The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 21, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 21, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 19-10 Supper Given \t Church Last Night 274 Register For Swimming Instruction The Pathfinder Class of First Methodist Church met lost night at' the church for a supper party. Hi addition to the 25 members attending was a guest. Miss Eldora Heal of Yiurbro. ; The Red Cross swimming classes Games following the supper were,, HUn .cted 214 students, who !£A.^.£™^. CII E,, P E?; i «**er«l yesterday m-mUhg pt th, Municipal Pool. Midgets Are Parents dent. Mrs.- Jack Droke and Mrs., Umtsoy the supper. were in chai-ge of GNB Members Guests Of Mrs. Kinriingham Tile classes will Uc fot 1 beginning, intermediate, junior life saving and .senior life saving students, , with the first class to ueghv each niorir- ing at 10 o'clock. :"•'.Tiie lesions are free other 'h'ni) a rive-cent charge for 1 clothing Bouquets of gladiila and garden bngs Thls cl)!U( , c ^o (s c ]imin.He<! flowers decorated the Crnndnll i when children come ready for Kinningham home, 1.11 East Cher- i ,- w j mm | U ,, ry, last night when Mrs. Kinnlng- I M , s Hl]( , h wh | tsiu wnle| . Bn . c i y ham entertained members of GNB i choirmnn for thp ,,,. 0 Jccl, said lo- Clul). I day (.imt volunteer- helpers were in evening bunco games, . , u „ ucl ._ bunco prize went to Mrs. Joe, high to Mrs. W. Colston, nnd low to Mrs. Norval '.-iumphrey. The hostess served a dessert coui-se. • • « Rook Club Guests' Of Mrs. Blakemore 'Mrs. ,N. H. Blakcmore entertained yesterday afternoon with n parly | for members of Friendly ROOK Club and other guests, Mrs. H. C. Elankenshlp Jr., and Mrs. T. O. Huey. The Bldkemore home, 700 Ash., was decorated with arrangements of Eiadioli and daisies. Miss Bendonna Huey won high prise when bridge was played and sect)lid;, high went to Mrs. niake- niore. Mrs. T. O. Huey won ronKo. The hostess served refreshments of canapes with iced tea. • • » Club Is Entertained By Mrs. C. Modinger SOC CLUB IS ENTER—14 . . Mrs. Cornelius Modinger enter- taine<i, Wednesday afternoon with a party for members of Town and Country Bridge Club. In afternoon games, high prize went to Mrs. James B. Clark and second to Mrs. Modiiiger. Refreshments were served duvliiB games. Mrs. Hickman Hostess To Her Club Yesterday "Mrsi'J.'T. Hickman was hos'cs* •to members of Alpha Beta Bunco Club -and MJs. Fruuk Seay yestcr- <luy afternoon at her home. 1703 Hearn. When bunco was played, bunco prize went to Mrs. Seay, high •' • .»!rs. Jack. Mnrsh and low to Mrs. Lane Nowell. A salad plate with Iced drinks vrer; served. „ son Is Interested In assisting Miss - 'Alice Sallba -.iinl John McDowell in I Instructing, Urty may contact her nt the Y. It was announced. i Dm hit; the registration yostcr- . fay, assisting Mrs. whllsltl '.vcrc Mrs. Gene K. Bi-iulley. Mrs. Floyd Harnlson, Nancy Hann'Hon "id Mis;; Delia futile. I Those fn'ilng to register yeslcr- Idny may do so at the Y bi 'Tue£diiy and on that <lny at pool, It was announced. If sufficient adults register lor beginner classes, such a class will begin immediately. the At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Admitted: Give Weiner Roast For 18-Last Night Mary Margaret Autcn and Bcver. ly Alley were hostesses last nigul at the "home of Mary Margaret's mother, Mrs. J. W. Auten, 231 tiast Davis, lo 18 friends with a Avriner roust. The guests spent the evening playing games and later were served refreshments of weiners "n<t lemcnadc. Assisting in entertaining children were Mrs. Autcn Warren Jackson. Lucilc Douglas, Holland- Mo. Mrs. Harold Curtwrlghl, Etowah. Haul Dee Hood. Del). Mrs. lluford lloud. Dell. Sandra Camp. Carulhersvllle'. Mo. Marie Koontz. city. George Edward Lloyd. IU. 