Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on June 3, 1890 · Page 1
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 1

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1890
Page 1
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'J THE WEEKLY CITI7F1 T KW;jutt tin imi 10 Wrox ""jrlas stoat "yU'' Thu, M)to, s ccbW. mailed. Only 1 oo Asheville Daily Citizen - o I FOR RENT, WANTS, AND FOR SALE, t Not .scwdlng tans Knc, On Tlmt, 25 ttnu. Tare. Tiaua, SO seats. Is Time, TS centa. -H r VOLUME VI. NO. 44. ASHEVILLE, N. C, TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1890. PRICE 3 CENTS. MISCELLANEOUS. SLINVIUE.i A pliice planned and developing as a GREAT RESORT. Situated in the -1 MOUNTAINS Of WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, A regin noted for health-fuln and beauty of SCENERY. An elevation of 3,800 feet, with cool Invigorating Climate It is being laid out with taste and skill, with well 1 1 . I . nnrl ovfiin ai xra FOREST PARKS. A desirable place for fine residences and Hi-ATHFix Homes. A good opportunity for profitable investments. For illustrated pamphlet, ad- LINVILLE IMPROVEMENT CO., Llnvllle, Mitchell Co., N. C. HON MARC HE. NEW NECKWEAR FOR GENTLEMEN JUST IN HANDSOME LATEST DESIGNS PRETTIEST SHADES OP SILK. LADIES' BLOUSES. NEW AND ALL GRADES. FANS ! FANS ! USEFUL AND ORNAMENTAL. jo South Main St. BONMARCHE. H.T.ESTABROOK'S 23 8. MAIN ST., ASHEVILLB, IS TUB PLACB FOB BOOKS, STATIONERY, FANCY GOODS AND TOVS. LOCAL Views and Sketches. tprlM REAL ESTATE. 'im B. owtb, W. W. Wert IF THERE IS ANY BUY YOUR GROCERIES, FEED, ETC. PlOll A. D. COOPER, North Side Court Hoik Square. GWYN & WEST, (DucmMr. to Walter B.Owjn) ESTABLISHED 1881 OEFER TO BANK OF ASHEVILLE. REALESTATE. Uan Securely Placed at 8 Per Cent. ""wj Public. Commtiatoncr. of Deed.. FIE INSURANCE. eant Court Mqnnrc PORTLAND BROS., "eal Estate Brokers, And Investment AgenU. U" "-mly Bland at S per cent. n. 1 " Patton Ae. Second door. JE1SKS & JENKS, ESTATE AND INSURANCE BROKERS. fl.n tu.. ' ' ' PLACBD IN TWENTY ' M" BUST COMPANIB8 IN THB WllRLU. CEs. ..",. TRAVBLBRH LIFE AND ."OUT INSCNANCH CO.. OP HATPoRD, CONN. TItliK',T' FOR THBUETROITP1R "UUOI.AB PROOF BAFB CO. - m" 10, McAfee Block , "pMto,AT.,A.heTflle,K.C. MISCELLANEOUS. P V 0 W E K IN R I C E 8, ANY I R T U E I N A L U E S, MISCELLANEOUS. ESTABLISHED 1874. W, C. CARMICHAEL, APOTHECARY, 20 SOUTH MAIN STREET, ASHEVILLE, N. C. OR ANY B E N E F I T I N A R G A I N S, For sixteen years I have curried on a Drug and Prescription business in Ashe ville, striving at all times to buy pure Drugs and sell no goods that are not strictly first-class m every respect. Lverything warranted as represented or money refunded. My goods are pure and fresh and my prices as low as the lowest. Prescriptions filled at all hours, day and night, and delivered five of charge to any part of the city. Mr. J. Taylor Amiss is with me, and will be pleased to meet his friends and custom ers. "GET RID OF THE FLIES." Every housekeeper in Ashe ville has the worry of Flies. Fly Paper is sticky and only a little less bother than the Flies. We sell the Harper Fly Trap, the best made at only 18 cents each (sold in other Stores at 25 cts.) they are handy, easily cleaned, never wear out and get there in ridding the house of Flies. One or two in each room will soon abate the nuisance. Our Ice Cream Freezers, Ham mocks and Croquet Sets are seasonable and are priced as low as the same goods can be bought in any city on the continent. We are selling Lace Curtains, and goods for half curtains, (of which we have some lovely patterns) at prices that always please. Our second supply of Brass Curtain Rods is expected daily, the other lot