The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 21, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1936
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TUP nnMlM A KT'l* Mt^ltrnn 4 nnn J-VTV *i /-.TirnT t n i f~. . . _ ^^f^^Lf ,^K«^H ^B. ^^r THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXIII—NO. 13-1 Blylhevllle Cgurlcr Blylhevillc Herald niyllievllle Daily News „„, , Mississippi vniiey Leader BLYlHhVILLh, ARKANSAS, FUIDAY, AUGUST 21, 1930 SINGLE CO PIPS FIVE CENTS FIND TRAPPED MINERS ALIVE IN Landon Accepts Invilation to Conference at DCS Moincs September I. «y nii:i)i:uiCK A. STORM United Press Slaty Correspondent HYDE PARK. N. Y.. Aug. 21. (UP)—President Roosevelt today invited Gov. Alf M. Landon of Kansas to meet with him in ,Des Mollies September 1. The chief executive sent a telegraphic invitation to Landon and to the governors of Iowa. Oklahoma and Nebraska, who also will attend Ihe drouth conference. The invitation: "As you probably know, I am coming west next week to get at first, hand all the information I can with respect to the situation In the drouth area. We plan to arrive in Des Mollies early the morning of Tuesday, September 1, and I would appreciate much if you could find it convenient to meet us there for a general discussion of the situation. "I am asking Governor Herring as our host to advise you as to tlie detailed plans lor the conference." p Landon Accepts OMAHA, Neb., Aug. 21. (UP) — Gov. Alf M. Landon, Republican presidential nominee, announced today he will attend the conference of governors at DCS Molnes on September 1. ; Just before his special train pulled out for Its trip through Iowa the nominee came to the press car and announced he would accept President Roosevelt's invila- -, turn to attend. ....,-,. -'' , 'i •-'••_"' ;:'^! 10' • •' --..'- . -Will Provide' Seccf'" :• '. " WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP) — A vast store of seeds to supply farmers in the drouth belt nexi spring will' be provided by tiie federal government as the result, of a $10,000,000 buying prcgran to start next week. Meanwhile it became evident t agricultural experts that, as a result or the summer's sealing heat, supplies of dairy products next fall will be smaller than in five years. Hence prices pvob- _ ably will be higher. Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace is expected'to return lo- day from Hyde Park, N. Y., where ,he conferred with President Roosevelt on drouth problenis. Mercury At 100 Six Days This Week The leiiiperaliirc at 1 p. in. today regislrred 100 degrees, making the .sixth consecutive day thai Ihe mercury has climbed to or passed the century mark here. While tlie weather- has been hoi nnil dry for some time tlie unusually high temperatures date from last Sunday when the thermometer registered 100. On Monday it soared to 104 and has been tapering on" slightly each day since. Tuesday'the'-maximum was 103; Wednesday and yesterday it was 101. Today's maximum, however, may exceed the 100 mark as on several occasions this week the highest uoint on the thermometer was readied In mid-afternoon. Din-ing the present heat wave the temperature lias thus far failed to equal the season's high mark of 105 set In June. FIFH m CENT Governor Reports Half of Legislature on Record as Willing to Meet. LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 21 (Ul 5 )The otTlce ol tlov. J. M. Futrcl! s.iid today that about hair of the general a:rcml>ly 1ms expressed v.-idin'prcss lo inert i;i special cession lo correct an oversight in .Hie sales tax .bill. 