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The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont · Page 2

Burlington, Vermont
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Saturday, September 23, 1865
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THE DAILY KUKK PRKSS. SEPT. t3 m !! ';! V St Si s 3 at At? If hi in n 1 is; tali' Mr ! it I 1 1 hi it 1 Pi Is I ft! it ft 4 t 4 Ihc w wss. HI RMCTOS 8ATUBDAT ETEKISO. SEPT. 28. lS R.K.TRAIX". TO. .' iVaf M U yLCeuttal a- V, and lp. - . - i i ... .1 a la, it tn f.. Mf m tb RiltlUHl H. Ik M . t.vlxiSp.ll. Vcavs', C44tanl Om1 tmt, W MM. .,1..0M oueaiderinj; tbat tbwe Awpaw Ll aet M a UtUlioa fur the fir Uutc on lLi muster. u quite noticeable, and ikd explainable only by the KKiK-e of im many oil toldier in the rank. A ouaoert by tie Band of the th, and a military li were iiuoog the aeeuoipnvi..g festif itk of the cei-at-ion. AH l-d offj JeasariUy and ueefu,ly, and the regimen at 1-15 - ., -5 - 7 &6 m-TEAMBOATS i . ea. and 4.43 b. a. o tag iMtt at laju a. m. . P- m MAIL Par KavTork eloM t 8XM . Md t us o. . Ac rir t ud 74 P- VorBMtua lo at . .m.wmI 7-30 ' iit at 30 a. m. and ao p. For tba Korth and Horth Eait Kor Mootml elo. i " For tba Bartel-atJoa.M.,arriatT. p. m For Plattubwi and gMeU) and Ui Uka Bouth cloM t 9.U) p. m., arrif at Ms p. m. and rade with plratfgre aJ riiu. pared the ordeta in reUtioa to her motwueuw ....1:.. .1.:. I Slut f TLe Firrt Kfiaiint. V. M-. Colunel Uuw. ft bif Kgnaiure, aoi m - vent iuta up at S. AHn on me mtm upon. Tbe Pickeiui expr The eamp eround wa a field to tU emit of ditkia vu luiDd and ordered with the knoaU 1 . m - I iuiv ! itw a mitniita J f ti I '..I V. 1. Krvel. and DiTlelC de ground, but lutving a .feasant outlook w hen Lieut Porter waa deuiled to eomniaod orer the town and Uy. The regiment turn- the natal jxioa of the J cd out about 4(W musketo On Thursdaj af- .aiened to command the troopa. hit ternoon, it waa reviewed by Brigadier Oea- j inmructioci wade known ita destioation. To eral Baratow. Aeeompnying lm were K-a ia. ht tienerald Waalibura and Pitkin. Colonel El- of th Mud-hi!li of Pensacola. Clmndler . loruierljr Thia, the first sucoeesful military ezpeditiou of the vnr oriirinated witb Mr. Seward. lUiu Militia rarade. The Militia Law ol thia State require that there thall be annually, between the fi! teenth day of September and the fifth day of October, in each year, a parade t -aeh Jieg-iment for drill, discipline, inspection and review, which parade shall continue three dav, and shall not exceed five day." The paradee an provided for. are taking place, about these day, in the var oua militia district, twelve in number, of the State. In preparation for them, Quar termaater General Pitkin hae aecurcd, from the United State Government, lull supplies ot amieeable tents, (-waH" tenta for the officer, and ,,A" tenta for the mefi.) and camp equipage. These, with blankets, straw lid wood, are lurnished to the rcgimenta by the State. The men aw uniformed, to cap and coaUod rmed with new Springfield rifled muskets, by the State. They supply their own ration. Kadi one is paid one dollar a day, for each day of actual drill at which be i present, or if absent is liablo to a fine of four dollar, for non-atU ndaneo The first of these parades, took place on the 18th inst., at Brad lord, where the Sc Tenth Regiment, V. M., Colonel Andros went into camp. The men turned out well and abowed hearty interest io their military duties On the Wth, the regiment wa reviewed by Brigadier General Grout, and inspected ly Adjutant nd Inspector General Washburne, who wa surprised and greatly pleased with the good appearance ot the troops nd their proficiency iu drill. On th Wth, the Fourth Regiusent, Colo nel C. B. Wilson, mustered at Montpelier. On the 20th, tbo Regiment was reviewed by Brigadier General Barstow, in the forenoon. Spectators by thousands were present of the 10th t. ok, Maior J. W . ew ton, . w gtoteg dec,.neJ ever..wbere; Cciu Melga tae rr ter aud