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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 21, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS YOU XUV—NO. '19 BiythevlUc Dnllj Newi> BlythevUle Courier lilytheville Herald Mississippi Valley THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AltKANSAB AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI AUUANSAS. WKDNKSDAY, iMAV 21, HM'7 Carulhersville Man Mentioned for Judgeship Truman May Name Roy W. Harper to Succeed J. C. Collet SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS loy W. Harper of C.irnUiersviUc. Ivy)., chairman of the Missouri l")em- ocratic Stale Committe;, is hei>« mentioned as President Truman's possible choice for a f,v.l"vul juclye- ship In Missouri, accor'.lin; 'lo St. Louis political loaders. He ii, heinu conside.-fd for ap- to succeed JudRe John Caskie Collet, roving fedenl judge in Missouri, who has bean nominated by thi; President tc: a new post on the liighth District, U. S. Circuit Court, of Appeals. In the !. . I«uis r<Ht-Dispatvii today, it v. .s predicted that Mr. Harper's appointment would ho submitted to the Senate soon after the Senate acts on Judge Collef-5 appointment, Mr. Harper is one of seven i-icn whose iccort's have been Invr.stl- pntcil by the Department of Justice, indicating that they are bc- ini,' considered for judicial appointment. The other.-, "screened" were Judge James M. Doui-las cf the State Supreme Court. Samuel Uberman, former Police Commis- •••mcr; Circuit Judges, Rubsrt I, ^ronson of St. Louis and Edward "i^Evcrsole of Pestua, State Senator Emery W. Allison of Roila and Edward Martin Jaync of Kirksville. • Mr. Harper is 41 years ok!, rm<i has practiced law since 1029. H< served in the Army in World Win II. in New Guinea am: the Soull Pacific. He was a member of th" Tenth District Congressional Committee of his party, :;n<! later o: the state committee. Ke was supported by President Truman h the 10-10 contest with Gov. Lloyd C. Stark, and the Truman sup port elected Harper over Starl as Missouri's honorary vice chair man in the Democratic nationa convention of that yea,-. JudKc Collet's appointment, is I the vacancy created by retiremen of Judge Kimbrough {Ji.oni; froi the appellate bench. Brazen Car Thfaf Takes Joiner Marshal's Auto From in front of Home i W. II. llrecdlove. town nv.'rsli.ii at Joiner, reported to .S ! - u;.- Police this morning that his ear, a 1916 Chevrolet four-donr :;et'an, stolen from its parkin!; i<l:u:e i front of his residence l-i.-\ iiii;hl. Mr. Brcedlovc slate ' \v. pr.rk- d (he cur about mlthiliihc ight and misseil it when lie tarlccl to work this mornin:;. 'ihe lief evidently wired around Hi; nilion switch on the automobile. i' pointed out. as the kovs w>'ie einoved when lie parfced the c-:r. •This was the fourth 3 u<-n thci in li.ssissipiji Cininly in re<;ent w".'k.-, lie Slate Police reported, am! an ivesllgation of a possible car- holt ring in this vicinity 1> tin- erway. Lewis and CoaJ Owners Jews and Arabs Clash; Seven Die Garment Factory Adds $500 to Totcil; Goal is $50,000 Negotiating WASHINGTON. Mav si. (UP)The steel industry's desire for an uninterrupted supply of soft coal today raised government hopes for a peaceful contract agreement between John 1,. Lewis and 75 per cent of Ihe nation's bituminous operators. Com !)ict talks between these producers r,:id Lewis' United Mine Workers (AFL) entered their third day today with a possible strike deadline 41 days away. The 1 UMWs current agreement wiiii ihc government expires June 30—when the government must return Ilie mine.; to private owner —and the miners traditionally have refn--ca to work without a contract. Tlic steel industry's hopes of getting i,y June at) without a coal slrikc were carried into the negotiations by Harry Moses, president cf the II. C. Fric.k Coal Company and spokesman for the "captive" inine.i of U. S. Sl.