The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Despairing Sufferers Write to Washington for Government Help By RODNEY DUTCHEH WASHINGTON. — Tills business of appealing to Washington when you are iu trouble Is doubtless vary bad, calculated to sap the moral fiber and bankrupt the government Even if that's so, it doesn't make (lie letters recel'ved her? from drouth victims any bss pathetic or revealing. Here are a few c.v- cerpls, A South Dakota school tcnciiai. "The heat outside is lie, Thr , thermometer on this (able where I write registers 110. Tiiere Is no hot wind today. "As I look out of these windows. T see nothing but an unending expanse of baking, dusty carlli an-1 parched, ruined crops. Por me, Otb week. It might not b; so bad, aside from our money loss, If our n cows and heifers did not moo so, .-sometimes an hour at a time, foi • water. "Each day they'grow weaker and thinner. The tongues of the oldest have begun to swell, Their eyes nre bloodshot. "Both our .wells have bicn c3r. for almost tlircc weeks. The bran we have 'won't /last long. I have .much pride In oiir cows. Did you ever own. genlle, blooded cntth? . . . Tlie nearest spring Is several miles down the road. Fourteen families use it. Bach owns stock. We arc rationing Its water. Trie flow decreases daily. There's a water hole about 10 miles away. I heard yesterday 25 families were using It. If the wi'A men could only deepen nnrt enlarge It. ... Won't yon see what can be done about the water hole? I shall close My cows are mooing again " Caclus and Despair An ".old homesteader'' in llontann: "This country Is slowly turning Into n desert. Each year the cactus growth Increases. Its growth lias been remarkable since ism. Cactus follows every droulh The severer Hie drouth' the finer the cactus. I haven't raised n forkful of cattle feed In three years I ha\e not had a crop in eight years And, once, this was the greatest grazing land'of the Northwest" A farm mother in North Dakota"The poor here Is living on braid, Its just braid we psor Is getlln-r iron- town relief folks. Tl^re Is Plenty of babys among us poor here at and How- canany ueened one grow up on braid? Some of us poor l,as cows Milk is good for weened ones, nut oust and dirt In pasturs don't mak« no milk. Our men Is hopclng for road work They been promised But it's bad waiting." * « « No Calllc, No 'Crops A rancher In Wyoming; "I make n living from'land and stock. My stock nnrt t | lc stock of hundreds of others was sold at a great loss two years ago Th- herdswas nearly depleted. This Sear there Is another drouth and a scourge of grasshoppers nnrt Mormon crickets. We arc forced to s-ll all remaining stock. we peoulc try to provide food and clothing !° r °'"\ tn »' illes from land and ^tock We have reached n point «rer e \-.e used relief as bad as those on the relief." A Missouri farmer's wife- "Mv man borrowed SK from the cov Lo Bet a mule. The gov lent him money to get seed. Him and me worked hard 'to,/lake a crop. MV man wanted to gel our bills paid out This long dry spell came ,. r °P a ' ld '"''"f «»d potato patch Is all burned im-Jest burned up Our bills is still owing. Me a 1 M" , d °"' 1 «"' »o «««. We . • And From the South Apn'wcfcy tenant farmer, to President rioascvelt- , n "rtf ar », frcmj <"'d'leadrtr. f halt to nts. they has been a drout heir now am need for work to keep ^^I'^'.oed them. lessen 'i ml ^ Cyls 4 •&•«'>: and almost on suffering. i sole my cow & spent It r or eMa f c(1 ' t - ™ Brccy without taKrenL „, ,£ eel m 8 T C?8S lt meal - P'eas grt me work, i appresats owful "™^ Wife and mothcr ln King Edward as Sightseeing Vacationer Canning Program Move? Tnto Homes Of Farm Families The Resetllcmei'f. Administration's canning program In Mississippi county Is moving Into the cllonls' kitchens this year and ihe community kitchens arc nip- Idly passing out of'existence ac- ccrdlng to Mrs. o. • R. nedfoi'd county home management supervisor of the Resettlement Administration. While the community kitchen filled a need, the new method Is proving muc|, more satisfactory, according to Mrs. Bedford who says that home canning' eliminates many of the problems of operating the community kitchens where families drought their aarden Products on' certain days nml • holwd each -other In the