The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 6, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 6, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1939 Shrine Ceremonial' To Be ,Big Day For Osceola On Thursday OSCEOLA, Aik., June 5. - Tlia stage is being set for one of the "Iggcsl parties In Osccola's history on Thursday. June 8, when approximately TOO Shrlners from Sa- jiara Temple, Pine Bluff, comprising the entire eastern hair of Arkansas, with' their wives, and around 200 members of Al Chymla Temple, Memphis, with tliclr wives will gather here for the first shrine Ceremonial evcr> held In Mississippi County. ' Fifty candidates, one of Die largest classes In ten years, will be received Into the order at the two sections held nt the Osceola high school in the afternoon, according to nn announcement made by Potentate Js-Miles Roberts, and C. H, Bolllnger, recorder, of Pine Blnrr. iflss marks the Golden Jubilee Year of Sahara Temple which •was chartered April 10, 1888. The visitors will come by special train leaving Pine BlufT at 5 '30 > Thursday morning, stopping at Stuttgart, Clarendon, Brink ley Jpnesboro, Paragould and Dlytlie- vllle, where they wi)l be met with automobiles from O.seeola. Registration will begin at nine o'clock at the Masonic Temple where open house will be kent throughout the day. A barbecue dinner al noon and a fish fry at night W lll lie held on the ))lgli school campus and athletic field, A floor show is scheduled for one o'clock in the high school auditorium with Hie business session following at one- thirty. A parade from east Hale avenue through the downtown business section to the high .school CHILLS AND FEVER Retiev'e Malaria Misery With This Proven Treatment! Don't go through (he usual suffering. Relieve Malaria chills and fever in quick time. oJn k .£ g P°. (i ° u Grove's Tasteless Chill Tome! This is no new-fangled or untried preparation. It's a recognized medicine. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic contains tasteless quinidlne am) iron It quickly relieves the Malarial chills an <tlcver. H'Olso tends to build you up. iliat s the double effect you want. The very next time you feel an attack of Malarial chills and fever coming on, go right to your drug store anS get a bottle o£ Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Start taking the medicine immediately and you will scon get the relief you want |bundine will move at two-thirty. r ,1 Ch ?', ma naml n '«' Pnt«J> from Memphis will head the pnr- nde. ( H The colors of Die Shrine, red yellow and green, arc being used hi the decorations of downtown psccola, arranged by Mr. Newhouse officer-director for ihe Memphis cotton Carnival. • Slirliie ladles and their children will be guests of Miss Emnm Cox, owner of the Gem Theatre, at a Picture show in Hie afternoon The ^'y" 11 '* w »l end will, a ne Hull at the high school auditorium at nine o'clock Thurs day evening, with Coley Stoltz' orchestra furnishing (He music. General arrangements are in liarp of diaries 13. Sullenger assisted by all nobles of the mvstlc shrine and R. c. Bryan, W J Lewis and Joe Cotton. Other committees are: luncheon L w Wll- lams; parade, Charles E.' Sul- lei.ger, William Ellas; traffic. Hale Jackson, Jake Thrailkill; hotel accommodations, Everett Reid j s McCants, W. E. Hunt; publicity, s' M. Hodges, Moses Slfnmn, J B' BBIIII; transportation Bruce Ivy W. W. Prewitt; ladies entertainment, Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mrs. Everet Reid, Mrs. Ida Tucker. Mrs. ;.'•, J ' Hn!c - Mrs ' Hiilh Hale Carlisle, Miss Emma Cox; Shrine ball Hale Jackson, Biaxlon Bragg H . Hale. ' esaseess Chill Tonic. Buy the large size— gives you much more for your money. To Allot Territory For Power Extension a , . wil1 I* n hearing before tlie Arkansas Public Utilities Commission at Lime Roclc tomorrow to allot areas in South Mississippi county, uj the Rural Electric Administration, which is contemptatng erection of a power Jine in that section, ana the Arkansas Power and Light, company, which has lines near that section. Uliis additional mileage for the Mississippi County Rural Electric Cooperative will be Included in a second project tw in the malting which is expected to be completed mlim a short time. Work on a first project of 210 miles has already started. The hearing will be attended 'by H. C. 