'Hie t''inor started polling tin; legislature .Wednesday lo de-' termi'ii' if a minority favored -'a rail ror Die iiurpotc pi appropriat. .ins '35 per cent ..pi - sales' !ax revenue tr. Hie welfare' fund for paying pensions. - The governor estimated tin; 35 per cent would amount to nppim.mately Sl.OOJ,- 000 by J:m The Irderal gov- eminent matches fliite funds tiol- pi.'nsion pay- Will Study Debt Problems of Drouth Area Farmers LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 21. (UP) —Committees from 20 drouth counties will meet in Fort Smith next Tuesday to seek means of preventing foreclosures on debt, burdened farms in west Arkansas. A. L. Gayler, chief of the farm debt adjustment unit of the re- setllement administration said today: "It Is proposed to let the county debt committees present a pic- lure of the situation to the loan agencies after which an attempt will be made to work out plans for deferring payments due this fall or refinancing Ihe indebtedness." Olhers who will nltcnd the inteling Include representatives of the Farm Credit Administration, the Federal Land bank, the Production Credit Administration and nil state and federal agencies cooperating in Ihe drouth relief program. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (UP) — Stocks crashed today on war rears. Losses ranged lo more than 10 points throughout the list and trading increased near the close, causing llckers lo (all behind. A. T. and T 170 1-8 Anaconda Copper 301-2 Beth. 'Steel 59 7-8 Chrysler 109 1-4 Cities Service 41-8 Coca Cola 1143-8 Gen. Am. Tank 54 1-4 Gen. Electric 44 5-8 Gen. Motors 04 Int. Harvester 75 1-8 McKesson-Robbins ... 95-8 Montgomery Ward .. 43 1-2 N. Y. Central 39 1-8 Packard 10 1-4 Phillips Pel 41 1-4 Radio 10 1-8 SI. U-S. P. 2 1-8 Simmons Beds 35 1-8 Standard of N. J, 61 1-4 Texas Co 37 5-8 U. S. Smelting 78 U. S. steel 86 I I Warner Bros 117-8 Zontte 63-* lar for dollar menis. "Most tit lli'oso I iroi:' favor Ihe fcitlon," Fulfill! si-IJ. liowrver. want FOR ROOSEVELT Hunt Finds Farmers Support New -Deal; Morris Influence Is Important. '•MslrnfiiFT In tlie Farm Belt" en assignment from the Courier NCUS, Ace llcooi'ter Fra/.ier Hunt i-cines to Nebraska anil probes inr-elortion sentiment in that l-r-'itlrnllr slralegic slale. This is 'be fifth or six articles record- ins Hit sincere, unbiased fimliiigs cr a world-famed conx'stwndcnl and author. BY FKA7.IEK HUNT (Copyright, 19M, NEA Service, Inc.) Gus Summick was a German boy or 20, with 50 cents in his pocket when he landed In Omaln 50 years ago. Today he has eleven children, 1,200 acres or rich Nebraska Hud ami money in the bank. And he l.ns the American equivalent or the red ribbon or the French Legion or Honcr— (he president or tiie United States has eaten Tried chicken al his farm home 20 miles r.r so west of Omaha. I turned in the lane and pulled up alongside his big white bouse. with the striped awnings. A gai'- ilen sprinkler was whirling aivay in the thirsty trout la-vn. Gils and two or three or his sturdy sons were resting at noon under a great tree. Gus was a little hard to draw out. but lie finally loosened up. and soon we were chatting nway like old friends. "Now. die fiirm- ers around here ain't oing to vole lor London." he insisted. "Why should they? • Say, four years ago we, was' selling hogs for S2.55- a'-'tiiindred and hnullnj; ll'C-m to 'gmalia^ffow llisy're four iimcc that much'.V And we sol.i coin anil hauled It for 17 ccnu; a bushel. It's four times thai now! And the' same with wheat and everything else that Ihe farmer raises. You Ihink lie's goin? to forget? Say, 75 iier cent of Ihe "Fonie or them 'o apin-opriale £0 per ctnl of trie sales tax tc-r- enui's for welfare purposes, wi:l. the remaining 50 psr cent yoini; to Hie ccmnion schools. Another suggestion maele in tlie replies was that part of the funds should \>; iisecl for aiding widows." Tic RYirciitivc committee of the slate welfare commission issr.eei slatemcnt declaring allocai.ton of the 3n per cent to tin; welfare fund would enable the sit If ^ fanners around here will vote have heard if" 1 ' Roosev-l. Why. Landon is go- Govenurl ing to hr.vs plenty of troubk- !