The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 8
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WHS. mnrr BLYTHEVILLE ,(ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 20, i94Y BLYTHEVttUE COURIER NEWS m cxxm raws oo. H. W. HADJW, JAMB K VKRH PAUL D. HUMAN, Ad Winner Co; M* York. CblMgo, Detroit, Sfcmphli. Published Every Aftemooh Except 8und»y •ntered as second class m»tt*r. at the po«t- oAce »t Blytheville, Arkansas, under act ol Con, October », 1911, Served by the United Pren SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ,J for six months, outside 50 mile payable; In 'advance. ree months; 110.00 per yerfi Meditation And now 1 exhort you lo be of good cheer. _AcU='27:22. • • •• '. ' Many thins* may contrthut. in rtiffem.l ways l» happiness but happiness do« not come (i anyone without snnie effort. Ch«rfulnes-i Is a : habit llial grows with cultivation. weigh the difficulties. Who knows; the day may not be fall off when millions of us will be paraphrasing Nathan Hale arid regretting that we have but one vacation to give for world recovery. VIEWS OF OTHERS Job in Germany Real Democracy South Amcnieaiv revolutions, according to oui' obServiition, luivc always been conducted on a rigid military caste system. H you weren't at lease a • colonel you didu's ovgmme mid lo^l a ' Revolt. It just'wasn't done. So we.were'Imppy to note that in the recent, abortive revolutionary attempt in Brn/il, the only military conspirators arrested were sergeants. Perhaps the American'move "to dcmncvat- I ize the armed, forces is catching, on iu 1 the southern hemisphere before it is up here. Peacetime'Invasion A peacetime invasion of Europe has been suggested by Sen. Owen s Brtwster as a help toward getting the war-weary countries back on thei: fiial feet. Mr. Brewster would open - *np'a, second front in England and on ' the continent with a large force of tour"!" isfs/Their spending, he believes, wouH ' -'be'a pleasant means of building up 'American "imports", and European dollar balances. This suggestion 'would have been , l impossible, of course, without the aiv- : plane. Before the war American travel * in Europe-was largely confined to busi- i tiessmen,^j>eople with plenty of money i it'iid leisui'ia, and schoolteaclicrs who. '} i'hpufeh not too flush, had a nice lorg '> Vacation. For the millions \vho~ get. two .'weeks off a year, the long boat trip made a European holiday too short to be worth while, even if they had the 'money. Now the time problem has been solve T d. But there are still drawbacks in the Brewster plan. Plane fares are about $100 too high, due to the insistence of Britain's government- morippoly airlines. Travel restrictions and red tape are irksome. These conditions can and should be remedied. If Mr. Brewster can do anything about getting them fixed, he will have an important side accomplishment to his credit. •" Other difficulties might be harder to solve. Our own resort operators wouldn't like the idea at all—including those in Mr. Rrcwsler's own stato of Maine, who take in. about 100 million tourist dollars a seitson. Seeing America first is a big business. Some people just wouldn't want to fly the ocean. Also there is the chance ttfat many of the several million young Americans who went touring at government expense during the war have had their fill of foreign parts for a long r time to come. Others may shy away from foreign travel for a different reason, after having done some, postwar winter training for it in Havana. Twenty-five .bucks a day for a §3 hotel room can satisfy a hunger for the exotic pretty quickly. So there would probably have to be a big selling job done in this country before our vacationers started heading for the Atlantic like so many lemmings. And the European governments which, •would play host to the visitors would have to give some of their citizens a short indoctrination course. Tl\e quaint old custom of socking the American tourist from two to four times Ihe . ' * normal price for everything would have ',.,.'