The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont on November 19, 1850 · Page 2
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The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont · Page 2

Burlington, Vermont
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Tuesday, November 19, 1850
Page 2
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THE DAILY FREE; PRESS, BURIilN GTCMV, November 19, 1850. for she beard snd saw nothing wron . ber patents never disputed, ami ibey were o gentle j induWent to ber. that she never even (eh tempted to disguise tits truths' Toe old pries Hen represented to the father that unless be As a whole, with ita beantiful diversity of Mr- face, with ita natural terraces and slopes iu topography coald hardly be improved. ' Provi dence baa been profuse iu besto inj those na , with bis years, both, or them apparently wnna- awi -" In? that the world went on as they did them- their 'selves, unchanged in a single idea. Alas! -l , know not what a day , may bring forth, b" intended his child fur the cloister, this mode of jtural attractions which, properly cultivated, brinsingher up 10 such total seclusion ano UbM p,., j what it is sometimes (alas ,tbt .ftoovance wm a:most cruel o rierre an-, ihouM M- derisively) called,- the wamLI tmkm to secure a aood husband I Heen WV - . I iff a am J for ber; and her perfect purity ana innocence i we nave, in uurungion, an active anu were so beautiful, that the kind-hearted but un- energetic Corporation, known as TheBc wise ecclesiastic oie not insist laauer. .,Mt. AonrnneT Cum-ast " Carlvle In the mean time she crew space ; and berk... J... w. r ; hn mV mother being dead. Mane lived on as before .... i ' Vwitl . ber father, whose affection only increased They have made sure of their supply of pure " with bis years, both of them apparently think- and wholesome Water they bave constructed . . - . is .. J:.r iL 1 n .a a " . . ' Reservoirs, tney nave tnreaaea our prin- I streets with their iron conductors; and I J 1 - .1 , i , .;,.,.,: f .:iaro now aoow prepares iu ueaiuw wiiub us. iu and bearing all that psses around us. Pierre inestimable benefits of their quiet snd snheral '.and Marie were scarcely aware ot me com idea labors. J hey are public benelanors, not MAMMomAMi a! tha If ovnliif inn mini ir ivaa all r .1 r . r .1 m"Mcv , - 01 course, ior ine mere creau or coraiqrv.01 in- I "'l' .r; :n::; they hare done a good deed "--and tha woperty divided, and in the possess- eaptcung uieir rewara. , e neea noi com ? ion of oilers of a very different stamp from bis mend them to the public favor. They have iaiB aiuu patrou, a uiuun ui -u... earned it, and possess it. They bave placed en manner even in ui n-i w.,,c., b i.w- nr. fnnt- .u nnr aph ,nil nlitania I n th fflfet nf KumtlA. All lhir'"-VHr ' vv Mv.a.w.avw - - 1 , - - . ; a . , . - - 1 1 I :k - W .r...ii . LmlMultin.iniA l.uia aa came like a clap oi tiiunuer upon me asionisn-i "jicicuvw uju.wjh.u... ' to Pierte ; and altliougii be continued to live ml will secure to us its use for all the benenceni bis old cottsge.he never more held up Ins bead. tlMj pUrifyig pqrposes to which it is applicable agent of safety, and of that nearest to ' personal virtues, personal cleanliness. fiirure of the Virsiii.' When his death. howev-IThe Burlington Aqueduct Company bave done 1 er, became known, the newpropnetaire ues-red their doty, manfully and well. "CTlnr,. S" : This morning, we noticed, near the in . astonished at the innocent beauty of the voutb- tersectioo ot Main and Church streets, a Ily " ful Marie, but not softened by it ; for his bold, dram sending up its diamond current forty leet ' -coarse admiration, ana Joua, insolent manner. I jnto the turbulent atmosphere. The strong - to terrified the gentle recluse that, as soon as W-i-rlv wind drove tl. .nrav from the column t U tstaa i1..ib eha inan fl hnnn A m hAP rlnthoa I ' , : and takin the cherished little earthen imai-e Pf water, almost