The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 5
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FltlDAY, JULYM, 19'1'i LOOKING AHEAD M«(0*0I i UNION FREIGHT • Vents'before I ever saw an ocean, pictures of Oriental places and people interested me. Distinctly I remember one decorative. drawing of « Chinese l»y. He wore wooden shoes and n bread-tray hat. His queue seemed to wave sportlly behind him as he walked with n wooden yoke on his shoulders. The yoke helped him carry two buckets that hung by cords, one from each end of the yoke. Later I saw such men in real life, many of. them.' 1 was old enough then to wonder what was in the huckets and why people had to lug them. The llrsl such "common carrier" 1 patronized had kerosene In lib buckets, five gallons at each end of thc yoke. His daily job was to walk ten miles and carry ten gallons, for which labor the local oil dealer paid him ten cents a day. A Sharp Contrast Oil consumers had to pay i c ., Ballon for ten miles of over-land transportation, which is exhorbitant. The dealer had to content himself with a speed of one mile per hour In transit, which is ridiculous. The poor Coolie worked ten hours a day for a penny an hour, $3 a month which is preposterous. -Such was the Orient when I was there and it hadn't changed much in a thousand years. In America, where there are railroads and Hie economy of volume applies in Iransportalin::- as we'll as in other things, one cent pays for moving a gallon of kerosene overland 100 miles, not ten. Speeds in Iranslt are rarely below 200 miles a day. Trainmen who do the work get 5175 a month, not S3. Thc difference is that railroad investment exceeds $20.000 per employee. (O t ) Everybody's Asset -»''fi)tal railway investment in the United Stales exceeds 2C.5 billion dollars. In a rcccnl address in Florida, Thuiinan W. Arnold of the U. S. Court of Appeals charged the railroads :rying lo throttle competition to make their investments safe. T do not know the specific accusation, but I know two things: (1) Real competition can't he throttled and (2) investments uught to be protected. Whose investment is it? Railroads don't belong to the officers of the company. They don't belong to their mere million of stock and bond holders. There are dozens of millions of people who own insurance policies and have bank accounts who are the real investors BLYTHEVJLLE (AUK.)] COUHUSK NEWS 'He Don't Live Hero Any More 7 Telling the world that Ihc place is "under new management," Vault members of n Rotors gun <;rew l gleefully point to the signs they have painted on.a section of the German .Wcstwnll Itnown as' j-. . ..... . .tho "Hindenlniig Bastion." EDSON IN WASHINGTON Tax Plans Need A Solomon BY PETER EDSON Courier News' Washington Correspondent A fundamental conflict on where l»stwar tax relief should begin is developing in the studies of the Treasury and congressional tax research experts now working on Ihls problem prior to formal 'consideration by the full congressional joint committee on taxation. The point has to do with determining what kind of a tax program will best stimulate postwar business. On the one side It is argued that the primary requisite Is to stimulate venture capital and encourage people to invest savings in new enterprises which will make Ihe major contribution to maintaining full employment; on ^u....^. ...,v, int MIV; le.ll IHVL'^LUI S | , u . --.---.* . in railroads. A government with the 1,, °. r slde '<: is ar g" ecl that interest of its citizens in mind would help protect their accumulated labor; their investmcnls. Hallways Are there is no use stimulating production unless consumers are left with enough spare change to buy things produced, and therefore the mary tax relief should be pri- Railroads, ' more than any one ! 