-jel and other steel firms. ^ Tile major steel companies re- W'nt'y negotiated two-year con- Vracts with the United Sleelworkcrs iCIO) and an agreement with Lewis would remove the lasl throat to steady production. Sollies close to the coal negotiations Sid both sides arc optimistic about achieving the objective, but etnnhnsiz?d Hint many hurdles must be overcome. /-German Workers, Irked by Shortage Of Food, to Strike niJIUIN, May SI. (UP)—British and German officials said loday thai. 20.000 workers would go on a four-hour strike lomorrow in the liuhr city of Rcmschcid in protest against the food shortage. Tlie demonstration In Rcmschcid. a rity of 100.001), was scheduled to start at D a.m. tabor leaders called on school children to take part in tlie demonstration by the workers The slrikc would be in defiance of stern warnings by Anglo'-Anicri- can occupation authorities against strikes in particular and manifestations of any sort. Such action was not calculated lo better Ihc lot of Ihc Germans, the officials have told them. JEHUSATEM. May ?1. fUP) ngai-.n, tlio Jewish Underground Army, aunouncod loilay that its iiff; arm, Palmach, carried out utlack on tlic Arab village of Fcja last nipjhl In which five to seven Arabs and one Jew \vero killed in the first major Arab-Jewish clash since 103!). The attack was carried out, Hanana said, in reprisal for severa attacks made in recent months n which a number of Jews were killed and wounded. Hagana rcoprtcd that the attack was ordered after investigation had disclosed the identity of the Arab.' who had carried out the atlauks on the Jews. Official sources v;cre silent con- cernin" the affray. However, United Press staff correspond!' visited the scene and found larei numbsrs of British Army and r.u- !icc at the village. Bloodhound were being employed .apparently u nil effort !o track down tlic Hag ana forces. The Havana communique salt that "in recent months several cidcnls have taken place in whici a number of Jews were attackei and some were killed or vvoundci ."We endeavored to discover th culprits b"t until last night had not succeeded. Last night inimbcr of Arabs were, sera in th vicinity of Kahweh. All injication; inclnding police evitlence, trace> the offenders lo this Vilhigp clul "Cur men proceeded then: lat last night, but were met with fii from automatic firearms. An change of shooting resulted in be twren five and seven Arabs bein killed and one Jew, Sholomo Mi ler, leader of the raiding part bcim; fatally wounded." The attack was centered on Arab cafe. Farm Agencies' Budget Pared by Sub-Committee $450,000,000 Cur From $1,200,000,000 Asked by Department- WASHINGTON. May 21. <UP1 — House subcommittee on appro- lialions loday cut ihu- $l.'JOO.uOt),- 00 bud;;ct request for llio Amicui- ire Department by .ib.»il 37 |.er cut. Members revealed lias cut r-flr.) 1 closrd mi-elim; In which tlie .sub- iinniiltec finished Its work on ihe ill to provide funds lo openm 1 the eparlmenl during the fiscal year culnning July 1. 'Ihe full committee i:, sr-tiedulcd ) act on ihe bill Friday, u is cx- c-elecl to come before '.lie Il-,iibc exl week. Cul.s made hy the subcommittee ital S-tso.OOO.tiOO. committee inem- era said, Including aooui $M2.0ofl,- DO of department rcvcnu • which ins been avuilablc in the past for 'peration of various farm programs. Actual money reduction in new pproprinlions from the Ireasmy ccoinmendcd by the !,ul:comm<tiec .slightly more than S'JIK,,000.000. The subcommittee's action, it" ap- irovcd by Ihe full committee and Songrcss, would hand this dcparl- iient one of the heavi;^ cuts given any department for the next 'ear. Heaviest cut given any dep-.'