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The Burlington Free Press from Burlington, Vermont · Page 1

Burlington, Vermont
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Saturday, September 28, 1895
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ALWAYS READY. No time lost, no fuss when you use the best fountain pen, "The Waterman Ideal. ' ' For gale only by CLOAKS 1 Opening of Cloak mm and FIRS. ana rur ue- partment. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. j See oar ad on p?ge 5. All invited. The Free Press Association . E. CH1MBBKLI5. VOL. 52. NO. !:?: 1U.RL1NGTON, VTn SATURDAY, SKI'TKMBFJi 2. 1895. PRICE Til REE GENTS. Atnuecmcnts. OPERA HOUSE. TO-NIGHT. Curtain will not rise until 8:30 O'clock. The DisliirruN'iod Actor, FAIRCHILD'S LETTER. COMMUNICATION ADDRESSED TO THE STATE DEMOCRACY- The Ki-rrrrtiry KeTlews the Action of tlir Syraru Convention- Will NrTer I'ntte With Tammanv Ou Man Power Not Acceptable. I MR. JASt O'NEILL at this time the oommittw rwomm'nds, subject to til- aforesaid conditions, that the sitting delegates, as will as the d.-le-eates known as the State di-mwracy le admitted to Hi- convention with on fifth of a vote to each State democracy delegate an.l four-lifths of a vote to each Tammany Hall delegate.'' This action of the committee on credentials was a definite an.l unanimous response to our application. Tammany Flail alone. shouM participate in democratic . party councils. So far as the convention) of IvO cuuM enact, this must be the law j of all future conventions of our party. 1 i The democratic voters in New York city; who refused submission to Tammany Hall I New York. Sept. 27. Ex-Secretary r,,i,j never, by ritjtit. participate in the Charles S. Fail-child, chairman of the ex-! deliberations of the party. could never as-e utivo committee of the New York State sist in party organization. Tin' aecept-mo. ra-v, this afternoon handed out thence of seats uiKn the Moor of the conven-. ,, , , , . i tion so offered would have involved aequi- ,-,!,wl,1 wnt for I'ul''"'al1"" : licence in the terms imposed. N'f'tt York. Sept. 27. ls:-". After the report of the committee on To the Executive Committee of the New ! credentials was presented, the following York State 1) 'm'iai y: resolution, as a substitute, was offered in . i.r,,..,, - Ti... .,;., elected ' our '"half by Mr. Patterson of Kings: t (trough, primaries conducted by the as- LEGISLATURE WILL MEET. GOV. CUtBERSON INTENDS TO STOP THE PRIZE FIGHT. BARRE BREED! Largo RS ASSOCIATION. Poultry Trim Law Makers Vt III Connm October i First for t list Purpose of Pausing Mure btrlngent Measures The Pronlaination. Ill Sheridan Knowles Siililinio Tra', VRGffllDS. --mbly disir York Stat' . of the lor a S: Septelttl ( -.'tttirhl t t organizations of the New leuiooraey, pursuant to the lemocr.u :c State committee. ite convention held at Syrai use, r i. lv'."., would reoort to your e that they attended ti e oonven- Special Cast, Scenery and Appointment?, t.on and dui p resented t T::e .-haii-man of your a MiWommitu, appear 'committee credentials convention and stat-"l i; had at one tirr. ib .Is ntials lelegation, with . d before the named by the that the State ii"t intended to roT.:M" t tie convention again, 'out that True members of the party in oloseaftilia-oti with the State organization and of il posed influence within it ha 1 urge.) the :i o; poritmity to correct v I: r s. nt its claims ;o the c a they thought 'iisideratiou of n "RkI Y Fos'on oq tiio Am(?ricr. stase." 50 Peop 1U oi I'vrtr; as a St ri. 1 r;it our or: I -a tion in t in the Forum Scene. Fre, Se!it: s : SI. ,4n'' row oa s.ile. HOWARD OPERA HOUSE. Mil Imlb&y 23 ProfrBuelVs 5I.rvtltmW I'ri'iliant Spect-icuiar R : p-esentations AND - Sacred Illustrated LECTURE. y o i o m : t : : : . ' ; affairs oi e. In response to at ion was there; apain to present tV it Illltilt il.le :t what tlit-y thought hist year in r -pe!-irotn ottieial partici-of the parly in the this request the t);at we ,'n.l not . i-e.-ord of wrons t.i'el niisirovernnient wl:i.-!i made Tam-i lany m.-li a heavy load upon the denioc-i a y of the State and country, but to ask attention to one considt'ration, namely, taat while there was a larKe number of n.n who were content to b.-mns; to a poli-fcal oriranizattoa controlled d.-sp. ica !!y i.t;d arbitrarily by one man. or at the i.ui.-t. two or three men. yet that there v .is also another class. lai Lie in numbers i:tid stroni; in .-iiaracter. who couid not and would not submit themselves to such i that this cordition had xiied f r a l"n; time and would continue to i!iido ri-'ii for all time; liiat we nsum... to t-;i-les.-nt til-- latter class of d-tnocrats--men j-tror.e; in dention to democratic i.i-.-as -and we wished the convention to determine whether or not it wished them to t ikc any part in ib nio. ratio councils. i i the manacHiii-nt of the party in the Stare. Jf so. it couid be only throuah some organization now and aiwavs in on- ftesolved. That upon the roll of the convention be placed the names of both sitting and contestim; delegations from New York county and that the sitting delegation have 7" votes and the contestants votes, and that the State democracy eh'ei four members of the State committee and the sittmi; delegation eiirht. subject, however, to the conceding of the party emblem to the slttini? delet;ation ill case of differen.