The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont on April 7, 1870 · Page 4
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The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont · Page 4

Burlington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 7, 1870
Page 4
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TELE DAILYugREE JPR&SS LI:D TJTJVCES, THUB8DAY, AlPRIX 7, 1870. gaxmistmrnts. Moots & Sttois. MAILS. O after Monday, llovrmber Titk, tht Mailt wili olote M arm atjouowtt AftliTB New Tnrlr. 4.10 A. If . and 4.20 p. v. s Troy 4.IOA.v.and420F.M.t Albany, 4 . p.m. Boston, 6.20 a. If. and 6.15 p. . ( Southern Way. 6.15 p. .; Batten Way, 6.10 p. a.i Worth eastern, 7.35 p. K. Northern, 8.00 A. M. , Winooski, 6.10 OLOsaZkew York, 8.00 A. if. And 8 P. M. Troy, 8.00 a. v. and 8 P. . ; Allany, eun a. m. ana . p. m. Boston, . A. . and 8.00 P. . Southern Wy, 8.00 a. m. s Eastern Way, e.oo a. u. i wortn eastern, tjoo A.M.i Northern, 4.15 P.if.j Wi-oooskl, 6 a. M. OFFICE HOURS 1 From 7.30 A. if . to 8.30 P. m. R. R. TRAINS. , LaAVB BoauBOToir Uoiny YVor,on the Vt. Central ft. R., at 4.15 A. M. (exoept Monday morning) and J JS A.M. and 5.00 and 6.30 P.M. Going ' A.M. 12.30 and 7.50 P. M. ,9n Rutland and Burlington R. R. at 8 A. M. ana 1.30.3.) and 9.30 P. M. . , . ABif.mlti:Mf at 6.20 7 JO M. A." at 8.00 A. M. and 1.30 and 9 05 P.M. Tern 9.10 A. tVa'Saaa'aoW North tbe Montreal and Vermont Jonotion Hailroad at6 10 A.M., and 5-50 p I coins North and West on the Vermont Central Railroad for Rouse's Point, Ogdensburg, mo., at 6 05 A. 2 : 15 P. M., and 6 s 45 P. U. going South, connecting at Burlington with Rutland Railroad, at 6t U0 a.m. and U ., and 7 1 30 p. m. i Lcatntr-Clad HcrmH. A PicarJian Rerfutt Disturbed in the SEW BOOKS. In Press and mil shortly bt issued. A SEW EDITION OF Vermont at iettybiirgli, BY Llfcl'T. G. Q. BENEDICT, A. I. O. The work of preparing and placing on record a full and reliable account of the important part taken by the Vermont troops at the Battle of tietr tysburgh, was originally undertaken by the author at the request of the Vermont Historical Society, j and a paper read before that Society in 1364, forms the groundwork of this work. A small edition was printed in 1 867, which was toon exhausted, and has long been out of print. The continual requests for copies, and the growing interest among Vermonters in securing permanent records of the late war, has induced the publishers to prepare a second edition, which is now in press. It will be in octavo form, bound in muslin neatly lettered and gilt, in dear GREAT FALL in PRICES For the remainder of the season we shall sell our winter stock of BOOT A D SHOES If Greatly Reduced, Prices Please eall and examine goods and prices before purchasing elsewhere, HOIGHION A. CO. Burlington, Vt., March 29th, 1870 fdtf GREAT SALE RUTLAND & BURLINGTON R.R. Wildt I handsome type on tinted paper, with Uluminattd of Westchester County. Tht Man who Foil title page, a steel-plate portrait ofGen.Stannard,nx the Interviewers, plates illustrating tcenet of tht battle-field, and will .L vv iorin a handsome as well as valuable addition to in ine luuiueru uuruuu ui iuv ww v i -r. .,1 A,tnt aW eicrhteen miles from New the library oi any Vermont. v,t- ,n arwa. f rnde and nictur- I The following expressions of approval of the esque territory, abounding in every conceivable I goope and execution of the work, selected from variety of forest, rocK ana cave. ituin tuis many such, are suomiitea as testimony vo its vaiue, BOOTS f.VI SHOES IFOR THE NEXT 30 DAY8' AT II. A. itlOONEY'S, Church St., opposite the old Bunk THE subscriber intends to make repairs in his 1 store, and for that purpose offers to close out his entire stock of BOOTS AND SHOES, RUBBERS 'I hitherto uncultivated and almost unknown tract the Central Park avenue has recently been laid out ; and as the work of construction progresses many antique relics.such as tomahawks.bows and arrows, with numerous specimens oi a geological nature which may have lnin concealed for ccn turies. have been already dug up. The prosecu- tinn nf th wnrk named