The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 5, 1939
Page 2
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fVpAGETWO BLYTHEVILLE; (ARK.) COURIER; NEWS'.,. COMFtrMENTARV TICKiT This Ticket Will Admit A. K, Crpw.i Companion Had I, Mo —to the— •HITZjTHEATEB —to £«— "The Hardj's Ride High 1 Social Calendar TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs V. G Holland cnlci tabling Tuisday Ccjntrart club Tuesday Afternoon club meeting with Mrs Me>er^Grnber. Mrs Dixie Crawford lining Young Matron's Biidee c,!ut> WEDNKSDAY'S EVENTS , Mrs Charts L Wjlfo entertaining JVedriesday Coiitract. club Town and Countrj cluls meeting with Mrs, Hugh Harber| , TktjRSD^Y S EVPNTS Mrs Frank McGregor presenting piano students In recital, high school andlloriUm, eight o'clock ,^Cro,T&t-Em clUb ineetlng willi Mrs IX h Sutherland Mrs Byron Morse having' Thtirs- daj Luiicrieon club Thuisday Cohhn'ct club ineellng with Sirs Edgar ScrUnl Mr* b W, Garrigith entertaining Thursday Afferliooli club Doublp Four Bridgfe clilb meeting Rltli Mrs ,Ra)tnond Smith , FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs Ramses Duncan presenting p!ar|o ( sludcnls Ih recital, first M&hottUl church, cighl b'clock Elmwopd Cemetery association rticcUng 2 30 o'clock with Mrs B F Potter at home o! Mr and Mis Eddie B Da\ld FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Alllia B Wed Id Jtsse Miss iella Anita Bradley, daugli- ter of Mr alut Mis A E Biadlcj of r Raleigh, became the brlcie of Jfssc Elkm Gallop, son ot Mi and Mrs A, G Gallop, of this citl and Memphh, oli ^fay 23 Jus Gallop .nltenrted, Humes nigh Echool in Memphis Mi Gil- lop was educated iu Ihe cil> schools He is ixitli llie Ellis Tracking company V<nVs Are tskhanstrt Mr and Mrs W M Mcr-irlantl annouhce Ihe marriage of Ihelr daughter, Miss Grace Emojcan, to Benjamin Franklin Ollssloii ji, of Memphis, Tenn, son of Mrs Ft«n<c Gllsslon Sr, of Noule "ftie ceremony was performed bj the Rev, W !• Mejer pastof of the Eastwood Memorial chinch of CaruthersMIle, jeslerdaj afternoon 5< 4 30 ^o'clock Theibiide wore a white citpc ensemble with a iacc bolero of powder blue Her corsage \\as of _v,hite carnation 1 ; and she v.a\c \\hlle acc'esssbnes She was attended by nci slslci- •ln r law, Mrs. ,;Benard McFarlanri, v>h9 wore a floral printed poml'V puff muslin, nnd Miss Jiorcile Leach, nho wore a white French crepe Both had corsages of pin* carnations , Mr Glission was nttentied bj Kenneth ,Duke, of Memphis, and Beriarct McFarland, broUier ol the bride. , Miss Kothmme Walviole (Md Fred Porter, of Memphis, also ac cpmpanied tlie couple to Caruth- eisville. Mr and Mrs Gllsslon will le- side, in their new home al J03 South Hoynes Street, Chickasw Heights, Memphis Mr Glisslou Is connected willi Die Colonial Baking- company. *' * + Jlr aiid^Mrs Leech IIa\c Weekend Part} Six friends from Maylicld Kj were house^uests of Mr. and Mrs. J A Leech over the weekend They were Mrs. Ruben Burns. Mrs Ki T Burns Miss Ona Hipp, Miss Catherine Beadles Mrs Uudj Morrow and Mrs Jim Loelmdge .Saturday'night, several friends dropped by to meet Ihe guests At The Hospitals Walls hospilal Carl:Bean Jr., city, admitted. Eslelle Longacres. Sleelc, admitted. Bljrlhcullc hospital James Tlirashcr. Manila, admitted G A Banks, Bragg City, ad mitted. Miss Hazel Gurley, city, admitted Mrs Alma James, Porlngevllle, dismissed. Edward Bmgham, Swill, dismissed Memphis Baptist hospital W B* Mitchell Jolnei, admitted Mrs Ida McMlchael, city admitted "H's a new •(Icvcrpmciil—diUMlclions almost ns bijr as snnthciiuims, ah' sniclJijiff lilto i>;in!citi;is." Osceola Society — Personal Mi's Ld Qmiui anil Mrs. Wade Qiiinn I Covers wnc laid died and St. Louis with Mrs. Brlckey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. .)'