Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 5, 1971 · Page 48
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 48

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1971
Page 48
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The fiVlovies by Gene Siskel Mad Dogs5 and ONE OF THE more stunning porformnncos in "Woodstock" wns Joo Cocker wnil-ing "With a Little Holp From My Friends," or "from mo friends" as tlio Englishman says It. Now ho has n film all of Ills own. "Mad Dogs and Englishmen," at tho Esqulro Thcator, Is n documentary of Cocker's recent American tour with n wild assortment ;of moro than 40 musicians, groupies, children and pets. ITheir stop at Chicago's Ara-gon Theater Is represented iby only one of tho film's 114 'minutes. "Mad Dogs" Is distinguishable from other "rockumen-tarics" because it deals almost exclusively with tho musician and his music. Thero are few side trips to cultural comments. Aside from Cocker and company performing 14 songs, tho film's high point is an interview with Cocker in which ho explains how he came to .employ his herky-jerky,' I 'almost spastic arm move-! ments while yelling his I iballads-it's a habit picked .up from practicing guitar playing without a guitar in front of a mirror. He also casually mentions that his energetic performances play a crucial part in his life "If I hadn't been a singer, I'd probably murder somebody." Providing a moody counterbalance to Cocker's ebullience Is Leon Russell, the group's pianist and con-- ductor. Russell's contribu-' tions indicate a major talent certainly worth a film of it's own. Rating: three stars. DONALD SIEGEL'S "The Beguiled," at the Roosevelt Theater, is a poorly executed perverse idea. When Clint Eastwood, a severly wounded Union ; soldier, is nursed to health by ; a confederation of Southern I belles studying at the ram-, shackle Farmsworth Seminary for Young Ladies, the ! ladies, led by headmistress . Geraldine Page, have a prob-. lem. They ought to turn him ; over to the Confederate sol- diers, but he is very attrac-! tive and they have been a ' long time without a man. Siegel, who has amassed a MOTION PICTURES SOUTHWEST MIDWEST PREMIERED "WUTHERING MIGHTS" AT 2--6-8-1 Old J ACAOIMY AWAID WIKNIB "M-A-S-H" SI ,m.j, tvMnii milFUl ' OA 4 9IUUIU UinCITIM ADULTS 11.28 'Whin Dlnoiaun nulid Ml Earth' a 7.IU30 "WHICH WAY TO THJ PHONY!" O 1;4S MJG PRESENTATION RE-BIRTH OF VAUDEVILLE 5 GREAT ACTS LIVE ON STAGE 1TAIIINO HOMER & JITHRO UJ ORCHESTRA PLUS aivia Misirr "KISSIH' COUSINS" VAUDEVILLE IS HERE TOMORROW Show Contlnuout from 4:00 P.M. ADMISSION U.OO CHILDREN HALF PRICE TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOX OFF. OA 4.3070 -STARTH DUSK SUBAN oeORUE "LOLA" (OP) "OLO0O AND LACE" (QP) SI tt URBAN THEATRES NORTH -EVANSTON- 1710 Sherminb mm Opin 6 CM. "" ei30-,S0 P.M. Sephl. Lonn Mariilli Miitrslannl (OP) "Print's win" & a:zo r.H, "12 ciiiin" ISM Shiimin h UrM-SW Op. 6 "Dlnoiuuri" 6,30 (, 0 P.M. (GP) "Whin Dlmiiuri Ruled Ihi Earth" 8,18 P.M. "Tglt. Blood ef Droculo" 117 CMtiio b S, 30.811810 P.M. IHI DIARY Or HUH HOUSEWIFE" mAUWITf.HDWllllH UI MIRIll 1 Oilor "Wsmin" BrJO Only 7l3B0:40 "Peon1' 0US. 10:10 -u, GLENCOE HUIITULDIUP. ucinuTM gin H fnluft hU k DUD i reputation of sorts for directing B-movlcs, unfortunately olects to tell his story with a broad and leering humor that at times is barely distinguishable from n sexploitation shocker. If tho film had boon given a moro malevolent tono, ono related moro directly to tho Indies' longings, in tho spirit of William Wyler's "The Collector," for example, it would linvo succeeded. Rating: two stars. REMAKING a classic story with a younger cast is quite tho thing theso days of tho youthful audience. Franco Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet" 1968 is the box offlco success responsible for tho trend. A youthful Macbeth is duo later this year. This w e ek we have "Wuthering Heights" at neighborhood theaters with a gang of theatrical adolescents badly playing tho principal roles. Tho age of the actors is, of course, meaningless. Sir Laurence Olivier was 32 and Merlo Oberon was 28 when their fino "Wuthering Heights" was released in 1939. Talent is more important, Movie CARNEGIE - "Lickerish Quar-tot" (X), 7:45 p. m.. 9:40. CHICAGO-"Lovo Story" (GP), 9:15 a. m., Il05, 12:55 p. m., 2:50, 4:40, 6:30, 8:25, 10.15. CINEMA "Trlitana" (GP), 7:45 p. m., 9:50. lOOP-"Tho Stewardesses" (X), 9:00 a. m., 10:40, 12:20 p. m 2:00, 3:40, 5:20, 8:40, 10:20. MARINA CINEMA I. "Making It" (X), 2:00 p. m., 3,55, 5:50, 7,45, 9,45. II. "Uttlo Murders" (R), 1,30 p. m., 3,30, 5,30, 7,30, 9,30. 9:30. III. "Cold Turkey" (GP), 2:00 p. m., 4,00, 6,00, 8,00, 10:00. McVlckers-"Kama Sutra" (X), 9,20 a. m., 12:10 p. m., 3:05, 5:55,8:55. "Succubus"(X), 10,50 a. m., 1:50 p. m., 4:30, 7,25, 10,20. MICHAEL TODD - "Andromeda Strain" (G), 9,20 a. m., 11,55, 2,25 p. m., 4:55, 7,30, 10,00. MONROE "I Am Curious (Yol. low)" (X), 9,00 a. m., 11,24,2:56 p. m., 6:28, 10:00. "24 Hour - MOTION PICTURES --1st Run Chlcagoland- A FREDERICK BRISSON PRODUCTION Rosalind Russell as ' "Mrs. Poflifan Spy", COLOR by Deluxe ffiCTg?! I, i FIRST CHICAGO SHOWING EDENS I BREMENTOWHE jW , 111 LAKE YORKTOWH UA MARINA CINEMA I WILLOW CREEK Suburban HIGHLAND PARK HIGHLAND PARK u,hc;!ll!l WINNin 7 AOADEMY AWAIIll Own o. "PATTON" Stall " I VII -0j flii.ti toiuid "MASH" Donild Bulhirlind m M 8 n g;00 -HIOHWOOD- niUiinUUU oscar nomincei "Great .While Hope"! -LAKE rOREST- DEERPATH . "THE PRIEST'S WIFE" MOBTON PROVE & N1XE3- rnrrn a uitir Nimlnmani I onlr "I H" HiiiurAnif uira, . rauun 6lj uiiari um n.. n ...ii uruii.