The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 20, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 20, 1947
Page 5
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TUICSUAY, MAY 20, Iy<i7 BLYTHEVILtE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1 BETTER HOMES The WORD that means Better Roofing! Barrett is better than ever! General Roofing Co. CARL STRICKLAND, Mgr. Phone 576 Warehouse with 3 States Lumber Co. 1960 Union Avenue 602 Tennessee Street Memphis, Tennessee Realtor Blames High Prices On 'Phony' Dollars That Were Deflated by Pre-War Experts Illylhcvillc real estate dealers tills week echoed u slnli'iiieiil. Villium A. Sadler, Kv.iuslon, 111., reallor, in defense of llio hii;li iiilees n real estiilc in cities over the tuition mid si]j!i, r esti!i[> thai il "nlwiiys s the oilier fellow's prices should be reduced." Mr. Sndler. vvrUiui; in llv; trade* -- • — : -- mliMralion uf the Nation. il AMoc Ion of Reul list n to Hoard.':. said Only Three Sites For Homes Left in New Addition by Smart, new modern in wallpaper add a unto distinction to your hnine- their. fi'cslincss is a pick: in the family- thcy come reasonably priced »ml wasliable too! Latest Patterns! Take advantage of our orating service. Lot trained decorators help select — patterns -tlu> i n 1 ?nlors. This Korvice is with no obligation! , Deal's 1'aint Store 104 So. Isl Street Blytheville, Arkansas Dear Sirs: nilcl mj T name to your list for UNITED WALLPAPER DESIGNS. For expert advice in yiiur home cli]> this'coupon showing of tin 1 Intest ame Address Town ••'I'ulkini; about prices Is like ni! about tlio weather. The plain .rulli is Ihal Ihe nalloiul ei'ononiy •ests upon inlliilion (.!:i:l il dollar ilrlhition If you like), and whether ^ve like it or not, we simply l«avel lo make (lie bust of It. R-niKhly, the' ullar is slightly inuro (hull a ll:ilf ollar by pre-war stti'ltl-.'Kls. Ac- tu:illy, there is by now nrobably a (.•loser relationship Ijei.ween prici'.s, costs, and incomer, than most pen- tie .suspect. "The public talks U:os:r|y abrrul iRli prices iegardle:« of ilio f:>el Kit, in most instance;, ineome lias l:c|)l with liiulier Hvlsu: cosl::. Mi-. Average Citix.ett simply like. 1 : In think his swollen ineojne »s [Inn to hi;; own genius rather Uirin (he fact dial lie has teen trailed out of his oltl dollar lov l%vo sn^-.iller t>nes. "We have yet to meet, a m-!n who felt that his own \va;je or salary should be reduced n.; a contribution to (he deflationary spiral. If prices are to be cut, then wages and salaries must be cut* and brolli- cr, that means yon and me, not just me). If any sane iic-rson believes that reducing national income to depression levels is Ihn panacea for our ills, ne is indeed in a sad -state. "We remember when prices wore so low that we could not afford lo buy. Come to think of it, we never remember a time when we didn't complain nlioul the lilgli cost of livinc. "Of course, there are excesses in (he price structure—os)pcrtunis(5. in scarcity market. There's also a (lani;erons philosophy i:f doinjr less for more pay that need'; revising. Competition and free enierpfise are the antidotes—not blind and in- discrhninalc buyer restslunci?. which is nothing more or less than slowdown ladies in reverse. We should like to remind you Ihal Ihe federal [government lias conlribulcd greatly to inllation. "There may be those wlin believe Ihal the ycneral price .structure can be brought down witiiRiu ruinous deflation, but (hey are painfully silent in leading the way in personal sacrifice to that end. "Our