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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 9
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina • Page 9

Asheville, North Carolina
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ASHEYILLE CITIZEN TIMES "DEDICATED TO THE UPBUILDING OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA" SECTION 6 PAGES Editorial ESTABLISHED 1868 N. SUNDAY MORNING, MAY 10 11 North Fork Water Line Project Is Completed At Cost Of New Dam Part Of City's Water System Handbook Reviews Work Of Farmers Federation J3 DOUBLED BY BILL IS PASSED $328,698 CROWDS THRONG VEGETABLE AND i FRUIT MARKET a 0 nnt'lons, ('herriei Shoppers On U'xinifton I lonorcd In Swuin BY LEGISLATURE, Measure ('nil For Trial By Fellow Citizen Upon Demand Several Hundred Copies Are Distributed To I Furm Pupils eveii huiuticil voptfw of The Kai inei tvoei ton tltndhb ia a I'iNiipi ehe nH tit of lha opt; 1 1), oiK and suns (ne r.viiU' era fvitf 1 mutfti tiy tir.iifc rttsphen. e.litoi the Fimai Vd-' sration Newa, hst been illitrihuted siuoitf vivaimn! niii nil ma atudeuts tn strtt North Atxims 1'hs hsudhotik wmit of of intci eauiif and int tnatiss aiu ami la unfueW Uluted VUs jboitklst helns by lituni the Work Begun Under CWA In 1933, Resumed By FERA In 1931 Lr iSpSt tha rwtletauott 1 ft Ris sgi si Ik la ta Itiustt a led t'V Rftllk llarn lti CitUon llmu RAUtrOH, May 4 Ths leiiUtli i today ratified RprsnutlTt Sherard's bill pro rids for Jury trlsl tn ths rsorrtr oxirt at Henderson oounty upon dsmsnd of either the Plate or defendant Ths provisions into rffe't tmmedist- 'r 1 It provides: "tVctlon 1 Ttiat trial hv (unr I may hsd tn the recorder's rouit of Henrtrrtion citiintv iip'tn riemand made 1V the defendant or the stats at I hut time bp rte trial and a. cord lug to the provisions of thlt srt and 1 An Important feature of the North Pork WaUr line project recently finished bv tha rRRA through which Ashcvtllea water supply from the North Pork watershed has been doubled la the intake dam shown shove. The dam la of the gravity tvpe and Is 336 feet long between end wing walls.

It has sn average height of 14 feet, a ml the snlllway i SO feet long. not otherwise. "flection 3 That all tury ttlaU In the recorder's mint of Hndrrr.on i With completion of the North Pork water line project by forces of the North Carolina Emergency Relief administration recently, the aupply of water from the North Fork watershed baa been doubled. The total coat of this project, which 1 bellevpd to have been the largest In the atate, waa (328.80899. Of thle amount the city provided $137,755.57 In materials, supervision, trucking.

-J to. The project waa started under TJne CWA Nov. 8. 1933. Work was retrained under the FERA on March 39, 1934.

The project consisted of the removal of eight and a half miles of 16-lnch cast iron pipe from the Bea Tree watershed line, the transportation of this pipe to the North Fork watershed line, the relaying of the transported pipe parallel to the existing North Fork line, the construction of a concrete Intake dam, the erection of a fire proof building to nous a new chlorlnatlon plant and the erection of a house for the caretaker of the chlorlnatlon plant. Spillway 90 Feet i-ong The Intake dam la of the gravity type and la 235 feet long between end wing waifs. It has an average height of 14 feet. The spillway is 90 feet long, this being considered ample for the worst floods. A 10-foot section of the spillway Is depressed to provide a constant flow of water so that fish can go over the dam, being helped in their ascent by a concrete pool built on the down stream side of the dam directly below the depressed section.

The dam is built of cyclopean concrete. The chlorine unit, which Is modern in every respect, wss purchased by the city and is housed In a structure built of hollow tile and stucco. The house of the caretaker of the imhlorlnatlon nlnnt. I hum. nt ptelvir of the first Fanner redera-Hon at at I SH 1 t'lliit( James tt Mci'luts.

