The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MAY 20, 1947 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Churchill, Asset or Liability? Conservatives Eyeing Elections PAGE «EV*N Laney Promises Hospital Facts State Institution Torn by Wrangling Over Long Period LITTLE ROCK, Ark., May SO, (UP)—Filets behind the long-slan.l- Itig controversy over-the stale nos- pllal for nervous diseases will ke lied at the May 30 board, meet- 'g, Gov. Ben Laney said yesterday. The governor sai<i lie plnnnod to meet with the board and probably will have a report from Comptroller John Truemper ready for release. Trucmiier lias been making n "routine audit" of hospital funds for the past few weeks, Lanoy said. "I'm going to move one of these 'lays in a very definite Dimmer. Laney declared. He refused to -:li.-i close his future plans conceiuiiiR the hospital. Ho said he jiad not niiide up his mind if he will confirm Dr. N. T. Hollis as ho, superintendent. To Accent Ki'siKnatilin The governor's statements wen made after he said he would accept the resignation or E. L. Mo- Swain of Little Hock as a mcinbei ol the board. McSwnin's resignation, which he announced yesterday, had not hecn received in the governor's of:'!cs shortly before noon Unlay. Te governor said he Hud nol talked with McS'.vain since April 11, and knew nothing of developments which apparently lead to the ui'.Me Rock man's decision to quit ihe board. McSwain had said he resigned because of what he termed misleadin;: and unfair statements in an article appearing in a Little l^onk nev:s- , paper yesterday. The article sihl •••hat three of the five members of .l£ie board had favored resvrdhiB >£. appointment of Dr. Hollis as superintendent- Denies I.itllc Koi:k Reports "There was no truth in the story." the governor said. However, he admitted that there had been some kind of resolution considered in the last hoard meeting. ll c rc'usctl to reveal its contents. Laney assailed newspaper ar'i- clcs and "people of Little whom he said would he willing to "wreck the whole hosoital situation to carry their one point." Asked if he was talking about friends of Dr. Hollis, the governor retorted: , '*\yhat do you think?" Lanc'y defended the board's hold- inn or executive sessions. He saic he felt that closed meetings wciv necessary at some time. "I'm not advocating dossed scs sions/' he said, "but at times they can be justified." He said that he had discussed the hospital situation this morning .with yatic'r.-L. White of-Qsceola, chair? 'man!of the,.bpi!rd_._l'he conversation ' was by telephone,'lie said. '" 'I '.-:"-• - Winston Churchill • To iniuiy word:;? C'oriscn';itivt:i is Winston Churchill. Is bo their principal asset or their principal liability' No one denies him his immortality, Ills pl:n:r in history, but U is as a islily niT|>:u'iu'_; for [he next Cien-i niorlsil that the Conservatives are (.-ral Klculion, altliouj'li llure is no! primarily concerned with him. statutory reason Uir ii tukin;; phtci: until June, 195U. And fidi-nt BY m:vi:itu:v fimscrvative Mi-in!,rr iif rarliamflit (\Vriirii fur NliA .Service. Inc.) LONDON, May. t.NHAl—Till- nol- [he CoiiMcrv.UhT.s su'o coJi- tbut whenever tlur clreticm comes they will lie iT.Uu'iui lower by a people who have >:uigercd, rationed, and re^i d almost beyond emiaranee. Churchill ha s never succuniberl to trie Eiif.llsh worship of the Inmi spirit. He believes in a coui- mitie of one. From liKD to I9:O . i us an outcast in the Conservative .;.'.,' H'arty he was a lone wolf. When TJiere is IKI ner'd for an elected i [ lca ,. 'arliunient to live out its full five 'ears if it dries not feel lil:e it. lilt why should Hie Luhor Clnv- ^nmient, sui!|lorte[l by a vast ma- loiily in parliament, xivc up the sweets and bitter-sweets of olficc Before its lime is up? One reason mijiht be that the he b-rime Prime 'Minisler and leader ol thc.jiarly in 1040 he was still lone wolf, although he liked tfl !he pack howliny hind him. In bis rpposilion role, he has shadow cabinet whom ho is .supposed to consult, but his clitics sav he instructs them instead. lie is that admirable but cinbiir- Hoiisc but his I'art ysclrtoiii knows when lie will turn up. As one. Tory said: "It is t»ut;li on u !