Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on April 20, 1967 · Page 85
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 85

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1967
Page 85
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Section 3 - 3 " Parnelli Jones . . faster than fast Sports Trail Parnelli Set for Quiet Day on Hairy Edge BY ROBERT MARKUS DANGER IS HIS business, and Parnelli Jones will spend the next few weeks on "the ragged edge" between life and death, preparing the revolutionary STP-Paxton Turbocar for what he believes will be the fastest ride in the history of the Indianapolis 500 mile race. "The ragged edge" is Jones' term for the maximum speed nt which a car can perform before spinning out of control. He said: "All good race drivers at Indianapolis drive on the ragged edge of losing it at all times. I haven't found that level yet with this car." After he finds it, Jones hopes he won't have to reach it in the race because the super-quiet racer is, he believes, by far the fastest car entered. It is programmed to average 173.5 miles an hour over Indianapolis' oval course, and Jones has had it up to 163 in preliminary tests. "I think it was John Surtees who said, 'Never drive faster than you have to to win,' " said Jones. "I think that's good sense." Jones is taking his time familiarizing himself with the car because "that's the way I operate. Anybody can stomp on the pedal and guess where the car's going. When I stomp on the pedal, I want to KNOW where it's going." Just how does a driver know when he's at the ragged edge? "Well," said Jones, "that's what makes a good driver. You just know. Once you get there the only way to go faster is to pull the car into the pits and make some adjustments. Maybe you can get five more miles an hour out of it. It won't feel any different but it will be going faster." THE CAR WILL BE new to Indianapolis, but Jones certainly will not. Parnelli has driven six times at the Indianapolis Motor speedway, and has finished four times. He has one victory, in 1963, and a second in 1965. That Jones will be piloting the STP racer occasioned a bit of surprise when it was announced Tuesday at a press conference in the Mid-America club. First, Parnelli owns a piece of a racer with J. C. Aga-janian. "We're trying to get another driver for our car," said Jones. "When I first tested this car, in Phoenix, I thought it was fantastic. I just had to test it in Indianapolis. Aggy told me that if I had a chance to get the ride in it at Indianapolis, I'd be a damned fool not to take it." Then, some feel that Jones is slow to accept change. He and A. J. Foyt stuck to the front-engine roadsters at Indianapolis the year after some American drivers, impressed with Jim Clark's rear-engine Lotus-Ford, had swung to the rear-engine design. Parnelli demurs: "I had a rear-engine car that year, but I could only get it up to 154 m. p. h. So I got out my roadster and got it to 158. Now, if you had one car that did 154 and another that did 158, what would you do?" Some of the plus features of the turbocar, according to Andy Granatelli, president of Studebaker's STP division, are that it has four-wheel drive, an engine that its builders say can't break down, an extremely light chassis, and the ability to consume just about any liquid that will burn, "including perfume,1 gin, or vodka." "It will get twice the mileage of any other car, and thus will carry only half as much fuel, making it the lightest car on the track," said Granatelli. TO JONES, THE biggest advantage of the car will be its acceleration out of the turns. "That's where I'll leap ahead of the other cars," he said. With a turbine engine there is an almost imperceptible lag between the moment the driver depresses the throttle and the car accelerates. This, laid Jones, occurs only if he decelerates too sharply in the turns. "The trick is to use the brakes and keep your foot on the throttle," he said. Indianapolis drivers brake with the left foot, and Jones said he does this when driving in ordinary highway traffic, too. "I