-e in party ticket." Mr. I'atterson then adlresseil the convention, urtrini; the adoption of the sub-resolution offered by him. He made an excellent and forcible argument, a Ivanc-luft r.-asons which would have appealed to any body of democrats honestly interested in their party's honor and success. After hearmir one or more speeches in op position, the convention vo'-d asaius: the substitute resolution offfrei, and in favor of the report of the committee on credentials. A roil call upon both questions was requ-sted. but the State democrats were ignored by the chair. I'pon the announcement, by the chair that the rejiort of the committee on credentials had been adopted your delegation retired from the conven-t.on hall. Iiespectfuilv submitted. (Sitrned) CHAHLKS S. FAIKCH1LI), Chairman. the not the ATOPTS Til FI ROOSTER. w York. S pt Austin, Texas. Sept. 27. Onv. Culberson lias issue'l a pnx lamation calling a spe-c al session of the l,erislat nre for October and one that will pass a law that will knock the Corhett-Kitzsimmons prize tiKht into a rocked hat. The povernor i sued the proclamation at midnight, af-t-r a lensthy consultation with his cabi-ret, and frae out as his reason for his action tiiat in the present condition of fie law the fiijht managers are liable to .Jlapirie H brins off the 11 til while the court. arc r iwinsr over it. 'ash applications for license for liuht have been made, but this has been granted. The chief justice of Court of Criminal Appeals has ruled against the State's effort to prevent the lii-'ht, and now there is a maudamns case pending in the Supreme Court that may fto in an entirely different line, thus caus-yr-; a contlict between the two hiphest courts in the State. In order to avoid all ' issible contention the governor issued Die call convening the Legislature next Tuesday in this city, and s-ts forth the purport s of the call as follows: Whereas, a decision of the presiding udiie of the Court of Criminal Appei'ts. !' reniieri.i. will embarrass the ext- i-ution of the laws of this Slate atrainst prize buhtintr or other associated infraction of pood order, and the public peace, now imminent, and thr atoned, and. j Whereas, there, is no certainty of a determination of the soundness of said I decision by a court of final resort in time I for existing emergencies, and. Number of Kntrles Fine Miow ItallouD Aseeasion. (Special to the Free Press.) Barre, Sept. 27. The fir ft day of the IJarre lireders association was not favored with the best of weather. A cold raw wind from the north made heavy wraps almost a necessity. There are a large number of entries in the different classes for horses and the poultry show Is far ahead of anything of the kind ever seen i i Itarre. This afternoon there was a tine balloon ascension by C. C. r.onnett of St. J ihnsbury. The track was in excellent condition and tfie finishes in almost every heat of the two races were close and in-t't'ostim;. Summaries: 2::i0 class Florence il., b. m., Klttell (Hons- AMERICAN BOATS WINS. ETHELWYNN GAINS A DECISIVE VICTORY OVER SPRUCE IV. Kngliah Yacht One Minute and Ten See-and Behind Her Kival at the Finish -Kace Sailed in a Heavy Wind. ton) Crappie, ch. p. (Trowi Marry Kent, l,. s. (Sund-rland). Kthan Aristos. b. s. (Jones) hlk. m. (Kelt) Time, i:::::;1!, 2;3n, 2:''". Four-year-olds, purse $1VI. J'rotest Cob.len, b. s., bv (Coib) ".. T.en Ferrin, blk. K- (Sutler). Wicked Will, b. s. (Witham) Hornet, br. jr Time, 2:il '-4, 2:42, 2A'J. .1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 1 4 4 .3 j ro The Up-to-Date Store. The New Store will be a revelation to Burlington shoppers. Up-to-date methods of doing business. Beautiful store fixtures, Glass Show Counters that show goods. Prices that sell goods. Even the sidewalks will be an improvement on what you have seen in Burlington before. And the whole stock will be New. Cohden 1 ...... - a ...4 1 1 2 2 4 2 3 4 FFNF.RAI, OF W. I NASH. (Special to the Free Press.) j iliddb-bury. Y't.. Sept. 27. Mrs. Wi!- jliam I'helps Nash arrived in New York ito-nipht on the steamship Aimusta Vic jtoria and will reach New Haven on tomorrow morning's sleeper. The funeral jof Mr. Nash will be held from his lat-'residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. UNDER r HE I CLASSIFIED SERVICE. by the 27. The executive com- ! " hereas, it is proper -in avoidance of it mocracy held a meet-Fairchild's report con- is-;nri v "en flier open sa :r ay at COLLECTIOKS Defaulted Western Mortgages art'l Overdue Paper carefully handled. Ha Colkctioi, N3 Clirire. position to Tammany Hall. That such we v.e.e and would contiiu.e to be and u is us-b-ss to ask i.s to unite in o conization with Tammany Mali for c i ;:id not. if ie would, for t'ne .ne con O;tlon of O'lr eis.-nce is l.p.isitlO'l to it, ; ! 1 that our us.