from its departure from the 1 in ber hand went forth, like Eve from paradise, pipe, but the column went vp, nevertheless s thourh. alas ! not into a world without inliabi-l The M oilier fountain was too hieh for the wind 'tantK.j Terrified to a degree which no one not Hydr.u,ics conqUered the rampant Hesperid'es, M.niih nn aa aha had hnpn ran fnrm Inn Ipaall ' 1 r . r . . tj- -r k,, tn .iJra,. roti. and sent the sparkling waters into the blue IUI7B U'a wuinwnv v J m'1. isstsjwsi - ' than meet that bold, bad man again, she plung- The Aqueduct Company had the best of it, as td into the increasing gloom, and wandered, all oar Firemen, who witnessed the contest, weaned and heart-oroken.sne Knew not whither, -.n B.,ir. I - ' : 1 l . ...t ; ni. n r...k. ' ' ' Willi, nuiigrjr iiiu iiicu, oiid iuuiu ijuuu laiiuci. She lay down, therefore, at the foot of a tree, with ber head on her bundle, and the Virgin in - ber band, and soon leu sound asleep. ' ' She was awakened from a dream of former 'days by rough bands, and upon regaining her recollection, found that some one had snatched the bundle from beneath her head, and that nothing remained to her but the little image, 1 associated us ber mind with that happy child- ' bood to which her present destitute and friend less condition formed so terrible a contrast. -The sheers,' and in some cases the insults of certificates in my possession and by the Bank 1 nooks, to four hundred thousand and euny-iwo pounds, currency. The name of the aforesaid letstee I do not remember ; but be beat a book store south of the Tontine Hotel, and ia a large four or five story block, made of brick, having a bank in one of its divisions. And osy reason fortius bequest is. that the said bookseller showed me many marks of kindness and courtesy, and vUiled'BM duriog a sickness of mv eral davs. He was a married man, and a mem- . . at .at a ber of toe English Church, ana 11 now living, is about 40 vears of a?e. or more. " M CoditiLU tlM above beauest cannot be complied with for lack of proof, or by reason of the death of the legatee, I hereby direct soy ex-; to divide the shares equally between the five parlies first named, in this my last will and testament.". his old cottsge.he never more neiu up ins neaa. tIMj pUrjfy 'Finally he becama quite childiah, and one day, r ' died- sitting in his chair, his last words being Tv r ' 1 Marie, his last action pointing to the little divine of L. II. Yocho. of Washington, is the fortu nate legatee, He writes on the subject as follows : " "' " "'" . w There is no dtuH that I am the legatee ; I can bave but little trouble in proving it. The onlv wonder it, that so lame a fortune should ..' m . ; mr: auena sscn poor eervicea as mine. ivtawtn Hundrti Thousand Dollars, and upwards !J Well. I will set about looking it up ; and if ever seen red, 1 trust the means of doing good will not find me with less of a heart for it than (have hitherto had. I have many friends whom it will please me to help." - Sugar Manufacture. fJyWe find the following in Iloldea's Msg-asia for November. A correspondent writing to the editor the morning after Jenny -Und s first concert ia New York, says : . You cant appreciate my feeble description. But what a roar and about of applause succeeded that death-like silence ! Jenny left the stage while 14,000 bands, and 7000 voices, and 14,000 feet, to say nothing of canes and hats, sent up such a tumult of approval as mortal never beard. Come and hear ber ! Sell yo ur old clothes, dispose of your antiquated boots, distribute your hats, hypothecate your jewelry, come on the canal, work your passage, walk, take up a collection to pay your expenses, raise monev on a mort?a?e. sell Tom' into nerne- .i .. - . . teal slavery, dispose of ' Kose to the Highest . . a a " . . bidder, stop smoking for a year, give op tea, coneeand sugar, dispense with bread, meat, garden sass,r and sich like' luxuries only get 4he -needful chance, only' elevate the breeze,' and then come and bear Jenny ! But I am at the bottom of my paper and I roust close, in a state of excitement unparalleled since that of Adam when be woke up one fine morning and saw Eve 'making the tea, and getting preauast in the backyard of his country-seat. ii .