* to be abandoned, too. All in aH, though it sounds iiko an ^enjoyable and effective means of economic assistance. The advantages otit- Tiicre Is ,considerable talk of fccdlnj CM- . many, Of rebuilding Germany, of unllyiiiB Cici- tiny, but very lUllc talk these days about reeducating Germany. Yet the United Stale,! must stay at that Job for 30 or 40 years, says Dr. J. W. Taylor, Director of the Education Branch of American Military Government in Gcrmrny, or else It mlglil us well pack up now, move out, and ta\e Its power and money for the hex-, war. Why ilo. the Trench, British, and Russians nil have many more • educators acllnu as control officers in their respective zones than Hie Americans, who have recently cut down Ilii'lr educational staff 10 per cent? What sorl ol penny-wise, pound-foolish policy neglects the basic means of turning Nazis into uood neighbors? More than differences in the avallfiblily ol pulp' would seem to account for Russia's having published 7,000,000 new textbooks in he,- /one., wiille the United Slates has published only I,000.000. Admittedly, it Is easier to "indoctrinate," The Russian style, than to "educate," American style. Hilt there is little excnso foi 1 Americans showing less energy than Russia! s In reaching out into the darkened German mentality. Dr. Taylor insists that his department's budget and staff should be twice as largo In order to supervise adequately that re-education which is now largely In German liaucM. At ' present the acute need Is for more enlightened German teachers. At the level of normal school training, American Influence and guidance can make itself felt, if it Is given the means to work with. Only as more democratically minded teacher? slowly move out into the German school system Is German "revival" likely to be more ihnis a dangerous' revival of the past. —CHinSTlAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Complicating the Riddle The line the UN is hewing toward a Palestine solution docs not look like the shortest distance between related points. And the chips are already beginning to fall far and wide. The tangle following the Assembly's order to the Political Committee to hear the Jewish Agency, which produced the Arab Slates' immediate demand for a similar order on bclv.ilf o[ the Arab Higher Committee, has l>eeii cleared up. This was done by a feat of parliamentary sleight of hand. No great amount of time has beep lost over Hint. But the Conunlttee's decision to discuss Palestine independence still stands. Tt is a bin subject—"substantive" as Ihe technicians say. It will consume time that ought to bis used lor on-the-spo.t studies of Palestine Questions. Had this been the result of British maneuvering it might seem to have confirmed .lewisli suspicions thut Britain mit the case In the UN primarily to create delay. But what Britain has sought, mul what United States po;;cy aimed at. was a more speedy solution than now ECCtns possible. The move to discuss Independence was initiated by the Arab members of the Un. It was backed up by Russia. The development illustrates the risk thai even a HiR Power must lake when appcalim; to the UN. No Big Power, for nil Us veto rlBht In Hie Security Council, can be sure Hint a case placed In the UN will not assume a new ihapc before it conies out again. What the United Stales and Britain hoped for now was' 11 vole lo establish a commission to prepare the ground for further action by tue General Assembly in regular session nest Sep- lember. For this pnriwse, and for the sake ol speed, it should have been sufficient to assure Jewish and Arab spokesmen nl n right to present their cases lo the commission during Ihe summer. —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Yet the Other Boys Seem to Thrive on It •veryone Has Steel Except Mills And Senate Wants to Know Why Nearly a Million Displaced Persons Still Held In Europe, But Nobody Seems to Core Very Much By PETER F.DSON NKA Washinelon Correspondent WASHINGTON. May 20. (NBA) —Nine displaced persons, liberated from D. P. camps In Europe and now In the united States as refugees, were brought together in a Washington hotel parlor the other afternoon. Advance billing was that this would be the most exciting press conference of the year. It wasn't Barely a dozen reporters showed up. Nobody cared. Nobody cares that although the w p ar has been over two years, there are still close lo a million people in Kurope's D. p. camps. They have