rr rirbeMa f:pdiUo". Gta. C Meigs, of the guartt-r-oiat-Ur Uepartiuent of the I". S. Army, ha published a letter t remove the iupria niaoV by otlser that lAume attached U Seerc-ttry Sewrd in the matter or the detachment of the ship Powhatan frww the ej.i.Jiti' n iatcndod to provision Fort Sumter, lie says : Vw whole earg b? th ingl package, woold eon into port at last vita about the same ehar-Tter tat wisdom the cpeadthnft of time eome to the death-bed that end life' tojag. It is a total Lws, and no icsurauce. It wou'.d be a euruius reekouiog to eouut up our wastH moneata is aiogle day. little time i lost by maur in the uornios; in debating whether they will quit their warm bed or not John Wesley, who rose systematically at five o'clock, was oerheard in ucU debate as this, and at length called out. "Well. John Wesley ! you may do as you like; bat I mean to get up." Much time is lost during the day in indecisioo, in aimless loitering, in idle reveries, in waiting for slow and unpunctual peple, iu long ta'.ks and lung calls that might both be improved by compression. Added together, the lost moments iu an average life would amount to more hours than Milton required to write theParadiu Lott, or Newton to build his immortal Principia. The Wriz Trial. kill, Lieut. Col. I'. G. In the Wirz trial, Thursday, J. Burns Walker gave testimony to previous accounts, in reg.ird to a dastardly speech made by Howell Cobb at Andcrsonvitle about banging prisoners, tfce. Cobb also recommended W.irz tn a meritorious and efficient officer. Amtmise Spencer, residing nine mile from ..- r , " ... . . n ...i: . i,... I. M Smith. 1 1. i V...K,,. ..A l,-t llirrr.l Andenionvilie. testincu io ine wreicaeu biu ' :. ... I i.. n.:.i .!....;..,. i. t ..nht -l tl.m r.f ( nrimiii. The odor from the lateof the 5th Vt Vol. L.. uteoant K.m- - t' kade c-ouM W dete-cted two off ; the 111. Vet. Ke. IWi, Csptain Carpenter, officers, and not consult only with men who, if I country was fertile aud densely wooded. The and oil ers The review took place at ha!f war broke out, could not mount a horse. When ero., ,n l$Ci, including vegetable, were ..,1,,', . . , f. nll,11h,.r the President struck out of the instruction pre- liirge Witness knew of ladies in the neigh- past 2 P. M-, m preKiice of a large numntr fcr commmWr of lhe expedition the h,, cathcrinir elothinu and food for the At 4. the Regiment was in- authority to dsclare martial law at Key West ,; f f i e Gen. Winder said, II KR IS A6AIX! FOURE8TGR8 Grand Constellation, wira VIS If SCEJYEBV, aud an 1'NStjiii.i.En Coaeaar, will euanwiu- . Series of thsir l!lt RIVALED OHAMASat tha City Hall, Weduekdav Y:eniug September TJUi. - a nl to entinu every ereniux antil forthst astiea ITIIitl' VI.MtOT GALLERY OF ART. ISO CUCRCII 8TREET. (On the first floor.) EVERV KINli OF PIOTURB PRODUCED b the mol ' ART, mada in thtnM perfect m&saer. Particular attention fivea ta inakmi haze colored Dirt urea from old Ambrntrn. or I'aguerreoiypes of deswed persena. Photo Saptie oi uenerau ana oiueraisiinsuunM ptnoai, ureal variety. Pbotograpb Albums in eraatva. riety, at ona-tbird less than the usual retail ratat. . r ai Yuai. dir of spectators snected by General Washburn and Major on imuuh co., r. with an oath, that he believed the whole ' , to restore it. The authorities of Honda had m hnni;n(, Yankeeized and he Benedict, Brigade Inspector. Vvb arrcsted ai Mi me to bail for de. "J WirTsubseouentlv Company B,Cpt..ii. Merrill.of and fending the right of the Yankee fishermen of the 'ir,..;. l?w FletchcT. Ld cE.of Koosburgh and I,rk- Tortu -i..-.. ....,. i:.i,. .h. um iuiiiiv no- l f.... ii.. . Woo. m th n mimkvt. Place me nciievoieui women t,AliU for the iroo.1 cinditiou of their arms, shot of Fort Taylor. But on the declarat.ou ot ur. d. o . iieau, i m., - ticeaUle lor the goo.t cinuiuou oi w.eir a. . fol,owed vW arriva, surgcon at Andersonville in July and August, Co. A, of Fairfield and Bakereheld, Captain in Jhe jailgeSt gheritf, clerk and mayor fled 1804. testified to the sufferings of the pris- , tnl-on thetiains to tirovide them- from Kev West to the main lana, ana me present oners Irom aisease auu wani oi pioiht uie.. '. . , :r.......i ,r ,(.lm loyal provixional governor of Florida was elected ueanj his wife sent supplies, aud he in con-selves withpantaloon- of uniform color .adding ? . .