The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 4
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-:-;•-' PAGE FOUR Dangerous Alien'Invades U. S. Plan Urged comji I 'tali)! hjtlictj 'tert| (fectl ^owj 'cenw «pit mas* 'of p _fscnt fciysi • Iii Et-COl § Senate Democrats Offer Bill Supporting Truman's Proposals WASHINGTON, -May 21. (UP) — Sen. Hoiert P. Wagner. D.. N. Y, yesterday urged- "fonvard-lockiiiK CoTftrt&Sncn to support'President- TruiuiurjiL.' program for national .-mr.ilcal care. W.-tsner and five oilier Dcmo- c!-afic_5e>,ut<irs phnned lo re-iiuro- tliica. later today legislation to carry cut Mr. Truman's request for, a healthJnsurancc plan 10 assure I'lcdicalt Sir for low-income -fami- 1:r .• '''''. ' * .Cost Jack be. ! of f^ wliid Harr Ixnve Mi si .. Satiate -Republican leaders agree tint more' adequate lo'.v-cost medi- i 'I attention is r.codrrt but ciiflcr . lurply with !)v.' democratic, approach. They have their own pro- M 'til, tut. do not expect lo bring il to a vote til is year. Warmer, author of many social mi-a.Miros enacted during ihe' late n^jdeiil Roosevelt's aciniinistratiot «id c. imticnn! iujiii-anr'e pr~'.] M!i'-iS'H]«'c!c(l as "the cap-stoni' <!l ellorUs already made toward im- -f;i-ovjii;;. health. ir^iis. Jainer. B. Murray. ID.. Mont., < ! Mirtc Pr-pjiiv, D. Fin., Dennis Chavez, D.. N. M.. Glen II. Taylor. P.. W:' . and J. Howard McGrath. D., H. I., julncd Wagner in sjxmsor- ]<i • the b:u. Mr. Trimir.n in a special message lo coiu'.ross Monday asked enactment or ii national health and dis- rhiiity plini. lit GOP mcmhci'.s -said c uch a nrot;rar.i \vould mean "na- unvili?, d" medical service. Sf>>. -Robert A. Tafl. R.. O.. chair- mc-'u ol the Senate I.".°oor Cotinnic- lee, noted that Republicans have their own hill under whirl] facili- 'i"S, for medical and dental care wonltl-'bc expanded throui;!t federal ud to.slates. terdi Mrsf ' Ml score and ond J SDI ers homt taWe v Mi, fill t MJ vi He, cuts' after lias Mr Miss, Pa I i Mil Ofj Lt Virgj and! ?resE lege; to -y, .no mi The s Proqram Of I nfor'mrsison Ncccssory V>'AS.HIMCn*ON, .M^j- 21. (UP)-G"n. Dv.-i[-'lit^D. Eisenhower, Armv Chief of SI* If said ywlerdny that <\K State IJeiKirtnienl's ininrma- ii'jn and r»!futjil ]>roi, r r.'yii i 1 ; os.scn- liil "to irratf ot[ aliuc.spherc ill \\hirh p'.'iv.-e can li;'e." t.'i?eiifiov.-rr vvus t"^_e Ia^' witii to lestify I:ofore a House -Foreign Affairs Stik'-'oniniitl.ciVf i.uV legislation to '.;ive the Sl.atc* ; bcijorlinci>t nttitif authority to. wer?'tc the ) o-.Ti!in. wJiirh incllwlcs. tlie --.'voira of Aincrit-a" bvoatlcasts. '. • l!nme(ii:i(c'iy after conc'inion of (lie hc.u-in:T. (tie suteouiniiitcn \ycnt in!n rlocetl session to coijslder a rovi-.«ii drift of the hill v.hicli ^ni>]d inr^k'- it possible for the 'Hale Department lo "Jarm out" rijnralinn c! Hie information Ami cultiiral acllvitjcs to private orya- niz^tioiis. "\Vf hoi:e !hnt ive nre (loinst to have a uc?ec tli;it vvi![ last for~ ever." EiFcnliowcr said. "What we "inf fo do is 10 create a;i adnos- ijhrre in which pjacc can liv?. OI-DI- the lour; pull, a tnithful prcs- ciitntio'n is most important." He v/eiil on to say that "there can be no security for the United Stales unless every nation in the world feeis a of security." Eisenhower said repeatedly" that it necessary t-i keep the informational program striclly factmU.. Pr?J:ce Gazette i-aces Suit by Alabama City California truck fanners have been warned dipt ii pnir of i;iant snails, lilte that pirlurnl above, have been found in San I'c'dto. They are knawji to