has also disturbed the , ... . ... . , :,i;!,i.i whn haq I deeds or our soldiers on the habitual mi let of a singular individual, wno nas I ...... . . ,,,. .... for many years been the occupant or a cave in I tiumi to more credit lor the distinguished ana valu-that section and of whose history very little is 1 able services there rendered, than etannard's Brig- VA. fWnnallv his erotesoue heure has Vermont troop been seen flitting through different portions of the countr. always selecting the miauie oi tne road or street, while his rapid locomotion guard ed against any familiar approach by his fellow men. He is known in the neighborhood as the 'leather-clad man," from his outlandish costume which consists wholly of leather ,and made appa rently from strips and remnants or old doom, fastened together by means of an awl and twine. This abstruse character invariably endeavors to shun observation, only showing himself when hunger compels him to seek the haunts ofcoun- trv commerce, lie is a man oi starwan irame, large features and possesses a melancholy rather than a morose expression of countenance. Living alone in the cave, he.of course, prepares his own food and enjoys almost complete isolation from the outside world. When asked questions his replies are always given in monosyllables. Com mon rumors assert that he is a native of Picardy, France ; that he was a miser in early life and was never known to commit a theft or even sus pected of doing wrong. A quiet dignity of char acter seems to repel all impertinent questions, and when asked recently whether he had broth' era, sisters or children living, his countenance betrayed keen emotion ; .memory seemed to be disturbed, but he made no reply. While " the leather-clad man " is averse to being " inter- viewed," he appears happy in his seclusion ; he pays no rent nor is he molested by the income tax collector, and exists the embodiment of isol ated independence and self reliance. from persons qualified to judge ; FROM MA JOB GKHB.BAL GEO. 0. MKADB. Ubacqdabters, Department 'or the East, fHlLAnELFHlA, fa., 1-60. 31, 1067. O. U. Benedict, Burlington, f'rmont t I am always glai to see any effort made, to bring to the notice oi the publio, the gallant and heroic deeds of our soldiers on the ever memorable field 01 no body oi troops en- Very Respectfully Yours, tieo. ti. Mbadb, Major Weneral, Cow. VBOM 1HB LA IB SECBBTABT STANTOK. I irav Vou to aooept my sinoere thanks ror tue nanasome copy you nave lavorea me witn, 01 tne record made ny uie v erinont troops at tne Daiue of Uetty8buri;h. The patriotic valor exhibited by the soldiers of Vermont and their gallant otlioers, upon many battiehelds, was never more conspicuous than at that great deoisive field which you have so well commemorated. Vermont has good reason to be proud of her sons and the place they have won iu that National history to which you have made so valuable a contribution. With sincere regard, 1 am yours truly, KDWIJf M. bTABTOM. O. a. Benedict, Lieut. 4 A. D. C. and OVER SHOES, for 30 days AT GREATLY REDPCEQ PRICES. A large lot of BURT'S CELEBRATED BOOTS, FAREWELL'S SHOES, And other Goods from the best manufacturers in New York City and other placer. Men's Overshoes, $2.75 Ladies' " 2.25 Men's Rubbers, 1.00 Ladies' " 75 French Calf Sewe ( Roots, 7.50 And all othe goods In proportion. A large lot of Heavy Cloth Boots for Winter wear Snow Boots, every thing in he Shoe line. Qf 27ow oome along. Over 6000 pairs, and they MUST BE SOLD to make room for improvements. HT REMEMBER THE PLACE! FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS I H. A. MOONEY. Burlington, Deo. 19, 1368. tdtl VBOM BON. EDWARD VPHERSON, OP GBTTTSBURGH, CLEBK OF TBB B0D8B OP REPRESENTATIVES. Gbtttsbubs, Sept. 30, 1867. My Dear Sir s I bee to thank you for your very interesting and valuable paper Vermont at tiettysburir. The mat ter is very interesting and aoouraie, as are the illus trations, it tne history or tne battle be ever cor recti y written, it will be after such thorough inves tigations, on the part of the various Slates whose troops were engaged. Vermont's record in it