The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 5
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, MAY 21, 1947 Phone Workers yens Strike Cost Figured L'y Labor Department; Service Neeus Normal V.V--|ITNC-,TCN. May 21. <rjp,__ I'<'r th« lirst lime in 45 days, tel- 'M.'MH? .st'iwce w:i.; lj:=.c': to normal virtually all U. s. com- nepsirtinent figures indi- fifed Hint the nati'in-wide strike eosl telephone '.vori.-cr.i JUS 03? TO |» wei'es sine,, they walked off "''•n- j -Us Aj:ril 7. Some :i),cco Western Eleclric Cninruny workers-las: major hold- Mother of President Lives In Modest Home in Quiet Town BLYTIIEVILLE (Au K .) COURIER NEWS Y FHANK KLKA'/lill (Unltcil Press Staff Com'sjw 'GRA'NnVJEW. Me., May 21. lUl'l —The President's mother is living cut her fill! life here in a frame rollngo midway between two railroad crossings, und jusl one vacant lot from the Grandvtcw feed score Across the dirt road—now running to nnuL-Uvc.s tiic blacksmith. Mrs. Mary lilkius. his wife, starts (he community's day early, emerK- iiig from her tioxlikc bungalow 10 b! " 18 ° Ut ilCr (1>lSli 'n: "lop OH tllC fro ' U I )ordl A half dozen trains daily roar down the main line Kansas City outs in the nrit-n -dre-irerl hi"i- X, ••>»•"»<••« 10 appear in me to their j-.l-s in « J, I "''",',"^ Chancery Court for for the Chick- ter vvi'inln • w-U r• i'-n7 •we, *V!,~ ! asawbn District of Mississippi Coun- f-l.RO i. v rev- ' n heir" t-ii'knt is -V Vr Afkansas ' witlli " "in'ty days and K^^T^f" " "»"> ^T,t hC aX^ lnl ° f the p """;MII., oi tne uulion where -Inrui K- .nr:* of the nation where -local Issues l:;..;i l.i>eti •Kijtistc-d for some tnr.c. O::!v ::ijnr.i 15,'.;^ of the original -i 0 ,-:ri tr[e;)!-.onc strikers now re- ma.n out. Nailonn] rnilernlioii of Telephone V/orki-rs orfieers sniil tl-.ev inclurlccl <-. rc c<ini|i m p!,t workers" at Point llnvv;.. MCI.. .jc-cti s! , J( , s rm|)Ioycs of vu'.strrn iKrctnr tlirouijhoiit the countrv :>nd 1.100 plant cinijlovcs at. Lincoln. Ke'i. M':iii\vm!e. oflieials of the NPTW the -pn-ont nnlois jn the strike,' hcrijoil on the rnip.;Uon of formin;: n ne-.v n:i:ir-p. ; >; !ut>->r organisation. .Sl^ke.sinej! f <ir N-FTiVVs 43 au- tnnojr.rus Ircal i'.lfilirUei; .said plans for forn:iiiK the Communications wn:-i:c!:ii of Ar.icrira at Minmi on June K stiii f: . am | but _ arc ., I'cversa!." to A constitution already has been (.r;:«Ti un ! 0 nutlio'-izs the union an.; officers jiuvc hern elected, but hcr She ovijanizilion actually :t m v.iu pi-otably depend on '.' ! - mv : ' :FTW afl'li-Xes still \M'.^no fiMordiimte themselves co a national union. Uef.nlic thp length of the strike, 1.10 _-;eviMi-yoiir old N'?-TW failed to v.-in its demand for nationwide njuTiiinnv;. union sho-j and the un- irorfi! Sfi weekiy v.-ase increase es- tabhwd by bin step!, niitomcbile. j" i .'i"' 111 "'*' nlb!)cr il "d electrical Aficr a njnnth of continuous ciranlcc!: v.ith She Hell Svstem over lhr=e ISKIPS, the XPTW withdrmv iis dc-iiiuiri for uniform increase.; line! 11:11 ion-vide ;irr,:iinin;;. Alter that. KFJW affiliate settled locally nnd rr:ir,na!ly for weekly raises avera!Tinv; from S2 to S4 AVAUNJN'f; OIJI1FK I.V T1!H Clt.\\CFnv COUItT FOK TPJ) frfriC 1 [A'--A!Vi:A IIISTKICT <5f MISJ!--SII'1 I I COUNTY, Alt- J5AXSAS. J. W. Ciforth Plaintiil v=- 'lio. 10.C33 Tmla Josephine G.-jfortli, Defendant The defei-.dr.nt, Trula Josephine Manila's Finest Shows EVERT NIGHT Maliiice. Saturday &• Sunday BOJI Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Bal.