The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1936
Page 6
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ft PAGE, SIX- t • -^ Restores Confidence in Spoit of Kings; Gates Begin lo Climb. ' BY MAX KIDDLE XEA Sen Ice Turf Writer Much ado lias been making llic mmds iecently aboul Ihe camera eye for icglslcrlng hoi so race finishes. Argulnn Ihe mailer pro ore opeintors who seek lo give Ihe betting public conrulence In -track operation;; mid on tlie other side aie cwiicis nml others who will tpll you that jud?cs, if honest,-can see for belter tlian cam' eras The laltor aiguti ent you must late \\llh a ginln of sill, for racing people are Ihe most cousnvn- ti\e In Ihe ttoild, irslsling even Bood inncinUtms «it|, uii'ilil and : main H H>I, a lns llial the ciun- [, era h bromine: Luslncss at the, '' tracks. I i Camera i-yrs nro vorked bv plioto-clcctrlc cells. A horse, racing Inlo n ".vjiircc''6f Ihhl" beam ncioss Ihe tiiuk some distance- hi •front, of the nnish line, cuts ... ctcctiteil circuit, ousin; nil electric impiihc lo lie inignlflril until tt is sli on/ enough lo trip n damem focused on a wire still o\ci the j)0',ls By menus of the cnmira apt nlors are able lo give to UK fudges finished photos of ' (In wlnnci ullhln tv,o minutes. It soiinds simple i<imii|>li. but there tiio plenty of difficulties some of tlieni n.rclmnlcai. a'i<l other, of tuoAa"Cc by iMJ'n.; 'brTleliih The nrr.t involves a matte ul mathenmlrs ;t> (no point of snc«- AOlI, BLYTHBVILLE .(ARK.) COURIER NEWS When -Sharkey's Comeback Fell Flat Uishrr Malliiinalics Needcil A photo-electric cell (toes not ttork ln,M-inlni.'>oi',ly While it Is \\oiklng (lie tioiic is .-moving forward. Therefore, the lime of .operation . of the "eye." plus'lho time necessary lo amplify (he impulse and that required lo make the e\irabuic, must be niens- nrec;. This must -be balanced 'against the speed ol the horse ht the- finish. ryr more purposes the speed of a running horse In the last 10 feet of a lace Is neither greater ncr k"-s than Mini In nny otluT Elictch Bui. \\hcn hundredths of second are being considered the difference. Is appreciable. Thus no .camera yet perfected will ,il- wnj's catch Ihe finish jiist us the ; winning line horse touches the Races arc iron and lost In n foot of spue, say slv Inches each side of the finish If your picture is tnkcn sK inches before the finish, II \\onld not neces- 'sillily .give the true result of n .near dead liral-the position of Ihe hoices. might cliauje in the next Kix Indies. •Agnln. your picture limy show the first four horses lo finish, but unless (he icsult lias a four-wny dr>ad heal, it \fould show only the winnei, and would not nec- ifcsariij shou \\hlch horse \vas second, third and fourth; that is, the pcsillon of the other Hire;, with regard, lo Ihe nnish li»e, mjght change by the time llic second and third horse had reached that point. To correct this failing the "camera eye" at Thistle Down in Cleveland and Uciiolt includes a high speed movie camei.i which automatically, operates to catch the finish of all horses. Here again Ihe failing of most cameras can be recognized. Most / movie cameras take 32 frames a minute. Since thel'c must bo a stop, or blank, between each plc- foraard during that 'blank, tlu- actual finish of the race might eas.K occur during a blank, and S r,u,ue Ga.ien. Joe ' s " ""'" ccl because of a growth on Ihe left hand ot the- champio mplon your resulting nnish pictures would not be conclusive. To correct Mils the omcimi operate at llio /.fl:cd of 150 frames jicr second. This camera almost entirely ellmiimtes llic fault which caused tlir photo- lifnplicd ntiishes to lie discarded :it three or four tracks. Nonrcsl Horses rnvorcil The yrenk'st objeclion lo the picture which mcing men make The Snucttcrn xNashyillc xHirmliigham . xNcw Orleans vLitlle Hock . KChatlauooga .W. T,. Pet. 02 45 .015 C3 Gl 59 05 51 Iti is that (lie camera cannot see accurately. They state—and righl- ly—llial n camera is not nblu to see depth, or