. Kelly. They drove lo Memphis this morn-' ing to meet their dnughlcr, Miss Ethel -Brickey. , Is returning fHty-lwo Bubsls al the' bililgc hmcliedii given by Mrs. Ed t-. Qulnn and Mrs. wide Qiiinn al Stilton's Country club lust week. Tall floor bnskcl.s of jiopples nnd larkspur «eio placed between all lite windows. Myriads of oilier poppies aiid fern banked (lie stage . from Knoxvlllc, Tenn.; where she hns been « -student In tho Unl- veislly of Tennessee tlic past term. MIsS Brickey will RO to St. Louis tomorrow for a few rtnys OTICMI-U "''"' licl grandparenls and rtlurn for oiic him- llcra , flil ' i 1 wcck before solng back table. vases of the same on e::ch A surprise feature Introduced between courses contest betwcn __ „... and Pete Sultoii, and Dixie Lcc '.was • a Jlllcrbiis; Pear! Carlwrlghl to ICnbxvillo for'-the summer term of Hie University: Miss Brickey will be n senior In the fall. Mrs. ,1. W. Rhodes, and children, Primk, 'Jliii and Carolyn, arrived last, week Iroin FnycUcVUlc for an her soil, Joe ,- ....... ...... sisli'rs-in-jiuv. Mrs. 0. M. Harwell ami ,Miss Nell "'"•'-• here Mrs. Rhode; Memphis hbsptta .-.- and treatment. Mi's. Uctilnli Toiiilluson Koss of 5 1'Ciitcrt tlie lious'e s. Autlmr extended visit wllli \V. Rhotlps HIM) Mrs. C. niiodes. Wlille .liei'e Mrs. Rhodes will go lo a for observati ~.. T -- ^....^ .^^ luwiifti uy nirs. Aiiuiur Hi'irkpv ITI K* r „?• „£.. ^'^ t - ^^eu,, of town \nu, ^ re- Sichcts nhtl lie plus ' were firc- tlic i 'dnhcers by the lio'stcss- es. .Assisting In Clns Huglie\, ........ . ------ , „„..„ Qiiinn and Mary Jo Fisher ol Bly- llievillc Each wore corsages of sweclp'eas from tlie hoslcsses nnd the he side there wlillc supervising erection of a new lioine on farm at Buller. Mrs. Ross, as ilii- serving were Sue daughter of the Inle Mr. aiiti Mrs. Adelle. Hook, Gene Hugh D. Tomlliisoii, silent lici- •-••---• childhood and girllibbd ht tli.i Biitlel' plautnlloh owned by her father. wcie ghen jilterbiig iierfiiine bottles. The Ice cmirse included trick icain with a large "Q" In Ihe enter nnd individual cakes in the shape' of hearts, diamonds, clubs nnd spades with a "Q" on the lop. Each plate carried a corsrigc ol sweet pens. In the g .mes a Sampson can) lablc. white kid puree, and nintch- ,ng vases were won by Airs. John W. Edrineto", Mrs. L. W. Winters, Jr, and Mrs L. W. Wallers. Mrs. •Snin Hedges won o pottery bowl For loutst score. A bi'.vcrrtBc set offered for consolation was cut iy Mrs. Bill Weber. Out-of-town quests were Mrs. John Euoclis Crain ot Wilson, Miss Ann and Mury Jo Fisher of Bly- tlicvnic Assisting llic lioslesscs In re- :eivliie Ihb.gticMs were Mrs. T. !\ Florida, sister of Mrs, I'M Qiiinn, Mrs. J. H. Lovcuell, Mrs. W. O. Mason r.^d Mrs. Rtiymon:! Cnrl- .vright. Mrs. James K. Snrtor of Rayvillc, La., and. Mrs. Jerry Ilixon of Alexandria, La., are here for a visit. with fanner neighbors and school- males. Mrs. Sartor Is remembered as the former Miss Nora French and Mrs. J'.ixou is the fotuicr' l,a- vcrne Crawford, who spent her childhood, here. They will go Irom here lo Ileth to be Ihe guests ol u nnd Ilrs. James R. Young. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Brickey have returned from two weeks visit In Every year, 'I.UDO.OOO' copies of !!ic lelcphmie directory nre luriiccl cut In London. Tlicy weigh -1000 tons. Mule For Sale MRS. uumucii 1'hnnc 372 or 700 , Inefficienl operation 6l snv one set of auloniobile trake slices causes undue wear on the oilier three, nhich must then bear the whole I'ad of braking | - Complete Line of WESTINGHOUSB ELECTRIC ' R^ges M , Watet-Heatcrs ,WALPOLE'S aELEtTRld SHOP ll» 8,(Second ,», Phone 3H S pm I T£ 1 Iot ihc n "> V^llVl »jp J_ , wonl i ]5 0 , TUB Ali.ANtic MONTHLY Mako Ihe inojt O f jonr itArting h out3 Enjoy the wU. the *| sd(111 , n conijaiiloii.iiij, ti, e d,,^ |ia , hlV) a»d6 Hie Atlantic, br over eovetuj Bve ycaie, America'* most quoted >nJ aoit : cWlttied migislne. Send %l (menllonUis Ihls aA) 14 Tbe AtUatic Monibly, 8 Atllajtoa St., kits of News Mostly Personals .„,„ Mrs. illbttird Bollom, of Wiiis, canie Saturday for ,. ,„,„ with her mother, Mrs. Robert E. IJx King, and oilier reiailyes. Miss Marguerite Matlhcws lias gone to Memphis to attend summer session at..West Tennessee State Teachers' college. Mr. and Mrs, J. C. feilis spent . . . yesterday in Dexter,. they visited friends. - —. —• *f?vn*, left j clay lor LaWreiicebur'g, Teiin wJwrc slie will attend the Law-' .j'fjiccburg ^cliool of Music She j plans ib spi;i)d Ihe triohlh of June there studying piaiio ahd valce. Mi-, and Mrs. W. If.- Sliival! sii'enl yesterday , in Cape GIrardeau and Jackson, Mo. Jh Jackson lliey vis- ilcil Mr. and, Mrs. Alvcslcr Hopkins and liie Rev. and Mrs. s. H Salmon, who (ormcrly resided here ll'Oly Stptolli wh|> .accomjwnicci (licm. rcmuln'c<l to si>cnii tivb weeks with his aunt, Mis.'Hopkins ami Mr. Hopkins, Milton Webb has returned to two Mo., where All's. Ciebrgc M. iiiliil anil Mis: Mildred Moore left yeslerday, foi' . Camp Onachila. "- ^}, Cl lii' c If,"' wlls ?». w° to be away for bight s .;" UI M 1 y: i " l ,«':,l«', Baptist libs- , lp nntl " ls rnmilj '' who a' c with Thornburg, Ark,, where they will b'e counsellors In Camp Oiiacliiln. They plan lo be away for bight weeks. They were iiVbloVcd as far us Little itock by Mr. limit aiid P. C, Meyer. Miss visit relallvcs tor a week. Mr. and Mrs. E.. L...Halc, Mrs. ;* *-"w Una I Ct-l(I |(c( Clilcago after, liavliig spent ma weeks here with ills parents, Mr and MiS. S. K. Webb. Mr..,all(i jifs. Eddie.. B, David Mrs. B, P. Potter aiid Mi's. Claude H. Collln.'; siiciit yesterday In ^ie- ,/ ^ ,, . •= • I Mr ' ,. n , nd .,. M ^s. ,H. P. Kclscy and ' B?tt-5 ' ui '' iliv 3 . y. ivii-'yyr, i. j.v, =.-, ^.- , Mte Annabel Bryant left SaiittJ^lS, 13 ^ : iy for Lithe itock wliere She will S° c " ! -'i^„. •' sll. r^inlii/rc r«,- i ...i'ni, Uw'f l)i>lcnls. The .*•" . II11VI , , itlJO, |1, 1 laugliler, ij'eltj Llii, have goiic to 1 -" r ^rvlllc,,Teiin., for a vlsll with p'arciils. They plan 16 b'e away ' for Iwo weeks. Uarirti, wlio .rccciyctl her, degree from Mississippi Stale CpUcse. for Womeii. Slie will accoi«))any them home tospcncl the summer Jierc vvllh her parcnls. Mrs. Precl Hiiima aiul son, Fred i, 0 ji, c "., went lo f\ti'clUvlllc Saiurday 1- jj rs Ing , will . _. .,'. Atflicfc and oilier Miss VVare left this indrn- for Chicago froiii where she go to Maine Id speiid the b" «-v *i««in*i. iu rtJJLJltl UlR siiiiimcr. Mr. Ware reuVriied 16 hts motor trip to they will visit the where San Francisco fair and oilier., pilnis, of, mtqre,st. Mrs. Zcph O'Brien, of Blooinliclci, Mo., is visiting here lor a few (lays. She formerly lived. In this city." Miss Alary Emily Wilson spent the weekend Jn Ilayti <is the guest of Mr. nnrt