The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 11
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TUESDAY. MAY 20, i&47 CLASSIFIED- ADVERTISING (INFORMATION B™" *" *"• f " '•*"'"»« if. p., d» --------------- ith uer line ________________ SOc I '°UUt file ITOI1I4 VOrlU tO ti« lllll. I Id ordered (or tbr» or ill UUM and I wed beloit eiplrmtloD vtll to eh»T(I lor the Bumter of Um» the id »!)• I «* «»4 of bill m»d«. 111! OUaslflei AdTertUiuj copy tnfc- I ted ky usrson« residing outllile of the • ' Ulm^vtucolapuUtl by Cl»b. BAteH I? D« t£3^p computed Iron tb« iboi* lldratlilni ord« for IrnnUr Inwr- I i» Ukej the on« tlm« I»t«. [to i«npou»ibiuty will U taku f«r I '• HUB oo« Ijicorrtct iHHrtiOB •! my iitfitd ftd. For Sa/e IVHY CHICKS I <lru]>lo A 113.75 l»r kalidrtd. Jim I'rown Store bltvck If IVHY CHICKS I in (lock», F««l KrowloK «m I oinl liiyerB. Custom hatching. Orde "•. lllalock UaUliery, Norlli til ifliwiy. 1'liono .3172. I'll cli-Cf 40 & 52 gallon Norge lelectric heaters arc now I available at Planters Hard- livare Co. Ask for installed Iprices. Elements arc avail|able for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf For Safe MERCHANTS Can fW« you Immediate delivery on duuLte duly meat casei (n Any length*. AUo , have beverage coolers, walk-ln refrigerator!. Mud deep freeze cntl- lieu. Hull-tier iuj>|>llei. Alto Mills C'ouLfjroitsor*, Plioot! Dell Scott, 2250. Il20-ck.5l20 POWER LAWN MOWERS. | See the last word in a power lawn mower—the 1'ath- finder—the one that cuts to any height and under! any conditions. Blytheville! Machine Shop.. 4-12-ck-tr lry U.'nler with tank. I' t:M Carolyn St. l'rl,li> stock of Softball equipment, including flashy; colored uniforms. I'rk'.e 1'rice $0.45, ?fi.9!>, §8.95. 1'lanters Hardware, Inc. G 5 ck if Special on Gl A: H.It. Knrlli biilr — 2 »(-r mnl ii,,lll(.lrjal'Rit,v Nil Oily bnnl.'r. s — liusijioi rpslriclinint oil 'tiuiu- l : i<J<l — Mil! |ik-'_':i -1 tnr-hit Invvn cliAlrs: 4 l[<mvo «ooil screi-n. I'hone ;t4 , itr ]ii'J, ljr>\ stirln^s, iirki] IIMHI r.'ss; ilmcllf Fllltl-. [>K-<-|rir Htlil C4i:il .,tnv<>: rn.liu: h-.,,,,: ,,,,,,:] ^liti. aii'l i-nil lahlt^s. fionii. Si>rs'i'-<! .t Slorlirt! Co. I'll. '2HCI1. All |.r:,,'li- I'ally iic-w. f,]n-|ik-=l Jninhrr. All klncjj o( .linic -i-s IIJIVL- ln>t>n retluroil to r roiil*! afl,'r It. O. K. Rollisn Camp Alimltrie. I'lione UH09' Komelhi/iK you don'l nt^pdl 'I'rftdu Ir «,-ll It at SUK|, -Sliol,. 401 K Main. cane porch rockers. In |*ood condition. Call 278G. 5-C dh tf '>"« mncliim' null vnnily. ^-oom snill... 1'honn 405. iilou- fan. goml 11 lii.l clrrlrir. ronste r. room vacant l.ouse. 2 ljnlro.n. . elo?eu. 2 porclies. Lot r.O x 170. Ill realty to move in. ?^000. Kuntli • 1st. Across from >loouev-'n Oroi-ery or Cull Fred .Smith. Phone 11911. • "!' 1IKCKIVKT) TCW lame Wostiiiclioiisc plcctrl!., • M- li.-aUT.s. Also linve onp ^-oo.l ustni ^•^atltin \Vc.stiiiKliou*n v.-ntrr hPnliM likn XVlly. Ark.-... Power Co. 1'l.on !>!ir>-rk-tf carafe building on highway (il South. 100|Toot front facing highway Garage doing good business. Offered at bargain Owner leaving town. See call W. C. Calcs. Walnut St. Ph. 28.13 17 pk 2L fy JUli-h Cow. Hiiim- 780. 2072. Ted (lr inljy bfil. t'ntl K-l 12 .V 5 :UO p.m. lio . 1-1,1,1 019. 10 or 10 acres of hin.l. 1 -.', mil.-s ennth of iUyllii'ville. H,-antirni t.uilj inn sit,'. TITIIIM. acres willi nUe «ln«ll iifiTii... v, i,,il|. (iff Itwy. til ^ontli of ti,..