think it's 10 times safer, and I think every driver should brake with his left foot. Of course, in some states, including Indiana, they won't permit you to do it when you take your driver's test. I almost flunked my test in Indiana for doing it." Jones was asked what he would do if he were driving another car and competing against the Turbocar. "You can't drive your car any faster than it will go," he replied. "The other fellows will just have to hope I break down and come back next year with a faster car." FETE EX-BEAR STYDAHAR IN HIGHLAND PARK Celebrate Election to Hall of Fame Joe Stydahar, the Chicago Bears' one-time great tackle, will be saluted at a testimonial dinner tomorrow night at the Highland Park Country club commemorating h i s recent election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Co-chairmen for the event are Sid Luckman, former Bear quarterback and himself a Hall of Famer, and Charley Cro-vetti, bowling lane-recreation center owner and a close friend of Stydahar. The guest list includes George Halas, owner-coach of the Bears, and Norm Van Brocklin, ex-coach of the Min nesota Vikings and Stydahar's protege when Stydahar was head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. Mime All-Pro Stydahar joined the Bears in 1936 after starring at West Virginia university. He was an all-pro selection four times and played on three Bear world championship teams until he retired following the 1946 sea son. Stydahar directed the Rams to the 1951 National Football league title. He was head coach of the Chicago Cardinals in 1953 and 1954, and served as a Bear assistant coach in 1963 and 1964. He currently is general manager of Western Kraft, a container corporation in Elk Grove Village. On the Air TONIGHT TELEVISION 7 p. m. WGN-TV m Hotkey! Montreal Canadians vi. Toronto Miplo Leafs. 10:30 p. m, WFLD TV nil Baskelballi Philadelphia 74cn vs. San FianclKo Warriors. . RADIO 12:53 p. m. W-O-N 7201-Baseball: CUBS vs. New York Mils. 7 . m. WMAQ-BlMball. WHITE SOX vs. Washington Senators. yULC DTcwBON,WNP-5ETn.E ill it's a fcoop). MhMW?l l X' A ) 38 POW JUST LONS ENOUGH A 6000 OUE1 f 3 OH&U Tmr N-w.' I I I - 3IL THORP -itwa5funnyMark...W oh... 1J If Ellen asked me to invite WSM vSo you bought Y Yep Jim moving in ( The salesman thought that M I you and Holly for dinner JmTcTx all the furniture J this afternoon I'm 1 V she was my wife X reminds T -7- tomorrow- night -ffl j oro 1 Cool Midwest Weather Puts Damper on Fishermen Anglers Awaiting Warming Trend BY TOM McNALLY Cool weather blanketing the midwest thru yesterday has temporarily slowed fishing in many areas, including northern Illinois' Chain -of -Lakes. Good fishing for black tass had started in several Chain lakes, but falling temperatures moved some bass back into deeper water. Crappie fishing is good, tho the fish are running small. Fair results were being had along the Chicago lake front with smelt, but that fishing also is reported spotty now. Conservation Officer Mark Tuttle said warmer weather is needed I . . . and 0 Complete the Report PLAY BETTER GOLF By Tommy Armour before smelt fishing will im prove. According to the Cook County forest preserve district, Bullfrog lake, near 95th street and Wolf road, is providing some good fishing for bluegills and largemouth bass. Bass and bullheads are coming out of Tampier slough, while fishing for bass and bluegills ranges fair to good at Saganashkee slough. Belleau lake, recently stocked with rainbow trout by the Illinois department of conservation, has been giving fast fishing to crowds of anglers standing elbow-to-elbow along the banks. Only bank fishing is permitted. Belleau is just west of the Tri-State expressway, The Mississippi river, still on its annual spring rampage, is not fishable in most sections. Downstate, fishing for bass and crappies continues to be good at Crab Orchard, Little Grassy, and Devil's Kitchen lakes. Little Grassy, probably Illinois' most consistent producer of big bass, already this spring has given up one weigh ing seven pounds, 12 ounces. Most of the walleyes In