The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 14, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 14, 1944
Page 2
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(•AGE TWO Geoigia.West Is Biide Of Chailes Hollovvay I -v. ,1 .,,,.[,, I The-^marrlage o/ MJss • Georgia \VesfT^ail|W?r of Mr: ana M«. J. W,, \Vest, to Chat-leV Holloway of NewYorkf-Vas isdlemnized. Wed- nesdtflglntght,- «J15 o'clock, at the home ot Mrs' John Fill, justice of (he !*:««, who officiated. Only attendants ftere' Miss La- voinife'Viar and Robert Marlow of Ne« Mk/V Mrs..,.Hollpnay has'for the past <5c\eral- 1 months been^emjiloied as an instructor at the Eagle Beauty School? Mr. Holloway, the son of Mr, and Mrs. James Holloway of New York, recently "received a medical discharge, .from the Marine Corps where., he formerly held the rank of sergeant. He', and'his bride left (Ins morning! for Phoeniv, Art/; , where the'yl'\\jll make" their home on a ranch. v > * * Daughter Is Born - Mr and Mrs S ,J Worland of Ypsilanti, Mich;, '.are- the pa rents, of a daughter born July 9 The baby has.bee~ri:riamed 'Judy. Mrs.tWorlifnd was before her marriage, Mtss^Eya Jordan, daughter.of Mr and Mrs, B,A Jordan of Blytheville. • • *"* » Announce Birth Of Son ' Major f and >Mrs. vl.r.p. -.Anderson are the Parents of a son born yesterday at BlythevilU Hospital. Their first .chlldj? the baby, has not yet been named ' Mrs:-AriderEon Is'the former Miss Letitia Neal ' , • • • Club, Guest Enteitained n • <V • Mrs-.~Edlth McCool-played bridge with members of the.Friday Luncheon Ciuh xvh'en they were entertained Tuesda v by Mrs. W. M McKenzte at her homo on Davis Avenue-;-- • '• Summer ^flofcers were arranged on the sun' porch, ^here the morning hours (were "spent at 'bridge, wltli iced drinks«arid> ! sandwiches sefved as has^beccme the custom during the U.pJ Tjwnth4, n of the year. High™ score prize went to i Mrs Mnrvin—Nunn and second high to I Mrs McKenrie • - ,''• - • Son Is Born Today Staff Sergt and Mrs. .W. K Stpgall announce the birth of a son this morning at Blylbtville Army'Air Field-HosplUil The bnby, their first child, has been named Clj de Robinson Stegall Mrs; -Stegall. is• foe former Miss Ada Clyde Rabinion. * • » Miss Best Will Main/ Ensign William Beall Jr. OSCEOLA, Aik, July U—Announcement has been made of the .engagement and approaching marriage of Mis-,. Virginia Lee Best daughter of Mr and Mrs James Joseph Best, to Ensign William Erby Beall Jr, son of Mrs Betty Nell Stan- Plans for the marriage, which will be solemnized in August, will be announced 'later. Miss Best was among the Mny graduates of Osceola high school Ensign Beall na^ graduated from Osceola high school ind attended Hinds Junior College, Raymond, Miss, and University of Missouri Columbia, where he nas a membei of the football team and of Sigma i Chi fraternity. Purpose of the fnn of an aiito- itioblle motor is t 0 draw in air when the motor is Idling, it could be cut out at speeds 'oyer '40, as It was on the now extinct Wil!s-St Claire Women Must Take Active Part In Coming F/ebt/ons By HUTU MILLETT After R\\, One of the reasons why women play such a relatively small pa,rl In the running of the world Is because so many ^of ^hem find satisfaction only In endeavors In which they can sec a tangible nnd Immediate result. Many a housewife will work Or she'll work kitchen canning, hard all day putting a Into shining order, packing away winter clothes, 'sunning mattresses— and when the day Is done «he will fee! a'deep glow of satisfaction over all she has r.ccomplLshed. in a steaming and [eel tin work worth while when slie looks on the bright vows of colorful trulls and vegetables put aside for winter months. But many of those im>:o wornm are Inzy when it comes to working with their minds and Ih-jlr imagination. The idea of spending lime and energy on studying the