Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on October 25, 1975 · Page 157
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 157

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1975
Page 157
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14 Section 1 Chicago Tribune, Saturday, October 25, 1975 TempoTheater MOTION PICTURES lit Run Chleogolond . MOTION PICTIJRBS-Ist Run Chlcagoland- A trapped abductor, Tomas Milian, begs police for mercy in "The Kidnap of Mary Lou," at the Oriental Jill Ireland co-stars with Charles Branson and James Coburn in the nostalgic ' Hard . Times.'' in outlying houses.. Keir Dullea stars in "Black John Wayne plays the title role in a spinoff Christmas," a tale of terror- from his "True Grit" part and Katharine now at the Roosevelt and Hepburn is co-starred in the comedy- to outlyings next Friday, drama, "HoosteruogDurn, sun in.ouiiyingB. - MOTION PICTURES - SOUTH i C010NY TjS ki nn 5:3" FnEE PARKING I,UU II. 25 Alter 2-1.6.8-10 James uouurti mi ircianu ,ciiiri iiUfiRn TIMES" inn PB JUS MARQUETTE :LHf Emkion PI John Wayne Maureen O'Hnra "Big Jake"p, 3 DAYS OF B chert Radford THE CONDOR li3Q.3t30.5:40.7i5Q.10iOO . It ouMommyi "TOMMY." LISZTOMANIA 3,lQ-4i1P-6:10-a:10.10:lD OSth Ashland ' 71st Joffery BE 3-2E08 HY 3-3333 Andy "DRACULA" Warhol' at 3:30, 6:10, 10:00 Andy . LiirurTCIIJ nt 2:10, 5:20, 8:35 Malcolm McDowell In Stanley Kubrick1 "Clookwork Orange" Burl REYNOLDS &. Jon VOIGHT "DELIVERANCE" ":.,o rTlitdla Matinee Stooge 'Snow While &. 3 BRIGHTON ANDY WARHOL'S Adults "DRACULA" and Only "FRANKENSTEIN"' KID SHOTTMAY 0PENl:30 Tc0A0"N-6 'Pinoochio's (treat Adventure' "YOUTHFUL THREAT Acrx BLUE POWER Friendly Surround In pi Couplet Invltnl RHODES 7mh-tlhodu ST 3( "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" . Reynold. 'DELIVERANCE' 'j5th.CICEHD 414-0041 ELLIOTT GOULD "WHIFFS" 1:30-3:10 4;45-Ij:30 1I:'J5.D:I5 NORMAL '.'rS'-O11 : wj, iWIHTEBHAWK',!" 6 ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE n i i-l. HAMILTON m IZWsX, "'""ul'.1'" ' ,sSI.OO "MANDING0" jgltzhaZ&m - "Frankenslein irom nozen heh beyond mi pooh 7 05.10 ho rvMrillir ii I . VIOIATIDI Ml CHELTEN FREE PARK (NO 3.42 1 H-WIA dSmBihV.h fll P-" "winter hawk , ljm3BMES3Mm . :rTmmnn;7;(i II evehy sat a sun 7 am -4 I'M j ; RAMOVA J .AARn 'j s "suaAit lanu express" ff"ii"iFI1:gfPrflMITrlrTnil" aawTTiTaWWHIHSjl southwest ' Kenai.niuc.u.., - Jean-Louis Trintlqnant confronted by an armed and menacing Marlene Jobert in a scene from "Le Secret," at the near north side unema i neater. c,,Q n, ,naAa ic a victim of Robert Redford in "Three Days of the Condor," a tense action adventure at the Playboy and outlying theaters. -MOTION PICTURES SOUTHWEST "DOG DAY AFTERNOON" 12i30-3itJD.3iHS.7i45.lfJ.15 