-ni!;:- ss to the party in the s-tate was upon our coPtinuinK t afford an abiding- place to those democrats who wished to brlonir to some or-1 itdzation. but would not yivc up their i i oviduaiity l.y S';i uniting them-.-lves to T,imn';i!:y ir'e. . representative of Tammativ Hail th a ! :rc-sed t!.e c oniuiii t. e. ),. siKtke a 1--firth, review the action of tie .iemo ratic vor-rs of N.-w York citv. who wer, j t.pposed to Tammany Hall in the ,.si ni j ! ai-rs of iv-t. He exjlain.d that ti-. :erv voter-, re.w represent, d by this ! b- v ation. hi-! h.-ip-d def.-a; re f the State democracy held a meet- every pretext for disregarding the laws trig to-nisrht. Mr. Fairchild's report con- that all controversy respecting them ; c-rninar the action of the State democracy sluuihl be removed by legislation, and . .leietates to the Syracuse convention was a" reasonable pacific means resorted to I approved. Thomas Cos'igan offered the "n tirst instance to force them, inas- f -Howing. wh en was adopt 1: much as the present Losdslature unarii- j "Whereas, it is necessary, under the mously passed such a prohibitory law on i present election, that the democratic can-j t,1e ''l! -,lh days of April, to become, j .iidatrs for State ortices shall ! nominated i effective on Awr. 1. 1.".. as part of the ; by petition in order that tiieir names be tial Code, i; shorid reouire a session , printed on the official ballois under the . ol a vf,ry f w days at a small cost to r-j name and emblem of the New York State j move any possible defect and put the law 1 1 i etnocra o v an.l in tie same ....lure,., no ti.. into immediate operation, an extraord'n- 1 : local candidates nominated by said New ' "(casion las arisen, je.juirinir the ' ! York State democracy, " j i."t,is!auire to be cnim nol in special "it'-solved. That the sub-commi'tee be. session. an ! hereby is. directed to take n-o-ssary m.-asur.-s to iir)minae by ceriiticaie th.1 ;m lldates f .r State offices nominated by tiie democratic State convention at Syracuse and cause said certificates to be tiled as re.iuire.l !y law. solved. That upon all e.Ttifi -ates of .a' ion by the New York State d- :r e--tht-re be i ii ;. I the picture of a r. which is ,..r-by adopted as th-m or d- 0f said New Y.ok State r acv.'' Now. tin re fore, T. Charles son. t.n.rnur of the State i virtue of the authority vest, constitution thereof, her. by . session of the Tw lit v-fo'!: t!i A. Oulher-f Texas, bv d in m- by all a special l.ocaslat urc. The Number or C.n.uls AITerted I rr.blenl ' Kpoent Ordr. Washinston, Sept. 27. There are 33 consular offices above the limit of the recent executive order placing such government officials within the classified service, and 71. paid in fees, below the limit. Of those affected, 17.-, are paid in salaries and 21 in fees. Of th 17a offie'als referred to, consuls and one commercial agent are paid $2Tjao a2 consuls and four commercial agents are paid S'ii; ii!) consuls and six commercial agents are paid SV,). and i:: consuls are paid $!... Nine consuls ai d 12 commercial agents are paid in fees that aggregate over SI" t'- Thore below the limit are i3 consuls and l.v conimerc al agvnts. The maximum compensation by fees is $2."Va. ami the niinimutii by salary is $lt.i It is pointed out at the state dipartment that it is impracticable to pl:ce tliosedraw-ing a salary of $11100 within the service, as they are usually citizens of the country in which they serve. CHOLERA IN CHINA. Centre Island, r.. I., Sept. 27. The fourth race of Seawanhakas international challenge series for small raters sailed to-day in a tumbly sea in the open Sound with a rattling northwest wund of 15 knots, resulted in a handsome victory for the American defender, Kthelwynn, by one minute and In seconds official time at the end of the 32 mile triangle. The battle of the day was fought out on the second eg of the first round which was windward Vork. The lighter built Hthelwyr.n, handsomely sailed to-day by Capt. 1'.. O. Hall, assisted by his brother, Fred fairly played with her opponent from across the sea. When he had reached the second mark anil the end of four miles and was j two minutes and V) seconds behind, Mr. I '.rand on the Spruce waved a protest flag, j The committee on the flagship Oneida re- sponded without being aware of what Mr. i Fraud complained about. When they j tormal complaint in writing. Mr. Hrar.d ha ITS, claimed his competitor disregarded sec- ! tion 6 and 7 of rule ."4 of the S-awanhaka ! club's racing regulations which are as I Black DreSS Goods. louows: Section 3 hen both close hauled or both free, or both have the wind aft m have the wind on opposite sides, the yacht i Ijlack tillS SeaSOll. NeVCT did with the wind the port side shall keep I , ; Burlington see the assortment .section i - I )eiinil ion ot an overlap. An ! overlap is established hen an overtaken yacht has no longer a free choice on which side she will pass and continues to exist as long as the leeward yacht by luffing or the weather yacht by beaiing away is in danger of fouling." The triangle to day was the same as for the second race. The committee deliberated long as to the choice of outside or inside cour-e i the wind to-day from the northwest "nav- j i:ig kicked up a jump of a s.