The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY. JUNK 20, 19'IC BLYTHKVILM3 (AUK.) COUKIER, NEWS t. Russians Buy U.S. Reports Cabinet Member Says Information On Radar Obtained WASHINGTON, June 20. (Ul 1 ; — The United States has made available to the world liilormiilkm on rn- ttar unit atomic enemy while Htissln and France have refused to dls' los,; data on Germany's wartime inciu- trlal secrete. PAGE MINI • SUNDAY SCHOOL LISSOM Strengthening Bonds of Fellowship Seiliilure: ->'!:U-2I); John 17:6-8, 20-21 l!y Wll.UAM K. Ull.KOV, 1). 1) The Ideal society, from :\ Christ- Ian standpoint., is one in which men live in fellowship, in relationships of love and kindliness, where justice is souK'ut for all. win-re there is mercy for ili ( . erring, and where the strength of the slroiiK is available for helping the weak—a society In which, in the language ot 1'unl, men "by love serve one another." . The hick ot reciprocity In ex-1 It is obvious (hat even in the changing scientific Information was [best of democracies, in what we we ouitht to be listening more U- tlny; to Jesus noi only as u religious teiichcr, hut as who has n great tleal to say About our economic lile—for what is economics but the science oi worths and values? Jesus put love at the basis ot all true 'llvinB, mid considered New Comet Credited To Dutch Priest revealed yesterday with publication of recent hearings before the Senate Appropriations Committee. Secretary or Commerce Henry ft.. Wallace told the committee that important technical IntOrnmLOn Gathered in the U. S. zone ot nc- cnplcrt Germany niul Japan Is madj public In commerce department reports us soon as the data 13 taken off the secret list by U»3 Army and Navy. Anybody can buy them," ho added. Sen. Kenneth S. Wherry. R.. Neb., said he understood Soviet Russia was obtaining valuable Information on atomic energy, raflnr and radio throuKh the commerce department reports. "In view of the fact that Russia and France do not reciprocate with us on like reports, they ars apparently taking advantage of this country," Wherry asserted. He expressed fears that foreign Governments, by piecing together information supplied by the Commerce Department, would solve •some ol this nation's top vrar secrets. Wallace, on the other hand maintained that "I would not thine that the Army and Navy would expose us to anything of mat sort." John C. Green, director of the commerce department's office dcclasslflcatlon, told the committee that Soviet orders for .sclentitlc ro- ports ranged from $1.10 to $1.381 and that seven or eight requests for data had been received Iron, that government. Green and Philip M. Hnuscr. assistant to Wallace, declared tha neither Russia nor France iiKictt available to this country technics data gathered in their zones or occupation. He added that It would be "splendid" if Congress would pass legislation to spur reciprocity. Missionary work is still sotn on among the sominole Tndiar. In Florida. At Everglades, Deacon ess Bedell, who spent 30 years * a missionary in Alaska, has an In dian school. 'inctlmcs call "Christendom." we 'c far Irom the attainment of lat ideal. The altermath of war etwecn nations has seen a vvl'.le- > outbreak of war between issse.s and imprests. The wellnre ml happiness <>[ the people dc- r p nd lor the (iituic almost as ittcb iijwn the abolition of indusl- ial conlllct as upon (he cstablish- icnl of peace between nations. Free enterprise is commcmlv hail- d today as the alternative to lotal- ariun form.