<<>man Emperor to have lo comniaml a decimated platoon, but it is even tougher on the platoon." Aitiiln and ai'.ain'. ChmvhlU has been urycd to appolta Anthony! Kden ns IX'imly Leader of the! Opiwsillon mid lo «o Into the next election with Eden as the acknowledged successor to the Tory throne. I'OI.ITICAI, ISKMltnVKH Time is even polite pressure from sections of the Conservatives to raise Churchill lo I lie status of a political Eisenhower with three commanders muler him. Unl Churchill does nol want lo «o imo the .stratosphere. He Is a matador not an airman, and be loves the sawdust, the smell of blood, an-.l the plaudits and oaths of the mob. I am una of those who urged this supreme elevation of the Tory leader, but now I am beciniilUB lo think lhat Churchill miiy Indeed be our greatest asset when Die next General Election is fought, Ai.1 Ice is a good man, but he is no lor<i or lannuai'.e, and the i>eo- ple would like to he led iu:ain by a man who can voice their nspli'a- tions and rally llieir declinim; faith in their own future. i]u B-ii'opean cuiutlrieji there Is nalura] instinct to turn lo the elder statesmen in moments of travail and disaster, .Chm'chm In n mere 12, but old enough—or almost - lo convince the people (hat he has sown his political wild oats. It is possible, even likely, that the British iwoplc will lock to him as the man to lead them out of the jmst-wiu' depression, as they did when he took command 'Of IJi'ilain in the darkest hour of the war. 'But until the eleclion comes Medal of Honor Winner Wants Job prcsslon. 11 is differences that pro- russiin: figure, tho man who is at the same lime ii Rrcat statesman Socialists would nrefer lo bold iiiijand an indifferent politician. Noth- •Icction before the American and I tug prevent Churchill saying Canadian credits run out. wilh all 1 what, he things imd what he reels the harsh consequences that misiht which is magnif leant but is not result from the drying up of those necessarily tiood political strategy 'u>iKiv.s.>;lniml Medul of Honor Winner niul . duce patties. The Liberals disapprove o( the «H1 probably return exactly that number next time. Communist* arc n-iais uiiuiiwi-uvc at me i the Irregular.-;, th« guerrillas, »htf s and detest the Coiiscrv-! cut off 'straggler* fros.* ell-other Therefore they occupy the parlies, 'and hope that attrition iiuvrs, inereiore iney occupy tne I'i'iuu:*, aim nope mat utiruion Middle of the road which, of course, I W 'U Wme flay i»«iken the big bats a particularly dangerous position | lallons until they bleed to death ir'i'nii^o iVm, iit>\ lill It,. >rnfriA Till* vf*al rwiw/>r nf Hi* *rVwMnrtimlot* Uicy yet hit by traffic flowing both ways. Yet they will !>lay an important l«>i'l In the next election because I hey will draw votes clllici Irom disillusioned Socialists or the Progressive Conservatives — or both. My own impression ! s that they Assist the Conservatives by The real power, of the "Communists Is hi (he factories and the: mines. Their actual • political activities In the 0|»n are JusV window dressing for the sake of publicity; Unless the Imponderables upset all ({educations, I would say that Hie Conservatives will win the next election, but It they do, they will I n.SSIM. II1U l^Ull^ei VatlVCS IJJ '-'•-'.twii, WMV u incj, uu, tiiUJ WIJl supplying [i gruveyard Into which ] know lhat they have been In a disgruntled Socialists who arc not "B 1 '!- ' ' ready lo su|>ix)i't the Tories will Inter their votes. ANIt llll.\ TIIK KKDS Finally (here Is the Communist 'niiy which has two M.l'.'s anil In the desert, with trie thermometer at 92, our soldiers at* 3100 calories dally, but In the Artie, at 30 below, they ate 4900. ' Conservatives will pray lhat he will study the nil of reiiccnce, or at any rale of caution and not sup IASY-TO-OPSN CAM wrrmtiwM He is ;•, world rifiure who thinks in global terms. But when it come:* to the bread and butter or day-today problems, such as pensions, lCf.' Of FILING OF FOR LIQUOR FERMIT. Notice is hereby- siiven that the undersigned has filed with the 'Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell ami dispense vinous liquors for beverage spirituous at retail on the premises described as 109 S. Second St.. Blytheviile, Arkansas. 'Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1047, and to expire on the 30lh day of June, 'Russell Marr t)ci:eriee]it streams. 