The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JUNK 21, 10IG BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN LegalizedGaming Faces Ballot Test Move Is Considered To Repeal Arizona's Liberal Legislation • RENO, Nov., Juno 21. (UP>—Attacks on Nevada's legalized tiainhu^^ by the Nevada Anli - Gambling' League gained momentum lodny tuid spokesmen for gaming interest:; feared the laws might bo mude moi i; stringent or repeated outright. Pointing out that the -state's liberal—or "wide open"—gambling v;as curbed by the legislature tn loon, the Ramblers foared "they miylu do H again. 1 ' The plnn lo circulate an initiative petition ciUling for the outviulu repeal of gambling laws in Nevada was announced by Frank wilhums, of Goodsp rings, former Uni.vr.ssty of Nevada regent, who acted as spokesman for the Anii-Gntublh^; League, Williams termed it ft move to force the issue on the state legislature* ta liex I yen r's scss ion, Rev. Charles Dohn. head of the ncno Ministerial Association, l otiay assured Williams he would h.wo tin. 1 backing of Reno church member;; whom the minister cstimatod at 25 per cent of the city's population. Williams' criticism focused on Ihe "recklessly charitable 1 ' gifts to churches by various local gamhlin^ clubs nnri on $103.000 worth of scholarships offered by n well-known club and accepted by the ; University of Nevada 1 board .of regents. Dr. John O. Moseley, University president, said, "Naturally. WL- aren't going to align forces with cuhcr gambling or anti-gambling mlo'Ts'.s. "We did, however, accept scholarships from ,: Harold's . Club, of Reno." Raymond T. Smith, owner of Harold's Club—the largest gambling establishment in the .slaLu—said ho *'was sorry to sen the reform move Twin-Engined A-26 Breaks Speed Record DAYTON. O.. Jill!" 21. i IH» -A twin-engined A-^(i with an aiixilLuty jet power plant broke the int"n:a- tional speed ivmrd aver a (i?l-mile course In on?-hi»ir :iO mluut.-s f.ii'l -10 secutuis yeutevdny. The plane took oli irorn Wright Field at 11:117 ;>.m. for at. Louis atul roared l>aek at 12:3(3 ;>m. v;ilh a 413-mile an hour average to brc 1 : 1 .!; the. 3i}f>-mik' :ui lumr rec-ord sit by an Italian Breda, on Dec, <J. 19:17. LI. Thomas P. Otrriiv of Air Materiel Cominaiul's I'roeuiement Division, piloted the craft \viih C.-.nt. Walter K. Uichert. AMC flight lest division, as co-jnlot. I he i NOTK:*: Not ice is ho robv t; i vr n undersigned will within Uv tiw fixed by law apply lo ilio Cmnmis- .sioncr of Revemu'.s of the ritale <>f Arkansas for a permit to .sell hr rt r and wine at vet:u) ut Floodway. Star Rl., Manila. Mississippi County, The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of gcod mo Ml character, that he has nevrr hr'cn convicted t>f a frlony or otluv erhn r r involving mural turpitude; ' no license to sell beer fov tlie^n- rcl has been revoked within five ye:irs last past; and that the'^n^d has never been convicted of vi,>!'.it- int* the laws of tliis state, or ;iny other state, velulmg to tht s-,\li; of alcoholic liquors.. H. E. HOLING. Subscribed and sworn lo before me this 20 day of June, 19-lfi. Mr.s. Marshall Bbckar'J Notary Public. My Commission epires Mar. 9, 1045. Navy to Rehearse Atom Bomb Tests Task Force One to Make Trial Run ' With Dummy Misslc Uy JOSKl'li L. MYI.KK i Unllrd I'rrss Staff (.'arri>s|>oii<)eul KWAJALEIN, Jllill- 21, (UP) — Task Forte One nnil Us coiiiplcnu'iit ol 42,000 iniui pcojjiiri'd today 'or llH'h fitiiil I'L-hciirsnl of llie flrsl ikloinic. bomb lest. Nexl Siuuluy. :i fncsiiniu- i w ini> witli a mm-nlomlu chnrge will bnvsl over Ihe Haltleshlp Nevailn. nliulntt liolut of llio tiirgcl fleet arrayed In Hiklnl Lni;outi. Ne.irly 10 jilnncs will (.hen iicrfovin |>UuU>j;r«|ihte. nM-ovt!