-; of social 01 animation, t otiRht to appeal t clicve in free fellowship, liut It roe enterprise means chiefly the isht nf management (o aemnrc mlimitccl prolits and the rij-ht ot abor to strike wilhoiit limit, it is xecedingly doubtful wlietlicr tree nlcrprisc service ns the principle of ac Paul, with clear, strong argument and with the analogy ot the human body, declared that we arc members one of another. Ilinics are basic, but they have never been properly recognized In social organization and laws. in the comment on our lesson I wrote of communism, and UOMK (Ul'l—In Ihe Vatican Ob- teachcr '.servatory at Caslel (londolio. near Home, eight Jesuit pi lests recently discovered anil longed (he progress of a new comet. The principal discoverer was brother Matthew Tlmmers, a Hutch priest, who first observed jlhc comet Feb. 1 during n night observation in the observatory '>n the shores of Luke Albano, Ihe site of 1'ope ['ins Jill's summer home. Ttie comet, now known us Ihe Tlmmers Comet, has shown a motion of one dcureo per day, rising In a northward direction. loused (Uii'lni: several nights, Its track win dialled to .show It will 1:0 wl'.htr IS degrees nf the I'ole Slur, dm ('.specially of atheistic communism, i,,,.^.-,,,, u ,„ a favorable- posltir.i i as a challencr? to Chrlstlnns. The r,... .,i,..~ _ i., M,~ MM,.MW,I. as a challcns;; to Christians. The challenge is real and strong. It cnnnot be met by halt-hearl- ctl Christians. It cannot be met W IKjwer-Christianlty. It cannot be met by so-called free enterprise, taking unto Itself sanctions ot rc- i.l ominwitlon. ,, 8lo]1> „,. ,| crcm | c<l by r <.]j Blrm , 1S lo those w!io ],| 10 tyrannies n nd oppressions ol Europe were long dcfendcc 1 .. It can be met only as Prostes- latUs, Jews, and Catholics put lx;lo daily practice the principles cn- for observers In the Noithcrr llemispherc. The tllsco\ r ery, us well as all activity nl the Observatory, ha: keenly hilt-rested iMpo plus. \ win oftrn spends time obselvtng Ihi heavens when he Is living at hi summer home, Tlu« eight priests n the oUsei'vatory work under the;di rrctlun of Father John W. Stein » fish, becomes I-'rec enterprise j s going to need ill of its strength la the clash ol dcologics which the coining gcnc- ation will see. And free enterprise vill be weak until It becomes more inly and effectively Christian t »- erprisc. It is to the words of Christ, and if His great Apostle. Paul, that joined In their scriptures and their ' enterprise, dominated in Us faiths. And, on the social and in- 'dom of action by the one suprcm attaining lor all Hi ssiblc. uteri-rise can win out in the Ion- ,"•"•""• '""I. on i»u bocmi .urn in- iimu in ncimi • in, against the strength of a to- " l ' s | rlal "'f' l \ c ' m \ '-"^ °'", v l"", 1 "^' 1>: ' alitarian society as IL '° cnterprisej now largely set- best life ix>s, v . CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick siile see me. I have buyers for homes. List your property with me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. H. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second Phones 446 or Z8W CAM, LIDS ft RUBBERS — ' And follow inttnictionsin the B«n Blue Book. To gel your copy eend I0c witb your name and addreu to— I All BWTHtKS COMPANY, Munclt, Iml. Join the Refrigerator Service Club (Two Service Culls a Year Jl) Repairs to Electric Appliances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEV1LLE SALES CO. (Where Courlcsy is Not a Memory) lii E. Main St. Phone 3616 Dancing Every Tuesday Thursday and Saturday Music liy Duke Doyle Lee and bis 7-I'iccc Hand For Reservations Call 3984 TWIN GABLES ... KROGER COFFEE STAYS IN THE WHOLE BEAJJ oin all over Ihe world. The CbMTvalory -- the Spcrola alU'ana--was locutcd In Vatican! hy until 19311. when severe .<'!«•- ' •leal InterfL-rcnce with dellva'e ' qulpmriil forced Vatican directors i move to oistel Ooi^lollo in I! 