The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1949
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Futures Market For Rice Opens First Doy Operations End with No Sates as Price Level Sought By Rader WinJet NEW YORK. June 2— Iffi— The first day of operations of rice ^iitures on Ihe New York Mercantile Exchange ended yesterday with no sales being made. Bids for futures In the four contract months were marked down persistenly In line with the lowe prices In otlier commodity markets Brokers said the weakness in th< stock and commodity markets fri Shiened buyers aways from the rici market. They felt that despite th lack of business a firm leve of prices had been established the first day. Orders both to buy and sell wei received from Tennessee. Texa Louisiana. Arkansas and Callfornir Most of the offers to sell came froi the trade. The spread between bids and offers narrowed steadily from the opening bell. Price Level Sei The 30 members of the Mercantile Exchange permitted to trade on the floor in rice futures agreed that the first clay of the market was devoted lo establishing a price level. They believelhal once a price level is established actual transactions in futures will be made rapidly and in increasing volume. Milton G. Inkefes. president of the Mercantile Exchange, said in a statement that "The rice futures market provide-- a modern method of merchandising and financing the rice crop from Hie surplus period to the time of actual purchasing. "The mechanics of trading are ^± similar to that used in any other ^'commodity. Pinancil institutions will more readily lend money on an inventory that has been protected by hedging. "As far ns we kncrtv, this Is the first opportunity offered in the rice business to obtain this service. If the tuwres market is used judiciously, it will eliminate a great part of Ihe risk in the rice business. "This daily futures market also provides a place where buyers and sellers can determine values immediately. This market is a barometer of price." The trading opened after more than two years of planning. Senate to Act On Labor Bill, Then Alliance WASHINGTON, June 2 f/Ti 'resident Truman said yesterday the Senate tlme-takrie pultlng Ihe ^oilh Atlantic Pact behind labor egi.slation Ls satisfactory to the Stale Department. Presidential Press Secretary liarles G. Ross told reporters there is 'no con CUct over priority' between the State Department auc Democratic leaders in the Senate. Earlier in the day, Senator Vandenberg (R-Mich) called for promp approval of the treaty by the For eign Relations C o m ift i 11 c e V< strengthen secretary of Stale Ache son's hand at Paris- Vamlontoerg said the administra tion's decision to put Taft-Hartle Act repeal ahead of the atJIanc makes committee action almost perativc. The Senate is due lo start de bating a new labor bill this week. outlined Mr. Truman's pos tion in response to a question i to whether ihc President had aske Congress! atiiil lenders to speed ac lion on ratification of the pact. Ross .s'.iid he had tulkcd with M Truman thi.s morning, Ross .said that the President kue all about the decision to start the labor debate and reiterated: 'Every tli ins has been worked out to the satisfaction of everybody concerned," , Listed as Officially Dead for 5 Years, Winds Up Back in the Army NEW YORK. June J. V) — A«- hony Mrmmo, listed ofticially is ead or missing (or five years and enter o! » two-family marital mix- p, was back In the Army yesler- ay. The Army, after lie had reporter! or a checkup of his nebulous stalls, announced he returned to its ks "IcchnAcMly" May 6 when lie Irst Inrortned military authorities le was alive. Marline .who )iad been given up oi 1 dead in action in France In [9+4. said he had no de.sire to see :iis Icga! wife, Mrs. Mary Martino, 37, of Waterbury, Conn. In Waterbury, Mr*. Martiiio, who learned thai her husband had wartime mate and one child Staten Island, announced she would seek a legal separation. Col. John S. Roosma, First Ann> provost marshal, said "as of we're bringing him back into the Army like any other soldier win surenricrs himself after being ab sent from his unit." To Undergo Kxaats Martino WHS to undergo an Arm; physical and psychiatric examiiia Ion. Then. Roosma said, he can ,tay at Governors Island or go ionic pentiiny arrival of his rec- irds Irom the St. Louis Storage Depot It will be alxnit a week bolore hey Bet here, the Colonel said, i Martino appeared at the Army Recruiting station, where he called a few weeks ago to gel his amiy records straight. He suid he didn't know how he got liome from Eur ope. lie was identified through fingerprints as the man cavvieii on Army lists of dead. F\jr four years ne tuus been driving a laxicab In Staten Islavm and said lie could remember nothing of his post. He has been living with Dorothy Anna Martino, 33, and a son. Richard, 3. "Do you hax-e any desire lo see your firsl wife?" he was asked. "None at all," he answered. 