The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 3
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\V!C1X\'1«DAY, J1AY 21, 10-17 IJLYTIlKVII.htt (AUK.) COURIER NKWS [Heavy Delays F Rainfall armers Summer Round-up Method»st Women Ve-Schoo! i Serve 650 Persons Children Planned'At May Breakfast Spring Planting Near Completion in State, Agri Agency Reports (By I'nlli'il i' Heavy rains ditrln« tl\e pfrU few days have delayed [iekl work in most [ of A'jjkiviiix mid only in ihe r,,ist- ^ ern h?cX|j|ns have coodirions l^peii , favorable for outdoor work, the weekly weather and :'r..»p bulletin j reports loday. However, said the oui^tin, Sprini- >lanliny is iiraeUcally completed n must aree.s and wn>- innl^hls [and adetptute moislure have in?lei 1- I ally aided crop srow'.h. How crops I are beeomiiiL; quite wveOy in some hiL'alities. The completion o; cotton plunl- l in? was delayed by inins in s'>mc I areas. As usual, snine field:, hud to 1 he replanted. ICarly iilaoted cotton 1 is bciiia cultivated an:i choi)ped t where weather ccndiUonr. pe''init. Islands as a whole are giuxl in most 1 lields and the cfO]> h niakht!; sat- |isfa<tory (jrowth. Rice Ecciling is ahou; completed, [except in fields that have been too I wet. The bulletin says that the ftnuv- | berry harvest is annul at the important Wiiitj I area and is well underway in (lie |\'i<ithwestern part of ih.; state. Most early planted 'join is 1111 to (,'ood stands and m ikiiiB; iood I growth, except in the Southwesurn |part of the state whore it was rtam- I/ed by heavy rains. Most oats ure making rapic' proi- Iross. Alfalfa is bohiH cut for the I first time this season in sonn lo- ities, Tite outlook is very lavor- !e for all fruit crops. The annual Sunim-.".- round-up More than 050 p.-oplo for pre-school children will be^in theTille inn! surrouttdla-; inmonow U'.ornitiR. 9 o'clock, at f.-nded the annual M..V Lainte School. . 'Mothers are asked to brinf; the children who will enter school next Fall lor immunisation shots and txaiuination. John Stevens Speaker At 'Do// Class PACE THREB areas at- br-aUfast Uiven by the Women's Roi'letv of Ohristiiiu Service of r-'ii-'t M-'lho- dist Ct'.uroli this in.)in;U' 3 ' in th.^ church basement. IJreaUfastrrs were .u'' - vi\l in a setting of flowers airan;'i-d l.i tiie windows and in large floor baskets throughout the room, with indu'i- I dual boutjiiets centering t.ibl?s. Pur- I pie. white an<l yellow hi.-, roses in OSCEOLA. Ark., May 21 — The varied shades, ttlndlo.'. pink i.nd led peonies, pansies .>:u! niavy other flowers were used In '.In 1 Sjnins bouquets. The breakfast menu includc-ri et-ss, IKU-OH. sausage, hot l)^(iul'..s. coffee, butter and Jeil;. 1 . I Mrs. Hush WhiLsitl. piv-tdenl of ' the WSCS. was seneral chairman for w,:s IX'll Kn- Eeo- Mis. 1'iiiie :d Osccola Church Women Have Lesson Meetings I.ilM V 10 itl. im'inbt 1 Dem M'Wir.i; :ii|,| ,., :uut .M v-l! :• \ v ,. r lep.'it i: ,.111 ih, II'.' iva:. ].,;•,(,. Hie meeting were club's last ses.'.ion the home o; Mis. In addition to Hie e..i'nt • were n vlslluv. were tU'.'en -i-hetlnv,. C'.11111:1111 illM'lissetl ami a yearbook i'o:i,mi- Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church met Monday afternoon for their finnl lesson on the study coursr. led by Mrs. Hurry Jones and Mrs. Prank Owyn. Mrs. Roland Boothe conducted tlic wort-hip study. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH The Christian Workers met al the home of Mrj. L. n. still with Mrs. Dudley Lynch as hostess. The 18 members present included a ne\v member, Mrs. Ed Alder. Tlic president. Mrs. Hrnce Ivy. conducted the session which she opened with prayer. Mrs Still was leader of the lesson, using as her subject "How to Study tiie Scriptures." Mrs. Earl Owens read the scriptures and at conclusion of the study, a x" m ti licat'j"Ho\v Renuest Thou?" was vend. County | A dessert was served following the meeting. Jalin Stevens Jr.. discussed Four Aspefls of hill-" when lie principal speaker in the School jmii<]|'-:;ei'.i.'r b;im]tip' cl'iiy niiilu at the school Home noniics GMtai:e. J. H lliinn, t:reslilent of llu ¥ j oar;l til IMrerUirs, nave the invocation atul Watren Howard, jurl'H'. served ;is inaster oi cereinonu-s A.; a part of the pnii'.rani, N >'.jle 1'ill sniiR "The Old I.anmU'.'liler", "T:ifj Girl That 1 Marry" inn! 'Uncle, lieinn.s." Mr:;, liui »!«> ua. :> iin.^t and olhiT quests iiU'iu<U'<l the la- Mr;;. Henry KIVIUII eluty, iiH'tnber.s of tUe Hoard ol i ent-e Hush i,x\^> || K | Dirertors and their wives, j their ^st!-:-. MIS. !•: w. Campbell. A grr.itiKiiinn theme was used in nnd Mr r.miplu'll, of si. l.oiiLs. ami dcTcirations and place rai'ds were their niivi-. Miss vlri'lnli An'ta livoiir-ims In bi'.,kl"l toi-iii. slnii.'d " ' lik. 1 luaUtaition eapM. . c ."|:rmv. Hu.v- ers and lighted caudles lUcorutcd each tabli'. lillston's; ,'iiMer, ' Mis Mllloll lliiins. who will lie thi'lr nm several weeks. John C.'. O'Hi it'll nr sprnl Suturdiiy In' the liomi- emi«ln, Mis. rj. )(. Wood. Hi! /-UXOfO the breakfast, .whieh was th: 1 est Bfucc the annual ev.'nt IMI-J i Biiralccl. Mrs. M. C. Gotxtwin was chairman of tickel sal Bridc' cAfee Will Become , OsceoJan May 26 Coming Events WEDNESDAY C. find N Birthday Club meeting at Dogwood Clubhouse. 7:30 p.m. 'THURSDAY Mrs. Marvin Nilnn hostess to Octette Club. 20tli Century Club m«lmpr at The Hut for monthly dunce, (1:30 p.m. Mrs. P. D. Poster hosier; lo Thursday Contract Club. Mrs. C. F. Tucker nostess lo Oc- tette Club. FRIDAY Mrs. R. A. Copeland entcrtaininB CISC Club. Bride-elect Honored By Mrs. C. W. Hoover OSCECIA. Ark.. May 2!,—Miss Ruth McAfee of Wilson, bride- c>ct ol Joe Owyn of O-Teola. was honored .\cstei day when .Mrs. C. W. Hoover entertained with a party for three tables of bridge quests an<i a table of rummy quests. In bridge sramcs. Miss Lillian Wilson \von hJL'h score nnd Miss Jean Sprck ol Frenchman's Bayou received low score. Mrs. Jerry Cul- loii-i won first ::<:ore in nnnmy and Mrs. T. J. McAflce, low. 'Mis$ Mt'Aifec was presented a Bill. The home was decorated with arrangements of mixed Spring Ilowers. il Miss l-'lor (hcii 1 ;'.ti>.s: At The Hospitali Mr. and Mrs. M. Grahcr Adopt Son in i^c:w York Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Ci'-i.v'r have adojjted a boy who is now '£.'. ttjivt old. He was eit;lil days (,H wh-'!l Islr. and Mrs. Ciralier itd<ipi:\l him In New York CMly. He bn n named Arnold I'dwin. Mi', and Mrs. Grab:? 1 air iiuivnis of anolhev adopted sc.n. M.iU:l Michael, nine and a hall veal- ul.l. Suiuliiy momina,. a ;'itui! cer.'