The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JULY 15, 1944 BLYIBEVILLE (ARK.); .COURIER NEWS Secretary Hull Answers Charges A,-State Department Not 11 Keeping Men Out Of Army, He Declares WASHINGTON, July > — Sccrelnry of State Hull denies that his department Is a refuge for men ol draft, age. He says tlie State Department has obtained only one 90-day selective service deferment for a man under 30 years of age. Hull's statement was made In reply to an article ii> Use Washington Times-Herald, signed by Publisher Eleanor Patterson, nnct headlined "Some Slate Department boys who rto not choose to fight." 'Hie photographers of 20 Slate Department men were published with the article which said that although nrc-meclicai students arc not deferred, there is .draltable manpower In the State Department and that the Army "should cost Its eye" on it. . . Added the arti- c)c- "There it will discover . . . an assortment of rich, able-bodied and unmarried boys of no particular use to anyone. .Hull snld nt his press conference that his department has one of the best records with respect to deferments and that Mra. Patterson's attack was violent and grossly unfair. Hull said the State Department has 95 male employes between 30 and 37 years of age of a total of 852 men and 1900 women. In the foreign service there are five expiring deferments for men under 2C, and, he said, those deferments would not be renewed. He said there are QQ men under 30 with occupational deferments in the forclen service and 457 between (he 30-37 age group with deferred r.. i%aid that the foreign service Iras 2039 men employes of which 1142 arc over 38. One hundred and nine are waiting induction, and 301 have joined the military services .since Poirl Harbor. In the department itself, he said, 512 men hare gone into Ihe armed forces since Pearl Harbor. HOME, FROM DIEPPE By Sergt. Everett Oglesby As Told To Menno Duerksen An Operation—And New Hope XVI They carried me back out of Hlock Kotir now, back to n ward among [lie living. They were lo operate Mm next day. Everyone was kind to me in this new ward but! felt strange and lonely now. It seemed so depressing to now be facing final death HO far away from home and in Uio enemy's country. That night before the operation 1 didn't sice))' 1 could hear (he cold winds blowing through the pine (rues outside, making a melancholy sound for the ears of one who Iclt death was near. It was a long and lOMely night. When morning did come it brought.»—— ' . with it nn English orderly ivlio came i 11 was up to give me a } lectc ? lo «>"M)lctely recover were to •in In Honrt™ Iho naln 1)e iClCClCtl. I IIUlSl llitVC nUUCHrCd rather hopeless at the time for the Swiss doctor looked at me, said, "Pass," I would no home If I lived I that long. I promised myself I would live. MONDAY: Prisoners in chains. before the sur shot in the arm to deaden the pain. 1 tiled to be cheerful about it but.,when they ci\me< for me to take me to the operating'^ room the stm was Just beginning to come up. "Can you wail, a minute," I asked ,•>,. them. "I want to: see that sun come up one more time for I inuy not >» here when 11 goes down." Serjt. Oglesby In a few minutes the drug began taking effect. I became drowsy and no longer cared about the sun. It seemed a long time Inter that I came to. The same British orderly u'ho had come in the morning hud awakened me by washing my mouth out. "Arklc," he said, "don't swallow this stuff." "No, Jeff, I won't swallow again," I said very meekly. I was weak but I felt good to be alive, and there Commanding Officer For WAC Unit Named Second Lieut. Grace ll. Manning of Arlington, N. J., hn.5 uccn otli- cially assigned commanding officer of Section 0, the WAC detachment at the BAAF. Lieutenant Manning, who accompanied the WAC contingent from th c Walnut Ridge Army All- Field here Saturday, was commissioned May 23, 1943, after having qualified for Officers' Candidate School as nil enlisted woman. She enlisted Sept, 27, 1942, at Newark, N. J. World