The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TKV BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.V COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1M7 UN Group Begins News Po/icy Study LAKE SUCCESS, N. V., May 20. (UP)—A United Nations subcom- mlsslon set out today to map a world program for freedom or information. The 12-mcmber sub;ommlsslon which'convened at UN headquarters already had received' United Slates, British and French proposals and more scere expected. T^lie subcom miss ion was under" specific instructions to define "the rights, obligations and practices which should be included in Ihc •concept of freedom of information, and to report, on any Issues thai may arise." Recommendations of the su'ccom- mission will be presented to an international conference on freedom of information which was scheduled to bs held within a year. The meetings were expected to bring open debate over the American and Russian concept of freedom of Information. While all "UN mbnibcrs favore freedom of the pr'cssi they differ over what the term means. United States proposals already submitted would ask all nations to give all news correspondents equal access to news, facilitate their travel, and allow them to repoit free of censorship. Restrictive trade practices would be abolished, and all organizations allowed to sell news under equal competitive conditions, The American who will argue for this program is Zacharian Chafee, Jr., professor of jurisprudence at the Harvard University law school, 'BloocJy Anzio BeacH—Nov/a Movie LoP Pholo riljove shows part of Ihc war-ballercd beach nt Aiv/.io, Italy, wliich Gen. Mark ClUrk's Fifth Army dof,'j!edly held from January, 19'H, all through the biller svlnter, being used as n movie location. An Italian film company creeled n "Cossack village" there for a screen play dealing with, Czarist Russia. Photo by NKA-Acmc correspondent Albert Blaselti. and author of books on press fr'.'c 1 - dom. The Soviet representative Is J. M. Lomakin. former New York Editor of THSS, the official Ruwisisi news fifjency, and one-time deptuy of the press department in Moscow's ministry of foreign nff:ilrs. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fined by law n;:ply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of Arkansas for a per in it to sell beer at retail nt 103 S. Division, Blythc- qnors. vitle, Arkansas, Mississippi county. The ULidersigned states that lie i s a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that lie has neve;', been convicted of :> felony or other | crime involving moral turpitude: (hiit no license to sell beer by the 1949. undersii'iu'ct has been revoked will)-I in live years last past; and that the u nd mi lined has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic li- Walter Ha!lard Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19tli day of May, 1347. Mrs. Marshall Blacknrti (SEAL) Notary Public. My Commission expires Marcli 9, The Army found that soldiers wanted about one-tenth of their dally food to be meat, and from one-third to two-thirds of their food in tlio lorin of fats. £jf Copyright by Gwen Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. t I XXXIII COPHIE put on her sealskin clonk and went out through the fog to call on Mrs. Bagot. It was many years since she had called on anyone; people usually called on her. _ Now she was as nervous ns if it were an opening night. Should rhe make a clean breast of everything to Mrs. Bngol, identity Godfrey and count on Sally's decent Impulses and his love? Although she could picture a very moving and dramatic scene along ' : Uipse ;lines, some instinct held herv'tack. What would really be accomplished? Godfrey, even had he been legitimate, would scarcely have been a forebear to announce with pride. The truth wag, Sophie did not want Vicky to be looked down upon by herijn-lrijvs; iTAVoiiTd be almost belter to ;rnariy someone else. She came up tei'tlic Dagot house 1ired;and aching h litllc. A : maid admitted her am showed her into the empty living room. A fire was blazing, and th maid, took Sophie's wrap. In a "few minutes Mrs. Bngot came in. "Madame van Eyck! Goof morning," "How do yon do?" jVTrs. Bagot seemed gcmnncl> tipset. "Do sit down," she said "I am so glad you have come Salty is here. 1 can't do a thing with him. He's over nt his IJnclc Adam's now." •"I don't understand," sail Sophie. "When he Rot back to his bas Jasl night his orders had co»r.o He was assigned to the West Coar to pick up his ship there." Sophio felt as if Providence ha taken rm.Ucrs out of the hsr.ds c any c,: them, "Oh—I'm so-rv." "lie has two weeks' grace. H: ship is undergoing repairs." Sophie's eyes widened. "Oh! ml Vicky is not here. She has left laine." • * • 'TT is good of you to come and see me," Mrs .Bagol went on. I feel I owe you nn explanation." 'No—please. It was no incon- eiiicncc at all, I assure you. 1 .•anlcd lo be certain you and I nderslood each olher." "I must have seemed most dis- ourlcous to you yesterday, rush- off as I did, but I was dread- ully upset. Shocked. Salty has old me since of his feelings oward Victoria. Salty is nn only liilcl, Madame—the last of Ihe amily—" At that moment n side door ipened somewhere off the hall iui Sally's voice came to the two vomcii in the living room. Mother! Uncle Adam has come iack with me. He'll stay here for uncli." : Mrs. Bagot rose, glancing at Sophie. "He thinks his undo is his side," she murmured 'Come in here. Sailer—we have caller," The two Bagel men lefl Ihcii •niucoais in.the hall and came i jy (he fire. Sally looked worricc -ind upset and very much discomfited at seeing Sophie. Adan Bngol bent low over her hand, a; he had the day before. "Mr. Bagat, Ihis is a pleasure, said Sophie. "1 hadn't cxpcclci to sec you." "I am glad you're here, Uncl Adam," Mrs. Bagot snid. "Yo will liclp me to express to Ma dame my apologies." "I icgret the circumstances vihich wo meet :ig:iin," snid al Mi*. Bagot, scaling himself close t the fire. "1, too," said Sophie. Salty was'too restless lo sil slil "What about a glass of the ol Madeira, Mother?" he suggcslef "I'm afraid I couldn't at th hour of the morning." Sophie was disappointed, as her nit, dnmp walk ha<I made her cuiciy conscious of every one o£ cr joints. Much to her joy, sho card Adam Bogol say he would, .- a glass. Wl.val about you, Madame vau yck? Won't you join me?" by the wine, Sophia lull glnd she had come. They ould at leasl parl friends. "OI 1 undcrsland," she said. "I in quite sec why you would feel you did. As you do. Only— on't yon think — perhaps — with mcs as they are—young people lust be considered first? Ahead ven of their families? They have Htlie time fur happiness . . . lis dreadful war . . . Nothing will e the same now. . . ." Mrs. Bagot drew her shoulders ilo a straight line. "I can never nmpromise with my standards,' ie announced. "For my son's 'ife not to know who her own ramUnlhcr was seems to me nn npossible situation. 1 am sinccre- y sorry." Hut T am sure Madnmc van 'yck has her reasons—" began .dam. "They are not reasons which me would care lo tell one's riends." "Thai seems lo scltlc it," Sophie Adam extended a bony hand. Amelia, HUidamc van Eyck is me of the great women of her ime. I do not think you should .alk lo her like that, whatever Ihc jrovocnlion." "I don't mean to be rude," Mrs. [ingot said, genuinely distressed. I should be proud to liavo Madame van Eyck for a friend* Onl.v—" Considering she has been ttiG friend of crowned heads," Adam aid, "I can't call that very noble of you." Sophie was beginning lo fee? almost drugged hy [he warmth of Ihc fire on hc-r face and the warmlli of the wine inside. She heard Auam say "crowned heads," and suddenly, inexplicably, fcho struck with tho certainly '(i wliiii to do. 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