-M o-nn ITIII) nlitl ana only mU'WIiert'rPsppir gf.';id.A'j;i't,..."Wom.n In low" jg -8KOKIE- loolla illll rllH sru, flic IYIchA Wife mn SKOKIE 7(34 Lint, A.i, OH 3-42H l NORTH GRAYSLflKE- r ;. 1 1 ymrntMwrnMii Oirrli IIDIARY OP A Un u,n'MAU nU vp. iw it laQ.Brjfl IFE'i WAUKEOAN arth" "HALLS OF ANQER" "Whan Dlnonun nutadE .iikhlrt 11,11 " j BjiiinTiT' I UUWNTOWN 1 DOWNTOWN 1 DOWNTOWN Pmm Hffl .limited y as. QiJuiJau aHJuddU ENGAGEMENT! VJ I admittcdi i siiggs- j - and Timothy Dalton and Anna Caldor-Marshall and thoir supporting troupo are simply not equal to tho demands of tho script that, if not controlcd, easily slips into laughable melodrama. A product of American-International Pictures, formerly the beach party and horror film company, the film has the unfortunate physical appearance of a vampire talc. Rating: one star. Clock Lovor" (X), 9,54 . m., 1,26 p. m., 4,58, 8,30. ORIENTAL "Swoet-Sweet Back" (X), 9,00 'a. m., 10,40, 12,15 p. m., 1,55, 3,30, 5,10, 6,50, 8,30, 10,10. PLAYBOY - "Bed and Board" (GP), 6,00 p. m., 7,45, 9,30. ROOSEVELT - "Tho Bsgullod" (R), 9,30 a. m., 11,35, 1,40 p. m., 3,45, 5,50, 8,00, 10,00. SHANGRI-LA "Tho Seducers" (X), 9,15 a. m., 12,38 p. m., 4,01, 7,17, 10,33. "Relations" (X), 10,53 a. m., 2,16 p. m 5,39, 8,55. STATE LAKE "Mophlsto Wotli" (R), 9,15 a. m., 11,20, 1,30 p. m., 3,40, 5,50, 8,00, 10,10. UNITED ARTISTS-"Summer of '42" (R), 9,00 a. m., 10,45, 12,40 p. m., 2,30, 4,25, 6,15, 8,10, 10,00. WOODS - "Big Doll House" (R), 9,28 a. m., 11,10, 1,00 p.m., 2,50, 4,40, 6,30, 8,20, 10,10, midnight. Mil schedules are 'subject to change without notice. - MOTION PICTURES -1st Run Chlcagoland- CINEMA II Theatres NORTH WORTHBROOK- EDENS I 7, ,J0 "COLD TURKEY" (GP) EDENS 2 6,15 ai0 94S "making It" (R) WILMETTE- AL 1.741 1 fluir Wlnniri "MASH" ;! "patton" NORTHWEST ARLINGTON HEIGHTS- fe4 OHO JOHN limn l nnnll At 1:00 P.M. ONLY PLUS wAvur IIIU A.UUW "LAWREN0E OF ARABIA" PITtn O'TOOLI I. OMAII SIIAniPP Run Mayor's Film Featlval "Cherry, Harry & Raquol" DE8 PLAINES "Mr rV HOfrMAN ESTATEB- rraisW' i in ' 4,: , M II starts 1 1 1LFBIDAYJ i DOS " Chicago Tribune, KSJ" .. w SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTHWEST -ELQIN- STAR VIEW 1 nt. so i so RH I.H7DO rinairi. niipiri, Laviri. wiipiri" Run Miyori XX Hill "Vlm" MT. PHOSPECT- tfMlir BRONTE'S IMMORTAL CLASSIC 1 