Ji iW ths cttcpeiativ ami is now pi u-itMt. ot the oifcmili.ith'ii. wituti (etulM I's opeiatUuis tlnouU-'Ul Weatrru Noitn aiotina lam meted Tt pMes Of tn sif devoted ttt 111 1 tut i Stul ottdfusi-d ii'-t'i i ti vs da I on fVdeist Ion ujrUou MsdUiKS of ttis tHiStel sis a (ol loas How I tl rimei rptlerallon Is 0led and lite rt 1 hoiup, 1 Mttiheling Depai inriii. Miid trtat MdU et 'urli'jjj Hmifea, Ilia WVnei Nr tViohiia t'annerv, Mntrti lea, KoieM I'lml hi' i a IV ''M ft men I ttf, I 'pat -mrut )tu Itepatiment, I tie U( net a I if 1 1 Impleiiwut I wpul no'li I'Vrd I h'pitt I mr ot Mnk and team ItoUtes. anners luil I'oi ym ion, a nei FYdr nl ion Newa '1 he lloniA ludnati lf-s 1 tvni tmnt he Itetitftou tMpnitmrni.

sod tha fcduaiuit iHfVPlopnient fMud rihoslutt thu la A uluMt hUtorv of Hi raitnern fVdf 1 hn. nCH'llluot yesr hy rtoiu twill ttiiouHlt hi the suiumniy, 11 la pointed out ttmt tm sturtll waielome a few, tit uic 1 a tit iu jo ha ii 11 lo i'H til tftltiUf oup It wl-lionaea will) tooia than p-ions as attH kholtlern Mia Noli Mcdtilre, sh-ne. mem Iter of (ha Kianklln 1ro in the home niaain cHn Ml oflrretl In count v. has ls'it awaidtM a ceiitftestn ot honor for the hlMheM achtrrment In all phases of mnkinit This Includes cloth, uw.

hish'ld inanHrfentetil, hoiite 11 tl ftl njjr child aie. si If pioemrtit, ami community rets 1 1 1 1 1 I'lie limine Mnkeia sen les issued the cerllfliBle. stermei-uis from riortda anej 1 hflcrua from Rutherford county near 1'nui ics fm tna season, greeted a Ume shippug crowd on the L-1 uit. ueat marksk yeataiday, From the upper Snd of (he plrt utw-iua where a wtn of lsa- ales ftom ths fUttvatlnit Army, aided r.y Adjutsnt and his aci'oruton, were chanting gos P5 hrtiuu to the has of tne IrU aiiilie near the piru'tum nf tlrvwd way wheie an tMnaratit peidter wa I apuinin the virtue of a hone for raenf tiladea tt mmliv yesterday sftnr was a tU of cohw and ac uvity srlei Im reHalng f-r a momh now. the variety of stul finite (frd st th -tslt tisa hetru alowty In, reusing and aa if, will he at least hi weeks V-io-uiie r-iik wdl ha eating mtg nf Du-tr own if.t(tue.

honsewlved 5 have lueu lhionUM are M.i liiiUsn fxi' sotneDUiia; to appetite Jaded hy wintsr fara, the first week In Vlaf are duiinrt noxeity Only ery enUy has Ktorlda added the lint lull In Its esrly cr.ipa ol "forced" and It a mat luiury Uuv A tfm 1 aiatviMy small niehm C7ta MA it lita I The chert tea sold for 10 eenta hos. Ihe first of the sejon seen Here, i. of tn nop killed by tha K.tstnr frost aa hppus ueaily every i fitiswtwiiie which have been get 1 iing inir HHiii'ii'im antt leritor. wr jiitinii a bii( pUy frniit the cuitmn-era Diey are pr-lu ed ilg ih year around have, hut the he erop n( (he year la fontin, in now, (OmmI Tniutiltiea AialMIHS Flnrhift loinatoes wern alao attract (ns1 th eye nf housewives. 'tr a ut'W flood tonnifctes have lieert iliiti( ( in Asuevllls ami Die new Hoii.ts 1 rop hrgn comhig in only tmit a wek aa 'Hi uuslity fine and the price from count shall he a Jury of I men to he selected the and manner piovlde.1 for bv thts "flection 1 That whenever di-niatid Is made for a Jury titnl In said cnt the cniine shnll he art fur tile at 1 a term to he known Jury week term.