• double its present to the ugcil and blind. ll'e n L i:.itlce's stcleinenL r^p- ed the ri'-nnaclmcni of the ^hl'.v tax act. Ihis wil! be a iiwlcer the funeral assembly, carrying i,is own stale. He jusi ain't stout enough.' I reminded him that many people over America had Iigur.;d Hint hu Iiad lurne-1 dowr: Roosevelt. The old fellow's eyes blazed. "Say, that v;ar, all nwiseiK-e" he an.r.u-'.-od. "You know all • I was to write a letter to mi did ccngressinnn that our school taxes on part of our was going Ic be miser! from 4 mills to 3 millf kctxu'sc of all the children brought in on this Two Rivers re- ptn",iC'n:i! settlement project ' •• over th-re three miles away. I just wanted that we didn't g°.i the extra taw.s. is Ihe greatest Say. htm to stuck (or Eloosevell iu, mi, £ii'L-i(n iioo^Miuij-,;i.ii| n tni. 'vorld. , convenos in January, to pass up- l ; m instead Pros ami Cons I wai intereslcd in what Tlie snlcj tax act, pass; 1 at ;1:lil to tiie 1935 si-;sion as an emergmi:.v Oma »a measure, expires automatic.!:. y I lro J cc 'next- July I unless it is re-c:vi"ted ™°ney—a silly experiment—pour jit l!;c iii-xt. session. New York Cotton NEW. YORK, Aug. 21. (UP) — Colton closed barely steady. open high low close Oct 11CG 1168 1153 1153 Dec 1171 1114 1156 1150 Jan 1116 1176 1161 1159 Mar 1182 1182 11G5 1165 May 1181 1182 11G6 116G July 1175 HTG 1168 11G2 Spots closed quiet at 1203, olf 11. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 21, (UP) — Late hedges forced down earlier and more favorable quotations based on drouth conditions lo- day and cotton closed 60 cent a bale lower. open high low close 1101 1163 1148 1148 1164 1168 1151 1151 Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Mas- July 1167 1175 1176 1165 1167 1167 1152b 1176 1160 1176 1102 1UJ5 1105 he W5' a'rout Hie coio:r/. In I had heard the whole criliclzcd _ a waste of money—a silly foil—graft. I .turned nrouid find headed it Rivers. Where Crews Toiled to Save Four In Would Take Money "Out of ihe Hides of the Needy" Says Relief Chief. WASHINGTON, Aug. 21. (UP) —Works Progress Administrator Harry L. Hopkins charged loday (hat Ciov. AK M. Landon, Republican presidential nominee, wolild curtail federal expenditures ' If elected "by taking the money, out of the hides of [he needy." His statement was interpreted as an Insight into the administration's belief that voles could ue won for the New Deal by comparing benefits of its work rejief program lo u Republican , dole. "Sure," Hopkins said, "Governor Landon can curtail expenditures. He can do it by the very simple manner of taking [he money but or the hides or the needy." He intimaled Hie Republican candidate Is following that policy now in his own state, declaring 'Kansas has not put up a single penny for relief." Hopkins,, back from a vacation that started early lost spring, Included other prominent Republicans and ihe party's national committee in his attack. Frank Knox, he said, "is seeking Hie vice-presidency by running around the country telling people how to save money by throwing all Ihe unemployed on n dole." He queslioned Ihe progrcssivism of John D. M. Hamilton by declaring Hie G. o. P. national committee chairman opposed the child labor constitutional amendment in the Kansas legislature.. vew York Commission Postpones Decision on Braddock's Plea. NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (UP) — The New York Elate Athletic Commission tcelay postponed until Eeiitcmlicr 15, a decision on whether HcavtfwciglJt Champion Jimmy Braddock would have to go.on with his title defense fUht against Max Schmeli liiuj of Germany. The commission, after lislemn- to a physician's report that Brari- dock was suffering from arthritis i and would need a month cr more to round Into condition went Into a " on! with its huddle and came decision. my (or Offer itlalcli for Louis LONDON. Aug. 21 (UP)-Aftcr a trans-Atlantic telephone .call, a group of London promoters loday cabled definite terms to Mike Jacobs, Twentieth Century club "-"—*— '-• - - In the PUllcd '!