Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on September 3, 1899 · Page 3
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 3

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1899
Page 3
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The annual met-tlng of the Oregn-i Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church will be held in this city, beginning Septembf 20th. The set-siona will be held in the First Methodist church on Slate street. This meeting prom?s to be one of the most important gatherings of Christian workers evi held dn this city and a very profitable conference is predicted. The Oregon conferenoo, ivhich embraces the southeastern part of the state and all that part of tha state lying- west of the Cascade cortsfsts of 100 m'nislcrs and ha a membership of 12,000. There wtll be about 200 ministerial and lay delegates in attendance. , Probably the most important business to be transacted by conference is the election of two ministerial and two lay delegates to 'attend the j;eneral conference which meets in Chicago in May. 1.90C. " Bishop John H. Vincent, of Topeka, Kansas, will preside over the sessions ef the Oregon conference for the first time. Outside of the Methodist church he is known as the founder of th-i Chautauqua, a literary and scientific society. For many years ho was at the head of the Sunday school work in the Methodist church and was also prominently engaged in tha founding Trd Mark Stamped in Shank. SECRETARY fti. wis ' ON THE That's what wins Getting: there rst and hittcn' 'em hard when you arnre Thar what Out Gooda Our JPriooa re doing1 for competition in the Shoe line this season. TVe'r 2aaimexig cfowxi prices nnd driving vtp values. . 0 -ti e? k ou price for OO the above Shoe Faultless in style and finish. Made by The XSrown Shoe Gx St. Louis, who turn out nothing: hut the best. FOB SALE BY New York Racket SALEM. OB. S$$$S$$S$$S$$S$S$$ rr r Vhen It Rains Dollars.. Wise people don't try to get in .out of the rain. There are many big dollars everyday in the year in the STATESMAN'S "want" columns. They fall on everybody .within reach, impartially and generously. No matter what you want, whether want to buy, sell or to exchange ; if you want to work, or somebody to work for you, the STATESMAN'S ads reach ;the people you are looking for. Get into the dollar shower. 1 $$$$$$ $$$$$$$$) 1$ l$SSSS$$s$$$f$l$$$ $$$$ l $$$$$$ lt$M$S$f If Hill! of the International Sunday school association. At one time he was pastor of General Grant's church in hio, bo-fore the general became famous. It has ben eight years since the conference met an the Capital City. At that tiime the conference recognized the Portland University, which institution 4s now defunct. These interest- ed in the institution, which was or- t ganized by private partijes not author ize! by the conference, represented to the conference that they would acquire an endowment of $1,000,000 ami. upon this representation, the institution gained recognition. Owing to lack of support and patronage the institution of the metropolis gradually declined in strengih until within the past year it has entirely collapsed .nd is now quartered in a rented building, having neither funds nor property. Methodists throughout the state hope the confesence at ats coming meeting will itake some action by which the division of the church in its educational work may be overcome and that hence forth all efforts of the. church will be used to advance the interests of Willamette University. During his stay in this city, Bishop Vincent will deliver bis f aim. us lecture: "Tom and His Teachers." The following lis taken from the Portland Oresonian respecting thj work of a Salem minister: "Rev. W. E. Copelaud, of Salem, is a member or the co-operative brotherhood which proposes a new civilisation, and has made a beginning cn , Puget sound. Mr. Copeland lectures on Sunday nijrhi in the Unitarian chinch, Yamhill and Seventh streets. The subject of the lecture is 'The Man With the, Hop,' and deals with some of the social problems of the time, offering as a remedy for the hard conditions dn which so many find themselves, . co-operation among the people, that the laborer, the machine and the land mey bo brought together and the wealth produced may belong to the producer. This lectur has been given in the- principal cities on the Sound and has attracted a good deal of attention.'