political situation so that they can Intelligently make up Iheir mlnds'on how to vote In 'he coming elections has IK> appeal for them. - . their vote just vote—and even If the: candidates they chose after liomn of study nnd consideration -should be elected it wouldn't be .ill tlis-lr doing. KKSI'ONSIKLE TOI! HKSUI/fS So they cither drift along nnil) election day,, picking up >a smattering of- information, much of It pure eo&flp, about candidate.? and policies; They vote either on (he basis of skimpy information, or as their men folks tell them to, Or-they "decide they are too busy to bother with voting, what will) the' house looking a sight and Aunt..'ni!tc coming to visit, Well, Ihls year they ought to have -more Incentive for preparing themselves to vote Intelligently. It Is predicted thai women will make up CO per cent of the voting public.-So, If they need a tangible result in slglil In order to spur Ihem on, they cnn truthfully say to themselves, "We women are going to 'be 'largely ' responsible for the results of the coming clccttins, mid the blame or the credit will be ours." Bitiiqf frewsT Personal Mrs, B. G. Gill and daughter, Miss Hobin -Gil), .returned yesterday to their home at Dell alter a three- weeks' trip -to Los Angeles, -Calif,, Salt Lake City, the Grand Canyon, and points In' Mexico. They went especially to visit Mrs. Gill's daughter, Mrs.- Udell Neusom, and Sergeant Newsoih, who now are living at Muroc Field, Calif. Lieut, (s.g.) B. CJ. nlplcy and Mrs. Riplcy, of Greenville, Tcnn., arrived yesterday to be the guests of hci- brother, ; Capt. R. E. Cobble and Mrs. Cobble. ; •Mrs. Blanche Lake Hanson nnd daughter, Beverly Jane, -have' returned to Iheir home iii Memphis af- ler n visit here with Mrs. Hanson's niece, Miss Beverly Tharpe ancl other relatives. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. McKcnriie, who have been making their home at 218 East''Davis'for'the past year, will move Ihe first of 'Hie week to the home of Mrs. J. H. El kins on West-Main Street. •. • Miss Jo -Anne Shrodcr returned this afternoon to hei^homc In Memphis after a few days' visit herc"'as Ihe guest of Miss Mary Lynn Jackson anti her parents, Mayor and Mrs. E. R.' Jackson. "• Gordon Evra'fd has been dlsmisseil trom Walls Hospital where lie has been tuidcrebhVg-treatment, We. Jack lister of the Marine Corps Is spending : a 30-day furlough here with Ills parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'Edc! Foster and family. Private Foster hns been on foreign duly for. ; 27 mouths. Capt. and-Mrs. William Nicholson' Norton have returned from their wedding trip, and 'now are making Uielr home al Blytheville Army Air Field, where they have an apartment. Mrs, Norton Is the former Miss Marjorle Stevens. Miss Verna Wheat is ill at her hoinc on Carolyn Street. Mrs. Frank -McDonald nnd daughter, Frances, returned yesterday to their home in Dallas, Texas, after a two-month's visit here with Mrs. McDonald':, parents Mr ancl Mrs. Gus Eberdt. They were accompanied to Dallas by Miss Junlta Eberdt, who will spend the remainder of the Summer with her sister and her family. At the HoipitaU Hlythedlle Hospital Admitted— Mrs. Mae Gllless, Luxora, Born lo.MaJ. and Mrs. f. F. Anderson, city, n son yesterday. Dismissed— Mrs. Dill-Kolwyck,'city. ' Waifs Hospital Admitted- Mrs. Claude Thaxtoii, city. Mrs. W. D. Cotib,-clly. Mrs. W. E. Boiirland Jr., city. Dismissed— Mrs. W. I. Wheat, city. Bnby Boswcll, Cooler, Mo. H, L. Fisher, Steele, Mo, M. P. Boyd, city. Mrs. Woodrow Slgmln, Dell. George Pollock, city. Gordon Evrarii, city. Mrs. Eugene Osbofne, city. Memphis Methodist' Hospital Admitted— • Elbcrt Huffman, clly. Mrs. J. G. Myrick, city. John T. AWes Dies Funeral services for John Thomas Miles, brother of George Miles of Caruthersvllle, Mo., were held nt 9 o'clock tills morning at, a Memphis Funeral Home. Mass was said at St. Mary's-Cnlliollc Church at 0:30 O'lAlCk. •'.