The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1936
Page 5
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PRIDAV, AUGUST 21, 1fl.1fj B (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FlVfl - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per line for consecutive Insertions: One lime per line lOc TWO limes per line per day .. 08c Month rate per line fiOc Minimum ciiargc 50c Three limes per line per day .. 06c Six limes per line per day — 05c Cards of Thanks 50c & V5c Ads ordered for llirce or six ttines and stopped before expiration ,will be charged for the number of times tile ad appeared and adjustment of bill nindc. All Classified Advertising copy I submitted by persons residing out-' sictc of the city must be accompanied by cash, nates may be easily computed from above table. . Advertising- ordered for irregular Insertions take (he one time fate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Real Estate fag can GET WHAT YOU TR A NTH AM TRANSFER CO. Moving 50o room iip, pianos $1 up PHONE-001 FOE SALE APARTMENT BUILDING, 1415 W. Main. 4 apartments. 4 garages. Building new cost $5500. Mori- gage company wants to close out; paying 15 per cent nt reduced rentals. Price $3750. Small payment, balance less than rent. FOR SALE—Handsome McCutchen home on West 'Walnut St. Steam heated, all modern conveniences. Beautiful grounds. Price & terms easy. For appolnf- call 527. THOMAS LAND CO,, t exclusive agents. 1032 CIIKVItOUiT SEDAN. Complete New I'aint, Motor Overhauled $225 1U33 V OKI) C 0 A C II. New Tires. Clean As A Pin §'250 1031 CIMiVKOLKT MASTKH DK LUXK COACH. This Ctr iljus't ftc .Seen 7'o lie Ar.l)m-i:ilctl 5375 1936 I'ONTIAC. COACH. Used As IJcmonslralor. Iln.s Less Than'5,000 Miles. N c n- C:ir Guarantee. Liberal Discount. Lee Motor Sales Inc. For Kent 2 or 3 room Furnished Apartment; reasonable. 9H 1-Icarn. 21p k 9-21 APARTMENT—5 rooms, lialli, unfurnished. 1st class condition. S22.50. Mrs. Matt Monaghan. Phone •S68-J. 3-ck-tf 2 or 3 room apt. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hcarn. 20pk1 Modern 5 room apartment, arcola '..heat; Reasonable rent. J. W. Shonsc. i3-ck-U Modern country home, 4 rooms & bath; 1 mile south hospital. Mrs. Elma Arcliillion. 18-p-Vt-25 3 room furnished apt., garage free Cheap. 1315 W. Main. Call 335W. I 15-ck-22 By family of 2. large Furnished front, BEDROOM on W. Walnut Oarage Irec. Call 117. lie ktf PURNISlIliD ROOMS. Phone 81-1J Mrs. Ted Green. 7-pk-13 Furn. AparlincnL in Shane duplex at 1114 W. Ash. Call 197 or 571 3-c-k-tf 4 Room Furnished Apartment, 1011 W. Ash. Vacant Aug. 1. Call 445W. Mrs. jr. G. Goodwin. 22o ktl For Sale Young white leghorn HENS. Tom Barren strain: Allen Pickard, 10-14 CMckasawba. Phone G73. 20-p-k-27 Practically new single hospital bed. Reasonable. Call 08. !5cl;22 FOR SAIAJ-Slacklng sticks and heavy wood—i.oo wagon load r. o. b. plant, Chicago Mill. 11-ck-D-ll Good Used Trucks 103'1-V8. P.4 ton truck 1034 Chf.vrnlot. 1!4 ton truck 1A3 Intel national 1!4 ton truck Sa trailer IC35 International 114 ton Irucl: & trailer ^ ton International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. ANTIQUE soda fountain. Mrs. W. 13. McMnJlln. 