-Snn. 1 p.m. Cunt Showlni Wednesday iuul Tlnirsdjiy "Return oF Monfo Crisfo" A L'i>lumbia Picture ivilh l.»uis il:iy H -.iril Alsn Shorts at 7:00 p.m.; Starts 7:30 p.m. Ucthicstlay & Thursday "Janic Gets Married" .limn I.rslic. ItoliiTl Hntlnn 1'oxis: Miivictonc .\cn-s Aho Hhorts "SHEATRE / Ark. Wednesday and Thursday "THE CHASE" ' with Holirrl Cinuinin^<i anil Mirhelc .Miir^iui News and Short Witness my hand us Clerk o said Court and seal thereof on tl-is 13th day of May, 1547. (SEAL HARVEY .MORRIS Clerk By Betty Smith. eK-pntv. Shane <& Fendler, attvs. for pltf Juines M. Roy, ally, art lilein ' 5[21-28-C-4-ll Southern tracks two blocks to the Vi'est. and rattle over the Prlrco l-i-onth line a 'luilf bluek to the East. Passing drivers—and there are more now than ever before—stay well in the middle of I-Vlnml avenue these rainy days. Otherwise they become mired in (he 1-0,111. ' Outsiders are amazed at the simple sin-roiiiuliiigs in which 91-ye:ir- old Mrs. Martha E. Truman is tje- ' i|? nursed UirotiHh her slcadily- enkening condition. •Mrs. •j'riimnn's house—-yellow ivithi Life Insurance Claims Run High For State in 1946 Every day In liKo lire Insurnnc polieyholder.s nnd Ijenefleiiirlcs 1 Arknnsns were paid $39.178 or total of ¥1-1,300,000 for the yen ami S7.0. r > for every man. woman am child, necoi-dinj; to, a speclnl com l>i!ation released lodiiy hy llij. Nn Itonal Umlerwriler, weekly Insur :inee 'newsp;ip;.r. Arkansas rnnkc 37th in life Insurance payment amoni: u l] stiiles. 1-Hlle l(oeli"led Arkansiis citle In life in.^nriniee payments in 104 willi $:i.31S,000. Ltlllc Rock rankpi ll'llh anion^ nil cities in the com!' laurt fenec Avenue erected hy (he twist-steel since her son became president. The house currently is alive with] telephones, some on lines Irom the White House, ^oine from the Mne!i-1 ietach Hole! in K-insas Cily. I 'Nex'. lo Mary und Clarence El-' kins', Mrs. Ttummi's closest neiuh-' •s are nffic un ( i John Union.! The Hilton's neat lillle house next toor to the Klkins, is built of con-1 crele blocks. , •I just wor!; here In town," i.'x- ilains Jahn llillon. a laborer. Mrs. Nannie Goodwin, 10, lives on the corner. shi> recalls thai John A Tn;ni:m and hi n litllo biy. Harry used lo visit her home regularly. IGramlvieWs r.'OO ]x-o(>le BO to bed early, live ishrpiy. A couple of hundred turn out on Sunday morn!:>:>, at ll:e Il-.iptisl eliurch. wlilcl _"«Jt hold—-in a pinch -JOO. Mi'.'i Tinman does not bolons;, bill the Pr.-siiienl iiml his sister are meiu- M->st ni!:hls In Oraiulvlcw. all Is linet at 10 p.m. Dee and iBulch'f C:ile close;; nt U p.m. The sho^ hiiu:.- ( . iiMially is empty soon ultci 10 p.m. mid is dark Ions before 11. IT COSTS LESS TO GET LUGGAGE ...AT PENNEY'S! A.' 21" WEEK-END CASE II : ,,, ( | E oiiic, slimly hi-;, gnyc—lite sign of a sinnrl Irayelcr! Water- repellent Pyro.xylin eoateil covering, Imiinil! • 9.90 26" 'PULLMAN CASE Malelics the WeeU'.ml Case jierfccilv for a completely aiitaciive set. Same fine tinnliiy, ] n it iniieli roomier! 13.75 C. TWO-SUITER JIolils livo suits comrmcnlly- and keeps them pressed! lioom Tor lots more, besides! Sturdy imitation leather. Tan. 32.00 COMPANION CASE A perfecl maid, for the two-snitcr—for all those extras. Stront; slcel frame, with divider. Imitation leather. 22.00 E. SPORTS BAG Of glossy, long-wear^ ing simulated leather. Large :*•:.- enough for sport logs,'equipment! 1.98 F. 26" F'BRE SUITCASE Covered wilh top noleh Vulcaiiizccl liitre over / hardy, lujhtwciglil wood Irainc. 4.00 G ' 20" FIBRE SUITCASE Mado of hard f . trunk filirc in slreantlincd round /' style. Exlra strong inclal corners. 