Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's Celebrated flats. Silk, Stiff and Soft. —Spring Styles/ DEWENTBB, The Hatter and Furnisher. $15. WE WILL Dissolve Partnership July i . . , fA— +tinf **s*n^nr1 v for $25. This U no take, but actual facts. _, ., ' Tucker & SharpeCo., Tailors. 3.5 Pearl Street. RED TAPE Can take your measure for clothing as well as any other if K is talteu right. Hen takes your measure for a suit of clothing in tub quickest, neatest manner ami turns you out a-suit of clothing that is artistic 'La stylo, fit nnd rantcri.il at prices that will astonish you, when .you consider workmanship and quality. Soetog Is believing. 409 IIARKET STREET. TO BE BEAUTIFUL And Remain So is Something, Quite an Art. How to preserve, restore and Improve, beauty is something very near and dear to a woman's heart. With woman beauty Is next to Godliness, .not taking second place to cleanliness, for beauty cannot be obtained without cleanliness, the one evidences the other, especially as regards woman. This can be obtained by using Madam Strlngham's Imported Face Bleach-nnd Massage Cream. Those suffering with cutaneous disorders can be positively cared with these • preparations, also birthmarks, superfluous hair treated successfully. Catherine String&am. DERMATOLOGIST. ' Agents wanted to sell the abovo pre paratlons. CLIMATE AND CROP. Bulletin for Week Ending June 8th--The Army Worm. Indiana :-Vv arm sunny vreaUior und ood nuns improved nil crops. Wheat, barley, rye, clover and hay cutting eora- The Lines and Poles of the Jenney Electric Company. > IS THOROUGHLY DONE Poles Chopped Down, Wires Cut and Carted Away. f So far.as usefulness is 1 concerned, tire' Jenney Electric'Light company^ Is a tlilnj; of tlie past In Logansport The'.r power house was dark'aud. silent 1 last night,'and the usual hum; and roar of the' electrical machines did not mingle with that of the city's plant; jiist 'across the waterway east. Some 1'c'w business houses which bad been using the'aen- ney's limits, were inconvenienced by the cutting ott ot their lights.'but the majority of -the patrons of Uie company were taken care at. • The cause of it all was the putting into execution of the order recently-is- SU od by the council, to the effect that the liiiiw and poles of the .Tcunoy company should be removed from- the strcots witliin a certain time. Tins or- dor was not obeyed by the .Tcimey people' and yesterday at noon :lu' work of tearing down Hie poles and wires of the company was begun. This pro- eccdimg if all straight and regular, and is u, accordance with the order issued by the council two weeks ago.. The Electric Liu-lit committee was In charge of the work aud a force ot competent eloobrlclans assaulted tlu^ poles •it tho corner of Broadway and Fovu't.i streets and hewed them down in short order. The lines were cut ar.d the wires piled np in bunches on the streets, to lie carted away later In the dny. • The work .ot demolition,, so far us it has been carried out, 1ms been thorough and systematic. Some of .the. patrons, of the Jenney comiiany whose business requires Ac use of light* on mghts through the week, were connected wltii. the city electric plant's circuit, and suffered no Inconvenience. .Others were not so fortunate and were forced to re- cort to the use of the old illuimwint, "•as" The Mwdock hotel was one-, of these and the big house' presented • a singularly dark appearance, in contest to its usual brilliantly lighted .rotunda and arcade. • '. .-;. •• .... . Superintendent Warner, of.tie. Jcnney company, was seen last n.i£lu ; bK.a.,.Tour. nal reporter and was asked what tho probable action of the company w-ill be. He said he .did not 'know what action Avould be taken, but that 3ud S e Taylor of Ft Wayne, the attorney for the company, was expected today and- would SRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS, JOS. <OR ACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING ; SUIT TODAY EOR LESS MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. 4 LINE COnPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. * P. S. H you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. monee'd. Corn, oats and potatoes are in jmuj t i» «•' v-i.-".answer such inquiries. The Jenuey 'com- ... i. ... .1 'U.