1, city. Michael Stephen Miller, clly. Mrs. S. J. Pcery, Huffman. Mrs. W. Leonard Smith, Armorei. Born to Mr. and Mrs. HlHard DePricst, llornersville, Mo., a son last night. Dismissed: Mlko Richardson. Holland. Mo. •Ruby Battles, clly. Mrs. Lula sowcll. Caruthcrsvllla. Mo. Eugene Wadkln:,, city. Mrs. V. D. McMinn .Warden, Mo. Barbara McMlnn. Wardell. Mo. Blylhoville Hospital Admitted: ] Carolyn Sne Wiley, Osceola. C. A. Richards, city. Mrs. Arthur Vance. Armorei. Boni to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sadler-. Dell, a daughter this morning. Dismissed: Floyd Franklin, city. Cnmtllc Robinson, city. Joe Max Long, city. A. M. Hilton, city. Memphis McLcmore Clinic Admitted: Mrs. G. B. And, Frenchman's Bayou. Little Miss Swenson. a'ti-pound 13-ouncc "little bit of heaven," slccp- .!y Ignores the photographer as she poses with her mother,-Mrs. Clar- .-nce Swenson. and her grandmother, Mrs. J. E. Clifton, both midgets of Austin, Texos. The baby' born Fridi;y, June 14, has the physical characteristics, according to lire attending physician, indicating it might eb a midget, and would IK- the world's second midget child borrr to rnldgcl parents. Her mother was the first such child horn. The father. s:!-inch A. C. Swenson. Is a radio technician In Austin. '(NEA Telcphoto.) In Hollywood KV KKSKIN'K JOHNSON NK A Staff Currrx^ondcnt HOLLYWOOD INEA)— We must sadly report today tlial we will not bo Uic' Ilrst to pass a new Joiinralisiic milestone. We will not establish direcjl, two-way rnalo coininunlciUlon between our home nnd Uic set of Merle':; new picture, "Bella Donna." II \\.-is :i great ldc;r. though. And the requisite pair of walkle-talkior, i-j readily available and operable at the flick of a switch. But the paper work ivhlcli the government Insists Is a necessary preliminary lo such pursuits Is ul;aui us staggering as that 'n- volviid in trying to buy a surplus iitom bomb. We would have hnd lo coittoc-t the FCC, hire a t:oup)e of licensee! operators, get a restricted phone permit, and file tin official form lisltnt': (1) frequency; <2> power; (3) typo i>( emission; (41 location of station; (5> class of station; (li> time and dates of oiJeratlon: <7> purpose of operation; (8) need for special action without filing !<>r- nal application would be filed II lie operation were to continue: uul il(i) details of other frequencies lluil might be used. NO I'HIVACV, E1T1IKH There would liave been no privacy fur cither of us. either. <Wc didn't want the FCC listening in hile vi e whispered sweet nothings .o each other. After all. Old Slain net to listen In on Eisenhower?. The government insisted that a cented technician stand by at each of the two conversation points, in case the wnlkle-Ulk'.e should tend to sir-ay from Its as- siKned megacycles, as wnlKlo- talkle.s will, you know. In our case, Mrs. Johnson would have bad to lay an extra place ac the dinner table for the second- class telephone nian the government insisted on, and I hardly think that such a mandatory man- who - came - to - dinner would hfivs contributed to our domestic hap- Returned to Germany Ministers Get Retirement Pay Increased MEMPHIS, Term., June 21 (UP) —Continuation and broadening of pension plans for retired ministers ,vas recommended yesterday by Methodist church boards of claim- j U)ts from 17 Southeastern and South Central slate:;. The pension has Increase annual :xiy for retired ministers from $10 In 1940 for each year of service to he current average of $10.30 for Mich service year. Colonel ,U;;k W. D;irant and his WAC wife. Captain Kathleen B. Nash, who are being bold in the Kronbei-j; Castle jewels case are shown on tne steps of a plane as they left Washington, D. C., for Frankfurt, Germany, where iheir trial Is to be held. (NEA Tclephuto.) • Care of Floors Important to Home Owners the ann Luxora Girl Marries Verrion LeRoy Koch Bits of News Mostly Personal O. A. Corlcw and daughter, Miss Dorothy Corlew, are visiting frlend.s and relatives in Nashville and Jackson, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Scherer, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Scherer, Miss Jcnnninc S-^ieikr and Phillii^Graves were guests last night in Kcnnett, Mo., of Mrs. Ola Wllliforu. They LTJRORA, Ark., June 21.