Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on April 7, 1931 · Page 9
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 9

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1931
Page 9
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THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN. ASHEVILLE. N. C, TUESDAY. APRIL 7. I9JV Page NINE YANKS INVADE CITY TODAY FOR THREE-GAME TOURIST SERIES Colorful Cargo Of Clouters Arrives At 1 0:10 Today For Tilts With Tourist Players Composite Playing Schedule Of Piedmont Baseball League For 1931 Season Below is tfi' complete 1931 Piedmont League schedule. The column at the riht shown Saturday and holidays at home and milrage travelled by each team during the year. Clip this out and paste in convenient spot for reference durinR the season. iiv nix sAKsmxn YORK'S YANKEES, partially renovated, under new inacement and of ferine complete American Leacue plan sJJ slugging operations invade Asheville today for a three-day stand against Ray Kennedy's Asheville, Piedmont League, Tourists. Games start daily at McCormick Field at 3 o'clock. MEW Y( -h .nana; &) slugging M.H, BAIIK'S COMING Babe Rutn, the left fielder who hits homers, who draws 80,000 bucks a year, who wears whiskers when playing the House of David, who fans politely when swinging Bcalnst Chattanooga's maiden pitcher, and who who's a thousand other' tricks to advance his profession, yes, will be here, too, And there'll be Joseph Vincent McCarthy the new fat foreman; "Dusty" Cooke, . Ben Chapman and Johnny AUen, who took their undergraduate work with the Tourists in 1928; Lou Gehrig, the first baseman who der- H'ks one out of the park ever so ten; Joey Sewell. third baseman ntho verv likelv won't fan out here. and others of a colorful clouting fThe complete Yankee party. In cluding about 15 sports writers, will arrive at 10:10 o'clock this morning at the Southern Railway depot, since that's the only station In Asheville, and. naturally the only depot where they could arrive. Battery Park hotel will bo their headquarters while In town. McCarthy very likely will continue his infield experiments while here. The Yankee stopper is faced with the problem of benching at least one pood inner defense man. Chapman, who played third and second last summer, may be the victim, since Scwell, obtained from Cleveland, ap- NASHVIM.E, Temi., April fi. Led by Myrll Honp, the I'arlMo f'out I.eiiKiie recruit, the New York Yankees ran rampant today, defeating Nnltvltle ':i tn 3. Hong hit iwn homers and three singles. Score: New York . 'i0 3M 432 23 2fl 0 NaOlTllIc 000 201 000 3 10 2 Wells and IMckey, Pad den; Willis, Sewell, MoEweii, Cameron and Smith. J, parently has many good ball games pull ln'hls system TK.M IS VXSETTLKD But nil has not been settled In he outfield. There's little doubt as Williamsport Will Play Here Last Two Days Of This Week A full week of baseball wan mapped out yesterday by Manager Ray Kennedy's Asheville Tourists when contract were closed for the Williamsport Grays, of the New York-Pennsylvania league, to play here Friday and Saturday afUr the New York Yankees leave town. The Grays this spring are training at Winston-Salem. Glenn Kllllnger, former all-American quarterback on the 1921 