is particularly honorable. Very truly Yours, tilVD. AlCfUERSON. O. G. Benedict, Eta. Dramatic Scicides. An extraordinary case of suicide has lust occurred at l'arm. A well-dressed man of about forty descended the Uuai des Tuileries, and, seating himself beside a man who was fishing, lit a cigar, lie offered one to his neighbor, and, after a few minutes' conversation, plunged head foremost into the river. Ihe fisherman dropped his rod and jumped in after him, but the first immediately struck out and swam away, and the other regained the bank. The tormer snortiy at tor returned, ana,wniio swimming in front of his temporary acquaintance, drew three napoleons from, his pocket and commenced tossing them in the air like a juggler. At the approach of a number of raOB HON. L. P. POLAND, M. C. St. Jobnsbory, Sept. 9, 1S67. My Dear Sirt I received from you a day cr two since, a very neatly bound copy of your paper on " Vermont at tiettysburg." 1 thank you v.ry kindly, and shall prize it highly. Little Vermont did her duty there bravely, and her heroes deserved to have their deeds bravely ebronioled. It will greatly help our getting our proper chapter in the history of the " great war." X am most truly, Your friend and servant, L. P. Poland. Q. O. Benedict, Ztq. FROM COL W. S. VEAZET. Rutland. Vt.. Aug. 16. IS67. Lieut. Benedict I have received your book on Gettysburg, and read it with great pleasure. It is a fine subject and DRUGS I DRUGS I ! Patent M edioines, Dye Stuffs, Chemicals, Cooking Extracts, Bpioes, Shoulder Braces. Elastic Hoso. Supporters, Syringes, Trusses, Ac, Ac., TOILET GOODS. Perfumeries, foreign and domestio, Pomades, " " Hair Oils, " German Cologne, Florida Water, Hair Brushes, Flesh Brushes, Clothes Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Hand Brushes, Nail Brushes, Infant's Brushes. And every description of Toilet articles, ard indeed exerythinz usually kept in a first class drug store, on hand, iresh from the wholesale houses, in larze oantities. and for sale at a small advance on cost, by WILLIAM ROOT. Baxter's Block, College Street. CKAB6E OF TIBS, On and after Monday, Not. 39, trains will run as follows : . LEAVE BrRLIWSTON. 8.30 M . MAIL TRAIN for Troy, New York, Bos ton, Lowell, Worcester, r itenourgn, rattleboro. Springfield, Hartford, lSew Haven, and the West. Arriving si nutiana u.WA.f.; Troy, 3.40 p.m.; New York, via IJadson River Railroad, 10 P. ; wpring6olu. 6 p.m.; Boston, o.oo r. m, T trough from Burlington to Bottan uritkout change Of Cart 1 30 P.M. DAY EXPRESS, for Rutland. Bellows Falls, Troy and New York. arriving at Rutland 4.15 p.m. ; Bellows Falls 6.50 p.m. s Sarmto- . go, 7.15 P.M. s Troy, 8.55 P. M. j Albany, 9 lo p. m., and New York, vi 1 Hudson River Railroad, at 6.00 A. M. This Train stops only at Vergennes, Middlebury and Brandon. Except to take or leave through passengers. 3 30 P.M. ACCOMMODATION TRAIN. Arriving at Rutland 8.15 p.m. 9.30 p.m NIGHT EXPRESS, with sleeping ears, for New York and Boston. Arriving at Rutland 12.35 A.M., Saratoga, 8.00 a.m. ; Troy, 6.30 a.m., New. York, 12.45 p.m.; Bellows Falls, 3.25 a.m.; Springfield, 7 a.m. ; New York, via Springfield, 12.45 p.m. ; and Boston 8.30 a.m. Ey This train runs through to New York Saturday night, but not to Boston. Mo change of cart between Burlington and Troy or notion. HP" The 8.30 a.m. 1 .30 and 9.30 p.m. Trains make close connections at Troy and Albany with N. Y. Central for the West. TRAINS ARRIVE AT BURLINGTON : 4.10 a.m. Night Express, from Boston, Troy, and Mew York. 9.10 a.m. Accommodation, from Rutland. 