--.-i . .... , , , m QT'Messrs. E. Smith St Co.; bave received No. 29, of Phillips, Sampson & Co's elegant Edition of Shakspeare's Dramatic Works, containing Timeon of Athens, and illustrated by a portrait of Timandra. ; -, , , . , And now what we have to say is this : We have a starved and sniveled1 Public Square ! It contains grass that valiantly aims to be green in early summer, but' pales its ineffectual ray," as the warm weather gradually dries up the land from which it draws its nourishment. It contains trees, also, that look liks " fugitive trees, trees indigenous to another climate, and struggling to live, for our accommocation, in ours, trees mat nave stopped growing, as u the passers-by, terrified her to such a degree, lhe had fotgollea to grow through sheer grief. 'that, regardless of consequences, she peneirat ed farther into the Bois da Boulogne, when at 'lenifth weak, and indeed quite exhausted from want of food, she sank down, praying to God to let her die, and take her . to Heaven. ,,,, She 'Watted patiently tor some tune, hoping, and 'more than half expecting, that wbat she asked so earnestly would be granted to her. , About an boar Each year finds them with the same leaves, the same unhappy looking, slinky fibres of limbs, the same cadaverous countenances on the first of July trees that appear to try to grow but are the victims of V unavoidable misfortune" respectable in intentions, but, on the whole rather ridiculous in performance. These trees :.imP! that .be was still a iva, repeated rV'ri lVTZ hnr aiirfnliinlinna. niiprinir them in tier flirttrae.irecvive. wuum aim ii iuu wiwinu tiun in a loud tone ot voice. suddenly ahe Bubuo benefactors who Bhouid give msm ' fancied she heard eouuds of branches breaking.Lk,nrA to . Waiar. in ths arid months of sum n. J I. ..I 1....-. 1 titi.J .'..ul ' 'the ntaiost alarm lest it miht bo some of those mer -and 8rteful V1 f6 V9 tii. h-AtnnAvd friAn whn hu.i doi' M and insii . men, nave ruunuia i ms i Ana., inst Hi ted her,' she attempted to rise and fly : but her make glad the hearts of trees, shrubs, flowers wcaknesi was so great that alter a few steps tn(1 me by a jet dfEiu, in the center of our ne jeu. The process of 6ugar making in the South is described br a correspondent of the Louisville Christian Advocate, as follows : " They (ad finished making .near here, be fore my a-rival, but Mr. H. took me all through the sugar mill this morning and explained the whole operation of sugar making. The building is of brick, with a good steam engine, the whole cssting about 420,000. Hehind the mill s a largs shed, under which the cane is thrown so that the mill can be ran in all rnds of weathe.' The cane is here placed upon as end less chun, which convey, it into the mill and between the rollers, where it is crushed. When thus deprived of its juice it is conveyed into large rats or tubs, and from thence as it is needed, into the kettles, which occupy a separ ate room. There are five of them or different sizes ; the first, the largest. When the juice comes to a boil in this, it Is skimmed and dipped iuto the next, then into, the third, etc t v By the time it is boiled in the fourth it is . r ii 1 ti. wnai ia caneu cereau, or syrup. ,., si is granu lated in the fifth, and then conveyed into vats where it soon forms a crust upon the top, which has to be broken and stirred three times. It now forms a wet mush, which is shoveled into hand-barrows, and thrown immediately into the hogsheads which are ranged in rows in another room. , This room is very large and the whole or it underneath the hogsheads ia oue vast tub. made to held the molasses which drops from the wet sugar in the hogsheads. A view of this dark 'sea of sweet' with the thoughts of the dirt that must necessarily drop into it, and the Hies, musquitoes, bugs, rats, and mice, which may, probably be drowned therein, think would cure the fastidious, at least of all fondness for sugar-house molasses. ' It should always be boiled over before using, which greatly improves its taste as well as purines it. t he planters never use the molasses them- seives, but use. the cereau or golden syrup as a. a - . - we can n in nentucKy. (To he Continued.) iMi w JJrcss, TUESDAY EVENING, NOV. 1 19, I860. ' . Whig Anti-Slavery riatrorn. T f : r .