnfea on KH3t Main lor both white and col- oie<1. Owner Alck and must quit work Fall tHiKlne^s just bpxliinlng. A wrtlk out. atso .IWe room bonse In connection, nil priced to »ell, one or both PU. 991B BjlU pk 36 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Building materials for sale at reduced prices — FOR SALE Good 5-room house and bath on Moultrie Drive, close to Central Ward school. $300 to $800 cash will handle, balance f35.60 per month. Price $5,310. This property, is now vacant —move in tomorrow. 5-room house and hath just off Hwy. 61 South. This house is one year old. Price $'1,300. $1,200 cash, hnlauce F. II. A. 126.60 per month. SCD or Call JOHNNY MARR Realtor Phone Jill Res. Phone 25915 9-10 ck tf large fron men. Ph. 2514. t room suitable IJedroom close In. for two »;2i pk 25 H. 2592, 0^0 pk 23 i Hntel. Ph. P931 8!24 pk 9] 14 locution, ph 3325. Oil Nicely Ph. 32M •113 pit 10J14 Nice bedroom, private bath unrt »n- mnce. Close in. Ph. 4432. 9|22 ck tf Lost and Found Help Wvntetf Need man to work in our ^tore aa clerk and general store duties. Permanent position. Prefer man with experience in appliance and hardware store See Tom A. Little Sr., in person. No telephone calls. Modern Home Economy Store 109 West Main St. 9-22 ck 29 Female Help Wanted the rush.' have yo BUI! remly for win «r. cnll iinrry Myer.i, 6,1^^. 9!8 p)r 108 WHAT TO DO TN OA3H OF AN AC JIURNT It rour car Ii dam»K*d In m accLJ-nt here'.i varne thing you hoiild know Buiirncll will glT« you K rra p»!ni ]nb on any repair work of 300 or mori Tht whole car ti paLnl- e<l—not hut th» d»rnag»d p*r-»« PI«« _.. rof wrecker i, erT i ce ca n - 41M nlnht* BURMBTT RUDftON BALK. Hi |AJ( UK!Q 403 ek V For Sale, Cars and Trucks HECKSin^R WESTFND AUTO SALES Ph. 427* - 2Ist and etenwood We Finance "Cheapest Clood Cnrs In Town" 15 Cars A TnicXs We Renl Cum A Triicki - 1950 4 door regal deluxe StiidebA^er. While woman for light housework and nursing, daytime. Write Sox 151 Blptherllle. 9,20 pk 2: * SElJj CHIUSTMAS CARDS EARN BIG SPARE TIME PROFITS Show friends, neighbors famous HRT ry DoehtR, Artistic and Cheerful BE lent Ions. Over 100 money-Makers se on sight. Beat high cost of living. Tur spare time Into cash. Big selling se* son right now. Direct delivery froi Dallas No -R'Rltlng. Rush request fo sensHtlonal sample kit of Free Display Fol tiers. Cash Discount Certificate, Bonus Plan and DeLuxe Assortments on approval. COLUMBIA. 3401 Ross Are.. Dept. N. Dallae, Texas. »22 pk 23 1949 Chevrolet 5-Passengfer Coupe... equipped with radio, heater and defroster $1095 1949 Ford 5-Passenger Coupe with radio, spot light, heater & defroster., .a nice one for 1946 Dodge 2-door Sedan.. .a good cheap ear...the price tag is just 1917 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan.. .here's a one- owner car, bargain-priced at just.. 1940 Plymouth 2-door Sedan equipped with heater.. .only ,......, 1949 Chevrolet r / 2 -Ton Pickup.. .maroon color make a good trade now at Sullivan-Nelson's 1948 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Panel in excellent condition. . .all overlooks like new.. .a steal at 1941 CMC '/2-Ton Pickup with cattle rack motor completely overhauled, tires like new $495 $895 $385 $875 $795 $445 Jobs Wanted Many more late model cars and trucks to choose from. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Gel A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 891 West Walnut Phont 4578 Salesman Wanted Have IVi ton tnick available for hauling. nlRht or day; local or Ion? distance. Ph. «3T or 4081. 0.17 pic I0[l AD BOOK MATCHES Sell every business. No experience needed Er\rn big dully commission lull e. Feature UNION LABEL, Glamour O rls. s HlllbilLlrs. scentcs. dozens of otlie styles. FREE biRcest. most inch catalog ever offered. ' - 7520 S. drew wood. Chicago 19. 111. 