hunch is to try 'o stabilize al the present level. It may be y. choice between Iwo evih, hut .when you arc skalinc. thin ice is l:cller than none at all. The main Uilng in to promote n free ev:hani;o of goods and services amann 1-10,000,OCO Americans with the prospect, eventually of tapering off from inllntion- ary standards. "All \vc need is faith i:i our country and our instilutions an dccnrage lo go abend. There are many t-jgns Ihal point (o an end of major i>osl- I war adjustments. II should not take an expert to sense (he vnsl production capacily of the country | is being geared to meet tlic unprecedented shortages we have known. The greatest part of our prosperity lies ahead. | "So Ihe next time we meet a high price, let's look it squarc-ty in Ihe eye nnd nay, "O.K., pal, lure's where I slip you some of phony little dollars." iMore Houses Now Insulated During Building The (-rowing iipiireciallon of tlie vnlue ol balanced insiihition in neVi homes accounts for a !an;e ineiisure of the current heavy demand forj hisiiliitlng boartl, according to J. Ii. Blackburn ot Cliieae.o, manii^er of Die Insulation Hoard Institute. "More ami more home builders lire .specilyintf that insulation Uc in- .stalletl diirinti construction,' 'lie ro- ]:orl.s. "The trend is so.definite that one might say Insulation bus almost, become standard equipment in mod- cnile priced dwellings. 1 ' i Balanced insulation is that in' which (he sidewnlls :LS well iis the rool or ceiliiiK of a butUilni; »re Insulated asininst hcnt and cold. By pl'Oviilins an effective bafrier to the passage of heat either throuch walls or roof, it cuts fuel costs in winter and keeps the home cooler in .summer. 'Balanced Insulation can be achieved inexpensively wltli use of insulating board, a modern product which at one cost serves both ns insulation nnd as e. .structural material. H is made in the form of sheathing, lath nnd Interior finish for walls and ceilings. With the Issimnco of three more bill'.dini; ijermlis this week to W. L. Homer for residential construction on Hearn street, only Hirer i)t the 2'1 >ltcs in Jiirkson Addition KJWIHH! ijy him Insl year re- nmln vnrnnt. Many of Ihe five-room frame bouses ronstriirlcil by -Mr. Jlorner on these lots, in Ihe HKO nnd 20CU blocks on •Henni Street, have been completed and occupied, and work is, underway or soon will he. on Uic iitiiers. Permits were issued to lilm last week for the building of five-room frame residences at 102-1, Itrja and 20CO Hearn. FMImnled cost of eiich is SSOIW. Hiii!iitn« permits for houses of the same type were issued H. 1.. Sunders an<i 11. o. 'Gram fur residence; -,\t 'Jfln nml '20W1 Hearn lespeclively. I Jaim-s }j. Verhoeff was Issued n |]enuit [ur construction of n five- room frnne residence at 'Jill: 'Ilearn M an e.slimated cost ICOOO, Standardized Pre~Fab Home Building Sought bnlldliiH problems developed by research UflMlle.i nil over the conn- IfV. I^irpst fires in Anslrnlln nre bo- Ing iitlnckocl by chemical bombs WflijhtiiK -15!) pounds. Tli<! construction'Industry of United. States employed men al.its nil-time peak In,A list, 11128. Rend Cotirter N«ws -Want Hoaxing Problem Solved By Joining 2 Grain Bins Anovel solution to the housing problem lias been found by a North Dnkotn cnrpcnlcr. From the federal government, ho purchased two Rrain bins. oriijinrJly init up foi the storage of surplus wheat. He joined the foins t/>gcllicr. uov;rc( them on the outside with (Iropvnnl asliesto.s cement si:lini: nntl plus- tcred the interior. The buiklintj \va. finisbcd to contain a kitchoii, Uvc