The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1947 BLTtTIIEVILLE (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Treasury Head Talks of Tax Cuts Snyder Tells House Committee Time for Reduction'Approaches' WASHINGTON. Mlly 20. (UP) — Secretary ot Hie Treasury John W. Snyder yesterday luld the House !Wa.\ %JL, ( J Means Committee thai "a piMipf of tax reduction is ap- proaehinj;." He macie the statemenl as tlie committee hc-gnn hearings on a proposed general revision of the entire federal t-.ix code in 1918. He urged Congress to modernize the federal tax structure, bul suid any surplus revenue must be "judiciously" divided between debt retirement and t;ix re.luclkm. Snyder did not comment directly on KcimUican-sponsored Icin'slnlicm to reduce personal income taxes thi.i year by 20. ocr cent for taxpayers. He and •I'rcsielcnt Trii- ii'au have beer, on record against lax cuts till;.- year. lint, Snyder said a "period ol lax reduction is anproiicliing." Rep. I Roy o. Woodruff, R., Mich., asked 1 him to amplify. Snyder said only Unit, with federal expenetilures at peacetime levels and imlional income al a high level, il was logical that taxes slioulel be reduced at some lulm-c date. He encouraged the committee to make a siueiy of the whole field of taxes—business, income taxes and the related community properly tax problem, excise, estate, gift and social security taxes. Snyder .said' his department is preparing .specific recommendations lor the committee. Hut they will mil be suumitu;d until each phase of taxation i. s discusseel. Snyder was ;kcr^he treasury view on expan- ; sion Y excise taxes. He said "there are soj* excises that offer a field for cxpSiision. but oihcrs nred to be reduced." PAQE HIMB "IN THE GOLDEN DAYS ; Read Courier News Want Ads. LADIES Do Ymir Wash Automatically Arid Save! 35c up to 9 Dry Weight We Furnish Sosip lileach & Bluinjj Frte! THE Washerette Crosslown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. I'I:t££ clothing in TScndix 2. AtWsoap, wait or shop 3. Take ciuthcs home in 35 minutes. Open (ill 9 p. m. on Monday, Tuesday, Friday "... Of tlie bcniUt/Kl cnrliy summer tcciiflicr" . . • . • lonely yirl cmOtuties the mood oj ilic scoscm as slic utecfs '-. ^ Y * "* . . the Florida surf. Presidents Don't Fish For Fish But For. Solitude, Hoover Says NEW YORK, May 20, (UP)—The piexity, and he Just had to s;ct truth about presidential fishing away somehow, somewhere and be trips was revealed yesterday by lor a few hours once in a former president Herbert Hoover. ' while. 'Most prcsitinnto don't care a[ "But there are only l\vo occa hang about fishing. Neither do the fish. When a president turns angler, he's probably fishing around lor a little solitude, sairt the fishingest president in recent years. However, iMr. Hoover said that he. Grover Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt were exceptions. They were fishermen from boyhood. Mr. Hoover participated in a Sunday radio discussion (CBS) of Izaak Walton's "The Complete Angler" with Donald Stauffer of Princeton University and David Daiches of Cornell. •His topic was the "National Phenomenon"! modern presidents being fishermen, so with full candor lie said: ". . .1 concluded thai the pneumatic hammering of demands on the (press agents mind had increased in frequency with the rising title of economic and international com- 'New' Appearance sions when Americans respect privacy, especially in presidents; those are prayer and fishing—so that some have taken to fishing." Even if a president like s to fish he can't always fish the way he wains too President Coolidge. Mr. Hoover said, "was a good deal of fundamentalist in economics, government, and fishing, so lie naturally preferred anglewonr.s. But whcr the fly fishermen of the nalio: raised their eyebrows in surprise he took to artificial flics. ''However, hi s backcnsl was much a common danger that cvei the secret service men kept a a distance until