- mony for namlnt; the Ij.iiiv u:ir. helii at the Graber home. 1C I I West Holly Si., with Dr. Alfred V's-. liahl-i of Temple Israel, and IheK.'v. Tmet/ki of Memphis conduct 111-4 the illc.s jointly. More than let) fr^-iuls and members of the family w 're jjri. i etit for the occasion. Woman Slays Rival; Then Tells Police She's Happy Miss Rulh McAfee,''<iaitElitcr ol |vir .and .Mrs. Tony J. McAfee of • Wilson, will become the bride Mny l.'G of Jne Brown Gwyn. son of Mi-. Itncl .Mrs. Frank. O. Gwyn of Oo- |:eo!a. The v.-eAdins; will be solemnized ni YT1IFVIII !•' HO-il'ITAl lit Wilson Methodist Church bv ttts Admitted- 3 'Cr E 'vP' Ktlctz "' prist01 '- " Mrs. Le'ster Lamb. Mimila. Miss .Mat;. E. Symoncls will pre-| Mrs . Glatlys CraiR , i. man _ ;eiu a program of organ music ami' M ,. s Truman Alexander, fitee'.e. Mrs. w. W. Driver will present Missouri f.'ocal solos. Candles will be lighted . W |.,lfrcd Recce, Hermondaie. Mo. Miss Jean Speck nf French- Dismissed- L'S nayott and Miss Mary M»v-,- w w Johnson, city ;;aret Lannum of Onceola. | oharles Svkcs, Cape Girardenu, Tne '^ride-elect will be given in Missouri iiarriagc by her father. -Her sister., B llrt Mil , !griml . Manila. ,frs. Jce A. Evans of Mount Stet -. , Ky.. will be matron of honor. ^ Lillian Wilson will be her mid of honor and 'Mis? Ruth Moral', and fl-Ciss ! Maric \Vilson 1 will 'n bridesmaids. Sandra Sue Mc J t\fce. sister of th-3 bride-elect, will le flo'.ver ?irl. William b. Frazier v.'ill sierve Mr. The Himalaya nuHmlaiii.s ix'.end a distance of 1G30 miles, with 2) of their peaks exceediiKi five in height. tlll'eatenillK for iwo years t; Mrs. Margaret Tana//!). 31. in of two children, if sli; didn't An alleged ullalr wi'.li Mrs. vone's hnsbaiui. fwyn as best man. Ushers will l:ft •had Kelly. James W. Hill and W. Miss Mi^Pfce was graduated from Ivilson Hiph School and. is now Jmp!oyed at Delta Products Co.. I.Vi!son. Mr[ Gwyn. cashier at Willon bank, receive,"! his education at [lot Springs High School. filliam Ayres Will Wed \urfreesboro Resident Mrs. Louis Tilhnan, Tomato. G. E. Workman Jr., cit.v. Mrs. Jack Key and baby, Manila. B. Tanner, Manila. Mrs. Bendie Ljell, :i(y. Mrs. James O'Banmn, city. Mrs. James W. Bess, Holland. Mo. C. R. Brown, city. Mrs. D. C. Holliiijjswcrthh, Cooler, Missouri. WALLS IIOSI'IT VI, Dismissed: Lavonne Garrett, Goblo/, Mo. Mrs. Joe Webster, city. Ed May, city. Mrs. Robert Morris. Steeic. Mo. C. B. Colcman, Holland, Mo. NEW YORK, May 21. (UPI—A 41-year-old mother chas?d an r.t- tractive brunette clown a derk Brooklyn hallway todrr,'. killed her with live shots in the chest, and flat Lake Women's Club tr ^n told police "I'm ymd I did it. " Irs. Plilloitiena S-n.>o".\ pi«Mi»r or three children, said thai "jealousy" prompted the shoaling- She did not explain further. Nei^libors said that Mrs. Scavono had been Wi/f Demonstrate Covers Chair covers made from ctv!oi-,ne will be demonstrated at ill-.' noxt meeting of Shady Grove Home f- 1111:11 mi. <.( AllCililelplil.!. Miss Ki- mon:-nii h-iv >]ii'nt iho n^st two and e, ha!( ye,us in |>,uis, l-'nvnri'. w:»! Ill' Aincru-m Kmbaisy. While the n.r,:un.:u. ,1,,, v js||e<i Hwlt/"r- land. llil;li:in. C,-illl:illv. Ih'lllllalk. .Sweden and Haly. Shi- will remain in the {-'t.n.'.s until July. Upon In-.return la Paris, she will DC inin- 1 I'lcd lu liirhard of Iniltin-! napoli^. nul Mrs Howard llowen mid brother. W. 11 Nlchol«on HI Hlythevllle. and .von. ,lne Ross Ilinven of West Me'll- pliis. llfw i.i olmnbla, 'ivmi,, In Mr, H>v.i-i!'