was priced at exactly one half per foot as the same goods were quoted at elsewhere, but that is the way our prices , . i . iff run, sometimes one iiiui, oi two thirds; always lower than anybody else in all lines and we keep every thing. The biggest line of Ribbons in town. Every thing at "BIG RACKET." THE DAILY CITIZEN. Richmond ia recking with rebel Bags, and Col. Elliot P. Skrpard hni not yet started tor tbe front. On, Shepurd, on ! Washington Post. Thb Fanntri' Alliance in the two Da- kotas are on the warpnth and they want Republican blood. Just now they thrcat- to destroy the G. 0. P. in thoc State. Rkpvblicanb who have been plotting to capture tbe Congressional Mat Intely filled by Mr. Carlisle are likely to find their plans thwarted by Coventor lluck-ner's call for an election on June 21. That date falls on Saturday, tbe day of the week most convenient for voting by the Kentucky farmers, who form the Demo cratic strength in tbe Carlisle District. New York Star. We are showing an unusually large and attractive stock of Clothing, Men's Furnishing Goods, Hats, . Shoes of all Kinds, Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Smallwares & Carpets, bought with great care, marked at short and reasonable ' profits. The line embraces all grades from low priced to very fine. One price system. 7 & 9 Patton Ave. Even the most conservative must ad mit that the way lots are selling in Asheville is something unheard of. It is the principal topic ot conversation on the street at the club or hotel and the man docs not live who would not like a tew fect of Asheville dirt. Now that the boom on why not purchase a site for a park. It has got to come soon and property can be purchased at a more reasonable figure now than ever in the future. Arrksts of Russian Nihilists near Paris setose a strange development of revolu tionary agitation in Europe. It ap)cars that the conspirators were engaged in manufacturing in France explosives dc- ligned for. the destruction of the Russian Imperial family. The natural allinnce between Russia and France no doubt had something to do with the promptness ot French authorities in the mutter. The abstract qmstion of antagonism between Rcpublicunisra and Imperialism hnsfuilcd to receive consideration in view of the community of interests bet ween Paris and St. Petersburg against possible movements at Berlin, Vienna and Rome. JUST RECEIVED. ONE HUNDRED BARRELS BEST PORTLAND AND One Hundred Barrels) Louisville Cement. AI. ONE HUNDRED BARRELS BEST QUALITY CALCINKU PLASTISat. C. E. MOODY, Proprietor. Office No. 30 Patton Avenue, TBLFPHONB NO. 40. Warehouiw at Depot. P. O. Boa (I ft. . W. U. WILLS. ABTIIUBJ. WILLS. WILLS BROS., ARCHITECTS ASHBVILLB, N. C. Office Barnard Bulldiox. P. O. Boa 80. Plum, Bptdficatlom, Itall. &c. foreverjr dais of building at short notice. ARTISTIC INTERIOR DESIGNS A SPECIALTY. Call and sn . aprl6d3m F. A. GRACE, FRESCO DECORATOR AND DESIGNER, Will Tcmpra, Intonaco, Encaustic or Oil From Special Dein In DKCOHATIVK COWiMMITI01. Kealltlc-F1oral. Renalnwncc Allesrjr. AddrePM 2 WOODWARD AVB . Detroit, Mich., or BOX 243, Aiherilte, N. C MORTGAGE 8 A LB. By virtue of a deed of trust exeeaterl to the iindrmiiencd by C.A.Smith and wife, A. C. Smith, to necorr the mm of money therein men tinned t Charlvn W. Wonlney. and benr-inti dnte May lo, 1HM9. and rrBUten-u on -tux , . of Hook lfl of the Mort- Knvr Record n the office of the Krirlrtrr of the umlrrnijeiied truwtee will nrll for canh tit mil. He otitcry to the hiKhcut bidder at the ' . v.., rtnnrln the citv of Anhrville in nid Hancomne roomy "n . J j tune. 1 HUO. the loMowinir ae-icTiiieti l""" parrelRof land, nittiate, .yinfi and beinK i mill citv of Anheville on