Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on June 1, 1978 · Page 26
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · Page 26

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1978
Page 26
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6 Section 2 Chicago Tribune, Thursday, June 1, 1978 ? TfempoTv Delay of weekly 'Weekend' show a blow to producer and public alike BC, WHICH (or io many years epitomiied ex- cellence in news programming, nas sunk into a M XI shameful situation. And many employes of NBC H News bothpn the air and behind the scenes are deeply resentful of-the corporate huckster-ism responsible for the problem. The network that once was represented Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and the largest anffmost-watched news organization in television is about to play third- . fiddle to CBS and ABC in one prestigious area: the presentation of news in prime time. Beginning this summer and continuing through fall, NBC, for the first time in its history, will telecast fewer prime-time documentaries, magazines, and news specials than either CBS or ABC. The reason isn't hard to decipher: For the last three years NBC has run a sorry third in the prime-time audience derby And because news programs usually attract small audiences, the bosses of NBC are cutting their prime-time news commitment to the bone. Nowhere is this news cutback being felt more painful-. ly than In the offices of "Weekend," the splendid monthly newsmagazine that was supposed to become a weekly NBC series in prime time beginning in September. TWO WEEKS ago, NBC officials pulled a fast one on fans of "Weekend." They pushed back the program's weekly target date to December. The program will be seen only once a month in September, October, and November. The sudden delay angered Reuven Frank, creator and executive producer of "Weekend," who had hired dozens of new people for the September weekly kickoff . "I've cooled off a little by now," he told this column. "But having the floor disappear from under you isn't all that much fun. God, I was mad, but I've kind of recovered from it. I don't think the delay will cause us any great harm, although some of our people are going to be a little underemployed for a few months. "My late great friend and mentor, Bill McAndrew (longtime president of NBC News), used to counsel patience. And I used to argue with him and say, 'Patience is all right if you live through it,' " FRANK FEARS that NBC, in treating "Weekend" as an unwanted stepchild, might be giving its rival networks an advantage in a crucial area. There's no way to measure the enormous public goodwill generated by a classy and spirited magazine show. "I've now been at NBC just a few weeks shy of 28 ' years," Frank explained, "and I've learned that the only thing of real value in this business is time on the air. You can steal money, if necessary, to finance a project. But if they don't give you the air time, there's 1 r j y "Ha i i ri. x n m, root w; mppek ahp Hutu i MR, SLIDE 'N SPLASH Heavyduly polyethylene. 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M AAA AIRMmRESSUay LAWN SHOWER Gary Deeb TV-radio crltlo nothing you can do with the money. Getting on the air is what's important." In that regard, "Weekend" still could be In trouble even after it gains its weekly time slot in December. Although the three fall monthly specials are scheduled for 9 p.m. Sundays, NBC says the permanent slot has yet to be chosen. "They tell me it will either be Friday or Sunday," Frank said. "I guess Sunday would be ideal, but if they put us on Fridaythat's OK. Just put