- The Salem Ministerial association will resume its meetings at' the Y. M. C. A. parlors tomorrow morning at 1:30 o'clock. The, mintsters of the city Avho are not members are invited to the meetings. . $ Church services will be conducted in Salem today as per the following notices: FIRST CHRISTIAN. J. J. Evans, pastor. Morning worship at 10:30 Subject of sermon," "The Church and Its Work." Evening cervice at 8 o'clock. Subject, "The Conquering i'hrist." Bible school at 12 m.; .Tun-icw Endeavor at 5 p. m.; Y. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. m., J. H. Scott, leader. Dr.- Epley " wtill have charge of the music at all the services. FIRST CONGEEGA TIONA L Rev." W. C. Kanlner, D. D., paster. Preaching at 10 30 a. m. by the pastor, subject, "The "Partial Disclosure of God's Ways." Sunday st hool at 12 m., J. B. T. Tuthill, superintendent. Evening services at 7:30 o'clock, sub ject, "Essential Elements f High- est Manhood." CENTRAL CONGREGATIONAL- At corner Nineteenth and Ferry Streets. T. H. Henderson, pastor. f-ervic.-a $$$$SSS$SSS$$S$$S $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $ J $ J $ J $ $ I I J J $ J I J $ IIIIIIIS I $$$S$$$$ $S$$llfllSf!!!!lll bath forenoon and evening today. Subject at 11 a. m. "The Growing and Multiplying Word." At 7:S0 p. m. the pastor wfill lecture on 'The Boy Who Wants to Bet." BAPTIST Ronald McKIllop, pastor. Morning service at 10:30 a. m.; Sun-day school at 12 m.; Your.g People's meeting, led by J. S. Foster, at 6:30 p. m.; evening subject, "What is Man's Soul and Soil Considered as Its Make-up," at 7:30 p. m. The ordinances of the Lord's Supper at th close of the morning i service. '? The even'ng services of the church are hanged from & to 7:30 o'clock. UNITED I IRETIt REN Bible school, 10 a. m. Morning subject. "Disciple J Duties." Evening subject, "Human Depravity." Y. P. C. A. at 7 SO p. m. Preaching at 8 p. m. Prayer meeting Thuisday at p. m. C. H. Mer-ryinan, p?sU,r. FIRST UNITED EVANGELICAL Rev. H. L. Pratt, pastor. At tills church today, Rev. C. C. Poling, of lafayette, will preach at 10:30 a. m. and at 8 p. m Communion servica after the morning sermon. Sunday school at 12 o'clock. Christian Endeavor meeting at 7 p. m. CHRISTIAN" SCIENCE-Falem church of ? Christ. No. 'I Liberty street Morning service at 10:30 o'clock ub jtct "Substance" a sermon from th j Bible and science and health, with ky to the- scrirturts by Rev. ITary Baker . Eddy. Evening service at 7:3C o'clock. Wednesday evening meeting ait 7:30 o clock. , FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST (Scien-tiist) Lesson sermon and children's daises at 10.45 a. m., 'subject "Substance,." Wednesday evening meeting at 7. HO. Christian Scicnci hall, corner Court and Liberty streets. LESLIE METHODIST EPISCOPAL- Sermon at 10:30 a. m. by the pastor, ' Rev. T. F. Royal. Subject, "Outstretched Hands." , Sunday school at 3 p. m. : Preai hirg at 8 p. m. by the presiding elder, Rev. D. A. Walters. Prayer meeting Thursday at S p. m. Epworth League. Sunday, the 10th, at 7.30 p. m. METHODIST EPISCOPAL- John Parsons, pastor. Services today at 10:30 a. m. and 7 SO p. m. Subject morning sei mon, 'The Supreme Name," an3 hi the evening the pastor will conduct at "Parac'ise Service." Sunday school at 12 n. and Epworth League at 