Hal Icy tree1 nnd iK-lnn Lot- N, Forty-two and 1'irty Bu-v.tinf KIr-IIiv Pork, to the part of whkh at rt iil"terrd. reffrrrnee in hereby made, for r...iu.. riwriniinn of the mime, and whit- wit: Lot No. 42. Beitintiinie at a I tint on threnntem maritin of nairi Haiiey . i .arl H. 1 where the northern line f aid Shelby Park iotemeeu aid treet. and rtin inrmt p u -r i c w rH htinrlrrii and eventy-fnur fret ti thr wra tern margin or Wallavk utreet: thenre with It N. 71 K. about aeventy-Mx I ? n the lAuthwrtit corner of lot No. 41 thr me Ti. H7W . wmu nrf-in imc . unid bit No. ll one hrrnrlrert and etirhty-nm- tirl three fourths 1H1 Htrl tu H"e -street, and thenre with it R l'-tft V -f a., i-i i irrt tn the berinntna. . Lot. k - i witisr IminediatelT ent of mid Lot N a.-j ..rf.. Mid Wnllack utreet. WninnlnK fin Iheeaitem manfin of thia la-t atreet. oppo-Hte the aontheadt corner of aaid lot No. J nd the Bortheaat of lot No. tv:t and run 8 M71.0 B alout one hundred and nee feet to .a.Jl..'.M ii f Mid Hhelhy Park : thence with -aid tine H.' K.tTenty-nTe t TJllffeet to a t-- thmtt with the southern line ot Hi Nn AM N NT'" W. one hundred tltMii leet V ii. ..fc atrrrt ami thence With it f t 12' W. about "event y hye 1 7 (W feet to the I laf. UginnhiK. i JOHN CHILD. 1 ruatrc, tUl'MMUK HOAKI'i Ni. e are now p revered with room for m mer "ifW H B. CHAM ISKHLIN. fDa31dlm tburth itrwt FACT8 AND COMMENTS. ANOTHER TERRIBLE CLONE IN INDIANA. FREE MASONS HOLDING A MEET ING IN NEW YORK. Hurrlaire lit llttfli I-lfe Ameri can Hharonltootert aLeave for Kurope-Kcwa of liie Worltl. Special to Tint Citizhk. JypFKHcU)NViLLB, Inil. June 3. A terri ble cyclone swept over the State lust mht in tbe vicinity of HuutinburK and asjter. Kverythiug in its path watiwcpt away and many people were killed or in- jured. The towns are completely ruined and the wires down. Lctuils are meagre. The cyclone struck the towns at midnight. untinburp and Jusper are seventy miles from this point. FIVE HUNDRED MASONS. Thb New York Times is one of those papers which believes in the fairness to everyone and when the Lee monument was unveiled at Richmond the following editorial appeared in its columns: "It rather a pity that there were no or ganized bodies of representatives of the North at the unveiling yesterday of thr monument ol General Lee. The presence of Southern troops at the funeral of Gen eral Grunt was recognized as a tribute honorable to the men who paid it as to the memory of the hero to whom it was paid. A quarter of a century after the close of the war ought to suffice to put all its figures in a historical prospective. Everybody now recognizes that Falkland and Hampden were both patriots accor ng to their lights. Everybody ought to recognize now that there is no danger that the "issue" will arise again, that the soldiers of the Confederacy may have been as conscientious as the soldiers of the Union. Lee was the first of these. While he was no doubt doing what we believe to be his duty in "going with hia State,' there is no question at all that his conduct throughout the war and after it was that of a brave and honorable man. His memory is. therefore, a pos session of the American people, and the monument that recalls it is it sell a na tional possession. In an interview in New York Mr. John .. Servent, a prominent merchant of the new town of luthrie, Oklahoma, gives some interesting facts concerning the negro immigration. He does not appear to be alarmed, and if his opinion is the opinion of the majority of the residents of the territory the negro lias finally landed in a haven of rest : "One of the most remarkable pecul iarities about the settlement of Okla homa," said Mr. Servent, "is the