'Knappenberger, president of tlie county -group; Max B Reid attorney. Prank Dean of Whitton a leader in the movement to obtain electricity in l!,e rural sections of South Mississippi county D s Lanlrlp and B. 11. Burns, county extension agents. In Italy and Spain, the cow is superseded by the goat as n milk giver. ,; Former Local teacher Is Only Woman In Small Alaskan Town (Continued from Pane onp> , only white woman In' this villnp, of 308 Eskimos. There's very little Archie doesn' know alxmt Alaska niui there ver little needed' for comfort tjmt hi doesn't have for he's been there for 20 years. He raises mink, b!w fox, while fox nml marten. He )m the only cow North of Ihe Avctl' circle. Her name is Daisy am electric lights arc none loo good Ic Illuminate her stall. Archie has i radio receiver and transmute: which Mr. Steimrl says hnve beet invaluable to him because If medical advice is needed, Mr. Steiiar cnn use Archie's set to talk with n physician In Kolxehue, describing tlie case and receiving advice ai to how to deal with it. In fact on< can't know Alaska, it seems mill lie knows Archie. The hardest adjustment for Mrs Sleiiart lo make on moving iron (lie slates lo Alnska was tliiil ol learning to sleep while it was stll daylight. She exhibits a picture of herself, made In her home at nine o'clock nt night without use of anj arttttclal light, lo emphasize hei point that sleeping Is difficult foi those who require darkness for that physical process. The Slctmrts fmnlly were able to leave on the fourth of May or Itielr vacation. Their plane loot off on a river still frozen tail by the time they had reached Fairbanks which Is about 450 miles away, they had left snow completely behind them. They spent two days In Fairbanks before flying to Jimcaii. They Hew with Joe Crosson, the aviator who brought (he bodies of tlie late Will Rogers and Wiley Post out of the frozen norll when their plane crashed sevcra years ago. At times it was necessary for the plane to rench 14,000 feet altitude in order to rise above fog. When they flew over the Internationa] boundary, the spruce trees which mark it were pointed out to them. Other spots along Ihelr passage were White Horse, Skagway, Halnes and Chllkoat Barracks. En route to Juneaii, the Lynn canal lay below and mountains, which it seemed as if the plane's wings \yould iouch, bordered the passage. After leaving Jimeau, near which lies the Mendenhnll glacier, Ihey look a boat and came dawn the "inside" passage, passing through Petersburg, Wrankell and Ketchi- knn, the largest fish market In the world. Ketchlkan is also identified by its novel wood streets and totem poles. The Steuarts reached Seattle, Wash., one week alter leaving Selawik. They plan to return about the firs>, of September to this place where Mrs. Steuart's nearest white woman neighbor Is 25 miles away —or a day by dog team! BE READY To Grasp Your Opportunities Think of the men of your acquaintance who have risen to places of prominence and affluence. In most instances you will find (hat their good fortune was started or hastened hy a sys- (cmnfic course of saving. Money in the bank enables you to grasp your opportunities for in- vcstment and advancement—and removes the paralyzing fear of financial insecurity. Why not start your program of systematic .saving now? It's the sure road to economic advancement. All accounts are of course regarded by us as waiters of (he strictest confidence. Savings deposits in (his hank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to the extent of $5,000.00 for each depositor. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK .IN BLYTHEVILLE ' "The Only National Dank in aiississippi County" J MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION / RED/UK AND Industry and Government Contribute Much To National Prograss The vast climiEes nml Improvements wlilcli liulusti-y mid government Imve mnile possible In tlin fleld of housing todny us contrasted with yesteryear wen* recounted by Stewart McDonhM, Fwlrral Housing Ai!mliil5tintoi-, In n re- ccnl. bi-oatlcnst from the New York World's Fair. Pointing out thnt It Is difficult to vlsimllze what n cHfrerent tiling in many wnys n lionic Is' today from what it used to be. Mr. McDonald ileclnied thnt oven in the pnst 10 years "there Ims lieen ci'ent Industrial progress in the field of housing In spite or unsettled economic nnd world conditions." Efforts Kesultful "We have come to accept without question many of Hie Brent Improvement* In homes," Mr McDonald said. «\Ve do not always remember that the efforts of Industry nnd government i» • the housing field have meant something very rcnl to our people In the way of security and freedom and leisure. "By pressing a billion we do the work thnt, George Washington's slaves had to cnrry out standing in front of open fires nml turning spits. We walk on soil Door coverings which 160 years ago housewives