6.15 p.m. Mail Train from Boston, 4.20 p M. Day Express, from Rutland, Troyand New York. i or further information apply at the Union Ticket 0 (lice, No. 1 American Hotel Block, or at the Rutland. nauroaa rassenzer station, where vou can procure your tickets to the above points. Also to all points West. North, and South-west and have your choice 01 mo various rouwJB. J. W. WARD WELL. General Agent, at Passen- ST 8tation. jvuii w. uAnrisM rem. ncxei Agent, at no. 1 American Hotel. Inrlington, Vt., May 17, 1869. t r NEW BOOKS AT TAX Church Street Book-Store. MEN AND MYSTERIES OF WALL STREET by James K. Medbery, with Original Illustration. AN OLD FASHIONED GIRL, by the author of Little Women. A BRAVE LADY, by the author of John Halifax Gentleman, etc , etc. MISCELLANIES, by Thackeray. TALES OF EUROPEAN LIFE. 80RRENTO WOOD CARVING. What it Is -How to ao it. THE STUDENT, Balwe.'s Novels. For Sale by E. A. FULLER. AprU2rtf THE COLLEGE REVIEW. THE March number contains a sketch of the " University of Vermont, by President James d. aibii.1i." au araeie on n-esiaent angell and the Univeisity of Michigan." and " Colleze Items." of interest in this section. It is for sale in Burling ton, bj j. j. rmixiin m w. Booksellers and Stationers, mar8tdtf "Times' Building." BURLINGTON iiiipiiiggp J?nstrranf$. This Agency was estsiblisbed 181. to C1TT DIRECTORY For 1869-70, FOA SALE tart7ltf AT THIS OFFICE. (Si;o4cris it podsions. BUY THE BEST I (Groceries, grodstens, JEina Insurance Company OF HARTFORD, CONN. Capital and Surplus 1 5,500,000. Home Insurance Com pan 5 OF NEW YORK Capital and Surplus, 4,500,000. Hartford Fire Ins. Company OF HARTFORD. CONN. Capital and Surplus, t2,&00,COO. This Afreucy was KutabliHhtd io 1 8 10. ABB RBPBESBVT FMKMi 4' oTS.tllM.YM: Insurance Companies Having CASH ASSETS of over Eighty ifliliion Hollar, (SO.OOU.OOO.) To Butineit Men, Manufacturer Property Ownert: Mill One of those small Packages ol The highest price paid fori Fresh Ezzs. We give flic highest cash price for very choice No. 1 tsmter. no medium or in ferior Butter wanted. McWILLIAMS BROS, OOIt. KING A WATER STREETS. Mroh 86 tdtf BUTTER AT In. Co. of North America, OF PHILADELPHIA. (Incorporated 1794. The oldest Company in the United States. I Capital and Surplus, 2,600,000. 1'hoenix Insurance Company OF HARTFORD, CONN. Capital and Surplus, 1,600,000. sLorillard Fire Ins. Compa'y OF NEW YORK. Capital and Surplus, (1,700,000. Niagara Fire Insurance Co. OF NEW YORK. We desire to call tha Manufacturers and persons having proiertr to in' sure, to the unsurpassed faoillties we possess to placing large or small amounts ot FIRE Oil MARINE INSURANCE IN RELIABLE COMPANIES, And at the same time we would remind than tea we issue policies in the Oldest A Strongest Insurance Conipuntaa In this country aud England at as low rates as are obarged by parties representing Companies with mail capital ntkA very limited meant of (security to polioy holders. At this Agency we nfier you pol'cies In the JEtna Inn. Company. - OF HARTFORD. ASSETS, 6,eoo,ooo. Iffome Ins. Vomptmy COLE'S, Capital and Surplus, 1,500,000. OF NEW YORK. ASSETS, B 4, 500,000. DR. BELL'S BITTERS. These Bitters are a wounderful and approved ve getable tonio, and alterative, and though but a short Ol n nuiliwr vt I reu I. wiui gre&b pleasure, itim uiib buujwi wju i owujq wmu, uu uwiaui, v.nuuwtvuu uu ouu. . noranna alnrmnrl K. fhn txrioa nf h KTlPPfflfxira I W611 nanaieQ, BUa tne interest in It 18 not lllUlteu IrO I UUIO ueiore m,aoiBtlowi i)auu.voiiuucu- persons, aiarmea by tho cries OI tne spectators I the perg0Ilal 'rrieaaB for whom the book is designed, lebrity for their curative qualities wherever intro of this strange scene, he swallowed the coins, and, diving under the water, did not reappear. Ilis body was not found until the evening, and as nothing was discovered on it to establish his identity he was taken to the morgue. An equally dramatic euicide was that of an unknown German at Indianapolis. The other day this man went into a big field near the city, and commenced a great variety of strange actions. When he had succeeded in attracting the notice ot the neighborhood, he shot himself through the heart. These cases are good illustrations of the inordinate vanity which frequently prompts to suicide. A Premium os Swindling. Sorao time since a so-called firm began the manufacture of greenbacks, eo well executed as to escape detection under ordinary examination. They were extensively advertised, and large quantities of them imposed upon the ignorant Southern blacks. Now a dishonest fellow at Detroit claiming to be a practical chemist, offers to furnish for the pittance of $2 