3.00 Agri Council Directors to Meet May 30 Hiiro!,! A YOUIIB. of Mttle Hcek, l> I'Mdent of Ui L > Ani-iciillural Council ni Arkansas, lm s [iiiiioiitici-il hiu Hie first staled ineetlnn or the ni-il or Direetors (or mi will be I'' In i>lne urnrr. rvi.lav. May llotween 50 niicl 75 .lircctor.s. ineinbers ,, n<1 BUCS|S ^ c eMiecteil '" iitli'iul. c II. Boiul of Murlon, chairman "I the CoimeJI Ufelnva^ unil Trans- latliin Connntttee, will outline nis and ol' Stall! anil l-oiiiily toads lit Kistern Arkansas. •>• •> While or Helen:!, ehalnniin ol the mill Inset-tlcldes Coinniitlee, has arrniiBed fur I3r. Ch;ii]e.s Lincoln, slate extension en-, to hilk iilKiul insiifls "Ul In.'.eetleule.H, mill j. o. Uoek- PAGB ''>'• l-'ort Smith was second In payments ivilh $!>liU,(H>(] in in in. pjno ilntt wiis thinl with $51R,uno lol- mvcd by E | nomdn w llli $:i(UHI(KI- Jonesljuru, f ZOS.OIIO; not Hprincs •»no,tK:n ; North Lhlie Rw±. $s:iii,WO; and Fiiyeltcvllle wllh $-J-jo.oijO. Ins nnd Joint .'Stephens win discuss fertilizers, especially experience with anhydrous ammonia. In addition there will he n demonstration of a new Insecticide. Jim limit of llelenii. chiilrnuin of the labor Committee, hus nr- riiiiBed (or Walter Cooper, exten- tiion farm labor Kiiijcrvlsor, to lell about the farm liibor proisrnm for Ihli ye:ir. L. a. Mush of lilythe- vlllo, chalrimm of the Panii A1«- ehlnery Cotimilttep, will siihinlt a i rc|ioi I. A report will also he made •by (In* Soil Conservation Comuiit- lee. of whleh Clinrhu Wllley of Althehner Is chairman. Ihivvey Adams, of West Memphis, seeretary-iniiniiijer .slates th:it re.siTviitlon.s hnvo Ijcen innilc for iilteininnee from Hi coniilleH In Ark- IIIIMIS und one county In Boullieiisl Missouri. Retired Publisher Dies .ST. PKTKRPI1UKCI, Flu., Mliy •>!. UJI'i — William Cl. Nnylor, It. retired editor mid publisher for the NBA symllOiiile for .sixteen yeiirs. died at his winter home here lunl nlKht. Nnylnr wa.s lit one time maiiiii:- hu: editor of ]>uek tw-.u-a/lnc. His sunnticr home was In Skunenteles. N. V. Rend Courier News Wiun piredicU th.t In •Muzo, Colombia, a public of-| A , cndlns a BSW ^^ I precede gasoline made from coal. SPECIAL! FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Washed, Rinsed 3 Times And Damp Dried One Large Throw Rug 2 sL,,25< One Large Blanket 2 ?:„„ 25( 1 Chenille Bedspread 250 THE WASHERETTE SELF-SERVICE, AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY Closstown ' Main at Division THRIFTY OUTFITS for'every minute Off •*«.. A. PLAYSU1TS, l.nllon- front cotton skirts, 12-111. 7.110 - '•• • B. SLACK SUITS, x.ippcrcd v -. flacks, lliiyon, 10-JB. 4 93 C. Polo Shirrs Novelty Prints ami l'l:tiii Coloi-M 1.49 C. SH08TS with tnh belts. iliiyon fiiilk', 12-20. 2.98 '/ E. BLOUSES in wnshnhli- while rayon. 32-3H. 2 98 I ^ F. SLACKS wild zipper clo.v " • ings. Ilayon, 12-20. ' 4,98 WHITE PLAYSHOES Cross-strap s.-induls with nov-j' f cl liuck straps. White. L? T^S^^'K , • •' \ ' , lt$M} '" 'v f i \ ''X^j^'- ""- ' ' ' r . :$ ^M- be£tfor~actiori--if's wash«ab!e! ' t/1sli! ; i : f S -^*»— (-.: .<#.j^i «?m:? i,-, al if I 'j «»k**^i '-^-V.* ^": .— f~~^*^ •: MEN'S SLACK SUITS. Sanforize^ , eotlon-rnyon — crisji, cool, Pen-. i BOYS' SLACK SUITS. Cotton-ray- . 1 on—Sanforized! Plain V plaid.•• Summer tones. , 4.98 •• JR. BOYS' SLACK SUITS. Wash-: alilc nml ilressy! Sliort sleeve tlylc, weil-ciil. 3.98 MEN'S SANDALS. Nniural con- ' liiilc iipiicr;, arcli .support— '.' cross straps., . 2 49 . .- - , .^ \[__ .'Shrinkage will nol cxcccil IJi. •';>. psff^ • '. f. i'ts^st' \

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