a BARDAIN PfitCI 1ST. SHOW ONIY SI ,75 JOHN WAYNI KATHERINE HEPBURN "ROOSTER COGBURN" ti30.3i3S.Sia0-7i4J.9i50 PO ' BARGAIN PRICE TIL 2i3Q S1.M "JAWS" MAV If TOO IMtlNII rOR YO UN 01 II CHILDRI BAROAIN PHICt 1ST. SHOW ONIY $1,2 E ' CHARLIS BRONSON HARD TIMES' AT 3.4-6-B.10 PG OPEN tVOO-LATE SHOW GIRLS IN 'TROUBLE AT SilS a 1115 R 'DIARY 1 SIA' AT 6.30 1M. OPEN 6:G0 LATE SHOW STANLEY KUBRICK'S "CLOCKWORK ORANGE" AT 8.35 R BURT REYNOLP5 JON VOIGHT 'DELIVERANCE' AT 6130 8. IliOO l-ILICIIIK IH C rHATIBt KtDt Hit $125 "FRANKENSTEIN" AHDY WAHHDL'S "DRACULA" OURT REYNOLDS JOH VOIGHT "DELIVERANCE" Stanley Kubrlck'i 'CLOCKWORK ORANGE' "FRANKENSTEIN" pBUcjIiGESJiiW ANDY WARHOL'S W "non li a" c-.i, n:n;n. nut" 6i35-IOilO and Philippe Noiret are rathpr willinn kidnaD - MOTION PICTURES - SUBURBAN THEATRES NORTH -DEERFIELD- (XCLUIIVI 1ST IHOWINO 'DOG DAY AFTERNOON" JOHN WAYNE KATHARINE HEPBURN ROOSTER COGBURN -EVAMSTON- rSSBIE'.J,'WJ. 2:0.1:25-11:20. 11:15-10:10 SAT. ONLY S1:25 to S P.M The most hilarious farce since H A S H ! ELUDTT GOULD UU, i JENNIFER QMJ 1710 Sherman ah $1,25 NIGHT MOVES' 'NM' 3:40.7.10:15 'Raf. '2-5:20-H:46n S17 Chiciiao Ave. EXCLUSIVE AREA SHOWING ! HIVE 'EM HARRY' Sorry No Piwei or flcilueid Tlcto: -GLENCOE- "W H I F F S" ;I5-I:I0-G:05 -0:55 -HIGHLAND PARK l7o7lrT1S,lAralUH,'L3i)Or' "ClOCKWORK OBANGt" "DELIVERANCE" iZ CHftllflllONIOH 'HARD TIMES' iiaciio-AiQo 7.10 i4Q o SI HIGHLAND PARK $ -115 CENTRAU 432-3J0I) Qdiib Hnikmnn at 6:30.11:2(1-10:10 (R "NIGHT MOVES" -LAKE FOREST DEERPATH221'l22;r""ll'e.",'("1 nnnrnn 7uiui!ip omu uuuiun z.niHuu 8i3o -MORTON GROVE & NOES- MORTON GRV. c"J1,,:,',,..i iinmnn -1.tiat.ell t25 iihiiu itmca -i,0, LAWRENCEWOOD "LISZTOMANIA" llllLVintlEIU ISSSiymour S0Q-C444 mUlVtELCIIV It 7:00, D:0U "SIDECAR RACERS" inLa Off the Doldrums JKp Out and Enioy Life column Arts ft Fun 'Buffalo5 only fragments of the intended By Roger Dettmer Theater critic; IF SECOND CITY is currently shopping for local pretentions to parody in some future revue, a place to case on weekends through Nov. 3 is the Ruth Page Auditorium at 1016 N. Dearborn St. The target there is "American Buffalo" las in yesteryear's nickels), which the Goodman Theater's Stage 2 series produced as a play-in-progress on Thursday. Whether the author, young David Mamet, can organize almost two hours of bleep-rated dialog into a beginning, a middle, and an end is altogether more problem-6 . atical. His Chicago set- ting for this undone essay " AMERICAN BUFFALO" Play In Iwo acts br Daild Mamet. DlretHi by GreaarY Maiher. sal dailan by Mlcbaal Merrill. Uitlltl by Robert Christen. Presented by Goodman Theater cantor's sleae 2 In tha RUIH Paio Auditorium on Thundav, Oct. H, H75. THE CAST Donny Dubrow J. J. Johnston Waller "Teacher" cole Bernard Erhard Bobby William H. Macy maggot niciinamca "Teacher" also hangs around, to play cards after closing hours, and maybe to muscle in on a heist. IN ONE OF Donny's showcases, a coin collector spotted a Buffalo nickel and paid $90 for it. Figuring the guy for an easy mark, Donny has had Bobby bird-dog him- until the fellow leaves his place "just around the corner" for a weekend. When "Teacher" "Teach" for short gets wind of the action, he muscies out Bobby for a larger piece of the action. But Donny wants someone named Fletcher included over the protestations of "Teach." Fletcher doesn't show, though, at the appointed hour. In comes Bobby to say Fletcher got mugged; he heard about it from two dykes who sometimes play cards at Donny s. And win, which emasculates "Teach," in any case a bad loser. , Bobby-has gotten the name of the hospital wrong. "Teach" begins an irrational interrogation, then hits the kid with a revolver butt. While Bobby bleeds, the phone rings and Donny learns that he was telling the -MOTION PICTURES --1st Run Chlcagoland- W,;n..t, MARTIN J19JIH.5 i.ll,tk..h.,.1i..-H..,i.,l.,l... l' "' II. IRL't GSITl, CirRLlS rOBTIS. Ui...l.a h, 5IL'KT MIU.AR - pG M, ,1IKCEK0S!MIHL A.w.f,J.,.PltliMII1 IW,..e.,llI.O.lllS Lf- A USIVf SL PICTURE TtCIINICOLORO PANVISI0 QCC Deirllald SW3UB1SAN NORTH -NORTHBROOK- EDENS1 ROGER DALTREY RINGO STARR LISZTO'MAIIA" (R) 6:30 8:20 10:10 rnruo o LULllu L IFCC RHIDGES Hh All I.N ANOV QRIFFITH oFfflE ALAN ARKIN lilDCT 6: 16 BIOS YlLjl AND 10100 im -0 M3C -SKOKIE- .1 DAVS OI . THE CONDOR Foy. Dunaw UIO, 3:15, 5:20, 7,35, 10:10 ? i . O0!(IIr. X x ciivi iiikil, r.ik NASHVILLE Ti1Q-i25.7iT5.10iOO SKOKIE ?"Uu"mVs".. 'DOCTOR ZHIVAGO SIS' -WAUKEGAN- !c?ioffi "SIDECAR RACERS" "EIGER SANCTION' MYSTERY -WILMETTE- 4:00 105 Lil!Ai3LIJL3 251-7411 8:10 IConlat&WilmonoAv.i erlo 10:15 1 , 1 EBERT, SUN.TIMES-VVir Nlelanil Daily New "MnKlitilllnii Bcliell MAXIMILIAN SCHELL I'lANWLASS BOOTH" 2 pm Hans Chrfslian Andersona;,e," NORTHWEST iBI Ikir.TDKI HEIGHTS lUAidutiGtm. CC EL""' "WHIFFS" I JEHNIFEr'o'NEILL II.JS 'TILS 1 :30.3:iu.4 :45-o:ju-o:io-'" " -DES PLAINES- WALT DISNEY FAMILY SHOW! (Q J "APPLE DUMPLING 0ANQ" at 2:55. GWG. 7:00. 0:10 "DONALD AND HIS0AN0" nt 2:30, 4:40. 6:50. 8145 -ELGIN- l?TA.R.VIEW wiry olaR- 'Wy - aiRlSIH TROUBLE" on alienation is an uptown resale shop owned by Donny Dubrow. A sad dummy of a kid called Bobby, hooked on drugs, 'hangs around whenever he needs money, or Donny needs someone to burgle an unguarded house. A second-story MOTION PICTURES- 1st Run Crtieagolrjnd- EorMwr Pleasure,., JOHN KATHAHIIHE HEPBURN AiiAUuiisrr.iiM 'ROOSTER COGBVRN GccijguiKuaijtiMii Chicago am NORTHWEST -ELK GROVE VILLAGE- !f25 'HI CLl wnwtt hi., nil ..,.t