.rl- ncnl by the House under budget -cconimeiKlations yvas .1 !:"> per cent slash in funds for Ihc Interior Da- •iirtincnt. Saves Son .in H-Foot Dive B-25 Crashes In Farmyard; 7 Men Killed Senate Near Test £1 widened North to Marion Oi Strength on Income Tax Slash omb Shatters Coach When Mrs. James 1'cteis of takevilie, ind . saw a small boy y., down n nearby Hiddle's Lake.'.she dived into H ti-el of wnler lo ,««•<; him. After brhiKinj; him lo Ihe surlai-c. she learned il was her own •! — year- old .son, Jimmy. Here they are pictured alter the rescue. (NBA Tele- ihoto. > Grocer Sells at VY/m/esa/e And Lives Well Off of 'Tips (U.P.i.Curl Crime's customer.'! ors profit !s "Just ahiml rlnr.t Nc hod Urn (Ui'l 11-23 were 70 ACC/ Plant Workmen Injured in Boiler Blast & through brick p'lTTSnURGH. May 21. A toiler exploded nt the McKccs Rucks Plant of Lockhart Iron ttccl Co. today, ripping tlie roof and tearing out wall. Ten of (he 175 workers in the plant were injured, one seriously. Most of the injured were struck by lyinc. bricks as the twisted siecl of the shattered boiler ripped through the plant w,iU. Scalding the blast. IJANTOUU 111., Afay 21. All seven men aboard u oil route to Chanulc Fie!v! killed when Ihc hoinber crushed only 2 1-2 mile.-> from H.s 'losl'ni- tion. Army officers reported today. The crash occurred late ' last niBht but was nol di.S'f.vercd until today, when Kkkc rk-sncr. n farmer, looked out of his window and saw Ihe wrje^ag.'- It was en route t.n Charlltc Field from Cheyenne, Wyo., on n "routine administrative flight' when il crashed. . the Army ra.'d. Names of the dead were withheld tlic nexl-of-kin conlrj be no- lificd. Army officers at Ch:ri:ile Field said Ihey last contactr:! ihu pi:iiie at. 10:-I7 iCSTi las nishi. it was about that time that fl.viin-r said he heard "an awful" but he llioughl it was "rain and ilunvj Three Occupants Escape Injury in Mysterious Blast OKLAHOMA CITY, May 21 <U.P.)— Explosion of a time boml in ;V coach of a Santa Fe passen gcr train early today !cft half th' far in shambles but Jid not, sen ously hint the three occUpmia of the car A spokesmm for Ihe in said the bomb wrecked the half of a coach reserved for gro passengers. It apparently been cached in the toilc: at brck of the car. The explosion occurred nhtnit 3 a. in. as the local ;WSST gev train Was traveling between WyiiiK-.vnnd and Davis, okla., 70 mile,-, south of here. i The railroad official said tl-e; Federal Bureau of InvcMieatic-n and special railroad officers had hccuii an investigation of the explosion. He said a prelii.iiiuv y check of Ihe car r.t Fori Worth, where the train ended its run at ::40 a. m., indicated that the Jlsist \vas caused by 'a bcmb of sonic sort." nidinj. in the car were (Ii3 tnin'a nrv.'s butcher, an unidentified soldier, and W. o., nf Arci- more, okla. The Santa Fv s-ild Urown suffered Jrom shock but was able to walk to the pkuftnn after the train .-.topped al .-\rcl- inore about 20 nniinlc:; after Ihc mysterious blast. Half of the windows in the car were shattered. The toilet partmcnt was blown to pieces, and hole was ripped in the t-jwli roof. Water pipes were lorn low. The train left Oklahoma Cily at i a. m., with few pasiiu-ors aboard. _ I BVI'NGTON, Tcilll.. May 21. parcntly b-lieve a M per cent u their grnccr. At least that's what he figures loday alter ooeralini; for a week on a "wholesale am! lip" sales plan — martini; his good.s wilt 1 , iheir wholesale price and leitir.g the customer:; give him whatever pro! I! they think he deserves. He said hi:; profits are "a little above averaur." The customers also iHy> his plan.* which he quietly put into -oiled last week, it appeared. The plan has doubled his business in this little farmin!! community aliqut -12 miles from Knoxvllle. And if th:i. keep up Ciuse si id hell LStci d School Site Fund the pl»h (o two other stores Tjnd thrt-e rollhia stores' h? »lso O»BJS % «fi**<M%W. ^le^nn^dlL Meal Cooked by Radar Sets Speed Record for Chefs in New York Hotel BOSTON. May 21. (UP)—The first full dinner cocl:eri by r;uhr was served at Hotel Slailer last iiieht and look only three minutes 45 seconds to prepare. The menu and individual cock- iiiK times were baked lobster, iwo minutes 15 scronds; sirloin steak, 53 seconds:'delmonico potatoes. 