11 " ryJ ."! x rehcf 5houl(i be a PP M thing, made America what it is to- "'"'"dunl incomes and the sales day. They arc partially responsible' f" d CXC1SC l(1Xes whic1 ' curb s ? ehd fort the.,;(inferences. ; between>th,e, 0 ' " ' ,. United States and China. America Is superior because its interior'is developed. Railroads penetrated the wilderness and brought its wealth to market. Then Venturesome pio- leers hurried inland from both .5,-ores to seek personal gain and .tie interior developed by economic mw. Railroads like other industries arc sending young men to war. Railroads have their manpower shortage and it's acute. But with less equipment, than they had ill World War I, railroads are doing above 50 per cent more actual work than they did under Federal bunglement. Our only route to still higher American efficiency after the war is through protecting and encouraging liberal investment of in the tools of production. Fulbright To Address Memphis Rotary Club LITTLE ROCK, July 14. (UP) — Congressman J. W. "Dill" Fillbright has accepted an invitation to spunk at a meeting of the Memphis Rotary Club Tuesday. July 18. The Invitation to speak al Ihc Rotary meeting was extended by Editor Frank R. Ahlgrcn of die ^Jemphis Commercial Appeal and ijitor Edward J. Meenian of the | cm phis Prcss-Sclmitar. Fulbright will discuss the outlook foro a permanent peace after the war. And will tell of his recent trip to London as chairman of a United Nations conference on education. The congressman is now a candidate for the United States Senate nomination from Arkansas. courier newt w» n » I Tax lobbyists 'and 'prc.ssure groups will be working on ideas for all they're worth during the coming months. lax reform are these: 1. Taper off or repeal cess profits tax. 2. End double taxation of porate profits by eliminating cilh- cr Ihe lax on the profit or thc lax on the dividends from profits paid out as Individual Income. 3. Reduce or eliminate all excise laxcs serving as a brake on buying, except on tobacco aid alcohol . 4. Grant tax exemption or provide tax incentives to capital going into new business, new lionu Large Size Truck Tires Hot Available In July Users of thc large size truck lirc.s were told today by Chairman J, Louis Cherry of War Price nnd Rationing Board at Blythcvlllc thill tires 8.25 by 20 and larger will be unobtainable for at least Ihc rest of July. Thc Army is acquiring nil such Ires dealers have in slock nnd lire manufacturers lire turning their entire output, of such tires over to the Army. of Ihls emergency, OPA at Washington has recalled nil District Office reserve quotas which had been set aside lo meet cmcr- In n bulletin' lo Locnl War Price construction ami similar 'veinirrcs & RlUlolli "B Hoards Irani the Dis for limited periods. " trict omce. truck operators aiv 5. Give tux rewords to business '"'vised that they must depend on ' """[1 tires If they need ti.25 by 2Q on tow-profit margin. 0. Rely more on individual, less °'° on corporation income taxes. coTporation income taxes. ' 7. Unlit, any individunl's or tiny Logistics \Vinnil7O Wor corporation's tax liability to 25 per • . f, ? ' ' cent,of nimunl income. jLeg/on Lomma/lder Soys 8. Reduce estate taxes so as lo encourage people to mnke and save money, as a further ' business investment. 