no homes. Fearing political persecution, they c:in't so back where they came from. So they are shifte'd around from ramp to camp, while authorities try to fiture out what to do with them. As one or the nine phmsej it, "We have been persecuted orx year by the Soviet, three years by the Germans, and two years by UN- RA." This mistrust or the united Na- ons Relief and Rehabilitation runs irough all their stories. Ttiey are ot ungrateful or the far/ that lit for UNRilA they would pro- ably not be alive today. But they escnl that UND17A camps were op- ned up to Soviet liason officers who vere permitted to screen the D. P-'.s ml lake auay those they wanted UNHRA staffs have been filled with Communists and Agents o f the Rlts- lan NKVD secret poliri-, they say Try T<i Fore*- Them Hack All kindr, of pressures have been nit ou these refugees lo accept rc- >atriation. Tn some camps the ra- ions 'were cut to less than Ifinf) caloHes a day. Tn others there has Russian and Herman occupation. I been no heat. .Some of the rcJLi- one nif-lit 04.000 Estonians wei gees were taken to the borders of rounded up for deportation lo Si their homelands and shoved across. , bcria. She made her way to the Others have accepted repatriation. American OTHC in German;' and a i The DOCTOR SAYS By FREDERICK C. OTHMAN Tbnlted Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, May 19. CUP) — J. p. Kurtz; the St. Louis boiler maker, doesn't know it yet—unless there Is n portentous rlngling in his By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. I>. ] cars—but he'd better start packing Written for NBA S«vi« I |" G fi'ltcnse now. A siibnena is Most important factors In good heading his way. The U. S. .Senate llmlnatlon are exercise and Hie j wants to ask him some questions. Ight amount of fruiUs and vegeta- And I'd better start at the ue- 'les. Cathartics, enemas, and irri- ginning, in case he has forgotten atlng foods often are responsible or afgrlvnlliiK the condition. Americans rc|x>rtedly .spend near- Ills part In my amazing tale: On last March 8 the machinery of the Slandard-Dickcr.-ion Corp., y 75 million dollars a year forjof Newark. N. J., was grinding out oael medicine. In most rtises, these I |t s final batch of ice boxes because emediPs not only me unnecessary, ' o f n o more steel sheets The manna actually they are the cause orjngcmcnl was frantic. It had $10.- nueh of the difficulty. When the 000,000 worth of orders, but not a veragc patient with so-called eon- s teel mill in America could deh/t?r ^tipatloa starts to use cathartics, an y more raw materials. t (jiiickly becomes nccassary for! "jjxtkee!" cried Hie purchasing las been' led to believe that a special habit time, is Desirable. Many limits can trace their (lifficiilly to Urn to continue their use because ' cnti s!l oving a New York newspa- ihe bowel cannot function without. I pc| . U|U , C1 . Uje nosc nf Johll v . K™. , i Qnarles, the malinger. "This Ad. H Is imforUmiUc that Hie public shnet stccl> cal . 1(xul lotSt j mn , c di:,ie delivery in New York!" Quartos got in touch with the advertiser, who represented :>ome- nfancy. Modern physicians do not ,,, xly wno represented somebody else. recommend "training" children as| .. A|1( , r rilliliu , found, this fellow it ;s better to anticipate their de- i (|1 n ,. oof at lhn Wi u c i or f- A :«.o.'ia sires and to co-operate with them. | ho[e| ., , 1C tesl . itlc( | t To overcome constipation, bowel | .. whnt rc i| ow ;<> demanded Sen. Edward Martin of pa., w'io was conducting an investigation into charges that steel bootleggine was medicine should be slopped. One' or two dishes of fruit Ls to be eaten two or three times a day Cooked fruits, and especially iccom- forcing many a legitimate mv.iu- mencied are prunes, apricots, baked f . lcU i ref illto bankruptcy. ap|)lc, applesauce, rhubarb, pear and peach sauce. 