|> man vt&t cf tlie colon'- I Tirol *""" I Jromo ' er ' for Joe Louts to meet Ben Foord, British heavyweight champion, in England. The cable was dispatched by Trevor Wignall, British sports writer, who is negotiating for promoters whose Identity Is secret. n?;i.- where a tali, K\in '.'wki:-.? n hand-power plow in a discouraged acre or iwtnlocs. 1 :nlk-d to him und he shut <>iY n ls machine mid cam- over lo the car. Hi: had beer. .1 farmer .mil }.:<; v r>\ leachcr. Tl^r- were 35 settlers here, broken nen who had been chosen from several hundred applicants, he explained to me. Each had a cum- [orirble lill'c four or five room hon.o, set in an elg'il-are p;ot- • 1 nd a share In some £00 acres of a c.-•:)!;. .inlty co-jj/ruive 1.1:111. dairy and poultry enterprise. i ... , -. "We got our own private chick-1 AUtl " or S Mother Dl6S; ens. loo," he said proudly. "Won't you come over and see my house "nd my chickens?" I followed him down tlie dusty! lne road and we lurncd In at Ills nnnn neat, little home. He could not A ,m hide how proud he was or It all.I -• "e had n chance here. He was Sounds Good to Jacobs NEW YORK. Aug. 21 (UP) — Mike Jacobs said today he was waiting for a cabled confirmation or a London otTer for Joe Louis to fight Ben Foonl. 'The proposition sounds gocd,' Jacobs said, "but if we accept the purse must be tax free." Scant Hope Had Been Held for 1 Foui Impiisoned in Missouri Pit. MOl't-KlA', lire, Auf 21 (OT) — The feiu miners trained. In n ocal mine ncir here for' 7» lic'iirs Here reported [ound alive Icdny by ( searching party. - Toiling elesncrately, In short shifts, miners arc shown as (hey worked for ihe rescue of four men entombed in Ilic Esry coal shaft near Moberly, Mo. The victims were 1 rapped 110 feel below Die surface when (he supwslrucUtre at the head of the shaft burned and ihc cntryway walls collapsed into The passage. Tons of dirt and rock were between' Ihc rescue crews and the (nipped men, two or whom tire lessees of the mine and (lie other Iwo employes, leclnllvcs or Ihe four kept constant vigil at the shaft. Row Over Prayer In Slacks Whether slacks and halter are suitable attire for prayer is the problem provoked by ejection of Rita Breen (above), 21 and convent reared, from the Roman Catholic church in Babylon. L. I., by Father James A, Smith, (Inset), when he discovered her praying in beach clothes. Because she understood that Father Smith had referred to "morons and the gutter" in discussing the case, she made a futile effort to institute slander proceedings against him. . State Capitol Closed R ° c .f'. Al 'S 21 , (U , P) ~ v P W " S ClCSOd y '"memory or Mrs. , 11 GO 1162 H5Tb 10. Spots closed quid at 1183, OIT Chicago Wheat open high low close Bep 112 1-2 113 3-4 112 1-2 113 1-4 Uec 111 3-4 113 111 5-8 112 3-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Eep 112 113 3-4 112 112 1-2 Dec 97 1-8 98 1-8 96 7-8 97 5-8 a man again. His wife showed me about the tiny home. Tlie modern kitchen was her Joy—next lo Hie big basemenl. "You Just can't know what Uils means to us afler what we been through," she said, the tears welling in her brown eyes. The husband led me out lo the chicken house and opened the door. Fifty or more white pullets were fighting the heat and trying their best (o pay for their keep. We slrolleel back towards Ihe car. "If a man can't make a go of it here It's his own fault," my host wcnl on slowly. Al a corner grocery store and (Continued On Page 3) Auditor Charles mother • Parker. v.tll bo . . buried nt Stephens Ibis afler- noon. Livestock FAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. Aug. 21 (UP)—Hogs: receipts 5,000 Top 11.70 JW-230 Ibs. 11.50-11.60 140-160 Ibs. 9.75-10.50 Bulk sows 8.85-9.75 Cattle: receipts 2,000 Steers 4.65-5.35 Slaughter steers 4.75-9.60 Mixed yearlings and helfors 5.50-7.75 Slaughter heifers 4.50-900 Beef cows 4.00-4.75 Cullers and low cullers 2.75-3.50 Stern British Note Warns Against Airplanes Flying Over Gibraltar. LONDON, August. 