022 W. Main 1-U roii SAI.K 6 room hotiK, bath. Large lot. Across Irom high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In town. Could be made into apartment, 809 Chlckasawb dh tl Personal AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Conficfctillnl PAYMENTS REDUCED No co-signers. Just bring car and registration card nlong. U. W. MULLINS Sudbiirj- iililg. 1'honc 'IPS t GETV1QORATONCEI x. j;c«- Otrc.v 7'onic Tablets contain rw oyster invlg- orntors nnrt other sllnmlants. One dose pcixs up organs, glands. H not dollghlcd, maker refunds fo\v cent.s paid. Call, write Klrby Bros. Drug siorc. Wauled Experienced Cook and Housekeeper, 128 E. Main. Me ktf Look This List Over! -10 ACRES—Black sandy loam. 8 miles Blytheville, 1 mile from gravel road. Good fro.] Price $3,150, terms like rent. S3 ACRES —3 miles Blytheville. Good improvements, half mile good school. $2,500. Easy lerms. 30 ACRES—Tine, bayou land. On graded dirt road, C miles Blylhe- ville, '/i mile good school. Bargain al 51.8W. 10 ACRES—Black land. Crop proof of feilility. Good house, barn nnd outhouses. 51 mile Highway 61. Price $2.400. 170 ACIEES—130 In cultivation, 2 houses. Wonderful crop cotton and corn. Hi mile gravel road, 5 miles Blytheville. Price $35 per acre. SCOO down will buy it. All above on Easy Terms, like paying rent, except third and fourth tracts, which arc cash. Phone 617 or 316 E. M. Terry 213 W. Walnut Blytheville, Ark. WANTED TO BUY LAND: We have buyers for any size tracts. If you want to sell sec us at once. Thomas Land Co. FOE SALE Several thousand acres southeast, Missouri ricii alluvial cot-ton corn lands. Any size tract. TERMS LIKE RENT. Everett B. Gee, Blytheville. Business Directory GET OUR PRICES ON COTTON SACKS We Have The Best FIGURE WITH US ON HARNESS Large Supply Coming In Hubbard Hdw. Co. Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES THEARKMO TIIONE 40 Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN Eggs, Poultry BABY" CHICKS—mood Tesicu Barred. Rocks, While Hocks, R I R«ds, While Leghorns, S7 per hundred. Postpaid. FRANKLIN COUNTY HATCHERY, Union, Mo. Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & "-^!t 111 U Batteries BETTER BATTER? SERVICE Call J. B. dune At Tom Jackson's Service Station Wanted To Buy I 1-2 ton TRUCK, '34 or '35 model, Musi be bargain. Everett B. Oec. Call 07. 21-ck-tf < iJi. nt the front door of Ihe Court KIIUSL- in 'the City rtf Blylhi'villc, Arkansas. Ihe following cicsiiibeii real e.sinle In Ihe Chlcka.ia.wba. Uislrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: ]''crly acres of land described ns bciiii; |ho Northeast Quarter (NEW) ot the Northeast Quarter (NK'i) of Section Ten iioi. 'rnwii.slil!> Fifteen (15.1. liunge Bight (8); to r.iiy (hi; debt secured by said Trust Deed and the costs of csc- cnlins ihis trust. 