Penn State football team, la manager of the Wl!llamport club. to who's going to play right. Coombs win be In center. But there are three flashes In left. "Dusty" Cooke, Dewey Byrd, a former Knoxvllle pertormer. and Myrl Hoag. the SSO.000 coast league sensation who's been bunting homers all this spring despite an unorthodox stance. Manager Kennedy yesterday found time between snow flurries and April showers to send his bullies bogging about the Infield In a brief workout. Tom Pyle, the Southeastern League veteran, returned yesterday from Texas, and may play today In the outfield with Hal Sullivan and Smut Smith. The Asheville Infield will see Breakfleld at third; Babe Vlau, at short; Lee at second, and Bobby Hlpps at first. Dill and Abbott will be employed behind the bat Stafford will start on the mound, with probably a parade of rookie and carryover pitchers to follow if the Yankee bludgeons become too active. The New York Yankees haven't been to Asheville since 1926. Then Babe Ruth received a sudden setback, reeling over In Pattery Park hotel after having suffered an attack of Influenza at Chattanooga. Tlcketa for the Yankee series were placed on sale yesterday at the Pickwick, 43 Patton Avenue. At AMIKVII.I.r: , At I II Mild I I I: j At III till M f At li II I MIUIO At IIIMIl: I1M At 1111,11 POINT At It Al. mill , At V I N STIIN-S Al l M I At IIOMK ' Mav J7-28 Mav 15-111 ; Mnv 4-s, Mv 25-Jd Hv 8-0 Mav 18-10 j April an-no 10 Saturdays :.hlnc.',-S Mime 17-18 i June 26-27 June 29-30 tune 10-11 lime 1-2 June 10-20 July 4 ASIICMI.I.E pr An Mulv 8-9 Julv 8-7 ! Jnlv 13-14 Julv ni July 27-28 Julv 17-18 .lulv 20-21 Memorial Dny ICLS Alia 24-25 Aug. 14-15 ! AUK .11 Auj. 1-12-1.1 Aug. 21-22 Aug. it 4-5 Mileage: 0863 I Kept. 7-8 Sept. 1 I Mav 6-7 1 Mav 29-30 Mav 15-lfl May 18-19 April 20-30 Mav 38-3(1 May 8-0 10 Saturdays June 24-25 TUP June 8-9 June 17-18 June 1-2 June 10-20 June 39-30 June 10-11 I-ahor Day CHARLOTTE Julv 3-4 nc Juy 13-14 jiv .7 j vi I y 17-18 Julv 20-21 July 31 July 27-28 Mileage: 6675 Sept. 2-3 CITIZEN -UK' 26 37 A"K' M"15 Al'S' 5 6 8'l,t' 4 5 Al"1' l'13"13 "' "'"'''' May 22-23 Mav 4-5 May 27-28 Mav 8-9 May 13-14 April 39-30 May 30-21 10 Saturdays June 3-4 June 26-27 5PORT J,m" 6-n Jun" 10-11 J,,lv 1-3-24-25 June 10-20 June 15-16 July 4 MKIIA.M July 15-18 Aug. 3-4-31 jrUIAl July a-0 July 27-28 Aug. 10-11 July 20-21 July lo-ll Memorial Day Aug. 7-8 Sept. 1 DAfFS Au '-M-25 A"6- '"2'J arut' 45 ' "" 17"19 Mileage; f25.5 rnULO Sept. 7-8 May 20-30 Mav 22-23 Mav 6-7 April 20-30 Mav 20-31 Mav B-0 May 13-14 10 Saturdays June 8-9 June 3-4 June 24-35 CWFDV June 19-20 June 1.1-16 June 10-11 July 1-3-34-25 Labor Day OHKI.SMIIIHO Aug. 3-4-26-27 Julv 15-16 July 3-4 11, V IL, IV I Julv 20-21 Julv 10-11 July 27-38 Aug. 10-11 Mileage; 6341 Sept. 0-10 Aug. 7-B Sept. 2-3 DAY R'P'' " A"' 1718 31 33 May 20-21 Mav 13-14 Mav 1-1 Mav n-11 Mav Tl-li Way 6-7 May 29-30 10 Saturdays June 16-16 July 1-3-24-25 June tl-23 June 12-13 FOR Jlln" " J"n" 3-38 J"n" "0 Labor Day HEMLKO.N July 10-11 Aug. 10-11 July 22-23 July 29-30 rJI j,llv i9.u jiy 3.4 Aug. 3-4-26-37 Opening Day Aug. 17-18 Aug. 26-20 Aug. 19-20 ' PJf3JVIONT ''B S"U' J'3 S'Vt' 8l Mileage: 6673 May 1-3 May 11-13 Mav 18-19 May 25-36 May 15-liT May 29-30 May 6-7 10 