the receipt for making the erasive fluid used by the Wall street forgers in altering checks, lie warrants it to extract inks or stains from ' any kind of paper, parchment, of cloth without injuring the fabric, significantly adding : "Caution is given not to use it on canceled Government stamps, as it will completely remove all signs of the cancellation, leaving the stamp as new as it came from the press." The meaning of the last sentence admits of no doubt. This rascally 'chemist" should be nabbed at once, and punished as an acces sary to crime. I hope somebody will give it general distribution in some lorm. it would do much to keep alive recol lect iocs of an event which this aire will not appreci ate, and which Vermont will be prouder of in the miure man now. very truly yours, W. G. V'SAzar. FROM GEN. JOHN W. PHKLPS. Brattleboro', Vt., Nov. 7, 1867 O. O. Benedict, Etq.t Dbar Sir-. Your elegant little volume, "Vkr- moht ar Ukttysburo." as ablv written as it is tastily got up, was duly received, and 1 return you my best thanks. You have the enviable assurance that yon have rendered services of great vaiue to the State, in this admirable record of the achievements of her regiments at the treat victory of Gettysburg. Very truly yours, J. W. Phrlps. It will be seat by mail, postpaid, (in reeeipt ot puce, to, eents, texira gui si.uu; oy Tub Fsksj Prkss Association, Burlington, Vt. duced, and are finding a rapid sale. They are pre nared from the formula of Dr. Boil, an eminent fcn glish physician, by whom they were prescribed for the speedy and permanent cure of Dyspepsia, Liver vompiainc, xriseases 01 uie Aiuiiuya, hiu aix jiujiur ities of the Blood and ailments arising lrotn a di.ior dered stomach. Thev are slishtly stimulant, plea sant and agreeable to take. Manufactured, and for sale wholesale and retail by the proprietor. WILLIAM . BOOT, W. B. Dbnshkb, Travelling Agent. Burlington, Vt. Burlington, Sept. 4. 1869 twiy U-tisffllaiHCits. HARRIOT. PARKER at CO Bankers . and' Brokers, NO. 19, NEW STREET, wVJSir YORK. ORDERS for the pnrchase and sale of all kinds of GOVERNMENT BONDS, RAILROAD SE CURITY, and GOLD executed for the usual Com mission. 8. J. Harriot. C. L. Parkkr, J. M. Notrs, V. P. Notes, Special Partner. June 8, fdly LATELY ISSUED. THE VERMONT BRIGADE A Bra vk Act. The English Royal Hu mane Society has given its stiver medal this year to liord alter Kerr, commander ot tne Hercules iron clad. One of his men fell overboard in the Tagus, and striking bis head into the chains was stunned. JUrd Kerr, seeing that he could not be saved if he waited for a boat to be lowered, sprang from the bulwark of the ship a height of thirty foot into the stream, andswam to the sea man, whom he succeeded in holding above water for ten minutes of terrible endurance. until the ship's boat reached them, and took up the commander and his man, nearly dead. Massachusetts Gamk Law. The new game act now on its passage through the Massachusetts Legislature, proposes to protect woodcock from the first of January to the first of August ; raises the penalty for killing black ducks, wood or summer ducks, teal or brant, between the first of March and the first of September from ten to twenty-five dollars ; protects rail, snipe, plover, sand-piper, and all tne so-caiieu mareu,vDeacu,orBiiore oirus, from the first of April to the fifteenth of July ; and protects deer till tbo first of January, 1S72, and every year thereafter between the months of December and October following, It in said the bill is one of the best of the kind ever presented. Avecdotk ok Gks. Thomas. Ccommand of nerve is in great measure a matter of tamnerament : but it is also the result of training. General Thomas once gave an instance of this in a moment of unwonted confidence, when a friend complained of a serious wrong which bad been done him. "Colonel," Bid the commander slowly, 1 have taken a great deal of pains to educate myself not to feel." SII i:ADO All VALLEY, BT LIS.UT. COL. A. V. WALKER. 