The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 26, 1949
Page 5
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;f frSIDAY, AUGUST 26. 1949 THS NATION TODAY— Armed Forces' Economy Move Brings Howls of Pain From Congressmen Over Job Losses By Janes Marlow WASHINGTON. Aug. 36. (/Py-Howls of pain came from congressmen this week over the economy stroke of the armed forces, but more cuts of some kind are still to come. Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson invited a battalion of congressmen lo his office Wednesday and there broke to ihem news some of them did not like to hear even though they've been preaching economy themselves. + He told them the •LTTHE7ILLE '( ARK.T COURIER VTEWM Wisconsin Heifer by Name of Snoopy Lands in Silo, But Must Wear Muzzle armed forces were going to chop 125,000 civilian employes off the payroll and shut down about 50 military installations at home and abroad to save about $300,000.000 a year. The reason the congressmen suffered anguish over the news was this; They've preached economy in the ..abstract but this economy £[ i1(jft> home at their own states, where layoffs and shutdowns meant : lost income. Truman Issues Order At Ills news conference late yesterday President Truman said he hscj ordered Johnson to make the cuts lo economize on government upending. ' That happened .some Lime ago, for the secretaries ol the Army. Navy and Ai r Fore e had to work o lit a way to mate the cuts. But—more of the same, in some way. now lies ahead for the armed forces. Johnson figures that the layoff of the 135,000 civilian employe, 1 ) and shutting down 50 installations wi! .save Uie goernment, about 5500.000, 000 a year. I Yet, on several occasions in recent j months he has said he wants to cut rio'wn the armed forces spending by $1.000,000.000 to $1.500.000,000. Therefore he has another 11.003,000,000 or so in cuts to make before his wishes are fulfilled. Efforts to do that are now under way. Several weeks ago Congress passed a bill to unify the armed forces, strengthening Johnson's hand over all three services: Army, Navy and Air Force. Sets Up Management CommiUfe Almost at once he set up a national defense management committee, headed by Lt. Gen. Joseph T. McNavney. On the committee are officials of the three services. committee's job: To find of cutting down the armed forces' expenses. They're working on that now and will make their suggestions "later. Whether that will involve cuts in people or weapons not known now. For that reason, the cut announced by Johnson on Wednesday was only a starter. At this moment the armed forces have a- total of about 1.616,000 pie in uniform and, in addition. WINNIE—William « *h /- Ve ' has been n^med is tne Communist Party cand:- -h7 u-i?- WlU °PP<> S < Winston £"1?™";"**™* general contest for votes of the city ol rtood/ord, in 'he Essex County constituency. The Romans arc generally be- leived to have been the world's first wearers ox straw hats. about 900,000 civilian employes. The cut ol 135,000 will reduce the civilia. total to 765.000. The high point in number of civilians employed by the armed forces—2,634,000—wax reached during the war. After the war the number was steadily reduced until it reached a past-war low point ol 828,030 in December, 1941, just before the trouble with Russia began and this country started to. rearm, So the new cut of 135.000 civilians —reducing the total to 165,000—will b« the new low point for civilians employed by the armed forces since the war. OSCEOLA, Wls., Aug. •». (/P)—A*, young Wisconsin cow with a long record of misbehavior, languished at the bottom of • partly tilled silo today, waiting for an early harvest to bring her freedom. Snoopy, 650-pound pet of 13- year-old Cherlne Lampman, had to squeeze through an opening 20 inches wide and 30 Inches high to get She was inspired at the time, however, since Cherlne's father, Everett Lampman, was In pursuit. hot Lampman caught the adventuresome helper chomping through liis best field corn. He chased her to the barn her way of green and locked the door, but Snoopy headed for what looked like »n exit.. Farmer Lampman heard a cra.