'Hit- hum- i win cupolas, one ie giant astrocniplilc teh'» nd (he other for the camera, nerve centers of llu- obsi 1 oiy. K(|iilpmcnl Is electrlcally-c rolled, with only a push of a bit- 111 needed to open or shut I ho ool. move the walls Or elevate or owcr the telescope. The largest ens has a maKiilfylng power ol Bo7 lines normal. Preparedness WASHINGTON. June aft. llil'i... The nceil for medical piepaiciiii'.'.''o in slratetilc avens vulnfrable lo nv- lack by ,itonil(; bombs was pointer out lo 1'rcsldriH Tinman today by an (-(Kill-mail cnmmlttce of liidua- lilallsls, medical experts and nci'.i-' The croup (old Mr. Truman tli.v.' llii. development nf alomie weanonr, and oilier new nielliods of warrnrc 'has made tlie whole prnblnin o: netllcal can: of Immediate ur'fi 1 !!,'V." In a report nn thctr nollvlMcs aa members of Ihe I'resldenf-i spccla: eominlttfe on Inlenratlon of un*- crnmenliil medical nervicn-t. inn f!roui> said nmllcnl program* for lFKlo Industrial nrcxi »iul otu- er men.s with liluli concpmriillon-i or elvllliui populntluM "must tin KetlK'd without, delay." "In pni'llcnlnr," they snlrt "nv t l>°n»lutmie.-i ot the federal nleai- nit services In this councilor. Ahoiilii be determined." After rending tho rujMrt, the I'rcKlck'iu look the fli'.st. ntq> Lovnvci iv fiitt-flediiod study of lh- lour eriil licnllh servicea. Nr.WTON. Mass. (U.P.I —Unable u- durliifi tin- war, I'M o buy a .' a car (inriiiR tin' war, 1*1- waicl Hammond decided to initke its own. With parts from l(i cins ind a mowing machlni^ hi' fash- oncd n "Weep"---i;ood fur 51) miles >n a gallon of gasoline. HEADACHE «•"«" IJ *l n'l'iljVn'l * lliVl' woi I lo«<ll:ir 10 «LT< qulfk Kllrf flan hriJuht inj muiilglt, P«Uow Jixnloni OB lil.<l. Butiy Chick* ji.oo i,, jiu.w, |H . r 100. 3 ilay.i to 4 wi'i'ks olil— A( Sture I'et'ils uml Kupjillcs. WANTI-:I> Far uuil Klx'llril Ci}rii — All crailcs. Olid Imslii'l up - O:ils - \ - Huiky - AUilfa Hay unit 1'mit- try tif nil klliils. 1'ay tu|i niurkul CU.P.)—ErlinrR. Iv«r- mi\, c«pUln of the tanker 'Gulf- coast, rxwse* hb> spare time *l m by making violin*. THE BEAUTY CM* It' Mutant Decs B-attk. Oww-r BU«. USED CARS WANTED We will pay you the full OPA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you nre pitnif lo keep your present car let as jrlve you an cstinmte on reconditiuninr your motor, bodr nnd painting. , Credit terms can be arranged. Tires, Tubes and aat« nml home radios for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc. CMC Trucks Phone 519 Sec it in the bean when you buy. Have it ground fresh at the store. Gel that full, rich coffee-flavor at it» freihest bcsl. Coffee pro- ground daysorwecksagocannot match Hol- Datcd's "in the bean, freih-ground" flavor. Ib. bag SAVE UP TO A DIME A POUND! 3 I'iickor'.s 1,-ibt*]—N«. 2 Can UIOI) KfDN'lOY UKANS No. 2 Cans HUNT'S IHC10I) I5KKTS CaluniL-f—K; Ounce Can HAKING I'QWDKIt Country Club ASSORTED C 'CoVnlry Club SPAGHETTI S. O. S.—IJiixcs SCOUKING PADS—2 for Hot Koi>l—I'in I Cans I). I). T. INSKCT SI'UAY Clai>])s—Cans STHAINK1) I.'QQDH—:{ for •1 founds ICK CUKAM SAI/I I I'OUIH! 'J'iti HUMKO SMOIITKNING Cdtmlry Club—Hi ()/. Can Van Camp's—No. 2 Can T. S. KHAN'S Qirarl Jars WHOI.K DIM, PICKT.KS . 32 Ounce (.'an Morrs CIDK Sun Sweet—.'(2 O/.. IJottle 1'IUINK MUCK Braunschwciger Baking Hens / Pork Livers ' . ; Bologna Pork Kidneys Parafinc Bologna N. -till llm.i.lwny :it ItK J. J. 1'lrld, Mur. DOAN*S PILLS ASSORTED SUN GLASSES zvBRvrypf & DimmLt 'P^^-H?3§^ With box top from Kroger Tco. (_ Moil lo Kroger, Box 1122, Cin- ANUSOL FRESH PEACHES, 2 Ibs. WATERMELONS, whole or sli. Famous Fortune's Sherbets CONTI SHU-MILK WHITE POTATOES, 10 Ibs. CASTILG SHAMPOO I Pound Jars CIIASK & HAN HORN COFKKK \)*c No. !) and •!!) Spare IMJKK CAN 10 HIIGAR—r, Pounds SEA FOODS Red Salmon Rose Fish Fillets ] Cod Fillets ' {•/" H.&G. Whiting KROGER PIGGLY WIGGLY

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