The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1949
Page 19
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THURSDAY, JUNE t, 1949 ItrTHEVTLLB (ABK.) COURIE* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wiliioms Our Boarding House with Mo j. HoopU I THOUGHT fl CORM ,T*M«MnV 1M 0U0STiMa TO TEU. —T LION* (JOT OP*W ID** TALKU44 6ACK TO TWOS PU68IV* I7ADIO Ifrfi.*. — iMoseo r'\» cofticcxJco A &C**» PLA»J OF ATTACK, HOT CAMMOT COkJFrOi, «W*»0 ») SOU, MV TOU* SLOB saer cur AROUWO me MOOK— SOU 1 ** AS &T0680RM ASA LM6 GOZTL6«t«Vl(4fi TO SET t^ TH6 HOGS \MITV* A DESK. SLEPT Ol A BLCVAJ-UP SCEEPW BAG ITHCUGKT TMA1 'MM.VESTICWW M MV BACK UNCLE JUST SAO, "TAKE ,wy CAMP BEDROLL OM •*XJR TRIP!" BLTT HE NEVER MEMTIONED fTHADAM AK MATTRESS.' PUMP IMA POCKET Of T Se's LETTING ms THUMB THE HIGH SROTS PAGE KTNETEEM . FRECKLE8 AND HIS FRIENDS BY-MERRILL BLOSSEB Author, Author! . - Ramp for Cows Ends Back-Breaking Squatting CONWAY, Ark. I/Pi— If milking bossy gives you a back ache, Farmer H. O. Proctor figures he can save you. a lot of sloops. It's just » matter of putting the cow on a higher level than the milker, snys Proctor, who operates a farm near here. Proctor used to wear himself out stooping over to milk hia 20 cowes each day. He thought up the Idea of building a ramp around his barn high enough so that when he has to milk all he doea la reach out and attach electrical squeezers. Everything Is set — with no vaclc old method required one bend to wash off each cow's set of faucets; another to attach the electrical milking machine and a third to remove ' the mechanical apparatus. That's six squats per cow per day. Since Proctor milks an average of 20 cows twice a day -for 10 1 FMandAM 7 Tufas Plu* Rectifier Listen to the Ball Game In Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH n H E i F i s Vltel DnifFT COfYfc*C»T iY HUGH LAWtlHCt NfLSOM rr Mf A mvtcf. **c Lawrence Nelson THK 9'1'OHV: LIN, Warrra'a vUlral aralk *•• upaei Spearr I«laaa'a rOBIIae. [.Illy «*•• faHad •kal JM m car »c Hear? Guuirk Haralaar'a fonlcuLar rallwar *••- •laK !• Ik* Blare r*4»w. B*a CM- Br»v« tell* •• ••* Ikat Ike nm Mi (.Jlly'a !•» waa aa« wkltk Be« ••«KKl*4 ••(• 1h« UU»4. Kvcry. • •« hM- •• alibi mm* mmrxfrelttly Vrt* Sillwell »ara Ike BUM «•« hi*—•»•* (^at k« had Bltuard tke (i.llv,!.!. k |. , 7> ekl «hlrk -•» Mhlfwrrc-ked Bear tke lalaad. H»r- dlar derldea tkal Ully's 4eatk «*aa • •lelde. Hrr Motive wak tkal Mar^JBB: had t«ld ker that «ke kad M« ekaBee !• Wc*Me kla wife. Haralaic karlri* Lilly Warrea, re- tm*l*m t* k«ld mmr aervtee at Ike • rave. XVII JONES'S warning, "I'm a plain cook, nothing fancy," was justified by the meal she eventually prepared. There were great quantities of food, and all the dishes tasted the same. ' Bea Cosgrove decided she might have done better to accept the house duties again instead of the care of the sheep. In the reshuffle of work, Agnes Firth put on the blue dress, uniform of supplies, and Nona McGuire accepted the garden work because she liked her green costume. "I've got a theory about gardening anyway," she announced. "I've always thought it'd be better to pull up the plants and leave the weeds." Henry Harding ate slowly 1: frowning concentration. When he became conscious at last of the tasteless bits of food he was putting in his mouth, he swallowed quickly, pushed back his plate. Fred Sillwell beat him to the punch. ."You flxed the radio yet, Harding? Maybe you need some help. George's pretty good at radio work. Maybe we can fix it for you." Harding's eyes wavered toward Mollie Stark who sat at table with them for the first time. He tried to regain control ol the situation. "That won't be necessary. I'm quite capable of making the minor repairs, given time. I'm glad you brought up your willingness U> help. We have no room on Speare Island for sluggards." 'Look. There's something you might as well understand. We'll be tickled to death to get off the island. All you have to do to get rid of us is send a radio to my attorney in L. A. He'U send a boat or a plane. And I'll arrange to pay you for the trouble you've taken." Fred underlined the words of the last sentence with a sneer. , Henry Harding controlled his anger. "It's possible a fishing boat may put in for water at any time. In a few day» the radio will be fixed. In the meantime, for something to do, I thought you might be willing to help Miss McGuire in the garden." • * • j^ILLWELX, grinned, relaxed. "I don't mind giving her a hand. George has plenty to do working over the cameras and equipment we salvaged from the beach. Some of it can be saved. I'm perfectly willing to help out as long as we understand each other." "Ol course," Harding said. "I'm though," Mollie,announced. "Want to go back to' bed now.' She smiled at Harding, lifted her arms toward him. "You carry me in." He returned beaming. "A nice girl. A nice girl," he said heartily. "I believe we'll have to persuade her to stay on after the 'rest of you leave. She likes it here. "We might persuade her to take Lilly's place," Agnes Firth said brightly. Henry Harding had been following the course of his own thoughts. "It is difficult for me to understand. I do not know the circumstances or the details." Thanks to Mabel Jones, Bea knew what Harding me«nt. As she watched Sillwtll's face she was positive he knew too. She tried to remember a time when Mollie Mount Rainier, Washington, was named alter a friend of Capt. George Vancouver, British navigator and explorer who sighted It In 179J. Ponliac, Indian chief who fought two British expeditions in the Northwest Territory prior to 1765, was shot down in Cahokla, 111., in 1769 by an Indian 'agent ot the English. months, that represents 26,000 stoops he now uves each year— or so he figures. 