they were sum moned to retrieve flics. -""Fishing," Mr. Hoover continued "is the chance to wash one's sou Citizen Interest Held Essential To Democracies lUiKEGCE. Ala., May 19. (UP) —"Free democracies arc guaranteed only when people take an interest in their government," Dr. Marshall 'WiiiBficld, pasior of the Memphis. Tenn., first Congregational Church, told Tuskcyee Insti- lute graduates. Wingficld. delivering the baccalaureate service yesterday, etcclarcel that "elcmociacy offeis decent people, aiiel rascals, nn opportunity lo give |>olitical expression to their desires and pin poses, "If elecent people fail to do so, they should not, wonder why able officials are not elected," he said. "The free Institutions of dc- anccracy will not remain free unless decent people take cnougl in'.eresl in democracy to register and vote, and aUo run for office the minister said. Wallace Assails Truman Doctrine Ousted Cabinet Member's Actions Point to New Party LOS A-NGFliES, M«y 20. (UP) — Henry A. Watlm-e chargeel today thai the objective- of •President. Truman's foreign doctrine i.s "world rrnrmumciit inllicr than world welfare." 'Tlie Truman doctrine assumes that tlie world Is now at war." Wallace said i\s her prepared to resume his crms-nmnlry .speaking tour uf- Icr addre.ssing a capacity nudlence of '21,000 ut Hollywood's i Ollmorc Stndlum last night. Wallace s|xikc \indcr auspices nf the 'Proui e.ssivc Citizens of America. Earlier, in answer lo a direct question as to whether he would accept the nomination of a third parly, Wallace said "If the Democratic I'urly does tic-part from the principle* of l-'i:inklin D. Hoosevcll, I shall dciiarl from the Democratic Party." Wallace suid that the war assumed by the Truman doctrine Is not ycl a ".shooting war." "lint the dividing line between a non-si looting war and a .shoeitini, war is a little hard lo define, particularly when sei many men stroke the atom Ixnub with Itching fingers," lie Kiiid. The world is faced, Wallace wr.rncd. with the choice of lasting peace under Ilic United Nations or undeclared war uneler the Truman doctrine. Tlie President'. 1 ; program seems to be a doctrine of giving unlimited aid to anil-Soviet governments. Wallace slid. It is possible for Communism and Capitalism lo exist In the United Nations without friction and II i.s a false hope thai Communism can lie overcome "by force of dollars or force of luins," he salel. •As long n s exploited countless millions live in hunger and mls- ry, Wallace added, Communism will hold its nppenl. "I am not afraid of communism," Vallace said. "If I fail to cry out hat I am anti-Coininnnlsl, It Is ol because I am friendly lo Com- nunlsm bul because at this time of .rowing intolerance I refuse to Join H'on the outer circle of thai band of men who sllr the steaming caul- Iron of haired and fear. I have fctir of persecution. 'I shall go on .sneaking for peace as long as llicre is hope foi jcacc iti the world." of the 1C. W. Uoblnsoif Addition lo the City of lilythevllle. Arkansas. Said Mile Is made for Ihe purpose of paying the debts of said Kslate, and pmvhaser at such sale will be required Lo give note anil with approved (security, for tlie purchase price. Dated this the 1(M7. 13lh day of May, Pearl Caslon Administratrix 5113-20-S7 WAUN1NG Olll)i:it 1*1 llavdln. Jr.; Ed llurdln, 111; Lama Ci .I learn; I'ulsy llearn; John llearn; Xehua G. Craig; Joe H. Craig, Jr.; Kichard Craig; Margaret H. 