eiitoiiiologisfs ns Achalinn KuU-ia, world's largest and most voracious species, capable of multiplying astronomically nnd "lilerally eating Southern California out of i'ls truck gardens." The invaders came in on clods cf clii t adherhiK lo Army surplus material shipped from Tininn Js)a;;d in the South PadJic. Kliinls 11. H. Rosvvcll, publisher Of the Gnzelle, and N. K Pcrlow, aulhcr of an article wtitch appeared in (ho April issue of !he publication entitled "America's Wick-, ilest Citv." The article about I'henlx City. cTVAh. May 2().rur'i — 'Ilie City CoinmisFiou yesterday voted lo have City Attorney Roy T Smith file a criminal libel suit in behalf or Phi-nix City against 'P'e Police Gazette. riic suit also would name ns de- 313 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I' hone 1 0.1.1 Chickasiiwbn HOME SERV5CE 1 & STORAGE CO. ; is plwwccl to announce tlinl ! Mr. Richord Holt ! Jia.s .joined our staff as ! carpenter an'.I mnintcnnuco I man. Call us fo do dial i joli you can't do or don't i w;uit,lo do i | Telephone 2801 River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call Fcudin' Editors Claim 'Worst' in Court Houses NASHVIM.K. Tcntl., May 21. IUI>) Koine county pride In reverse found two edllors of small town Middle Tennessee pnjipr.s a-fciidin' today over uhich lomily uxns tlic dila])]diiiccl courthouse. .S:ild Kditor Ij. c. r.assiti'r, of Hie Knlliei-furd county iMiulree.s- lioro) Courier: "Wil>'on county's . coiirtluinso worse' than ours? Ridiculous." ' Said jccllioi- 13111 FniiHB, of BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.)' COUHHOR NEWS Greece Charges Balkans Planning Aggression Acts GENEVA, May 21. (TJ P) _G reC co c hill-god hcforc the united Nations Utilknn Commission yesterday tint Yujjo-slnvla, Albiuiia ail d jj^, „ .,, wt-rc Dliinnliie new acts of agpr,.,. ' tlie all. the t ty's (In; worst one -in world. ] luivtirt seen Ilium i- -iiuin, o e I l.cbanurm unnocrnt: "Now I'm not t'oinu to sny Hint Wilson county' -- I Alcxiinder Kyrou, Greek Jiasoii repiesentnllve to the commission made the new charges against the countries bordering Greece on l|,o North In th e name of u,e GI-CL-I- government. Kyrau said tlic adjacent countries were aiming al the. severance of Miiccdonln an<l Western Tlnacc from Greece, as well a s political enslavement of his country^ "II would jiot be iinllkcly' 1 for the so-called forciun legions to attempt to put, in an appearance In Greece " Kjrou tol c i the commission nt 'n Plciuiry session. tfyrou appealed to the conimla- slon to hold YtiHOslavla, Bulgaria and Albania jointly rather than wparaiely responsible for wli»t he said "had happened um i continues to Implicit" 1 In Greece. "The plan for Intervention was jointly conceived nnd executed the three countries nctlng Uiroijt-'hoiU in common with an amazing S j n . Bl«ness of purpose." he said. He said an "enormous volume of propaganda" had been loosed against Greece, and its sources hail not hern "limited to the Balkans " wlilli! its funds seemed iticxhaust'i- blc, $78,350 VVore/i of Jewels Stolen Dutintj Celebration MI-MI 1 '!!!'}, Tenii.. May ;u. (UP) - -I'oli'.-e i;,.iii"(i a :.|:i-r;al ularin yes- tcniiii 1 ioi- tin; :a;i:a!( thieves who pulled an f-]H,;;:o y-wi robbery •Saliirda;.' ni;;lit iliiriii^ the hcishl of lln C'lMt.;) Caniiv.'i! i,-,.'!cbr.-u/oi T!v.> v«!n?h!''s :;toten Iror tlie Kl:<jw|:l;.n! lv,- :i e or Mrs. Ha nu.-is.i.'aib. -«ifla.'itc nulcd for he Jewel roller!ion, Most vulnal)!? items taken wer rK-.":<:ri':t;d i:s a 00.033 genuine lieni necklace and .1 ?1.003 diamond I'lic l)iir;,!ai!