-.C/M'n Hlfii I 1 DAILY JOURNA1 Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor a son. •• Children's red studied shoes nt Stevenson .t lilinsick's. Mrs. \V. H. Johnson Is , recovering from a severe illness. Geo. Harrison has .the finest line of hammocks In the city- Hosiery and underwear for the mil. lion at the Trade Palace. Genuine. Celluloid, genuine'Arlington, all stamped 25c; collars lor lOc, nt Otto's. Read John Gray's corner on all kinds and sec IE he has something that you need. George Harrison handles lADdrettt* first claaa garden. fl»wer and new needs. Lewis Deitmnn, tlie grocer, Is/erect- Ing a handsome ?2,000 residence ou 'West'Broadway. Attend the \V. K, C. coffee at ilrs. 'Miller's, 501''Sycamore' street today, '•from-3 to 6 p. m. t Now please read and appreciate tills item. lOc for CcUiUold Arlinfiton nnd 'Flberlold collars—all the best—at Otto Kraus. . The Sunday school class of-'Miss Omer, of the Episcopal church, picnick ' od at Spencer park yesterday after noon. Jobn Gray's corner In tWs Issue In clnd"i everything that, is usually kcp In aiir other dry goods store cxcep -cheap-John" price'lists and humbugs .' Get your wash goods at the Trad Palace. Good light room to make se lections; Don't fall .to .see our whit goods, lacos and embroideries, ribbon etc.; chalii'es, S%c a yard. excellent condition, growing rapidly. Tobacco plants are being set out. The army worm is doing Injury. AVliUe less titum the usual amount ot rain has fallen during the week over portions o'f the OJiio valley, middle At- kmtte -States and New England, the principal agricultural States have generally received ample rainfall. G.ener-. ally -throughout tiic Lake legion, Mississippi valley :md east Gulf States the rainfall has.'been very ^Ci' v 5'' and lln ' wsunlly 'heavy rains have also fallen m the States of tlw Mtewuri valley and on the -north Pacific coast. General romarksi-WMc the week has been generally 1'avoraible, too much- rato In the States of the Mississippi and Missouri valleys and portions of tho GuK aud Atlantic Status has interfered with cutlvation aaid there Is much complaint of-crops being grassy, Indiana report* com in excellent condition and Hills crop luis made good pro- ffi-ess in Kansas, Arkansas and general• -tha-oughouit tl*e Southern States. In Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, .Kansas, KcDr ncky a-nd Tennessee too much rain lias nterfered .wiith cultivation, while In 'cxas it has been seriously injured by KWiglit In Iowa .corn Is generally ackward and to Minnesota, Michigan nd South Dakota devastation by in- ects has iiecossltatcd much replanting, n r,h'o gi-eait com States of the 'upper Mississippi. ™ u °- v w» mer wcfttLL ' r vlth sunshine is much noc'dcd. Corn jlantlng continues in Is 7 oi-t,h Dakota. Winter wliwit iiai-vest is now;In progress' in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Virginia. Rome- improvement In this crop is'reported feora New -Jersey, Pemwylvania and Maryland,^ but in Ohilio 'no improvement has been noted, wlililc 'In s«i«r\vestern Kansas It lias jccn badly damaged by bot winds and u no » *•*- »Ji"-»* -«-i-••---- pany has at present, or had before their lines were cut our, 1.200; Incandescent lights connected up. They afco had 37. arc lights, according-to Superintendent Warner. These lights were used by the following business houses:. lucaiidescnut—Joseph B. Grace', B., Solimano, Stevenson & Kluwlck, John. DuwentOT, .Take' Sebastian,."Jiiuips. Mc- Knig H. W. Prosch, John Keller',' Bus'-' jalin & Co., Dr. Clark, Carl..Kcller, the. Murdock hotel, the Barnett .hotel,-.the Logansport Stare bank, the Island View, hotel and restaurant, the R. R- *• M: C. A. '..- ! Arc lights-Harry Frank, Otto Kraus,; William Grace, J. D. Ferguson, Mart Miller, the Wabas'b Railway'' slat Ion, and the Rink- ' • ••' Attorney J. C. Nelson went to -R, Wayne last might, after a consultation with Mr. Victor Soitor of the company, and he will be accompanied home today by. Judge Taylor. Their awaited with/Interest. shape are entitled In 'nil' fairness to this effort on the part o-f' the former. : LEADERS AM, LOST. - Cleveland Dropped-n,,G.ame to Brooklyn Baltimore and .Cincinnati Lose.- Cleveland dropped a gpme to the fellows f rum. the' City -of..Churches, familiarly: 'known as the Bridegrooms, yesterday.. Baltimore was .whipped by Anson's- Colts, and CinciDruiti got a dose • at BB8KU1. baked beans that dropped the club down belo.w the .000 mark In the per cent: column. Following are the scores of yesterday's games: AtiJBrooklyn-Clevelaml I, Brook- f .Baltimore-Chicago 3, Baltl- DEATH FROM FRIGHT. New . At/!Philadelphia-Lpuij3viIle 0, :delphia 10. - '- •••:• ''•• At, New YorU-Pittsburg 12. York 7.