The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 26, 1949
Page 11
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FRTOAY, AUGUST 2«, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NTWS PAGE ELEVEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms TNEM SJLEWT SOCIAL* SHOULD BE CALLEP HOPELESS HUDOLES/ EVEIW FEW YEARS OUST WHEMTHEfRE ALL CXPECTIW "S3 GO UP A NCTT01, Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople E*AO, A &RIW LOOK- INS WITH A , KOVJ ABOUT A f e« OP V0LJR "CHIEF MOTHER WAS EkJED BY A BRIEFCASE FOR SALE Concrete culverts U inch U> 48 inch, plain or rrenforced Als* Concrete Kuildlna BltM-k* cheaper than Jumper I'm turns chirkfD huuses- pump houses tenant huusev tool sheds We deliver Call u> for free estimate Phone €91 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS; That's why you'll save yourself many a dollar by having Tour shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us H-fl LTCRS Si_:TV SMOG SHOP I ', •*/ v a i N ST. 11 . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP (ilencm Bulletin* Phflnr M91 »r Z741 We Follow ! Your Doctor's Prescription Nichols Drug PHONE Day or Night Call 981 Blythtvill. RED TOP CAB CO. O bf HilltfQH.dHl. I*.; Dntf^ut*4 W Nf A. SWVIC!. INC. Tit 10 S'l'UKli fii Ihr hr*M4«innYr li •r b tcb WKB «•<«• i • OM c«4ur<- 4 I* MW !>*••« 7 never For the Finest Prescription Service 'V"OU fret too much.*" Denny ^ accepted the ten readily inough "I'H have another job in no time. Only the other day Barry mentioned an opening," Apparently Denny thought Barry coulc hand out • jobs as rapidly as he could chuck them. "Another ihing," Denny added, opening th« door, "don't worry about this new Interim of Emily's, As 1 tried to put across to you upstairs, H wofi' 1 tast long. It can't." He and hi: mother were alike in that, AS a iheir sunny light-heartedness, Toodle-oot, Sis. And thanks— LOO much!" He winked, blew he a kiss. "Some day you can leno me a couple of million, when yot and Barry are merged!" Hi slammed the rioor. Denny, too! Taking it fo granted she and Barry would be married some day. If only yo could get mad at him, Gayne thought, as she had thought abou her mother so often. But Denny likt Emily, was simply bubblin over with gqod nature and gooc intentions. If Denny would only do some thing to help besides telling he not to worry. He thought Emil lavished entirely too much cas on whatever her current Interim he would rather have had hh cash (or his current honey. Bu Denny would never have dreame of crossing Emily. Denny wa erfectly willing to let Gaynel-be he "Master 11 ol the house and do ie worrying. ^ NOT HER knock came at her door She had managed to I] on sheer hose and wriggle nto beige evening sandals and .art on her hair, bul she'd never s ready. "Come in." "Darling]" Her mother crossec he room in a little rush of swishes nd swirls. "I've had such a lovely (ternooo! Such an interesting roup of people,' too. How do you .ke Melvin. darling? If you knew he brain that young man has! So full of ideas!" She removed her shoes, lay back nils'. "Young man not Mr. Barry. t is you tig man Kobee never see jefoi'e." It was Fritr. Wearing his most disarming and persuasive grin, molding a covered wicker basket in !)is two hands. "Greetings. Ma- :iome!" He bowed low in (he Ar- mnnd manner. "Accept this humble token of my esteem, I bog of you." Gaynel accepted the basket and* COm. 1M* "V M«A MKVK*. WC. T "Your mother has b««h complaining about the, bill, Witbui —how about cutting down to half a dozen of those maple rolls today?" HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSER Get Busy, Boys] WOW Tb str ur 11 F 'rtxj MCCO AWV CW**! HO-HUM- H£LP,UVEKMORe •fMAT RlOe SURE . DON'T HESITATE ' Mf Og ME. SteepY/ t Tb CALL CW " ' .. _ AIL \14 BEADWeSS WHEN i f?£RjR[J! 1 SHALL EMDEAVOR. "fc> MAV? A BOUMT1FUI- • OF SPEO^LED TKOUT FOR OUR EVEMIWG-, REPAST/ w , JV/J..R W.m •(••"•'.