-d. On vcl-oi'l bus nun,., rilniiiiii,- ,.',.., i !,;< \,,.j l.liirn Co liv.-. 1'ri.r.l ,i L -lii ,,,,,, ;,.,,,,... |m>Y»-,l. lm« 100 x •':;"»• lot o-l o.iriu-r -Mrcfl. M-Lth linitl-ilt ::iirii^", u-,,.uil u-itl. Icrni^. Sec I'll- hum.'. •I luoiu lunisi, \vitli l»:ilh. I..TJ* rooins. im corner lot on [I:I,-.-II|I'<IL, i-lo.s,- in i,.]] l.i-iil ,,l. l'r!<-.. SL-.IM ftiul tlj'i^ 's yii.irf. 'nl:,ii<.. out!.. Tosl'^iTi n-iili ilr,,.!. -v,, Ij.ill.::. I r i lions... Hi,If ,1., $-JU |.i,i 7 rontn ri'siiU'/ir,. wi off .Muin Hired, torms. I'or ipiii-k Rnle - store, w.-l! loc;ni':l. nil fixtures nny «toi-> w^.l! I Wnlk-in liox. ,lij|ilay ntfr: ,o oilier fixluri-^ I..') ULI-H.'OIS :„ This is on n cuni-'r !o> ni.v homi. .-in,] r.-ii-i] lions,, ,>ll S'2.400. Will 'iuvoirn s..n.-k. Vfs your whili- lr» {an. We lisvo ollior small lioin dnwii i,..yin,-iiH us l,i«- iiiu-u l.-bs rent. If v market lo linv or sell a li see us \V.! lire w,-]l nilvertiseil have l,iiTer.H fnr nil kio,l-= n! r.'n i-s'.iite. List your t'roin-rty iviili us we yiv." f.itupli'ti; real estal" :i.-.'vii-« Kee or eall UITIIKK (1HAY. Iti-nllor. |<li. r.lil IlKItT 1IOSS. Snlesninii. |>li. :if>OH Ulfil-.. with \V M. Willii.ins Ins Ann-.. Ilr, S. Tniril St.. Plion inn liolno. e-l'aK j,rrl> i i»nns. IliL-li- Art 2f,;i(l mill's. . . .00 rasli. llo- irl \Vnrir.i C.-lrai-,,. fnrnciinli!. I'll. " 1 I. IO-|ik--;2 mfortable 3 bedroom house jidjoining school grounds. Possession .Tune 1st. rice »r l-ali Max Logan, Realtor. T.ynch BWg. "Phono 2031. Voom modern home. Will completely furnished. Immediate possession. Eas- financcd. Sec or Call |\Iax Logan, Realtor, Lynch !?., phone 20?,4. Idern 5 room house. FHA financed. In., perfect cbn- llilion. Immediate posses- Lion, (louse is completely Insulated j and weather tl ripped.' On 'large lot; ''Se'e |>r call Max Logan, Realtor, Lynch lildg. phone 20S-1. 5 19 ck 2G Coxitrol, a Dr. Hess product helps (o prevent coccidio- sis if given in time. Reduces losses if chicks havi come down with the dis ease. Easy to give—jus add to mash. Costs Vi to : cent a chick. Woods Druj Store, 221 W. Main. Phon 507. 5 17 ck 2 Help Wanted le clAce business lots left In the .John B. Walker ant! lilliam Lee Walke.-- Suli- Pnslnre. fo 1'Fionc SO iniLle.3, lior.sea nnil rattl Ktntiou. ^0 x ; Cliain lioivl. fl. livision on Kast Main Klrect. Kx^llent for com- Vercial location in fast de- rig section. i specialize in lots or acre- Igcs for either business Ir residence purposes in lie city or outside on .Main Highway. 1 MORSE & KIRSHNER Realtors |me 2951 220 N. 2nd' iSf rMnl ni< y. on,, n,. zm .19 ck I'art-limc rMlecliut; jolt cnltecli: iitiinllily nm|;azino nccounts anil tal. ' es Mali- o nhien. lO:if> male. .I.-r s 111. I'.-.. l.. DISTHIIIUTINO m-i'il small Irnrk. n.]i-qii4!.> ;-^ni.ij: space, sufficient I'apilal [from --l.fin n|i) t" ula'rl in lilgli witli our nalioniill kninvn Mil., 'nf •"I'.M'OOSK" ronil lni-nt.1, i-^tracls nn,l s|irri«ll v i:rorer items for grocery an.L trnile. Aililress I'. 0. Mox 1)7. Ne' Orleans, l.n., i:iviiiK referenres, aval ahle effic , raj.iliil tly , nil territory yon ea For Rent llrilrootns. Phnno t)S2. rnKe nn.l Se \\ilh (ias I. lucks, air ciniipies.ser. el.'. He.'ii lili^inpss 1^ yr5. ?^0.00 tier ni-in «o alt li.-in.l 1oi>K str.cV: aivl srilv- yar.l for sale chop. Wnr.l'.i oir. H»y. I Kan. -Ins ...... n! C.i-piir.iti Ph 7 F II. rnran.iul.1. Ari : . I.i«l.t housekeeping room. Tliono 202 r.