Saturday June 22-33 June 13-13 June 1-2 June 20-30 Julie 17-18 ANir Ju", J"" J 3 Labor Day HIGH POINT July 22-23 July 29-30 July n-18 July 31 July 6-7 nivLS jy 13.14 July 3-4 Opening Day Aug. 28-29 Aug. 19-20 Aug. 6-6 Aug. 1-12-13 Aug. 14-15 MA 1(T 3,-J7 s',t' 3" Mileage: 4401 Sept. 11-12 ir!fxfSt. Srpi. Q.0 May 13-14 May 20-21 May 11-12 May 1-3 May 37-38 May 4-5 May 33-33 10 Saturdays July 1-2-24-25 June 15-16 June 12-13 June 22-23 June 6-6 June 36-27 1 PAP I IF J"" 3-4 J,lly 4 RAI.EKlll Aug. 10-11 July 10-11 July 20-30 July 23.33 July 8-9 Alls 3-4-31 II.-VJJlj July 13-16 Memorial Day Aug. 17-18 Aug. 10-20 Aug. 38-20 Aug. 34-23 Sept. 1 ROY A"- 7'8 Opening Day Sept. 11-13 Sept. 7-8 LVJ S Mileage: 8163 May 11-12 May 1-3 May 35-26 , May 18-10 May 4-6 May 27-28 Mnv 16-18 10 Saturdays June 12-13 June 22-23 June 20-30 June 1-2 June 36-37 June 5-6 June 17-18 July 4 V INSTON-SAI.KM July 29-30 July 22-23 July 31 July 17-18 July 13-14 July 8-9 Julv 6-7 SPORFS Memorial Day Aug. 10-20 Aug. 28-29 Aug. 1-12-13 Aug. 6-6 Aug 31 Aug. 24-23 Aug. 14-15 UVUII-,J Opening Day Sept. 11-12 ,, 1 Hrpt. 7-8 Mileage: 6373 Athletic Recruit Pitches Club To Win Against Phils 1ILADELPHIA, April 6. (A) Hank McDonald, 19-ycar-old west coast recurit, pitched the Athletics to their first victory of the city series oday. They beat the Phillies 3 to 2. Athletics 000 111 0003 10 0 Phillies ...... ..101 000 000 2 B 0 McDonald and. Palmisano; Matt, Dudley and Davis, Rensa. nitOWMES DEFEATED KANSAS CITY. April 6. W The Kama City Bluos today took a 10 to .1 exhibition game from the St. Louis Browns, following a 4 to 1 victory by the American Leaguers yesterday. Score: St. Louis (A) ..000 021 000 3 8 3 K.msas City (AAl 000 334 00X 10 11 1 Co.Tman. Streleckl, Herbert and Fcr-rell, Mondlno; Swift, Fette and Suscc. ItEO SOX SCRIBS TIED COLUMBUS, OHIO, April 8 fp The Columbus, American Association. J2ill club held the Boaton American PfJjpVnnlRana to ft 4-4 tic In an eight .'Jiiiing exhibition game here today. The Romo was called by agreement. .Score: Boston Reserves 100 010 204 0 2 Columbus 000 112 004 7 4 Burham and TTuel; Brcntman, Max-ton and Flcmer, I b Wl t loa . I wi Ir-OIMiKllS WIN ON BREAKS MACON", GA.. April 6. f-D Aided by four bases on balls in th ninth inning, the Brooklyn Dodgers defeated Hartford of the Eastern League, 4 to 1, today. Going Into the ninth the Dodgers were tied at one all. Van Mungo of Hartford developed ft streak of wild-nes, walked four batters and with the aid of one hit, three runs crossed the plate. Dazy Vance, making his first start of the season, pitched four Innings, allowed three hits and struck out four batters. Score: Brooklyn 000 010 0034 7 2 Hartford ooo mo oon i n n Vance. Clark and Plctnich; Krlder, Munjo and Richards. CIHSOX STOP (.1 ANTS JACKSON, MISS.. April 6. (IF) Willie Kamm's double with the bases loaded and an error by Flt?,lmmons the ninth Inning gave the ChlCHgn White Sox a fl to 5 decision over the w York Olnnts todav. The Sox 7111 trail the Giants 4 to G In the rtprlng series. score : New York 210 001 100 S fl 3 Chlcaco noo joi 013 fl 0 2 Mitchell. Walker, Fitzsimons and Hogan, O'Fnrrell; Braxton, Frazlcr, Fsber and Grube. CARDINALS THOl M ED ATLANTA, OA., April fl. The Atlanta Crackers