Thera fhall he a nuiny Jnr week term of said court a the 1 Iteoordcr mav think prnper and iiei cn- 1 ean': Provided, mid Juiv wt'rk teim shnll not he oftener llian titne tn every four weeks and Ahull he tit at such time, or tune as In the di- wet Ion of he 1 he uine i may le necen-tnt fr ttir pmper H-paled of sue!) case bef.te the Ci'iirl wherein a Jury ttlal ha, heeu de- inanded. If demand ahull he 111 'id'1 for a )urv trUl durlnur a Juiv t' lin the same shall he tiled at ttmt tenn Ulilees tv goHl caTise nlown the Mine shall he on In tied a lit the caae nf ot her cm it I nuances. "flection 4. it ahal! mt he neer. nnr for nv drfemlnnt t.

mke nnv 1 nln" lirPT (iilUfitt n( Hi rV'l'MMt'l Mr II 1 nil I I llii.h III II III III HI I I I'lfUli-Hl. IMIr, UIUI IIIUI IllLLI rt.Hir, i sasIsI ant eiK't'i'lai deponlt lr money hefnre id 1 iv! a Jury trial, hut any defenilnnl mil- vletcd hy a jury and adluderd tn pay the eo Is ah11 he OnUTIMHT 1 1 1 i IMI 1 I III' Tuesday At Piiuvv tmv jurv 1 whlrh shall pari Just east of Beaucatcher tunnel a tie line of 16-lnch pipe. 2,400 feet long, has been Installed by which it is now possible to carry water from either watershed to any of the reservoirs In the city. 300 Employed Pally Motintain Churrh The fifty seventh annus! seaalmi of In the case "Section ft At least ten davs the hert lining or anv luiy tenn ihr clerk of the r-'conlri ron rthrill not If the hi in rd nf conuiiinonei that a )urv Is to he diawn for said term wherettpnn the said Ivard slmP cause to he diawn fmin the tenuis Jurv )Ot of lienor iMin i nun'v taxi. MiiStm This structure of hollow tile and aturco nausea tha modirn ehlorlna unit at North Fork.

Tha arcrtlon the tiro proof bullrllng to hotlse the chorlnatlon plant was also a part of the North 1-Virk walwr Una projt-ct ot Ihe FEflA. Chmlps Mnnnpl. who hits served aa field engineer In charge of the project alnee It waa taken over hy the FERA In March. 1D34. la shown at right.

uuu inrii recriveo employment dally on the project. The greatest number employed at any one time per day was 962. During the pipe line work the dally average reached 900 men. Charles Mannel was engaged as field engineer In charge of ahe project. Prior to the erection of the large dam at Bee Tree several years ago.

Ashevllle obtained Its water through 16-lnch line from Bee Tree and a 18-Inch line from North Fork. Later lilies litis nf ilrtollnn ttirei tors of Die rtlci a I Ion aia as follows Muni lunhe count Mi '1ui t. lAtln ir end II A ration, Abbeville. huike utunty Hhks. Mr (uui.iii and 1.

Minus, Mornlon Msyw mm oounty II 1 'tt, WsyiieeviUs. and A ttshmna, Hemleisoli count I. nmifiiv, Moras tsium and Ihiny ttits. nctfhei JiM'kon county! Thomas A Cos, r'UllnWhea, ud tail JaMUsofi, tllftl-Vlle Polk county; Waldtop Mill option; Slot llowee, liji-n liiittiei roirt county (i Midler. Wnlott Xf 1 11, and ldhltr.

1Ur 1)1 recti its a I IsiRe Clapp, Awsiinali'M; A I oiiKliii Mee It Church Ciowidi. (sndler ft l.vfcea Aldan C'si'k I. ri tHinimons, llsndrraotti ille t. Ht si.k Waa -ar villa, and Usury rranria, Wsyoee-Vlila ftearsl eiple nf this bca.klal were sent Ut saj of the it) Sliouat SKiU'Uitui tMtenerg in hlrt hotls pi Wftiru lofih CatoJina and lo ot hare liiterwarted in ttia t4 one of tha educatlotisi mediums of the federation, Mr. nt-phen aald rtevatsl rop(e have hweu lo nested by Virginia teschsis nf atfitruHut.

I he vllie rllnlilil tun el cin of Uin fcl' Hi-at let Kl'lacop-ti i hul li ill nunnio at Id 1 uislay st the Plitt'v Mniititnln Mclh-Mtlst Kpiv-opHl chiut on Pisn nmuntsiu hlKliMay i.esj tndlrr slattoit iH'IeKSles snd pest ma ftom 3D ate eipecleu to sttrnd 'I he Itev (' Iteiitoit. of Asbevllls, ui pel Hit endeut of the Aa tie villa ill. trie), u.111 prnaids over the two day seselotl, rursiiiia To ffprttk I Ths Ofspng festura uf lbs rifi reieme will he ei nmn A Par moi is of Klnas Mount" This III tn followt'd hy Die roll call and oryanlrMinn of the eoufeiru -piies-rlay nt'einCMin SMSloti will le devote1 to irpotle from ths rtisiiwt anper. intemletii. pallors snd Uf debates Iir, and Mis.