- MV OPPOSITION TO TUB IXCRKASK OF SiVERt'lH THIS COUNTRY, OR TO THE IS crease or Slave rkfresentation in Cos SRESS. 18 HESERAL AND UNIVERSAL. 1 IT HAS HO RErXRENCE TO THE LINES OF LATITUDE OR mints or the compass. I hall oppose I be electnned 'AXL SUCH EXTENSION AND ALL SUCH INCREASE. ;i ALL PLACES, AT ALL TIMES, UNDER ALL t CIRCUMSTANCES, EVEN AGAINST ALL INDUCE MENTS. AGAINST ALL COM HI NATION, AGAINST iAIL compromise. wntei ttebskr lb4d. Now Theh I We desire to invite the atten- 'Hon of the citizens of Burlington such of Jtbem. at least, as bold that, public spirit and The will of an Englishman, Col. Daniels, iBjanlcipal patriotism mean sjmething more Uly proved at Uverpooi, contains the loiiow- 4bu mere empty talk,-to a subject interest- ""'"""Vr . rng to all." Bvrlington is something of a Vfl- " And now, having no other near relative or 'W ' It contains considerably more inhabi- nua wnoneea my. oequea!, igive w a cer- - . (tain bookseller In PiPw Hivm. ITnnnacticut. in .taius tbaa the City of Vergennes, and possesses the United Slttea of Am9tictt M my 6htre, ja u.auiaeaui touu suuauon to wnicn yw art the Banks or UVcrpool, Kneland. and Dum- and ingenuity of man could add no attraction.! fries Scotland, amounting, as will appear by the Public Square, that shall diffuse inaudible but real music, and freshness, and inspire thought; of coolness and comfort, when the pitiless sun pours down upon us his heated rays in the summer solstice T The expense will be nothing ; but if it were a thousand dollars it would buy a good name and betterenj lyments, cheap. Will our Fathers our Overseers our Select: men order the thinu to be done ? Will thev respond to the humane and philanthropic sen timents that we know are in their hearts,' by ordering the neglected and suffering Square to with a fountain 1 They shall be Aldermen and Lord Mayors, every mother's son of tbem.'in due time, if they will. The children of the present generation, and our grandchildren, shall remember their names, and there shall be, ip their honor, . , H Sermons in trees, books in the running brooks, And good in etery thing !" CEO. P. CEEXliXEY, TSAcataor ' QANCINQ ANP WALTZING, Milton Falls, ---Vermont. IVL EERKLEY would respectfully g;T9 a me mucin w ouningion and VMisJtv thai be will furnim the best Music for Balls. Partm Sue., on reasonable terms MUMP tali-. No-. . 1850. - dl95w3wlmoa3 'HXil H Powder and Paste. Rovca j m ,jr,'a!??:fc tl Wss8le and mail by 7 Nov. 18. 4 d4w , THEO. A. fECK. holographic Dispatch. atroRTso EzcLrsivELT roa the daily rasi raiss 'p.'.': New York, Nov. 19,2 1-2 P. M. Detroit, Nov. 1Mb The Michigan Cen tral Railroad Freight Depot, was entirely des troyed by fire at 3 o'clock this morning; loss $100,000. , The Washington papers rejoice at the result of the Nashville Convention 1 Nashville, Nov. 18th. The Convention broke up in a M Row sine die.' '-' Baltimore, Nov. 18th. A despatch from Savannah says, Dr. Collins of Macon, Ga., owner of Crafts and his wife, received a long letter from President Fillmore ot the most satisfactory character, tie says the Fugitive filave Law shall be enforced to the very letter and should any officer fail to perform his duty, be shall be punished and dis missed. ': The letter has given unbounded sa tisfaction to the people. J vJox7 s&rranffooont- Hsssfiictsred ia Dnrlicgtoa. HAVING VSt KETUR5ED FROM NARKIT, ia happy to announce to the public, that he has broof ht honie a far larger and finer aswrtment ot ar ticles in bis hue than has ever been presented in this - aa at J ih a J.ll.l a, -1. a a wu , auu iu auuiuuu i ujui, ne baa nicd extensive and complete arrangement for MANUFACTURING on his own account, nearly all the art:clef in which he deals, so as to promote the prosperity of tbe town. wnue ne minisiers 10 ine warns ot the people.'