registered a 6 to 3 victory over Gab-by Street's National League Champions here today . St. Louis (N ..000 002 0013 6 3 Atlanta 8A ..202 100 lOx 3 10 1 Grimes, Blades, arabow&kl and Wil son. Mancuao; Blethcn, Messenger, Hearn and Autry. I.OOKOI TS KVKX SERIES CHATTANOOGA, TENN., April 6. OP) Chattanooga's Southern Association team evened things with the Senators today by ft 3-2 victory. rrea Maroerry, going ine full route for Washington, fanned three, allow ed five hits and walked four. The Senators, making J2 hits, were unable to connect when hits meant runs and left 14 on bases. It. wan the second errorless game in two days. Score by innlncs: Washington 002 00O 2 12 0 Chattanooga ...000 012 OOx 3 ft 0 Mnrnrrry and Bolton; Ellis, Rad-lnnd and Kcnna. COLLINS ;et Hot INDIANAPOLIS, IND., April 6. (P1 Manager "Shano" Coillns took to the war path here today when his Boston iced sox were defeated lor the third successive day by the Indianapolis Indians, n to o. He threatened a wholesale shake-up before tomorrow's game at Columbue, Ohio. Score : Indianapolis (AA) 101152 101115 2 Boston (AH 1 00 04 1 00 6 82 Smith and Boone, Riddle; Lisenbee and Oonolly. Dunlap Takes Lead In North-South Amateur Tournament New York Ace Shoots 72 To Assume Lead Intercollegiate Champion Rides Five Strokes Ahead Of Big Field PINEHURST. April 6. (AP) Defying a drizzling rain that sent the scores of some of his opponents skyrocketing, George T. Dunlnp, Jr., of New York, shot a 72 today to take a five stroke lead at the end of 18 holes in the 36-hole qualifying round of the 31st annual North and South amateur golf championship. The Princeton golfer and Intercollegiate champion went out in 38, after trouble on the first and ninth holes caused him to go one over par on each. Getting his hearing at the turn, he swept down the In-nlne In 34, one under par. for his 72, one over par, for the 18 holes. The final IS holes of the qualifying round wilt be played tomorrow. Sevtnty-scven was the best any of the others could do on the flrt IB holes. T. Suffren Taller, Newport, II. L, another Princeton player, and Richard S. Tufts. Pinehurst, were tied at this figure for second plnce. Taller was out In 30 and back In 38, while Tufts revetsert then? luro,. Eugene Unmans Englewood, N. J., defending champion, was farther down the line with 41-3879 to tie the sixth position. M. P. Warner. Chicago, duplicated this score. Ahead of these two, were Robert O. Morrison, Pittsburgh, and Sidney W. Noyes. Jr., Dobbs Ferry. N. Y-, tied tor fourth place with 7fl'a. Noyes n member of the Yale golf team, went odt In par 3fl, and at the 18th. hole needed a par four for 74 and second place. Ilia drive was trapped, however, and he wound up with four putts for an eight for the hole and 42 for the in-nine. Risko Outpoints Heeney In Return Battle Morrison was out In 38 and back in 40. Par on the last two holes also would have given Tufts a 74, but he was trapped on the 17th and took four strokes, one over par, and topped his drive on the 18th to card a six, two over par. Richard Wilson. Southern Pines and Jnck Slattery, Boston, led Georgetown University's contingent in the tournament, enrding Hi's. Paul Carter, University of North Carolina slur, had an 80. Lffttllnar Scorers: Ofomfi T. lnloii. Jr., Nf w York . . 