1II-:COMMKNUK1> VEGETABLES Green-Cooked vegetables should be eaten in liberal amounts. Recommended vegetables arc spinach, string beans, beets, carrots, greens, squash, peas, asparagus, cauliflower. Other foods may be taken as desired. , Constipated persons need exercise. A daily walk Is helpful. The old idea that the failure of elimination in elderly persons was due to weakening of the bowl muscles is no longer believed, as constipation can be just as common in young persons. , QUESTION: My husband finds it difficult to control his bladder. Could this be due to weak kidneys? . .ANSWER: It- is more likely du c to something wrong with his bladder. He should consult his physi- lan. "This man, Kurtz, the president of the St. Louis boiler ar-ci equipment Co.," Quailcs replied. "Steel Death. Was Preferable Tiny, Russian-bom law Prof. comparative security'of the D. P. camps There experiences have made those who stayed behind more ' Audrey nobrobolsky told of his cap- determinecl than ever not to go turc by the Germans ami his es- back to the places they once called cape to the American lines. But home. he did not want to return to Russia. They don't want UNRHA, they He told of one cair.p where be had don't want IRQ-the new Intern:!- seen a woman throw herself out Ihe window and two men hang themselves to escape repatriation. He told of II. S. Army officers preventing Ihe Russians from loading j tional Refugee Organization which; (he window and United Nations is now trying . Ail they want Ls a place to ^o—any place whero they can settio up nine trucks with D. P.'s who were helm; forced to accept repatriation. Wladkn Mcid. who at 17 became a heroine of the Warsaw Ghetto, is alive today because she docs not look Jewish. Speaking perfect German, she fooled the. Nazis, smut;out Jewish children to the The types that mnke iroori imini- I safety of Christian families in the an jV- i Polish underground. Two Yugoslavs, two Latvians, a Dr. Hrnmtis padalskl. once clean of tile University of Vilna, became dowi^'in pence and begin again. The ;nino Refugees, who were introduced by dapper little Dr. David Martin of the Refugees Defense Committee which set up this conference, were a varied lot. Seven men' and t\vo women. Above me average, probably. Lawyers,, profes- , ] sors, army officers. Well educated. sheet was listed at $Ti a Ion at the mill, if you ::>iild get H .it a 1 ;, which' you 'could nt. SI I' went to sec this Kurtz at the Waldorf riril lie said he could lee me have'50 tons at $240 a to",." Qunrles said Ihe price was murderous, but lie was desperate. He jfE sent Ills man wading two mlies " through the snow in Hoboken be-'4(b fore he spotted the right freight '•• car at H pier. Each shoor wa^ wrapped for export in papoi- bearing the trade-mark of the Inland Steel Corp. Quarles ;i:vd She 85. Louis boiler-maker $12COO fnr tho steel that was worth $3.150. Then he told the railroad to send it over to Newark. The railroad said, nothing doing. , "There was $1.000 in freight ard demurrage bills," Quarlc.s said. "Kurt'/ had gone back to St. Louis, but I got him on the phone and ,he said he'd pay half.' 7 .The senators ordered a subpena for the .boiler maker to.appear nere with his story of the steel that almost quadrupled in price while en route to New York. Nothing unusual about it, said Quarles. "Steel bootleggers continuously offered us $75 sheets at $240.. . • . . '. "Yes," agreed his boss. Augustus C. Studer, Jr., receiver for the ice box company, "We never knew what price. f One. pf these brokers who'd offer-us a load of steel, or at turned out .to be a dentist in the 15 Years Ago In Rli/theville — Miss Virginia Keck of Lindcn- wooti College. St. Charles, Mo.. and Dr. Murrcll Powell of Los Animo.s. Colo., who is now a stu- :lent at Washington University St. Louis, motored down for the weekend as guests of Judge and Mrs. G. E. Keck. Miss Kattiryn drear daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Grcar, was presented in a piano recital Monday evening at Galloway College Scarcy, Ark. ...... .. Mrs. I. Honenthal of St. Louis penned him. too, but Studer couia- arrived yeslcrtiay to be with her ,,'t remember the nanin of the tooth son Paul who was injured in an yanker with tile steel business side- antoniobile accident a few days ago. |j n e. Everybody seemed to have He is recovering in Blytlicviile Hos- ' s t e el foi- sale." Studer added, ex- Bronx." The Senators would have d a Russian, a,Ukrainian, n Lithuanian. pital. cent the mills which made it. Boiler-maker Kurtz, in any event, ian pil'l, a Polish .Tewlss. 