23 seconds: prilled ham steak. G[) seconds; :orn on the cob, 53 seconds; apnte pic. 1C seconds. The meal wa-j prepared by Riy Whariou. food consultant for the Raytheon Manufacturinu Co. of Wallhnm, and Staler Chef Palsy Ma?ZLicchelli. day try* to^ give me im eten 1 2tr per 'cent, bat more un ov'cK this amount than under it. Somp of them, though, reeiu embarrassed, but I've a plan lo fix that." The plan, he revealed, is to have a container with a spot on the eppesiie .side of Ihe store from the cash register. The customer -an drop whatever amount he desires "nto the slol, and then pav only wholesale prices at the cash rcg- .sler. "A tnan may come in a lev limes and take goods at cost," the grocer continued, "bill his conscience won't let him do it li.r oni:. lie scon wonkln'l be able to lace me." The plnn cot off lo a slow start, i the way ol profits. The lir;t Lhrce customers rrarrird Iheit (ioids home at wholesale prices'. Bui Temperature Hoc Drops To Low of 53 Degrees Rainfall gauged at .-51 or an inch yesterday, kept temperatures i» Dlytlicville at a moderate lev.?! v.ltb 78 degrees being recorded as yesterday's high and 53 degrees focins recorded last night for low. nc- 1 steam was loosed by' cording lo Robert E. Blaylock, al- Suit Halting Work On State Diamond Mine Dismissed MTTLK HOOK, Ark, May 21. <UP>— Lilicalion, which hns ti-jd u;> any development of Arkansas* famed dir-.mond mine in Tike County, has ended. Glenn I.;. Martin of 'Ballimou' noted airplane enthusiast, yesterday dismissed n j s Ml i t to ( \i 5so i vc the Diamond Corporation of America, which al one time held ,\ 50- year mining lease on Ihc Pike County deposits. •A cross-complaint of the cor- roratioii filed in Pulaski Chancery Court p.gainst M:\rlin also riismissed. DLwolvinp: the suits brought lo a sudden end litigation which bc- fian last October when Martvi arkcd the court to dissolve the corporation. At that lime he con- lenctec! that Ihc firm's affairs were the next 17 added a little more 20 per rent, and the 20 per prrredi-nt seemed It; bt set. Werrl ;:ol arr;u:id, too. jind soon customers from as lar a-> Knon- ville wei'e comin;; to see and slaying to buy. They s:uv two si'.;ns ;e; they entered tlie store, one rcadE: "Prices mnrked at our cost. If ill d'Ulbl. ask to see the invoice."' The other rend: "F.vcrylhin:; ri marked at cost price. Add whatever prolit you wish." Republicans Confident They Can Kill Plan for Delaying Final Action WASHINGTON, May 'Jl. (UP) — Cliiiliniaii Kii^ene U. Mllllkln <if Ihe Bennle I ; inancc committee predicted Unlay Unit Hie Senate would ilefeal a DeAiocralle move lo delay action on legislation lo cut per- Miinil income taxes. The Colorado Itepubllcan said he was eonlldeiit thu ?,'oi> could block eriorl.s to put off debule on Ihe lax hill until June 10. .Such postponement, he said, would just about kill Republican . plans to reduce taxes from 10,5 to LIO per cent, hculnnhiij July 1. Hen. Walter p. Gcorue, of (leor- uiii, ranking Dentucrat on the "lance connnlttee, tlisinireed with vlilllkln and said he was ready lo nlroduce tho dclnyln^ mollon this ifternoon. I'hc vote probably will 'me tomorrow or Friday, George contended thai no Income tux cuts should be made until Conss IUIH a belter Idea of lunv much will; be lopped off President Trumaiis' budget and how larye an income the government will need. Olhcr congressional developments. Health — The Amcrjcnn Metllcal Association approved the Tnfl health bill as a democratic way to keep the nut Ion III while keeping medicine independent. Committee heiirlnys on the bill opened as Ken. Robert A. Tail, R., O.. and Jnnies