wove themselves. We '.urn a chromium knob nnd pro:«re fresh water which not so long ago ,had to be carried from wells ind heated over open fires. The kitchens and laundries of today ore miracles of efficiency which free our housewives from drudgery through electrical machines and conveniences nnd a new understanding of compact arrangement. Homss More Livable "Merely by pressing another but- Lon we can regulate the temperature of our: homes, nnd we nre made secure from Hie elements through Insulation nnd through rireuroofed materials. Our homes nre simple and compact and arranged with n view to convenience and livabllity. "And Industry today is tanking :iomcs a,better bargain, than ever before.. It is making them' more durable, more attractive, nnd more ivnblc. This progress has (Been et In Urn housing field as in no T. L. Cassidy Rejidence Is Undergoing Changes 'Hie residence of Mr. and Mrs. • L - Casslcly, at 123 Kentucky nvetiue, is being remodeled follow- "g a recent fire. ' ' Ctosels are being changed, ; caiil- -^————— « Hom< CONSTRUCTION-EQUIPMENT REMODELING Storage Spare space In which to store Household necessities diirlng ott- senson periods when not In nctlve wso s one of the most persistent problems to plagua the homo A larije first-floor storeroom or n dry, \vcll constructed basement offers the readiest answer lo this problem. Tin- Property Improve- (nciH Credit Plan of the Federal Ifoiislns Administration can be used in financing Hie constnictloii or either a basement or the storeroom, provided the latter Is actually attached to Iho house Such a cencrnl storage space us either of these two rooms would be might well contain: j. Space for trunks, bicycles Dnuy can-luges, nnd tools. 2. Cabinet for sewing emilpmenl mid accessories. 3. Built-in shelves or drawers lor materials. . Closet for garments In the making. 5. Cellar storage closel for out- of-senson pnrnieuta. G. lllnnkol chest with biillt-ln drawers or shelves. 7. Cupboards for toy.? nnd sport equipment. 8. storage space for furniture, elc. Oarage For I'lay A dim) purpose can be served by n tjnrage ntUichcd to a modem home, PIIA officials report, in n ( ). dltlon to being used lo house the family cnr, the garage can bo valuable as a play space for children Building or remodeling a garage to provide large windows, admitting nmplc light even when the doors nre closed, will make the car-slor- age space a cheerful plnce for children to play on rainy days Arrangements can be made for table tennis and other Indoor games With the modern trend toward making the garage n part of the house itself conies Ilia added advantage that children can go lo play In the garage without .stepping out in tl, e mi],. Considerable wear and tear on the home can be saved during bad wentlier If the children have n playroom to which they can go Modernization funds arc obtainable .from, qualified lending .institution!: Timler 'the Property fiiVproveliio'iil Credit Plan or the Federal Housing Administration. Period Mantels Period wood. mantels, reproduced from authentic designs, contribute much to the decorative scheme of ionic* which are of definite architectural design. SoTiie manufacturers produce as ids built In the kitchen, n tile ward wnlnscoling being used in lie kitchen and bath room nnd he entire house redecorated. many us fifty different models representing as many periods or styles, knsy to Install nnd inexpensive, in cost, n nmiitel reflecting the style jo (lie homo can be financed through the Properly Improvement Credit Plan ot the Federal Housing Administration. Under tills !>lau the funds' arc obtained from qualified lending Institutions Added Area Possible .Through Modernization' Of Residence One mrlhrxl of solving the problem of closets nnd at die same time crcaiiiig n pleasing dccom- live Direct Is by'Installing n false wall mid mirrored niche. 'Hits provides nn additional closet mi cadi o of 'he niche, and, if desired, Improvements Eligible When Of Permanency Almost nny type of repair or Improvement which the average homo owner or buslnessmni! iniiy desire may be made under niu Federal Housing Administration's Properly Improvement Cmlil Plan, provided the Improvements arc permanent In nature, PHil olilclals point mil. A new wing may be ndiletl lo the Home; n new roof put on; inside or outside of the structure painted; worn floors replaced; modern healing or plumbing systems Installed; a new porch built on; Iho kitchen modernised — among ihe many oilier repairs or Improvements e)l- ••'ble. In addition, owners of npnrl- inonl houses or Incojiic-pradiicltie properties mny Improve the Inter-' lor and exterior of