-.., .n. a,,., imnvrt.nt " .,Lf.. l.ih Winder I Wi.iV! v i.vj .-at, " 1 ( BCtlUCULC .un wuuuwuni auuwa " mucti to itie apjiearance oi me eiiuiiij. returned to its allegiance. ii Rfulth.-I Some interference with the latter programmr Will CI I in lilt n ir jai i . ... i J . I ..Afl.oP Awrririim niHtfiA from ihp fiecrecv with I t.:u t..l. Ilnf im. ... n ' 11? a. regiment generally is a Due, inieiiigen. aim wbich were orKaniMj. But the most im- The tr(M)t s inarched nortant norts and fortresses in the Gulf, the hr . j j . - . r ,: ..... ... ma. .,! it.l. 1..e nllowanee fur the ncx- w K nesl .uo ","'r i sequence ' and others. Charles II. P.ussell was recalled and related two instance of cruelty by James Duncan, a rebel in charge of the distribution of bread. He kicked u man who asked for a crust, so that he died, and treatedTinother man eimi' larly for the same request. Witness was asked it Duncan was in Court well, awl Willi uue niiowauee ..., ...v.- - .11 wall fortified: and the perience of its commander and many of the flwtg which would have been necessary for their the omcer. and men, u pcriormao e o, J "" and replied that he wa and pointed him out regiment on review, and it general appear- npgs J he preceiing aaminiatration. Even if Duncan, after standing up and showing him-ance.wcro highly oieditablc. the victualing of Fort Sumter was thus prevent- gelt was informed by the Court that ic must I .1 mr . a I'll i l A a i. I I . i.1 But a single accident occurred, m lar He is a witness for the de we are aware, during the three days ol the )regg whicll (ouu not thcn have held out long y. t'randall was recalled and testified ..I a a. ii. k-1 . 1 I 1 ... . . drill. One man wis accidentally wounded attaint the naileries Dy wnicu me reui uu to i)uncan B taking a picture Ironi a man in neen aireauy permmeo. io eneiruw u . ra uu y)e gtoci-s and helping himself to othe -.I .1 a-a- ' Oak 11 ft,...CJ ki.Vwt.a, -tf OMBUCl 1, .iai.l "" I 1,1 li tVL-MVU) J'tJlia "V SHIRTS AXU DRAWERS OPEN this day at Mo. I3S Church Street a full tod complete assortment of Shirts and Draaan eonsUtin ot Heavy iPomexlie Good, Fine " MEIUCM Ul'AlalTt' B'(.LISH GOOD, EXTRA " " Alto Ladies Merino Under venU of all the rarloai styles and qualities. Ladies Merino Drawers, MiMw Vests, dovs Blurts ana vnwen, ii niea. All of which will be sold at prices to eomiuoat with the times by EDWARD BARLOVr. FARM FOR SALE. IHE bTJBSCBIBEK offer his farm for sal, . taininu 30 acres of good rultivating land, adds good wooden bouse, 4 ay jot imi, a gooa oini,so feet long, good well and spring water ; all I good condition, situated in this oity, about 3 mUeiBortk . y Appletree I'otDt, nexiiarm io nunen oianiioro. Kor further information, apply to tbe subterihsr on the farm. Terms easy. Kurliugton. Sept. 2M. dSt COOK'S) SIAK i:APORATOR, I1V K ITtilltrHUt: B IIMVUllCtJa IWIHil rvauv.a. -- M a l. n A 7n .Iaibt nMirifiiAna ' , . . ii -ni unK f,v.'T'"' prisoners' money. ana was ttius xepl irom inmuiiiig renuuo or less in oumier, couiu compare m iiuporiuv;c - gamuel M Rikcr testified that hurt. Ilo had prompt care and was not M" ' re,en" i.l mu ',)"'" conveniences, out upon, ut. ,M.;finA t,. ih t.llincr ot a . 