M. Murray, n., Mont., look up" a name-calling feud over health legislation where they left off a year IIKO Tuff argued thai democratic lieiillh proposals meant so- clnllml medicine. Murray culled Tuft's bill "another charity pro- Ktani." Tail's bill would sel up a national' agency to spent $200,000.000 a year over the next live years on health care for the poor. II would not contain admlntiilratlon- proposcd health Insurance provisions- War Ktnckiillcs Advocated .Security —.Top Army and Navy officials lold a Senate conimlUc this country's future security depends on raw materials, They proposed a five-year program lo stockpile $2,IOO,Ot!0,000 •worth of slrnlCRlc materials which would bo needed In I.riTU- HOOK, Ark., May 21. (UPI — The SlHlo Highway Dc- pattmeiil pluns lo uward n contract soon lor resurfacing and wldcnln;; HlgliMiiy oi from West Memphis to Marlon, The plans were revealed lo a dc- le^allon from West Memphis meeting yeslcrday'M'lth Highway Dlrcc- lor J. C. linker and Governor Ben Lancy. , linker declared work plans on the project were completed mid how In the hands of tlic Public Iloads Administration. He added he expected n contract wguld let within (he ncxl CO lo 00 days. Ilaker explained that the project will Include widening the road to 'M feel and for^ yencrai improvements on two bridges between the two ellles. ! Baker also assured the iiroup tlmt . work on highway 70 between West Memphis and Black Fish like would be completed this Summer Underground Reports Attack in Viilagc To Avenge Reprisals The drive alined at oblainlm; S50.0GO lo be used for the mirchasi- of a new hiKh school sii» was S«na.M nearer its coal loday as eonliibu lions to dale reached a iJlal of 914,711.68. I'arlial reiinrls of col!e,'ll.-iin by drive workers ore still utini; f\it.- inUlcd lo campaign heiidquarters and approximately a diw.e.i .soiici tatitm teams remain to lie 110,1 rd Irom. Contributions of more -.ivin S-lOU follow: Hlcc-Stlx, Inc. $ r >IW Filxpalrick Jewelry Conlribiitlons of another war. netenses — Hep. . Lnwrcncc H. than Ilian include (lie following: T. A. 10U $1()U . . Hell cenlj$2r>, T. F. lIJoc) Dean $21.15. M. A. Isaacs f.'2-l.:iO. Elmer Prnitt 510. Harvey Slevviirl $. r )0. .'zilerliny Store sr>l), Herman Towles $12. Mary K Fcallicrson $f), i-'raiil: Caudle sr,. r, C. IMiiitt S'.', Ales .Shelby $5.115. N. Y. Cotton Mar. May • July O.'l. Dec. 01 en hiuh h.w •mm Weofrher ARKANSAS Thursday. Litll-j change. Stil ind Scientists, Who Worked 4 Minutes After Wveks Of Planning, Break Camp BCCAVUVA. NMy • U.P.)—American scientists Ici'laj packed up Iho ramersis with which they photographed Irihi] cell;*. 1 .'.' "I the sun and began biv.ikin^ tlieir six-weeks-old camp in lilt: 1'ra/ilian jungle. There was general .sal i-.faci-on with the tests made dii'-in.r it-.e t e m p c r n Mi r e four-minute blackout mornin:,'. Scientific results will be known until after months study. Smith, II., Wis., urecd slreiiBlhen- lni{ of Alaskan and I'nnnuia Canal defenses ti(-nliist Communist or Soviel iiciicll-nllon lie snld 'Coimnu- lyls have uccn alerted in both rc- Bions." Hclenec — Senate Republicans .planned an atlempl lo reconsider the vole hy which the seualc ycs- ( terday passed a bill lo create a national science foundation. The bill as pussod drew GOI' fire because of an amendment.