8./Reduce taxes on, reserves set aside for reconversion: •' f ' 1C). Allow corporations lo average their taxes' over five-year periods to level off profits and losses. Iji spite of this wide variety of LITTLE HOCK. July 14 (UP) — incentive to National commander Warren if.' AUicrton of the American Legipi says logistics is winning Ihls war. Atherton, in a talk . before' ,Lc- ?!qnnnlres and clvlcu-club members nt Litlle Rock yesterday, had 'Ihls ;o say about logistics, and the part it is playing in the war: Vlt is the science of creating a icver-cnding line of ships from = . " -• I i,n spue 01 tins wide variety ol The nuestion of postwar • tax- re- proposals, there is no great frce- loun was first posed by the Baruch dorn of action in making tax ad- "i='i=i-!.-muii B nut O i snips irom report as a step necessary, in .stim- ju-jtmcnts. and things are going to Pnst lo west, Ihe science of build- umiiug reconversion aid business gel;'complicated in iryi n . to meet '"3 »»gc bases where hospTlals recovery. Tie Committee for Bco- all the needs of business expansion care for the wounded, where wore- nom.c Development has also taken | arid reconversion, providing the"- ' mt n^n '?„" l . lal , 1 ™ sm «* , c°»ld-government will, operating revenue ilOL niilil for rnr> n IT urn nnlnrc if r>rJ..:. -.!•_ .. . . . . plan for thc future unless governincnt'l tax knew what program was lo be. IT'S A VERY TOUGH JOB But trying to write a postwar tax bill in advance is more difficult than any task that fellow Hercules ever had to perform. Imponderables to determine before tax measures-. can be framed include estimating' what thc national income will be, what government expenditures will be, how fast Ihe national debt Is to be retired, whether there will be inflation or deflation, what price levels and wage levels will be, what people will do with their savings, how man v unemployed there will be, what people want to buy, how they will want to invest their money for profit. Deciding those things takes the wisdom of six Solomons. Never Hi elcss, the experts arc trying:. They will probably have a progress report for congress when it reconvenes in August. There may be a corporation tax simplification bill before cleclion, possibly another transition tax bill after election, with good prospects for still other transition Uw bills in 1045 and 1D46 Whether a postwar t<i.v bill cnii be written in advance is still impossible to say. IKK PROPOSALS— AND HOLD YOOft HAT Among (he specific proposals for SHE WAS OWE OF /THOSE PEOPLE WHO FORGET TO TAKE L EMPTY PR PEPPER ^BOTTLES BACK TO THEIR DEALER ig something on national debt. . jruiiticians spouting on these tilings this summer are apt to Promise you anything, so hang 011- your hat and sanity. 1VOTICK OK GRANTING OF I LIQUOR PERMIT j Notice is hereby given Unit the 'Commissioner of Revenues of the !$lalc of Arkansas has'issued a'per- rtiit. No. 175. to Virgil Rom in es "to 'sell and dispense vinous or spiritu- i>us liquors for beverage at retail m the premises described as Main Street, Manila, Ark. This permit issued on thc 1st day f July, 1944 and expires on the Oth day of June, 1915. Virgil Homines Permittee. 7)7 ,Ss 1|14 Don't' use gasoline to remove up- mistcry spots; most gasolines today ontain a coloring fluitj or lend •hich will spot the upholstery even lore. Bake Better Pastries With Shiblcy's Best Flour .. . This fi'ne. flour ACTUALLY REQUIRES LESS SHORTENING! State's Rights Convention Plan Brings Replies 1-m'I.E HOCK, July M. iUl'1- Govenior tiuinrr M. Adklns' pro- liosnl that u niilloiiiil consttttitlonul lonvenlloii to preserve slate'e rlKlil« be tolled utter the war 1ms received •til.vecl expression (rom '25 thief ex- TllllVl'.S. Most uf the governors who replied lo the proposal ayrecd with Adklns 1 views i-Fgnrdlnt; nc* v d for dcllnlte action. Hut ninny withheld nn expression on DifJr nltltude toward u "otiveiUion to snbniil n i-onstttu- liomil nnwudnicnl. ' Adklm-projiosnd n le conslitntlimnl iivpiUlon at ii iiieeling «r (dc