- ini; mid other functions nssi|>iu>il then: In (lie real test schrclislvd for July 1. Meanwhile, [he crew or liio D-29 Supei fortress "Dave's Drcaiu" fouglit lo perfect Us lechuitino Ijy which the deadly bomb will be exploded sriuarely nbovc the Nevada. I As lenders of the task force look- ] «1 on today, IJonibi:idler Maj. llur- nld Wood nlined n diiiiuny bomb almost precisely above Ihe spol s r ;- 1 looted for Ihe actual explosion. The bomb was dropped within five seconds ul the scheduler! llnu- uml I came at least, wlthlu two yards of Us range, the outside margin of error allowable, experts suld, 1 Today's mission was the next !••) the last practice [light using nil AA1' plnnes which will participate liv both Ihe air dropped mid surface 1 atomic bamb tests. The crew of the "Dave'-s Dream." however, will continue its practice runs every th;eu or four days ")ust lo keep their hand in," Chances are Improves n'ooul 30 per cent for dropping the bomt) on .slunTly alter July 1. said. Vice Adm. W. II. P. niandy. '.ask Force One commander, on the basis of new weather studies, lie hud been worried lest westerly' crosswlnds nl 30.000 to 40.000 feet carry the atomic cloud over (he lask force fleet and other atolls, subjecting human beings below to r.n Invisible rain of dangerous radioactive particles. \ew Twist lo I'cll.'o rnlsed nwnliH! Ill Ironl of •> store NEW YOHK (Ul'l- A IH'W ullllk w '^' l '"' Illlrnllnll of tiOUIUU lilO In flrebUk's lias tinned n)> 111 llrook- l " ll - OlinrBO- -atU'tnptccI arson. lyn. police said. 1'usquale Alban;). — •ll. they snld. stuffed paper inio a Uciut Courier NCWH WftTlt Ads. Read Courier News Want Ada. For Your Stanley's Household C'.li-antnK Chemicals, Furnliurfi Cleaner, Wimluw Cleaner, Woodwork Cleaner Call MRS. Al.MA SCIIKHKR Heslileuce 1'holle 839 NOTICE! WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY SATURDAY JUNE 22 For ^Inventory 'Delta Imptement Company Blytheville, Ark. \ was sorry to sen -•'^gainst gambling. ] "As far as we're be serious." •e concerned, il can Smith refused to "drag" recent charities into the debate, and said his club would "do nothing about tlie reform move." Williams pointed out that he needed only 3,500 signatures to force the petition before the legislat-uiv, and indications were that he \vouUl i have no trouble gettinf; the required number. The present Nevada-gambling Inw •—which makes most forms of 'iamb- ling legal -was enacted in 1931 and went Into effect the same year. Turf Irs Make, the Una I NEW YORK. (Uri—Three turtles plodded down the ^an^ptank on a ferry due to cross the Hudson River, but they missed the bout when an attendant swept them of:' with a broom to keep them from being crushed by automobiles. An hour later the turtles were back, .still determined to f;et.; the vivcr. The 'attendant retented. took the turtles aboard and tii'.ncd them over to a group of lloy Scouts who promised to release them it) a park on the other side. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed hy law apply to the Commissioner oi Revenues of the State of Arkansas for n permit to sell beer at retail at 228 N, 2nd., Btytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that l»/s is ;x oC Arkansas. oC good moral character, that he hns never keen convicted of n felony or other crlrrio involving moral turpitude; ths-.t license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned ^Fflfl.s never been convicted, of violtuing ' the laws of this state, or any othor state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. j | • : ' -' AMERICAN LEGIOK ' y J, : Marshall Blacknrd, 1st Vice Commander. Subscribed and sworn lo before me this 20 day of June, 19-lfi. Mrs. Marshall Blackard Notary Public. My commission expires Mar. 0, I9i9. Courier Ncwe •Waal p* t ilpi rrppi CALLING ALL FARMERS!. Be Sure to See - Tfiis Special FIELD DEMONSTRATI H Of The New HOLLAND MEMPHIS Open . EVERY BIGHT U2 p.r.t.'ll Sundays SCOCTfS j and many Rides—Amusements NEW [RCIf ('. Wcicrmclcn Patch 6 'lw r .eOr5!:cJ*& flijttEiaAi 1 Esir-iKMffiasgacsa'z^rrrzsa.l Here you'.'