us on the air. The rest will take care of itself. The program will percolate. We'll be doing worthwhile things in an attractive manner. Given a chance, the audience will find Us." FRANK IS pleased by a surprise confrontation that developed when NBC programmers sprang the announcement of the "Weekend" delay. This column has learned that on May 15 in New York, when the board of delegates of NBC's affiliated stations were informed of the pushback of "Weekend," the local station managers rebelled. Many of them rose up in anger and pilloried NBC executives (or their cavalier . treatment of a respected program. "We realize NBC is panicky because of its poor ratings," one station manager told this column. "But it's actually at times like these that you want a nice prestige item on the air every week. This way, even if we take our lumps in the ratings, we can point with pride to this fine prime-time news program." Shocked by the foul mood of the affiliates, NBC vice chairman David Adams stood up and promised them that "Weekend" definitely will get airborne weekly in December and that no further delays or foulups will occur. THUS, THE station bosses, whom many of the network officials privately refer to as "local yokels," displayed considerably more taste and dignity than their network counterparts. Meanwhile, Reuven Frank continues to hold one basic wish: that NBC simply puts "Weekend" on the air each f"' heavyvinylllnerwIOyaar warranty, Vi HP , sand (liter, 46 inch ladder. Unassembled. ALL MUSKIN ATaiQ DISCOUNT oli viif- . m tkr mt. i it at. av Ji?ra 6 FOOT X 15 INCH STEEL WALL POOL Corrugated stsel wall construction wlnllatablt top rail, Heavy-duty vinyl llnar. Repair hit Included. UnaBsamblad. ALL QU AT BIQ DISCOUNT 8F00TX1SINCH(wsi..iiop I I JO? 4 Inch high platllo. f ! ellach 10 lawn hose on I lor easy Inslallallon. rtKI j ALL HO. AT BIQ DISCOUNT I SOUTH CHICAGO 3041 9?no Street ni,. Humtn 1 BURBANK 8148 So Cicero Ave NILES NORTH 3868 9555 Milw Ave A',H i'tm G,K Mil' ! I W W flttl ! - a0t available at north center. Logan squaie, or So. chloaeo j 10'-? 19" rail, not thown.). j I a. 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David Cohler has resigned as a WMAQ-Ch. 5 reporter and is being replaced by Stephen Ray, who has worked at KMOX-TV in St. Louis and WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. . . . Also at Channel 5, Terry Connelly, a Chicago native, has been named executive producer of the 4:30 p.m. newscast. Connelly recently has been news director of WDAF-TV in Kansas City and WAST-TV in Albany, N.Y. " "Aunt Martha and the B.S. Love Counselor," a live WTTW-Ch. 11 special about teen-age pregnancy, has won a Corporation for Public Broadcasting award. The program was produced by Michael Hirsh and hosted by WLS Radio deejay Bob Sirott. Ernie Anastos, former manager of WLTD Radio, has been hired as a reporter and substitute news anchor at WABC-TV in New York. After leaving Chicago in 1976, Anastos spent two years as an anchorman at WPRI-TV in Providence. Dinah Shore's daily talk-variety show has been renewed for another year by Channel 2. . . . But Mike Douglas continues to hurt. 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The bronco and the baroness. 1 p.m. Channel 44 "GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROADWAY" Bart Dan Dallay Albert Charles Winnlnoer Helen Nancy GuSd Toby Charlie HUQQlee Directed by Uoyd Bacon (1948) Until 2:30 p.m. Or give them to this hodgepodge musical about a veteran vaudevillian who tries to keep his family together in spite of their marriages -and lack of show biz fever. 