'Another reason could he that Prime Minister Alllcr- iniRhl like to unship S9ine. (>r his followers who have so violently opposed Er- j wa£es, rations, ollocation of ma- ncsl Bevin's forcisju policy. The So- I lerials. markets, credits, trade dis- cialisl Parly is a pnwcrlnl orgsin- pules and all the rest of the srlsly iz-ttion. and althoiu:h tin; local par-, irii'.rcdicnts ot u modern dcmoc- ly chooses its own Parliamentary. racy, he takes little or no part. candidate, Ihe infhicm-c of Trade Union and Party Itauldliarlcrs is very s lio»R, Even a siitin 1 ; M. P. has to bo rr-adopled before each election, and a nnmbST of the S'>- cialist rebels might find In their dismay that they were not selected lo run again. Nor are the foreign policy "an- ti-BevhiisLs" the only resistance movement in the party. When Attlee recently inlrodncccl lieacclinw' conscription there were so many abstainers and nmtmc<'rs that the bill WP-S only carried with the aid of Ihc Conservatives. Despite the saying of TMsraeli that the best retort in, Parliament is a-lan!c can be too large; Attlec \vonld not shed bitter tears if some of his sup;xirters were conveniently humped oif—In the p'olilical'sense, of course. I5JG QUESTION JIAHK OSut how about the opposition? There is no doubt that' the young people are turning in large numbers to the Tories. Tn fact, the Youns Conservative Movement has spread across UIL country and i.s altracling manj ex-service veterans who find themselves frustrated -by lack of opportunity. Most of the principal universities have swimr, to the ri^'ht despite the old sayinp lhat if a hoy of 18 is not a Socialist he has no heart, and if a man of 40 is a Socialist he ha s no brain. | The bis: question mark for (he His mh.d is on the unification of Kurope, and the forward march of tlie English speaking peoples. He speaks magnificently in the HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. ! is pleased to announce that Mr. Richard Holt hits joined our .staff! as [ carpenter and maintenance. man. Call us to do lhat jdb yon can't do or don't ! want to do. .Tclcphg.c.e..2 River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Calf A. H.Webb Phone 714 DON'T WORRY about vour worn or un -" M • J, re$ SELL THEM TO US.', V/e will pay lop prices for I Vie unused mileage in your old Sires and replace them with new TKOROBREDS ot a cos! which will surprise you. V Trade in today and enjoy ihe safe, carefree summer driving you will flef.wjth new, rugged, long mileage ' ,» s HOROBREDSfy NEW TUBES PROTECT NEW TIRES. Buy Ihe amazing new Thorobrad Butyl ' tubes. They hold air many timct longer than ordinary rubber tubti, l^S" •MTitiimH .mm LT^™" ~ iV .-W l " f ''"'F*'" ••'- • *?* 'MAKE A DATE WITH DAYTON'tfT 1 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 m-m-msm word tor it! slfl Lt.l. H mtieluprvllnl *l f tit* ro*l u MOAM *n\\* Y OU have the wheel, now, in your hands, smooth and li{5lil and fccl- inji right at home. There's tlie jjas treadle, where your foot falls most naturally — it takes only a nudge to give you ACTION in capital letters. Here's the big, deep seat, seeming as though it were made for you, and out front is the road" — templing — inviting — culling you to see how it smooths itself when it spots a lluiek coming. You're set — let's go — let's find out what it's like to pilot the handsome honey thai culls the lurn on automotive styling for years nnd years lo come. Can lhat quiet hum really he bcUcr Ihan a hundred horsepower at work out front? Be careful, sir, how you Iramp on that (rcadle, lest till this eager Fireball energy be loo suddenly let loose! HltlRY ). JAYIOR, it, Mondays und Ftidtiyi This buoyant, fluid ride — where has that magic-curpet gait been hiding? It's been in Uiiick's cushiony coil springs, one on each wheel — and in lUiick ample, jar-absorbing road- weight. Test Ihc steering — it's easy as a gesture. Flip (he gearshift — a few fingers do it, without even taking your hand from (he wheel. Try the brakes, now. Soft, sure, smooth. And don't bother to stretch for the parking-brake handle — you sel these brakes wilh a toe-touch on that handy little foot pcdul. ' Like it? ' "M-m-m!" m-m!" Want one? Well, in that you're like a lot of others — so many, in fact, (hut a measure of patience is unavoidably part of the purchase price. We'll try to reward your patience with courteous and friendly help in getting your liuiek to you just as fast as possible. And that goes whether er not you have a car to trade. ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE * AIRFOIL FENDERS * mCBAU POWC* ~"-"| ing action, *v*ifl reiponio, reduced *3 I TonJ on bcoringi. ^ * BUfCOIl. SPRINGING — Buick, jfg developed all'coil springing for pc;- i-Q pclual &moolhne» and "ponthergait" ride. * SIUNT ZONE BOOT MOUNHNGS * fUH-UNOTH rORQUE-TUSE DRIVf * ACCURJTE CTllNDtR IORINO smoothness from the slarl and an engine llinl "lloyl yoyng." PCKMI-riRM STEERING BKOADK1M WHEEU STFPON PARKING BRAKE DCtrniX SEAT CUSHIONS CURt-AROUND, BUMPIKS NINE SMART MODEtS - in thrx sccict, fcalunng Body by Fishtr. LANGSTON-WROTEN (0. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555

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