-:• 'Mr.;Miles _d!ed Tuesday'morning al the Marine 'Hospital in New Orleans. He nlso leaves two sisters asd another brother. Two Pres/dfents Idea Of Screen Comedian HOT SPRINGS, Ark., July 14. (UP)—Screen and radio comedian Groucho Marx lias hit upon an Idea that would make both Republicans and Democrats happy. Marx suggests that there be two presidents— i«r. Roosevelt to preside in the South niul Thomas Dewey In the North. "Think what It costs to hold two national politico! conventions," the comedian says. "Consider the cost of all th» tobacco smoked during the session, aiirl the cost of fumigating the big ball afterwards." He adds: "We are at war, so let Mr. Roosevelt and Governor Dcwey each grab oil linlf Die country and let it BO at that." Marx gave two shows for returned soldiers at Hot Springs last night. A child was born In the United States every 14 seconds in 1933. Enlisted Women Take Over Jobs At Blytheville One week after their arrival nt the BlythevUlc Army Air Field, enlisted women forming the first detachment of WACs to be stationed here, have become Settled at their new duties as clerk-typists, truck drivers, mechanics, cooks, bakers and other jobs from which they will relieve servicemen needed else- wherc. The first cadre reported at this station from the Newport Army Air Field lute Friday afternoon and immediately demonstrated 'the adaptability of the goqd soldier by making themselves right at home. Wllli efficiency and dispatch', they moved Into the comfortable quarters, already built for them across the rond from the Officers' Club. They GI'cl, Army slang for cleaning thoroughly, their barracks, made up •• their bunks mid hung their clothes In regulation order. Then, they set about acquainting themselves with their new post and Its personnel. They ate their -first meal In Consolidated Mess No. 2 with the rest of the Gls, then split up into small groups and • began a sight seeing tour of (he field. [ They visited the !>X, the Service Olub, the Post Chapel ' and the Boivlliif Alley. They looked over the athletic field • and equipment and wondering audibly how soon tlicy would hnve to take calisthenics. • .:. .. .:• .--. During hll of-this time, as was natural, their new comrades, • the irrepressible "Gls, were having a field day.-Wherever the WACs appeared; they were met by the wisecracks of the*men. The ribbing didn't last long though! -In -the '.first place, the WACs were too good natured about it-all', in'the "second plncc.'-they proved themselves good at repartee nnd 'more than 'one GI received' n squelching he won't forget for a long time. : • . ; Tlie next day—fSaturdayl—a second cadre- of WACs—this group from Walnut Ridge Army Air Field —reported for duty. They were accompanied by First Lieut. 'Grace H: Manning, 'who was immediately assigned commanding officer of al! enlisted women here. • She let members of her command devote 'themselves to routine tasks about their; living quarters, then permitted them to spend the rest of Saturday and aUda v Sunday in familiarizing, themselves with their new station and in rest. Meaiiwliile, -she reported to Col. Kurl M. Landsn. commanding officer, conferred with Lt. Col. Harry. McGuIre, post executive officer and with other military officials Then, she returned to her troops and gave them necessary information ns to-their status here. Among their duties the^ «-ill participate In all military formattoiis, -such as retreat ceremonies and parades. They will Imve tlic same off-duty privileges as the enlisted men and will —within a few days—begin maintenance of their own mess hall ami section area. . , .. "Our detachment will be 'designated Section -D.'" Lieutenant Manning lold her WACs, "and will function just as -all other sections on the -field -do. Only, I expect you to out-soldier every man on "the field." FRIDAY, JULYJ4, I' THE OLD JUDGE SAYS ... "Judge/I've had a lot of calls for thai book you took, put last week...'Tell the. Boys- Back Horde'. How did you like it?" \"Fine,'Sarah,'s just the kind of book I Jike to get.hold of...I enjoyed every wofd of it.