canning 'task. Lack of llwlhlllty .was.r.aj^ys a ,Lor drawback to tlie >communlly ; kitchen. Ditflcultles • In •'tVoifsport- I»B materials to the central kitchen were another problem nlonj with shortage of labor when truck crops were ' moving. Uiidei' the new pl nll 2C smal family sl/c" steam pressure ccckcrs are being used by 171 client families In the county whc cwn or have the use ol them Home'.canning Is said to eliminate many of the problems o the community kitchen. The Individual cooker .'Is' always available to can a quart or a donci tiuarls when the need arises (bus eliminating waste, permit- tin!! greater variety; belter qua] ily and .11 .material saving i- K , King r." 1 ™ , me belle who , - ni.cnlly is seen In the klnj's comfany. Later Edward boarded the yacht Nan- lin for nil Adriatic cruise. Alfonso Watches Revolt from Afar T «fi ave ? s l e ' gra ' Tho doc!or ws Mn'i ttoeal / res ' 1 vcsitables .There ""V" 0 f rcsh vegitables. WL Planted garden three limes. Noth- Wnt? r01 J C A U ° U aint ram «' since nintn of April. I need frssh veqi- tables Why has God done pelegra makes me New Pastor Williold Revivi i _ -—•"•" «•" "ungensiie, meet ing here beginning Saturday nigh In an announcement made to . day he-urged members of th church and their friends to at tend these services. , _ 01BI>1 - G 'h F'sh Required ts seen In this first picture of his vacation Jaunt received In America' In '„ I In UnUSUal Land Deal ILi., , g , y , sm _ llln 6 y° m « womiui at left Is Mrs. Wallls Simpson, the EA ST HADDAM. Conn. (UP}_ A condillon In a deed to lam on Salmon river meadow glvei lo Waller. John Golart nnd Joseph Zlobron Moodus by Prank A. Williams- is that .the ' new owners, whenever - thty went shad fishing, must- give Williarii" shad. • • • -. . . .'.' Fresh Cherries Packed For Winter Consumption Sunken Village Visible Due to Low Reservoir WALTON, N. Y. (UP)—The little village of Old Gibson, mirlcd under the waters of Scholmrlc Reservoir for 10 years, rose Into full view during the drouth. Knlns of churches, stores and homes cnmc into full view as tlic reservoir water level sank to Its lowest point In history. Spires of the Methodist church and the top of the Aldrlch Hotel, venerable Catsklll resort hotel, crept up first to be followed by housetops of the specter village. Despite objections of Mo residents of the. llule town, who fcught against leaving their century old homes, the village w(is abandoned to build the reservoir which feeds the giant Shandakcn tunnel. As the 150-foot dam was completed and the waters of Sclioharle Creek backed up, highways, village streets .and sidewalks sunk from sight and gradually buildings disappeared, forever It was believed. The continued drouth, most severe In years iii the Catskllls re- I yion, cut Into the water supply throughout the entire district and eventually brought, the village above the lake again. ver. and artistic treasures of ("real value taken from the ancient tuinaii at AlCMimlria. Matanuska Colonists To Hold Farm Fair ANCHORAGE, Alaska (UP)—Designed lus a reply to critics' 't!>nl their district lias no agrlcultunl possibilities Matanuska Valley residents plan a four-day agricultural fair this fall. Exhibits planned Include produce, livestock, grain, home economic displays, anlmnts, flshliv and mines, all products of the Matuimska region. On the opening day of the A,i- chorage-Matanuska highway will be opened. . : Tnreo. unruly prisoners who were locked In a strong cell in-a Colombo prison escaped because white nuts ate. away tile brickwork nroimd the window bars. F!nemnonoultramlcroscop]csil i c b- volcnnokoniosts, a new word, - ! li the name of a special dlseasb caused by Inhaling silicious volcanic dust. TWIN FALLswa. (UP'.