The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1951
Page 3
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1951 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE NATION TODAY Prop/ief Isn't Needed To Chart '52 Politics By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, Sept. 22. (tf> — You can see it now. You can sit back in your parlor and, without being even a little bit of a prophet, >u can tell how it's going to be . the political campaign of 1952, „ You can do It easily if you've lived through a couple of presidential campaign years and been listening to what the Democrats and Republicans have been saying In the past years. What they've been saying they'll be saying again, President Truman told a news conference there are no political campaign Issues for 1952 except increasing work toward peace and the general prosperity of the people. And as If to try to knock the props from under the Republicans before they start, he said the Republicans have no issue at all and therefore have resorted to smear and misrepresentation. Right away the Republicans fired back through the chairman of their national committee Guy Gabrielson, who got out a three-sentence statement replying to the president. Gab- rielon said: "The people know the issue. Under the Truman administration they have corruption, inflation, high taxes.. .Truman wants to shut his eyes and pretend they don't exist let him enjoy the dream while it Usfe." Could Add A Few More So there, it you didn't know it already, you have from the republicans -jme of the things they'll be talk- Jfc about. Which means the demo-, tints will have to talk about them, too. Sitting In your porldr. trying to predict the campaign oratory, you could add a tew more Items: Employment, Personal Income and business profits, the Marshall Plan, the Atlantic Pact, dealings with China, and the way we've handled Russia. Before you get too positive, though, you'd better leave ymir&lf an out with a couple of "ifs." "If General Eisenhower is the Republican candidate, since he's never done much political talking, if any; and If by campaign time we're in war with Russia or, by a miracle, have established firm ueace. But knowing that the two sides have been saying already, here's a aample of what to expect if the ifs don't get mixed up In the campaign: Democrats- -In spite of high taxes made necessary to arm and stop communism. Employment Is at a peak and the people have income and corporations have greater profits than at any time in history, all under the Democrat*. Republicans- - High Employment and income and profits might not be so high It the pump wasn't primed by the arms race. If it wasn't for •fu artificial stimulation the country wiuld be in sad shape, Taxes wouldn't be so high if the Democrats hadn't been so free and easy with government money. And the smell from the RFC Investigation: that mink coat in the White House and White House aides getting free hotel roomi. The Democrats are trying to lead us down the road to socialism and snuff out free enterprise. They- re trying to turn this into a welfare •fate. They tried to do it by "Soclal- irtng" Medicine. "Prove, Don't Smear" Democrats—If there's been anv wrongdoing, prove it. Don't smear a compulsory health Insurance Thi people need it. That heading fo socialism" charge la a phony and the fact that free enterprise wa> l 6 . Ve Lf C l n ^ tett€r Is < he P™f. Thi: munlsm through the far-sightedness of Its Democratic leaders who are responsible for the Marshall Plan and the Atlam-.c Pact which is ringing Russia with steel. And where would we be today, and how much progress would Communism have made, if we had listened to those Republican leaders who wanted to whittle down the Marshall Plan, opposed the Atlantic Pact and arms lor Europe and, In short, were will- Ing to let Communism gobble up the rest of the world by Isolating us? Republicans—That charge of Isolationism Is n phony. Some of our leaders wanted to conserve American strength. Instead of spreading it thin around the world, by making America Invincible first The Democrats waited to see the real menace of Communism. Mr. Truman denounces Communism now but only a short time ago he was calling Stalin "Good Old joe." If we had been far-sighted, we'd never have let the Communists take over Asia. . And there'll probably to plentj more, like arguments about inflation and charges of Communism in the government, answered charges of "smear." by PAOS THR8B Fall's Prospects For Businessmen Called Uncertain Employment Is Up, But At Slowest Pace In Past Six Years By Sam nawson NEW YORK, Sept.. 22 (/P>— Fall makes it official bow over the weekend and the weather prospects for many businesses are Just about as uncertain as they could be. Employment in industry and commerce Is picking up, the Labor Department reports, but at a slower pace than for any tag-end of summer since 1945, Even so, 1.6 mlllio! nore ]>eop!e are employed in Industry, commerce and government posts than a year ago. Merchants have been counting on these extra breadwinners •• ' ? IX ,,, Y . EARS LATE — Garbed in Russian labor clolhcs, ^.cn 'Th';!"iT' VC