'Musscy; Hubert 1). -Mussey; Ni'll 11. Massey; Nelld Musse-J", Mamie 11. Odley; Klnlno U. Odley; Harrlctl Aim Odley; »r. T. 13. Allison; Mai-Inn A. Kell.i; Lee 'Belts; .yiiii Hulls; Tommy Allison; 1,11- llau A. lluj'Ke; Mn;o;i jiuiKe; HnUi II. Illiniums; CJlorla llughcns; Thena A. l''lccUvnod; Shai'llno F. Fow- IIT; Allslon FIcelwood;' Dr. J. P. Allison anel Alice All!se>n are warned lo iipix-ar In Ihe Chancery Court for the Cldckasawba District ol ..Mississippi County, -Arkansas, within M days after Hie date hereof and answer a compinlnt filed by Tom A. I,IH!c. Dated this and day ot May, 1847 HAUVKY MOrilUS, Clerk IJy Hetty Smith, deputy, Mare'iis Kvnirel Attorney for Plaintiff. (Seal) 010-13-20-li 1 Florida law bails Ihe poiMMkm, Iraiiiprjitatlon, or vending of alll- gutois less than four feet lone. WARNINGl ACT FAST •« )'Jn-\Vorm Infection usually iprwte 1 wililfirc. AnJ It K now known thai I •wly crvalurt-fl, living find growing l ttiu Imrtinn tocly, can c*UM r*«l *Ut Ka don't UVt chanco with Fin-Worm*. Anil itun'l ruiri-r o »Inijl« nc*d!e, tram Ihu mlr.crE^ of the •tceravatlhr t Itcli or other truuhtoA cAUMd by tb* pMta. C,l JAVNE'S f>.W»tlli» Hr.liU:nof fin. Worms. T-1M I.i a.nicdl»]ly »ouiiol Imt- r>u-nt lia^cil on AEI omcEally r«coicni&cd dmc l»rincli'lo wliioh h»» proveil BO wonderful In ilvfilinir \vllli tliU Infection. Tb* •null r-W tnlilota ncl In n ipcctal way to r«taov« i'il.-Wdrnia ciutfly and lately. A»k your JruueUt! f-W for rin-WotMl . with pure air . it brings meek- Senate Votes Allotment ness and inspiration . . . wick- for Science Foundation edncss . . . and it is discipline in all men For This Week Only A Complete Paint Job on Any Make or Model Passenger Car fring Your Car in Today LEE MOTOR 305 E. Main CMC TRUCKS Phone 519 OLDSMOBILE Ihe cqualily o[ men—for r.rc equal belorc lish." The luako shark can Icnp 30 .feet oul of Ihe water despite its' weighl of several hundred pounds. There arc only 12 leltcrs in the Hawaiian alphabet. WASHINGTON, May 20. (UD — The Swale reversed itself yestcr dny and voted to require the pro po^.cd Nalional Science Foumlnlioi lo spon ( i upwards of $5-QOO,000-a year on 'research programs in s t»t universities and land yrant co! le^rs. By a vote of « to 40, the Senal wrote into a pending science 1)11 •vn amendment directing the foun- iation Lo divert 25 per ccnl or ids Lo slale-sup|>orted colleger ftnd universities. Iff HE PROBATE COURT FOR •THE CI1ICKAS.MVI>,\ 1>ISTRIC'I OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR KANSAS. In the Matter of the Kslatc of OSOAR SAIjHS, Deceased, Pearl Coston, Administratrix. No. 1707 NOTICE Nollcc is hereby given that th undersigned, as Administratrix the Estate of Oscar Sales, Dcccasci will on the 5lh day of June. 194 offer for sale nt public mieUon, f Ihc South door of tho G'cmr House. In Blytheville, Mlsslsslm County, Arkansas, to the liiyhcs bidder, upon a credit of three monllis .the lollowlns; lands he loiiKinf? to the sftld Estiilu, to-wi Lot Three (3J, In DlocJ: Six (0 OPENING WEST END AUCTION SALES Lost Boy Garage Highway 18 West Blytheville, Ark. Friday, May 23,1 p.m. „ New and Used Cars . . . Tires . . . Tubes . . . Accessories . . . Furniture Farm Implements . . . New Army Surplus Goods New 600x16Truck Tires Can be Bought- for. ..,.,.-. . : . : .>.,. .$14.50 New Tubes T ,.,., .,.,.,...,.,. .,.,., , ..-., $2.25 New 600x16 Passenger Tires ,., ,. r .:.-T.».*.T-» $11.00 Many items sold here . . . Housewives lire cordially invited Good Sciifs Avcilablc If you have some dead merchandise, call Oil for in formation. Many car dealers will be here to buy and scli. Sale will he held rain or shine. Register Your Car Before 12 A. M. Friday, „ May 23 ,, The public is cordially invited ] ~^' -{ Flame Cultivation Pays! See the Barksdale Flame Cultivator BARKSDALE Mft.iO. South Broadway Street Bly,hcYiU.;'Al%. Who Wants to Go Back to The Good Old Days? - - - When Father Carried Water And Mother Washed By Hand. Certainly not the smart homcmakcrs of Blytheville, who have wisely learned to rely on the convenience of a bountiful supply of pure water in the home at all times. It's a service that has taken most of the drudgery out of "washday". The efforts of our organization are combined to provide the people of Blytheville v/ith a plentiful supply at pure wafer and the best in serr- /cc at all times. . ,^4 Blytheville Wafer Co, BERNARD ALLEN, "Water la Your Cheapest Commodity? 1

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