The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, JUNK 21, 19.1C BLYTI1EV1LLE (AUK.)! COUUIER NEWS PAGE THREB )emonstration ulub Group Meet X Plans arc Discussed For Council Session And Party Tonight 1 Where Tornado Hit Hardest Miss Corn Lee Colcnuin, homo lemonstratlun n^cnl, was IIOSIPS-J lo ho Exraillvc Hoard of (ho Home Jcmon.slration Club Council Wcil- iDsclay, at tlie Dogwood club house. The board made several rei'oin- nciKlations which it will present lo he Council when il mi'cls prior to lie bineo iiarly tonight. The mi>m- liers will bring their evening meal iiul will cat picnic; fasliion. Mr.;. Ji'Bc liuncli will preside at Ihc Htsiiu'.ss -session. The I'ccninmenclnlinns whicl: Ihc Executive Board made were as folows: (1) isacli club will observe ionic .safely and will send in a re- iort lo Ihu safely chairinan, Mrs. Jl. A. Uiigg, so lhat [he council will set credit al the Stale Council r'titlg for I ho observance <>f OIH of its major projects. National Safety Week begins July 21. It was pointed out that clc.iths due Lo fai'm accidents number ap- pnwimatcly 5,000 each year. Jfcch year approximately 1,000,000 arc injured in farm accidents. Records from the State Health Department show the following incidents of fatal farm home accidents: Falls, 30 per cent; burns, 25 per cent; fire- itrins, 7 per cent; poLson, G per cent; mechanical suffocation, four per cent ,an<l others. 10 per cent. 12' The Home Demonstration Club County Play Tournament will be held al tlie Rtlx Thenter in Manila. The Board voted to write a note | of thanks lo Mr. Fleeman for hav- ini; consented to having Ihc Play Tournament Ihere. (3) A commiltce will ijo lo Reel- fool Lake anil investigate the cabins and enya^e them for Ihc week fol- vitu? Ihc Play Tournament wheir I club women will have their Rest On'"!). HI The Hoard voted to invit-; Miss Blanche G. Randolph, Extension Specialist in food prcseiva- tion. In visit Ihe county in July. (5> The Board asked each club U> plan some means of making some money to enable Ihc Council tj send a check to the 4-11 Club liui'rt- ing Fund. Here are two excellent photos of the tornado which devastated the firen south of Detroit and moved into Canada late Monday night. The left photo shows Ihe twister as it struck near Windsor, Ontario and the right photo .shows the storm as it died out in the distance. (N15A Telt'photo.) Anti-Poll Tax \Bloc Prepares > For New Attack WASHINGTON, June 21. (UP! — Sponsors of the anti-poll tax ley I lation said today they would press for Senate action on their proposals | toon after July 1. The move is certain to touch off I a Southern filibuster that has killed 1 (he measure every time it has bnsp. I proposed. Sen. Olin D. Johnston. D., f> n. aid in an interview that Southein- I ers arc prepared to "talk until we j adjourn the Senate for the Suni- fit». James O. Eastland. D., Miss.. I and other Southern Democrats ahrj indicated that Ihcir opposition lias not decreased since the bill came up | two years ago. • ! .Sen. James M. Mead, D, N. Y., I however, said that Ihc anti-poll tax | "strategy committee" cpecls to meet, ain before July 1 to decide on final | plans for the battle. He sairi members will confer with Demacraitc Leader Albcll W. Barkley. Ky.. aixi Republican Leader Wallace H. White, Me., as oon