the third dimension. Thus, it n object slightly In front of one of similar size will look larger. In oilier words, tlie turf world is (irmly convinced .that the camera favors the horse nearest to It, or Ihe r,tie farthest from the rail. Yet fioui the beginning of racing lliero ahvays have lieuii 'camplnliiLs il m t tho juilgcs favored Ihe Inside horso, even (hough human beings , have slereoiHicon vision. Thy reply which the camera mm make 10 this Is llial, in Ihe first place, tho camera is located en lop of the grandstand, and as near to llii; Irack as possible. Tiius it would nol inntlcr if there were a slight distortion or enlargement. Moreover, as will be seen from photographic finishes, (hero Is llt- llc. if any. distortion possible when you are • photographing a line. Tlie first horse, to touch! the whits nnis), line is the vic- tor. .There Is no possibility tliat! livM »'i>i' Ihe secniid horse \vlll look smnll-i" farmln o rand therefore fartliei In any case, accunilc or the photographic finish has away. not. in- i;pirc<V a confidi-nce lu racing 'which no ether innnvalfoh siiv'- Ihe salivn test lias broughl tu Ihe sport. " For U;!s reason tracks such as Cleveland's Thistle Down, hitherto ''leaky roof" affairs which Inspired no public confidence nnil sulfered accordingly in income are prospering as never before. here, ueiieves he holds record. He starlet " .^^u.n. i iu ami ieu forming, doing plowing and other himl tasks, when 8 years o|d, and Is still at H—a 70-ye'ar span. MT. CAHMEL, 111. (UP)—Millard Leighty. 18-year-old farmer who Before 1'cu Buy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 H. r. Single Cyl. (Other Sizes lo • 1C H. p.) HUBHARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. Memphis W IS .381 x—Night game. SI. Louis . New York Chicago . Pittsburgh Ciucmuali 55 Boston 53 Detroit Chicago .. Washington „ Boston 59 St. Louis . Philadelphia Norlhcast Arkansas League W. I, Newport 33 i Osceola OWN A FARM Save your money by. putting il In a Farm. You can pay all cash or part .cash and the balance yearly. Lund values in Ihis valley are irradually incrensing. We have a few farms [o sell. If you have any farm laud to sell, or if you wish lo buy a fnrm, see me. G. G. CAUDILL ""tf"' I'honps vm i. » ^^~*^^*^^m^^m Gin with Sternberg GINNING AT HALF-PRICE Per Hundred For Ginning Fair Prices for Cotton & Seed Ilrooklyn Philadelphia &nr ^HA This is us at Mrs. Conover's stall at the fair That's me nibbling tnffy and William sort of fingering the gooicberry jam, And Tom fiddling in hii pockcl for some change. Our dog Jesiie lliere almost looks like she's hoping Tom's sot Ihe price of the cake, don't she? Harry E. Wilken lialesville 17 Joue.sboro 15 Better Sample Better Turnout Honest Weights Try Us With Your Next Bale Sternberg Cotton Co. There can't anything come up to a real Family Recipe! It just seems like n real Family Recipe has got a tasii- ness lo it like nothing else. Take the Wilken Family Whiskey Recipe... folks say for out and out tastiness they never yet tasted anything like it. 1 shouldn't wonderifit'sall the care our Family puts into it—being proud on account of it's being a personal Family's Recipe. You know the Wilfcen Family has been distilliii K since I don'l know when. Dad was at it over 40 years, and Grandad ahead of him. And William and Tom and me had a hand in turning out over a million cases of the Wilken Family Whiskey. And maybe we're not glad you like it the way you do! Title Claimant Will Face .Veteran; Mobley and Ligosky on Card. Johnnie Marrs, claimant to the southern light hravy\veighl wrestling championship, wm mcct lllc nigged and capable Lee Myers who does some claiming himself by maintaining that he was once '>. world champion i n one of the vela hi divisions, In the feature maich of Monday's wrestling card U the Legion arena here. In the preliminary nex Mobley the competenl Texan, and Qcorge IJgcsky former lop public enemy of local fans a yea.