-Wish I could have been along with thft author myself... actually ' living tfith^the "men. right on the fighting • fronts.. He got mighty, them and they certainly opened up their minds and I their hearts to him," " There were lots of new things in the book I hadn't seen in any other reports from fronl- hne writers. But there was one question the nwn asked the author that I have seen time andtuneagaminthcsestories.Thatwas'Are * "uucea mat, too, Judge, and I think the least we can do for those fighting men who are doing so much for us is to respect their wishes on that subject " Read Courier News Want Adj. Relieve* hcot tolh and pridJy heal. Soothei itching of heol- 'ng lunbgrn. Coils littfe. Gel MEXSAM SOOTHING ^EDICAUP POWDEa The remarkable -photo "above was taken at the heiglii of battle on Salpan. It shows a U, S. Marine wounded by Jap shell seen bursting in background, starting to /all. Photo is blurred because concussion shook camera of Cpl. Angus Robertson, USMC • combat photographer. -Air field Saves Paper , , For Making Bomb Bands The HAAF Scrap Drive went, over the top last week whenHhe-Quar- termaster Corps seiit 40,965 pounds of scrap cardboard, paper, etc., to a large American factory for use In making bomb bands..These bands formerly constructed -of - steel, are' used In holding bombs In place In bomb bays and for shipment oflhe explosives. All of the paper In last week's shipment was collected on the field by personnel of the Salvage Department, working under the supervision of Lieut. James w. Searcy salvage officer. •••- Arkansas County Has Largest Crop of Oats STUTTGART, Ark., July 14 (UP) —The largest crop of oats in..several years is being harvested by Arkansas farmers. County Agent George W. Sorrells estimates that 50.000 acres of oats are being harvested as compared to 40.000 acres in previous years. Sorrels 'Says Arkansas-county farmers will receive nearly two million dollars for the on I crop. • The oat yield -per acre has been from 50 to 90 bushels. The normal yield is atviut 40 bushels per acre. Conwcry County Will Vote. On Liquor Issue MORRILTON, Ark., July 14 (up) —Coiiwuy county residents will go to the polls Aug. 1 to decide whctli- cr or not the legal sale and mami- fucture of liquor shall continue in the county. County Judge Glen FMIIerton issued an order calling the election following receipts of a mandate from (he Arkansas Supreme Court upholding a Comvny Circuit Coilrl decision on sufficiency of the petition for calling the local option election. F/ectr/c Rote Higher Here, FPC Report Says 'LITTLE ROCK, July 14.—Blytheville has 'the highest electric rate per 100 kilowatt hours of any city in Arkansas In the population group' of cities from 10,000 to 50,000, according to statistics compiled by the Federal Power Commission, and Included In its 1943 report, it was revealed yesterday. Jonesboro, with a municipally-owned light plant, has the lowest rate. | Blythevllle's rate for -100 kwh of electricity is $4.60, while In Jonesboro the figure is $3.75. The difference in rales between the two cities is 22.1 per- cent. Little Rock, the only - Arkansas city with more than 50,000 population, has a rate of $4:10 for 100 kwh, which Is. 75 cents per 100 kwh higher than the Jonesboro rate arid" 50 cents lower than the BlythevUlc rate. In cities in the 2,500 to 10,000 population group, Paragould with a municipal .plant is low- with a rate of 53.22-per 100-kwh, anil Forrest City, which "also'lnis n municipal plant, is high with a rate'of S5.50. Pvt, Marie McMillin, world's champion woman parachula jumper, is pictured as she