A I'sisous will speak during (hs slteinoon Paraoiu ftv fo sis rente a pound i 'aliform id shtf'-s are rl Uuj tha remhatita ff the crop, whh'U waa damsMed so badly this yvar, and. tvni swei iMto pi h-e is aln ap peating st the hrak rest lab lea in many Ahav Aside from ths ertually Mew offer I iu. the marked dr swing big ctnwda hwaujie the qustllv of pray ttcally all vt(Utilea (a betray nosy that the early prtug etops are sue ceedtng the winter rowrt and th pi us trend la downward rttui ara) mote lualrtMis, bl) pappsrs are hia er end finer, atpsrsgu more tend' and hig hurt'' tie of livers and fadUH-e (ihsk Indeed apptislnaj ll'ifa tHiakeOS of sweei fitatiWg from Puis and mher user by sotin ties ware ofrrrt by farmara aha par had Dietr small cere and Vfiwka down (tie at ret from the stalls ttie profeaenmels New Irtth pot tors aie aleti on sale Uva pis, bans and fth eountrf and auttsr are also offjrd tiy tha far mere They haven tguit hrining in frying atea chicken ysf thmuth Ithft names of eighteen inrii who n'wit! ie drawn, sunitnoned, ted ami empaneled In the same wsv, and under the asms provisions as If Ihev 'had been drawn for Jurv dulv hi I Die rtuperlnr cniilt And they shnll he subject to rhslleuice for the S'Miie isies as recular jurors in the cui-petlnr court, and not otherwise "Meeti-n IS All J'ln'is summoned under the pint-l-don of this set I slisll receive the sum of one nit't i fifty one hMiidre-Hhs ditllars per dnv for each day served, or for dv let pit red lo St tend court, stul 1 hev hull eath hs required to attend hrdilifhnut Die term unless toon el dlf-ehstRed hy the court Assembly Appropriates $300,000 For Parkway mi uii aam erected at Bee Tree and the White Fawn reservoir in the city limits ao that the city would have a larger supply of water on hand. A 24-lnch pipe line was Installed from the Bee Tree dnm and It was contemplated to take up the old 16-lnch line from that point and relay it parallel to the 16-lnch line from North Fork, thus providing two 16-lnch lines from t.h i.t- Funds Will Be Used To Acquire 17 SOLONS FROM W. N.

C. OPPOSED LIQUOR MEASURE "Meetion 7 In sll trials In the recorder's eonrt of itrndeisnn eoun topic, iii be "lsAleishtp Tiwlnliig." snd Mrs Paison will speak on "Ihe Vacaiion Chun A hW U. nc.011i-u. xiiis part or the origin an the recorder Khali hs ve pnwer. In his dtftrretion.

to trsnifer any rise to the superior court of 1trndetm 1 i oi miiauinmauon be cause of the city's flnannlnl Hirfit.i- (Staff Correspondent tlcs. When the CWA was RALEIOH, May 4 The state leR- Measure Proposes Split Of Cherokee County For Vote tor the purpose of providing employ. IMnture hna a-pproprlated for ment on useful public works, the re- te acqulMtlon of the necensary rlght- county fr ttlat, if for any rean he may consider himself dlenunli-fied to try the rae, and any esse so trsnrsfetrd, the Huerlor rourt, shall hsvs Juried in ton to and dispose of same Ths ree order shsll make sn apt'rnpilat or der trsnsferrm? ssid ess to the am nettnc ertnft of llrttri! sm ami i.nnun 01 me eight and a hnlf or-way for tire scenic parkway con-mllcfl of pipe line provided ft means ner ting the Orent flmoky Mountnlnf by Which mnnv men rnnlH nut i ami the Mhenanrionh nntlonal narlta CAMPAIGN FOR UNIFORM FUND TO BE STAGED Hjilelth PnrMii ml I lie Htrr I Iniri -'1 he h'Miti- nin JSWS Will meet The appropriations bill, alreadv rlAI.FIOH. May 4 mntee on election early next week, probably TuesdnV to en- very JOW cost for materials. Tranvporiiitlnn Dlfflntlf "In taking up the obsolete Bee Tree line It was nccewarv to burn out the lead joints and anlvage the tor consideration of Hens tor Hrown i ter into a new hund In a sum tn IE Die order trr hi sp paused hy hoth houses, seta aaide for this purpose In earh of i the fiscal vears for trnfS-37 hen- nlum.