- or more ago, will match their skill and rough- Myers should give Mni TS oaa of the hardest matches the latter has encountered in several np- penrances here. Myers can WI-DS tie if forced to but prefers fo dish it out In other ways. Marrs is no slouch nt the racket himself and should be able to glvo M^rs all he Is looking loe aiKt ^ Llgosky will be 1-emcmbcrFdTy nnt fans here ns one of the tough boys of a year or me!,e ago m the local ring Lfcoskv Ls pretty wen atonglnS^^ a ring scarred veteran of nany skirmishes, probably out«s well as Inside the rinp- Is « skilled niatman and'. would tale more thun likely • as a favorite over Lieosky if It were not foi- the . latler's tremendous strength and biulslng tactics Even then It looks like nex if the) stick to their knitting. Mike Mcroney, 'former local promoter, will be the third man in the ring for both clashes Mike has been suffering from an Injured foot but says the appendage will bo healed In lime for action Monday night. Baseball Results Southern League ' Memphis a-0, Knoxville a-3. Night games: . . i 'I Nashville at New Orleans. Allania at Little Uock. i Chattanooga at Birmingham, National I.eagur Pittsburgh 8, Chicago 7. 'St. Louis 4, Cincinnati 2. Uoston 3. Philadelphia 1. Only fjntne.s scheduled. American League Delroit 8, St. Louis 4. Only game scheduled. / FRIDAY, AUGUST 21,- 1930 NorllLp.-isl ilrltansas League Paragould G, Joncsboro 5. Newport Q, liatess'llle 4. Osceola at Carnlhersville, night gnme. Flying Librarian Appears PASADENA, Cal. (UP) — Miss Esther Bauer, nsslslant librarian at one of the city's branches, believes she is the only flying librarian in the United States. Blie practiced flying between library hours until she finally won. her pilot's license. Game Has., Bearing O n Third Place; Leading Pastimers Meet Builders Joe Applebaum's Famous store will meet R. D, Hughes company lii a game (orilgiit that will go a long- \vny toward determining third place iwsitton in Ihe Commercial softball league race. The two teams meet again next Wednesday night In n preliminary to the Memphis Coca Cola Bottlers-Toledo Crimson Tobaccos game. H will be a regular league ?ame, postponed from an earlier date. In the second game of tonight's Haley Field doiiblcliender the luckless East Arkansas Builders *'lll take on the league lending Pastimers, . The Builders have on- J' an outside chance, at the best of hailing the . heavy hitting billiard artisls who are marching steadily toward a pennant. But stranger things have happened; Head Courier News Want Ads. Wrecker Service - Oas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS' SERVICE CENTER Phones 77" - 213 *=z'<£X<«4W9-><Ki'<S*l(Kr/ ifjfj (1J1)<*>(»S I CopjrrluU 1936. Jos. S Find, S Co., Inc., Scticnlcy, IV J^U'™°f-The str»i s l>l, Inthl, product ire maiRlinvhhkcy 1 5 monlSs otj. ' FINAL ten days of Mead's greatest clearance featuring values that are THE TALK OF THE TOWN All our remaining summer Hart Schaffner & Marx DIXIE WEAVE SUITS 16 Last call, gentlemen, last call! In ten days it will be all over and your opportunity to own one of these famous summer suits will be lost forever at savings like this. Better come in tomorrow $ 75 Regularly are $22.50 All remaining nationally famous WASH SUITS It's little short of ridiculous to sell these wash suits at a price like this but we are determined to move them out and here are the reductions to do it. First come, first served. Wash TROUSERS $]85 Sport SHIRTS 50c $2.30 Were$l Were $5 SXv ln canrt rr ! Zn l d f™"*, ° f !' ! You C :' n ' Kvcr >' " air col)b!c ' 1 ">' Kvcrv inir i . , b " y Uvo <ar lhc P riec CTOS »>' Stiuarc, famous Icr Phin '„• t ft ° f onc - Slinrt slccu ' s ' for f^hion ttrsls in' ami si7.e<rV "M 'o'lff sleeves, gaiicho or shdedom. Belter jrct • ' • -' I" 'II. poln styles. (wo pair tomorrow. Other drastic reductions on all remaining stock of nationally known summer wear! MEAD CLOTHING CO. 31S WEST MAIN ST. Blytheville's Headquarters for Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes I

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