1 n leader ot the Lithuanian under- onian Billing around the green fell-lopped i (,'i'oimd. Basing his report on infor- million obtained through Ibc un- drisrmmd. he told how Ihe Rus- lable in Ihe hotel parlor they ap- pearcd relaxed and not lock parliciilarly forcipn Elnlls « ! ' n »° w gradually exlennlnal- Sljepan'Carlja.' clean-cut ynunif i i»S "»" Lithuanian people. Yugoslav army officer, told of throe j '"'«'o of the nine could not reveal terms in Hitler's and T'to's conccn- ' Ihcir names. They are a Latvian tralion camps. His wife had hern <loctor mid n Ukrainian' professor of sentence^ with him and his first philology- They still have relatives child was born in camp. He made in_ Hiis-sian territory, and fear re- his escape through Italy to the prisals. U ii zone and safely I Nobody cares about these things Niine Kink. Tail and slender Rs- any more. UNRRA in about to go Ionian girl who was educated a.s a I out or business. Everyone figured lawyer, told of crcapp s from both 'IB job would be done by now. cup of coffee, and it was then '.hat L vi] , nppcnr Jn t]le "g emi \ e cau(!u s Julius Hoscnblimi «ave me today's hand. H c said it is one of the greatest hands in bridge, a dummy reversal plus a squeeze play,- hut lo Europe. This should make an interesting story. Tt may even help explain the high cost of re^rigcra- be had never seen it ma;le' in tournament—it is always made over a cup of coffee- On the face ot it. it-appears that tars Be sccj| Mp K a diamond trick must be lost. In- 1 cidenlully, North's bid of three spades was a slight stretch, but room next Wednesday morning -fit 10. or else. He will tell how he came to be peddling from the Waldorf metal that was made for shipment IN HOLLYWOOD »••••••*•••••••••*•• IIY KUSKINK -JOHNSON N K A SI :\ f f ('or rcsjw m ilen I McKENHEY ON BRIDGE Il-LY\v, M«y2D. Coslo\v will bn "Mexico City," imisietil.. .nick Hnyuif'.s' propor. (NB.M— Minimer appi-anim-e al — 'tli BARBS BY HAL COCltfRAN Inexperienced investors who dally about Uif cVirb arc likely to find themselves in Uie si root. "England is stew at present. Hungry"—headline. No Irish If nil the calamity howlers were laid out! to end —not a bad idea i 9 * * Some old-fashioned women who used to faint now have daughters who pass out. • • * Affairs run smoother for the man wuo UEVS plenl) of elbow grease. ^xclusiycly yours: Prrd Astaivt 1 runt Donald O'Connor as a fathor-and- OLI dailC" loam i-: a groat ocal if it j?ll.s-. Universal-International tins Donald and the idea. lAslaire, according to the Krnpevinc from Ne\y York, likes Vioth DonnUt air! the idea. The official announcement may lie made any day. • • * Red skellon is complaining io M-G-M aiiain, and ri^htiy ro. about t lie iufei ior .srripis anrl smpnrtin,; custs pivcn him. \V;iiU li,*d. ' IVi'i Hcnii' cp\r. Biilff Croshv and Dor- olh'.- 1/iiiionr lint u-lial ,\n I pel -nothing'• K^d's radio ratini; i.--. s^>'- his film ratnit! in tlir ceilivr. Truman most. idea. ' is is firings in a 7-Bid fit Squeeze SO THEY SAY John Truosrl.ile, the lorinor rol- I'mnisl. has wriltrn a novel, "l.o\v Tidp," in which Katv Ttep'iiun ami Spc-nrrr Tracv !>iv irlrro.ste.i as n r.ossiblo niovir. ii'.s nlynit po\crty Vm.irf. O''if.. in inn. Mtll.TI-niAUACTKH <B"tiv IMIton \\ili tin n wirkeil KI'AI, MOVIN'C; I'tC'l'IlIsrS j I Doug F.iii-banl;. 1 ;. Jr., \vas lal'.i'.iiT \;\ fencing lesson on thr.sclof "'I'lv l-'xilo." Df>ni: tcips his celluloid s',yin-l na.slics in tliis onr by fii:hi iiv: ] :v tUieV on tile reyolvin^ blade <if a Dutch windmill. \ I don't think I've pvrr st-cn Hoiii? stinl^ini; dialog on Ibr set. Wlirnevcr vnn sco him lie's rc- hrarsins a Ir:ip from a hnnsrluii, a fisht, a s'ldr dmvn a l-opc. or some other ha7;mlons stunt. M'hili* (lie rcsl of Iliillvnociil lalUs. Dull:; e nre on maliinqr SIOVINC1 r-'< - lures. Anil vory snccessfnll. 1 might add. MCKINNEY ON BRIDGE Il.v H'H.MAM K. McKINNKY An*nira's <-ard Authority YVriUrti for NKA Service Tho Anierir> ;i dmtract Bridge South could not be blamed for bidding seven. , , ' The opening diamond lead was capture^ by South's nee. The jack of trumps was played and overtaken by dummy's queen, af'.er which a dub was ruffed by declarer's ace. A small Irump *A f as overtaken by dummy's ten-spot and another club ruffed by declarer's king. Another small trump was led lo the board's nine, "and dummy's last club ruffed by declarer's last trump. (Three .irump leads to the board had Ijcon made,' and three clute ruffed.) Now the board was re-entered with a heart to. the king^ and dummy's deuce of trumps was laid do\vn. East was squeezed.