Additional funds will he availnhle If found necessary, but tn 1 believed will he sufficient during the next two years. Any additional appropriations can be incor- The edumt lonal addrese at hs evenloit seaainn Iieaday will he de llveteit hy Mhkrp. fneldriil ttt Mlt( ha col lefts st Mlaenhlmr, D. The davoDonal ftddreaa will dellv ered by th Hv II Klthy, pastor of the rtist Methodist rhurt ll uf AahevDie U'eitnesdsy's lr "grain Wednesday' seasloti will oftep St His tifUvg in the morning wtih su sddreta by iris Itey kVI wsid flraliam of rt.t1rft st the ties-. Ih.

it- 1 set tire (teporte of rmiirutt faae and renewal ra llcme Will hs faslures of the morning hour The Mav, It I'lese will na Cornmunl1 ehu vey Wedneadsv ftern'Nn't eslon wtll I In at I od-s Itrtef will hs rleliverai as follows Pto rating. the tev t4 White. "World fk-rvwe," Ihe ev r1ble "I's. loral Visiting the Hav 'pyn-er, Slid Older of Worship." the le (V mabeir The meetlit will ad-journ at a oh-a Wednswisy sfler- liooi). ue in remv tn tn Hi the neit term of ttn court of Henderson roun fined t'V pearance superior ty." Mr.

Mannel said. "Wood fires were used to melt the lean out nf th. I tie's hill to divide Cherokee countv Into three districts for nominstinn snd election of county commission era Represent stive Hyde la opposed to the measure. The bill, as Introduced in th senate by Senator Hnrwnlrttt. of ftwstu Uimn request of Cheinkee rounty joint, the wood being procured from I porntcd the forest ad aeem tn h.

porawa TO BE PUSHED Committor Will Cnnviuts HiiMim-Na District This Wrek ln the 037-3fl act. 'The transportation of th' nine! The machlnerv fnr i Hill more Alumni Will Siwimtor I 1 1 i 11 1 Production presented one of the greatest triffl-' tnia rlght-of-wny Is cultles on the project because of the 1,1 annate hill fovir. Intro- i COTTON PICKER IS NOW READY INVENTORS SAY Ralflih Bureau nf Ihf itlim-I ttnri May 4 I he Id fur western count le furntshetl only three tote In both hnue fir legaflred lltior control Hep-resen lnt Ives Nnlllvnii of Mini-romhe, sttenird of Henderson and of (inihntn. He senators stul 12 represent, nthes front (he inniininln ertion voted Rfftil nt the lnx llipior cim-trnl measure Jtdinston of Buncombe, Blanlnn nf Me-ftmvrll, flilihs of Vancey, llrnnn-Ing of Swain and Itnmsev of Trunv hiinfn, and WINott of Mi-lhiuell, (rain of Biinromhe, Sprinkle of Mndlrn. Ilenrv of Trtwi) hnnla, Hde of Cherokee, Bowers of Avery, Hav of Mucin, of ft unlit, (Mrs.

I -luirles) llutehlns of Vancey, Peterson of Mill hell, tftnlley of IKivHfMid. and ltron of Imstin. Kepresentalties Oray of flay, (loud of Pitlk, nod Hesd Itulherford were nhwnt. The lliinor emit rut nieaure was pnrd hv he house hy only a iiliiEle ote; I he presence of one nf the nhsenl ft In could have changed the result. While I he recorded vote In the senate Mands fi( the real vole was as two senators 1 hniiReil their Trite from ae In no when thev sw a to reconsider.

If fine of the five western senator hart voted for the measure, It (wntilrt have passed. Iist minute efforts to chance Xennlnr Juliuston nf Buncombe were nnavnlllni. rouyh and, Inaccessible country traversed by. both lines. Four classes of pine were used to resist tho various pressures encountered and grent care was necessary In arranging that the proper classes of pipe Were transported to their positions In the relocated line.

