The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1949
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN BLYTHEVTLLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS New Interest Found for Meals ' Vtol Kidney Chops -Contain Food Value; ' Add Real Variety For larger veal chop serving, homemakers might well choose kidney chop*, poJnts out Reba Staggs, widely known home economist. Veal Udney chops are cut from the rib end of the vwl loin and contain a cro« sectfon or the kidney which m*k« them easy to distinguish in 'the meat dealer's display. AB veal Is young it has a light fat 'coiting so it Is best 'when cooked with moisture. Braising \s the ideal method of cooking these chops. This is also true of veal steaks and other ,vetl chops—the rib chops, the shoulder cut arm and blade chops which correspond to beel porterhouse and T-bone steaks. \ In preparing chops or steak=. dredging them first In flour will aid in Ihelr browning. After costing the chops are placed in a frying-pan In a little hot lard and browned on each side, then seasoned. A little liquid is added and the frying pan 'tightly covered, slow jookfng until : the chops are tender brings out their ^fine flavor. ; V«al chops can be braised with «auc«s, fruits, and vegetables for itasty combinations. For varley. instead of using water as the cooking liquid, tomato juice, sour cream, • fruit Juices, milk can be used. Browned veal chops sprinkled with grated cheese and placed over scalloped potatoes make a tempting casserole. Breaded veal chops are R favorite, too. Bread or cracker crumbs may be used and for variety a couple of tablespoons of corn meal can be added to the seasoned flour coating them before browning. ••Rice Piquante, Frankfurters Supper Treat Itinkfurt«r« seldom ever need a promotion Job to make them pop- .ulftr. They came Into being with •popularity and-hare not been shaken from the pedestal. Linkinj them •VQ with another popular food— _fhtffy Hca, sea-soned with a plquante '••uoe— is • ipedal -special for family mob or for that Saturday lfl£)t mipper that has become a '•tandwd way of entertaining. Ingred lentil 't cope cooked white rice I M)«poorui fat 1 onion chopped 1 tafclMpootu Tinegu- 3 MUespoonft brown autrar I Ubtapoon lemon Juice I «up f»t«up 1 a*f meat «tock 1 taMfipoon 'Woracimhrre gauce • frankfurter! • If meat stock lxn\ available, use •tuned bouillon or make the cup flf ttock with water and beef ex- Fl«ffy WhiU Rice Pot I cup of white rice, 1 teaspoon Mlt and J cup scold water in t twwfliart saucepan. Corer with » tight-fitting lid. Set over a hot flunt until it bolls vigorously. Then reduce the heat as low as possible and almmer for 14 minutes more. During thi* time the rice will ab•orb the water and come out- deli- dotisly tender. Remove the lid to permit th« rice to steam dry. Lift ric« with a fork to test Its con- •tjtency. Never stir rice while cooking—and the grains will oe sepa- rat« and tender. ' Preparation MeK fat in a. skillet, add onion •nd cook until the onion is yellow. Add seasonings and stock and simmer, covered, fifteen minutes. Place the rice in the bottom of greased cMwrol*, pour the sauce over it •nd ar&nge the frankfurters on top. Brush the' frankfurters with melted fat and bake in a moderate oven. 350 degrees, for 25 to 30 minutes. This will make six servings. Vo/unteer Corps Aid India's Police Officers DELHI, India ^TV-Indian provinces have built up a volunteer corps of 1,030.695 to help the police maintain law and order. Volunteers, who generally are commanded by police officers, are B A C 0 I ROT M KM New M& White Package D«Kciowt, slo-cOred Bacon ij »ow in * brand new f»d «nd wWt« pack• 9*. Look for it at AJw«y« Ml for ftavor THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1949 Cool Treats for Porch Parlies W HEN tiie weather man promises "fair and warmer". It's a fine lima to invite your friends for in. formal supper on the porcli or out in the backyard under tho stars. If you are doubling as chief cook and hostess, it's wise strategy to plan Die parly fare around a sand, wich bar. Cold cuts, relishes and assorted ctieeses co-star li<ir>}>il>- with a variety of sliced breads anil crackers and a tossed green salad; an ice bucket (o keep containers of rnilk. beer and fruit Juices properly chilled will solve your hospitality responsibility Then all the hostess has to do is give the "help yourself" signal and enjoy her party. For an extra festive touch for your buffet spread, you might offer a Jellied bouillon seasoned Bavarian style with beer or ale and served with a sllco of lomon. The delicate malt flavor of the beer will give a tantalizing zest to this familial' summer weather soup that nroSably will keep your Kilcsts guessing as to the source of tha subtly intriguing new flavor. Bavarian Bouillon 2 envelopes unfla. 1 cup vv.itr-r vor.vl £,.r;uline - + rup l., IT Vj <JLII> c-j!(] ll';U*>r l..