Traveler Now Top Kick' OfWACSHere Stuff Serjsl, Nell Elizabeth Brunei- of Cincinnati, Ohio, a world' traveler and more recently first sergeant of a Women's Army Corps unit at Walnut nidge, has been named top kick of (lie WACs of Section 13 nt the Blythcvllle Army, Air Kicld. ( Scrgemil Brunei- enlisted hi Do- : comber, 1942, i\t Cincinnati. She reported here the Walnut Ridge cadre Saturday afternoon. .A former student nt the University of l-oiilcvllle nntl at tile Unl-' veisily of Cincinnati, Sergeant Brunei 1 has found her greatest, pleasure In travel. She toured Ceil-' tral Atncrlcn In 1932 mid watched with Interest the development of (lie key lUrport at Gunlemnlu City. In 19:t4 she visited Sooth Anierlcn and 1037 went lo Kuroix*. "I traveled in every European country," she says, "with the exception of ttnsstn, NO tourists were allowed (here at the lime." And the liral Indication of (tie resourcefulness of the WAC top kick Is the fact that she speaks no foreign languages whatsoever, (hough she managed to trnvcl throughout the Continent without Inconvenience. "I got along beautifully," she SilJ'S. Highlight of her travels was her visit lo Italy, where she heard Mussolini exhort his KMCI.SI hordes half a dozen times. "I disliked him intensely. He was a rabble rouscr personified." She also enjoyed her visit io Oerinnny. though this pleasure was tempered n v the nlannlng spectacle of the growth of Nazism, "I found the Niral 'superman' characterized by fanaticism nnfi » was no pain. It was night again und lington, N. J. I had been out all day. She is a 1842 graduate of the low mental development.'' Savage School of Physical Education and Ls the daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Horatio W. Manning of Ar- More Suffering: Later that night the pain came COMMISSIONKU'S SALE Notice Is hereby given that the Charged with assault, ami battery in Municipal Court yesterday, , „ ...„ „ ..., * „.,„ , Gcoryc La Rue plead guilly to the 111 pain. My troubles were not yet rendered by the Chniicery Court charge ntirt was fined $25. He ul- ovcr for tllc Chlckasnwba District nI|lcBCdly struck n woman who lives back and they brought more nior- undesigned commissioner, In com- phine. In the morning again I was imru ' cc . wl | u Ul ° lcrms ot ft AK " CC ~" J '••• the Chancery Court COURTS Vacation Bible School And Revival At Dyess DYESS, Ark., July 15—A revival meeting and Vacation Bible School will b e held at Dyess Baptist Church throughout the coming week, it was announced today by the Rev. Hal Gallop, pastor of the church. The Rev. M E. Wiles of Bly- thevillc, associational missionary, will be in charge of the preaching at the revival services, which will begin with the morning service tomorrow morning, 11 o'clock, with services during the remainder of the week scheduled to be held nightly .!%t).8..;i)'clpck : } v ;iKj. -,^ Jwi ^,' He also will serve as supcriiUen-' dent of the Vacation Bible School which will hold its first session Monday morning, 9 o'clock. , r Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the j in the Closncll 'community ....„,, „.....„„ , „„ U1 j- 2J day of June, 1344, wliercin MBR-I As usual,' lh e majority of portunlty to regret that I hadn't B '° kastburn, ct al, were Plaintiffs,.cases on died for it was a slow painful thing. No. BBGZ, and Pearl Marisan was De- Court docl During those long weeks afte the operation I had many an op For Grasswalkers i trainer instructors sit the BAAF last week introduced a novel metlioi! of qiiellijigconfirmed grass- walkers. They posted a sign in their areu, "Only Fonls Wnlfc On This Grass." Since then, no human foot has -been plnnted on the green sward [around th E Link Trainer buildings. Today's Games SOUTHERN LKAOUE Memphis al Atlanta. Birmingham at Mobile. Little Rock »t Chattanooga. New Orleans al Nashville. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh at Chicago. Brooklyn at Boston. Cincinnati at St. Louis, night. New York at Philadelphia, two. AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston at New York. St. Louis at Cleveland. Chicago at Detroit, two. Philadelphia at Washington, night To remove an upholstery snot, use •cjfeVi barely damp with cleaning fiv*d, spread it over the spot, then paV it lightly; foreign particles bounce upward and adhere to the cloth. majority of the this week's Municipal docket were disturbing the For weeks on end I lay with two fendllll( " w111 scl1 »l Public auction' peace charges, -those pleading rubber tubes in my back to provide to the »'Bl«»t and test bidder, for s»ilty lo ibis charge were Edward constant drainage for the infection in my chest. It it hadn't been for the watchful vigil of that wonderful British Army physician, Capt. Car- niichael, and his orderly, Jeff Long, there just wouldn't be n Sergeant Oglesby today. Of that I am certain. The beds we had In this hospital would have afforded little comfort to a well man. To a wounded man they were nothing short of torture. They consisted of t« : o long boards, covered witli a thin bag of straw and wood shavings for a mattress. The constant twisting and turning of a wounded man soon left those mal- 'tresses sb fiill'bf lumps it wris like lying on rocks. Nights Of Cold Winter came to help with the discomfort. If a man was lucky he might have two or three quills for cover. Fuel to warm tlie hospital at times was an almost non-existent article. I can recall nights when I lay, 111 and cold, with my teeth chattering as I tried vainly to sleep. The, danger of tuberculosis was also a. menace for the floor of the hospital was built level with the ground. During the wet winter weather the water seeped up through the concrete to keep the floors constantly wet. Many a British prisoner began that fatal journey with a cough. It is probably a miracle that tuberculosis missed me and my chest wounds. Then there was the food, or lack of it, to add to the discomfort. Mostly we ate German black bread, potatoes, a sort of synthetic margarine and some of that mysterious German jam. I think the jam was made of beet roots. Probably all that saved us from malnutrition and possible starvation were the occasional Red Cross packages. The British doctors gave us all the vitamin tablets they could wheedle from the Germans, but these were far too few. It was while I lay there, only half alive, thnt the Swiss delegation came to select prisoners for repatriation. With the two rubber tubes In my back I was carried before their examining board lo see if I should IK included among those to be sent home. Only men who were helplessly wounded and never ex- CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sal. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 ,• Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat and Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature "THE RENEGADE" \vilh Bill}- The Kid A Al "Fuzzy" Si. John and "SHADOWS ON THE • STAIRS" J with Frieda Inescourt SERIAL: "Adventures of the Flying ' Cadets" Comedy Sunday and Monday "CAPTAIN OF THE CLOUDS" (In Technicolor) with James Cagncy Universal News Comedy Thanksgiving During a lull ir, the terrific' fighting on Saipan, that pro-.' duccd . a record number of American . casualties, a devout Yank fighter kneels before a stirapnel-punctured shrine in the Chamorro cemetery, near: Garapan, • , ' cash, on a credit of three months, at the front door of the Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, in the City of Blytbeville, Arkansas, on the 29 clay of July, 1914, the following real estate, to-wtf. West 108 feet oil of Lot One (1), Block Five (5) of llcarn's Addition to the City of Blythc- ville, Arkansas. The purchaser at said sale will be required lo execule bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and n Hen will be retained upon said property as fuirtlttoniil security for the payment, oj..such, purchase inoncy. Witness my hand and the seal ol said Court, on this, the 5 day of July, 1D44. HARVEY MORRIS Commissioner in Chancery. ' 1|8 & 1)15 Follows Farley