negro immigration which practically invnded it, and which is still daily strcuming into the Territory. irom all the surround nu States thousands of well-to-flo col ored iKople, with their families, have rushed in. taken up land and settled Many of them in fact, most of than are well fixed financially. I could name more than fifty men ot that race, who. desirine choice claims near Guthrie, the capital city, have bought them at from $500 to $1,000 apiece. Tbir. influx of well-to-do negroes made a boom which at one time, as we understand H out there, came very near inducing 1 'resi dent Harrison to appoint tile ilon. b, McCabe, now State auditor in Kansas and a black man ot good reputation Governor of the new territory, and that fact has been one means of turning the eyes of many intelligent and wealthy ne-ifroes toward Oklahoma as a sort ol promised land lor their race, and mnt done a treat Heal toward bringing into Oklahoma thousand" of men of that race who would otherwise not have made the venture." Mr. Sergeant is also of the opinion that the territory will be democratic. It 1m Mot Mold Vet. Mr. W. A. Buchanan was asked thi morning if there was any truth in the ru mor that his mother's projierty had bee: sold. He denied the report but said that negotiations arc now pending whereby it may be. The trade is between them and certain Asheville men, but he' is of the opinion that the parties behind the scenes are Vanderhilt and Inman. offer of $MOtOOf) has been made for the entire property, 93 acres, extending to the top of the mountain. The same gen tlemnn are after the other pmpcrt along the side of the mountain. To Hanker ami Merchants. The Tyler Desk company of St. Lou Mo., have just published, in colors. great work of art on Hunk Counters, Hm tut in i tktu, with im-rriiactt discounts. The lianker'sCfitalogue, lot pages, in colors, free jiostnge l.c. Catalogue ot Ikraks nnd Office Furniture 130 pages free, postuge 10c. These hooks should interest every bum new, man in the country. WO TOWNS DESTROYED CY- Arc Hold 1 uk Their Annual Meet- Iuk in Mew York, Special to TiiK Citizrm. New York. une 3. Five hundred Free Masons from every part of the United States were in attendance nt the opening of the 109th annual session of the Grand Lodge in the Masonic Temple this morning. Grand Master Voorhces 0(cned the gathering with a review of the year's work by the order. Secret session began this afternoon. By to-morrow night initiatory steps will have been taken to provide for the new asylum for aged and indigent Masons at Utica. The report of Grand Secretary Eplers will be presen ted to-night. For the Actor Fund. Special to The Cltiien. Nkw York, June 3. At 1 o'clock this afternoon crowds began streaming into Palmer's Theatre. At 3 o'clock begins the annual entertainment for the actors' fund which will beoiienedbvex-I'resident Grover Cleveland. General Shcrtnnnand General Horace Porter will also make addresses. Contented F.lectloit Cae Special to The Cltiien. Washington, June 3. The house to day began consideration of the contested election case of McDuffic, republican, against Tropin, democrat, from Alubama. The republican majority on the commit tee has declared in fnvor of the former and this decision will be confirmed today. The McDowell I'ropertv Hold. The McDowell projierty, in South Asheville, containing twenty-three acres, has been sold to D. S. Wat sua for $26,- 000, There are rumors that n hotel or sanitarium will be erected, but the pur chasers will say nothing. ComiulsHlouers for Henderson. Special to Tub Citizun. Henderson villk. N. C, June 2. At a meeting of the magistrates of Henderson county to-day the following were elected county commissioners: Albert Caiman, B. F. Posey and'B. T. Morriss. ItH Labors licuun. Special to Tub Citizrm. Albany, N. Y.. June 3. The constitu tional commission whose duty it is to revise the articles of the State constitution referring to the judiciary began its labors here to-day. COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. County .superintendent Fleeted aud Tax Levied. At the joint meeting of the Board of Couuty Commissioners and magistrates yesterday afternoon Mr. C. B. Way was elected county siqwrintendent of public instruction on the fifth ballot. The tax was levied at the meeting as follows: Couuty, cents on the $100; school, 12Va cents on the $100; State, 2H cents on the $100. A total of 83 cents on the $100. The poll tax is $2.00. These are the same taxes as those levied last year. After the joint meeting the board of commissioners met, nnd utter allowing a small numlKr of pauper claims, ad journed until this morning. Confidence In Anheville.. Finding that ray projicrty is evidently selling too low I have determined to make the following proposition: I offer to pay five thousand dollars I $3,000) cash by ten o'clock to-morrow morning to bedistrihuted pro rata among the purchasers of lots ulready sold for a cancellation of their trades, each purchaser to hnve a pro rata profit upon his lot if all the buyers will agree to this proposition. Kiciimonp Pearson. Huller's Application Kefuned. This was the day for granting licenses to retail liquor dealers, aud the following were renewed: I. II. Loughran, Frank O'Donnell, Frank Loughrnn, G. A. Sorrels, Hampton & Feat hers ton, A. G. Steele. M. H. Kelly and John O'Donnell were granted license foi 39 South Main street. W, 0. Mnller's application was the only one refused. J. J. Mackev register of deeds, was directed to employ three hands to transcribe the indexes in his office tu new books. .8. GRANT, Pb.G., Ol PUIadclpala Colics, or Pharmacy, Apothecary, 94 South Main SU FOB , HEADACHE USE HOfBHSNI HARMLESS HEAOACHC POWDERS. Th.y sr. s Spclflo Pi 1 HvOtM. NORTH CAROLINA NOTES. A Weddlntc In 1111. I.lfe. Special to Tub Citizrn. Thknton, N.J.June 3. At noon to day at the residence of Stephen B. F.lkins, C. Oliphaut, a son of General Oli- phant, and Sullie B. Elkins, daughter o Mr. Elkins, were married. The New Hcale Adopted. Special to Tub Citizkn. Pittsiu'ro. June 3. The Amalgamated Association Iron and Steel Workers met here to-day. The new scale wasadoptcd. bone to Europe. Special to The Citizen. Nkw York June 3. The Sharpshoot ers left to-day for Europe to attend the ntemational contest in Germany. lira Inn and Money Ex-Congrcssmnn Logan H. Hoots, at the Christening ceremonies of the town of Kimball, on the Tennessee river, thirty miles west of Chattanooga, said that to make an industrial development required nature's gifts, brains and money. The Ircoloinst and every other intelligent iter- son who exumincd the subject reported the immediate proximity ol thnlrcrH, met als, coal, clny, stone and in tact every thing that can oc well thought of neces sary tor a munuiactunug city are situa ted rieht thereon the bunks ol the len- nessee river, the only place where the Tennessee river touches the Cumlierland coal fields. The Colonel also assured parties that ample funds had licen provided for it, so that there will be no lack of money; and United Stales Judge Key said that Colonel Roots' statement on such subjects could be relied upon. The Colonel remarked, however, that he was not making assertions as to the brains devoted to the management. When t. is known that Colonel Hoots is the Prcsi dent of tbe Company, and that H. 1 Kimball, of New England birt h and Geor gia residence, fumed for Ins management of large