Ar- knnsiis Press Assoeiallon ut not rhiRs lust month. And Invited the chief executives of other slute to Join him in iij c moveiiipiil. Here lire some of the eomiiicnls' Governor J. Melville Bvounhlon of North Carolina: "I huve. road Ibis ii<l(ln>s.s win, n».:ch Inlci'Mt mid huve the fueling ti )a l the linggcslloiM you make arc (mile meritorious and worthy of consideration by all sink's." Gi>vmmr Andrew F. Schoepiiel of Kansus: "i npprrdntc your views. >OH und 1 will never hnvc iiny (lUtirrcl with Ihc position you have liikeu which Is eonslructlve und sound." (iovernor lidwnrd Martin of I'ciuisylvanin: "I am In complete uurerv iiirnt." Oovcrnoi- Simmer Sowcll of Muhic: "it seems. . . . tlial Ihc Iliue hus has not ycl come to nt- letnpt a hurd mid fust dlvldlni; line Ijctwcci) stale mid iiHtfonnl sover- eignly. I believe that snub n division must l>e worked out In Can- gross und Hie stales themselves, in my opinion the slates can best assist administrative Kovernmmt by assuming more responsibility In currying mil needed public .service. To my mind the growing ccnlrnllwi- llon of gon:rnmi>nl Is n.s nnicli due to the lallmc of states lo rcrognl/c and acl upon demands of their people as It Is lo encroachment by federal administrations," ' Parachute Is Versatile Lifesaver cded on gratmJ, wild SOS. lornird of i>lone», poradiulc mukcl liiijlil dijlifu lijnol In Aiclic, '<hut( inokci Itnl Slript mole leg- i, wft<Jbr«aler matk Fithline Irom ihfoudi UfcJ to line a ho'e Jug in giaumi, Mule V : cakh anj liold lainwalcr loi JriiiVIng Tied b) ihrouJt between i*b tice*. paracliuk u eolilj' cc-meiled Inla comfortable nommg<k , clearing of juuglM, lh c building of roads and llie mastery of amphibious warfare. And AtherUin said It menus the establishment () f |j,ie« Mall Windfall of supply to enable fighting men MAK1SSA. 111. tUP)—Tile imill- (o plaster thc Japs with btnnlis mini wouldn't have to ring twice nn,| shells and bnllels. ' (hut 110 I lines, for Cpl. Dcnn Cro- Tuniliig lo talk of pence, 'the nior. He recently retched fom- Stockton, California, legionnaire copies of lhc Murlssa nmvu,,,.,,..,- ;KnoUcJ logellicl, ihroujl mukt- dcitenjoirc topliny. bent urj lj(J down vulhj jtopclnliltlilKonJcJ ll,ci ton h-c, lnniKll ikrouJl. mulei finvflc tiul cllecli.c lioii ' • Iii uddillon U) lantlniK llyuvs saloiy Irom dlsubled pliints. n piiru-V . flinty can, in lh<' h.-mds »l un ingenious sulduit, pla.v many vnru-d ; roles in liel))liij> him tu.survive when IniiTil down in'mm-lcmiit'iiilc i cliinalcs Sltvli'lii'S iibnvc. hum dnlu prepinvd l\v Ihe AAP ! Arctic, Dosc-rl and 'I'mpu InlorniiilKjii Cenler. Orlaudii. l-'la . sliuw v, ii low ol the vursulllc usei, ol the big wlilti* silk unibix'lhis i had this to say; "We cull ivln tho peace by keeping forever the Klriim of sir buses from one side of the Piiclfb lo Ihe olher." . '.•.I • '• 'Primary training plnnc.s arc powered by 220-hp inqlors. mul 115 Idlers In one mull. Some of. the letters Imcl been entirely inD'.iiul (lie world nml were en rattle for months Ix'fore reaching him on the Urn-urn front, where he Is scrv- Ini; with u iiicdtail dcliichmeiil. Rend Courier New« Want AcU. houses store the munitions of war and the food lo sustain life." - lhc national Legion leader salt! it means tho building of great ficlds for thousands of- planes, the DOIN EDWARDS <OYAJU «MTrn tJOHUNA, ANO 111 K Uio NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your properly. Call m* fo. check-ujt without cost or obligation. BATS, MICE AND KOACJI COMTUOL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P I«* T,. Krntnckj i'bnni MM Oil for Biggest U.S. Airline ^W^^ ^B^^ ^ ... *tff PSORIASIS RELIEVE THE ITCHING Aid in rninnvinx twiile* IIIH! relieve Hi itching nf I'miria^is llinahti^eptiisKliii ulaliiiK Way willi'Illnek uid \Vliiu Ointment. U™ only 114 ilireclcii. I'jiil cleiuisowillililiickiindVi'liilo^lcinKoii New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nifihlly 8:00 I 1 . Alulincus Salurday fi Snniluy Best Woshcd Air Cooling System M. Friday 'GUNS OF THE PECOS" DEck Fnran It SHOUT Saturday 'BLACK HILLS EXPRESS' \Vltll JJun "lied" Jlarry SKU1AI, ,fc SHORT LaGuardin Field, N. Y.