'Wuthering Heightsi .fj-is,,.,.,,! MJG PRESENTATION RE-BIRTH OF VAUDEVILLE 5 GREAT ACTS LIVE ON STAGE nus ORCHESTRA nut-A OP.IAT MOVII OP YISTIRYIAR VAUDEVILLE IS HERE MONDAY, MAY lOlh. FEATURE STARTS 6.00 CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT ADMISSION S3.00 CHILDREN HALF PRICE TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOX OFFICE !lii!iiTlirSiM3ro MM. IttT 'KlUII-itll Mtoi tlJl.fW.rf "M.A.I. M" SO-10rW) , HiliTir'F'i'1 PROSPECT -Molroso Pit. & Nonldgo tMTH "w wv ESBWi JM k THESEOnETLirt o",ji IMEIIOINWire MAN II I fUTmiif IW jm I i-i-i :m MaHIng It a.ii.nii, lo.ia Ltl r IJI Uii.ii)lirlk . ' MUWI.IIUIHUV , li I a,a,ia HI, Mil WttKBWBSSSnSSSIX, mm EXPRES3I It Really Gill lo Von IANDAS'A! YOU BLED MY MOMMA Yu ANSWERS QUESTIONS (gftCl2?f W , 9UAI3ral'llU 13 OAIOIMAI IOUMOTAAM AllUM AVArtAlll OK ITAK MCOAOI OAiaiNAl rAMAIAClC IOOM AVAILAIll Al A IAMCIA mUCADON IX JfjBf EVEN A MAN AND WIFE - M" Mmelvinvan Peebles and jerry gross present "sweet sweetback1 m jwliL DON'T DARE ASK EACH OTHER! 'CIN IN 1"" A m i jjr i!li?MS.3 STARTS TODAY 9 a.m. A I Mill Ml. V HT J- ' 1 US" I Of4F Wfirf TKHNICOLOtl fg J.iXliBH','l "ft 7 JlQlf ROlDSCVClt I BOTH IN COLOR " 1 ibc STATE NR WASHIHGTOrt ! L"c i i,j a imi Mi jgam HpBljjjjl mssm . ffff- i N-iinigmiinrr rfflffimrWBg sis - HyanO'Heal KKiffl, Young Olrls In Prisor! N,' a l S HH .... Thp IHpnhktn I " 1 11 ' aPult,onlv18ANOqvEk mJLSAt 111 lather 5 qf"," 71 iMleHSS III-" Ul . li naaijLiJiiHinxn 0IYICrVllC TWELVE CHAII1S I tJ .,,.ff10 TOO, 1030 J W Wodncndny, Mny 5, 1071 I motion .pictures wuwn i u ww SEE SAVAGE LOVE RITES! LaiTRina rpnn vivid " - COLOH PLUSI 2nd Adult Scorcher! v'THE . - X CYCLE" DUNLT LnlinLU Opin MM! AM I ! D,or SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTHWEST PALATINE- WILLOW CREEK NW. HWY. 1141 .1 M. B3-3SI.IIS5 "WOM1N IN LOV1" (R) B:00 "WHIM'S POPPA7" (R) t,0.0:IO -PARK RIDGE- 'WHEN DINOSAURS "iVAtf' !:!! MUCKlT tickets now on Opin i p.m. "Prl.itM 6:30 I 9:50 p.m, (OP) Sophia Loran Marcallo Mitlrolinnl "Pfliil'a Wilt" & 6i20 p.m. "12 Chain" RIT7 ar a-tiio-oa. ano1 n!i u't"!! o ,.hr.fl tr?." nr.1 aijo.Biao, Alio aiirlo Thflmn In "jkHHt" it BUO SEE ALL BLACK HAWKS HOME QAMES IN 00L0R I Bill It Oil Offlll -CICERO- ni VMnin uki mriu (in onrti o. a n..VWt."PAtTON"; -ELMHURST- VnRIf .. . . . N. YoitK. U'.oara A..7,vu.7:a,ai1,Yl,nnuo"T'tv., "WUTHERINQ HEIGHTS" ELMWOOD PARK natum North t Hurl.m Opin Iji.m. "" at ti)0 t Ml p.m, (tr sopnu lerin-Mircmo Miitrolinni "Plllll'l Will" a a:20 "Mi 12 cmin" -FRANKLIN PARK VII I AflC ol" 0I N. ink Avi. VILLHUC nia Ynmai ano oml LOVERS & OTHER STRANGtRS" aua 'aaiiiHa Vnr'i nui loiia . JUt uiinidiiil -GLEN ELLYN- QLEN JJi! "MAS'H"N Onir SSI USE.. 0t Scott "PATION" ( Mam I Ma 1 1 -HINSDALE- BALE! ROLLINQ MEADOWS MEADOWS J?,1, "MAASH ' giilg' ceo, c. seott "PunoN" ;s 4UaytoWthc.h,i WIM'A'S-H''f I ,11 WEST j - BEBWYW i iiiiBiimiriirni iboi HINSDALE "ftft'MWIi&SP 1 1 MOTION PICTURES. 