Wisconsin's upper Wolf river have finished spawning, are slipping out of the flooded back marshes, and are in the main river running into fishermen's minnow-baited rigs. The next four or five days should see some good walleye fishing in the Fremont section. A few white bass are showing up in the same area, and that fishing will continue to improve as the run mounts. Walleyes are being caught in the Wisconsin river, in the Poynette section, but most are small males. Some large females, bettering eight pounds, also have been taken. There's some walleye fishing now in the Fox river below the Eureka, Wis., dam. Good northern pike are taken there occasionally, too, and, later on, large numbers of migrating white or "striped" bass are expected. From Ely, Minn., comes word via a former Chicagoan, Bob Cary, now managing Canadian Border outfitters, that the snow has almost melted and ice has left the rivers and is starting I to leave the lakes. Overlapping or Vardon grip Cassius Clay, heavyweight boxing champion, said yesterday that he did not intend to take the oath when called for army induction on April 28. "I fear Allah more than the United States government," the Black Muslim cult member said . . . A Belleville, 111., newspaper went looking for a sports writer with a two-column ad headlined "Want to Work on This Paper? ... A Florida legislative committee approved a bill giving tax relief to Pom-pano Bench harness racing track. Calvin Griffith, owner of the Minnesota Twins, said he may acquire a pro soccer team . . Tokyo organizers of the University Olympic games will delay a decision on whether to call them off because of a diplomatic squabble . . . Poor at- TOP-RATED NET STARS MOVE UP AT RIVER OAKS Houston, April 19 W) Second-seeded Nicola Pilic of Yugoslavia was forced to three sets by Ham Richardson of Dallas today and moved into the quarter-finals of the 33d annual River Oaks Invitational tennis tournament. Pilic took a 6-3, 2-6, 7-5 decision over Richardson, the former Davis Cup player and 193R Oaks champion. Top-s e e d e d Tony Roche of Australia defeated Vincente Zarazua of the University of Corpus Christi, 6-1, 6-2, and Third-seeded John Newcombe of Australia defeated Frank Conner of Trinity university, 6-3, 6-0. Rafael Osuna of Mexico defeated Juan Gisbert of Spain, 3-6, 6-3, 9-7, and Nick Kalo of Greece defeated Ron Holmberg of Dallas 6-4, 7-5, in the day's final matches. t tendance at the world table tennis meet in Stockholm will cost a British insurance company $18,676. Manager Dick Williams of the Boston Red Sox has juggled his lineup, putting Dalton Jones at third base, Mike Andrews at second, and shifting Reggie Smith to center field . . . The shaky Toronto franchise will open its International league season next Wednesday as scheduled . . . Cliff Richey and Jim McManus advanced in singles at Argentina's River Plate tennis meet . . . Ceremonies marked completion of the superstructure for New York's new Belmont Park race track . . . Roy Anderson left the Citadel coaching staff to become defensive backfield aid at the University of Cali fornia at Santa Barbara . . . Albert Borgman, 21, football player at Alma Mich. college, was missing and presumed drowned after his canoe capsized on the Pine river in Mich igan. A. SJ rfTr iTHt Vardon Grip MOST expert golfers use -" the overlapping grip which has the right little finger curled outside between the index and middle fingers of the left hand. That also is called tiic Vardon grip after the British champion who popularized it. He told me he used the grip because it brought his hands close together. A very few fine golfers use the interlocking grip which lias the little linger of the right hand and the index finger of the left hand interlocking. There also are a few who have all fingers curled around the grip, with the right little finger being close against the left index finger and the thumbs on opposite upper sectors of the shaft. My observation is that the Vardon grip enables the typical golfer to maintain control belter with his left hand without the right overpowering it. C 1067 by The Chicago Trlbuna (Next Tuesday: Right Hand Error.) I rX M5Sin m mm m m w m nmmzr- v stR iimS2SMB0wr ummm i now l"V ,.' .Mfrf. d 'Seam, I Wi r 3 1 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD! OF THESE NATIONAL BRAND LURES And Get 1 FREE! Hera is once-in-a-lifetime chance to stock up on your favorite lures at big savings! 