as major appro- j prialions bills have been disposed of. Mead emphasised lhat advocates I of anti-poll tax legislation liavo no 1 desire to interfere with the appro- | prialinns measures. Eleven bills still ipil be considered before the r,tarl I of Ihc new fiscal year July i. Strike Closes Tire Factory In Akron, Ohio AKHON, o, June 21. <U-P.) — Production at the General Tire and Rubber Co. was halted today as 2,400 employes, members of the United Rubber Workers (CIO), struck at midnight over three issues. Local President Joseph E. Childs of the URW said that employes voted to, strike May 29 over the wage payment plan, discharges In violation of their bargaining contract and contract removal. He added that the issues were outlined in a May 2 notice to the National Labor Relations Board and the National Wage Stabilization Board. I Staid Court Agrees To Read Typewritten to Speed Decision Senate Okays Vinson for Chief Justice WASHINGTON. June 21. (U.R) —The Senate last night confirmed the nomination of Pred M. Vinson to be Chief Justice of the United States. Approval was given without debate or a dissenting vote. Reports that Sen. E. H. Moore. R., Okla., planned to speak against Vinson's nomination failed to materialize. He was not on the floor for the final vote. Tfiree War Veterans Face Murder Charges As Result of Robberies NEW \ORK Jurtc 21 Inrce overseas w«r xeterans all ot them in their early 20?, wcte held tod u foi t«o holdup riifirders thlt netted them a total of $2r>. Police said they confessed shootint: Antonio Marchirella. 24. early the morning of June 8 and less than 24 hours later beat to death Jack Hylands. 20. when he riled to prevent (hem from assaulting his 18-year-old B in friend. Yvonne; Kenny, in Central Park. The three were Identified af Edward Kobcrski, 22. Hcnrv Suckow. 24, and Edward Kanoska. 21, all of the Astoria section of Queens. The first slaying netted them S3. police said, and they obtained about SM from Hylancis. oldier Pays Out $600 To Learn How Fickle A British Gal Can Be NKW YOliK, June 21. (UP)-Kti- ilcc Katon, H British model, was loneymooiiing In llrooklyn loday. but not with the man she cimi-.- lo he U. B. lo innrry. The mini who thouijhl lip WHS u;i- ni! to be the bridegroom was buck n Miinchcsler. Conn.. >'onicm;)lul- ni! the fickleness of women, |>u;-llc- .ilnrly Hi-tUsh girls who me ID veins )ld and bcimtlful. When lilchard Simmons, 30. »n Army serscant left London lust Nu- vember. Eunice promised lo marry him as soon as he could aiTiniRe her saue lo this country. After his cliuriic, Kiiuinons returned (n Manehe.slcr mul subM'quently simt his [lance SiiOO to buy i\ rliiu nnd clothes, he said. Then he ummxi'd Her pnssiiBe utoard the Liberty ship Pepder. The first nluhl nt sea, Eunice an Id she met Thomns Hennessey, 22, Brooklyn, (he ship's purser. I'ntwn- s et)iild see tluit Sitnmons 1 eluinces were wanliiB. lint after flvis days out, the romnnec secmetl lo Uuve couletl, and Eunice sent Simmons u cable reaffirming her love. When Ihc ship doeked In Philadelphia, Simmons was wiillln^ anxiously on the dock, lint he was just n duy lulc. The previous :ilijht, Eunice nnd Hennessey luid awuki-n- cd Cnjii, Francis M, llnrns and hiul him mnrry them. Governor Turns Down Long Trip to Tafce Two Shorter Jaunts M'lTl.K HOCK, June 