-a by crossing tiie rollers left over from yesterday's f mtherly blow. Finally it was left to the representatives of the tiny racers, and t lie outside course was chosen. Both ' yachts went to the Centre Island buoy tin- I d.-r their own sails. They had a stiff bit j of windward work getting to the line.) The preliminary signal was blown at 2;b'. The start at 2:2" was a tine one for Spruce ! IV. Mr. I'.rand being almost on tin line' and crossing at 2:25:15 and Kthelwynn at Colored Dress Goods. Each department of The New Store will be full to overflowing with newness. Here are a few of the colored dress goods. Fancy Crepons, French Boucle, Astrachans, Illuminated Boucle, Poplin Plaids with silk lines, Serge Royal, Illuminated Plaids, Silk finish Henriettas, Illuminated Figured Mo- Jacquard Boucle. I Fashion sensibly favors we shall offer. There are: Figured Mohairs, Crepons, Plisse Stripes, Jacquard Figures. Moire Antiques, Sicilians, -Jacquard Crepons, Moire Stripes. Silk Exhibit Delightful surprises await you in our silks. Prices, variety, quality, they will all be what you want. We shall have Chene Taffetas, Swivel Brocades, Check Taffetas, Changeable Brocade Sarahs, Taffeta Brocades, Etruscan effects in Taffeta, Gros De Londre, Beautiful Illuminated Plaids, Black Taffeta with fancy colored lines, Black and colored stripes. Pckin Smith Co. 4 T!:e I i IitirtNon," Head of Church St. fir "R. ticnii! de to be convened in ginning at noon. '! for t lie following i. To denounce d d ;-ra. t Ices ill b. the city of Austin. 'uesday. . icto'o. r 1. purposes: prize-iiuhtinff an 1 kin-e.oar and unambiguous -1 ins n Vermont Com. and Col. Agency. F. Hl'NRY POWELL. MAX I. POWELI-111 CoHesre Stre. t. 11: 1 'V-.i Ta- -mi! t . of tll.l :.-g Ii:a i-e-ers: fo - la- rs-v.mzati ty; that s- a ki. 1. :a-i. !u Tamil- id 11 oa a in e A-s.-llli-i ENGLISH YACHT RACE FOR 1897. Any Wntpr (.mil K .oiich for Ijfen.lrr 111 Her. London. Sept. 27 Herbtrt Moir. who is organiziiig a syndi.-a'e to build a vaeht to i -.ntesJ for the Aniei-'-a's ct;p. male a : , s-a t.rn-r.t tj--iay in wiii- h J;.- says the a--- , i'tici'-" of Mr. Rose's ( iiall.-iig . for the j America's cup will preclude th- possibility : i f his tMoir'si ru ing in l-.;. .t!t t,e will ' and pt'oliii at" pains and p in'o iminediaie necessary provb .it tiie same bv appropri-i-naltl.-s, pufir- t!-.c law opt-rarion and making ion for its enforcement. so that the propas.-d e-.iiibition of this character wi'hit; this State may be prevented, the lit! l'Jllbted will nf the peopl. upon the snbi.-cj r-sioe'e-i. and this af- t3.0. Ileatht Itrport.d In Four lays -I. irk of S i. ilary Method.. Indianapolis. Sept. 27 Prosecutor Walker has received a letter from his father. I the Rev. W. F. Walker who is a M-th.o-dist missionary in I'ekin. China. The letter deals briefly with the horrible ravages if cholera in the capital of the empire. that in four days there are at front to moral !- ss of Texas ! 2. To cons,.', mutters as ma d enligh eet j, In 1 art -i imony hand a v. . b. le til' :id 1. if t! 1 pio-r- U E!)l ( ATIONAL M: T.o- Fra: t X J:i: x No. 11. II 1 Ue.. fotn.e 1 th.- l,sis - -- t. -T o..:- a-imi-sion. al:.-d upon t,i , t-rre. T tii.-i i.i a. -'-s with w 1 ich the add . i. We said taat unl-K f t-i. t-iw we:.- advati'-.-.j w iiich iti'L-ht n a reply. We WOldd retire. The (l.scussi !:!-!! ciose. I and the committee cn !. ., tails sabs-iiu.-iitiy embodje, tii.-ir r.-o. 'i.t"?t in t-ie loiiowi did mil tilth- i:ae sa s. v . a i ' sail his yacht ass."-,.. : '; si-irts r- m.ii a Iv - p a a ra ' enough The i:.;l :v. Moi t- t re; land va . I- ir ti.e I) r of d. s:gn has s i in ferrieg u i ' s th.- " to t t builders. br w He is. he : !i. ale t.f ar. I will ater good suit h,m. ell selll-'d. 'i.-Slgll'T'S. th of i;i - . he i '.. at!i" 1 : .1 ri such o: h r t.d pursuant to ' constitution. I have hereunto !:! seal o' tie- l.-.y ot Sept. It says least 2"."" The w hit.' of the city, the disease deaths. population lives in the centre and upon the appearance of nearly all of them fled to th- The American, though 22 seconds behind came tearing along like a fast steam yacht and soon began to ovei haul h r I 'val. n I he first leg the Kthelwynn gained 17 seconds, and in the windward work on the second kg she left her rival far behind, rounding the second mark two minutes and 1ft seconds in the bad. on the last leg of the tirst round the American boat made a further gain of five seconds. On the second round sin-was outsailed by the Spruce. A the Am.-rican boat crossed the starling line 22 seconds behind she really outsailed the f Sritishcr by one minute ::2 sr.- The pt on lab ''i-'ii oeln ma t ion issu late nielli, co of the I.euisltC i tioi her ia w aga popular topic m e populists tS of the A. Ti.l:KKS' N'. bivernor of Texas. i d by Onv. Culher-nveiijng a special 111'.' ilt Tuesday inst prize tight ing. to-day. It was said ind other political vei nor may defeat ;pon ti-.i-s ig r- it so- . XOTICE. j . i mi k. O. F. . ;.r t id F II r!av. S-- i'lead in .