192; pases 12mo. In muslin gilt on tinted paper, with plans of the Battles of Cedar Creek, Fisher's Hill and Opequan, and a map of the Shenandoah Valley. This book gives in graphic style the main features of the famous campaign of SIX MONTHS IN THE VALLEY, in which the Vermont Brigade took no small part. It shows very plainly how much was due to the Vermonters for their stubborn resistance on the memorable day of Cedar Creek, whioh held the enemy in check while SHERIDAN'S RIDE, from Winchester brought him to the front, restored order, and brought victory out of defeat. every vermonter ougnt to oe laminar witn tne ashievements of Vermont troops in the rebellion, and this volume, written in clear and graphic style, is a valuable contribution to the literature of the country. It is enlivened throughout with anecdotes, episodes, and opinions Of men nr1 t.hinn. tla writoi- art. dently having opinions of his own, and not being afraid to express them. It in of the whole army of the Shenandoah, but only of a pretty clear idea of how much hv Sheridan's army, in those noted days of 1864. i ne poos: contains aiso a ROLL OF THE DEAD, giving the names of those whj died in battle or of wounas, ana SHERIDAN'S OFFICIAL REPORT, to the War Department. It bears on the cover the weu-snown dm go cr the CAIIK & BLANCH ARJU, ikpop.tbrs or BRANDIES, GINS, RUMS, WINES fee, Ac. Also dealers in fine old Bourbon f Rye Whiskies, No. 141 Front Street, New York. WE would call the attention of Selectmen, Town Aeents. and the Medical Faculty of the State of Vermont, to our well selected stock of imported Wines and Liquors, and choice Bourbon Whiskies, whioh we offer on reasonable terms. We would re spectfully solicit a share of public patronage, and will guarantee all liquors purohased of us to be PURE AND UNADULTERATED. AU orders received will be promptly attended to. CARR BLANCHARO, No. 141 Front Street, N. Y. MlDDLEBUBT COIXZfiZ, June2C, 1869. T HEREBY certify that I have analyzed for A Messrs. Carr A Blanchard. No. 141 Front Street. New York, the following named liquors: Bourbon ana ivye wnisKies, meaer. swan ana xioiiana wins, Hartelle Brandy and St. Croix Rum, andtound them all to be pure and unadulterated, and free from in organio contaminations, and properly administered, can ouumiouii uieiu lor uieuieinai use. Aug. 12 tdwly PROF. HENRY M. SEELY. WHAT ARE DR. J. WALKER'S -CALIFORNIA VINEGAR BITTERS TBET ARE HOT A VILE FASCf DRDTR. marl8rdw4w HINKLEY.KMTTINU MACHINE FOR FAMILY CSE-y cheap, reliable, Karrs VERTTBise. AGENTS WANTED, - Circular and sample stocking rREE. Address HINKLEY KNITTING MACHINE CO., Bath, Me. feblSfw3m TRUSSES!! Sixth Corps to which the Vermont Brigade belonged t is neat) uounu iu urown uiustin, ana sola only by agents. Copies sent post paid on receipt of price, $1 Jb, by rare ran mass Association, l4irtlna, Vt. SEELEY'8 HARD RUB BER TRUSSES. SCPPORT. ERS AND PILE 1NSTRD HENTS, Cure Rnptnre, Abdominal or Uterine weakness ana riles, juiflerent approved patterns. Comfortable, safe, light, cleanly, used in bathing, indestruotable (.steel springs coated. ) Elastic Stockings, Uelts, Braces, Handages, etc. Great Variett, Establishments, 1347 Chestnut St., Phila., and 3 Ann St., New York, opposite Herald Building. Send stamp for Pamphlet. Sold by Druggist, mailed or expressed. . . mar2tdw3m The Magic CombTa B. S. NICHOLS & CO., MA!TJI'A0TUBKR3 OF !oard Planers, Shafting, Water Wheels, Planing iu ma, oaw Julius, vrriBt rams, juaxDie aims, Biase Wille, Paper Mills,Heavy Forgingsand Bolts tor .boats ana linages, ratent stone Diggers, Patent Drag Saws. Horse Powers, Steam Engines, Boilers and Pumps, Iron Fence and Rail-ingsjron 4 Brass Castings. AL8O7-Dealers in STEAM AND GAS FITTINGS OP ALL KINDS, Leather end Rubber Belting and Hose. 4 bests roa Patent Bteam Packing, Morse's Twist Drills, Corliss K-cgmos, ana ivortmngton's rumps Pioneer BuU!iiig. Burlington, Vt. B. S. N lea 01,8, I F. G. Cotcn. Feb. 22. tdwly IS JUST TUE THING FOR FAMILY UBK 3Eaiitiatfaii lias. Company OF NEW FORK. Capital Hitd Surplus, J, 200,000. . Springfield F. fc Ira. Bn. Co OF SPRIN 6 FIELD, MASS;. j Capital aud Surplus, ft 93 O.OOO. AME Hanover Fire Ins. Company j OF NEW YORK Capital and Surplnn, 7OO,O0O. A Card. Having decided to retire from the Drug business, in which I havo been engaged for the past twenty- one years, I would respectfully inform the citizens of Burlington and the publio generally, that I have sold my stock of Drugs, Patent Medicines, Cheml- 1 n.:,. . i o : i , . . . t:ni9, luiioi ixui'US, ourgiuui xn(xuuienc9, etc., to Messrs. 