- adopted by a one-vole margin, giving the president authority to name, the foundnilnn's director. Sen. Robert A. Tafl, It., O. .said such authority wculd make the foundation a "po- lilieal department." . Federal employment, — President Truman's executive department reorganization plan (jot a going over from concessional critics because it would frec/.e federal employment activities within the Labor De- parlmonl. Rep. Clure Hoffman, R., Mich., was especially critical of the proposal to keep Ihc U. S. Employ-, inenl .Service In Ihe Labor Depart- menl Instead of relurnlng II to Us prewar stains under Ihc Federal Security Administrator. Hoffman .said the plnn would force slates lo deal with both the Labor Department and tile Federal Security A- Keney in administering their employment and unemployment compensation programs. I'nlah. Deal Critlriml Potatoes — Hep. August H. Andiesen. R. Minn., called on Secretary of Agriculture Clinton, l ] . Anderson lo slop destroying potatoes under Ihe price program. He said il was bad cnoiiRh to destroy food when the uorld has Conferees Argue Over Labor Bill Now Conflicts: Arise In Effort "o Get Two Houses in Agreement WASHINGTON.' 'May 21. <U!') — Two new conflicts, devoloepd today between House and Senate conferees attempting to Iron out differences In lubor legislation. Chairman [ioliert .A. Talt. R., O. of the Sjimle Labor Conferees rn- porled Ilie new unsettled dlsnpto; wlileh arose were: 1. Whether employes should voh on whether they want a unloi shop afler a contracl has beet negotiated,, as the House proposes or before negotiations, as the Sen at«: proposes. 2. Whether strikes over the un Inn shon and union welfare fund should be made unfair labor pmc tlce.s as the House proposes. Tall said no formal agreement hud been reached on any Issue; He sld ucwspupers had overstate the extent of House concessions. - Chalrman Fred A. Hartley, n.,'? J., of the ."'House conferees sal I here had been some complaint from House members about .-th prospective; House concessions.- He said, however,' that ho believed H was ."mopl Important" to- gel a bill:that 'would become hW'.;, 'By thit. he mcmit a : bl|l that could bo, paused over a presidential velc by the Scnalc .which fiivors milder -IcKlstallon than j.)ic House. The conferees cxpcelert to rliscusi House 'provisions calling for flctall- ed supervisions of tho/lnlcriial affairs of unions al a.pesslon later today.. , •' The conflict over rcRidiillny Ihc Internal affairs of unions Involved definitions of unfair labor practices by- unions. Both .House anc( Senate bills would define such 1 practices for the first lime. Dill the .House, would put detiillc dreslrlc- lions on the administration of unions lo achieve a sort of "bill of rlclits" for union members. • Hartley hns Indicated he would fight for the plan, but Senate conferees appeared nearly unanimously opposed lo it on grounds It called for too much government regulation. One .Senate conferee told a rc- liniler-that the "natural sequel' 1 lo the House plan would by more government regulation" 'of the internal mman's Mothel Ra Hies Alter Bad' Day, Doctors Jay 94-Year Old Woman Given 'a Chance' to Recoror from Injury GHANDVmW, Mo., " May I. {U.I 1 .)—Brig. Gen. Wal- acc Graham, White Hoiise •hyf-ician, reported today •hero liatl. boon ;r hall in the •oncrji) decline of .President IVnman's 04-year-oid mother mil liiUUifl ho linlieviui she md ":i chance" to recover. .Graham added, however, tliat her i condition was serious. lie cmpliii- •l/.cd, too, that the upward trend n her condition was thus far less nan 2-1 hours old and that \a haiiBc was possible at any moment. And the scrloiw young surgeon who Is working willi local phyc'l- Inns on Ihe case added,. 'that 'every cell In her body I; 1 ','worn out. • -c 'Mr. Truman plainly • wjys tired nti worried. Iij told Alcwsincii, I hough, he was always hopeful. 'Earlier, allcr arising 1 al 5:aO ii.ui., the President had':'omlltcd hi-, customary iiro-breakfaijt wall;. 'Meantime, In thc.-vycllov; frame collate Hint Is Iyer lioihe, Mrs. Maltha E, Truman' fought gaiiic- ly against an Illness which war, steadily .•mr-pins'lier strength. Her hrief sp'.n"ls ot Improvement amazed the physicians' who wnlcli- cd al her bedside around the clock. She Juul essentially a bad day yesterday, bill made an unexpected rally during Ihe early evening and nle a hearty supper of fried chicken "and mashed potatoes,'a fact wlileh clicercd the chief cxccullva wl» is.'Rpcndlng virtually, all ol llio '.viikiUK 1 'hours at her side. ..