21. (UP)— Great Britain sternly warned Spanish loyalists and rebels today lhat It will prolccl its ships from any illegal inlerfcrence and will Ire on any airplanes lhat persist In flying over Glbrallar. U Spanish airplanes fly over Gibraltar, Briltsh guns will fire three warning shots, Then if Ihe airplane has not made oil they will Tire at the plane. Tlie order, by a government Uial Is understood lo regard a victory ror loyalists as a lesser threat lo peace Ihan a Spanish Fascist slate, was regarded as dramatic evidence or Ihe grave alarm which Britons feel. Tlie stoppage or n Germ.ri steamship by loyalist warships and a consequent warning by Germany that It would meet rorce with force lo protect Us ships In Spanish waters brought to the urgent point, rear that there may be an inlernallonal explosion. So greal was Ihe alarm lhat it was understood tlie government would urge Spain lo apologize at once for slopping Ihe German ship and thai France might also Join In the appeal. Judge Announces Indictments by Oiie-Man Detroit Grand Jury. DETROIT, Aug. 21. (UP)—Circuit Judge James E. Chcnot announced today that 22 members of the. Black Legion have been indicted on charges of criminal syndicalism, growing out of his exhaustive one-man grand jury Investigation of Ihe .hooded and robed .. vigilante ;band. ,,. The - Indictments ; were' ' handed ilown almost at the same 'time lhat two other members of the subversive order were sentenced to prison Icrms in another courtroom. "I cannot reveal the names of those indicted until they are in custody," Judge Ch'enot said. "However, four of the men already arc In custody' on various charges. They are Harvey Davis, Clarence Fryc, William Guthric and Roy Hcpner." . Mo AUJJ 21 (UP) — Rescue of foui men, traposd in a' ioal mine since Tuesday n. lei-noon— or reco\eiy of their bcdies-appeaied imminent this fternoon after icscue crews «q- :ceded In clearing the main shaft There \serc no signs of the four as the i ranters, tired and weary after; day? and nights of work In the shaft reiwned the last blockfl-Je of dlii, timber, and rock and out through the steel cage. at the bottom Arnold Griffith, state mine 'iri- spcc(or in charge of the work, came; lo the sin race to arrange final phases of the rescue. '•The air Is a lot better than yo 'xpectcii to find il, ' Griffith ?altj 'We will aerate some but it won't take us as long us we had anticipated We ought to get the answer to the fate of the four men In a little while" Hundreds of curious cheered when \\oul vent through ihe «rowd that the shaft had been cleared. Hclati\es of the trapped jrcu moved ri',!li"ilj Hoping their men fi'lk are alive despite the ibclicf of n Oot veteran minsis that llicy ha\e succumbed thay Imvc kept a constant vigil lor nearly 70 hours ut ihe'rnine.head. Stale highway patrolmen md boys from the rvjoherly CCC camp and deputy, iieil.f 1 !. conremd with Gilirith i ixidt police reg I- lailoiw. A 1 cavy cable has liel I the ennwh ill a reasonable disi tanco .from the shaft throughout tho rescue york but , Griffith feared it might t-e broken ttheil the nun are brrtfht lo the surface. Minnesota Governor Is Losing Fight for Life ROCHESTER, Minn.. Aug. 21 (UP)—Gov. Floyd B. Olson, suffering from an Inoperable cancer, lest strength steadily today although physicians announced he rested more easily than al any lime since he came to Mayo Brothers hospital by airplane Monday. The Farm-Labor leader still remained cheerful and planned details or ills campaign to win Minnesota veil. ror President Roose- Hurricane Is Moving Toward Florida Coast Seattle Guild Members Announce Plans for Morning Newspaper. SEATTLE, Wash., Aug. 21. (UP) —The Sealtle chapter or the Newspaper Guild, whose strike ha.' prevented publication of the Seattle Post-Inlelligencer during the past eight days, announced today it will