Mrs.. Eddie Gnithet- who I'ccenfly moved tliero from tills city. • .Mr. and Mrs. Frank still and son, Rniph, Mrs,. Claire Cliirk and daughter, Jamieline, of Hot iSprlng's, were the weekend guesls of Mr. m«l Mrs. Jcsscc Slltt, having cbiii'e Prlday. Mrs. Qllic Fosler and son, limy, liuyc returned to, Los AiiEelcs, Calif., after having come here because of the death of Mr. Fosler, wlio died suddenly after he arrived her'e.fof n visit. Mrs. iicniy Layson went to Nevada, Mo.,' yesterday m'bi for the grnduittion exercises of hci daughter, Miss Mriry Eunice Lay- soti, from Cottey cbilc'g'e. MJss.Lajv sojultas cqmpietcri. the two years* work of tliis^ junior college. Ol. and Mrs. A, M. Washbiirr nnd sons. Mansfield and John nnd daughter, Miss Marina, bl PRESCRIPTIONS^ Safe - - Accurate Your E'rescriptlon' Druggist IFowler Drug Co. Main First rhoiic 111 ON WHAT A MILLION USERS SAY ABOUT ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Mas Nell Mr- »..j n.>vi i>j.joo 11 tin; Crou'dcr \vcnt 19 Mcih'p'lils. yesterday lo be with' 'Mrs. .Clarence H. W;lsoii and fam- lly who nre ii'llli Mr. Witsbh at Die B.-itjllst hcspltal. . Mr. Sue! Mrs. S. E. Webb, wlio liaic.becn residing hj, 715 T,yj, s i Asli street, have moved to Ihcir new lioine at lOll.Hcarh slr'ccl, Mr. rtiid Mrs. Barton Bond and Miss Annie Lcc, Acred of Arlington, Tenn., spent the weekend here with Mrs. Bend's m'otlier, Mrs j F. Ncbhiit, ntal fainily. Mrs. Nebliiit accompanied lliciii iiome far a week's visit. Mrs. A, B. .PillrntW, wlio attends Pcaepdy. college U Nashville, Tenn., is spending a-few days here with her mother, Mrs. ,w. I. Dcnton, and her son, Albert. Mr. and ,Vtrs. S. k. Gnrifcli anil clnugliter, Marv Ellen, spent yesterday In Memphis willi Mrs. Garrcll's sister, Mrs. George W. Bell and the Hev. Mr. Bell. , : Mrs, Tom A. Li it lo and daughter Miss Prances, 'spe'ht Salifriliiy afternoon In Mcm'])hls. .-. , ^^Mlss Maj-y Jeanne Affilck mis ..- -..^j, «..«. ,i,i..ia ^rtuu i\m;- ni^ int; ;>t;asun. uoDerta Florman Adama \vent to Memplils Saturday and Carolyn Betty Bordwskv re to be ivith Miss .Elizabctli Ann celvcd, honorable hierillon Wilson, whcse father, clarimce H. Music was ireiidcrcd bv Pni-i n Wllsbn, Is critically ill at Ihe Bap- Snyder jr. and Mrs. Walter Ro"' tist hospital lh that 'city. """"' . -•' ho - ls qu H fc ,M -• - a ill at the Glenthb. Hotel. Borowsky of Manila will IssiiehUy mporved loday,Hc wis Max Meyers Mhs. Mrs. r - v >. LaGasiie of New dent and Perry Coonerinan nf inHo,, t^ „*-, viiii,ii.i.-,i,i- J. ;"?..'?< OI York City, left today, for F6rt Smith where tiiey Visit Mr. Hobo until Friday. They will lie Joined In Forrest City' by Eai'bara Hobo, who will also visit iicr father, and J. A. I'Uckctl, of Joiner, who will acconip'any them as far as Payclteville where he will attend summer school al the University of Arkansas. Barbara lias b'ceii visiting her grandmother, Mrs. c. R. Hiii'es In Forrest city since Baliirday, Upcn their return herb Mi's. La- Gasse Will remain for a livb wc'eks. visit. Eighty Fivfe At FuiS Tenfiple Israej Service , Elglity-fivc . jJc'rsohs . atleii'ded iiie coiiclud.lng services- of Ihe slimmer seasoh held at Tcniple fs'rabl Siiii- da aftcriibbh aftcriibbh. Tlic liiejiibers rcUgipus sblioHl, froiii of day the , - vllle, Osceolii, Manila, Lilidra ci- riither'svllle, Haytl aitd . KehtioH liresented a closing i^oi'ctsb Jiro- gram of their own. preparation. _. Prizes were awSrilcd as follows: Class Oiie: exccile'nl stu'deiiL cole- liiai^ BoroWsky; iioiior