13. G. RA1NEY, Mortgagee. H-ai-liH-i-H NOTICE OP MORTGAGER'S SAI.K Under authority vested in the undersigned by a Deed of Trust executed by Thomas G. Wilson, now more than one year deceased, and Artie M. Wilson, his wife, to me, as grantee, dated .January 30, .1032. and recorded iii Record Book •"W-l'l Pi'.ic 208, of Ihe records ot the Chick'a- sawba District of- Mississippi County, Arkansas, default having been made In Hie payment of the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust, now due and unpaid, and default having been made on payment jof taxes, general and special, upon the land described in said Deed of Trust., ami said failure to pay the indebtedness secured by said Deed of Trust and the laxes upon the Innd described therein, constituting n breach of the provisions of said Deed of Trust, I. the undersigned mortgagee, will on Wednesday, September 10, 10:)I>, within legal hours, sell nt public sale lo the highest bidder, for NOTIC'H OK SCHOOL ELECTION Notice in hereby given that the County Examiner of Mississippi County, IKIN called nn election to to liclci in SMilivay School Dis- li-lcl No. it of MisslBslppi County, on the lath ilny of September, 1930, at which tlic qualified electors in said School District shall vole on the quwtinn of a loan from the Hevclvlng Loan Fund, .•I.K) ll»; levying: of a special lax of a mills amiunUy on the ass2s- secl valuation of the taxable" property in tlic district so ions in; Is necessary lo repay said lain niul the interest thercGii. Such election shall IK> held at SMtlway School on liic 12lh duy of September. IDao. between Hie hours of 2:00 o'clock P. 1U. and C:M o'clock P. M., and otherwise in the tame manner as is provided by law lor holding annual sellout elections. WITNESS my hand this IDlh day of August. ia:t(i. WINNIE VIKG1L TURNER,, County Kxainincr, Mississippi County, Ark. 21-2U-4 Head Courier News Waal Ads. 1'osslllud Trees found AB1ILAND, |>n, (Ul>)-Fos.s,.,, w Ira' branches and odd rock form, "lions were discovered atop Moimy inn by wi'A workers while levelling the ground for a community park. Uock In the area 1: * of comparallvc soflness mid only |iicks and shovels aro rc- <l«lr«l to break it up. WI<1« Open S|Ku-i'ii Vanish OANIiERRA, 'Amtnilln (l)l') _ Australia's "wide open nnnuii)))cd spaces" ln\vc-now shrunk to Ihe extent of u photograph flic, following an aerliiT survey Just completed by two machines of the Royal Aiislrallan Air Force. The photographs cmnrucc .- iiillrs. We Pay Cash For k 2nd Hand Furniture . I'hone 1031 ' Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Nrur GoiT Hold K!,KCTItIC *. ACETYLENE WELDING UST PRICE PT SliHVIC 5 HUP ' f\ /MP Vlt tf 10 tilG illlg. .\jU AT BUST PRICES PROMPT SliHVICE NOTICE The Counly E<|tmliwilion Itoanl will !><• in •'!!. :ils» Kepi. | and 2; nt O.sccola August ''20, 21, 21 iind 28 and Kcpl. ;i nnd .1 for Hie iHirpiwr. <>i :iil.|iisling f ;ln u hind and nersoniil iminorlv Villlll'H. llic H(iin-(l Is placing a value of .$ao nn all land in ntltiviilion, SfS lo $1U on all- cut-over ami wond liind.s. nlcel. (he Hoard nn (he above dates and ijut yoiir asscssmeitl iidjnsluil. Signed: K. fl|. WOOD A lib, Chairman, County Hoard of KijiiiiliMilion Hi Me Left al jaioiind, kl^ccl one of the brides- SAN FRANCISCO (UP) - Mrs. | maids aim owvppcarcd. .Miugherltii aiustlch wus eranrcd i *n Immeillnlc! ainiiinncnt of nur nanliige, when, (lie .ofliclallng clcruymnn cpnl|nnc(l iicr com- iliilnt that (lie Instant Iho knot *vns lied, her husband turned ruKincTKi) •\'f lliln'illn All Li-iiillii): llrniiils ill lll(;li (!rn<li> foal SUAIMIT, CRKAT'IIKART. ilKILl.lANT, MONTICEI;!,(), etc., indiuliiiu' our fi: Superior Coiil it Minion ('«. 