-. rtitrrcd tlirou;;! till' liaek iliwr ol I he house. Chief of O:.'«[u-e M. A. Hint! Miiii the )io!ii-e would "extradite i iu-i'i\%sary." iiu!i;-:.ti:: K Ihat til Jewel rojlH'rr, mii;ht l;e operalin across st.ite lines. Oon -S. Ho.sii'i.tcr, Menijjljj, Ffi •Ai-rnt-ln-Chai-ri', K'.kl his ' offic was "forwardiii". uhysteil I'vidfiic. to Die I"il l:ii>.'i|-:iU;r-,- ::t Wiishf toil for .in ['XMiiinmion- luil sinl p!y f.s a nv.itlt'i- oi' cooi>?rilli«jn .'•iiu-': Ih.'iv :;',!'II was no concrut' iviiUnce that ihe loot had l)eei l:iken Irom Tt j nnt':-is;c.-t'. -Hail; onr t . hni: .-. j;:'-:iinastcr sen (»:'[ jir^nrft IJa'i'itl K-iijhokohoakim WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 19-17 ro COOL CHAFltJG CJirickly djiply MiothitiK anrl com rlinwr CSKAV'S (JlN'IJMl'jNT wit s whoJcKUnie ;intLs-e()tii-s nnd na re iiuliiu: medication. Nothing ols e it niithiii;; K» coniforlini'— o easant for externally caused skin oubiea. J5c. Gel u puekaKe loday KIRBY DRUM BIYTHEVIL1E WHY SlTFFER PAIX? HERE 5 FAST RELIEF! ARKANSAS Simple headache, ncural- .gia dislteii, minor muscular ath^s or periodic pain arc relieved effectively vvitH ^MLck-acting CERAOrNE Q-3c r. Tube 20. *"' OH—uic «« directed D.D.T. Bombs Powder Mr SUPPOSITORIES -;i.i-.i< D . Sprays RUBBING COMPOUND-PENT (Umi, i> M^M. 1C SPRAY GUNS Garden _ _ Insecticides SKIN OINTFViEHT (Li™!' D .". .T. ... WALGREtl PRODUCTS Orujs vitk l fittnililion TINCTURE oMODENE 21 C ( (Limil 1) v. CR1.IS \ MOUTH WASH Is-oi. cnc. kaltlc . . .OU 50e Pepsodent TOOTH PASTE ^43 C ^ -^8 *" Me Slic ALKA- SELTZER Tablets—Tube 25 iC GILLtTTE TECH RAZOR With Five Ei'iit- Elsies Just .! snull amount on your linscr tip ;n:il,c:i -i rich luxurious t $$®me Specials Bath Room Jewclitc Nylon HAIR c . BRUSHES iCaleS 8H»WO?« DNai ' CLEMiNG ^S> $ { BATH SPRftY Bn,^cs ™« ^ \'\J U|J s-h. yqc Bath io-cuncc««i; V l.b. P'.<%. iMna-.tV Brushes "'«- - - ^ ff FP^Of^ Coi-"-'loil Spr.iy! Odc.l=:= Hainilo;, F L = 9 ««'WIY3 ^^ * " c ?"' no U SALT s&f* ., f curlers sjoo Home l&tW ^^,, tata , Permanents k 25c J AMAZINGLY EASIER p^J* ^ J with new, round (f's^ .\X Jijc. -uJ) J "'" ;t * k^, (VJ^A^* t' - •',''&>'" ^ HURRY IN PLASTIC CURLERS ? S 5' IIPT w noerc,,,,^ HOME PERMANENT !/£^ TS M 25 THE CREME COLO WAVE ' '* ^"'~ . $1.98 lv v,^ (Limit 1) BUG BLASTER romc EIJCTRID FLAT IROH TOILETRIES TiDV ARCTIC PERFECTIOJI CRL1M COLD CREAM An clfcctivc Keeps hands r.i n ! — suit and smooth, I run^ Of^f S ounce 'Jr . . . . CHAtflBLY COLOGBE DUSTING POWDER Leon l.Jr.v n.Kli luxury e I-irgc 4 5g j 1HmCl : botllc ... I — \\ith null . r ^ ^^ aiiMva i enoift-j • M 3 ^ . t>->^> -^a Roral Reflections GIFT STATIONERY Jic.uii.ful picture box of line white .IK! ra E content tor Mom cm Her Hip D.iy. oo jhccts ^ 55 anj 60 envelopes | — |° XCIS » T "* o^ Tciletrie.i, Lupgas» ond Bill, Electric fans $7.50 up PAPER Cards and 5HE . Gifts »w ^*«« r ' CUT-TO-FIT JEANS AT A WARD CUT PRICE 2 39 Reeulnrfy Z.99 Special yoke back fils williout bulging. Of sau- forizctl blue denim (1% shrinkage). 22H-34. SPECIAL PURCHASE CHENILLE SPREADS 577 S^ Rtgulorlf 7.98 Hicli lu-pili; clicnillc with i!.:- lliick, Huffy (ufis. Pastels \J/;I- or wliilc wiih contrasting ilcsiirii. Full size. SAVE 20% ON DOTTED PRISCIILAS 246 .v 1 Ueeularly 2.98 Snowy while—lovely vritH clienille spreails! fluffy ilols oil sheer inari|iiiscllc. side, 3'1" liy 81*. SAVE! SAIE-PR1CEDL MIXING BOWL SET Clear glass mixing liowls \villi a ntiillitihln of uses in your. Icilchcn! Kour sizes ... 5, 6, 7 and 8-in. j? '4

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