--n;r.jl ~!ii;0$ 2 r.uis eonfl.'i'.itd I'arttty liecf bouillon 2 s-02, canK tomato sauce Sprinkle gelatine on cold water. Combine bouillon, tomato sauce and water in saucepan; bring to a boll: add to gelatine; stir until dissolved. Add beer. Cllill until set. lireak up with a fork. Serve garnished w'.th lemon slices and parsley. Yield: 8 servings. liven semi-military training. They are called upon in tunes of emergency when police strength is found to be inadequate. The corps Ls open to members of all religious communities and pol- tical groups. Brawling, under British law. Ls the offense of quarreling or creating a disturbance in church. A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT MACARONI -SPAGHETTI PURE EG& NOODLES etOTHES.ARE EXPENSIVE Do you "Eat" them wifl, « strong chemical bleach? Of Do you bleach fhem willi a jafe, natural bleach lite— MAN! WHAT PLUMP, TENDER FRANKS ...THE BEST ! EVER TASTED! **•*•"* Remind Father That You Care With 'His' Food Of course rtaa won't be relieved of any work, but there's nothing like a thick, juicy .steak to let him i know he's the man o( the day. says neba Stages, home economist. And to make the Father's Day dinner complete, it calls for plenty of his others favorites, as mashed potatoes, rich cream gravy and, Just naturally—fresh apple ' pie. When it comes to choosing that all-important steak, it depends on the number of people to be served. For Hie large family a sirloin .steak should make generous servings. T- bone and porterhouse steaks will serve a family of three to four, while club steak. 1 ;, if cut thick, will .serve two. Broiling Is trie best method of preparing the tender steaks. The metal should be placed In the broiler so the surface ot one-Inch steaks Is about two Inches from tile heat and two-inch steaks about three Inches from the heat. When the steak Is nicely browned on one side It Is turned—but only once. Since the steak has a great proportion of cut surface and salt tends to draw the juices out of the meat and prevent browning, the steak Is seasoned after It Is browned, points out Miss Staggs. If dad prefers his steak rare, it will lake from 15 to 20 minutes cooking time for one-inch steaks. Medium done steaks require from 20 to 25 minutes. Thicker—two- Inch steaks cook In 35 to 40 minutes for rare and around 45 minutes for medium-done. Arctic waters have relatively small salt content because of lack of evaporation and the Inflow of many rivers. R«d New; Want A<& AMCKICA'S FINEST JflLY MAKER • » • Packed S (o JO io (he pound, they're all "Din- npr-Qiuilily" moat! lender hccf and juicy l>ni-k! Buy them in the package marked SWIFTS PHKMIUM FRANKS. That way you're always sure to get the same high quality and delicious flavor. Look for youi dealer's special display of Swift's Premium Franks in the flavor-protecting package Made FRESH DAILY in Swift's kitchens from Const to Coast! Fresh CATFISH All Meat Whipping Cream REDDIWIP ,60 BOLOGNA - - - lb. 39c Brisket O' Beef STEW MEAT - - lb 35< Delicious fresh PORK LIVER - - lb.29< Reelfoot Brand PICNIC HAMS - lb.44c Tender Fresh DRESSED HENS-lb 59c Swift's Delicious Creamery BUTTER - -. - lb.68$ Hell Brand SLAB BACON - lb. 39* 28 lb. Average WATERMELONS lb. 4c fLb. Ctn. 65' PURE LARD For Wonderful Ice-Cream 1 bath size, and 2 medium bars PALMOLIVE SOAP A ,, For 29< For Wonderful Ice-Cream TEH BELOW 1lo.c«» Del Monte FRUIT COCKTAIL No ,IJ c>n 33" Church lit and GRAPE JUICE „ 19< Chum Brand SALMON Ta ,, can 39 c Soft, Strong CHARMIN TISSUE 4 **. 35° For Cooking Success PET MILK All Popular Brands CIGARETTES Pure White Domino CANE SUGAR 10, bfi! Sailorntan HOMINY Moist Grated COCONUT 12o, c »15 „„. 93 No.42 Can tV Fancy Velvet OKRA lb. 45c Sunkist, 490 size LEMONS doz. 29< Iceberg, 5 doz. size LETTUCE ea. 100 Fresh, tender EAR CORN 4 for Liberty Cash Grocery's MEAL OF THE WEEK Cream of Tomato Soup *rjth Cri*p Cracker* Fr*ru:h ToaMe<£ Sandwich** (Rtcip* b*Io*| Raw Carrol Svicki RadiiH«* Raicin and Rice Pudding NOTE: Stttnd rt™» (mcil of the «**k 4-fi.U) i. w] ^11 »,L. ihi, m ,.t Fren ch -Too s t*d . Sandwiches rofH/e«M: Mar 2*, 1949 l /3 rap P« Mi Be cu »M«f K <Tu«< bned •f ilic*. Malt* 4 Mndwichn of bread »nd cK««M, Mt« together «gg, tnilic, w»t«r and »«lt. Dip Muidwtcht*. one at • time, in milk miitur*. Brown on botti >id«* in '/» mcK Hot shortening or meat dripping*. Make* 4 serving*. *Slic«* of lunch m**t or <ir*i!ed Kam «S>i**d can rcplac* th* ch****, l r r»K Will Pet Milk American Cheese Lunch Meot 13c 59c 59c The Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA - - - - case Here's your fresh-up drink SEVEN-UP case When you bring your coupon SUPER SUDS - - large box 21 c Salad Queen SALAD DRESSING - • - qt. 39c Maxwell House COFFEE lb. pkg. 53? The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO - - - - 3 lb. ctn. 630 Hi-C Brand ORANGE JUICE Pride of Illinois CORN - - - - No.1can15< - 46-oz. can

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