700 FOR SALE We have on hand now nnd ready for delivery imv crop of Alfalfa Heed for rclnil or to dealers. U Inlcrcstt-il sec us, L R.Matthews Gin Co. C'oltun, Cnlton -Seed and Tel. 1511-a Yarbro, Ark. Courier RADIO REPAIRING A Complete UBC W Tube* and P»rU HVBBARD TIKE & MATTHKY CO. PHONE «7t ONE STOP SERVICE STATION 'Oil VOUIl CONVENIENCr SINCLAIR GAS AM) LUBRICATION WKKCKKR SERVICE Day I'houc i 888 •;. ;,, ssij . -BATTKIIY SERVICE —KADIATOR REPAIR -HODY WORK : —l-'ENUKR WOKK —OI.ASS INSTALLED -AUTO PARTS'. W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALE * Plymouth Dealer Now lacntcil at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPE WRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION EDWAltUii, I'ropclcior AH n,U« o, rebuilt TjriKmrltcr,, Ad(1Ul|t MacnlllM ,„,, Ship by J. W. FARKER TRUCK LINE Dependable Daily Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money al Hume Call 127 803 W. Ajh St. Complete course in typing, shorthand, boofceeping. Also icview shorthand class. Prices very reasonable. Mrs. L. M. Bumetle Call 824 w. Get Ihe benefit of summer prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But I Treat You White LOCAL HAUUNG JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE 107 Mrs J. ,1.1) a vis—Spencer Corselicrc Call 421-W for appointments FRESH REELFOOT CRAPPIE 3oc Per Order Lion Gas IG.Sc Per Gallon HARRY BAILEY'S Al Ihe Arch Slafc Line DECORATING Expert Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN W. BURTON. Kasl Ark Builders Supply rhonc 23 WANT»;n — Altj KINDS JUNK - 55 to $6 Per Ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Brass, 2o to 4iic Ib. Copper Wire, 4c (o So Ib, Radiators, 4Hc ib. HIDES & FURS • WOLF ARIAN PHONE 176 128 E, MAIN IT LOOKS »AO FOR WIJR! i ! 1 g~ jHil.^?-ryij j^^favgBg-SSl^j^ ^iytA^^-'^S^l^f ' rS;tM ::fc TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS TO ALL THAT 6OES OW.THE CARDIFF GIAfjT, WHOSE SkULL SERVED AS A C'MOM V'DO'M'T WAMTA'-GIT-•-'•; BURNED .TP.EATH TARGET FOR Sr^as WAR CLUB, LIES DIRECTLY IN THE PATH OF THE ROARING SWAMP FIRE. •( - ~i —s^tT'Cl'^*^ V\'=^=->\ i s BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WASH TUltUS MIUJ \\UIAM HAS IT HAD! J8OOR. LU1J) B6LLE IS WORRIED SICK 'I. WONDER WOTS HAFPEMEP^ T HEPE ^ MO EXPLAMATIOM, NO 3OUQUET Of-' UNt .1 • FLOWERS THE NEXT PAV, NOT EVEN A WHV, VE SPRMJOLE- '' OAD ' HOW CALL MR.WM.Lls WTtWKI. , / OVI,D5i».R! MAVBE I SATO > i ''AVBE THERE'S ANOTHER GlRl -A fi\ BLONDE,-OKI A REDHEAD-Oh fil-.'^vj^ 5ONMV, IT'5 AWFUL. fer .V ARE VOL1 FALLIN' FOK. TH/V 5AP;' ,KOK. A WEEK,C.HOLLIS VVALLIS GIVES I ULU '« BELL6 A TREMENDOUS RUSH. THEM,ONE ' NIGH7') HE FAILS TO APPEAR. FOE A DATE. FRRCKLISS-ANU IMS T'HIENDS TAKEN AT 1IIS WORD! HE/, WE'RE EXACTLY WHERE WE V/ERE LAST WIGHT? HAVEN'T WE BEEM • MOVIMS? I COULDKIT GET THE BLAMED THIWGTO MCVE...EVEW IHO THE MOTOR WAS RUWKIING! WOULDWT YA JUST KNOW THis'D HAPPEW WHILE I V/AS OKI WATCH ' r / rr ALL APAPT, BLT I COULOWT RMD AW THING ' V/ROMG ' Ti-iEPS IT GOES.... AMD STILL WE'RE GUESS THAT'S A PRETTY GOOD IDEA TO YOU! WHY DID YOU DIS- GEAR! HAVE YOU TRIED THROWING OUT THE CLUTCH ? MOT MOVIMG .'.'

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