1. . ! . ba! bant ail. Mu flf. I .J . v 1 'v ' J ' ' " " )V a sentinel, by order of Wirz, fur Newton hatlulion ot Cavalry, taxes pmce .,.. u , v- Vnrk t nnM, the news of reaching beyond the dead line at St. Albans, and from the character of its the destination and of the success of the expedi- Benjamin B. Dike, a rebel railroad agent .i ,i :,, .h are tion. at Andersonville, lesunea mat mere was a I J I trnnA iloul nf tirnvismnH. ineliidinLr vetretables hvv- t " f 1 . n t nil hniita Keport oi me Agricultural Bureau. Ambroge uengLaw testified to seeing a man officer and men, taking with their military business, it can not fail to lie a very interesting and credit able affair. The muster of the Si coed Regiment, V. M.. Colonel Munson, takes place at Burling ton, October 2d, and of the Third, Colonel The Commissioner of Agricultureat Wash- shot for reaching over the dead line for a ington, September 21st, report the condi- crumb of bread. . b ' r , a. a- .3 a k Thomas alsh tcstihed that no rations tion of the crops to the first of beptember : j d M h 20 i804 arjj not until Wheat iiuality not good, especially at the 3 o'clock on the next day; none April 1, AJflVi I ' ' 1V1V VI Ullll . y uvv ajLVvvaa viiuvvii I . " . . . Irom the country round, and the fine air, I, ., 4 ,i , ,i West, where it waa affected by blight and rust, and not until next day at o o clock, ana then irom the country ro , , j,.luuUon) ,tt Middlcbury, on the same day. ' "Th . . bt of mcal and two or thrce ounceg freedom trom oust, anil pieasaiu surroium- .,, three davs. The Sec- m,.h of th- nl.l in in the hands of farmers as of imile flesh The prisoners eot rations July Ina of the Camp and Parade ground on the , , f. has been supposed. 4th. but beine full of maggots, threw them " " .. . u u n 1 w I a. a la. n ' , v.a.n - "i . . ,'1 ..".. . . . . ... uats one ot tue largest crops ever raiseu in away. Wirz said, on one occasion : "way on the 3d, and the Ihiid regiment, on the t,ecountry. God Almisrhtv damn me forever, il l do not i - ... ... r . i i r - - ' 4th of Octolier. ay greatly injured at the west, oui very 8hoot wittl , revoiver the first man who uuie ai me laiwi. lue Huiamjr io guw v . attemt)t8 to leavo the ranks Tin.u..h. Th rfeath Ohio. Illmoi and Missouri. ane uaaiu m I , a Ta I aa- a rt.i vorn escspea maienai injury ai iue rai. n i asuisgton, csepi. .a . . : 1 iL. 1 ...... ! t ine ereairat crop ever raiaeu in u luim , ...i ... . .... ....j r.k. ......i ... at .u, h kn caa. " wr. uopxins, wnowas appoinieuiDouiy, orrortnsiieriame.wiiereneieuonoo. ...c .uu,, v...... rrL.u .a k 1864. with Sureeon White, to examine the brigades of the storming column, and wa looked Tor ns nigh at hand by her relatveis J1 " um Andersonville Prison, produced a letter to afterwards blown up and had a leg broken land acquaintance for some time. None the j Potatoes-Vindications of rot in many locali- Gen. Winder, in which he reported that the by the explosion of the Magazine; Col. F. les has its actual occurrence caused a pain- ties, and m some places much injured, itie causes oi ureases anu monaiiiy was verj v uoc r . A . ..... . ... .. . vipl.1. however, will he .rood, as the amount larffo amowt the nrisoners. There was an if n j . 1 1 a .. i aM. ti v t linn i iii ininMiin rn un nnv ni'niiuiiirn rit innnr i -i .w v . nanuBii, ui u ' " . i w .... ..v. . niftIltC(j is ereater than last vear. Col. Elkios of Gov. Smith's Stan ; Chaplain I fied prominently with the people and inter- Hops ripened well in all the States cicept beautiful "Langdon Meadow," were all that eould be desired. (ien. Barstow was accompanied cn the review by A. & 1. Gen. Washburn ; Q. Gen. Pitkin; Brig. Gen. Aldcn, U. S. Vols, of Mr. Howard, announeea in our paper Welter lGthVt. Vols. Capt. O. N.Carpen- est o. Burlington for most of the present r ior; JJ " ter, 8th Vt. Vols, acting A. D. C. and 1 century as the wife of one of i;s most valued I M jfew York in 1800, produced nine and three CaptE. A. Smith and Major . U. Benedict citizens, the late John Howard, and the quarter miinors ot the eleven minions in tnc of bis own staff. mother of a family of sons widely known "2. hra show a of about one- Th fino band of the 8th Vt. Vet. Vol, and for their business ability and integrity, she tenth from last jear, and that the hogs are an excellent drum eorps furnished capital ever drew additional respect to herself from smaller and younger than usual. nniiifl. thn rn.iment marched well, and the tall who knew her for her own