.s plum, 'j'ue.sdny to al- ten,] tiie tuneriil of their aunt, Mr.f. R. M. Jniii's. laixorian, w|,o attended eltlier "Ala«"" m- -riif Miirrlii«<> of f.'l- liaro" in Memphis were Mrs T P. Hudson, MI.SS Wade Mellenrv, Mrs. T. i,. Stanford, Miss Kv l Conke. M,.S S ctu-l.-itine Culvert, Mr;:. Chnrlie ThoinsiK. Mrs, Tom Catlls an<l Mrs, T n \vllkins Mrs. .1 l. Minim ami daimluc:-. Miss nctly Rui' MifiHu, «rt't>nip«"- Ird W l). Terry in Kmackover Friday for a visit w'ilh Mrs, Mlfflln's sister. Ml.s w I). Terry. Mrs. Mu- flln will return Thursday lo ent"" '"ill's! Arkansas state College for the summer and Mi ss Mlltlln will f- main i" Snui-kovci for I lie Summer. Mrs. Charley liiimey. Jr.. cif Chi- e:iBO, who has been vlsUlnu her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. C. It'>wind. toi the three weeks returned home Sunday. She wtui cOmpaiiieil Ijv her nieec. Miss Dixie Howard, her mother and her mint, Mrs Hurry Stanford, who will be her Kiiests [in- the week. Mr. and Mrs. |jst Kdinlston of Louise. Miss, have returned lo their Iheme after atteiulltiK the vveildhiK "'' Mieiv nli T( .. Miss Mill'v HlllTletL Ellliinaii. to 11. D. Mcars. Tht-v were esp( i cially to see his aunl, Mrs. K H '1'eriy, who has been si'rlously ill lor the past two weeks. Her r m- till len Is Itnprtived. Mrs. O. Howlon has had as her liuest her brother-in-law, L. Hu\\'Ion, anil his son. Kellnmd Howton of Hvansvllle, ind. Mr. anil Mrs. Ucrtl Clurki'an ol Cmwfordsvllle are the tnu'sts < ( Mi Corkian's parents, Mr. nn:! Mrs. C'hiuhe Corkran. I.uxtira teiieht'rs wh<» have I* 1 !! for thetv respcellve hornet fnr tin- siimiuer are Miss Kmma Lee Ki'in- niiuncr. Conway; Mra. Nenvc llaylics. <'onw:iy; MKs liernln 1 Matthews. Aliins; Miss Maxinr dii '; l ! Harry, elmslead. Ky ...Mr. nnd M: \, Joe Fay Moore. West Uiilee Mrs r;eorye Hlln;i\s ol ll/xl-i Mo,, vlsliori her slsiei -In-law, Mr:; Kd- Wayne, e,[ Aahlnbulu, -Ohio,'' Mrs. Hum' a^rm»n. \Vit- tiii. uui'.sis of his patents,' Mr. u'nii | Mr. p.mi >S3 Thoma», .Allbritton loc Mrs. Hill Sliellly. condltl') 1 of Mr.'spent last fce«k in Sttfle-^isi'-'i IT isnellly. who has been 111. Is. I'm- relatives. '•"•'•z. *s. Memphis j ruved. . | Mrs. Donald^ D^nnellyj. Of" Ion!.i.' Mr. mid Mrs. w. 1!. Wnlltice cf Mich., Is spendUiif two «ee)ui~4ith' St. Louis wei-e £\\cnla last week llcr mother,- Mrs. Ethel '• i:( her [NM'tnlK, Mr, nntl Mrs. V. C. She is the forine.r Miss Wilson. Jenkins. .. •, Mrs. I,nte Williams »[ Campball Jo11 " Rliodcs has returned IJ-.MII .veveral days with her iliiunh- Memphis, where he has been un:n.;. .Vrs. Har.V.le Wlugfleld atu! clcrgoing liospital treatineiit., Mrs. Hhodcs accompanied, him -humfc Ci. 15. Culler for a week. Stccle News Dr. anil Mrs. Lawreii'-c <vo|vr of Foil Myers, Ma., are \i.-.lli:v ; rlends antl relatives in ::i ei- 1 . Mr. and Mrs, l.loyl M •,,:,! •;•!! have returned to llx'li' hiu.ic m E:(. Louis afler spemllnr. , wn-'. •Hli his piu'cnis, Mr, an I Mis. Hoy Marshall, Mrs. Wllbell falls of Savannah, "renn,. has been ihc vilest oi Mr. and Mis. Albert Wood,'. 11. II. Sheilly and :,o.i. j.;,. I'IRED FROM BEATING' 1 BAITERS P---TRY MAGIC HUMKO in the early Pall. Miss Parsons attended school ill Murfrecsbnro and was graduated Troin Henderson Stale Tencher.