-. Ha has taken the spacious rooms over his own store and inai or n. v. c. uyman, whieb were so long occupied by Chauncey Goodrich, Esq., as a Pripgting Establishment, where his manufacturing operations will be carried on. ) ; -t '.;.... - t He is able to offer to his customers the following articles, suited to the season : 3s'aj; ' - J " . . Thanksgiving Day, iilarrieu Stone Martin, Swedish Martin; Mountain Marin, Rock Martin black and natural. Fitch. Sihe. rian Squirrel light and dark. Ermine and Imita tion, Ahnk, Lienett, toney, Black, Natural, and African Lynx. - .... ,t , V I V T O It I IV 12 8 , Mink," Down, and Jenny Liud CUPFSI -f", Down and Jenny Und. LADIES' GLOVES o every variety. f ' Gentlemen's Caps ! s Otter, Mink, Black, Brown and Natural Seal, Beaver, Mask rat Black and Aatural, Hair Seal, Silk and Mohair Plush, Cloth with Fur Bands, Cloth Caps ot every variety, i . gent's collars and cloves., Oder, Beaver and Mink. , SWAN'S DOWN 1 Also, every variety of roa TRIMMINOS. OVERCOATS! Woodchuck. Coon. Seal and Dufliilo. manufactured in his own store and WARRANTED not to rip. BUFFALO ROBES. Ii. any quantity, and of prime quality. CSTRepairing done as usual. - " 1 i ' GEORGE R. WEED. Burlington, Nov. 15, 1850. ,t . i d&.wtf In Williston on the 14th inst., by Rev. M. H. Biz by, Mr. Josefhus II. Thatches of Williston, to Miss Charlotte Sinclair of Jsricho. It is not easy to determine which is the stronger, tbe love of imitating, or the love of differing : . fashion, or sectarianism The for mer is displayed in form and taste : the latter more in substance and essentials. To which of these does the New England festival belong . Undoubtedly to both, partaking of the taste of one, and the substance of the other. This must be the reason, that the Governors of State can never agree iu setting apart the same day for the celebration of this most interesting of anniversaries. No matter. . : Opposition as well as adversities, has its uses. t In consequence of this variety ot appointments, we snail keep up a perpetual flame of gratitude for the remainder of the year, beginning with the first lighting of the fire in North Carolina on the 14th November, and ending with the last flickering of its expiring embers in the boreal piues of Maine on tne-.shh of December.- -a -t , ; - Aldng the intermediate space, between these distant outposts, tbe incense of thanksgiving will be Jen successively to ascend from thousands of domestic altars for the mercies of the year.-., New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Con necticut and Maryland will celebrate the feast on the mm or November ; Vermont on tbe oth of December ; New York,' New Jersey and Pennsylvania on tbe I2ih of the same month. By. thatjUme Christmas will be at band to pro long the chant of praise j and Christendom will thus 'close the year, in merriment at least, we hope in cheerful gratitude. I Some of tbe infe rior tribes- must suffer, that we may enjoy. 11 no unnecessary evil be inflicted. And amid our feastings, it becomes us never to forget the creatures, who contribute largely to them, nor the needy of our own race. I Aw- ark. Daily Advertiser, '- t ! 4 BOOKS THAT ME BOORS J. rUILDKlCK, Aiict. Commencing Saturday evening, November 6lk. and continues each evening for one week, and pos uvclg no I nger. THE Subscriber, grateful to the cm-sens of Burlington and vicinity fur their liberal pavonage last season, has returned with a much larger assortment, comprising several thousand volumes in all the various departments ot Ancient and Modern Literature. . jgp Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to examine them on each day of sale. Our Books are all new and perfect, and we hope to merit a continuance of public favors by courteous &uc&iioit and offering them books at their own prices. For par-.ticularalsee,catalo(rues. .