- r He. ,ws' Hail. :-i t-m":-er 2:h. i bo iy ir .- fij - S. i-'isk. it 12:3-' . ra! of M--m , nd. 1 to af- t .on and and leet and cue-said i many Ii.' all fatal d-!ea. -linfitiiiry tile app IS tiie U: i i-vi-rv ( ill is entitb 4 to reoo:r: - conver.ti' iis as r.-gui s are p, . placed up. and otk.-re ro'is there. lintnietiT of inspectttrs of the party embb-i ither way in which t SI-Wa NATIONAL RI'MOr.S L'KXlF.n. r.ot .'i-1- jf n. i ; A. i-:. KINO ING OF CIGARS TIfcLO 66GDLDEN VVEDDU-G" Is acknowledged by good judges to be the King of all ioc. Cigars. Try them 0. C. Taylor & Co,, Proprietors, iSS Bank Street For Your Home We hive nice pictures, fruned mi i uuf ramed that wiil nuke those barren space on the walls replete with lite an.l beauty. A nil m!er f new subjects just in. Framing a specialty. Hundreds of styles of moulding- to teiect from. L. G. BURNHAM, Church St. tion ol party organization may arise. Tammany flali organization mav be recognized and s.aied as the regular oi-g.inization of the party in N-w York onnty; Put in the interest ot harmony hington. Set.t. 27 There i'oes lr S'-.m ;o be the slightest foundation for ,n tiie sensational inferences drawn from ,f. t!,e pr. senc in Washington at th's time of f-f 1'nited States Vice Consul ib-neral Springer of Havana. He has not been 1(. summoned here to confer with the state department as the preliminary si.-n to the recognition of the b liig.-reiicy of the unan insurrectionists. .Mr. s-pnnger on bis regular leave of absence, and b.-f ire returning to his post of duty h- .-ailed upon Assistant Secretary A lee to confer about business matters none of which, however, had to do with the political troubles of the island. After this visit Mr. Springer oalb-d upon Secretary Olney to pay his respects. . to pass ' w as t la ! that t i opponents plans ly enacting a iaw to go into effect in days. Representative Ward said that the Kegislafuie undoubtedly would pass a law to go into effect immediately and that it would make prize fighting a felony, lb- thinks the law-will be passed within a Week all. r the Legislature meets. country. Two Knghsh missionaries, he says, have fallen victims to cholera. The Chinese pay no attention, whatever, to tie sanitary advices of the missionaries aid white do.-tors. The .bad bodies are placed in the street, and aMow.-d to lie th re until they can be dragged away, taken outside of the city, piled in heaps, and earth thrown over them in a mound About the recent Chinese outrages Mr. Walker says little. All is ipii'-t in I'ekin. and the white population is satisfied with the measures taken by Minister I'enby, whi( h, he says, were igorous. onds race are "he orhcial as follow times for the em ir 2:2" .15 . 5.".2:l-i Hi ii.-lw vni GRAND Mi JURY FINDS INDICTMENTS- Tin-; ri- .'tT.l.Ii'AN pt. 27.' COM. HTT Ml-:, 'hairman Thorn FANCY r.rcs Wichita, OltSCI'R Kan. K THE IJOHTS. G8APE FRDIT AND . . . , . o- , ., ; . : . r j .. . i.uii., ,-.-i. .All lliiasi.ui ol ; bugs amounting to almost to a plague took place in this city shortly after mid-! night last night. Klectric street lights were entirely obscured ami sidewalks and pavements were covered to the depth of" an inch. The bugs even clogged the typesetting machines in the newspaper offices and drove the operators from their keyboards. They were of several kinds. This morning the electric light men removed over 1 gallons of bugs from the globes of the street lamps. Washington. !S jll. Carter of the republican national com- '"-Itnittee telegraphs, in answer to an in- i ili.iry. that he has not decide) when the committed wdl be called together to agree upon th" date and place of the next na-. tiotial convention or in what city it will assemble. It is not doubted, however. I that Washington, af usual, will be s- -! ler ted as the place o." meeting, not only of j th" republican committee, but 'of the' democratic committee as w-eil. Senator Carter, personally, has favored an early meeting of the republican convention, not later than May of next year, but the suggestion has m-t wi'h considerable opposition. The sentiment of members generally, so far as it has found rx-i pression. is favorable to n brief but spi'-- i it"d campaign, in whi-h the spec hmaking ' shall be limited to a period not exceeding 00 days. QUINCE! TO-DAY AT 1 F.E. PERKINS, SUCCESSOR TO Roberts & Perkins. COAIi. Pest (trade. NEW MINED coal at LOW PRICES. CITIZENS COAL COMPANY, Offlrr, Walker --ot.. I6t Hank Street. iDock l ine St.) A i.r.x. Campbei.i , M r. I We Want To Talk A little ahout Hulls We desire to remind ton tint e have ths liest sor. merit to bit f .tind in this ni k ' w-ds. that our prices re riifht. an 1 Hint now is the time to nik jour selection for e-fher house culture or out- oor painting. Call at our store, and we will be glad to talk further w ith you on this very leas inahle topi". ANI Y TIIE WAY Please remember, when yoti have occasion to os? iliciii. t t ire are lies bpiarters for Decorative 11 ants, and our work is ahvavs satisfactory to our patron. 