-' College, Arkadclpia, where she was OSCEOLA, Ark., May 21. —Mr a member of Upsilon Phi and Kap- luirt Mrs. Charles Thomas Parsons pa Delta Phi sororities. lif Murfrecsliovo announce the en- j Mr. Avres was graduated from ragcment of. their daughter. Miss Osc'eola High School and attended llary Helen Parsons, to William j Chicago Television Institute. Vic |;iay Ayres. son of Mrs. E. M.' was wtih the Eighth Army Air Force as radar operator nnd spent three years in the European Thea- [\yre.s ol Osccola, and Die late Mr. KVVCS. Tiie wedding will he solemnized ter, IN JUST Factory iiarls . . . cx- lii'rt ropairiiicn . . . reasonable prices p.nrt speedy service arc four gooti reasons lo brlnt? youi wnlch to us lor repairs, Alt WORK RJLIY GUARANTEED DHEIFIS «TO«I» M MYTMVIU4, MfcHftlU *NO «TI*SMW« Protect Your-Children Against Disease-Carrying Insects! KILLS FL'SS, most) n i Iocs, anls, moth?, If.'ilimi^s, si[\ r erli^!i, other insocls afler conlnct with |iaite,-n siilc. effeciivc one year! The DDT will not nil) oil! HARMLESS TO KUMANS, household [lets, anil clolhcs! Yd, TEUM/ kills inserts that can bring sickness ant! disease lo your children! One lly ran carry 6,600,000 bacteria! TR1MZ is ready-pasted, notliiti" lo £el ready, no tools, no pasle, no muss. Simply cut inlo slrips, ilip in wnler, and hang! It's dry in 20 minutes! TIIIM/, is guaratilccd lo slick! INEXPENSIVE! You can prolccl your child with safeguardingTKIMX for only S!i t«SI2, depemlinj; nn llio sr/e. of ihc room. DDT ("oiling I'a- [icr.s, loo, rornn_)-rooin in your IIOBIC! CHILDREN'S ROOM WALLPAPER W "'Ohney Favorites" (pattern at r/gfif) or "Jack and Jill" (s.'iown aclow). t / Sf/- ^ ,4, (y 1 «|i- -&«-, •** •i~rA- 'ft ^ •'M ALL vr.GlMAOl C- KFGULAR You'll get more motoring pleasure with this • C.lenn unil adjust itp pints. | • Adjust distributor polnlr). • t'.heek iltstrUmtor cup, rotor, anil small lead wires'. • Iteset Ignition (Inline,. • Tighten cylinder lu'iiil and manifolds. • Clean and lighten l»(lei y terinlnals. I • t;heek Inilleiy voltuiiej • C'.hcck Compression. • Check eoll anil condcimer. ,'• Clii'ik primary and sec/ ondiiry wires '.mil ti|i|iieii. / « Cleiin carburetor howl'iinii lilnw out fuel line. « Clit'ek viieunni und ailju^t carl)\iri'!<ir. «.<)leau and rcoll cleaner. • Koud-tent rur. Yen—for complete sallsf.ic- tlon—you can depeiul on tlio "Wuow lio\v" <i£ our L'J Hie^haiik'H. 3.SECOND STREET .^ PHONG 4-S2. Wrecker Service . Gulf Gas Fisk'Tiires Owned & Operated by Tom A..Little'Jr. Soc Jiramic First' itirprisint AH This Week... But Don't Wait 9xl2Size '.lull' & [''ilirc/ THESE RUGS ARE NOT UNLIMITED! Ready Your Home for Hot Weather Now - while tljcy last Chiquita : THROW RUGS i 1 (Made in Mexico; J1.49 . mm mmm-.mffm ... u ~-. .__............' _ .,- !)\I2 I-'HtTH MArySlONj'HOlISi'; Al.I, \VOOI. ftXWSNSlEft RUGS S1C5.S3 !)xl'2 I'Uv'I'll (K)OU l!Atr>H')NY Ai.l \V1KH. KXMINSTER RUGS : ; $8155 . )xI2 Fllf'H l'KOVI\('l.\l. $69,95 $4.75 A, AM. t'OI.WIS :MV.-{I; (OTin HPIPUraiSTJ 24 x 40 Coronaf'tOH • '(Cotton) J BlUe; Gre«n, : Rcti ! ^r/.ics A VAII;AI»,I-:) L.....^...... Carpet Sweepers While they last $3,95 i Axminstcr i ' • . Throw Rugs ,, I ?7x45 $5.95 •36x54 $7.95 6 x 9 or 6 x 12 Coir . jiM 301 East Main EDWARDS TURE COMPANY Phont 2487 Sec Jimmie first ..... .

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