|lT |.k-2 Bedroom. Kitchen pririlpges. R17 Clii - BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE BUSTS)!' liver Di-Iiud Inilor. 'J3 .SI. 1'ri.lo A.l.lilioti. "lonl.lo tfntt. l.U-liV^-32 >Ia7 11) |,k-22 inoitern home. Uav.lwa^o flonn. redecorated inRiile. This U .1 nl II..HH-. The c.lolin ;,ri' O [•II arraiir.d. you will a],,,rcciaie ie li wilt c.-irry PIH c.r Gl in For nnick sale, oivner ini>v»i_- nn.l III (rive ]...< session now. I'ri-e !;-,,l)r).). have ant l.a.l ini).||.i,i K li.t.'.I «s oil Ihis seasoa. ^2.. r >1rt or irjs will lut'PHKK OUAY. KKAI.T')!!. 1'K. f,i:i KKSS, SAI.KSMAX. 1'h 3M)H officr willi \V. M. William., lus. Ak-cy.. IIS S. Thir.l SI., Phonf WANTED I General Office Girl.'Experience helpful but not I necessary, pcrmanen!; po- Isition witli good future. | Ideal working conditions. Excellent startini? salary. Phone 3142 THREE ROADS •to Check Your Car! ^^ \ Check Acci</errfs!\ PHILLIPS OUT FRONT with PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services ,,„„.„, mv|Mi „.,„ lnll",- ''" U ' C| '" r l'01>lbl» 111- IwUllni. •|,,.» 1 | IU ,,,| (un,,;,!,.^. "», ,-' .!,•' , -,"'"' *'l'-llTII-'ll-:i)". \V«II»' Cerlllied I.,.„!,,, .Servlco. 1704 Itfarn. 1 '""'" •''"-• 4l2U-|iV.r.|2tl MONKY -IX) LOAN Do you iieod x loan or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no r«l tape. THA apuroved r»te 5%. Ask fo/ details. Max lx««n, H«»ltor, phone 2034. Lynch Hid*., UlytrveTill*. 9-2S-ck-tf Let us slim-pen and repair your lawn* mower, regardless of Kind or si/.e. (Jet yours ready now, imd avoid the rush. We pick up and 'deliver. WytlieviHe Machine Shop, 211 H. 2nd * St., phone 2S28. -1-Ii-ok-tf PAINTING Kxl.'rlor an.l |, L |,, r l,, r ,,,,»y „, | iril ,|,, Mllifni-l tna.[inl,-|.,l. Munllily lerms If .le»ir,,l. ri.ll r.lll for free ...llmr.1 Wit'liim: niul Iroulut-. it M 'Ju.H, ;1 ,,,| clnlll.-s. Will!,. Hell,. Wanted to Rent Strayed or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 3509. 4-23-dh-tl Wonted to Buy v'ame.l to liny from ow r, r. ..... i liousi- \VelI Incj Musi !>,- |>rieid 1)1, W Care Courier Ne r small •! or .-d ,t modern le. Answer lo s. r.-in-tf sh for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hiway fit. Phone .mr>. 3 27 pk T> 27 Help Wanted [nuseVeepor and coiii|)an)on for lady. Miil.lU- a K ed woiinn prefer..-.:'. .Musi he old.- li. drive , n r. .M,,- Ada llrm.ks. Kle.-le. Mi)., j.lii.n.. li !•• II - fot Complete Protection Against AH INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. LADfES — Come to U-DO-JT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MAOIIINRS. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. House Moving. 13 years experience. Plenty of eiiiiip- me'nt. Iti>Terences. Leveling, foundation repairing. Virgil li'iih-y, plume l!2i):iT 5 2 pk (> 2 ,V,, [lillsli l:Min,lry. \Varl, Ilitlit ,|ill Mlreet, I'l lir.T'.l ^ ' '.'i^.iik Rent ;i I'Moor Saudi: AT WAUDS. Save m'ont'y by your own floods. Ad(U years nf life and gives them new lieauly. ll's easj (o do, tool MONTCO.MKin WARD .V CO., .1(12 Main Pbonc r>!ii :M:I-H'I For Hire Trncler lirealini: plow. l.e.Iilli.Bij pl.iu- .lise liarvnu nml planter, l.'ull H, I! Lost Why Aren't You 0 u t Driving Today! II is because you have no car or because you don't trust the old one, tires sorla bad, battery not so good? Well, get in line—trade that old bus tor a bolter used one. Ht-il Clit'vruli'l Special Deluxe Town Sedan I'imlhu: 2 Door St'ilan l!)1L' Kurd Hi-luxe Tudor Sedan IM> Door SiMliin I ill I I>od|,'c ^1 Door Sedan 19-12 Chrysler Royiil .1 Door Sedan 1011 Chrysler Uoyal -1 Door Sedan 1!)I2 Sliitlol)iikcr Coup* !!).'