38-34 I3 Hlrtniril 6. Tufts, PtnlnirM M-38 It T. 8. Tntlfr, Newport. Il, I, . . , 39-3B 17 llobrrt CI. MoriBon, PitlKhiirth. . ... 3840 11 Sidnov W. Noym. Jr., Dnbtaii Krrv. N. Y 30-43 78 EuRPiie llomsni, Kr.ri:ttil. N J. 41-38 It II. P, Warner. Chlcnan 41-38-70 Ed Chllds. Lexington. Man. , 4 1 -30 80 H J. Blur, Plflfhursl. , 41-39 83 I'. fl Cirtrr, Sniithrrn Pinrs, N. C. 43-3B- 80 Fnmlc Nnyf. , Dohb Forrv. N. Y. 39-41 80 H A. Trynn, Eimtm. N. Y 41-30 80 Jihn' Van Nortriclc, Clilrnco. 41-39 80 F. K Wlhon. York Hirbor. Mr 30-41- 80 ftlrlinrd Wilton, fimitlicrn Pi iks. 39-43 81 Jt'ck Blaitery, Bohlon 40-41 - 81 H. M Pntki. Jr.. Plitslnirwh, , 43-40 82 E. IV 'i'hoivrtwm, New York 43-30 - 82 J. F. I rwin, Tolrdo.Ohlo 38-43 83 J. Il Hvenon, Coonerslnwn. N Y. 42-41- S3 It. A. Btrnnnhan. Tlrdo. .. .... 43-41- 83 it. p ruin. BN deport. Conn 39-44 83 E C. Kenton. MontrUlr. N. J 43-43 04 J N. Mcnrtdt, Patrrnon, Mii-h. .., 44.4084 F. I, Arlioflrld. New York. 4S-39 84 O. F Wiley. Jr . Durham. N C 44-43 81 Hohli Anrirrion, Wlhon. N. r ,. 44-47 01 J II. Movd. pitKhiirM. t30 Evans Declines To Be Considered For League Presidency CLEVELAND. O . April fl. Ml William O. (Blllyl Evans, msn-nger of the Cleveland, American Lengue, baseball club, tonight Issued a statement saying he Is not a candidate for the presidency of the American League, left vacant by the death of Ernest S. Hnr-nard. Evans said he "keenly appreciate the consideration given me," but that ho would remain as manager of the Indians. Many baseball men have considered that Evans could have the title rnle In the league If he would accept. Jeff Carroll Drops Before Frank Wine WFNKTON-SALEM. N. C. April fl. UVi FrnnklH Wine, 176. of Montana, and Akron. Ohio, fought one of the greatest fights of his caierr here tonight to score a knockout victory over Jeff Carroll, 104, of BUoxl, Miss.. In the seventh round of a scheduled 10-rwid tight. Wine unleaied a terrlflce left hnnded body attack on the Blloxl heavyweight In the opening round and punished Carroll unmercifully during the entire bout A terrific left to the body sent Carroll down In the seventh but he was tip at the count of nine, only to nut into annDtrr ))tnvy brre to the body ad he snnk to the floor. He tried In vain to crawl back to continue but he was unable to rise before the count of un. Both men milled It fast with Wine having the Blloxl henvywolght groggy after the first three rounds Nervous, Off weight Dempsey Ordered To Rest For Months COLUMBUH. O. April fl. (Ay-Jsck Demnsey, former heavyweight champion of the world, Here to referee a boxing bout bo-tween Bushey 0 r ft h ft m and Johnny Farr, announced tonight that after tomorrow night ha was going into absolute retirement for at leant two months on the order of his physician at the Mayo cllnlo In Rochester, Minn. Ieinpsey'a decision necessitates the cancelling of more than P3 engngenienta to referee boxing boutv He will referee Tuesdny night at Wheeling. W. Va , and after tint will retire A nervous condition and persistent Ions of weight makes necesnary the rest, according to Doctora D. M. Derman and Louis A. Rule of the Mayo clinic who examined the former champion a few days ago. "I will go to the