—Mr. I Kcut , especially for th c program Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Yates an- I presented by Toimy Scherer'sorchcs- nounce the marriage of their tra from Cape Girardcau, Mo. Tony daughter. Miss Nancy Jean Yntes, I Scherer is a cousin to Leon ami lo Vernon LcRoy Koch, son ol: Cornelius Scherer. Mrs. Emma Koch, at the Calvary ] Rmh j daughter of Mr! nnd Baptist Church In Blythevhle, ls G A Hnl( , Q[ BunlcUc , anrt cr honsegiicst. Jeanne Campbell Blythcville, spent today in Icmphls. Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Bryan and m, Joe Jr.. of Rockport, III., will e overnight guests here of Miss Ellen Byran and brother, Moss Sryan, 001 Holly. Mr .and Mrs. J. Louis Cherry. 1101 Vest Main, have returned home af- er spending three weeks with rcl- tivcs in Helena and Paris, Ark. First Scrgt. and Mrs. Ted G. King nd children. Mickey and Tsrtd r., of Camp Hood. Texas, and Stnlf Sergt. Burks J. King of Camp Campbell. Ky., were guests last week of the sergeants" mother. Mrs. Joe R. King, at Dell. "Farm fniulles who lire building, leincdeting. or planning to build or remodel their homes should give special though, and care to the floors." li, has been pointed out by Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent. Tho ai- tracth»ness and durability of Uiem is determined by. the kind and condition of the wood, con.stiuction; and choice and careful application to the finish. "Plour-s of a well-built house should be stranir. level, tight nn:l comfortable for walking and stand- lug. They should nil be double with a layer of .building paper between the subfloor and the finished one. When a new floor is laid on top of an old one. the boards .should b= placed In the opposite direction," she warned. "This will make '.Me new one level mid will prevent bulging." Finishing protects the wood, simplifies care, and.makes floors more attractive. Before thc finish is applied tile floor should be clean, smooth and dry. Any cracks should >e filled with homemade or eom- merclal filler, unless paint is "> be used, this should bc colored lo natch the finish, the agent pointed out. In many instances. Ihc old finish should be removed before, thc-new one is applied". Surface or penetrating tirU.ihc.i may be applied lo wood floors. Surface finishes, which merely cover the top of the wood, are shellac, varnish and piilnl, stie said. Penetrating finishes, which actually .enter the wood before hardening, are oil and penetrating seal. The seal, comparatively new on the market, can bc used on cither a new or an old floor and on cither soft, or, hardwood. It Is well-adapted for floors which re- i^ 1 ™ heavy wear. Additional information may Iv; oblirincd from thc county Extension office on the construction, inish and cure of floors, she stated. piness. Nuts to tlie FCC. Nuts to this walkie-talkie business. Nuts 10 passing a new journalistic milestone. We're going to get n nickel and call Miss Oberon on the telephone. Or maybe borrow a pigeon. If tins sort of thing happened in the Army, In the face of the enemy, there must have been -hi: devil to pay. GAMHI.KK'S TEXTBOOK One of our pals, Leo Gultti, has written n book on the odds that determine your life, your death, anil your chances of marrying. Tt being killed, of holding your joo. of' drawing' a grand slam, and