1:30 p.m. Channel 11 "THE MAGGIE" Paul Douglas Alex Mackenzie . jamea Copeland Abe Barker Directed by Alexander Madtendrlck (1951) Until 3 p.m. Paul Douglas' shenanigans as a sea captain trying to outwit big business shouldn't leave you "High.and Dry" (the original title). 3:30 p.m. Channel 7 "ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS" Karama ' Cella Kaye Ramo - Larry Domaaln Tutok Ann Daniel Directed by James Clark (1964) Until 4 p.m. (Color) The kids should enjoy this story set on a plush, colorful island about a group of marooned children who have a series of adventures on titled isle. 8 p.m. Channel 32 "DYNAMITE JOE" (1967) Until 10 p.m. A government agent uses explosives as sole protection from attack. 10:30 p.m. Channel 9 "TWO FQR THE ROAD" Joanna Wallace Audrey Hepburn Mark Wallace Albert Finney Cathy Manchester Eleanor Bron . Directed by Stanley Donen (1967) Until 12:46 a.m. (Color) Bright, sophisticated, romantic comedy about a married couple who feel their marriage is failing and decide to work hard at saving their life together. 12:45 a.m. Channel 7 "BUT I DON'T WANT TO GET MARRIED" Walter Benlamm Herschel Barnard) Hallie Kay Msdloid Evelyn Shirley Jones Laura Sue Lyon Directed by Jerry Pahs (1970) Until 2:18 a.m. (Color) A recently widowed man finds that he has become fair game to a trio of women whose objective is the altar. 1:15 a.m. Channel 2 "ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM" Anna Irene Ounne King Rex Harrison Son Richard Lyons Directed by John Cromwell (1946) Until 3:55 a.m. Original, and nonmusical, version of "The King and I" is a marvelous story of a widowed English governess who journeys to Siam to tutor the ruler's children and finds his royal arrogance is a match for her common tenacity. 1:17 a.m. Channel 9 "4-D MAN" Robed Lansing Lee Merrtfeatrier Dkeeted by living 8 Yeawonft (1959) Until 3:06 a.m. A man masters the science of molecular transportation, giving him the power to walk through walls, doors, and to the head of very long lines. 3:55 a.m. Channel 2 "THE TALL T" PatBrennan inner Doretla Mims Randolph Scott Richard Boone Maureen o'Sullivan Directed by Budd BMtllcher (1955) Until 5:35 a.m. Typically well done Boet-ticher-Scott collaboration about a rancher whose land is put in jeopardy by a band of outlaws. Rosey Grier guest-stars on "CHlPs" at 7 p.m. Thursday on Channel 5. Thursday Morning ., 5:50 CD Htadltitlon 5:55 (S3 Thought for the) Day GD News 6:00 (JD Summer Semester () Knowledge 6:15 GD 5 Minutes to Live By 8:1 9 GD Reflection! 6:20 GD News 6:24 CD Newt ; 6:25 (33 Top o' the . Morning 6:30 CD It's Worth Knowing CS Ron Hunter Today CD Perspectives 6:55 GD WBBM Editorial GD Earl Nightingale GD News 7:00 GD News Today CD Good Morning America GD Ray Rayner W Sesame Street 8:00 CD Captain Kangaroo (3D Electric Company 8:30 GD I Dream of Jeannle (R) S) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood '9:00 GD Magazine (3D Card Sharks GD A.M. Chicago GD Movie "The Cowboy and the Lady." (ID Sesame Street (2 Opening Stock Market 9:30 GD The Price Is Right GD Hollywood Squares (S) Most Active StocksCommodities g$ Mundo Hispano 9:35 2 Business Newsmakers 10:00 GD New High Rollers CD Happy Days (R) W Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 2 News 10:15 S3) Most Active StocksCommodities 10:30 GD Love ot Ufa GD Wheel ol Fortune CD Family Feud (JB Electric Company US Ask an Expert (33 Newatalk ' 93) 700 Club 11:00 GD The Young and the Restless GD Sanlord and Son (R) GD $20,000 Pyramid GD Phil' Donahue (HI Music US) News . 