country for at least two months, longer if nereasnry," said Dempey, "There In nothing aerlnuly wrong with me I Intend to follow the doctor's orders. I always listened to niy seconds In the ring so I Rm hart ht-VT WfcVevi te. thv doctors who are In my comer thl time." Neither Dempsey nor Leonard Racks, his butlneas mnnnner, would divulge the "country place" where Dempsey would g. KOHEMIMIOM I.OSE4 rJT7wHUIinJJ, AnriJ fi. J'v-Msxle Hotenhlonm, Philadelphia, 170. heavyweight champion took thing easy ton long in a 10round fight here to. night with Billy Jonea. nrgm, 17fl, alno of Philadelphia, fend Jour was given a referee's decision The champion's title wan not Involved. Howley And Evans Pick Cards And Macks To Repeat - ---- - (This Is the first of fl series of Nlalenienl on major Ii'hkh haseltnll trnMectn, f iiruUlinl to 't he AfcNiK'tiilcd Press hy (lie t lull manager.) EVANS IN IKH'I I I I, (fly Illlty II arm, general malinger, ( letelititii Indian") Our club nhnuld be good enough at leaat to finish third this year In the American League race It's going to t a d1 moult problem to heat the Alhlettca. Providing they are not hit by Injuries. They look Ilka the best bet to finish on top again. Washington nhnuld have the best pitching In the league and a fine defense. 1 credit the YsnxeM wll h a peerful attack but weaknesa In pltchln will hint the club. Cleveland has the best outfield In he among the heat and Ha pltchiiu will he satisfactory. Tim hurling should be better than In 11)30. Our chief concern is the in field. Ily DAS' HON I KY (Muiuger, ( Itielniiatl llcri) If we get a few break this se.mon. lha chib should stay out of last place, anyway. This la a tough season tn get any wheie In the Nations! Iengun and don't let anyloriy kid you stul that. Frankly. I d'n't know how we Cleveland Boy Comes Back In Second Fight Bouncing Rubber Boy Builds Decisive Margin In 10-Round Struggle TORONTO? " Ont April 6. (AP) Johnny Ri,Ico. Cleveland baker boy, avenged Ilia recent defeat at the hand of Tom Heeney, New Zealand heavyweight, by decisively outpointing the "hard rock from down under" in a gruel ling 1 0-round bout here to-niiilil. Rinkn weighed 191 l-2 Heeney 20 1-2. College Baseball M naif lull. H. C! Waka ForMt-N. C. HUlc x-Milfnrrt (wnt arnunda). At l.i'XlnKton, V.: Yala v. Vlr lltiiljt Military lit.tltuta. ram. At Durham: Dnkf-Prlncaton, buaa riMiiiflylvnnia, cattcallrri, rain, and i:olil. At Atlanta: Oaomla 0; Oslrthorpa ' VI At Tlatrtn ltmiK. I.:' MlMlMlppl CoIIpkc J: Loul.laua Hlata Bit At Wlnatoli-Halfin: North Carolina DnvUl.on. po.tjMn.l. wt Rrotinda. At Auburn: Mrrrc-r 8; Auburn III. r.'-ntM! Iho tllar la.t yer. Wfl hava had to ahnke thlnga lip. Prctidrnt Well la anxlrtu U build up lha Itfd. and 1 think we hava nid prrtti'PK.. IMll.WH NOSE Ol T NEW ORLEANS, LA.. April A. fp, For tha Mcond aucctMlve day the Cleveland - Indiana today play.vl a H-lnnln game with New Orleana. but where they loot yesterday, they won today. 8 to 7. The Indiana kept their hlph error average going by making five mlsplays. Score : Cleveland (AI, 000 202 300 0010 13 5 New Orl'a (SA) 200 002 300 000 7 1 1 2 Jahlonownkl, Bean and Myatt; Da-cu, McDonald and Parka, Harrla. HKhl.Kds ,IIK HKATLN LOUISVILLE. Ky.. April 8. (!") The Cincinnati Reds dropped an exhibition gnme to the LouUvllle Colonels of tho American Association here today 3 lo 1 when they were unable to solve the pitching of Marcum and Oreenfleld. who held them to seven scattered hits. Score : Cincinnati (N) .. 