* In , c .l?mp. ! ill to IVTt i3 Vltlt PARK PICNIC BE' Call Hr. liS Hew -I06I GOOD/YEAR ^ TIRES '-^ ^ ^ 'SIZZ' WEEDER On Regenold's Farm No. 1, Armorel, Ark. MONDAY, JUNE 14 4% FARM LOANS Karrn loans nnulo lo fit your Individual nucds. Our vo-pnynH'i\l privilege ^nuUetl «ll borrowers. Let us explain out'* PriS-1'ay incut Husorvc I'lfln. : . NO PXTR& 'CHARGES— APPRAISAL,, ATTORNEY'S or* CLOSING FEES • «ftd NO COMMISSION ; It' wb lU'^nrig'b'fjiVliMjn'hvith you il it|jgp&t^ig8i» for us (o nialid itrf(1?'V6ii»' nocda Ijueaiis^fjafiif^ loans are a Kootl investment 'only when t.huy 1 'i»i i c 'jji'disd for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Ulciicoo Hldg. Phone 3131 We also carry .1 full slock of Thmkv and Filling Equipment Really for Quick Delivery al Ali Times. \. WHEELS Come in now before those wobbling yrheels shimmy you out of tires and cause damaging wear lo the enliro front end of your car. "Vj>^i!*-- V- -^ ' Our expert wheel men will check each wheel on a wheel balancer. Then weight them where necessary. for perfect performance and smooth sailing all summer, .- PIR WHEEL NO t.-.TRAS SIRViCI ,- 110W. Main STOtK Phone 2497 (Weather Permitting) You will see the machine in actual operation burning weeds right ui rho field. After the demonstration the machine will be left in the field for one week so that you may go back and check the surprising results each day if you desire. We feel that the "StZZ' is the best weed burner on the market and this demonstration will prove it. The "SIZZ" carries a 70 gallon tank using PROPANE gas and cat; be mounted on any Formal! or John Deere Tractor. Simple and economical to operate. We will also have models to mount on any tractor. Don't Miss This Field Demonstration On Monday Blytheviile Propane Gas Co. Inc. Highway 61 North, Next to City Ice Co., Blytheville, Ark. Used Ice Refrigerators - 50-75-100 (iood UHCI! Singer Sewing Miichinb-^-Hcws like new NKW CKDAH (.IMKH'i'S—New Perfect Sleeper I nncrspring Maftrosscs — Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Mnin Phone 2302 AH our Employees are War Veteran*; Where Your Flowers Are— You Are! One call to ua will arrange to have your remembrances sent, not just once, but month after month. Ask about thia plan. r.TJ>. 8cnrt<* W« DcHn* Anywtan Pb. Ul Hn. J. M. (Mae) WlUUn. *wB«r QtaMM FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair ; V-r'-y;-. <i • Pboti* 2407 Radios and Applia 324 E. Main St. We Have Movei// RiaJes Land Co. Now Located in The Hale Building 1ED RYDER UDT SPIELER O SE ET THE CIRCUS so TO v-- Scltinjr (he S • MT&? BY FRED 1IARMAH 'f \f THE ORCUO 0\ HASfrSMEBA A U'JCK, 6HE'l TO SELL OR GO I V^O S'AM^RLIPTCT Across from City Hall Call or sec UUSSBIJ, E. RIALKS if you have a Karn^ for Sale or Trade in Northeast Arkansas or Southeast Missouri. WASH TUBES Si> This Is I.os l.oco BY LESLIE TURNED 1 HOPE WE CM "\ WGULOtiT STAf W A HOfEL FIND * PlA.CE TO \ WiWAV. ONE OF THOSE STW W LOS LOCO, SMART W.ECKS FRM ]ORW« VffiW. \WSH / INC.AMSHT SEE ME ANO COULDN'T SET L LEARS WHY I\Vy THERE. RESERVATIONS . VV1TH DARK G1.\5SES, N1D TWSOTrlT I 8^ ITU TAKE AM EAGLE EVE VO SPOT 3.P.S\ c Ke FARM DITCHES DITCH BAP LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS , OR ANY EXCAVATION S>00 Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.

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