- • .... . ..• ' •' At Bosfon-einciiinati. 1-, Boston 11. ' At Washlu-gton-St.lLouis C, Washing ton 11. ' •••'.;''. '•'"• •'••' STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Cleveland ... Baltimore..... 1 Cincinnati . Philadelphia., -.Boston .-•'.: Washington Won ,.2G Lost TerCt. action '' is. Httsburg May SOME WILL LEAVE. Lose Three Good Players From the Team. The ball players, or some of them at 1 least, are disposed to feel a little | sore over the mild dose of correction The Journal gave them yesterday n'.orning. There was no malice In what was said, •uid it should have been token la better spirit,'but the very 1'act. tlmfthb certain few are "sore" over' it proves the truth of the charge that on some occasions these players shirk their work,, aud they shirk it-because they don't like soine particular player on the team. These "sore" ones are good ball players ..it .2. 1 ?., ..21 Brooklyn ....- - 2 Chicago.. --•• New York .'.',.. 20 St. Louis • • • • • A 3 LonJsvUle- :..:'..,••••• ° 14 1C 10 10 18 i 22 24' 2.T 30 34 .C,r,0 .020 .587 .587 .571 :r>4S .500 .500 .47! . .444 .SOL .200 Irouglit "in Oklahoma harvesting'has been completed.'.Owing'-to. excessive rains, cotton Is becoming grassy in Tennessee, Missouri, -Atatoamsi and..South Carolina, but 'generally .it has- made ranid "iwvt'h and -Is fruiting .well, f,.,^. - Some eon.plamt of Hoc is reported, fron, ,,nd would -quit the club 01 ) • .. T l nn(u i ?,inn. but there- ai the' CtiTolinas .nnd Mi^Issipp'- Tn Texas early cotton, has withstood ;the. dro'U"ht well but laite cotton is in leas promising condition. Tobacco Is doing well In Kentucky, Tennesse. Viridnla, and Maryland and ptanttoR continues in'lwd-lana-nnd yew England. 'Light f,rosts ocnirred la portions of Ohio on the second and In port-tons of New York on tin; third, ---•--—"»'""- "" damage. causing practically no •Otto got a snap on.Celluloid' collars and cuffs—all the fast makes-^lOc. nud are a'eservedly popular with the • patrons.of the,game, and . why they should be so shortsighted as to forfeit: 'tliLs popularity by the course they are pnmiin? is hard to see. ". • ' ; - Th.ree of the players, 'Statts, Hackct and Uyeri;- said last night.that they lin£ Manager Keller ten day's-notice [U lt the club. These .'three are sood men, but there-are otliei's.' Tlit- biisu ball enthusiasts wil .regret, their, going, If they do leave, but it is lio-ped' that tlie ' difference existing,' may' be patched up and harmony restored.Xoth-' ing disorpanlzes a club more quickly; tlwn "scrapping" among themselves,. and sucli- signs of Insu'bordlnatioa -apd. disagreement .•'. should'; be .dealt-''with, •sxiunrdy: and fairly, its -Manager'Keller.. has.determLoed:to do. -AH that is.asked, o,f tlie playci*.' Is that, -tliey ' do .their best and the men who are putting up theh monev to keep tlie dub in good • WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. Sixteen Huhdred Democratic Ed;; itors rlore Than There Are :•;':-;.:... .-. . •--'. Seats. .'.'•There are- something..like one thous- hnd,-..slx: himdred : Domocratic • editors ; w.lio ai-e downed to disnppo'intment in 'tiib mutter of securing seats in the sec- 'Uon reserved for'the press at the De.n- ooratlc.'Niilioni.il 1 ' convention to be held •at Ch'icngo. The Hon. S. P. Sheerln, Secretary 'of the. National Democratic "comimittee.-sald last night in .an inter- Vtexv.wlth.a, .Tooinwl reporter: i "»i''liave received .about two' thousand applications' for .'sen is 'in the section .reserved -for, the press .it tho National Democratic', convention at. Chicago. There are l>"t four hundred'seats in. the section''and' some -of- those who. have upp.iled will be .compelled to" 1 'accept .other, accommodations.". . "Have all tlie uietropolitiui papers secured scats?"/vas-asked. • .-' '.vNo, I'h'bre'.'are.soroo that have no,t, and" 1 fee] certain' 'that-'.there. are_iuan.v who.- want .seats .who Have not yet ap- Ipiie'd!.' in .tbe'ifirs't.notice I sent out regarding iwts. in- this 'section, I -stated '.that .no applica.tlon'would be considered la'ter ''taian .Time .15, 'find.