The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1951
Page 11
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1981 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I HEARD ABOUT THE MevM DETOUR CJAXe IS SeTTIKiSOPFOf?. SCHOOL TEACHER S' 6AVIMS6 ? IT'S A ' BATH SALT THAT OH, OH/ THEY'LL ,7UST HAVE -fO PUT GEAR COVERS ON ALL GEARS AROUND HERB / TH'SHOCK IDMV NERVES-JUST wrrwessiio' THAT. I DON'T LIKE RAZZ.IN' OF 1OU CAMDX COMICS.' I WOKKEPAROUMP /MJS ALL MV LIFE TILL THEY HAPPA PUT COVEKS ON ALL MACHIMES TO KEEP SOU B4BES IKJ TH' WOOPS FEOM HARMJ ITS owe OP THOSE DECOVS THE DOCKS WILL FOR THERE'S WO <3LORy IW THAT/ 1FVCUSOT CAUOHT • IT WAS AM ACCIPESJT-- IF you PIWJT, IT WAS AW ACCIPeUTX OFF "THE ATCM HEY ARENT Iri THE MARKET= ?- THE PANSY <SAEDEN Political Announcements Subject to Municipal Election November 8, 1B51 For Mayor DAN A. BLODOETT W« buy our bread with utmost care, The little lady said, "We always choose the Meyer's Bread To keep ourselves well fed". 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But I wouldn't mind killing 'now." "They want to know what became of some money," the girl screamed. "Thoy say cleo got it. If she did, she didn't tell me." "That's right," said Earnie. "Charlie had 25 G's on him the night he got slioL" I addressed Kay: "If you do decide to tell, Earnie and Tussig will have nothing to do with it. They're going to tel: me how they killed Cleo." The girl had looked relieved. Now she looked wdrried. She clutched her bleeding face and said: "Cleo was alive when I left her. She begged me to contact you without anybody seeing me. That's why I hid in your car." That stopped me. Earnie Herman and Babe Tussig looked at me amusedly. The girl said: "Cleo told me something else. She said that if I didn't find you and anything happened to her I was to give, you an address It was 189 Atlantic." I had almost forgotten Herman 'and Tussig. "Atlantic what?" I shouted It. "What was the name of the town?" "I don't know. I don't think she .gave me the name of any town. There was just another number. I think It was 455." Berman sneered. "And I'm laying odds of ten-to-one that the 25 G's are stashed away at that address. I'll give Cleo credit. She played dumb and innocent K. me. I thought I'd trick her into slipping, and maybe I would have it you hadn't knocked her oft. It all adds up now. You just explained it. You figured she'd seen you kill Charlie and you had to shut her up." • • • T SHOOK my head. "I'd already A been acquitted of murdering your brother. If a dozen witnesses turned up to say they saw me do it, I couldn't be tried again. You're the one who knows what Cleo Cansino saw that night. And so does Tussig, for he did the job for you. Ask him where the S25.000 went." I turned to Kay. "Come on. I'll take you to a doctor, then to the sheriff. You'll tell him what you told me." "You saw what he did to Cleo," Herman told her. The girl was afraid of me. I said: "When the doctor gives you a mirror, you'll see your face. Maybe the doctor can fix you up if you get to him in time. Otherwise, you'll be scarred for life." That did iL The girl got up. I let her leave the cottage ahead of me. Julie was waiting and that seemed to relieve Kay. I got under the wheel. Julie had to help Kay O'Neill get into the center of the front seaL "Hadn't you better use the back roads?" Julie asked. "Berman may phone the highway patrol to look for us." "Did you see this girl's face?" "Yes." "Then you should know that Berman won't be railing a policeman. He won't even be admitting that we were there." • • • T WAS righL Nobody stopped us * as we drove the 15 miles to Queen City. When the local police didn't seem interested in us I knew that the sheriff and his deputj were still safely locked up. 1 stopped the car within a couple blocks of the jail. "I'm going 'to find Gene." ) said. Julie got > out anu came around to gel under the wheel. 1 studied her in the light of a streel lamp as she climbed into the driver's seaL "Arc you going to tell me whnl you were doing at Charlie Bcr- man's place tne night he was killed?" Julie winced. "I don't know what you're talking about." She drove away without looking at me. I walked down the street to Gene Sawyer's walk-up second- floor office. Gene often worked at night, and I thought he might be there. He wasn't, I used Julie's automatic to break the glass in his reception room door. I went inside and dialed his house number, using the phone in the reception room. Gene, a bachelor, lived alone. He answered the phone. I said: "I'm at your office. Gene. I had to break the glass in your door. ! couldn't risk phoning from anywhere else. I've got to see you. I've got a lead. An address that Cleo passed along belore she was murdered. Can you come right down?" "I'll be rignt down." I was afraid somebody would see me from the street, i went back into Gene's private office. I lighted a cigaret and smoked it slowly until only a short butt was left 1 stamped out the butt in an ash tray, and my gaze wandered to the bookcase behind Gene's desk. My eyes fell on the book he had marked and shown to me that previous afternoon, the one on which he had relied to get back my leases and my property. Then my heart must have skipped a beat The book was numbered and the number was 189. The book as also titled, and the title was "Atlantic Reporter "• I grabbed the book from the shelf and opened it at the marked spot (To Be Concluded) •Author's note: The cttatloa given bere IB fictitious. The principle of law. however, may ne found In the 39th NortJi Eaatero Reporter, 2d (erics, page 618, PACT ELEVEM FRECKLE* AND HIS FRIEND* By MERRILL BJuOSSE* Illusion "I don't like cards with mushy verses—teem* to m* they always bring your whole family for a visit!" 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