^Mr. Truman returned to the nnodcst home of his mother early this' niurnlng after spendini! the irttjhl at his penthouse cniartcts hi Kansas city at Ihe Mnelilcbach . Hotel. He will be joined here late ' loday by his wife who traveled overnight by train from Washing-; ton. - • ; ' '• As the Presidents mother start"-' ed her night's sleep early last evening, the White Hriuse doctor, Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham, report; eel that she made- t uu unexpcptcu rixjly.. djtuliis. tliqllji.lcj'if-erjipon; ><*ti'!-i"iy! hungry people who could use it. nil". Painting by Blytheville Girl Featured in National Magazine beiTiK mismanaged by Ray E. Blick of ChiciiKO. president. (Nature of the out-of-court settlements wa s not revealed. ARIICS nrad'.ry. 10-yrar-old H)y- I thcville artist, painted one "1 'be n pictures cho.srn from 1.20(1 "iit- standin-r works on disjilay at 'he Mne Arts (Jallrrie.s of the C;nn' Instllulc. PitlsburK. for reiirriiiuc- tlon in.tho May .11 issue ot (Miller's MagazliiR. Agnes was presented the C"!' 1 ' r's Award of $100 for her oil pain'iiiB Nebraska Woman Sings At Lions Club Luncheon I weather o): I) server. when il was entered in the 11:1:1-11- al finals in Pittsburg. She fini .von regional honors. Total number ol regional entries from 33 states •'nt to Hie finals exceeded 100.000 pi>< rs. all displayed hi the Carneeir > : ^ V ' A 'This National Hi»h fri-hoi 1 Art Exhibition is .sponsored by !-. !»>Members of the Lions Club were laslic Maga7.:ncs, publisher., of entertained at their weekly meeting classroom magazines for juni,-: 1 ;\ :i yesterday noon at the Hotel Noble , senior hiqh school studen by a program of three vocal numbers presented by Miss Biltelle Trombla of Lincoln. Nebr. Miss Trombla sane; "My 73111," :unday Kind of Love" and Can't Help Loving Tlmt Man of Mine " A. Shouker of Los Angeles, Calif., w.ig also a guest at the meeting. I Agnes' painting was reproi! •<' l: lo almost half l-' 1 ^ size in the magazine on the title, "E -''i article entitled "Yomig MasK r 1 *" by Carl French. The next two pate 1 ! featured 12 other paintings c:!<>l by Collier's, all of which rercived I the $100 award find n certificate ol merit, Agnes' paint inc. which she entitled "Jean and Dorothy | s of two young girls. One. a blonde, sit.s in a large chair and the oilier, a dark-hahed girl who looks much like Agnes her.selr, sits on tlie chair arm. The youn^ artist, who has won many honors with previous work.s, is the daughter of Mrs. R. L. llrad- ley. painter and sculplurcss who leaches both arts Three other paintings which she entered In the contest, including an oil painting, water color and colored ink drawing, won places In the National Art Exhibition. Tticy also will be displayed at Carnegie In- slltutc through June I. * Harry I-'rilzins, young IJlythcville '•'"•teirranho'- "n-i srin of Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry, won first pri/e In tlie pnolographic division with his sports photo, an<| the Ansco Award. Hotli are Blythcville High School sHidents. it is "a worse scandal," he said. whrii the country is Importing the coinimidily .being destroyed lo this country In eight months. I'isciscs — The American Telephone ,t TCleuraph Co. asked Congress to consider repeal of all federal exclJ'O taxation On communl- eailons. The A- T. A: T. said excises on telephone service was supposed lo be an emergency measure onlv and should b« repealed with the passing of the emergency. Aviation — Pan American Airways President Juan T. Trippe told a Kenale committee lint legislation | lo merge U. S. Inlcrnaltonal air- I lines would give this country SfiO.