100 000 000 1 7 0 Louisville (AAl . 002 000 Olx 3 7 3 Kolp, strelechl and Sukeforth: Marcum, Oreenfleld and Bhea. J x l L rr u n i r icuinum Ksiuos neia uacR By General Rains In State rfte RALF.IOH, April 8. (Pi Ral-euh's Cnpi were Included In Ihe general washout of bnacbal! thlnRS today. Tho squad was reduced by fhree over th week-end. Rasty w.ilterT veteran third baseman, niu Branch, outfielder, Dane Watson, Inflelder. and Tommy Thompson, catcher, were released. Warner Wlerman, former Southern Association hurlcr, waj an (arrival. The Capa hope for better weather for dally drllla until Friday when the Otant second stringer, play un exhibition here. CUMK IS C.ANl'IXI.r.n DURHAM, April 8. (ipi The scheduled exhibition between the . Durham Bulls snr; the Albany Senators was cancelled becauae of old weather tills afternoon. The Bulls will practice tomorrow and meet Wake Forest here Wednesday. ilOKNRTN KLTT llll.K CHARITTE, April 6. 1P, Rain kept the Hornets of the Piedmont Leagus Idle today. Tomorrow they go to Winston-Salem for an exhibition gnme with Wi. Ilsmsport of the New York-Pennsylvania League. TWINS RACK WINSTON -SALEM, April 6. tP) A coid rain grted Infielders and outfielders of The Twins reporting here today and halted sll outdoor practice lor the squid. The weather that forced the Twins to rest also broke up the Carolina-Davidson hssehall game and left the Wtlllsrruport Orsys, training here, Idle tor ton day. MUGGS McGINNIS Well! Well! Well! Hy Wally llisliop Vfe'STCIZD, A MySTCtaoUS WRAtttC INAL0U6 rUCK CvB&aT mto mi wo k dux KVWX SLACK Gey. ' SENS6 OF THE kWUMie-rV ftglUfc IS A SECRET itRVtCE. FUR ENUSTP-D Mifc ID (0 TUC B0)C Vim Hi's life until he should (CETurCrJ Rii IT AT A UTEIv DATE ! UtlEAltkJlNk MUS mm sei?rjj ovaxK SHXItO HE TXMIGE THCiR. SCRT, "WE AkJ W TWE. Urti Black wtRCcHT' TlSAPFEARED !! U My fcocDMtss.ousT wsim io mis '.! iso jewel Etoew'!! fawcu? RlTZMORU rUAJCW TAKrtaJ 6V A UV.E BAUDIT u A-3 CClRiTZACfS. n?EfN?CST6 Kr-TUKHTHCH to wall ri e ! twjee sav "mr.FT most TWiMh IM r-tuaT HAWS FIAW. TAKlU R?W U.RLE WHILE fbL.RfR'-AVE1WS Willi R umaWAIififJ Of unit 9ifF- " 3 ( . ' fnltwl Tr.n Al"" le'i'in, I nc COL VlTMfW- Tftl.O ttxK't". WW M I HJ."V O AKAIWO Anta HAVUJ6 (:nro "nif-HAIL SAF& I Noiltro THAT THE FT APIS WflCK fcrtK. .THEY WfpE. IkJ A SMAIL BlAfK ) BcX. , ; A iw r. KAiB Tin?, AAdtMtUt, v niAf nif.v wt Lirnn sirr-K itl J ( -wu BUAVjii nitAr rr uA", J s- Tiii n tarn;. I I AMfJ" lTt Hit IMIM"J- ) VAIW: AIC0 PAK'I: WAUIY' 7 BRINGING UP PATH BR By McManui I M ClITTlM' 'bICK .M' TlftS.0 Of ChanWcxi AP.OUMO TWIb HOUW, , ' 7 T IKtOT Mil' "" 1 TlLU- iO I I j ' M ClITTlM' blCK aJ' 1 j I '" " 100:777031 r1 KIM ClT HOLD TlRliO OP CHinWcxi f" I iou want the 'A ' ; TT Mica to Git too'' c 7 ' t-lJI lr i ltWfs Srl'l Itt. Cftt Smut, rtki rMn " . 1 1 1 .j MOW I'.tB.P CJO'tT' VOO tt Ji-rtT AftOOt A."i uSLUI. A.b A, COV-D VI'jH- SO t Cotf.'b'i fOU LL 6E COM PORTABLE. IK1 Twcne , . r " t. I

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