322 |iH 2.1 Read Courier News Classified Arts. REPAIR * 11 appliances: rerrigcrators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radios anrl small appliances. Aii nut work Is guaranteed. p| Adams Appliance Co. WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fi re— An to—Ca sua Ity Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Rob" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf For Rent 132 W. Kentucky Av Modern Cabins Courts, Ph 99.1] :c apt fnr conpls, . Frnnk C. Dous- 9,71 pk 25 Apts., Lost Boy 9; 15 cx n:i5 3 rm nnfiir house, bath A: Hot ^-Atrr. Rcni J17 Lake. fh. 3782. 8,19 l>k 26 For Kent: Warehouse 60 x 120 on Frisco R. R. can be divided. Chas. Bright. !)-18 pk 25 nutslaiidinjf home, 5 til W W«l»ut Plenty of Parking Space An _ room Stonekote.' corner lut.'ut/SS."""" M"" S" 800 pieces heavy galvani7.e<l ,-| oor r,, rnacc . .,ttic fan. hard-; 2 ""» so s«^vl!'AI» woiiil floors. larj;e closets, built-in cabinets and alt the '.(tlier extrns lo make a house a home. In Cll loan. N'ice TTOOIII house on don- 1e lot. rear of now hi>,'h school. Has floor iiii'nace, \'cnelian Minds ar.d other modern con- W A«h 31. Ph -J209 9 n pk an !20 month B .Shnip. Rt roofingr 26 35,000 common rod hricks 5.000 feel 1x5 M & 16 ft. lengths rough cypress lumber 10,000 feet galvanized V crimp roofing 9-10-12 foot length. Call 2323 tly fur house, call 6213. 9 17 p* 23 2 rooi rn house, newly decor Ph -12S.V 917 p Tom Little Custom Soybean Combining M. C. GREEXWAY Blytheville, Ph. 15503 9-18 pk 10-18 For Sale, Misc. If you want to sell or buy USED FURNMTURE see us. Arnold & Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-2« ck tf Realty Company 9-22 ck 2b For Sale, ReoJ Estate lOCRtlPl Us»d uprlKht Oil 3234. 819 pk 24 RESTAVR ANTCKASSES" H ft M .SAlf-5 <?0. 117 E Main. Ph 6S59 9,20 ck 1020 Un<7crj^o<) typewriter, office slzt. t«>. and ft (;o Blze Therm Oil Kcafrr. >20. ROR Hcnrn SL 9 22 pk 26 Bcnrtix^lnsr machine. In good condition, new motor. $i!h Ph. ?56fi Rcunt lot. Efit nelRtiborhood fln'» Store. Dogwood town CBll Real Estate Farms—City Property I..CMNS 01 Mlllmi •«< Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Eirta _ Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 6868 veniences. Also lias liirjfe par- ajre with workroom adjoining, and rental house in rear. Have several fauns from 10 acres \\\\. Cates-Wiqqs Co. 115 S. Third Ph. 2751 or 12(58 Sl-22 ck 27 2 room turn cioctrlc Xltchrn bfith. l. X 102 Help Wanted. Male CAR MECHANIC WANTED! Top wages to the right man Mechanic \vit)i Ford, l.inco]n or Mercury experience preferred. Apply in person to Stil & YOUHK Motor Co., 1st i Walnut in Blytheville. 9-8 ck tf Local I'irm needs sales man- Have house located north of ] iiger. Must he willing to work long hours and do physical la 1'tir. Must he sober, reliahl Kroger Store on First Street. 2 apartments, one 3 room* ,., k „„ ,,„,„-,, , cllrt ,,i. with bath, one A rooms and and have at least high schoo hatl>, separate liphts. water! inluca!inn. Good position foi and baths. Nearly new plumb- Have 4-room lion and large pile of scrap lumber for sale. House will have to be torn down. Rargain, ('ail 2323, Tom LitUe Realty Co. _________ _ ' ?-22 ck 29 ing fixtures for House must be moved within 30 days after purchase. House only for sale. Call "2323 or see Tom Little Realty Co., 109 West Main Street 9-22 ck 29 viglit man. Pepsi Cola Holt l'»g Co.. I'h. 2095. 0-20 ck L>; Wonted to Rent 3 im fur. apt., vicinity I.n Mil Bobhr Trcecf. Sims' 922 pk COMING To Blythaville Friday, Ocl. 5 ** ** SLIM RHODES ** ** FREE Entertainment All Day NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CONTEST Walker Park WILSON/« ||liifc «' longer/ Special Night Show American Legion Auditorium ' Fri. Oct. 5 CHILDREN 30« ADULTS 60« Tat Tnclndtfl Not matter what kind of car you drive, you're invited to try the service at Horner- AVilson Motor Co. There's something different in <he kind of service you receive.. .and il can be described in two words: Personal Attention. Your car's trouble is treated as a very special problem. . .and every care is taken to make sure (hat the trouble is corrected—and that you're pleased. That's what counts with you...and with us. Next time drivs down to Horner-Wilson. Horner-Wilson Motor Co. Your Oldtmohile —CMC Truck Dealer 309 Eiwrt MaiB Phnne 2056

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