- If he threw n heart. South's acc-ciueen- nin e would all be winners. If East discarded a diamond, dummy's king-nine of diamonds would become winners. The success of the contract hinged on East's having both M'-? hearts and diamonds.' and it too'', really topflight play to brinp;' i'. home. President .^ No one wants or can atford war, and If we remain firm we will work out our dUliciili prcbloms.—Field Marshal Lord Wilson, clncf o! combined operations, British army slari. V • .. We urge Hint less sentlmcritnllty te cxpend<!d on our devotion to America's school system ami American youth,., ontl that i^.ore money be speiu for this purpose.—Matthew Woll, AFIj vice president. * • • Our prisons are filled with Individuals who enjoyed freedom of expression without soil- discipline.—FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Oirl." Onh- it Cf! n« join, nett of 10 diffomit won't he will uluv In 11"< fi'ni version of the Kroail- ivav hi! An.onr Ihrm are n hriii". <ho nmihrr or lo'.ns. P murderess. n r.r"-<;rp]i,>r publisher, and an o]i- .Trwrr. ii,,, ifwclrr 1^ (hr slnr^. '< w'linnlix; "n iinnlher roslimif f"v Incri.i llrrcman's Joan of Arr. || ,viu , 1ln i n ( n millions— nf Uainer will do "*Jo:ni of ' on the slnuv-lvit cirn;i; j this summer, opcniiv- at Ihr Cap- Playhouse in IVT-.iiis 'K<vhr'. f Hiitison is back in town to r<'Mnn<' iicr film curccr l.Vsrito lii.u whispering campaiiMi. -Ablf's In !i finally is clickiai: at the b >x offices, nnbhis who saw tho fihn \Vl'l!n AQ1092 • K974 *K 63 A A K J R 5 -4 V A Q 9 0 j # A 8 2 ' Jfr None Tournament—Neither vul. South West Norlh East 1 A 2 * 3 A Pass 7 A Pass Pass Pass Opening—* C 20 HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Pictured pros- 1 Smoky fog \ ident of Nica- 2 Remove ragua. Gen. 3 Manuscripts AnasVnsio • , , •. 7Chinky <° b - ) 13 Bivalve 4 Bonc molliisk 5 Slripcd animal 14 Knsnare S On the ISOIVice of Slra- propcrty slieltcred side 24 Lukewarm tegic Services t Genuine (nb..) 16 Lament lil Roof linial 20Great (an.) 21 Quivered 23"Palmcllo State" (nb.) 24 Beverage 8 Internal fl Mount (ab.) 10 Native metal 11 Undermines 12 Heroic 17 Millimeter (ab.) 18 To (prefix) Mnry diTcribed opposition to it as "tin- rcatest to do about uolhiii'; in r:i lit years" consist of approximately per cent \vntcr. ^iiriinniinf st ITit^icr is in MPW Y.irk ev-hus- iwnrf .Timmv Alrxnmler is trying First successful balloon flight i.i ti effect a reconcilintion. Ifo's! Knglaud was made by James Sud- r t!irriii(> m "Oklahoma.-...Carmen | 0 v ol Oxford, in 1874. i Miranda'.", uexl for Producer Sam 1 I.ensue will hold the summer ses- Uic.ii <if its n.ititinal championships i 10111 naincnl at the Hotel St. George ! in Hrooklyn. N. Y,. beginning Aug. 2 One of Ihe teams I hope lo st-c cuierct! this year won the Crescent City championship at Now Orleans, U is illegal to wash horses on i j; ,.._, T . ,, uosenblnui. Dr. Richard the streets of Charlotte. N, C., no- Greene. Louis Roson and Walter cordinB to a city ordinance.. Herbert, of New Orleans arid Miss 1 Klinor Murdoch of Uh-mlngham. Ala. Last, fall this team defeated the \\orld championship titlcliold- ers, and just recently they defeated nn equally strong team to win at New Orleans. In New Orleans, after n bridge tournament you have to have a 25 Sinhad's bird 21 Number 27 So be it! 22 Dowei- 27 So be it! 29 Hoax 32 Soak up 31 Anger 34 Levantine ketch 3C Pedal extremities 37 Pigeon pea 39 Dolt 40 Cenlimclcr (nb.) 42 Bash hi! 47 Chinese weight 4!>nivcv (iip.) 51 Hinders 52 Sorrow fill 53 Discerned. 55 DycstiifT 5? Hebrew ascetic 26 He is executive of Nicaragua 27 Onager 28 Halite bird 30 Exist 31 Encountered 35 Taxi 36 Craze 38 Burdened M Man's name 40 Indian 41 Kail lo hit 43 Surrender 44 Knight (ab.) 45 Pronoun , 46 War Rod 47 Narrow way 48 Homan dale 50 Harvest goddess L 52 Courtesy title S! Id est (ab.) 5G Thus 58 Breathes nols- . ily in sleep ~

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