enterprises, is the? Vice-President nnd General Manager, the niirnnce brains controlling a Hairs i complete. He who misses being nt Kimball on the loth and 1 1 1 h of June will certainly mi nn opportunity lor grrnt pleasure nnd o-, pnrtunitiea for profitable investment. To Kan to Itlltmore. The Asheville Street Railway company has obtained permission from the Itonrd of county commissioners to extend tlieir rond from the southern limits of the city five miles along the Huncomlie turnpike. The management of the rond confidently expect to build the road to Biltmore,and Evangelist Fife began his Fnyetteville meetings yesterday. A distillery near Elm wood with one Darrci oi wuisiicy ourncu uown. Mr. Joseph Petty, drummer for the Chatham ntlcs during the wur, is dead. Oxford Lodge I. O. O. F. will erect a temple 41) x 100 tcet and three stories high, Durham's jail has fifteen inmntes. This is the largest number it has had ut one time since IH85. The democratic nominating conven tion of the fifth district meets in Greens boro on July 9, Mrs. Jones Chnppcll, one of the family poisoned in Kaleigh by citing western bacon has died. The Hay street Methodist church of Fnyetteville will run an excursion to Wilmington June 10. On account of his health, Key. T. W Ebletoft has decided to decline the call extended to him by the Baptist church at Micioy. Governor Richardson nnd Adjutant- General Itonliam, of South Carolina, will attend the encampment ot theNorthCar- olina State Guard at Wlutesville. Governor Fowle has returned frs Richmond. He is delighted with the celebration nnd very proud of the promi nent part Morth Carolina took in it. John E. Gates, of Charlotte, has re ceived a check from Staunton. Va., for $2,000 to be used for the home nnd for eign missions ol the Southern Presbyte rian cuurcn. Rev. D. J. Kooutz, a colored preacher, died suddenly at Concord and the cir cumstances pointed suspiciously to poi son. A coroner sjury lounti tnat it was so, but how, when or where the paper does not say. The stockholders of the Slntesville Ai Line railroad company hnve held their annual meeting nnd elected the following fiicers: Dr. I. I. Mott, president ; C. A Carlton, secretary and treasurer; W. A, Ehasou, chicl engineer. The Salisbury correspondent of the Charlotte Chronicle suvsthat J. C. rord Etui., ot ixmth Kivcr, lavie county, nun the father of Mrs J. C. Irvin, of States- villc, lost a large harn, granary, twi hundred bushels ol wheat, two wagons ond a buggy by tire. 1 he origin ot the hre is unknown. A Raleigh gentleman said esterdny that sixty-six million dollars were sent out of the Southern States into the Northern States every year to pay insur ance. T hut's about as much us the Southern cotton crop is worth, and that's one reason why there arc some Hor folks in the South. Stutc Chron icle. Miss Minnie McLcod, daughter of Mrs, I. P. C. Morris, formerly ot this place, astonished relatives and friends by leav- tni' her home in Charlotte last Thursda and going to Spartanburg, C, where she was married to Air. s. A. L.joiinson of Salisbury. 1 he reason tier i iconic jceted to the mnrnnee was because ot her age, she tieing only ahout lour teen years old. She and her husband. learn, intend making their home in Ashe ville Monroe Register. About ten or twelve years ago, Mr, Johua Pittman, a farmer near Crouton, received n iiesn wouim wutic nannung basket of cotton nnd contracted de doison in the injured place, which has troubled him at intervals ever since. It finally became so that five weeks aco he went to New Berne to receiv medical atUntion, with the expectation ot having Hie disused Iitnh ampututed. but tbe state of his health would not tM-rniit the operntmn ti