Trucks and vnonnm uiii-ii iy oi-iiui'ii uiiii'iii nun combe and enacted Into law upon ratification Inst January 23. The Johnston art enables the state highway and public works commLs-m la Ion to condemn the lands aloru? the seenlc pnrkway rnite, tnke Immediate possession for conveyance to Th aIumuiI will ti, itilliAj pt jin fi.i, it n. I.m. Mt at in. II, I I.

lrr. lliiii. th ,.,11.,. W.IIHil 4 XUm Oitiljf llvl. I.

i Democratic leaders, divides the oun-I ty Into three districts as follows. Tnatrlct one, to be mpoecd ol Valley town township: illeirl''t, two 1 Tomoila precinct. Murphy north and i sonih warde. UrasAtown precinct, I'rnontrre precltit and It urn house precinct, and district I three, all of remaining precinct in Cherokee eountv It provides that the political par I ties shall nominate one commission-i er from each district, and "the rsn-i dldate so nomlns'ed from his dUtrKt i shall he deHared to be Die randl- datrf of his politlfsl party snd duty nominated for the general election in I his dtstrlet," I Jt. also provide- "That the randt I dstes so nominated from the re-ifw-c-i live districts shall in the "iiersl were used to transport the pipe and 11ip government, and refer In several places the right of way tnp proceedings tn the court for Towns so steep that It was necessary to I sttlement tinder this proced-use the primitive ox-team and sled!" I mt' 1r" omnil-wlon wtll not.

be de- WILL OBSERVE P.T.A. WEEK AT CITY PARK miM c. urace Miner, local admin- any murt proceedings. irnior or both the CWA and the "i ERA, said yesterday that, he mn. Tile senate today nasseri the rralr- p' ma I Ul Ah itie Ml) sidcrs the North Fork project as onr finlllvan hill authorlylng the len-e "I toa iia a pfa r'sti tr.

befog mad ffi ami hy pNy ickm Slid thuas or tne best yet planned and com-j of school property In Buncnmhe pleted not only for its value to theifounty not nercssary for school pur- City of Ashevllle but because it fur- i nor. MFMPHW Tenn, Mv 4. A Two hrf-'hers With msmoTtes of tln-d ha' ks and sore ner from ptehmr cotton on a farm twcii tn Tetss. tM beetde a 2 pound mschlne trwlsy and annoufi'-ed, "she's rendv Tile hroDieis- Jrthn and Mnr f) HuHvni'lr(1 ss thev a dfesm enrne true a rrie hs nle -rt ton pl'ker tber trilve do the murk of from ff) to joo men Krp'rlmenI hiftdela have been shown hv the ftust hefur at exiierlmenf ftaDom and at tltetf bust nes here hut Die new mo--lel praHfr-sttv 'he sime ai tt ll hen if is placed on the m'et In JOIfl will mslre Ms deut tn the rn-ersl public dwrlrg De ristlons) co 'on Aho her nt wek The hfotliert. espe-t to go lrity prodUfdWfn sfon The rnaehina efstta primarily of SU efid'ese belt ewrrylnr several hundred sfiwiolh wte apt dles As It rssw's over he tow ttt rt th ff-lnitriff itvmdies sut'enM-tHv mots, tened pnet ra'e Die pis is Tn tits era S'ana leading ntuderii nlshed employment for such a large I It authorlzea the rountv VKard of tfi education, when finds any school property unnecessary to lease such number of men for adong period or time.

A total of 413,000 man hours wiw spent on the Job. At present District No. 3 of the NCFRA la employing approximately 3,700 workers. aeivanr I A st Uir I 'Xi paik urtdar apoheofslitti of 'ti my of AshevlUa paitht-'(' her aasoristiom Mar 11 I he co will givari a par r.entaa of piffsds at ths pak duf lri(f the week, and Mi's will di-ylileil erpialiy th A mil' In the t'miu i f.Y wwfar wirk fMrrt srh'tl In em 1) will tt aivrn eertaln Ua Ui wee to pr.itMe fee lrsrptaheh 'o rhlidren St tlclr svroerf hawi. n't ss wiii lite Hntrnore irraftisto, cuo.

ttiM.n nii.ur, piats tu part of a l.aunj tu.l.pgm sft, fc Mi 'lee 1. mUit w-f in her Maiy l.fil. tha tn--t (-hi tut hunt pMy fr.t(n. Mss tCios ,,1 election he voied on only tiy tie rjuaJined voters of each of said dis-trictji and one commissioner frm earn of said dlstnru shall he declared ehwted a rounty commissioner of Cherokee county, "That the three commissioners elected In and by said ditnn shell be snd rrmnUtute the board of rounty ormmisfioner of Cherokse county Ao Action In Takvn property, as a piBvirrnund or recreational paik. to the feleral government, the state or any of lu subdivisions or auencles, on aurh terms as the board deems advisable.