- I 0!iO,fK» worth ol business now going to other countries. He endorsed a I liiil to sel up our- U R. line lo compete overseas with foreign lines. affairs of corporations. Italian Crisis Dumped in Lqp Of Aged Leader ROME, May 21. (UP) -Victor Emmanuel Orlando. MB, one of the Biij I, arjrced leh- try to form an May Tells Jury In Fraud Trio! Of "Pressures" WASHINGTON. May 21. (UP) Former Congressman Andrew May testified tooay that he was justified by acts of Congress in interceding with war department officials on behalf of the Gar.;son munitions combine. May ly being tried on war friiui! conspiracy charges. The government contends he made rails and wrote letters to War Department officials to "pressure" them into giving favorable treatment lo Ihc Ctarsnon combine. It' charges that he received ff>3.000 in bribes, directly or indir ly, for such services. ' May. wartime chairman of the House -Military Affairs Conimillcc. contended however, that letters and telephone calls lo Gen. Dwlght D. KistnhowCT. Secretary of War Robert .p. Patterson and others made under authority of various House resolutions. He sairi those resolutions authorized members of the military affairs committee to investigate the progress of the war. Four in World latlvely today to Italian cabinet. Orlando came to the front-in th3 Italian governmental crisis nfic-'r Francesco Nlttl, 19. anuouncc<i tils Inability lo bring 'the country's diverse political elements' toguUicr in, cabinet of national unity. Receiving Ihe returni'ii mandtile Nlttl was unable lo fulllii, President Enrico d^e Nicola turned at bnce to Orlando, premier" hi , 'World .AVurJf and only survivor of the four statesmen who drafted lire Versailles treaty. ' Orlando was so cnutlauh'nnd ptEr simistlc iiboul his chance ot forin- iiil! n cabine,!. that he refused to discuss the situation.' ' General Alyan Gilliam To Command Third Army WASHINGTON. May 21. (UP) — I.I. G^ii. Alvan C. Gilliam. Jr.. former U. E, 'Commissioner in Poipinu, China, will lake command ol the Third Army on June 15, with headquarters at 'Atlanta, Ga., tho Army announced today. Gilliam will relieve Map. Gen. Edward H. Brooks, who will become his deputy. He is a native ol Tetin, N. Y. Stocks dnsing Stock rrlo's: A T & T Amor Tobacco Anaconda Copper .... Ilclh Steel Chrysler Gen Klcctric Gen Motors Montgomery* Ward .. Hit Harvester North Am Aviation .. Republic Steel Radio ICO f.-8 64 32 3-8 77 1-1 95 7-3 32 5-8 Studebakcr Standard of Nashville,) Packard N J iu s steel '.'.'.',..'... 63 SO 3-8i 00 7 1-4 23 1-2 1 5-8 IT 1-4 68 3-4 5 1-4 20th Anniversary Of Lindbergh Flight Observed •NEW YOI5K, May . 21. (UP) — Twcnly years aso today, at 5:21 p.m. IOST. a sl=ncor. 55-year-old air mail pilot set his singlc-en- gincd monoplane down at L? Boitr- pct. Field outside of Paris to complete Ihc first non-slop flight from New Yc.rk lo 'Paris.' ' A tnisihly roar of triumph frorii the.100.COO persons waitinn in the cold Creeled the inlerpid flier who .stepped out of tlic plane and said simply: "Well. T miess I made It." Tlie flier \vas Cnpt. Charles IA. Lindhrriih. "I^uckv Llnny," they called him after that. Liud!;crp;h planned no special observance of the anniversary today. He was motoring through the Arizona desert country with his wife, the former Anne Morrow, who was recuperating from a recent operation. Bill the anniversary wasn't for- piollcn. Last night a score of persons connected with the epic Ilbiht gathered al the 21 Club in New York to celebrate the event. .At the celebration, il was disclosed that Lfndberg was engaged at the presenl in the application of atomic energy and in cataloguing note.; and documents left,by the late Dr. Alexis Carrel, v>Uh whom he conduclcd experiments ! with an artificial heart. VFW Meeting Scheduled Hunt Lloyd Post 2276 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will hold its weekly meeting al 7:30 lo- nlglit »t the Wctcnkunp Cotton Co. office. _.

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