7.:!0 j. m. Class meeting at close of morning service. Pn-.yer meeting Thursday evening. NOTES OF A BYSTANDER. Editor Statesman: One of the Chinese laborers with the fleet of Dewey expressed In laconic ttyl-3 the difference between the Spaniards and the Americans, as it occurred to him. ? He said, Splana'd allee time talkee, talkec, talkce; Amelioan allee time doce, dcee." And he h:id no reference to Dewey, either. Discussior.s as to the picper name (r the automobile are still on, and many are the suggestions. Kut no mattr how it's called, or-who calls it, it's going to come. The magazines are filled with advertisements of the various styles, using different modes of traction, including j-rteam, generat?d by the heat fn.m light forms of fuel Naphtha and electricity are in the list The price seems to be uniformly $oO0. But no doubt there will soon be cheaper, grades, as nf c mrse there will be higher ones, for ithe full-pursed. I predirt that thrse horseless carriages will soon be seen on the Oregon road;. The newest ones being turned out ar-3 much less bunglesome and unsightly tban the first -nes, v. hich came from Europe Hero-is where the. Yankee manufacturer excels. He can compress things into small space, and make machinery of all kinds appear sightly. Some of the rubber-wheeled frights that first appeared or the streets of New: York, spinning ground without making any noise to speak of, would give an American : manufacturer, the m'.ghtmare. Perhaps the automobiles will oblige we Oregoniens to make better road If they do, they will be the best things tbat ever camo to our state. Possibly the time wili come when there will be automobile roads or; paths, alongside of the wagon roads, used by horses. The automobiles, having pneumatic tires, would not wear out roads very fast. Not to compare w.ith the iron-iShod hoofs of horses and the narrow tires of wagons and other vehicles that are now com mon. But the reader will say this is for. the future. But the future comes fast, these rapid modern daysi. Who. a few short years ago, would havu predicted the almost universal use of ithe bicycle? It has cme about largely from the enterprise- and ingenuity of the American manufacturers. Think what a fright was the old velocipede, of only a few years ago, with a big wheel in front and a little ono behind: Well, the Air eri. an machine shops and American genius are now at work on the automobile. American capital, and plenty of it, is beh.nd them. A hundred years ave. in these times, ccmpit t sod into one year, sneaking comparatively. The Americans are a nation of travelers. They all want to go, and to go at a get-there pace when they start. The automobile is In this line. So it's comdng, no matter how - It is called, or who calls it. It deserves a short, quick name; one that can be pronounced before it gets into the next school district. The farmers of the Willamette valley are too busy now to think of the Transvaal Avar cloud. The possible Webfoot rain cloud keeps them up of nights. My boy Dick asked me. ithe other day, what a lawyer does when he dies. I gave it up. 'He lies still," sadd Dick. This reminds a friend of nvine of a lawyer who declared that, when he died, lie did not want hHs name emblazoned on his tombstone He wanted eomethlng engraved that would cause the reader instinctively to pronounce his name. So, after he was dead, this inscription appeared; "Here lies an honest lawyer.". This caused every passer by to eay, ' That is Strange." His name was Strange. "Why won't an A. P. A. make a gi-od gambler?'" inquired my boy Dick. Tea deep for me. "Cam-e he can't stand Pat," said Dick. ... "Blankety blarfk," raid a local celebrity as he brushed away the flies and pawed at the. empty air to keep them at a respectful distance," these Hiss must think I'm a runic of spoiled meat:" Remarked a fiiend with a rich Celtic accent standing near, "Oi say, sor, ut's har-r-d to fool a fly." Tommy "Ray, Faew, how can Mister Pague tell what kind of weather it is going to be?