ol winding up behind the eight ball. Its titled "You Bet Your Lllc." The odds arc 100 to 1 that you will enjoy every page of It. We liked one of Leo's stories, told between odds, about n wi.ih- ing well outside the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Couples throw pennies into the well, hoping 10 have their wishes granted. Coming Events FRIDAY Junior Royal Association of First, Baptist Church meeting at tl* church, 3:30 p.m. Junior Fellowship of First Meth odist church meeting at the church 3:-15 p.m. courier News Want Ads. Read Courier News Want Ads. DeMoJays Hold Conclave HOT SPRINGS. Ark., June '±1- iUP>—Some 250 members of tlu- Stale ucMolny Conclave gathered here toi-iy in pnjparnUon for the opening session of their nlneteentr nnnnui meeting. lor Camp, May wood. Miss., where they will spend eight weeks this Summer. They will be motored to Memphis by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Hardaway. Orang* & Grapefruit., Grapefruit...Orange Tuesday evening, June 18, with the Key. P. H. Jernigan officiating. Their attendants were Miss Mary Buford. -Denton and Dotson Grimes. Both Miss Yates and Mr. Koch received their education from the Luxora High School. Tri-County Singers To Present Program The Pcmiscot County Singers be hosts Sunday to the Dun kiln County, Mo., and Mississippi Coun- ;ty, Ark, Singers in a Tri-CouiHy 'singing convention lo be held at Cooler, Mo., High Schol. To be held in the gymnasium, the convention y;ill begin nl 10 o'clock Th e public is Invited, it was announced by R. E. L. Smith, president of Pemiscot County Singers. Youth Who Swallowed Quarter Returns Home From Memphis Hospital Mickey Shelton, six-year-old soi of Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Shelloi who svallowed a quarter almost tw weeks »go, Is back home—mlniu h: 25-cent piece. Taken to a specialist In Mcmphl he was placed in Methodist Ho:, pital, given special medicine an nature oMd the rest. . The quarter, swallowed by th child w he eagerly awaited arrive of the popiickle man, lodged in h stooawh. BUYING ASPIRIN Millum* pii'lvr tiirot* ]M>in)s in St.Jowiih Asttiriti (I) Ili K h nueUly <:>) Fnst :iriii>:i (J* Hojil erouoiny. Always ilnnuiniJ Si. Joscjili Aspirin. worU'A lar^i'st sollcr ut lOu. ri;ivu inoioon UK) IsiliKit sir.e fuf 3.">L'. BINGO ' Spt»ns(»reil by Home Demonstration Club PRIZES Form Produce Friday Nile 8 p.m. American Legion Hut . Admission 50c CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales Studchaker Service WE BUY AND SELL GO0D USED CARS Lex Chamblin Bill Chamhlin Phone 2195 Railroad & Ash Sta. Henry Mucry of Blythevillc has enrolled at Louisiana Slate University. Baton Rouge, for the Summer session. Oscar and Fred Hardaway will leave tomorrow for Memphis Jun- I G H T EN 'OC DARK f- > Select these: • Sterling cups, spoons, etc. • Children's giretinp cards • Baby's auto scat •Rooks — adult and children • Highchairt and pads • Crib bumpers • Chux disposable dinners Sec "Us About "Perma- broni/.ing" Your llaby's TOT SHOP Fhonc 2348 105 South Second Another "From Me To You Letter" from Harry Fritzius. HOW FAR --- How far have wo gone towards mtLiotinl disgrace ami anarchy? For years and yoav.s, to all of us, the dignity of those elderly bhick- rubccl IUL-II who comprised our .Suprctne Court, wove the very epi- touiK of deinucrticlns* dignity. They wurc to us, that sanctuary wherein politics and corruption never catered. Every American could look with pride and -say. "There are the veal guardians of our Constitution and our Freedom." Alas! where can we now look for Dignity and Justice? Our revered Supreme Court is supreme in the mmclr, ot Americans no snore, Franklin Hoosevolt started it when he proudly presented us with his famed "Nine Young Men." To appoint men to our Supreme