Paul E. Fitzpalnck, above, of Buffalo, N. Y., is the new chciir- nian o{ the New York State Democratic Committee, succeeding former Postmaster General James A. Farley, who retired ..after 14 the post, Myers, J. C. Ai'line Shcclon, clmrlcs Smith and Alvln Blnylock, each of whom were fined $10. wniliun Can-, who plead Utility to tlie same char«c, was fined $25, and suspended sentences on the disturbing the peace chhrgc were given lo Tellmnn Tnrnnge and Jitniny Graves. Prncllcnlly every part of the cow. Including the Wood, is used In making airplanes. Political Announcements The Courier News TIM been «u- thorlzed to announce the followliif candidacies, lubject to Ui« Democratic primary In Augiut: 8TATK REPJIESENTATIVE ALKNE WORD (for re-electfon, Post No J) W. J. WUNDERLIOH (lor re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No 1) LUOIEN E. COLEMAH K. O. "GErre" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) PROSECUTING ATTORNET IVIE O. SPENCER MARCUS FIETZ (For Re-election) JAMES C. HALE SHERIFF AND COIAJOTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (BUDDY! WATSON COUNT* TREASURER R. B. (SKEED STOUT MI6S DKLLA PTJRTLK COUNTS fUDQt ROLAND GREiaj (for re-election) mviGHT II, BLACKWOOD CIRCUIT COURT CLERK HARVET MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTEK (for re-election) Roaches, Ka(s anil Slice climl- nalcd. Contract service In pest control. Biddle Exterminators Free Estimates. 115 S. Third Phone 215l DON EDWARDS *OTA1-, «MJTB_ CORONA, AND TTPJtWBITJK* 111 N. tad WHET! (Kvery Tr»M»ct!oi> v un JT1CINB NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may he ruining your properly. Call m« check-up without cost or obligation. EATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL • GUARANTEED WORK !«> E. Kcntackj H. C. BLANKENSHIP UH We Will Pay Up To CEILING PRICE For Good, Clean USED CARS Lay Eich Chevrolet Co. Phone 578 A Bothered Conscience Needs No Accuser Mr. Fulbrighf In your most recent attempt to explain away the persistent series of so-called rumors which you say have been aimed against you you attempt to smear Governor Adklns in advertisements in daily pa- We ' d UKE FOR YOU T0 KEEP THE RECORD GOVERNOR ADK1NS DID NOT PUBLISH the information about your Draft Paper Transfer, Bill - but it really doesn't matter - YOUR PRICE DICKSON LETTER dated FEBRUARY, 1944, just as you announced for Senator, PROVES YOU WERE AFRAID THE FACTS MIGHT BECOME PUBLIC. —Actual clipping from Bill Fulbright ad, PRICE DICKSON LAWYER VaynlliivlHf, Arkansas, l'elirii:iry 8,' l!)U. TO WHOM IT AIAY CONCKKN: I. 1'ricc Dlrksmi, was rliiilriiian nf I.m-al Itminl "A". Si'lccllu: Service, Washington (taiinly, Ar1i;iiu«i.s mill! AIIKIIK!, HUH. Ourlnj; that tliiiu tin: lltu cif J. W. l''nltirl|;lil cnme liefciro us for rcclilssilinilloil In tlie month uf .[mil! or .Inly, HI 12. The C'ntiBresslimiil r:un]i:ilf;il was then al Its jicilk tinil I hail liccn iissorliUcil with Mr. I'ullirlRlit's iiiiiinnciil, Mr. Kiirl (iniitii- liaw, fur niiirc; thiui It ytsirs. I iirutarn-il Hint Mime nlliiir liu;inl out "f the 3rd t'nni;rc.sslniutl District p;iss upon Mr. Kiilbrlnhl's classification 111 onlur Hint thu iiolllical motives might mil lie attributed to us. Iti accordance with Selective Service KURII|;I(|HIIS, we fimvimlcil Mr. FulhrlKhl's lite lo Slate llciuh\u:irlcrs at l.llllo Hnolf, <lls- nualiryliiK ourselves anil raincstlug; Stale llr;ul(iiiarlcrs In wnnl Ibc flic lo .some Ho;tril of their oivn cluiuslnj;, iiulslilc thi: 3rd Congressional Dlsliirl. Tlie lilt was foi wuriled lei tin: Locnj nnnril al Kiisscllvllli! by Slate Ikailiiuarlm, anil Mr. Filllirljjlil's lilc was relumed tn us wllli "lll-A" Cljisslllcullmi. All prwcdiirc in tills wise mis lilkcn lij- l.ncul llnnrd "A" ii|ian its own million und without rnusulllnj; Mr, I'ulljrljjhl. He never lit any lime mnilc any riiiiucsls or c«noK|ii}inlcil with cillr Hiiiinl. Arkansas Gazette, Tuesday, July 11 . Itc.viiiuitfulty siilinilltcd, . . . (SluiKiil) PKIOK DICKSON. Assodiilc nicinlicr, I.oral Ailvlsnry Board, Washington <-<iunty, Aiknusa.s. |fi>rn«-r Clmlrmiui, l,d«»l ll«,i r ,l "A," unslilnclon, Ciuinly, Arkunsiw. The iilravc Is nnrcct: (SlftniMl) l.ONIK H. I'lIILUrtl (Sluucil) A. M. McAIJ.ISTKK aicmlicrs »f Local ||, ml -il "A," Wiishlnul.!,! Coiinly, Arkansas HERE'S WHAT FIGHTING MEN SAY Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas .,„ ,., ,. J»iy«, ion. "Mr. W. K. Hums i :tint West Mill S(r,H-l l.llllc Iliicli, Arhansns. ''Thanks for yuur Idler of ihn Ml, |,, s l,. hut I rrally would not lie Intcrrstnl hi asslsliiiK wllli Hie propoMul 'smear 1 <>r Cnn- ^iTTf"!! 