11. r . etearns a to., wno will conduct the business at the old stand as heretofore : I wonld further say, that Mr. Stearns has been in the drug 1 Duemessior twelve years, eight or which he has been in my employ. Thanking the community generally for the kind and liberal patronage extended to me, and requesting a continuance of the same to my successors. l am, respectfully, J. W. ROBT. THE SEW FIRM. ' m ii unaersignea naving purcnasea or J. W. Kony I JL his stock of Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Tori-1 et Artioles, fco., are prepared to furnish the public I witn reiiuiu pwwH iu uur line aii reasonaoie prices, I Phvsicians. and familv nressriDtionii earnfultv compounded at all hours of the day and nisht bv jersuiis vi espeneuue. ra&runaire respecciuiiy so- I icited. . R. B. -STEARNS CO. I waron taiswini J. GIBSON'S SON Sc CO.'S FACTOR CHEESE A NICK ARTICLE, TRY IT. A. K. COLE, Chursh St., Burlington. July 10-fati PURE MONONGAHELA. WHISKIES, RYE and BOURBON Gins, Brandies, Cherry Juice, New- biiryport Rum, Wines, Ac. We guarantee the Trade advantages In price and quality, not to be excelled in New England. HAYES A CO., Wholesale Dealers, Manchester, N. H. N. B. Send for Price Circular. marlltdly THE TROTTING STALLION, THOxTIAS JEFFERSON, WILL make a SEASON, commencing April 15tb, and ending July lutb, at COL. B. E. STOWELL'S, CORNWALL, VT., and will bo limited to fifty maret at $100. $50 of I mo money is quo ana pavaDle at the time of aarvim. iuu biiu uaiuuco iu, in uuo ana payaoie alter the 1st of January. 1871. unless it is evident th n u not in foal. A mare proving to be not in foal, may be returned the next season without additional payment, ana 11 ine mare proves to be in foal, $30 will be due for the services and navable on H. mand. Thomas Jefferson by Toronto Chief, bv Roral George, Ac, out of the celebrated trotting mare tainftAtr OiiAATt- hv fhn frmr mi I A naa irre Warm. second dam by Glencoe, is black, fifteen hands and one inch, and the highest over his hips, of fine temper, fine figure and best head and tail on any one horse, is six years old past, can trot three heats in 2.30, and is regarded by his owner, the beet Trot- iixiK obuun. .nurse m new"iiinn. mink- 1 Am justified in saying to the farmers of Vermont, that it is uie upiuiou 01 inose wno nave seen Thomas Jefferson that he is a first class horse and his colts will prove a source of revenue to the Breeder and the State. If he is suitably patronized I intonrf ha shall live and die in Addison County. Col. Stowell will have the immediate management of this stallion, and evtrv one who CAM see him will also see Mambrino Patchen, the best lull sized stallion in New England in inv onininn and will be treated with civility and fairness. Yi 2d. li. (SMITH, Hartford, Ct. Burlnlgton, Vt., March 21th, 1870. fdZwAwtf FOUND AT LAST, THE PLACE TO BOY PROVISIONS CHEJiP. SELLING, SELLING, SELLING CHEAP AT 87 College Street, Go and Buy March 18-fdtf O f U. II. WESTON St CO., 8f College Street. CARRIAGES AND SLEIGHS. TTTB are now prepared with BETTER FACILITY TIPS than ever before for manufacturing ALL KINDS of work In our line. Our Stock is Complete, AND OF THE BEST, AND ALL WORK IS FOLLY WARRANTED. ! Ier 111.111 in Fire Ins. Conip'y OF NEW YORK. Capital and Surplus, fjt 1,000,600. Yonkcrs Fire B its. Co. OF NEW YORK. Capital and Surplus, 800,009. Albany City Insurance Co. OF ALBANY. N. T. Capital and Surplus, 40,000 Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. OF HARTFORD, CONN. Capital and Surplus, 350,000 Narragansett F. & Jfl. Co. OF PROVIDENCE, R. I.J Capital and Surplus, 800,000 merchants' Insurance Co. OF PROVIDENCE, R. I. Capital and Surplus, 400,000 People' Fire Insurance Co. OF WORCESTER, MASS. Capital and Surplus, 575,000 Roger William' Ins. Co. OF