m , lo -'. yo via a """'an vessel after more than si x yea s~in a r** H ,f\, rel>alnal ""V ° f Japanese POWs-of which the Soviet stil hotf* regarded by some observers as a move to conciliate Japan for a possible separate peace treaty with Russia. Spoilage in Grain WASHINGTON (AP) _ Or a In spoilage due to weevils can develop very rapidly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture says. Five generations of rice weevils can develop in 120 days, the department says. If conditions were Ideal, one pair of weevils might produce 151, 875.000.000 weevils In that time. Department men say that Ideal conditions are virtually impossible. But they point to the mathematical computation to show that farmers and grain storage men should watch closely for infestation. They estimate that five to ten per cent of all stored grain Is destroyed by pests. 'Project X' Checks Treatment Hospitals Give Their Patients Mario Lanza Has Full Voice and Also Tummy WICHITA, Kas. (AP) — Critics wrote of Mario Lanza's "full voice" when the singer of operatic and movie fame appeared recently in this southern Kansas city. "Unlimited range", "flexibility", "emotional color" were descriptive terms some of them added. At 3:30 p.m., before the concert, reports hotel chef Joseph Lannas. here's what Lanza ate: Six ounces of soup. One whole onion. One whole grapefruit. Three pounds of trimmed steak. The chef said Lanza ate 12 net pounds of steak in four meals during his stay at the (Lassen) hotel. Moth-Balled Tools Served 'Cafeteria Style' by Air Force ST. LOUIS. Sept. K (JP)— How many surgical operations are unwarranted? How many deaths" are avoidable? Do patients who are seriously ill get the correct treatment? The answers to these and other questions are being sought in a countrywide Inquiry known only as "Project X." Its existence was disclosed at the concluding session of the American Hospital Association convention ,here. An intern, whose name Is a secret, is the field man In the investigation. He is going around the country .looking'into-the quality of patient care provided by Individual hospitals. The project is sponsored by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in the hope of developing standards for evaluating medical care. It was explained by Andrew Pattullo of Battle Creek, Mich., the foundation's director of hospitals. ly questionable," Dr. Pattullo related. "The incidence of surgery was entirely too high and contra-Indicated by history, physician's examination, laboratory tests and finally pathologist's findings ..." The four-day convention . closed with a banquet at which honorary memberships were conferred on 'aul Martin, Canadian minister of tatlonal health and welfare; Dr. jeonard A. Scheele, surgeon gcn- al of the U.S. Public Health Serv- - ITiilvtltll a. 17UA, i_>lu He cited the case of one hospital, The defendant. Mildred B Fox is approved by the American College - - • • of Surgeon.-; and registered by the *• American Medical Association, whose medical care looked "very well" by the usual criteria such as incidence of mortality. •But after an exhaustive study, "Dr. X" reported many indications of bad practice. "In the surveyor's opinion, there were a small number of deaths that were absolutely avoidable, u well THEATER Osceola WARNING ORDER In Ihe Chancery Court, Chlcka- ««wba District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Robert W. Fox, Ptf. VS. No. 11,811 Mildred B. Fox, Dft. • arned to appear within (Jiirty days n the court named in the caption Ijereof and answer the complaint if the plaintiff, Robert W. Pox. Dated this 14 day of September, 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Ruth Magee. D. C. C. F. Cooper, atty, for ptf. Gene E. Bradley, atty. ad litem. 9|15-22-29 10|6 in Osceola Presents John Wayne • Robert Ryan IN Flying Leathernecks Color by Technicolor Starts Saturday Midnite SUNDAY & MONDAY MARIETTA, Ga., Sept. 22. (AP) — The Air Force is serving up $351.000,000 worth of vital, moth-balled equipment in a cafeteria style to help break the nation's major defense bottleneck—machine tools. Two Air Force generals commented yesterday that the operation "is one of our secret weapons." The observation came from MaJ. Gen. Carl Brandt, deputy chief of staff for materiel. Washington, and Brig. Gen. A. H. Johnson, chief, productive Resources Division, Dayton, Ohio. About 600 defense contractors have passed through the huge warehouses here and in Omaha. Neb.. In the past three weeks on split second schedules, bridging the distance between the towns by charter plane. In the process, mountains of the government's, normal red tape have been bulldozed aside to the point where a contractor simply tags a piece of equipment and it is his. If there is more than one claimant, a priorities board from Wright- Patterson field at Dayton picks on the spot the contractor with the highest priority. The tools, some of which require a minimum of three fiat cars to transport, are pouring out of the huge hangar at the Lockheed bomb- or money on the open market and some wont be available until 1954 One-Fifth Fewer Cars Shown than in June WASHINGTON. Sept. 