tunu. ' i M TflWN "NAKED cf STRANGER" "LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT" I -.011 "PlUnrrUilVS Oininlny Party 2:30 rmUliUniU Rreateil Ailventure -HANOVER PARK JENNIFER O'NEILL Itlion OOULD "WHIFFS' at 2-a-ft-a-io po CHARltS BRONSON 'HARD TIMES" iias-Sias-sias-Tits-gias PG -HOFFMAN ESTATES- rrrr Frl. to 6:30 -'SIDECAII mi. lo 2:30 RACERS" KIDS SHOW SAT.. SUNDAY AT 1:30 "PINOCCHIO'S 01 ItTH DAY PARTY" -MT. PROSPECT- HOBtUT SIDfORO FAYI DUN AWAY '3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR" 1i00-iU-J.J0.7t4i-IOiMI "CLOCKWORK PRANCE", mci lUEDAURPII "'!'" JOHN WAYNI KATHIRINI HEPBURN "ROOSTER COGBURN" AT 2-4.6-8-10 PO PROSPECT Winterhawk 7:uJ, 'i:ou -NiLES- JEFfWlMK &I1N aGK 2IJ. 4ils, 6iTfj. 8:15, I0I5 tiM, JitJ, 5ilP, 7i45, 10)0 BARGAIN PRICES-ALL THEATRES wr.. 1UH. HOU.IO lilO CI ' Mon., I OTH IH COLOBt I iLllfllpilllaTB William H. Macy (left) as Bobby and Bernard Erhard as "Teach": In which direction do they go? truth. "Teach" is sent to get his car so that Bobby can be hospitalized. And the lights dim. One can sense the direction in which Mamet wanted to go, although he hasn't yet finished or polished his play. From a precocious philosopher in "The Duck Variations," he has gone the inferential route of Harold Pinter. But "American Buffalo" suggests that Mamet listens in on conversations, like a fledgling Paddy Chay-efsky. Pinter and Chayefsky, though, are irreconcilable. Polar opposites, in fact. And we come away with the feeling that Mamet writes dialog first, the characters to fit it, and lastly tries to relate them coherently and meaningfully. BUT THIS hasn't worked. Yet. William II. Macy as Bobby is the only winner in this production. Bernard Erhard is onto "Teach" but the role holds too many contradictions for any consistency of characterization. Since Mamet hasn't even begun to solve Donny, J. J. Johnston is booby-trapped. The machismo epithets of Uptown become tediously dirty which they are in real life. But drama is a distillation of life, not mere eavesdropping. "American Buffalo" right now is about 20 usable minutes of a play that Mamet needs to edit, expand, enliven, and point in some direction. M0ll0Tr7lCTUKES 1 M0TI0NLU.uEr-S " SPECIAL SHOWING i SPECIAL SHOWING 1 J I jrpAUL MORRISSEY 1; THEATRES NORTHWEST -NORRIDGE- 3 DAYS OF -b.-a.d( THE CONDOR ,.o l:15-30-5:30-7i45-10:OO ul-Tommyi "TOMMY." LISZTOMANIA J:00iOO-o;00-8iT5. 10:70 HARD TIMES l:45-3:a5.5:45-8irjO-IO:IO PALATINE DeliueranceJ JON VOIGHT- BURT REYNOLDS WILLOW CREEK RT. M AND "HEARTS Of The WEST" (PG) 2;3n, l:20. 0:10, :i:l)ll, !i:5ll TOAY"si',ao"llNTJL PARK RIDGE- PICKWICK SIDECAR RACERS S $1 .25! 