- this ^yill ..he strictly, adhered'tov . So'Iftlicremate anj ^JJQ have not tet made appHr-itiou thej had best do so it onci. if they \\Ish ' OFF FOR EUROPE. A. special from Lima, Ind.. to the Inter Ocean says: : "The eleventh, commencement of Howe Military School was held this afternoon and a class of eight received diplomas, presented by Ut. Rev. John Hazed White. The address of the day was made'by Dr. A. W. Harlan o£ Chicago. Two members of the class delivered orations, Arthur Rollin Keesling of Logansport on "The Ethics of Literature," and Theodore D-vjlght Laynan of Indianapolis on "The Practical Value of a College Education to a Business Man." The final dress parade was le immediately after the graduation' exercises and the cadet baud marched flown the line playing "Arid Lang Syne." A .reception i was tendered the class'in Assembly Hall during the evening. An 'unusual 'number of visitors attended." Last uiKht a party headed by Bishop John Hazen White of the Indiana diocese and Dr. .T. H. McKeuzie of the Howe Military school, started for New York City. Arthur R. Keesling and .Tames Nelson of this city; : and Charles Spcncc of Cincinnati, were in the party, and the liner "Eutruria" will take them to Liverpool. Cadet Keesling will be absent about ten weeks, making a tour erf the continent, following a trip over England, Scotland and Wales. .Tames Nelson and Charles Spencc will prol> ably return in six'weeks. MASONIC NOTICE. Orient Lodge. No. 272 F. & A. M. will meet in- regular session, this Frilay cvemug,'June 12th, 1S9C at the li-sual hotir. There will lie very tuv 'tant work followed by a banqwet. Officers will please ^ in rholr s tatic " ls promptly. By order of W. M. ,Tno; Y. Wood, Sec'y. Woman Had Hysterics on Hearing Her House was Haunted. Mrs. -Tacob Pickett. of Greeusburg, !s dead, the result of a recent,fright. Mr. and Mrs. Pickett rawed, recently into an old cottage south of that city, which htwl been vacated for some time, and was a rendezvous for tramps and fishing parties. On the. first night eonwl fishermen, uot fcno^'ng the hut was occupied, tried . to get in. Tlie woman having heard that tho house was haunted, went into hysterics, from which she ]ievcr recovered. - Her reason 1 began failing, and as a result in- an inquest she was adjudged a victim of acute mania. She grew suddenly worse and the next: day 1*110 died. . BOY LOSES A LEG. Walmli Plaandealer: At' 9:30 o'clock ttiis p. m.. Otto, tiie twelve-year-old son of Mr. Pitts, living in the eastern part of the city, was run d*wn by the Big Four switch engine, while the crew were- doing some work ou a sidetrack northeast of the city near where the •steam shovel was :i>1 work last fall In the gravel pH,.and his left leg cut off between. The kuce and thigh. ' . Evidence taken showed- that the injured lad was cine'of many who gathered iLibitnaHy in the yards to play on and among the cars. THE FOURTH AT REMINGTON. Remington is widely advertising the fact ilnt-a celebration of the Glorious Fourth ol' July wS-11 be River, -a.t that place at the usual lime this year. There wiil-1 be oil sorbs of races, a ball frame, and a brass band will be present. There will be fireworks in the evening. The exercises will lie held at the fair around. TAKES PRIDE IN HIS LUNGS. The Hon. S. P. Siicerin, secretary of the- Nat.toM.il Democratic committee Wednesday received a letter from a promtoent Democrat in Missouri who asked Mr. Sheerin to appoint him as. oue of the reading clerks at the National Dernoci'nitic convention. iJi his application he says of 'himself: "I am not a giaixt hi stature, but I Irave a voice like a st'eam calliope, and can Oil that 700 by 300 foct of space so that every, Democrat in tho UnJ*«V -States can hea.r me." Born to Mr. and Mrs. Homer Wallace of the West Si<lo. a son. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, •D PL- AH niembers of the Tirzah conrh j Tribe'ot Boir Hiir, are requested to meet at the lodge hall'this-evening :u 0:J5 o'clock sharp, to make arrangements for the funeral of Brother K;»y. All are requested to be present aud.to be. on time as the hall will be occupied by another .organization-• later in tin: evening. By order of Secretary. ' DEATH' OF MRS. HIPSHIER. Mrs. Isaac. Hlpshier, formerly Miss Maud Wood, died-at he home of .'lief- parents'in Bethlehem township yesterday, uf.Consumption: ,The funeral will be held this morning it 9 30 o'clock CREAM MOST PERFECT MADE. \ 40 Years l&e Standard.

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