excellent , .i ar;.k .ii..: ..:.i...i a,.... I ...i:.:. .i .i;,.,::.,.. v..A A clock would be worth a fortune to me that review paseu ou wu.i uinv,., H..a..k- . Uv . wou,d tMch me wnillma the mlue of a min. The officer above named, together with the a long time the growing infirmities ol old (e. "Take care of the pence, and pounds will field, stuff and line officer of the regiment, age forbade ber to mingle in general society, ke cure of themselves, is the secret ot giow-' . ..... . . . i . i a . at if iiigrich. And In the time-currency, minutes then tat down to a bountiful dinner, net al- yet she kept up her interest m the welfare the preoi0U8 pence that, saved or lost, make together of park and hard tack, at Col Wil- j of all around her ; and employed her time, I the millionaire or the bankrupt. Successful wn'i quarter. a lar as strength would allow, for good. mhave ommonly been miser of their min- loBpectionby Adjutant and Inspector Gen. During the trying years ot the late rebellion, iMT& Jfelaon victories were he said Washburn followed in the afternoon. Arm, though unable to be present with those ivfio mmseir, by being "always a quarter ot an hour .a a la 1. a- a. . a A I .. I. , F . a. "'"' v vuvumi " equipment and quarter were tnorougniy irom wcea io we. me w .ui .or u,v . , , he studied the mar of the inspected and the result added to the high health and comfort of the soldier in the battle-field. Washington was so rigidly puuo praise alrd, accorded to officer, and men field, her finger, were kept busy i the good lor their appearance on review, special cause at homo ; ana nwny were me gnnant hitu, "you must get a new watch, sir, or I must commendation wa. awarded tt Co. B, of fellows whose feet were protected by tbe get a new Mcretary." wmu nurr.ti, ineicarn- Middlesex and Worcester, Capt. Putnam j stockings which he had knit. She goes to of hk knomMot fifty different lanauaKes Co. H, ol Northfield, Cpt. Boynton ; Co.F, the grave in a ripe old nge, honored by all, during the intervals of his labors at the anvil. .. W mA f'.l I.vford : .ml will ho kent in ffrateful remembrance hv P'-Mason Goml composed hi translation of a vt yv ivn iimwviw w. j i -- -r-i I Kl and Co. E, of Calais and Woodbury, Capt. all who knew her, Wells, for the good condition of their arm, tin work in the streets of London, during his walk and rides to visit hi numerous patients. He nut in his Docket two or three leave of the Tub Xftivft Ri.frrriow. Ki'tiirrta Irom I .nlnm. 11. p.a.1 ih. ..umm avap lia mlUI nd to Co. C, E. Montpelier and Plainfield, 3jjj Ctif llnj t)wl, j,:vc (jov t0ny 50,58'.) or rode'untii be had engraved it ou hi retentive Capt. Davis, for full attendance, every man I votes, to 28,071 for Judge Howard, making memory. Then he translated the passage in hn belonging to the company being in hi. place. Uw'- . J!" 22i tl Tho oompanic generally turned out with I fiffr.i .i,rtinn i:n.n f the work was completed, he bd not lost a mo- pttttf full rank., nrl til appeared well The 5234, and making it sure that Cony major- mni Pr lo,t '"' Richard Baxter, who wrote tt tehon Hin rrliimn nrn tn. will lie fiver rv"""v' aa.- o4 mmi TUaf ..r.nim,...Ktf fnion. mr Ploral visit thn any minister of that men of the f ourth Militia, is evidently that , . ...!.. :...n . century, taught hi Mtldermmsler weaver, to den religious book, on their looms, that they .1., ! ti lr tn Ir i. V. i ! A iktaAaVini. ,U. a.. .....!. ... a . !a ... J 1 HA t'.l J 4 I .1 1 -". ... ..a.t. ...... 