-cfier- '•les picked in midsummer will wii :t '" caslcrn '""fliiAs next Tlie cheriies arc packed l-i barrels at below free/ing tcm- S,Tnr!i r<!S - • A "" v plfmt l )!lck «' «0.000 pounds of cherries foi tins use. . Beer is an ideal source of ciuicl- energy, doctors agree. Sufferers Praise Pile Ointment utflt rrfler »t l.nsl r . iur« o£ i-Ucs. THUr c ,aiefi!t Idlers tell lioi? l!u Tliotnlon & Minor rile Ointment ' bronchi roller Irom |,ao llehlnir.'blecdl Inflmnmnllon n[id ],aln. Try ilih I'rlvna la Prescription. It miiMl a.itlsfy /o» ll coat 1TIU be refunded. For llio B Q at Robinson Drug from the battle's roar, ex- Xing Alfonso nevertheless kecpi n close touch with events m Spain. Garbed in Tyrolean dress, ho is seen as the guest of Count Mellernich dk Koenigs- \vart. near MarieiVbad Czechoslovakia. I French Vessels Sunk i By Nelson May Be Floated ! SPEZfA, Italy (UP)-Two of 1 Napoleon's fleet of ships which Were sunk by Nelson in tlie Day 'of Abouklr on Aug. 1, 1198, may or.ce more flout on the Mediterranean. An Italian engineer, Franco Scminatl, has been cmhisted by a French syndicate with the difficult Insk of locating and mls- _ Ing the vessels, wlilch :irc bcliev- ! cd to lie about 75 miles northeast of Alexandria, In the ;!clta of thr 1 Nile. It Is believed the two ships art burled under tons of sand and mud, nncl therefore, .nice they have been located, .weeks of luu J work will be required lo r.ilss Ihcm. Scminatl estimates that altogether the Job will take a ycai. The two sunken. vessels are believed lo be loaded with gold, sll- */50 OWN A FARM Save ycur money by putlln, U in a Rum.' You can pas- all cash or part cash mid the balance yearly. Ijind values in this valley arc gradually Increasing We have a few fauns to sell, if you' Dave any farm Innd to sell, or if you wish lo buy a farm, see me. I'linncs "97 :'inl VSfi G. G. CAUDILL Blythevillo, ArV. This big new Radio is a 1937 RCA Victor-with MAGIC BRAIN-MAGIC EYE Mississippi County, Arkansas LAND OWNERS ATTENTION This being the year for assessing lands you arc ,''!:«£ n!s° tllle(1 Oial a " cleare(l l! "» l s will bo assessed SL-nP' 00 pov " cre anci ullcl e<' l >'C(l lands at $8.00 to ? 10.00 per acre. If you are the owner, or represent the owner of lands now assessed, take notice of the adjustment in assessment and meet with equalization board the week of August 17. We would like to have ',he co-operation of the school hoard m each district R. L. GAINES, Assessor. You'll be Iho envy of your neighbors wilh this greal radio, ll's Ihe finest value you will see al its price. A big, rich superheterodyne console in a cabinet of fine tropical woods, hand finished. Has 14 extra-value features. Hardaway Appliance Go. I'honc 233 Glencoc Bldg t WARNING ORDER IN TUB CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY A11- KANSAS. Marvin aaston, Plaintiff, vs. No. 0237 Hfnrgaret Gaston, Dcicntinnr. The defendant, Margaret Gaston, Is warned to appear within Ihlray days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Marvin Qaston. ; . Dated this 5th day' of An«usl 1930. H. M. CRAIG, Clerk, By A. P. Smith, D. C. Claude P. Cooper,. Atty. for Plalntifl. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. Ad Litcm. 5-12-10-20 WARNING ORDER IN TIIE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DIST«ICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. '• Anna Baker, Plaintiff, vs. No. 6239 J. P. Baker, Defendant. The defendant, j. p. jjaker, Is warned to appear within thirty days In the court named in [lie caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Anna Baker. Dated this 5lh day of August, 1936. H. M. CRAIG, Clciki By A. F. Smith, D C Hide p. Cooper, Atty. for Plaintiff. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. Ad Lilcm. 5-12-19-20 '•.'_•_ THURSDAY, AUGUST ' 20, complaint of the' plaintiff. 3. J.! A barrel of 1930 Cl WARNINU OKDKlt IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. • May Dalrymple, Plaintiff, vs. No. G241 U C. Dalrymple, Defendant. The defendant, L. ,C. Dalrymple, warned to appear within thirty days in the court named hi the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. May Dalrymple. ' ' Dated this 5tli day of August. H. M. CRAIG, cierk, By A. P. Sinitii, D. C. :lnude P. Cooper, Atty. for Plaintiff: icrc E. Bradley, Ally. Ad Litem. . S-J2-1D-2G WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBA, DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. '.. ; ! • B. J. Connolly, • Plaintilf. i •- • vs. .. No. 02-10 j Felice Connolly; Defendant. ' The "defendant Felice Connolly,: s appear - within thirty Connolly. paled this 5th day of August, 19 JO, H. M. CRAIG, Clerk, By A. P. Smith, D C Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Plaintiff. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. 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