the building; the lobby may be brightened lip; a new entrance added; now lighting fixtures Installed; walls and floors reflnlxlied; new plumbing put In; factories and other ln'sln plants may be enlarged. Winter Takes Severe Toll 01 Exterior There arc scores of things that ought to lie repaired or replaced about (ho ],ouse .following a- long Winter. While II Is true tlio clement., cause considerable wear and teai during Winter lo the exterior of a home, the Inside also comes In for Its share of use. In fncl, far more lime Is spent Indoors In wiii than in summer. Painted surfaces and wallpapers may have received more thaii hard treatment In winter. Through FIIA's Property Im provcme ul Credit Plan funds piay be obtained from qualified i cm ling liislltul'lons wltli which to make needed repairs and Improvements to bot Ihc Interior and exterior of homes. obtainable from lending institutions qualified by the Federal Housing Administration. : a dressing: table ' or some ' oth»r piece of furniture may ,be'fifed Into Ihe,niche; ^ ."••, ' Modem bulldew are careful to ' provide adequate wardrobe accommodations In homes, but' countless ; Mbllng homes were built before storage space wns so necessary as It Is nowadays. Such a house becomes more desirable ir additional closets nre Installed without de- liactlng from 'the 1 appearance of the Interior. • While actually reducing Ihc size '•• of the room by Die depth of Die closets, Iho mirrored niche produces a psychological effect thnt counter-balances the loss of space. The Property Improvement Credit Plnn of the Federal Housing, Administration can be employed by 1 home owncis In financing such . modernization. Under -this plan the money for the work Is obtained from qualified lending In-' slltutlons.' •• ' , F.H.A. 25-Year 90% Loans Extended Most Liberal Terms Ever Available to Home Builders Small Down Payment Long Term Financing Low Interest Monthly Payments Which Include Taxes and Insurance, Let us help you plan a home that will exactly suit your requirements. Just Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Borrowers Must Have Income, Good Record Federal Housing Administration orriclals point out that borrower.? seeking loans for property Improvement nnd repairs from qualified tending Instllutlons under Hie Property Improvement Credit Plnn must hnvc a regular Income and a Bowl reputation for paying bills, Die loan must not lie too largo to pay off within a rensonnblc time and the borrower must either own' the propc-rty to be repaired or improved or hold a lease upon It extending .for at least six months longer limn ihe term of Ihe loan, Three Major Factors Bear On Repair Job The three major considerations in the mind of ibc home owner when ho contemplates modcrnira- llon of his home are: (i) now much Is added lo comfort and liva- bllity; (2) how much is added to the property as an investment; (3) how much Is added to the home owner's pride of ovvneisliln 'Hie movement throughout the country on Hie part of home owners to modernize their dwellings, to safeguard (heir property Investments and to maintain America's high standard of living, has been given considerable stimulation by lie Property Improvement Credit Han of the Federal Housing Ad- mlnistrallon. As many home owners arc unable to pay cnsh for their Improvement!, Die PHA plan makes It possible that repairs be paid out of the regular Income on' reasonable terms. The funds are JEVERY WOMAN "1'DESERVES A MODERN KITCHEN and a modern kitchen means up-to-date water facilities with which to provide plenty of hot and cold water for the numerous household duties. Modern plumbing makes these tasks more pleasant. It takes a lot of drudgery out of the daily household chores. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen/ Mtr. "Water Is Your Cheapest un'mmodlt}" • LIVE IN A BETTER HOME Built-With Better Materials! The livcfiliillty and value of your home dipentis upon (he design, workmimshij) and materials,, and lot'Hlion. Choose your locution,- then come ' to us for Ihe rest. We Rtiiirnntee to furnish only' Ihe finest. niinWy materials, have them installe'd l>.v expert • workmen, and do (he whole job al the lowest, possible cos! to you. BUILD NOW .... PAY LATER FHA FINANCING THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Quality Service Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges FARM LOANS \ Wilson and Worthington First National Bank BIdg. Blytheville, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitor* for The Prudential Insurance Company of Anerlcm CLARENCE H. WILSON RAY WOHTHINGTON

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