20VK, NOT T & 3IcINT031I, Seed-men an 1 Florist, 4hnrcU Street, Huriingioit, Vt. Pffltecici ail Iimsirat. A Policy under the CONNECTICUT MUTUAL' S New contract is, in short, the perfection of lifo insurance protection for you family if yon die, and . a provision for yourself if you live. ItJ excellence will bo appreciated when it is compared with anything else in life insurance. ROBERT G. STONE, GENEKAI. AGEH TOR VEitMIIM. Hay-ward Block, Burlington, vt. BLAGKSTONE JUNIOR. in quality a ten cent cigar, A clean sweet smoke, A leader among small cigars, Its emal cannot ba found for FIVE CETS. WA1TT & BOM), 31'F'IIS., Oflico 5: i;i:i ikto;ie St. BOSTON. COLDER i HORSE : cleaner. : o J Is a liquid preparation for cleaning 4 Horses. It removes dirt and dandruff, makes the hair glossy, keeps off flies. and saves labor. lYice l.;s per can. J J the contents of which will clean a horse 25 times. Sold in Burlington by A. Jones A l-thnm and '. P. $mlth. i - 1 AsAsAAMAAssaMAtM CATTEi ADMITTKH FROM MKXICO. Wasiiington, S- pt. 27. An order was is- sueii to-day by s.e.retarv .dorton author izing the free admission into the 1'nited, Stteas of cattle from Mexico for grazing and immediate slaughter from and after October 22. The importations will be sub ject to inspection and other restrictions generally provided in such orders. Mexi can cattle have been usually admitted in November and Secretary Morton's action in advancing the date this year is said to be due to his purpose to defeat as far as possible the cattle and dressed lioef combine, in its efforts to artificially maintain high prices. I.ATiOTt TP.Orp.T.K IX CAMIiRIT)C,K. I'.oston. Sept. 27 This morning m of the Italians who have faihxl to obtain their pay from Contractor I-avitt of the Cambridge water works at Lincoln, and who have been makintr sanguinary threats for several days, marched to Cambridge city hall in a body and peacefully demanded, through counsel, that the cily pay them the money owed them by the contractor. They were informed that the city had contracted with Keavitt to do the work and could not pay them unless they brought suit. The men then went to the city clerk's office and made affidavits to the amount of their claims. These will be presented in the iMstrict Court and the city solicitor will not contest them. The men will then get their money ami the city will sue the contractor's bondsmen for the amount. mori: armknians kim-kd. London, S"pt. 27. A despatch received here says a mob of Moslems have raided the Armenian church at Antioeh. Syria, and destroyed the altar and killed and wounded pi of the Armenians. VKRMONT PENSIONS. Washington. Sept. 27. The following Vermonters have been granted pensions: Additional. Levi Moore. Green River: Oeurge Fassett, Iturlington : reissue. ieo. W. Kebarron, Kast Kimore: original, widows, etc.. Maria Fisher, Vergennes. n H'ldlobe Re.pontibte for folia pie if the Irel-iml ltuildina-. New York, Sept. 27. -The grand jury today found indicim.-nts against the m.-n held to be responsible for the disastrous collapse of the Ireland building at West Rtoadua..- and West Thild street. The men against whom the Indictments for manslaughter in the second degree were found, are; I tennis 10 Jtuckley. building inspector: Kdward J. Condaie. his clerk: Charles 1. lichrens. architect: George p. Parker, contractor: Thomas Walker, building superinteiidei.; and Thomas Murray, masonry foreman. "IMPORTANT IF TRl'K." London. Sept. 27. The jiaily Chronicle, an organ of the liberal party, states in its issue of to-day that" the leaders of th-conservative party intend to make the House of Lords pn elective body, either adopting the principle already existing in relation to S ottish peers sitting in th" House of Lords, or to have the House of Commons elect an upper chamber from the peerage. 1 1 is also, according to the Chronicle, intended to give the peers the right to forego the House of Lords prerogatives and enter the House of Commons. t?.eii n.ter-"The p!ank more AI.IX FAILS TO P.F.AT HKR RECORD. Springfield, I!!., Sept. 27. Alix made a game effort to beat her record of 2:"C-4 at the State fair grounds track this afternoon. She got off well and the first three quarters were made in a 2:t'S gait, but coming into the stretch she went lame and the best she could do was 2:13s.,. Over 2,) people witnessed the attempt. First mark .. Second mark Third mark.. Fourth mark. Fifth mark 1 inish i Start -Sprue ! MILLER ON SUNDAY LAW; i "e.lloon hrrpm Slionl.l l'r no l.i&M Itcyiiocrat srnrcil. Ex-Senator Warner Miller in an view with a World reporter said: more I study the 'persona! liberty of the democratic platform the deeply 1 am mystified. "I deny, in part and in whole." he continued, "that any blue laws exist in this Slate. Respect for tiie Sabbath and love of the p.ible have been the safe-guards of the American people. The sentiments wuieh inspire them are the very foundation of the republic. The constitution el a rly recognizes the Sabbath. "The Am. u i. an Sabbath is a day of rest, not a day of business. Why should a special law be made to favor the saloonkeeper when no such law has ever been passed to favor thoe engaged in other occupations? "The democrats have, under the guise