21. (U.IM —I'ri'sUU'iils umi Immsurnllons look a back sent Incluy In favor ot nylons and nil Arkansas rodeo. Governor Hen I.aney had lo 10- filM' mi Invllallon to the imiuuur- tion of Manuel Koxus us new Pillars for the Golden dull bridge In S;m Francisco Uny nn half an nveriiRp cltf block In K and rest on the bottom of the bay. Eighl-monlh-old Diane Will doesn't scorn to appreciate Ihe five unby skunks which her mother, Mrs George Will, found uncle* Ihc porch ol their Chicago home. AshiMed of Her Blotchy -PIMPLY SKIN Here's in Honest Offer Satisfaction or Money Back l.iiikrn out <vltl Tf VOITIl .1]<I Kly nnrfa U1M...1 liy 1 Ci- al I nti vlr Iti'll. t« llrilKKlHt .lll. Imllln ..r M ....... •'* U. 1ISI! :i:i illrnrliMl. .Sun Hlllrt rlh-lil In [it Eil'l n 11m (rmihlr— i>ri)imilli> Ini;. HKO ("r I ,Mi iln K.'l 'Mil. I ynu'll lln.l I tiiit; .-U'lii in fnsloi In- ' ill It II t diHsaHHfli-.l Moin>y y — irrt-uactcsa — all di u lln. ITcsldent of the Philippine Is- lunds July 4, because of previous comihlttment.i liere In the state. The Governor had already promised to attend Ihe Ouirk Rodeo nl Spilncdalc July 4 and the official opening of the Mumlngwenr plant lit Koyers July 6. l'\>rly-scvcu i>cr cent of the population of New England Is native white slock, while SI per cent are' foreign white stock'. FREE to STOMACH SUFFERERS l,i(i you feel as If you can't digest roue food. niiel are ups«t after rating, nak '« 'or KRKK IrluL package "I ininoui Or.'W»re'« Black Powder Tab- U-i. u^-ulnr sUc 51.00. HOTIIROOK DBUG CO. Wuculs Drue istorc - Cily l>rug Co, .riTLR ROCK. June 21. (UP;— Arkansas' of!-<icbnted separate frrt- rral primary law. act. 107 of 1!M5. srcmcd destined today to hit the Supreme Court in record time. In Toxarkana yesterday, congressional candidate ij;c. Whiltatccr— who recently had the act declared IncoiLstitiiilonal in I'ulaski Chan- eery Cnnrl -said lie was m*f;lng I 'every eSfor! to speed high caurt aclinn on I be matter. Whit taker, n candidate from I the 4t!i district, pointed out thr-t I his attorney, ir. F?. Slubblcfield ol T,H!le line!:. hncl obtained pcrmis- I sion frmn the Supreme Court to e lyprwritlni briefs instead if the customary o"cs. He added that Ilic move should expedite the hcav- I ings. Normally Ihc rourl requires that briefs be printed. a nd in large lyp-. too, 50 that reading (he words will | be easy on (he eyes. Too Late to Claaify For Sale •10-Acn- farm, rum larpr pnnrl rci^'i ;f ro'iin house, tain] all rlciirrH. K ii]>l;<nil. !!',{; Rrri-j- KllUTln [ii-;ich Irfr!-. other fruits. .% rhicfccn rimihr.--. l.nrn, •J i.on<ts. $2ll(W; will n'll rnllli', :i rooms furniture rtnil the fjinn for Former Wizard Of KKK Facing Income Tax Suit 'AUbANIA, GA Jtlllt! •>! (.Ul'l — 3r Hlinnt \Vcs'"\ E\ ins toimi.! Imperial Wi/ ird o r the KU M'l 1 <lan. has been charged v;it!i il S350.000 Icdcrnl las bill, the Atlanta constitution wild today. In a copyrighted story Horn Washington, the jinjier said th.: U. S. tax court had handed doAU an opinion holding Evans llablj Tuberculosis claims nine limes as man victims amonq persons on relief an among Ihosc having annual incomes of S3000 or more. , FLUSH KIDNEY URINE Benefit wonderfully from famon* doctor's dt^eoTcry that relieve* Backache, run-down feeling do* (o excess acidity ia the urint F*opl* t very