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Use in any boat in fresh or salt water. 169 NO MONEY DOWN Westinghouse CHICAGO INTERVIEWS FIELD ENGINEERING Immediate openings exist in the Field Engineering Division for FIELD ENGINEERS (BSEE or equivalent) ELECTRONIC INSTRUCTORS (BSEE or equivalent) ELECTRONIC FIELD SPECIALISTS (Minimum 3 yrs. experience) to work in these arras: Computer Systems 'Airborne Fire Control Deep Submergence Communications Systems Systems Torpedoes Command, Control Systems Radar Data Transmission Challenging assignments, program diversify and total support responsibility provide professional growth In the study, planning, installation, testing, integration, evaluation, operation and maintenance of the newest electronic, electro-mechanical and ordnance systems. Positions exist at locations throughout tho world and Baltimore. Collateral benefits for each of the above positions include liberal field allowance, overseas bonus, travel expenses, Westinghouse sponsored tuition refund program, company subsidized insurance and many others. To arrange a local interview please CALL: M. Range or C. Walters Holiday Inn, Highland Park VE 5-4000 Friday, April 21,9 A.M. - 9 P.M. Saturday, April 22, 9 A.M. -9 P.M. Sunday, April 23, 9 A.M. -3 P.M. GARCIA AMBASSADEUR S000 CASTING REEL World's molt wanted editing reel. Com bines tree spool QA with level wind, anti- u backlash for smooth, t long casts. Leather reel case tool GARCIA ABU-MATIC 170 SPIN-CAST REEL Popular the t world over! "Senji-Triqrjir". Oscillating cross wind spool. Anti-raverle. Star drag. 100-yds. IB-lb. line, oiler. GARCIA MITCHELL 300 SPINNING REEL World's finest spin reel! Level wind. Adtustable drag. Anti reverse. I - PC. bail with tungsten-carbide tine guide. 2 empty spools. GARCIA 308 ULTRA-SPORT SPIN REEL Fast retrieve, featherweight (less fhan 8 oz.) 308 reel with ffigm mmfn Teflon drag. Plana- Xll M t hnrfr T - Positive H IHH SDOol. Antl-raverSe. .ISIKa.-II - reverie, i - ij... . r a ftJlJ ... . im ... W mw U.: wUk mjltr nun m siar oraq. luu-yus. 1 ual' . "..""- r . . B bJ lb-lb. line, oiler. I Ml carbide line guide. I II spool incl. rontiv. reel case tool eiw practice plug. - i empiy spools. f YOUR A 85 'SyJ" fCF& MWMrV. -px. mjqZc'.s'''NK'NG..'' -in i. CHOICE 10 FS'r! l" Heddon Ljf6tim8 pa Rods J I lllll IIIHH W niiaiji I I "LIFETIME PAL" 6 OR 6Vl-FT. 2-PC. SPINCAST ROD With Sensational New ff - ffft-fMlMM ii .I. i ,i, nmuimMUMMMvmmmmmmubs Stainless Steel Wire jm -Wikmmmmmmmeimmi 1 ' "" ''""';iei";1-- "s wraPping. t 2-PC. FLY ROD aasssliss Kl I I IT T High Qualify Zebco Rod and Low ZEBCO "606" REEL COMBINATION Outstanding value! . . . Balanced High Quality Zebco Rod and Reel at One Low Price! Prewound with 90 yds. 8 lb. test mono line. Zebco A-ft. rod has 2-pc. tubular fiberglass shaft. Chroma plated guides and tip-top. Specie cork grip. 99 This New Tackle Satchel provides you with an easy sensible way to organize everything you ever want to carry in the way of lures, line, reels and accessories. Made of Boltaron with anodized aluminum hardware. Rust and corrosion resistant even in salt water. Includes 8 boxes, 2 reel trays and 2 tie-down trays for miscellaneous gear. SAVE $6.18 WOLVERINE WELLINGTON BOOTS Reg. 13.95. Handsome. Rugged. Finest, softest triple tanned leather. Neoprene soles. Ideal for casual or sports. Siies 7-11. $777 pr. unable to arrange an interview at this time, pfcase send resume and salary requirements to: Mr. C. R. Maynard, Dept. 141 Westinghouse P.O. Box 1693 Baltimore, Md. 21203 An t'oual Opportunity Emplovtr 4 For Mall or Phone Orders Call ES 9-6487 227 W, Washington 185 H, Wabash 4056 N. Cicero 4540 W. 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