of local option, promulgated pernicious doctrines." continue.) the champion of the i Sunday laws. "Sundav observance should apply equally to each and every part of the State, if the democratic doctrine is right each community would have the option of deciding not only whether saloons should be kept open on Sunday, but whether gambling and other vices should be licensed or not. "I have talked with many prominent democrats who will vote against their party on this question, and right here in New York city. "Hut the republican organization in New-York city openly favors the local option issue, and will make the tight on it," the reporter interposed. "The moment the republican party of New York city does such a thing as that they accept the democratic platform and d'Jse to be republicans," said Warner Miller, emphatically. TEMPERANCE CONVENTION. REDUCTION OF THE GOLD RESERVE I.owrst Point Rra'-hed Since .April 30th - Putiri lue ot Probable. Washington. Sept. 17. -Th" treasury gold re-erve lias been r-du.-ed to $ ',2.7'.'"''.",7 at which figures il stood v. in n the treasury closed its' doors to-day. These figures were reached to-day by tiie withdrawal at New York for export of SI, V..i. Since til" present export gold movement began on July Ki last there has lx--n withdrawn from the 1'nited States treasury t?:l.iT,-(n in gold all of which with the exception of less than a million dollars has b'-eti sent to Europe. The total gold exports exceeds these figures as some gold, especially the gold bullion ixported. was fur nish.-d by the banks of N-w York. During the same period gold was furnished by the syndicate and by the New York national banks and others to tic- amount of 5:."..'-'2.".. a. Tiie figures to which t': .- treasury gold r s.-rve has now be- n recia by lm-es- r Ira-i la- ,.s. THE CUBAN WAR. CONFLICTING PEPORTS FROM SCENE OF HOSTILITIES. THE Rebels Itrivnn From Their r edition Mareo Moving on Villas With 6003 Cavalrymen- Itavases of Yellow IfTfr. sant exports are low :' last, on which da'.- tvl. 27-1. 14b I'nd.-r the m.-n' gold was then P.-i treasmy and from that ! i e:.o.l up to Juno 2'.'. its maximum height th: 51- 7. "12. 1. ''2. l-'iom that t serve has g ra' : 'la il- ii .lay's figures were reach cials declined to discuss further gold sliipmenis. out. aid ; h. ice April stoo l at e agree- irto the reserve whop ii atta:tied s vi-ar, standing in" iho gold te- cl'Ii.d iilltll to- I. Treasury ofii-tia prospects of as the situation is very much mixed. Th ment appears to consist mat" exports with not mi tint" of speculative no present ni"vi-hb-:'y of legit i-icb more than a tiv.-s apparent. No uneasiness and no anticipations of anv emergeney arising sufficient to make necessary another bond issue a!- entertained in well informi d treasury citi-l. s. While no official information can be ob-taintd on the subject, the beijcf s entertained that the national banks of New York may again com.- to the relief of the treasury n.-xt week and strengthen the gold reserve by J!".""".'"."' or so. Government officials are encouraged to believe that within a month the n mbcr of commercial bills that will be on the market as a result of the exports of American cereals and cotton will It. exchange and stop goi-i e; time to come. Santiago de Cuba. Sept. IS. via K y West. Fla.. Sept. 27. Official reports from Guantanr.amo says that on Monday, the l'th, a Spanish column attack'-d the rel 1 camp Pb-ora, between the Felicidid and Rio ;-. occupied by S'M insurgents, under leader Gil. and killed eight rchefs Iv-foro driving- them from their position. Three Spanish soldiers were wounded. When 'lie Spaniards took possession of the rebel camp they found several explosive shells buried, but they dug thAni up before any damage occurred. It s reported here that Antonio ?-Iaceo is moving toward the villas v.i'h fi'' cavalrymen. Anotla r rumor is to the effect that Jo.m Mai-o is dead of heart disease, but the report ;s rot credited. i-c-r.t r emits from S pain are rot SPAIN'S OFFiCIAL STATEMENT They llxpert to Kitti the Vt jt bv Neit Mar Army to be HeTll Reinforced. Havana, Sept. 27-Cablegrams from Madrid, just published by the Island press, state that at an early date the government will make an official statement regarding the revolution in Cuba. It is affirmed that at the latest it will terminate in May next. On the ittth instant the ministry in Madrid agreed on a policy with that country by which the army will le reinforced by 2''.i.tni m- n. The Madrid newspaper. El Imparcial. in The likely to be of any material benefit to the authorities. Of those who arrive! a few days ago many have :jed and numerous other? are in the hospitals, six- succumbed to the yellow fever within 24 hours of their landing 1 ere. From F.araeoa come report's snowine that city to be in a state of siege and threatened with extinction. The insur-i gents do not allow anything to nf.