where ar* find In f •m*zln| relief Crom painful »ymptoms of bladder Irritation caused l»y excess ncidity in th* urine. DR. KLLMSR'S SWAMP ROOT •ct» last on the kidneys to c^se discomfort fcy promolfn? the flow of \irinc. This pur» b' medicine fo especially we) com* •**hrro Mad Her Irritation duo to CKCC«* acidity Is icsp^onsiblo [or "gcKinjr up *t nEgHtb". A carefully Mended combination of 16 fccrl-s, roots, vtcclablcf, balstm; Dr. KIITier's contains nothing harsh, Is «&- tolutely non-hfibtt forming. Just fcod 1ft- gredient« ( many people **y bav* • trutrvelont effect. Send for free, prepaid *ampT» TOD AY 1 Llk« thousands of others you'll h« fU«l thiit you did. Send name mnd «rfdress lo Drpartment A, Kilmer A Co- Inc., B»n , Stamford, C 01 >n. OfEer htiltol. Stmt , •t »nc«, AJt dru' . i i-l! Swsni in,-.TV Slor- ;.r..| M,,rkfl will ninin hnrijr.' 2 \>\nr\* 'frritn" Vlflin Si. llnrdvv ..d.| floors : ?uiil(-in Itnlii l»h niul Inn [(in kirrlii'ii ruliinrt. H. AMID f'ir sfllrn,:: Icavinc IOXTTI. n'. l.nst ISoy GriKOrx-. W. 18 ITirhwuj*. 2I-]>k-2R For Rent TASTIER, RiKR DESSEiiTS Ice Cream, Sherbets iCusturdu for unpaid taxes on the net earnings of road-building firms he once operated. Evans, \\lio was fined $15.000 In IS'IO aljer he'.'enlcrccl i:a,jilea rtl nolo ccmtcjidcri.j lo j'aaj-. niiti-lru^l ItulietmeiU, [lecimerl' 'Vo 'coimnelH on the new action. He said h^ \Vould let the coum HcClde Ihe'-.biisi'i Phone 931 for /better TAXI SERVICE For IOIIR lrl|is—5 or more in Memphis or l.itth- Hock, nciir (ruin fare fur round trip. LOCAL CALL . . . 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Dietrich, Manager BIythevillc's Only Exclusive Direct Writing Agency of Leading Companies 209 '/ 2 West Main St. Phone r>10 SATURDAY BAKERY . SPECIALS 7-Inch, 2-Layer Fresh Lemon Cake ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY Sorry—Just 1 to a Customer Father's Day Cokes Made fo Order HART'S BAKERY Ulythavi'.Ia — Employir.c Blylhoviib People COME AND GET 'EM! All Brands of Cigarettes per carton Tax raid. Radio Repair All Makes — All Models.. All Work Guaranteed Yes We Hove Plenty of Servel Refrigerators Record Players RADIOS GAS STOVES Electric Toasters Electric Irons And Many Other Wanted Hard-to- Get Items DIXIELAND CAFE and SERVICE STATION Approved Af\A Station Highway 61 at Holland — 3Vz Miles North of State Line Phone 2597 Evans Grocery & Market Charlie L. Evans Prop. Successor To Speck & Sons 211 So. First St. Free Delivery Anywhere in City Specials for Saturday, June 22 & Monday, June 24 FRUIT I ADC l>in(H l)o/ •••• (i:tl 'l IAD A A DC 2-l'c. Sell Sfal. 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Pkg. 10 TEA o/.. 27 McCormieks, Old Judge, Telley's Maxwell House, Jack Sprat, Canova, Louist- anne, Blue Plate, Tender Leaf P. A. Tobacco can lOc Tomatoes, fresh Ib. 14c Red Potatoes, Ib. . 3c Beechnut Tobacco 13c Celery, fresh bch. 12c Carrots, bunch 9c Cigarettes, pkg. . . .18c Oranges, dozen . . 50c Grapefruit, 80s 3for 20c FRYFIK rnicna 1 ' oun<! or Dressed DCCC II ttr Steaks, Roasts, Ground Meat, Stew Meal Pork Chops, Ib. . . 38c Pork Roast, Ib. ,. . . .33c Scoco S tb. Oleo, Ib 27c Beef Liver, Ib. 35c Chive Cheese 6 OT. 22c Fresh Cracklings Ib ISc Fresh Side Pork Ib. 29e Yeast Cokei/ ench. .

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