<h and |»pped Inside just In time to see Snoopy disappear into the silo. Snoopy, unruffled and apparently unhurt by her 12-foot fall, got to her leet and munched last year's silage leftover. Unlike Grady, the Oklahoma cow that holds the silo-sitting mark so far this year. Snoopy's silo Is belnw the ground rather than above ti. The entrance aperture is lust about ground level. Neighbor.- fathered at Uie farm, three and a half miles east of heir, and decided the only way lo get Simnny out is to (ill up "tYie silo, f.ammnan -.ggied his farming- timetable and decided to start cut- tins his corn crop this weekend Then the silo will be filled and Snoony can walk—or be pushed—to freedom. Someone suggested that the frisky heifer mi-'it enjoy her Imprisonment, with tons of corn pour- inir in. But Lampman has that problem licked—he'll muzzle Snoopy and (rive ler ' - 5 t feed and water till the job is done. German's Court Defense Gets Soviet Sentence BERLIN, Germany—</n—A farmer hi Russian-occupied Saxony 'ed trial before the provincial court recently, charged with failure to deliver the obligatory quota of his berry crop. In defense he claimed Russian soldiers had tramped dnum his beds and pluclced the fruit. He was sente- :ed to nine months hi prison for "disparagement of the occupying power nnd senseless waste of rationed foodstuffs." With the Courts Circuit; Mrs. I. D. McDermott vs. W. T. Ingram, suit to collect $100 clam- ages caused by automobile accident May, 1949. The case was appealed from the Municipal Court.. Chancery: Antonio Larantonda vs. Rosic Larantonda, suit for divorce. Marriagr License? The following couple obtained marriage license at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe. county clerk yesterday: James Hutton and Miss Mary Jo Williams, both of Manila. CyVi'c Leader Dies HARRISON, Ark., Aug. 26. <AP>— A. C. Christeson, 63, Harrison busi ness and civic leader and Boone County coroner, died unexpectedly here yesterday. Christeson, a funeral director, had just taken a patient to the Harrison Clinic when he <Viis stricken. M Save at Pitching Horseshoes BY BILLY KOBE Tucked away I R the Pocotto Mountains of Pennsylvania, there Is a scrumptious summer resort known as Unity House which is run by th« International Ladlei Garment Workers Union for ILs member*. Most of the card-holders are Italian or Jewish,' and so to make everbody feel at home there are two dining rooms, one socializing in Italian cooking, the other In the cuisine of the East Side. Guests may register tor either but', to keep the operation smooth, no switches are allowed except at the beginning of each week. A few weeks ago, Into this Eden on the Lackawnnna came a cutter named Tony Valente and a buttonhole maker named Shirley Green. They met for the first lime in the recreation hall, graduated by easy stages jrorn rhumbas to rowboats, and on the second midnight discovered they were hem- ovor-shoulder-pncldllng in love. for'the rest of thai first week, the lovers were together every mln- ule of the day nnd quite a few minutes of the night—except at mealtime when Tony would head for the spaghetti mid Shirley for the blithe-making Wintzes. Naturally, the couple figured on sharing the same table during their second week but, »-hen It came time Malaria annually takes more than 2,000,000 lives throughout the BANK ON YOUR BANK Put a fence around the home oi your dreamt with an easy to pay, stream- lined loan. Tailored to fit your budget. See First National Bank i'ff today! FIRST NATIONAL BANK Tlx Only National Bank in Mississippi County to register, an argument started up. Shirley maintained that life without borsclit was no life at all, while Tony insisted than mlnistrone was all that kept a man's soul stuck to ],is body. For a while, It looked like a case of Labor's Love Lost. Then Tony got an Idea. "'David Dub- Insky is here for the week end," he said. "Why not let the head man decide?" They found (he perky little union leader on the terrace of the main building, playing gin rummy. "Mr. Dublnsky," Tony began, "Shirley and me. we ... " "Can't it wait a few minutes?" said Dublnsky. "I've got this fellow on a triple schneid." ' "It's important," Tony persisted. "We want to get married." Uubinsky laid down his hand. "What's stopping you?" he asked. Tony told him. "I can't sec what the fuss i; all about," said the labor leader "One kitchen calls it ravioli, the oilier calLs It noodles, but