The lease would he terminable on one yeur'a notice by the board. The approval of the Ashevllle school board would be necewmry If the property located in the ritv. The hill wan ordered 'enrolled for ratification. was gien a favorable report today hy the senate calendar committee. It ramee tip for second (roll enll reading Monday and final reading Tuesday, Ths ft drive for fuinls Wltt wti fi ti MireirVs ul tl roe frjf I ha AihavHla high a- hoot bend ill -t 1 tiriiHrhim and etnttn4 hmuj(fi th walt ft 'timmlHe fr.tiri, Ilia arail 1 I'' 'ira lh-im lrr 'if innwf- i tmi; Anteil ari 1 ( Mh noo bend and ih V) 4in'' il 'K hualovui '(WMo ti.tri.n'M.w and udrty a' Th arOp i'i(M WIU hm dl if r.v tt ft I'hm' pMoiUpitl u( (la a hiflh Inn! and fltar rtan.

ft Ificnneaa uf Mi lUuO i r'd Waaife ttietMger xf ttt rham hmt -4 ie ireMr 'if ii fuivd 1'ri'iae deirlng i ihs fund may kios t)'ir -loii a at Uia rf I inr ineo pefKfvn who are lirtaOls ti ta' 1 ofilcib t'-n mey thw r.f t.ateph.-na to, I i of vtf (. Murpny prat d-rr of ihm enim tnift a-Moot rafa i aieoia' 'in St talsphon an mi end a rnwiroter -i the rforu-, iiih'h wui wiitl tha horn nf tha tn, gift, will be puli rlsdy in Ths ri.U and) I I'-irma I wilt iH.i 1, ttitH hm a rv a I se th a i of 1 1 i in 'Iwr to aiu( 41 nf mm snd lie Ul'in-. ii'Mit r. n'ii o.e't May lA an x.a hi no tt aecuf-rl na for on stjl -11 i i-Moip 1 4i, 'mrin WiM ao rn it('l pieiseHt tirrie ha hfnt 'oiiftiif-l iu hit'. )tm ei' uitrf 1 itoiMiiiurM, atti' nraw ermmml tl a onUfwe of gl- 'tSit lo ijvao frnm Ui gna putdiri iiurtn th uomtrtg 7i nn hand we ideiist(t Aivrwei aapoei Mm, tifl Kiss iub, Juimig Laane glff.

II ni roofn. gj, far, gJtwtn uiuti'h and friend, Mj (-in y-i'Maw. frtfoda, fi A day, 1 Ita Jt fif 'IiiiftH e.Mes th open efl.n to W. N. C.

HEROES of the WORLD WAR 11V 5erffent L. E. Jneckel All Night Reserved mm M'r a-- st pany, Valerian, woo pi? itl The Johnston hid relating ae- "ii na sroursd t)i-n tu'lei fr'jn t)ie tmtr TTie hen frooi inifi') Sfd de. live red hj a SM'tlon t'l tt e.n nioslis of eoifig to tr P.e Vhe-Mlw Srranfe.l f. Un la IS foli'twa UsT 1 1 Vmi- siwl r-tfnm wr.rei! T-i.

day Mi.t-ipn an1 Jai a. fu.l Wthw1ar fmU UP Ata I V-Ute uut Haw Tea ttor.ia 'is' nrday rVHni'w S'H flra H-lo Tt-. biidien hsvitij i rt- frariSfwrriath-ri 10 tne pa will rr.i r'p' iv fi rty pi. 1 tvtpm The senate elucstflon rwmmtftee trw1lir to the house not aerl on the Cralff-ftulll-1 It parsed ths en-vsji hill authorising the Ashevllle K1f, school hoard to lease the Ornnne ThP mend ehsp'et 4'J1 street, scnool proper! to the rttv nf law. and of Ashenile as a park or plsy- tluncomb snd Henderson crminrt- I rniinttea snd the eltten of Ashevllle and Hendersonvtile, acting Jointly or The amended on fc, xchsn.jie eerttfl-mollon of Fullivsn, tn relieve owners fM, nth(tr evidence of ft tr Chertcs of rtrunkennesa against Cbsrlle (TTfsferj t.lsyton hs.e tiei-n poetpwtl( Indefinitely hy Magistral Ales pre, tiie insvUttsle airt yceterdsr I tie hat ge yiew r.eit 0 sn autotnotma wre a s- et 1 fi ei'o tn which a woman was Jhpired Mr Idlifire aej that CIsp'Ti lo pay a fin slid he rttd not th.