'Hoxv about the children?" (Edward, 11, and Lorraine, seven, at \Vutcrbury). "Yes. I'd like to sec my children, but I've got no plans as to how,' Mnrtino replied. English Find Their Tight Little Isle' Getting Steadily Tighter LONDON, Wi—Move over, gland- pa. This "tight Wile Isle" is getting more crowded every year. And It's mostly Ihe old folks To them, the high rates of the peal- war years are largely due. Until the war disturbance has died away, it will be Imposblble to form any opinion as to the likely future trend of the birlh rale," an official statement says. It also soys migration Is not a major factor In the population trend In the United Kingdom. who are taking up the spuce. Tlie "65 and over" group make up 10.5 per cent at Ihe population, as compared with only 7.4 per cent in 1931. Government officials say the trend seems to be toward a population boost of about one million every five years. The total population of the United Kingdom— which lakes in Rutland, Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland—Is estimated to have been 50,033.000 is of June, 1948, the latest fisiirc available. Officials say the population Increased by over H million since 1944. by two million since 1939. by ix million since 1921, and by about 40 millions—or over 300 per cent— since 1800. "Though NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH AH.MISISIK.V1 ION HAS BKKN COMMENCE!) Notice Ls hereby given that the following U a list o! estates of deceased pi-isons upon which Letters Testamentary or of Administration granted during the numlh ol Read Courlei News Want Among the Indian mounds at Cahokia, 111., is one which covers 16 acres and rises about 100 feet. It is the largest man-made earthen mound in the country and is bigger than the great pyramid of Ceops in Egypt. you'll Enjoy -, DINING DANCING At Osceohi's Newest Nile Spot FRED'S SUPPER CLUB 0. C. St. Clair Fred Hendru-ks the birth rate rose sharply after 1941, many births were postponed until after the war June 1943 the (lute of the granling of siu'li letters and the name and address of the executor or adtninLslratori No. 1911. Estate of T. J. Howard, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to Donald Howard. Blythe- villc. Arkiuistis on May 4. 1949. No. 1912 Estate of R. A. Moore, deceased. Letters of Administration Issued to Byron Morse. Blylhcvllle, Arkansas on May 2. 1949. No. 1913. Estate of Joseph Horncr. deceased. Letters te.slamenlary Is- sued to A. J Horncr, Blythevllle, rkansas on May 9, IMS. No. 1914. Estate of Millard A. Eng- Lsh, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Mildred B. English, Park Street. Blyllieville, Arkansas on May 5. 1949. No. 1915. Estate of Liulc Harvey Stacy, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to E. A. Stacy, Dell, Arkansas on May 1. 1949. No. 1910. Estate of J. M. Dell, deceased. Letters testamentary issued to Mrs. Siillie Bell, F12. Leaclu'ille, Arkansas on May 10, 1949. No. 1917. Estate of Raymond Bng lish, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Leon English Lynn, Arkansas on May 13. 1949. Witness my hand as Clerk and the seal of said Court this the 1st clay of June, 1949. ELIZABETH BLYTHE, Probate clerk By Stella Cain. Deputy Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course •ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court. Chiek»- uwba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. J. D. Morris Plalntlft. vs. No. 10.884 Clara B. Morris Defendant The defendant Clara B. Morris is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named to the caption hereo! and answer the complaint of the plaintiff J O Morris. Dated this 11 day of May. 1949 Harvey Morris. Clerk By Betty Ball. D C Ed B. Cook. Atty. for Fltf. Claude p. Cooper, Atty. ad lltem. Nothing new has been added ALL KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY OLD STY II SOUR H.1SH I.OUISVIf.r.n. KENTUCKY PIANO TUNING and REPAIR The «nlj PKRFKCT TUNING by STKOBOCONN between Memphis and St. I.ouis. WHV TARK LKSS THAN THE BEST? RADIO REPAIR on all modehs and makes— ioiw by » LICENSED repair expert— BVKR* JOR UUAR- ANTKKD. 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