1 MOTION PICTURES 1 - MOTION PICTURES I StewSrdes X 0IITHOUND OAR. CUM A Ull es lUirMHITIIllI SUBURBAN Theatres WEST -HILLSIDE- tiiapHONB looms 114.1110 open rilBPAKIHO 6100 tO HUDION ISIHUH ATS!10. aI anoii dickihioh Liaaa Rietty Maids all in a row -LOMBARD STH OIANT WEEK 0 "COLD TURKEY" JiOO-4.00.aiOO.7ilO-.ilO 1111 DAOP MA I-01IO Adulll tl, is Olllin "TOnAI T0RA nwM onila. rot joiipii -OAKBROOK- ' Tdiy ! TtOO A D 100 MATINtC UAILY-llnin I :i0 .m, (OP) Sophia Lor.n, Mare.llo Maitrolnnnl The Plllll'l Will" 112,4,0, B, 10 p.m. WEST CHICAGO- -WHDATON WHEATON AOADEMY AWAnD M0 n-ll ub9i tutncoo HEIGHTS" ,. .HiOO.Jiai-aiOQ.aioi.ioioo lJ POl'I'Al" it llig 4 IDlOl Opon 9 a.m. list Fealura 10 p.m. riomiction Op.n 0i30 tt.m. ALL SEATS $1,251 (Sr. it Mil 8) Adulla Only "PaMorn ol Evil" laabal Sarll "HEAT" dark clitkit madliDn Ir 2JB4J Clk. Pkq. I dr. io., 4 hn. i5c ill.r 5 OAK PARK- LAMAR m-MXlliWW iim numl w.lm "naoAzalEo" SOUTHWEST -DOWNERS OROVE- "T0RAI T0RAI T0RAI" JgJ -LA ORANGE- IFL'fOKO I It Suit I laCiangili. Today 2, 4, t, 8 and 10 -TINLEY PARK - BREMENT0WNE..r5nDn'.,n.'. onrai ami "Wiitna's roi'l'Ar1 SOUTH Af4my Awturf tVlaarf k IINDA IkMtM (W ' JL niion oouid in "PaAIOATMINIKY'l fljlilllc N CAI IIIAtlll WEST NORTH RIVERSIDE 1- LUu.J.HeUhl. MnUIC DATIUO f'llinc "Sirvice 0FrimwusKi)ii(rjutRi IY1UVIC KAIinu UUIUl unuiuitiuruiica4aiii4i4(iuuu, PI AH .i dMtt.d-Hii.urnl o.rdwm NgontKl, ID BlUUltlfi-rmau war 17' im aatelatatL ttaJaTWaaa. Kinl.d by ar.irt r anardloii wtwiwwriaMiiwwrtM, Section 2 Conlinuous Ptrfornuncm tkiZc'lo". '""vision BISMARCK Rindflph tt LiSalU ITA 6-3400 ALL BLACK HAWKS STANLEY CUP HOME GAMES In color Til kill Haw Sill tt Dm Offlit ! SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND- itWUlUJ.Ii'JI 111,1 8. Wtilirn ffiWHaai;ji Park Fr.e Opon 6 WaMlMLgil 2 F.aluros 8:10 "Whin Dinosaurs Ruled tho Earlli" plus "laile tho Blood ol Oracula" (CP) -DOLTON- D0LT0N -HARVEY- "COLLEGE GRADUATE" & "MARCH" SOUTHEAST -CALUMET CITY- Fies Parking 86B-340O 3rd W.ikl Matin.. Dally Op, li0 "A IRPOR T" ""li , -HAMMOND- book ttuoaoN-aiio A duo PRETTY MAIDS ALL In a ROW SiKall "0AMBLERS" .!, PALATINE HAMMOND- CO AT UOTII tl III. I) 1 llllll WW Tlir-ATIliB I OAlumit-ShlBlitd . lliillr t DLUt" A"0.O. AOUMfANV tlir & Cam. TlthAli ADDITIONAL MOVIES ,v0N PREOEDINO PAQE i

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