- . (This question was asked aa Tommy looked up inquiring, ly. after reading the weather prediction in the morning paper.) Paw "I didn't know he could." .".-. m " Major premise, somebody wrote the bordereau; minor premise, Dreyfus is somebody; conclusion, therefore Dreyfus Wrote it. This is French syllogistic reasoning up to date. It is the highest sort of reasoning the country (is capable of in its present state of mind, and it is entirely satisfactory to nearly, all Frenchmen. I would lika to see our Judge Burnett presiding at the French court that as conducting the mock trial of Dreyfus. How he would sit down on the old whiskaran-dos in regimentals who come up, one after another, and make speeches, giving thir conclusions to the effect that they are convinced of the prisoner's guilt! So would try other Amer ican judge. What bearing on the cas is the opinion of anybody not glvin.-r expert testimony and even the expert testimony that bas been, given h?is been rot of the purest and dryest kind. It is a notorious fact that John C. Fremont was convicted f.s an absconding debtor by a French court, after he had left France, and without having had service at all. French justice Us a roaring farce in the. ey3 of all the rest of the world. It is corrupt, and it is not go erned by any rules that would tti nd the test of reason, as compared with aither modem or ancient days. Before there can ba justice in France, the laws must b-s change!, and thq people themselvos must be changed So ithe time will not con a scon. ROBERT JACKSON. Iiolbed the Grave. A startling incident, of which Mr. John OUver of Philadelph'a, was the subject, is narrated by fcim as follows. "I was in a most dreadful condition. My .kln was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue ' coated, pain continually in back and sides, no appetite gradually growing weaker day by day. Three physicians had given ; me up. Fortunately, a friend advised trying Elec tric Bitters; and to my great joy and surprise, the first bottle made a de cided improvement, I contir.u d their use f three weeks, and am now a well man. I know tbej saved my life, and robbed hte grave of another victim." No one should fail to try them. Only E0 cts., guaranteed, at Dr. Stona's drug stores. O .STORXA. Bears tie IIia Tou nave Always i The Kind Yon Have Always Bought WONDERFUL CURE. Dr. J. Ft Cook Removes a Cancerous Growth and Thereby Makes a Young Lady Free from Suffering:. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This Is to certify that Bertha P. Con nor, of Mt. Augel precinct, Marion county, Oregon, has suffered from a cancerous growth in the left far for about three years. 1 The growth was cut out twice and burned out once by Albany physicians, but the growth came back as bad as ever, and pained her so badly tbat she had to be taken from school. After three weeks treat ment by Dr. J. F. Cook, of Salem, Or egon, the Botanical Specialist, the growth entirely : disappeared, and at this date, four months since treatment was begun, the growth has not reap -, and the ear has entirely healed leaving. only the scars inflicted by the Albany doctors. : I hereby , certify that : the above statement is absolutely true, and thai Bertha P. Conner, the person men tloned in the affidavit, has resided in my family since early childhood, bearing the relationship to me of niece. -. H. C. LONG. Subscribed and sworn to before me this eighth day of June, 1899. W. W. Hall, county clerk of Marlon county. Oregon. STEAMBOATS. The O. C. T. Company's passenger steamers Altona and Pomona. ; Leave for Portland, daily, except Sunday, at 7 a. m. Quick time and cheap rates. Dock between State and Court streets. , M. P. BALDWIN, Agent TRAN SPOBTATION. "THE MILWAUKEE" A (familiar name for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, known all over the Union as the Great Railway running the "Pioneer Limited" trains every day and night between St. Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and Chicago, "The only perfect trains in the world." Understand: Connections are made with all- Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers the best service known. Luxurious coaches, electric lights, steam heat, c-f a verity equaled by no other line. See that your ticket reads via "xne Milwaukee" when going to any point In the United States or Canada. All ticket agents sell them. For rates, pamphlets or other information, address, J. W. OASEY, C. J. EDDY, Trav. Pass. Agt., General Agent, Seattle, Wash. Portland, Or. TRANSPORTATION. Depart Fob TIME SCHEDULES. From Portland. Arrive Fast Mail 1p.m. Salt Lake, Denver, Ft. Worth, Omaha, Kan-eas City, St. Louis, Chicago and East. 6: 49 p. m. Spokane Klyer 2;10 p. m. Walla Walla, Spokane. Minneapolis, St Paul Dulnth, Milwaukee, Chicago and East. Spokane Flyer 8:30 a.m 8 p. in. OCEAN STEAMSHIPS For San Francisco-Bail every 5 days. 4 p.m. 8 p. m. COLUMBIA RIVEK STEAMERS. To Astoria and Way-Landings 4 p. m. Ex Sunday Ex .Sunday Saturday 10 p. m. Ly. Salem 7:15 a.m. Tuea. Thur and Sat. WILLAMETTE RIV. Portland, Kewberg Dayton A Way-Landings. Arr. Salem 6 p. m. Mon., Wed, andFrl WILLAMETTE RIVER DIVISION. Daily boats to Portland as above. Transfers to street car line at Oregon City if the steamers are delayed there. Round trip tickets to all points in Oregon, Washington or California-Connections made at Portland with all rail, ocean and river lines. - W. H. HURLBURT, Gen. Pass. Agt, Portland, Or. G. M. POWERS, Agent, Trade Street dock, Salem.' BOISE & BARKER, City Agents. Through Tickets TO THE EAST AND SOUTH VIA TIE bill PtCIFIC B, ft Through Pullman Palace Sleepers, through Pullman Tourist Sleepers, free Reclining Chair Cars, daily to Denver, Omaha, Kansas City and Chicago. Quickest time to the East, lowest rates, dining cars, baggage checked through to destination. For rates, etc., apply to J. H. LOTHROP, Gen'l Agent. C. E. BROWN, Dist. Pass. Agent, RAILROAD TIME CARD. 2 For Taquina: Train leaves Albany .12:Ei) p. m. Train leaves Corvallis..... 1:43 p. m. Train arrives Taquina.... 6:60 p. rh 1 Returning: -Leaves Yaqufna... .... ... 7:00 a. ni. Leaves Corvallis ....... ..11:40 a. m. Arrives Albany....;.... ..12.25 p. m. 3 For Detroit: Leaven Albany 7:40 a. m. Arrives Detroit 11:55 a. m. 4 Returning: Leaves Detroit...... .......12:25 p. m. Arrives Albany.. ......... 5:35 p. m. 6Leaves Albany..........' .. 6:05 p. rru . Arrives Corvallis.......... 6:55 p. m. 5Leaves Corvallis ..... .... 6:10 a. m. Arrive Albany ............ 7: 25 a, m. One and two connect at Albany and Corvallis with Southern Pacific trains, giving direct service to and from Newport an J adjacent beaches. No 6 runs rom Albany to Corvallis on Mondays, Wednesdays 'and Fridays only. No 5 runs from Corvallis to Albany on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays cnly. Trains for the mountains arrive ' at Detroit at noon, giving ample time to reach camping grounds on the Breiten-bush and Santiam river the same day. EDWIN STONE, Manager. H. L. WALDEN, T. F. & P. A. Astoria and Columbia r Railroad Co. Leaves Union Depot. 8:00 A. U. 7j0O P. M. For Mergers, Rainier, Oatskanta, Wfetport. Clifton, Astoria, Warrenton, FlaveJ, Gearhart Park and Seaside. Astoria and Seashore Express, Dally. Astoria Express, Dally. Arrives at Union Depot, 11:15 sv m.., and 9:40 p. m. Ticket ofilce, 255 Morrison at, and Union depot, Portland, Oregon. J. O. MATO, enl Pbom. AjcU Astoria. Or. iTngAT.., TICKETS I TO ALL POUTS EAST Thrnnn-h Palace and Tourist Sleep era. Dining and Buffet Smoking Libra ry Cars. Cars., ELEGANT VESTIBULE TRAINS. No. 4 Limited leaves Portland at 2:10 p. m. No. 3 Limited arrives at Portland at s-an .a. m. For tickets and fall Information eall on or address BOZORTH BROS., Acts., S&lexa. or A. B. C. DENNISTON, C. P. & T. A. Portland,. Of. CORVALUS WW Hive TRANSPORTATION. EAST via JSfev nnlTM O 05KNSHASTX)i EXPRESS TRAINS BUS DAILY, 7.