celebrated a year's service in the WAC. She Is now chief of a section of riggers at the parachute school in Ft. Benning, Ga. Veteran of C90 parachute jumps, including the women's record one of 28,800 lect at Cleveland Air Races in 1932, she hasn't made one since the day before Pearl Harbor. Air fxpress Shipments Show Increase In 1944 Air express shpiments handled in nationwide rail and air service in WELCOME WACs Make our shop, where you will always be welcome and find Ihe best in flowers, your headquarters. while in Blytheville. T^FLOWERStiOP F.T.I). Service We- Mirer Anywhere ,. Ph. 491 ., Mrs. J..M. (Mae). Williams, owner Uleucoe Bldg. njr. MOSQUITO IS AFTER YOU! Get her with FLIT ... before she has a choncti ^ , . lo spread chilling-burning miseries from a sick A .man to you. Spray FLIT in dark corners and / J, oil stagnant water . . . whero the malaria car- " -" rier lurks anil breeds. Spray it on every mas-' quito you sec. It's a quick ond easy way to y.'ipe out oil rnosquiioes. Buy FLIT... today! FLIT kills flies, ants, -'^ moths, bedbugs and all mosquitoes. BE SURE IT'S FLIT! ASIC fo».r H f vuiOMtcoNMiMM W ,,H rmtiAc* » AW . Cool Week-end -ICE CREAM SUNDAES- > (Made With MidWesf Ice Cream) All Wdnte«cl Flavors -15c dnd 20c STATIONERf SPECIAL 96 Sheets,. 48 Envelopes Monarch Size Hammer- mill Bond Paper. Blue, Green, Ivory or White JUST DECEIVED—A limited supply of PARKER 51 Pen and Pencil Sets. 221 W. Main ' MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 1M B. Flnt Phone. 2532 1 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems Eveninn B; Appolntmenl The Gift Shop Modern and Antique Gift! COSMETICS BABY GIFTS ,» Greeting Carils Novelties A Gift For Everybody Bldg. Phone Z254 MOSS BRYAN -~., Continuous Show* Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN •' 1:00 ».m. 12:45 pjii. i-si f JL Last Time Today ' 'Buffalo Bi with fllatirten O'Hara and Joel AlcCrea , Paramount News and Selected Short Saturday BUSTER'S BLOOD IS UP .Serial: "Alaskan Mystery" No. 13 and Short. Con. Slioirlnf Sat'day 1:00 to 11:30 Sunday and Monday iK NANCY COLE MAN •ML'kEY BCXAND V^A. VICTOR FKANCEN-NAZIMOVV -\V t>-rK'*d by ViNCtNI SHUMWI ' " "" ' " ^ by f roil W»Tot Paramount Nc«-s and Selected Shorts the first, five months of this year marked up an Increase of 14.3 per cent over Ihe similar 1943 period, T. \V. Klnard, agent of Railway Express Agency, suid today. A total of 180,464 shipments were carried In the combined service for the nation's commercial airlines, he reported, compared with 157,885 shipments, Jammo' to May last -year. 'The .revenue on this traffic, which originates at or Is destined lo lion- airport, cities, and therefore Is han- died part way by rail," Mr. Kinard explained, "Increased 9.4 per cent for the live-month period." Combination rail-air shipments in' May totaled 30,598, compared with 32,680 slilpinents for May, 1943, a gain of 12 pel- cent, for Blytheville, alone in May a gain of 80 per cent',' Mr. Klnard said. BOOST An Old Blyfheviilc Boy James C Hale For Prosecuting Attorney Qualified and Experienced -... Continuous Showing Son. 1;15 to n Thursday — Friday — And Saturday Nights 9:30 to 1 CfClock In the Beautiful Blue Room of the HOTEL NOBLE Admission 65c Incl. tax Matlneta Bat. 4 Snn. Only Opens each night 6:43; starts 7 Opens'Snnaay 1:00; Btart» 1:15 Continuous Shows, Set. »ni.Snn. Bmrialn Night Every Ni*h< 'E«*j« Saturday. -....., No p*ue* honored ran Sanity «S the Last Time Today with Mary Belli Hughes 'and EricHc Quillan Selected Short Subjects Saturday fights it out wiih tKe Southwesi's gold .marauders! Serial: "The I'liaiitori" No. 3 anil Scleclcil Short. Con. Showing Sal'day 1:00 to 11:30 Sunday & Monday i •• Pardon My Sarong ' with Abboll A- Cosfell* and Virginia llruce, Fox Ncii-s ami Short Continuous Showlnr Sun. li

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