-. Books at Private Sale at fair average Auction ..Also, -a large lot f Gold ahd Silves Watches and Jewblrt, Ri.tGs, Puts, Slides, Vest and Fob Chains, &e., all of the latest and most desirable patterns. " ' : Sale to corqiuence at 6 1-2 o'clock, p. m. t BIRD SEEDS! Canary, Hemp, iJape and Millet Fish-bone and Cups, for sale at low prices. Nov. 13, . d&wtf THEO. A. PECK. The Seminary. . T'HE next Quarter in the Burlineton Femnl '-1 Seminary, will commence on Wednesday next. th VtlU in. f - 'l d4t Nor. 16tb, 1S50. NOTICE. THE Subscriber hating procured a r-New and Splendid Hearse and Tall Cloth, offers his services as Undertaker, and will furnuh Coffins, of all kinds, at the shortest notice. Persons out ot J own can be furnished with Coffins, and Hearse, if required. N. B. HEADY MADE COFFINS kept constantly on hand. - - . ; SAMUEL NICHOLS. 'Burlingtorl.Nov. 18th, 1850. . ' . dtf DYE STUFFS,:ALb KINDS FOR SALE BT THEO. A. PECK. Novembef 4, 1350. ' d& tf A PAPER FOR YOUR FAMILY, f I New Series New FeaturesNew Ttpi. l)c t)omt Journal, ; j rUSUlSED WIEILT IN THE CITT Of KEW-TOKB:. AT TWO DOLLARS A YEAR. w ' ; ' A Olf the first of January next, commences s New Series of this copious, comprehensive and elegantly printed Family Newspaper, which is now acknowledged to be the indiapenaibie drawing-room gaieue ot the country. A home is hardly complete, we think we may safely venture to say, without the HOME JOURNAL, which is the Chronicle"" ALL THAT INTERESTS ALL CLASSES OF SOCIETY, and of the intelligence which most enlivens an American Home. New-York is the great centre, and here, at the fountain head of novelty, incident, literature, and foreign news, the Home Journal is printed and published. Its editors, (Geo. P. Morris and N. P. Willis,) devote their entire time, skill and experience, to the task f eivirg, each week, EVERY THING WORTH KNOWING. They parricu. larly keep an eye on all the whims and novelties of new-york society, presenting sketches of the BELLES OF OUR TIME, snd careful portraits of THE DISTINGUISHED PUBLIC CHARACTERS. In addition to this, the utmost pains are taken, by translations from French journals, and by foreign correspondence, to prepare such reports of THE FASHIONABLE GOSSIP OF PARIS, as will exceedingly instruct and amuse. We present to our readers, the facts and outlines of all news. In our literary department, we aim at sketches andreadable criticism, and in our condensations of the fecund productions of the vast newspaper world of England, we aim to avoid the tiresome, and the local, and transfer to our columns the pick ol English information and brilliancy, while we en deavor to select with a true sense of pure morals, true wit, and genuine humor. ' In addition to the above, we propose to eive, in the course of the com-ingvclume.O.NE ENTIRELY tfEW FEATURE, which we think will particularly INTEREST THE LADIES, viz:-A SERIES OF RETUNED LOVE. LETTERS. This being a species of composition that interests all readers, we trust to make the numbers of the Home Journal more eagerly, looked for, and more carefully preserved than e vet We have also new correspondents in London and Paris, who will send us muck that could never reach us through fore gn journals. As a New Year's Present from a Gentleman ta a Lady, The Home Journal is one, of which the remembrance is renew ed evert uxes.and it is unsurpassed as s gilt in good tsete. , . . ..' , .. . Tbsms. For one copy, $3 ; for three ' copies, 9i or for oue copy for three years, $5 always in a ranee. jSubscribe without delay. Address - " MORRIS & WILLIS, -'J Editors snd Proprietor, 107 Fulton-st , New-York.

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