-r lhe i city from outlying districts ami if the I city is not burned, its inhabitants stand !a good chance- of beinir starved out. On tiie nth the reliels broke the aqueduct and burned ti e costly elevators which were recently built. Many business men. with (their families, have left Para.coa and i come here to stay. One of them reports n the tide of i a dastardly double mur r on the streets oris for some j of Faraooa a ffw days ago. A soldier loaned ins gun and without any Known cause. -el'l.erat.-;y fired at a corpo-al, killing him instantly. Another soldi-r. who was with the corporal, was also shot and killed. TELEGRAPHIC SUMMARY. referring to the cost of fixes the expenses at J1 .."e O.'t" Reports Ticked Oft" the Wire From Many Points. Oeorce E. Roberts, who has been em ployed as a clerk in tne foreign division of the ISoston postorlice and who was arrested for stealing letters from the mails pleaded guilty in the Frited States Court j yesterday afternoon and was tor-fenced to Stute prison for three years. I The state department was yesterda" A Little Put Out!! Some people are n little put out be- cause they have been pi in I re in- nrance for years ami never had a claim. It is rather queer. but sadly true that these people s are sorry they never had a fire. Place your msutirne at this agency if you wisn to hve no s doubts UN to your honest s claims being pant. All kinds s of insurance at lowest cost. T. S. PECK, isriucE. Burlington, - VU aiding that when the (begins in the dry season the pensos will be t".1" v.kv. At the present Jt'ie outlay for quinine alone for the troops i is $.",0.tjn0 nionthlv. the army adviscd of the death in Korea from cho!- per month. era of Ye Sung Soo. Korean minister to The minister bad been United States about a Reports f ttio Seetetarv and Treasnrer I'resrnte.l O.Tteer Klerted. Rutland. Sept. 27. The State convention of the Woman's Christian Temperance union was continued at Rutland yesterday morning. The greater part of the time was devoted to P.itde readings, devotional services and business. The secretary's report showed that there are la local unions in the State, with a BRIGHTON PKACH RACES. Brighton Peach. N. Y.. Sept. 27. First race. Maiden, three year olds and upwards, five furlongs; King Michael first. King Npxahoe second, liowling Green third. Time. 1:iY5. Second race, two year olds, six: furlongs: Volley won. Article second. Sky Hltte third. Cromwell finished tirst, but was disqualified for fouling. Time, l:l.",u. lve campaign Uhe Fnited States. monthly ex- absent front the year. The Dutch steamer Amsterdam from New York which arrived at Rotterdam yesterday went ashore at Maasluis 19 miles west of Rotterdam during a fog, but was subsequently floated. Fire last night destroyed the Cincinnati Tobacco company's warehouse. Th building was valued at $i'.(ii. It contained 3" hogsheads of tobacco, estimated to be worth SJf. ". V.". H. Grossman & Pros, have ordered S1.rV.'j pold at the sub-treasury for shipment to Europe to-day. T l . ; . I H... , . ,.i,t ; I n,,u...l,i ,.C t.'j.l Al.... 1... ' oiiu in-t. no..- Ui'i.-, Oil" Illnc won, Nicohni second. tiee third. Time. 1:4"'-. Fourth race, three year olds and upward, one mile; Pepper won. Charade second: Little Tom third. Time. 1:4;'.'2. Fifth race, two year olds, five furlongs; Captive won: Emotional second, Imeperial third. Time. 1:01'-. Sixth race, three year olds and tip-ward. 1 l-tR miles; The Swain won. McKee second; Clarus third. Time, l:t:b-. I Annren- Hiioe icciuies v c i e ixeii ourii'g ine ear and 1.17 public meeting held. The secretary also reported that special attention has been given to the Ixtyal lcgion work, gospel temperance and work for the temperance temple. The treasurer reported that all bills for the year just ended have been paid and that there is still a small balance in the treasury. Here are the newly elected of ficers: President. Mrs. Ida H. Read of Shel- i Secret a rv Herbert has awarded th" con burne; secretary. Mrs. Gratia E. David-1 tract for building two torpedo boats to the son of Newfane; treasurer. Mrs. E. M. i Hcrrcsboffs at $144,"0 each. Dennv of Montpelier: assistant secretary. ! Mrs A. A. Wyman of Cambridgeport : an- - o(M in Leavening TowerLatest U.S. Gov't Report for the first district. Mrs. E. H. Lund of Burlington. Mrs. Wilbur of Jerioho ternates. Mrs. E. M. Wheeler and D. Dver: second district. Miss Drew of Hardwlck. Mrs. Mary ett of St. Johnshury: alternates. Flora Corwin of St. Johnshury atid B. W. Spaulding. TROLLEYS FOR CANALS. Buffalo, Sept. 27. Frank YT. Hawley. vice-president of the Cataract General Electric company of New York and at th head of the movement to equip the Eri canal with the trolley system, was in Buffalo to-day. He said that on Saturday the erection of the poles for the test of electric power on the canal would begin. The trial will take place at South Tonaw anda. w her there is a bend in the canal and w here all ordinary difficulties with regard to the passing of trolley boats and mule boats will be illustrated. richo; al- r. id Mrs. L. Ill ss Carrie I I I E. Brack- Vi ites. Miss f f and Mrs. I XV Judge Jenkins accepted the resignation of the receivers of the Northern Pacific railroad yesterday afternoon and will appoint their successors this morning. IP vVdir

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