-00 fM 9:45 P M 7:45 A M 6.-00P M 6 :45 P M 6:40 A M 8:15 p M 7.0CAM 12:82 p M 4:15 r M 7:55 A M Leave Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Arrive Portland Salem S. Francisco Ogden Denver Omaha Chicago Los Angeles El 1'aso Fort Worth! Anlve I Arrive Leave Arrive Leave Arrive Leave Arrive Arrive 9:15 AM 6-.40AM 8:05 p m 1:10 PM 6:45 P K 8-V) A SI 630 PM 925 PM 2:35 p K 740AM Arrive New Orleans Arrive 1 8:40 PM DINING CARS. OBSERVATION CARS. Pullman first-class and tourist sleeping cars attached Xo all through trains. Through Tourist Cars to Chicago without change. Roseburg Mail, Daily 8:80 am Leave Portland Arrive 4:30 pm 10:55 am Arrive Salem Arrive 1:50PM 6:20 pm Anlve Roseburg Leave 7:80 am Corvallis Mall Dally (except Sunday.) 7:80 am Leave Portland Arrive 5:50 PM 11:55 am Arrive Corvallis Leave 1:20M At Albany and Corvallis connect with trams ef the C. E. By. Independence Passenger Daily (except Sunday.) 4:ri0pM Leave Portland Arrive 8:25 am 7:30pm Ar. McMinnville Arrive 6:50am 8:80 p m Ar. Independence Leave 4:50 a m Direct connection at San Francisco with steamship lines for Hawaii, Japan, China, The Philippines and Australia, For through tickets and rates call on W. W. Skinner, Depot Agent, or C. D. Gabrielson, City Ticket Agent, No. 231 Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon. R. KOEHLER. Manager. C. H MARKHAM, G. F. & P. A. Portland, Oregon I R It THE DIHIiOT ROUTB TO Mono il Colon ond oil Eastern Points. - Gives choice of two favorite routes, via the Union Pacific Fast Mall Una, or the Rio Grande Scenic Lines. -LOOK AT THE TIME J days to Salt Lake 2h days to Denver 3 days to Chicago 4 days to New York Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstered Tourist Sleeping Cars, and Pullman Palace Sleepers, operated oo all trains. For further information apply, to BOIS1S BARKER, Agents, Salem, Or. C. O. Terry, Traveling Paasengsa Agent; W. E. Coman, General Agent, 124 Third Street, Portland, Or. AFBU IHTBRBSTiriG FACTS.,.. When people are contemplating trip, whether on business or pleasure, they naturally want the best servio. obtainable so far as speed, comfort and safety is concerned. Employes si the Wisconsin Central Lines are paid to serve the public and our trains ar. operated so as to make close connection with diverging lines at all Junction points. Pullman Palace Sleeping and Chaiv Cars on through trains. Dining Car service unexcelled. Meals served a la carte. In order to obtain this flrst-claaa service, ask the ticket agent to sea you a ticket over THE WISCONSIN , CENTRAL LINES and you will make direct connection, at St. Paul for Chicago, Milwaukee, and all points east. For any further information eall oat any ticket agent, or correspond wltk . . JAS. C. POND, or General Pass. Agent, JAS. A. CLOCK, Milwaukee, Wis. General Agent, 246 Stark St. Portland, Oregon HI PACIFIC Iff, S00-PACIFIC LINE. 4 Days Across V4 i ' Tl... T..4.M-M. Vr ' -" I 114? , VUllUIICIIb " Imperial Limited," The fastest and test equifptd train crossing the continent. Trains leaving the Pacific Coast Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday, connect at Fort William with thsf palatial Lake steamers ManJtoc-a," "Alberta" and "Athabasca" across the Great Lakes. For full particulars as to time, rates, and for copies of C. P. R. publications apply to a M. LOCKWOOD, Agent, Salem, Or. t OR TO IL XL ABBOTT, Agent. at. 1 , Or. J PORTLAND, E. J. C.OT1.C. A. O. P. A. VANCODVKR, R C. i ou SHORT

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