1 , V ins reiuuoi siien inicrcet ami care, iney year hivou s-u .uiiui mm .. uemn-1 shuttle. wcnabletoihowa clean and irood lookins crat. Aroostook county has elected the He that lose his minutes, 1os. s his life. Alas! rIITa.i.. lii.V.l K iintl.a.ltl ..r aaaaafnl A. I L. I Tl .... ...a , . , . , . I vim'" .vv. .....j....v . a now onen nines uia aoui. ror uie pracni mg- regiment, neat, quiet and oniony camp, ircd ,nd five of it six representative Ueut i all the time God ever give. us. The nd a degree of proficiency in drill which, I re Union. se captain who should tit and heave overboard entire absence ol vegetables, want of bar racks, inadequate supply of food and water, badly cooked food, filthy condition of the prisoners , morbid emanations from the rav ines ana mat no recommcnaea ine immediate removal of 1,500 prisoners, as a detail to cul tivate vegetables, the immediate erection of barrack, and furnish necessary wood and have wells dug ; to divide the prisoner into squads, under a sergeant, to be furnished with soap, furnish to the prisoners with clothing, and if unable to do this, to notify the Federal Government ; the duily inspection of bake-houses and tiic cooking ; to cover with sand the morasses, and adopt other sanitary measures. He also made sundry recommendations to improve the hospital arrangements, winch were greatly inadequate. lr. Hopkins testified that ho submitted bis report to surgeon White, who said it was truthful, nnd he would sign it and transmit it to lien, w mder, but he did not sign it. flic witness did not know whether anything had lieen done to carry out the suggestions. Judgo Advocate Chipman then submitted the ticncral Order of Gen. W inder to Dr. Hopkins, to show that the Richmond au-thoiiiies know the condition of the Andersonville prison, and that Winder had authority to apply a remedy. OVER EIGHT THOUSAND SOLD, AMD KVKRT 0 GIVES PERFECT SATISFACTION. It defecates without Chemical Agents, and lithe only machine that can boil a ruxhino stbiah. IT MAKES BETTER SUGAR. and Kvaoor&teg more rapidly, using leu fuel thi any other Pan , i oord of wood to 100 lbs. Sugar. Capacity trom 10 to 40 lbs. Sugar per hour upwara, according io sue All orders should be sent in immediately. .C. C. POST, (ieneral Agon'i,,. llineeburgh, Vt 8ept.20tf. SUFFERERS From Dyspepsia Read! Reflect!! Act'. !! Un Dr. Hopkins' cross examination, he said it was Winder's implicit confidence in irat, that caused this state ot thing to exist. Dr. Rico was on duty at Andersonville. lie also testified to the terrible condition of the prisoners, corroborating previous testimony. two more soldiers, who had been priso ners there, repeated tho horrors of the pen, when ttio commission adjourned. Tnrronl 4r Co. ,- Gentlemen, , 1 am a resident of Curracoa, and have own been disposed to write to you concerning tue rew value of your Seltter Aperient as a remedy fur inoi-gestion and Dyspepsia. I desire to express to ys my sincere gratitude for the great bene tit the Kn' has done my wife. . For four or five years my wife has been dieted with Dyspepsia, and after being under w treatment of several Doctors for two or thrf e y"i sho was finally inducet to seek thoadvice of a ed Physician, Doctor Cabial is, of Veneiaela, immediately treated her with your Efferreteent :tr Jptritnt, she began to improve at onoe, wl now PERFECTLY WELL. . . ... I feel it to be my duty tor tbe gooa or nuu" to make this statement, feeling that a medicine viuuame Simula be widely Known. . Trusting that you will give this publioity, repeating ni earnest gratitude anil thanks, 1 am very respeouuiij 8. f).C. 11r!i,1'"i Merchant, Curaeos, a, WE ASK Tl.. ...IT.I.. ,.lllln.. I.anrliiwl In trlve thill! edy a trial ; convinced that by its timely useaW)' may bo relieved, many cured of Dutpepna, Heartburn, Sour Stomach, SM It'lte'' Uittinem, Indention, rue', w""i ll'llinim Attack; Liver Complaint, Hhtumatic Affr.ctionn, e. n . j n l i . ..m..aiMAl-l. a.lf h AaChDOt nUWl Hl l HIIll'lllUv 111 lM.llalvui..w ." la-la. tie, anil do nt use the medlaina against the of your Physician. M.4NUFA0TIIBID OStT BT TARRANT & CO., 278 Greenwich St , New Vork- The editor of a French paper, in speaking of the dedication of a new cemetery near Lyons, says that " M. (iascoigne hau the ! pleasure of being tho first individual who! was buried io this delightful retreat." i BALMORALS: Open this day a splendid assortonntof Fall ami Winter AT HOWARD BARLOW'8. No. 16 Church Strrt Uept.tlb, 19C.

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