bedrooms, a living loom, snnporcl and bathroom. An additional bud room \vas built In the basement Tlic bins cost $500 nml the tola cost of (tie home was eslinmled a about $3.000. Peruvians Act To Solve Their •lousing Problems NAKHVIM.E, Tciiti., May 3(1. (UP) —I'eru, "lueing -Vlie snuie hovislnn iroblems" us the United Slutes, Is danntnii seven eoimmmlly-eci'ler lousini; projects In Unm niul f!al- ao to be finnnced Ihrou^h u eombl- iinlton of Kovernmentiil nnil pvlvnie cnpilul resources. Diivt.l VC'KI\- (Jlnislic. of the Pcriit'lsui Minliilry of Public Works, said here today. The government, lie salil. will be Ineligible to receive .my dividends from the 10.0011 housini: units. l:ut private Interests will be nllou-ed not less than five per eenl nml not itwrc Ihnii six per cent profit. Pern's Santa Illvui 1 project, V Christlc added, Mso Is nil s'.IIe "to pnvnllcl cx»clly" Uiu Tennessee Valley Authority. Tlic Peruvian Is innkln a lour ot the United States to sludj housing projecls. For over « year the iiiniber Industry l»i s O een working to pi>rliy;i a humc-bulldlni; program of st/e ^lantlavdlH'.iUon . and mass . proilue- lon of prepackrnwd honsiiiH parts, •ionium V, Mason, presidcnl of Hie ^allomil iU'lnll -Lumber Dealers As- ioclntlon, (old Hie Hoard of Uiri'c- ors tneetln:.( in Wiisliinuton, 13, ('.. his week. Tilts plun, Jtiinllv sponsored by the, NfU.OA and'.llio. lii'odureit; Council, does nol .Interfere with in i tin I'd nnd llme-lesled methods of file fabrication, iMivuin said, It liecds errellon und. reduces waslo, le lidded. . In I'oiinedlon will-, lliis Imluslvy- 'iii'lneeriMl homes proKi'iim, Hie In- diustry, jit conjunction wllli Hn 1 vinienl ol Commerce, is enup- rritlln)' In seltlni; nil at Ihe Kui- vef.slly of Illinois • u wliide new study us lo Ihe proper iitlll'/.atiou of lalmv In • bnlldlini—-Hie pvoper ninltiiK and ilintni! ol Uio delivery til mnlri'l'.Us to tlie Job .nn<! slnu- Inr work. Aiicittier example,-Mason said, progressive Ihlukinn . Is . Ihe rerrnt selliiiu up of a llntldliiH Kesenrc'i Advisuiy Hoard as an ;irm of tli 1 'National .rieseaiTh Council. Tli!; •w non-uovcvnincnlal ai;eney will •rve ns a elearini; house lor tin :t'luinw "' useful lulorniatlon 01 SHERW WIUIA WAKNV.VG OTIIHCi; IN Till: CHANCERY COURT ('IllCKASAYVISA DISTBICT MIS- PISSll'PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. . tniKiys Rowlctt Plaiiilifr.' vs. No. 10.070 .Tim J. iRowlett Defendant. The defendant Tim J. nowlclt. is hoiTby warned to appear wiUiln Ihirty days i]i Urn court nnmed in the- capliuii hereof nncl answer t^e co:iij!l.iini ol tlic i>;aiiuiff Landys Kowlctt. D.i!e ( | Ibis IS day of May, 1047. HAHVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Hotly Smilli, deputy. Virgil Greene, Ally, for Flainlift. 5:20-27-013-10 NOTICE Nolici: i.s hereby given tlint. tlic undcr-sif-netl will \vitbit; tlie titnc fixed by lfl\v apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of tlie Sla'e of Arkansas for n permit lo sell beer nl retail nt 5Cfi mm St., 'Bly- thcvillc, Arkansas, Mississippi County. Tlic undersigned stales that I;B is n eilixen of Arkansas, of Rood moral character, Miat he has never been conviclecl of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer 6y Ihe undersigned lias been revoked ivitlnn five years last past; and lliul the undersigned lias never been convicted of violating the laws or this state, or any oilier state, re- ALL OVER THE NATION THE OLD AMERICAN PRIDE IN A CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL LOOKING HOME IS VIGOROUSLY ASSERTING