itrtain mechtre wH! rover sb'mt sn hoir tie new p'ljl -n y.m pu'led arid p'ered tiy an rr't nary row ra 'r fn t'-hrM rf iifihtf hd reet (i 'w re wrrrlr the nrsTiNtii -mm rvh (HIIhs WALTER WALDPOOP. (Army rie-rlal No. fiSaiW), Private, first class. Machine Gun rompanv, 3fith Intan- justified in imrveurig a Jwil sen- ot nnii in i.incom and Rimccmhf i.nri ir. try, 1st Division.

be used for irnre Amerlren irxperti' setiitd at I r-Kk at whl- tii esS WU rmif to taa ineff) to and tr.ey wtl u. nd To I airport purposes tionary Foare, was awarder the pis-1 n' -Jp has heen g.ven an tuigulshed Service Crass for extra- '-nravorable report by the senate ad- Aicctter Man Hurt AMENDMENT Mt For Few thti w'Jt ir -alr-fd as farnUr" day Trie; wilt fhi fit-u tt-e A cMifvll daily t-i witnrr-lr a snd darn In When Struck ttu Aul fif fj crr)Of ordtnary herrism In action acalnst committee. itepreeentatire Craig end Julllan Mia entmy near Verdun, rranre, Oc-) Tnf " the count dog trm the weekend at their I yftnr 0. lftlfl. tat beffinnlhi In I9M.

but. does not nnmM Ashevllle, while Senator i Private Waldroop. accompanied by hrldje rlEht of any munlcipsiity tn rnemfr of a party oil one officer and a other soldiers, I realist ownership of dogs by tai- iuutors and newspspermen who; drowt off a violent ftaaault of fto or oDierwise -pt of Newman of th enemy after a terrific pistol and' Th bill was originally introdured Nw Hanover at Wrightanil IVsrh -grenade fight, thereby holding Hill hT Represent attve Jonas of Mnroin ACWINFR ACT 41 f. i "t'c wa p5r'int-d 'ti li(l a Uuui a- board ii titnn -tt im, if i S'a'a W'ii'r the fi Aleisr.det Melrath, 23 of Iai'-a. ter la in Miseir.ti hmpitsi with Slight Injuries recelyerj tfst hHCtit when he was strk try an auloroo-btl SSlrt by (K-llr Ui hs beer driven ty 11, a nium rrf hi awaeea street.

Tha ery.ider.t 00 ihf tn ths list ef ttew tw wbirh a 1'Kat tmM may iyi1 Tt.m Ahsiii rr-r. p'ririt ot ti.mi lit ha r''iio-t(i valod at than fil Vs t-ar tha lax a -Ut antr trt TlWfe WAt rffllf Mat 4 Wrirht ctairmsn nt the evtiie mi 1. r.i r. rnoiiniM The Alien H'me nearrm glee rlub will 'ire-sent pmgrsm at HI ft" 1m t', fh fA'efraoii aatid yeateroa srtf f(M it ijn wi yio.jt ii'iiK flina. tr tH aiaw HftirWiH Mr avrfrwrn vsut 'This in 'ait 1 0 thia will gwlef tn 3fw which was of the utmost tactical and amndM by Renresentattvs Importance Vy our combat opera- i to inrUide Buncombe with-lion.

During hi heroic fighting, In Ita provislona. Private Waldroop waa hilled Reaidenca at enlistment. Arlva, The Crstg meaauee entMlng th Medal, posthumously awarded, 1 town of itisclt Mountain to refund preecntatf a mother, Mrs. X. M.

Wal- its publk debt and accept bonds in dronfjk pamcou ol assess menu and uses lv M'rndKT nlrht at Jr.n furred or W'jftfin street as Me- nt hr-erd and fl la'rism Consolidated srhooi. near rtila In Orath was erMtriK th street The aorir.tri.ieT.i nf ei as hae addition to th r.llll'm prngrsm a' drlter of the ear was summoned tt nf fO'infy ff ninn: tradiitg Umi it, it 'Witt is netd hi Tf tf eimirnitrearnsn and tha election rrf him n) soperm ndnt He-eto lion Mr, AMrarm 1 ts.mdsa ag fff tsia. eae thi fcs'a on-set folk 'Tha Mwltnt 1 poll rourt rn ft f'Jtml crjlrga ssklr-g hs tha shii nv.rrt!fierv MwvjsI Wolf," wiu pr-antd. 're-'klaaa drtrt be arrndsd to Irttlude manusl train, if' a 'srat yrs..

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