'SUGftRLAHD tXPRtSS Klii Slim : 'Plnuechlo In puttr Space' -PROSPECT HEIGHTS PALWAUKEE 541-7530 MILWAUKEE & PALATINE IJ1). "HAPPY HOOKcH H) o-o-iu Klditia Mat. Today nl 2 p.m. All Bunts U "Wacky World of Mother JSoose Drtlllhlft MEADOWS MEADOWS "l" WARHOL'S DRACULA ami "OIRLS IN TROUBLE" SCHAUMBURG (loll nil. 111.51 1-3:15-5:30-7:30-10 R 'DOG AFTERNOON' 51.25 Moa.-Frl. lo5 ii Sat.. son. lo 2 : JO Robert Radford - FaY Dunaway '3 BAYS OF THE CONDOI1' -WHEELING & ADDISON SKOKIE & DUNDEE I In CIBl IM VBOUBII OiOO-llilJ Imiu., VIl-tttBS Itn-HRATIMtf jjraprTTI WaiTa : F-1 Fill IHTSSB i AndyWarhols I PBANK8N5THE4 7100-10140 I Bw oaAcota. imVfK mm DIARY OF A R---" 6:40-?:45 I AT I WIN iaKnTWBmnr I . I.I L' 4kH W E ST -ADDISQN- i ADDISON m&.i"-I Warhol's 'Frankenstein' Warhol's "DRACULA" , Plnoechlo-. Hlrllirlav Parly" 2:110. 3:io -BCRWYN- 10313 WEST D I T 7 ST fl"!fi I00HCVELT ui'tN (i: "NIGHT MOVES" IN COL0H AT: li:3H-IO:ilo "MEAN STREETS" IN COLOR AT: 0:10 ONLY PT BERWYN Charles Bronsor Ti-iOl W. CcrmaK l'-l.(j.ii.H) H 'HARD TIMES' -CICERO- SI00 OLYMPIC SI00, ALL SEATS ALL DAT SEATS ALL DAY iwaldopEpper- noutrl I Itfilfnrcl JTI& ,c jIUCLMK KMLcKj ELMWOOD PARK- "T MERCURY Charles Bronson 'HAftD TIMES' -FRANKLIN PARK- 'THE HAPPY HOOKER '"Li" S PFHV XENV uu,ur V H..I GENEVA- GENEVA "JAWS" Fri.-Sftt-7-il :I5. Bun 5-7:15, Mon.-1 nur. p. Falk II. Rowtandi 'A WOMAN UNT" INFLUENCE 'ij l:30-Kld Show: "PUFF 'N' STUFF -LOMBARD- "JAWS" t a.oo-i.4S.7,ao-Vi4a- pa MAY UIOO IHTIHfl (nn TOUHOU tHUPIH tOIRT RIO FORD rAVI DUNAWAY "3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR" li00.3iia-li3S.TMQ.10)00 DU PAGE 'WINTERHAWK' PQ Ima i-fsiii tt aioti.iHio.aioii-aioa.iai0 GLEN ELLYN 1 GLEN !1" "WINTERHAWK" ,S!'o "HARD TIMK' HILLSIDE - SiaTBiiSaWK (S V;Mi.lcolrn McDowell IVe W-llOlCMI.WrriflKlM HINSDALE Ebert. Bun. Timet should have taken 10 minutes. 4 hours later, the bank was like a circus sideshow 8 hours later, it was the hottest thing on live T.V . 12 hours later, it And it's all true. XXXTI '" BITIHGLY RIMKT AHO WOKOEFirtJLlt COMPKSliDHATE. AL PACiHO IS BRIUISHT HHD TEPRI8LT TOUCHtHS." :. - fr. FORD CITY CINEMA I RIVER OAKS 2 OEEROROOK CINEMA I Chicago Calumet City Oeerlleld OA CINEMA I WHELM LINCOLN IfllLAGE Oak Brook Sohaumbura Chicago mm THIRD POWERFUL WEEK! MARINA NORTOWN COLONY suburban; BERWYN Chicago Chicago Chicaoo " "" Borwv" BREMEN CINEMA HIGHLANO PARK DIANA GLEN Tinlay Park HiQhland Park HomawoorJ Clan Ellyn MERCURY MORTON GROVE NORRIDGE STUDIO Elmwood Park Morion Grove Norridjie Oak Lawn TRADEWINDS DUNES PLAZA Hanovtr Park Oiry, Indiana Suburban WEST NAPERVILLE AREA imMK Rle. I Trl. !1 , r :00 Turt TrcniMiilous SjiificKtri 'GIRLS IN TROUBLE",, "DIARY OF A R---" NORTH RIVERSIDE- john WATNI KATHARINE HIP0URN ROOSTER COGBURN WHIFF5 3:25 4i2i 6iJS ai30 IO;3Q PO -OAKBROOK- UJ1 CINEMAl&a "EE "I DOG DAY AFTERNOON StOlil HMBTSOF THEWEST I 5l00-4.DO.Alf)0-BiDD.10lO0 TOAKBROOKc"":k,o:,,VR 'LISZTOMANIA' -OAK PARK- LAKE m lA,Eil'2:,,o l;t, Man .Mkln 2:05, i :0.T. ll:l'a 11:111. 