they both have the sanw; vitamins," "They taste different," said Tony. "Who's Roing t.o do the cooking?" askrcl Dulilnsky. "I am!" said Shirley triumphantly. "But I'm (he guy she's going to APPLIANCES IT S TRUE! A Deluxe, Luxury NINE At the Price of a Seven! <* === ==^ s***^ Vl ^ <l M ( 214 Only $20.00 Down, 2 Years to Pay • 38-lb. Frozen Food Storage • 15-Hi. Meat Keeper Tray • Futt 1 S M|. ft. Shelf Space • Handy Botrted-Bevtrage Bin • 2 Large Vegetable Crispen Biggest household scoop of the year! Massive NINE cubic foot electric refrigerator for the price of a seven! Saves you up to ?75! Extra storage space, extra freezing space, plus the latest in alyl" ing. See it today! S««M rfanda STANDARD MODEL 199.88 Ask Our Salesmen to Tell You the "Inside Story"— Finer Features Found Usually in Models Selling For $75 More! • 8-Point Cold Control • Modern Full-lcnjth Door • Full Acid-Reiiitant, Porcel*miT"d Interior Dul u » Exterior . Welded Steel Body . rorcel»ini«ed Critper. . Hermetit-.ealed Urn? . Chrome-PUted Fittmj, . 5-Ye», Protection PU n . Clan Wo»l ItMularion . Underwriter. Approved All Jim Brown Washers Guaranteed! 5 YEARS! With Pump $ 87 95 See Our "Portable" Handy tablelop washer, regnlarly priccd al §21.95 iT(5n Now Only Only $5.00 Per Month Outstanding washer buy of the year I Streamlined white-enameled beauty with rubber-mounted tub, improved ,3-vane agitator, adjustable safely wringer. Lifetime lubricated. Drain pump optional. Deluxe antl gas engine models also available. :ook for," uld Tony. "Thli case needs a Solomon, or at least a mediation board," said {,» X " But 1>ve 80t *" ld « k»£E , y °" bolh stay an extra ek? That way you'll get a chance to sample both kinds of cooking and lf» » cinoh you'll work out a compromise." "It's a good notion," said Tonv "out we can't afford It." The union lender picked lip his cards. "If i ma ke this triple schneld," he said, "1 figure to win enough to cover the extra week. Kibitz and loot for me." On the third card, Duhinsky w«nt gin and the game was over "Good luck and happy ca'llne " lie said. "Gee, thanks," 6; ,id Shirley. Ilus might have developed Into ionietlilng serious." "Yea," said Tony. "Lucky for us you won." 'How could I lose?" smiled Dub- "I had love on my side." Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF W« Specialize in Fancy Meat* and Groeerie* W» De/rver Phon* 2043 Plenty of Parking 8px FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN INSURANCE Call 3361 Automobile rail form]) Burglar? Businesi Interruption! l>.ver» & Cleaners Extended Coveran Fire Oneral Liability Marine (all forms) Personal Property Floalfcn Plate Glass Residence Liability Tornado Truck Car(o Wtadstorm Workmen/I CompeDutlon W. M. BURNS INSURANCE AGENCY SHEET METAL WORK. " -OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thicknes* Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broads Pho £ IF YOU LIKE THE BEST NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4474 tor any kind of loclc Locks opened mid repaired. PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Our years of experience assure you that,, when you present a prescription ordci to lid. It will be expertly compounded from fresh, pure drugs. You can be sure at Rothrock's. ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE With (he world famous "Sfroboconn". The only 100 % perfect tuning. Not avuilalde elsewhere in this area. RADIO REPAIR All work done by a government licensed operator and every job guaranteed. Why take less than the best? PIANOS for SALE NEW AND USED Sheet Music, Records, Supplies Everything in Music BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Tel. 811 Wanted: LICENSED BEAUTICIANS We cannot supply the demand for operators. We have a list of Arkansas and Mississippi shop, owners who need help. If you are a Graduate of a Beauty School and arc interested in employment, call EAGLE BEAUTY SCHOOL Phone 3262 Blythcville, Ark. Adults who want to team Beauty Culture, enrol! Sept. 12 for next class. Low Tuition.. .Interesting Work... GI Approved...., "PICTURES YOU WILL LIKE" Vour uthfaction assured an «D photographic work Including commercial « n d portrait FAUGHT'S STUDIO > 1U S*«th First ~" Sight Phone 6S'£1 ftovn* Mil

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