suidehis, Lionel Sllvcrflel'd, Beujiuiiiii Bpr- owsky.. Class two: excellent student, Irriia Sue Kohh; honor stii- dciits, JacqueliiVc. Silv'criield, Hcn- I'yetta Gnfesrhim. Sbnhy Kohn Carblyh I3etty Boi'owsky. blass Three: excellent stiideiH, Flora JHne Borowsky; iioiibr • sliideiilS. Sol Aslriichah, staiiley Ki-aihei-, WE ARE IN JDUi New LoGatibri ; : Kl \V. Main SI. Across From Sterlihj's • MOST. .MOpFJtN Slfoi' IN NORTHEAST ARK. IiivisibU Haif-SoJing Dyes ---Polishes QU AJLITY H. B. Cartipucii Ki. Colib ,1'HONE 120 MONDAY;'JUNE" 5, "1939 -- Ing the._. season. Roberta .Flormnn Cool, south bedroom. Garage ft'ea- . sonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wal- nut - 5-ck-II mithal. II »'»s announced that MALE IIKU' WANTED MAN for soap roiil'e. start Imriin- diately. U;i to $45 nisi week. Cnr given as bonus. Write ZANOL, 7214 Momnouth, Cincinnati. Ohio. ,of the L. K. Hai'wai'g of Os- - — - -• - j "-uw|ji, 4 uitiii ui *u.a* rulliersvllle as s'ccbnd vice-president, ..and : Siegbcri Jledbl was reelected secretary, and treasurer. Rabbi Herman Pollack wtvs reelected to serve as 'minister of Teihjile Israel during the ensuing season. Services will resume in the fall on Sunday, S'cjil, . 10. Visitors from, $ul bl tofeii wei'p: Mr. aiid Mrs. Uest'cr Splil if Ty- roiiza, Mr., and Mrs. M. Nudelman ol _BohiiejTerl'e, Mo., aiid Kirs Lou Miller bf Mai niyer, Mo. Boys Build Large Telescope BOSTON. <Cp)~Members of Ihe CliaHestowfi branch of iii'e fi'bys clul) ;of , Boston have cgtnplcted 'a 53-inch telescope for cxhlbilio'n at the Boys Club of America's convention in New. York City. The boys construe jc'cl tile telescope in club science classes, ^vc'n giilicilng the six -inch optical mirror. . American cehl more British women. Bead Courier News want ads. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY' f'pr Rent Q i • ETeryihihg for your <nter tainment and comfort. Witch Society P«|f Of Cdnrtef New* F«i Free Show tiue*t; Last Times Today v.-biiieh spdnrt 5'6 per for footwear tii'ah do Dr. F. J. Weitz Uejiistcfcli Vetcrinariti'n 719 W, Ash PHbnfc S9a 2 Hew Dixie $80 Each Delta Implements; Inc. 312 Stiiith 2nd Phone 802 Also P.irambiuil CCiitiiiiioiis slihiv & Coiiicdy Siindiiy Aiiin.ission nirtliiice JCc ,i 2(iu Admission Night 10c & 3Se Tue, - Wed. - thur. Tuesday will nnf lie P'ai Day »r Sight this Week. $3 TO $8 ALLOWANCE ON OLD TIRES Terms as Low as $1,00 per Week «l.vlhevillc niriforisis iirc tbrl^iiil.v laidng .idvahlngc .di Phillips big sSle of . Qualily i'TrLsloiib Tires— biiving (Kitti iri SctS every d.ty. Get wiss iitifi C(]iii|) your car or Iriick ivllli Nciv FircstoHc '"Gum Dippcti" Tirci Ihal carry a deliriite _ guarantee f md give you safety and inn'g mileage. Also selected slioris ABmissionHIalmcc lOc & 2Gc au-issian , Night IGc. «. 3Gc FRIDAY- JUNE 9 125 GOOD UEASONS , attend thr show Matinee nr Drive In Today Ycssir, folks, I'm carefree and efficient," says the electric walcr heater. "1 give you instant hot water clay or night, at just the turn of a faucet.. , without a hit of attention from you I No fuss. No muss Because I'm electrically clean! Electrically cool A^L 1 dtmlt heat U P a kitchen or basement a bit' AND I do all this for only 4 few pfehriiei a day! Uieck tip for yourself at Low P/zc'W. H. Electric Rati PHILLIP MOTOR COMPANY n always 106 Ik 2t> Matinees Fri.-SaL-Stin. Last Times Today Fo.v Xeirs A Comedy PAL NIGHTS Two AAmKlcil lor the- Price of I fis~ 5lh & Walnut I'honc >Sin

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