—Sinclair's unique oil-jeep drains nnd fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor 'Oil. American Airlines, Inc., biggest U. S,. Airline, relics on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil exclusively to save*wear on its costly airplane engines. Now that your car needs ail possible protection, give it the same protection given these planes'. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL N I Pfesae ZMS ^ Af»t -, llytheTillc, ArK, Saturday OWL SHOW 'HEY, ROOKIE" willi Ann Miller Sflcrlcil Shurls Sunday and Monday "COVER GIRL" ivlih Itila H.iyunrth 1'ax. News * h'horl CHICKASAW West Main Near Zlst St. Sat. starts 12:45; Sim. starts 1:45 Nl^lit allows 5:15 Except Monthly, opens 0:45 Continuous shows Snt. and Sun. Men In, Service' *-'- Eutleaii Karris, seamaii',2-o in the ivy, has arrived In Hawaii, a<x ordlng to Information fecelv"e<t by ils parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse"" 'arris of Blythcvlllc. He has. been J n thc service for five months, <John Franklin Holmes has been'', jroraotcd lo the rank , of iechnl- cnl sergeant, according to- Infor-.- mutton received by his wile, who s making' her home at Z02 Dougan 1 * while Sergeant Holmes is Serving;, •i England, „. Scrgl. Mlilard 0. Necley, son of ' Mr. nnd Mrs.. William M.' Necley if Manila, now Is overseas .and has .>arlic!piUe ( | hi R course 'designed lo bridge the gap between training n the stales and soldiering in st- ive Uieulre of war. His next sla"" ioj) will be one from which Amor-' ciin fighting juancs take off "to.' iinash (lie-Nazi war machine. • ' Sergt. j. i) nrown, nephew qf , Dink Urotvii, U 0 \ 00, Armorcl . now > is stationed 1 with n North African Ordnance battalion whore shells of every caliber willi a 22 for piac- tlce-flrliiff to a 240-mflIfnicter ho- wltwr shi'll, are slored. ' Mr. and Mrt,. G. 13 Ralph 'of he Promised land Community have received n j c tt cr from , t]lclr ; son, 1'fc, llnrvcy K. Ralph, telltne them of his arrival in Prance. They nave anotlier son, 1'fc. Calvin 'H IMInli In (he South Pacific Both sons arc in the Medical Corps of th'o Army. -, Serel. Alvla'W. Moore 'at Lca'clY." I'lllc, iv.-is awarded (he Air, Medal on June 25, It was nnnoimccd by Ueul. den.- Millard P. Harmon; commanding officer of .the U S Army Forces in tho Soiith Pacific. Hcigcain Moore b nn nerliil. ei\- Jlnccr gunner. His wife, the former MIKS Mnxln c Moore' of Blytlievlllo, iif'W IN (!iii|)loycd hi government work In Washington, b'. C.',' -.' On April 1, 10!!, the,nrmcd'serv- ice's had mj.coo nurses—3a 500 Army nurses and 8,000 Navy nurscs-and ° imw « so "1C 1 .total .10 Open 7:30 ; Show Start* 7:45- , 1'Yidny and Saturday • 'Code of the, Outlaw' ' with The Three Ulusiiullccrs SUKIAL: "King of Die Mouniles" Short Saturday Midnight Show Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday: SHE'S A - ' Friday and Saturday Double Feature "THE RENEGADE" with : Billy The Kill A At "Fuziy" St. John anil "SHADOWS ON THE STAIRS" , with I'YiCil.t Incsrourl : "Adventures of ihc Flying Cartels" Comedy Sunday and Monday "CAPTAIN OF THE CLOUDS" (In Technicolor) with James Cagncy Universal News Comedy MARCH OJCTIME Short ^

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