1 '"" 1 " 1 * 1 ' 1 ' '" f " d> ' "'" |lr " |Mrel1 '" '""'wllew *»r "Of ciiursc, 1 not a VVorM Wur vcterun anil was wounded in the ArBfliiiic. au.l saw my , W rt of Hi.- ll B l,lhi K W |U, i), 0 Fourth Division and, thnriifnri;, lnli>[l III veterans 1 afTiilrn. But my olilMl son, nlio Is- a .slnfT scrscanl In (ho. iirmy, Iws already voted by absentee tiallol for Mr. l'iilbrl B hl, a,i,l my yonnncr son, who Is In (he Navy and tno yuunu t,i vole, Imt being n former student of tin: University itf Arlimisiis, h also fur ,>[r. Fulhrl B ht, Most cordially yours, • (Signed) ,1. W. CamplMll, • Atlorncy-at-I/aw." —and by the way— Who Is Dickson? Will you toll us if Chairman Dickson has represented or is now representing the Fulbriqht interests in the capacity of attorney? Who Is McAllister? Will you tcl! us if Board Member McAllister is now POSTMASTER at Fayottevillo, and when and by whom he was appointed? • Who Is "J. W." Campbell? Will you tell us if the "J. W." Campbell named in your paid advertisement of July 11 is the J. R. CAMPBELL, member of the legislature from Garland County and member of Mayor Leo McLaughlin s Hot Springs political machine? But Wait—Let's Look at Your Dickson Letter Again! Where Is The Missing Paragraph! In (he original Dickson Idler—(lie one yon circulated over (he .siKmilure of your Ciimimign Committee JO iliiy.s HKO—H p!inw;i|>)i excused your draft paper transfer with (lie statement thai "i\Ir. Fulbrichl was also ;m asHociiitc member of Ihe l.c^al Advisory Hoard for Washington Cminlv Ark" IS THIS A TRUE STATEMENT? AND II' SO, WHY WAS IT DKLBTIil) FROM TUB DICKSON LETTER WHEN YOU KAN IT IN YOUR AI>? j ,„, 5 , , , n ,: ,.;» ;..»,-:^,«,.,.»!,,,», ,i,,,,.,,« The People Would Like to Know a Few Other Things About Your Conduct Regarding the Army Kor inslanee, isn't il Inic (hiit you announced for AFTER Pearl Harlwr—when you were only 3(i years of atfc, anil when Uic dr.-ift ajje was 21 (o <lf>? Don't yon know thai al llial lime (here were Ihon.samls of falhcr.s of your nj?e, with two or more children, in (he Army, volunteering and being diafled—practically all of (hem without your wealth. Don't you know (here itrc thousands of fathers your age NOW in the Army—and NOT ON DKSK JOBS HUT ACTUALLY IN COMBAT IN NORMANDY, ITALY AND THE 1'ACIFIC THEATER? Will you fell us when and why your draft rmncrs were transferred—when you were so near induction —and why you thought it necessary us early as February to take the explanatory excuse from Price Dickson? AND, WHILK WK ARE SPEAKING OF THE AKiUY, WHY DON'T YOU LET THE FATHERS, MOTHEHS, WIVES AN!) SWEETHEARTS OF THE 140,000 ARKANSAS MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED SERVICES KNOW THE WHOLE STORY AOUT HILL KULIHHGHT'S ATTITUDE AND ACTION ON THE SOLDIERS' BILL OF RIGHTS MEASURE—THE GREAT G. I. BILL? On the American Legion poll of attitudes in Congress you are recorded as non-com mi It a] and marked with a negative sign, AND YOUR INTEREST FOR THIS GREAT SECURITY MEASURE FOR OUR FIGHTING MEN AND WOMEN WAS NOT SUFFICIENT TO MOVE YOU TO BE PRESENT AND CAST A VOTE ON IT IN CONGRESS. Isn't if true you were campaigning in Arkansas when the roll was called early in June? These Are Not 'Rumors/ Mr. Fulbright, But Questions On Which the People Are Demanding Answers! HOMER ADKINS For U. S. Senator Campaign Committee —Political Advertisement. - . •

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