publish a morning newspaper here. The newspaper, guild official! said, will be "free or propaganda.' The guild announcement came after strike leaders expressed the belief there was llllle chance of immediate settlement of the controversy because of refusal by Post-Intelligencer executives lo arbitrate. Richard Seller, president of the Seattle guild chapter and one of 43 news men whose strike for reinstatement of two discharged em- ployes caused suspension of the paper, said he felt the public was tiring of the flow of propaganda. Harvey Kelly, general labor counsel for Ihe Hearst publications, insisted "the Post Intelll- j gcncer will still not compromise with mob violence." Gov. Clarence D. Martin, speaking over a two-stale radio hookup last night, refused lo intervene in the :,trike. MIAMI, Fla., Aug. 21 /(OP) — A Iropical hurricane whirled lo- ward Hie Florida cast coast loci i.y. Residents sought cover as the federal hurricane warning system reported the elisturbancc carrying gales as high as 40 miles an hour would strike tlie coast mai Jacksonville "wllhin a few hours." The so-called ?'Frei\h" le),e- phone was invented in Ihe Uniled Stales by Robert G. Brown, in 1080. •....-. The Venus ilycalclicr, carnivorous plant of the Carolinas. cats Insects, but will also snap its "Jaws" on anything "fed" to, It. Boyce Dickson Heads Lepanto Legion Post LEPANTO, Ark.—Boycc Dickson of Lepanto was clccteel commander of Willie Lamb Post No. 26 American Legion, at a meeting here Thursday. other odicers elected were Ode Manley, firs vice-commander; Jim Hamilton second vice-commander; C. B Baptist Pastor Plans "Evangelistic Clinic" Something new In religious programs will bo inaugiiraled iiers Sunday irhen the Rev. AlfrSJ Carpenter will open an "Evangelistic Ollnic" at tiie First Baptist church. Difftrins from the usual type of revival meeting, the Iwicc-a-day sorrices will' b-.- in the form of answers to questions submitted by members of tlie church and their'friends. The clinic will continue through Sunday, August 29 In beginning the ciurlc Sunday. Ihe pastor will preach-;on "Do We Need a Moralcri'.mi' on 1 ye aching?' 1 at Ihe 11 o'clock and that night on "What not-s God Do With the Saved JTLiujns' Sins?" in answering tv.-o q-it'l!cns already asked. !!i ! ?:nnlng Monday, the- niorn- i:i^ services will be heid nt 7:15 /o'clock, for tliirly minutes, and the night services at 7:30 o'clock. There will be a full choir, under the direction or Mrs, Paul L. Tip tori. Members are being urged to submit llicir questions. Already-.23 have been asked. Mapiewood Girl Dies Louise Manns, 8-year-old Maple- wooii, Mo., girl, died at 11 o'clock Thursday morning at her home. Her death was attributed to malaria. Funeral services were held this morning at Sandy Ridge cemetery, where Interment was made, with the Hev. Alfred Carpenter officiating. The Moss Funeral Sen-ice was in charge of funeral, arrangements. Breaks Shoulder in Fall McClcllan, adjutant and finance i officer; O. H. Bell, service ofli-l Mrs. Mary PhlUlp; Robinson cer; W. N. Ray, chaplain; II. L. | broke her right shoulder when. she fell while gallierlng eggs Monday at her country home, two miles south on Highway Gl. She Is resting very well at her, home. Richards, sergeant at arms; Dr. C. E. Uylcr, post surgeon. W. W. Shaver Is New Owner of Mahan Gin W. W. shaver has purchased the Mahan gin and will operate it this rail. Mr. Shaver operated Ihe gin two or three years ago and has had years of experience as an operator of gins In the western part of the county. The Mahan gin, one of the best known in the city, was operaled by Tom Martin of Dell .last year. WEATHER Arkansas— Generally fair tonight and Saturday. Continued warm. / ' i Memphis and vicinity—Fair «nd.- continued warm today and tomorrow. The maximum tc yesterday was. 101, clear, according to S?/ rlj, official wetfthf:

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