22. (API- There are one-fifth fewer passenge: cars in dealers' showrooms toda; than there were in June. The num her is expected to drop even Imve in early 1952. The National Production Author ity told an automobile advisory com mittee meeting here yesterday tha an informal survey sowed a 20 pc cent decline In new passenger car in the past three months. shell out more dough in the stores But last week, the Federal Reservi Board reports, department stori sales in the nation ran 10 per cen behind the same week of 1050. Tin week before sales were only twc per cent behind a year ago. Warm weather was blamed for causing many would-be customers to put off fall purchases. More than the weather is back of the sales lag, the Federal Reserve Board believes. The public. Is in a saving mood, the board says, and it pcrdlcts that this will continue for a while. Last year personal savings totalled about $12 billion. But this April, May and June people were saving at an annual rate of $21 billion. Business expansion plans are another thing, along with high employment, counted upon to keep the economy rolling forward. But business now plans to spend less the rest of this year than it spent during July, August and September, according to a survey published today by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Commerce. This would be the first downturn from the proceeding quarter since the start of the Korean War. Still a Record The total for the year, however, will »tlll be & record—»24.8 billion, n the current, quarter business is pending Mi billion for new plant and equipment. In the three mon- hs Just ahead it plans to spend 16.6 billion. The survey notes that here may be stip-up here, since juainessmen may be counting upon )igger allocations of steel and nonferrous metals than will b« forthcoming. ' Industry had iU biggest previous juildlng year In 1MB when It spen> J19.2 billion. Construction cost less then, but the survey thinks that even so "the physical volume of |)lant and equipment purchases this year will be about one-sixth more than in 1948 and one-fourth more than last year." In another large segment of the economy, the auto industry, the tall business weather Is y-oubled, too. Auto dealers are hiking prices and hoping that won't scare off too many buyers. Car maliers, on the other hand, are chiefly worried about materials to make more cars. The Inventories which worried some In the auto business during the spring aren't much of a problem any more. The National Production Authority says dealers reduced their Inventories of new cars by 20 per cent during the summer. As fall starts, the public is buying cars at a faster rate than they are now being turned out—for the first time in many months. NPA says only 1,000,000 cars can be turn- Playgrounds for the Kiddies Free Kiddie-Car Ridci Kids Under 11 FREB with Parent* Show Starts T:00 p.m. No Mosquitoes—No Bug* Our Anniversary WiH Be Soon You'll Be Invited! Saturday MITE- out during the next three mon- is to save scarce metals for de- insc production. It may cut this ick In the first three months of 952. but hasn't deckled yet how nuch of a cut to make. The sun may be in balance over tie equator, but in the business rorld unbalance Is the word as tall nters. ce. and Herbert H. Schlink presi- huse han 6ar at the Lockheed bomb.- dent of the Australian Hospital As-1 " P Iimt "J "« ra *e of 100 a week, sedation • Tne Boal is 1,000. All of the tools are those which ] cannot now be obtained for love NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Saf. & Sun. Phone 58 Saturday "BILLY THE KID TRAPPED" Buster Crabbe Saturday Owl Show "PARTNERS IN TIME" Lum & Abner Sunday & Monday "Rawhide" Tyrone Power Susan Hayward Tuesday "The Guy Who Came Back" Paul Douglas Joan Bennett E YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE; SUNDAY & MONDAY Blackwood Bros. Quartet In Person —Also— Famous Stamps Oiark Quartet From Wichita Falls, Texas Blytheville Legion Auditorium Wed. Sept. 26 8:00 P.M. Admission 50c & $1 SETJ THE TIME AND PIAC€ FOR AMMICA'l BIG MUSICAL DAT!) Send Your Clothes To Us... BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 The word cabbage comes from the "tench "caboche" meaning head. WTg-, rffocfuwiBTS ' Will BE MMTTTID FOA ONE- BUCK! (»»*U«TOY-*IL...) A REALBWMWL A OKAT «ffl Double Feature GOOFY JAIL BOIOSI COTTON BOLL on North Hiway 61 Phone 3570 >••••••••••••••••••••••• TONITE ONLY Family Night $1.00 Per Car Load —Plus— N<wJun|hTMtf»l JOHNNY WEISSMULLER »Jungle Jim. Color Cartoon & Comedy "Invisible Monster" Serial Sunday & Monday 2 Big Hits JOHN LUND COR1NNE CA1VET DIANA LYNK RANDOLPH SCOTT Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat.-Sun. 1:00 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "CODE OF THE WEST James Warren Also Cartoon & Serial •II Andy Of de —And— Also Cartoon "Undersea Kingdom" Serial Saturday Owl Show Starts 11:30 Saturday Owl Show Leather Pushers Andy Devine Sun.-Mon.-Tues. •"jar SPY • Ellil MSB ixiim U j | Also Warner News & Shorls ••••••••••*. —Plus- Cartoon & Radar Pafrol Serial Sunday & Monday Latest News

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