Court who were "Favorable" to his "New Deal" was to play politics with our most, sacred branch of government. This act.of Lin over zealous President, was the wind which today reaps the whirl-wind. Space will not permit a long resume of the disgraceful scandals now surrounding this sacred body. May I briefly mention facts about two of the present members of the Supreme Court, which facts would have, in better days, been sufficient cause for dismissal from the Highest Tribunal in the land. Justice Murphy has been the most tireless Cocktail party nUemler in the capital, tin Washington, cocktails are invariably mixed with politics, along with other potent spirits.) Perhaps your v/riter is too old-fashioned, but he believes that no cocktail party lounge livcarti lias any business as a member of the United Ktntns Supreme Court. Especially so when it is common knowledge that these parties arc political "get- totjcthcrs." The second fact, nnd the one which has caused the present disgraceful disrepute to fall upon the court, concerns Mr. Justice Black. There was enough dis.sention when Mr. Black was nominated by Mr. Hoosevolt to have warned thc President, that he was the wrong man for the place. Well, to be brief. Mr. Black has been making speeches to Mr. Sidney HUlman's C. I. O. Political Action Committee. Those who have cars to hear let them hear! Herein lies a multitude of unstated wisdom. Yes, our Union Heads, our colored racc.s, our Schools our "Great" men in High Places aud now ........ I blush lo .say it— Our Supreme Court! ........ And the Reel Ogre of the Kremlin only Smiles. FRITZIUS "Always Something New" SATURDAY SPECIALS 1. Kiwvn Domestic 2. Good I'Yalher Pillows. Low Triced, KcKiiliiv Size. :j. Heavy Cast Muffin Pirns ami Corn Kread Stifk Pans. •I. Host Grade Flowered Cretonne for Drapes or Slip Covers. H. Attractive Printed Cotton Krinkle Crepe. G. Old Fashioned "Crinoline" Laccc (While) Laccc In. Wide. for Beautiful Curtains. 42 7. Fine Blar<]iiesct<c Curtain Net. (White) 40" Wide ,S. Spring Clip Continuous Shows Every Day R»x Office Opens 1:41 Show SUrtH ?:"« LISTEN TO KI.CN :00 a.m. l:?:4f, ]i.m. 1:30 p.m. I^ast Time Toxhiv Selected Short Subjects Continuous Showing Every Saturday ^orthwestTrail with linb Steele »nd .Iitnn >V»nillnrry ierral: "Forest Rangers" No. 5 and Short Coirt'd Shows Sit. 12:30-11:30 Sunday and Monday 'Guest Wife' with Claurlelte Colbert anil Don Ameche 'aramount News ami Seelclcd Sboils Cnnfd Slums Sun. 1:15-11:00 Coming Soon to the Ritz: SARATOGA TRUNK with IllGrlrt Bergmann & Gary Cooper PROM THIS DAY FORWARD with Joan Fontaine & Mark Stevens Matinres Sat. * Sun. Only Box Office Opens 6:30; Show Starts 6:45 P. M. Each Evcninff Opens Sunday 1:00; Starts 1:15 Continuous Shows Sat. and San. Bargain Niglrt Kvery Night Except Saturday. No pisses honored on Sunday at the Rosy. Another Shipment First Quality Clothes Pins, ;il 2-1 r Dozen. !t. Large Split Wood Ilaskel Clothes Hampers. A 1tari;:iin. 10. Men's While T Shirts. 11. Men's and Hoys' Shorts. All Sixes. 12. I.artic Shipment of Famous "Play»Te>:" Rubber Haby 1'anls. Sixes Sanill, Medium, Large and Kxtra Large. II!. Ladies (Jood Ilayon 1'anfies. Regular Sixes. 1st 2nd and 3rd Over-sixes. Get yours now, they arc scarce. M. Men's Dress Shirts, Including One Lot of White Shorts. 15. Hoys' Dress Shirts and Sport Shirts. FRITZIUS "Always Something New" 2017 W. Main Pho»« 3457 Last Time Today Mrs Parkington with Grcrr Carson :iml Waller I'idfieoii Selected Short Subject Saturday South of Rio Grande with Duncan Krnililn Serial: "Who's Guilty" No. 7 Short Confd Shows Sal. 12:30-11 :3 anil Sunday and Monday Cobra Woman with Jon Hall and Maria Municz Fox News and Selected Shorl Subject Btwwinc Sun. 1:15 U 11

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