lr ticrtiirmcd He grew worm until hnnllv death tcrmi nated his aullering. Mr. Pitman was 43 years id age. So far the outlook is most encouraging for a good crop year. Farmers art-working hard nnd economising in every way possible. Up to dnte 3.053 boxes ot 'henna have lieen shipped Irom this place to the Northern markets. This t much larger than the amount shipiied last yenr at this time. In addition Inrpe quantities of Irish Kit a toes, turnqrn, st raw terries, asparagus, etc., also have been shipped. This quantity of truck miL'ht to hnve. no to now. at least $13.- j 00" in circulation if our eoplc could get MISCELLANEOUS. AUDBIM mi t5 Kiln VH Buffil N.Y td lirUmtkmil Brkhn. Out fob sals mt J. S. GRANT. If your prescription are prepared at Grant'! Pharmacy you can potitirelyde-lend upon these facta: First, thatonlytbs purest and best drugs and chemicals will i""-'; wmiW, they will be compound' ed carefully and accurately by an eipeii enced Prescriptionist ; and third, you will not be charged an exorbitant price. I'oa will receive tbe best good at a rery rear sonable profit. Don't forget the place-Grant's Pharmacy, 24SouthMainatrceU Prescription filled at all hours, night day, and deliveted tree ol charge to ny part of the city. The night bell will be answered promptly. Grant' Phar macy, 24 South Main street. At Grant's Pburmacy you can buy any Patent Medicine at the lowest price quotr ed by any other drug house in the city. We are determined to sell a low a tbe lowest, even if we have to lose money by so doing. We will sell all Patent Medicines at first cost, and below that if necessary, to meet the price of any competi tor. We have tbe largest assortment m Chamois Skin in Asheville. Over 200 skins, all sizes, at the lowest price. We are the agent for Humphrey's Homoeopathic Medicines. A full supply of bis goods always on band. Use Buncombe Liver Pills, tbe best in the world for liver complaints. Indigestion, etc. A Ihuioughly reliable remedy for all Mood diseases Is Buncombe Sarsaparilla. Try a bottle and you will take no other. J. S. GRANT, Ph. G., Pharmacist, 24 S. Main St., Asheville, N. C. WIIITLOCK'S Special Sales Week. Close buyers will please note the following great inducements this week : Black Mohair Brilliantines at 50 nnd 75c., formerly 75c. and SI. Black Tamise Suitinirs. 60 and 85Vj former price 75c and 1. r" Black CmnerB Hair and Serge Suitings at 75c. and $1, formerly $1 and $1.25. lsiatk French. Henriettas, ' t .. rrr... 1 a-1 t " wu., i oi. imiu f. iomier price G5c, $1 and $1.25. rancy Mohair Bnlliant- iiies, ;. and 75c, former price 75c. and f 1. Colored Henriettas at 25c 40c, 50c and 75c. worth much more. Domestic and Imnorted Challios at 5c, 8c, and 12c per ard. Y ash Dress Fabrics, Lawns and l'rints at Hc. and up. French and Domestic Sat- ines at popular prices. Dress Ginghams and Seer suckers, large variety. Outing Cloths, Table Linens, white nnd colored. Intxj Uoods, Nainsooks, Lawns, India Linens, Ham-burgs, Laces, Underwear, Handkerchiefs, torsets. (iloves and Mitts. Large assortment and low prices. l'arasois and feunshades, the most attractive in the city. Trices lower than else where. Just received A new lot of Black and Cream Lace Flouncing nnd Drapery Nets. Something New AVe sell the only absolutely Fast Black Hosiery in the market made by Smith & Angell for Ladies, Misses and Children, also for Men and Boys. They are guaranteed not to dye, crock or turn green, or money refunded. po wiui j rannrr. i nc company navenoi anything like a liiir pnte tor thir pru- drcidrd wben they will bcgir. I ducts. Clinton Caucasian. WIIITLOCK'S, 46 SOUTH MAIN STREET, Baas, of AahrrlUa.

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