•/itiiiia*/- 1 '-i-ii->~- "•"JJAV* •* * a >«*4& *EA sgpvict. inc._T. M _»rc. LLA P*T OFT. l>RiSCIIXA'S I'OP Kair (jueslion BY AL VKItMEKK opened "How lovely!" she gainst the pillows, hands behind ler head, aware of the pretty pic- ure she made—Lady Relaxing- id wiggled her toes. "You're going out, darling!" Mrs. Peare's conversations consisted mostly of monologues. She seldom gave anyone else a chance to talk, nor did she wait lor answers, 'And with Barry, of course." "I could go out with someone else, I presume," Gaynel said. It was exasperating the way the family took the Barry business as sealed and stamped. Gaynel did not slop (o think that perhaps she had taken it for granled, too. Until the advent of a certain outrageous young man. "Of course, darling. You could have ;my number of young men of course Barry is much the nicest. I'm frightfully fond ol him." 'Would you be," Gay asked, **if he didn't have some 20-odd millions in his own name and exped to inherit • about double tha' amount one of these fine days?" • • * "VOUNG man downstairs now," Kobee stated Irom the cioor- way. "Young mans with fim present, tor Miss Gay." "Barry, of course, the darlingL 1 Kobee strove tr> maintain dig cried. "Two kittens!" Two little whip-cream balls, blinking sleepy green eyes as they looked up at (heir new mistress. One sporting a blue bo%, the other pink, "The darlings!" Gaynel squealed. "The witches. The perfect lambs!" She cooped them up in both hands, olding a soft, silky coat to each heek. Her eyes looked inlo Yitz's; they both began to laugh "Oh, there you are, Barry]** Mrs. 'care said loudly. "Do come on n!" She went forward lo greet' he young man to whom Kobee had lust opened the door. She inked an arm in his, leading him 'orward, "Here's Barry, darling. And you iren't dressed! And Gaynel, dear, aren't you going to introduce your mother to this—er, person?" Barry and Fritz shook Viands after Gaynel introduced Fritz to everyone. She was slruck by the contrast Between them; Fritz so stocky and blond; Barry, lean and dark and polished. "Of course we'll keep the kit- tons, Frit/.," she said. "The dogs may not like them but my sister Pat will adore them. It's a shame I'll have to rush ofl now.'I'm sOrry, bul I think I told you I have another engagement this evening." Fritz looked downcast, "We'd like to have you join us, you care to,*" Barry put in quickly, with his ready politeness, Fritz gave him his most engaging gi'in, and said, "I'd be delighted." "Dear me," Emily said, "how can you manage two men, darling 7" "You'd be surprised!" Gay Ml smiled. (To B* Cantinoed) MY MOM WON'T LET ME GO BARE-FOOTED: SHE JLWT SAYS PARENTS ALWAYS KNOW BEST' BUT MOW COME NOBODY EVER SAVS SO EXCEPT PARENTS? ^i VOQML 1>*» >f HIA SI VIC FLINT Wailing for a Stranger BY MICHAEL O'MALLUY and RALPH LANE .1 DOM'T <r - .ji In England It's the Chemist Shop In. France It's thfc Apothecary Shop In BIytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Expert Prescription Service SHRUBBERY We oilc- a complete line ot SLark Landscaping plants and trees. Ordei now for Pall planting Stark's 131 years experience In this field assures your getting the most for youi money Allow us lo give you a free estimate Telephone 554 today. BLYTHEVILLE WILLYS SALES COMPANY Sust wlside Rsnnant Field a snappy car was parked. WONDER WHO THE GIRL IS If'S A LOOKER, IT TRY MY LUCK DO YOU SUPPOSE SOMEONE WILLS'T 'THE EMPW SCAi. - I'll WAK HERE > / I WON'T « LONG. FOB VOU. ALEX. )f HI MAILED MB THE 1ICKCT TO THE BOK. AND 1MTO PICK OP THE B4CKA&E fROM A GtRL SITTING THERE. BUI I 0O KNOW, REALLY. 1 WtSH I COULD TELL N&. FLWT. COT*. 1»4» »Y N«A SMVKt. INC. T. ». >[1 WASH TUBBS Seeds of Confusion BY LKSI.IE TURNER W6 AIL WANT ¥ WHAT AN 0OD WW TO ACT AFTEE A5KIUG WE TO PILE Ik) I i SEG Off FOE HEEl ftUDGIG CEKTAIWW IS AWXIOUS 10 ALL OUT \SHESNOT FEELING WELLi G(S... AWD FOE. THE \THOU6HT SHE'O 6ETTEe-AK-5TM IN BED. ICUIC.3AM! STUDEBAKER'S BIGGEST SHOW! 195O STUOEBAKJER, BUGS BUNNY You Found It, Bub HIVA, CICESO.' WHERE'S PORKY? \VUATCHA POIN', KIP? ) /COUNTIN / MARBLES I FORTY-FOUR \FORTy-RVE Srlfyy-^'--^ Yl-IPE/ J""> C I^ ^_^-l_^A s- —~^ O ^ X. 5s ALLEY OOP Kaling It Up UY V. T. UAMLIN YKNOW DDt'S TELEVISION/ HEH! HOOKUP IS /YOU CAM WK>eKIN.' I BET I &XV THW AG/MN.' NUTS ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY 'Vowr Fondly Stud.lxik.r Railroad It Ash 888

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