!!( Cliovrolcl Deluxe Town Sedan Mosc of these cars arc equipped with Radios and Heaters Trucks, '/2 Ton Panels, Pickups and 1 !/ 2 Ton, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, CMC. Sa)es T ) O|)(i OlH>n Un(i , g p> M We Novor Clone LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. TKXAfX) I'ltODDC'I'K I'l ION K Ti7S Day and Nijjht Wrecker RRinRUI,IN(! TIRES HOI WALNUT ST. r.H 1 .) |ik-'J I We dn not K» up wlion \vr. Irnv- c»l noflh. not 1 clown \vhi'n KOiou Koull'i. Wo <-:m r» up only when \v« Irtivcl nway from tlio ci-iUrr "f l!ic eailh. Const Guiinl cutters npcnilrrt with the U. 3. 'Nnvy fov tile (ir:;t time in im nndcirlnrc'it wur with Pnincc. 1797 to -1P.01.' Strayed or Stolen :M,i\iil oir.K.I cnfnrioali .-..lint li, ,,-,,,v,-rv ,,C niiil,. rlioiv ill \v..|!l,l .Ml |l!.. 1.1^1,1 hrnivn uilli 1,1, ipiiscRiPTioii^ Fresh Sfork Guaranteed Ucst Prices Kirby Drug Stores Wanted f'ity Properly: We have some buyers fo choice residence in Rlyt.h theville. and. snrronndin towns. Also for cheap houses and vacant lots. If you have any kind of property for sale, see. write or will— RTAT.ES I. AN I) COMPANY Office in Hale Hldsr., across from City Hall Phone 3322 Rnssell E. Riales Ren D. Haniner R. M. Heck 5 11 pk 28 Male Help Wanted H.VI.KSMAN • MAN WITH AMI1TTION - Ace 21 lo ^T>. Xo previous rxiierienee necessary. Cover local ternlory. Tlravv- Ine acconnl. Roo.l chance for advancement. Write previous expnrie-ice. Rnaj.shot iF po.^ihle. Hcfc-rcncc*. Uo^ 67a. o!o Courier Newa. 4123 ck tf r.»lo type 2 row eullivalor for II or M Furmill. See U. S. Hlnnkonthip. Hell ArV. .Mn-pk-S- 1 Total number of drnths from ctncer In 1929 w&s 111,569. It Pays To Check Your Car Before You Take That Summer Vacation!" (Sec Us Now) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY t Cancer) NIES LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL A Natural Aid l''nr Kidney, I. Stirtmlnle liidui.y fiinetiii •.i. S..i.III.- l.l.i.ld,.,- irriMlinn. :l. N. III...M. nrie.aciililv. .1. liiirliari;.' nysleinu: ini.Ces, Rheusnafrism DISOUDKUS W h f nnl i:ivi, M'.nn- 1:,,n Vi,lli>]- u irlull It ll:i» I IIIIIIIV I »• l,i.<ls. II, lit-!,I fnl'.. In,'!. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Muln uml Dlvl.sitm Ellyllievtlle, Ark. DON EDWARDS Th« Typewriter M»n - ROYAI, HMlln, CORONA mild KKM1NUTON PO1 110 N. SECOND BT. PHC (Every Tranvicitlon M0ST.BE SATiaFAOTOBTJ /' T.I.SEAY MOTOR Radios and Heaters' Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2T22 DITCH BANK LEVELING ^PRIV/VTE ROrXDS ^.iXCOHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEV(LL|;ARK. • <P/x)Ke,3646aiut2525 | Save 50% Chopping Expense | !*! ' •''• >; Plant Chemically Delintcd, Fti7.z-Frcc COTTON SEED '& ;»: . |J >! Save Money—G fo 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, pea orj': >; bean planter will plant those smooth, slick cotton seed, it? H *, J Can be plowed 5 to G days after planting. KI ROWDEN I1IJ — STONEVILLE 2C — 11T & L 14 i For Rale lly BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-857 1 !X!*!^ •RICIT.T.A'S Proof Positive Goodness, it geems you cant look st 3 paper without reading that some movie people are getting Personally, I think it's uriwise for a girl to marry 3 handsome. man. .. '.V: AL VEUMEEI 'oh, I don't know- k/e're doing all right.

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