132) Romper Room 11:30 GD Search for Tomorrow GO Gong Show CO Ryan's Hope (St) Lillas, Yogs, and You 121) Ask an Expert ) Banana Splits Thursday Afternoon 12:00 GD Noonbreak GD News Jorie Luelotf CD All My Children GD Bozo's Circus (3D French Chef 1211 News (33) Casper 93) Bullwlnkle 12:15 (Z Most Active StocksCommodities 12:20 83) Ask an Expert 12:30 GD As the World Turns GD Days of Our Lives (3D Over Easy 132) Fllntstones (R) SS) High Hopes 12:50 SS) Earning Report 1:00 GD One Life to Live GD Family Affair (R) (3D Dick Cavort (R) SS) News (32) That Girl (R) S3) Movie "Give My Regards to Broadway." 1:05 S3) Market Bssket 1:30 GD The Guiding Ljght GD Doctors GD Love, American Style (R) (3D Movie "The Magglo." (2D Ask an Expert 02) Lucy (R) 2:00 GD Another World GD. General Hospital GD Love, American Style (R) W News (32) Beverly Hillbillies (R) 2:15 129 Most Active) Stocks 2:30 GD All In the Family GD Mickey Mouse Club SS) Questions and Answers on Art 132) Magllla Gorilla 93) Popeye 3:00 GD Match Game GD For Richer, for Poorer GD Edge ol Night GD Fllntstones QD Sesame Street SS News (32) Casper 93) Super. Heroes 3:15 SS) Most Active Stocks 3:20 SS) Marks! Wrap-up 3:30 GD Dlnahl GD Marcus Wslby CD Movie "Island ot the Blue Dol-' phins." GD Fllntstones (R) SS) My Opinion 132) Woody Woodpecker 93) Speed Racer 3:45 SS) For or Against 4:00 GD Gllllgsn'e Island (3D Mister Rogers' Neighborhood SS) Soul ol the City 93) Splderman 4:30 GD News Hunter- Crelg GD I Dream ol Jeannle (R) (3D Sesame Street SS) Black's View of the News (32) Three Stooges 93) Johnny Sokko 4:45 SS) Today's Racing 5:00 GD News Walter Jacobson GD News Drury- Murphy GD Bewitched (R) SS) Rina (32) Brady Bunch Hour (R) 93) Rllleman (R) 5:15 S31 God's Word tor Today 5:30 GD News Walter Cronklte CD News Reasoner-Walters GD My Three Sons (3D Electric Company SS) Manana Sera Otro Dla (35 Pase III Breakthrough Telethon 33) F Troop (R) Thursday Evening 6:00 GD News Kurtls-Crlm (5) News Chancellor-Brinkley CD News Flynn-Daly QD Dick Van Dyke (3D Zoom (32) New Joker's Wild 93) Wanted: Dead or Alive (R) 6:30 GD $25,000 Pyramid GD Odd Couple (R) (3D Over Easy S3) Informaclon (32) Let's Make a Deal 93) Wyatt Earp (R) 7:00 GD Waltons (R) CD CHIPs (R) CD Welcome Back, Kotter (R) GD Star Trek (R) QD Callaway Interviews SS) Ayuda! (32) The Cross Wits SS Phase III Breakthrough Telethon Continues 93) Superman (R) 7:30 GD Operation Petticoat (R) (ID McNellLehrer Report 52) Truth or Consequences 93) Gomer Pyle (R) 8:00 GD Hawaii Five-0 GD James at 16 CD Barney Miller (R) CS WGN Special (R) (3D Nova Si) Super Show Goya (32) Movie "Dynamite Joe " 93) 700 Club (R) B:30 GD Fish (R) 9:00 GD Barnaby Jones CS What Really Happened to the Class of '65 CD Bsretta (R) (3D Soundstage 53) El Show de Eduardo II St Phase III Breakthrough Telethon Continues 9:30 93) Room 222 (R) 10:00 GD News Kurtls-Jacobson GO News Ruddle-Craig CD News Flynn-Daly GD News Jack Taylor (3D Dick Cavett 25) Informaclon 2) America 2Nlght 93) Untouchables (R) 10:30 GD M'A'S'H (R) GD Tonight GD Starsky & Hutch GD Movie "Two lor the Road." (3D The Seagull (26) Ml Hermans la Nina 02) Hollywood on- nection 11:00 (32) Best of Groucho 93) I Spy (R) 11:05 GD Movie "Houston, We've Gol a Problem" 11:30 (32) Take Five 11:35 132) Night Gallery (R) 11:40 CD Toma (R) 12:00 GD Tomorrow 12:30 (3D Captioned News 12:45 CD Movie "But I Don't Want tt Gel Married." 12:46 GD News 1:00 (X) News GD Ron Hunter Today 1:15 GD Movie "Anna and the King o 8lam " 1:17 GD Movie "4-D Man." 1:30 GD Ben Casey (R) 2:30 GD Not for Women Only 3:00 CS) News 3:06 GD Victory at Sea 3:36 GD News 3:55 GD Movls "The Tall T." -t ,

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