PROVIDENCE, U. I. Capital and Surplus, 350,000 Lamar Fire Insurance Co. OF NEW YORK. Capital and Surplns, 550,000 JVorth Rritih A- Mercantile finau msec Company. OF LONDON, ENG. ASSETS, 920,000,000 Imperial Fire Ins. Co., OF LONDON, ENG. ASSETS. $10,000,000. And our many other Companies whose librralitv, raiRNiss and loko stahoiha are well known by very business man, and whone Combirrd Cash AssktS amount to over Kljrlit y I tllluna of Hollar, thns ofTertnir better necnrltv t.lmn m, ,lir Agency in the New England States. We can place at a moment's notice Fire Insuranc to the amonnt of S400.000 On a single risk, and as we devote our entl.e time to mis ousiness, ana employ every facility for transacting it in a satisfactory manner, we think that Insurers will find it to be for their advantage to intrust their business to cure are, and wo will always look to their Interests and endeavor to serve them In a sat isfactory and faithful manner. ALL LOSSES will be LIBERALLY ADJUSTED and PROMPTLY PAID at this Agenoy In current funds. When desired we will make losses payable in ttOLD. We employ an expeilenced Purveyor who will make surveys ot Mills and other risks when insurance is desired, without extra charge, and we are prepared to place risks in ANY COMPANIES that parties may preter, or if the selection Is left to ui we will give them the best Companies in this country Communications by mail will receive prompt OKNKKAL AUKNCk or vas Springfield l & Ins. Co., OF MASS. CASH CAPITAL. SftOO.OOQ CASH ASSETS, 950,000 S. 3. HALL, Secy. JE. FREEMAN, Pre GENERAL AGENCY Hanover Eire tns. Co. OF NEW YORK. Cash Capital. Cash Assets. 400,000 700,000 T WAS CURED OF DEAFNESS AND f!ATAWRir A by a simple remedy, and will send tha mulnt r . r . m r . . . L 1 uro. auiuim am. so.. J. X.KUUKTT. ilOOOKen. H.J. marltdtw4w 155 A MONTH Averaged by AGENTS Selling OLIVE LOGAN'S great Sensational Work. ! BKUIXD THE SCEXES, Ana UL K KULKRS AND OUR RIGHTS, by j JudM Willis. Protpectut free. Send for Circulars ' We have on hand a two seated trimmed Portland Sleigh, Pole and Shafts, very nice, whioh will be sold very eheep for cash. Two pairs Traverse Sleighs, with box and seats, and one square box Cutter, all CHEAP for Cash. REPAIRING DONE AT NOTICE. SHORT any or beard to a permanent black or brown. It contains I no pouon. Any one can use it. une set by mall for 1 fTTRY MOORE k CO'S OVAL STEEL ENGRAV i. aparen - t j togs. Ill Nassau St.. N. Y. Anvbodv nn 11 eprmgneid, Uw. j them. Cheap. Sell fast. Pay handsomely: Send for Ofir die ife Solioited. Very Respectfully, -H. VICKERY A SON, Pearl 8troet, Imperial Fire Ins. Co. OF LONDON, ENG. Capital and Surplus, Gold, 8,000,000 North British fc Mercantile Insurance Company OF LONDON. j Capital and Surplus, (Gold) 15,000,000. Liverpool and London and Globe Ins. Co. Capital and Surplus, (Gold) 17,S9O,.10 1 S. fc K, S. WIRES, ' GENERAL INSURANCE AGENC1 00. 0 CIDICl AMD OOLLBaSSTKtSTk, Burlington, Vermont ee. fdArtf. ';''' these two well k nown Fir Insurance Ceinpanles ffi Vermont, New Hampshire and Northem New York, we are prepared to appoint Agents In all the pru eipal towns and cities throughout our territory, and tolssuepolioieson all kinds nf insurable property at current rates. Applications for Agencies should . be addressed to us, and will receive prr-m pt attention Agents will be appointed in the smaller towns and villages who can take applications for Insnranoe aid send to this office and w wi)l issue the policies. pi. 4k R. S. WIRES, jw; General Agentf. Office, College Street, corner Church. Burlington, Vt, February 1. 1869. ISTOTJCK To Fire Insurance Hffhnts, We make liberal arrangements with other In anoo A rents, by whioh they can get their larva ri.1.2 placed through us, and thus avail themselves nf . . superior laoilities for doing this business 01 r We also desire to arrange with reliable ttn. t. solicit applications in the small towns and i whers we have no local agenu. u vuiagst Address f A R. H. WIRKM e.3ltd4w Bm-to, Vt - y vmvuiwi. npni i faAW4r ', Feb. 19 fdtf Burlington, Vt.

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