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson The Equitable Life Assurance Society Fh«M ttt* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores SHEET METAL WORK -OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Sheering up Jo 1/4 inch thickneu Frank Simmons Tin Shop j 17 South Broadway Pnone 2 65l BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Save i • Time* Money* Labor! i t Plant Sinktrs ! ACID-DELI NTED j Cotton Seed j L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. • Cherry J, Rallrw« rhone MB i Rent a Camera for . Color Pictures The Idea! w»j lo remember ipedil occvioni. Also ether types of ean- cru for raaL BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3fi47 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Ma in Phone 3292 c o REVOLUTIONARY NEW STUDEBAKER TRUCKS! • N«w Styling • Now Comfort • New Riiggodnoss • Now Performance And ail lhai means new money-.urinr ralM far y*it Wkaterer W yt«r re^iiremenU. from !i-T«« u I-T»n, SlBdeWker •tiers j«« the exact type trMk yra need t* d« tn« >at kettcr al leaa r**t. Why not «et for ymnelf ? w* inrlte y M u r»nK In w** and let B-I Prove that thn* •t»4ek>AeT trvcka can t, what we claim they can 4* Chamblin Sales Co. Bur wu CAMtee v« AUTHOR 01- BOttKOWTD TUt FROM AN OLD P1ON6 BOOK / I'RISCILLA'S POP VVlmt Every Husband Knows BY AL VERMEER IT'S TIME YOU LEARN TO DO YOU'RE TOLD.' " VOU'RE MAKING A REGULAR CRANK OUT Of ' ME/I UNTIL ' STRAIGHTEN YOUR ROOM Fog Is Doorman Today MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THAT5 THE fRONT DOOR- BEU RINGING. SOMEONE HAD MTTER ANSWER 11 111 ANSWf R a! GIT INTO AtlAST. ABOUT TIME SOMt 6ODYAMSWIREC I thought! wasgofigto have to break down a door. Tbenlheaid footst«p». WASH TUBES A Witness U WHILE,9 BU3GVWHIP BY LESLIE TURNER -was so »»TEBESTED M W IOOT VEB. DIRECT lOtfcS . DA U»T 1C M DA SAG ! . SORRY WDItWrCAlcM I CATCH THAT CEOSSIU- JAKE PILCUER.' FOR SALE BUGS BUNN\ OSCEOLA 4 CULVERT CO. What's Up, Doc? BY V. T. HAMLUN I (7JGHTA CHARGE BOOM TIME-AND-A HALP R7Z HAVING TO WEAK *. Kl<3 LIKE THIS BY SAO^EX IF THERE'S ANYTHING BETTER'N A DIP IN THE SURF I WOULDN'T KNOW V.HAT IT.., VOC WONMUiS'S BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN might have talked with him alone, "iut whatever Fred knew, he w.» lot going to help Harding. "Detail* of what?" Sillwell demanded. Mabel Jones said dally, "He neans he doesn't understand about the four of you sailing around without a' chaperon." 'W ell,' of c o u r s e,'" Hard in , ledged. "It did just occur to me to wonder." PRED SILLWELL was deeply shocked. He said so. "And I don't see; bow anyone would think a thing like that about little Mollie. Of course we..were, chaperoned." .-, "You mean someone was n the wreck?" ^Oh no...I'm speaking of present company. ' With art .old married couple' along, everything was quite jrbper." He nodded, to ward Nona McGuire. • "You mean you—?" "Oh no," Fred interrupted quickly. "I'm a .bachelor myself. Nona and George'r< the happy couple." "But I .understood it was M McGuire," Harding said. "There's no business like show business," Nona said. , . "Naturally she kept her own tame for professional reasons," Fred put in smoothly. "They told me," Nona said dreamily, ''that Nona Bascombe sounded like a brand of dog biscuit." George smiled at her. "While Nona McGuire is so much more definitive. And there's always her reputation, her career to consider." "I understand," Harding said. "I'm glad you told me. But why didn't you tell me before? We coilfd have made different'/living arrangements." "Oh I like it, like this," Nona said quickly. "You see I'm mad at George." Henry Harding had lost interest. He mumbled something about "patching up small differences," and changed the subject "Mis* Cosgror*. lince the sheep are in the pen, perhaps you'll give Miss Firth a hand the rest of the afternoon. You can show her the routine. Come, there is much , to do." <T< Be Continued) Concrete culTeris. U inch to 41 inch, .plain »r reenfcrmd. All* ConcreU Biildlni Bl«ek< ekca*- er than lumber for bams, chicken houses, pump hoBK<, tenant hoasM, tool sheds. We dettrer. Call M for free eitimmta . Phone £91. TILE Prtarfly Stooetakcr Dmkn- ft Ash Phrm . T U DEI A KIR

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