10:10 "HEARTS OF THE WEST" (il) "FAREWF.LL MY LOVELY" KliJU. PI m 1st RUN ! Tlirilior'r 1:10, 5:05, fl:3S ' ' H MEtlmES VILLA PARK- ! - ,; vn.ummJ "CLOCK WORK ORANGE" Pliib 1:15. G:(I0, 1(1:15 On i C Reynolds "DELIVERANCE" SAT.. SUN. All Jiriiti. II.?:. until 'J3U -1 WEST CHICAGO SIDECAR RACERS' ,7,f,0. 'ine auiusm.Hrvt' cAnnaa j.iu ru -WHEATON- WHEAT0N Apple Dumpling Gang 668- 000 Frl.. Mon., inure. o. uno Son. only ot 3:00.4:15-0:30-0:45 SOUTH -BLUE ISLAND- jPT LYRIC 12052 S- W(Strn iCIInt Ejitwood 'EIGER SANCTION' MY NAME IS NOBWUT k -DOLTON- D0LT0N MII2CIIBD. Rii.-ani.07DO !5-a:''5.s:2i.7:Jo-l):.'& "WINTERHAWK" Plus A SHORT ATTRACTION nl: 1:00-3:00. 5.00,7:li. y.iii! -HOMEWOOD- CHARLES DH0N30H .M,m, 'HARP TIMES' 11FF BHrtlQEJ ALAN AHUN 'HEARTS DF THE WEST' J:M, 4 J8,SJ0, 8:15,10:10 l.5 UtiUirl te e:ia-Sj Iwn., IW. In 3:0 "Tonlgjht'e tho lllQht to So Out lo a Moviol" 1 MfMF RATINR Rl IIDF ASERVICEOFFILM-MAKERSANDTHEATEflS IVlUVIi- nrt I lllU UUILft U(lder lhe Mo,or, Pictuie Codfl oi SeK-Regulalion (O) AH atjes odmltted genera! audiencas, PO) Paienlal Guldanc suotjesled (soma malermi may riol be suitabl lor pie-laenaoeia). , (RJ (lESTHlCTED Pejsonsundor l7not admitted. i irilessaccorripaniedbypaiem or adijtl guardian. (X) Parsons undif 18 not adinittixJ. Printed as a reader servlco by CHICAGO TRIBUNE The robbery was all history. MS it aveet ftruo.'rc faWJrn raisw;"rB Opens Fri. Oct. 31st New Orleans, 1933. Ihoie days words didn't buy much. mm A Columbia Piduies Piesenlanon i' Piodjclron Services PG by CUndge AliacuWs 'Peisky Blight Pmrnsion Eluwters SOUTHWEST -DOWNERS GROVE- LliVifrVwiwaM Linda Ulalr ITko Fynmist' ;l5n F.ll,n mir.lyn 1118 tXOmiSI 4 ,,.M illriri'Hott.ebodies'J; MEADOWBR'K s S'.'S "EMMANUELLE" (X) -HOMETOWN- UAnBCTniRfkl CINEMA 8?th-Iterlei "WINTER HAWK" (PG) -JUSTICE- Tuljillment THE ULTIMA I b I Kir -LA 6RANGE- PT LA GRANGE2Si..mSu' 'TOWERING INFERNO' TINLEY PARK- lUTH OF ISfllh SI. H MAIL fl-1Q10 I lift 6:?D.Vl5, 'HARD TIMES' lEFf BfilOCES ALAH AIRlM HEARTS OF THE WEST 2:jj, 4:Q, 6:i0, B:16, 10 UM WMHU11 to:30-UI.,lan SOUTH EAST -CALUMET CITY- l:l5-3;20-5:V0-7:IO-!i:5O fl '3 PAYS OF THE CONDOR -3:M.5:-I0.7:50.HI R AL PACING 'DOG AFTERNOON" " 'LISZTOMANIA' -HAMMOND- 41 VE WARHOL'S HITS "DRACULA" AND "FRANKENSTEIN" Plus "GIRLS IN TROUBLE" SWAP-0-RAMA FLEA MARKET EVERY SUNDAY 7 A.M.. I P.M. 'SIDE CAR RACERS' 3:l5' S 1 Jnck Lomnion 'rpftUT DIPC' 1 :30. 1 :S0 Wullor Mallhau " u:30 'paramount 5.i!s " Clint Eallootl "EIGER SANCTION" "MY NAME is nuayui K I Itjrcan oqors open ii pmI

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