ITSELF AND EVERYWHERE IT'S Just take notice of tlio many homes being painted. Note how fresh ami clean and bright they- look. Get in line with your neighbors. Painr Your Home With VANE-CALVERTS WHITEST PAINT You can pay by (lie monlh if you clionsc. • E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. "Friendly Building Service" niyiiicviiie, ,\rk. Phone 551 Hardwood Floors Have Use as Insulating Agents Home builders, who are plactni more and more emphnsis on tit 'value of insulation in residence and oilier structures, report. Ilia 'modern hardwood floors are excel Tent. InsiilnliiiR acenls in them selves. Tlicy help keep build warmer In winter ami cooler .summer. Wood, Hie builders point, out, i composed of millions of tiny fibrou cells wliicb in Ibc abrogate fi a natural barrier ajjalnsl. ]>!i.s.iae,c of air and molslure. Tlie urranfir- mcnt of these cells in heavy hardwoods. inckteiHiUly, is \vlml makes that type of wood particularly suited to' use as flooring. lalino: to the salo of alcoholic 1 quovs. Levinc MnyflcUl Subscriiied and sworn lo before me lids 19 day of May, 10-17. Mrs. Marshall Hlaekard (SSA'L) Nolary Public. iMy Commission expires March '), 19-19. Always... The Best Service! Always . . . The Best Materials! Whatever the job, large fir .small, \ve lake prido iii rendering llio best service combining good mrJr-vials ivilh good workmanship. \Vt:'vc found that our cns- lomers want tlic best . . . find we've set perfection is our goal! if you need electrical work done—house wiring, fix- lure installation, power installation or small repair work . . . call on us for tin 1 best service done quickly ivt minimum charge. Our Work is Guaranteed! CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Si/n T. L MABRY 12:1 iMissoimi ST. I'll. :ir,:>7 GET "HAND-RUBBED" BEAUTY For your Floors, Furniture, Woodwork Get Irio faclo and figures on a Comprehensive Material Damage policy for your car. It covers extra hazards at a surprisingly low premium cost. Avoid loss and save money by dealing with an agency founded to protect you. . NOBLE GILL AGENCY Stiff! WIN-WlLLIAMS MAR-NOT SATIN-FINISH VARNISH! $1*9 , •, BmsM on one coat of tlib lovely,' long-lastini; Satin Finish vnrnish... you'll get n finish with Hint handsome, costly, hand-rubbed look! Tough, tool Mnr.-Not rnfeti scrntcluin!, scurfmc . . . discoloration , from nlcohol, fruit juices. Won't turn white from cold, hot, or even boiling water I Also in Gloss— if you prefer n Aiore brilliant fiuish. Atnnzinply wnslmble; "snltii- finish" Tor Mtchcn niul bathroom walls mul cell- SHEHWIH - WlLtMMS HOUSE PAINT thU Qt - $1.35 ENAMELDID One cent mnlccarunutiuv,lM>ok• Bliclvcs, worxlwork, toyn f^lcurn liltc iicwT Wnahca betiul-ifiilly. Pt. tf"! i 93 research now pnlnt NEW C ilily, Ijttauty, economy, PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL Klcli liittr Provcu ut color* that dry ' wcnr nnd w^thw. tliiK nnd f I GLCNCOK HOTCL • LOO. $5.TQ , : :' '. '*>»'• SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PLANTERS HARDWARE CC 116 North First Phone 2993 See our display of fine wallpaper {it reasonable prices! We FEATURE FAMOUS PITTSBURGH PAINTS and WALLPAPERS Planning lo redecorate tills season? Economy is our byword . . . we carry u fall supply of famous ITITSBUUGH paints and painter's sui>plies for interior and exterior use. Famous PITTSBURGH Paints go further, lasl longer than most other brands. Ask to sec our wallpaper select ions loo! HUB HARDWARE ARD COMPANY 213 West Main Phono 2015

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