The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 3, 1939
Page 7
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SATURDAY,-JUNE :3, -1939 COUliiKI! NUWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uaily rale per lliic for consccu- ii'c insertions: One time per lino lOc Two limes per line ner day—08c Three linics per line per (lay...Otic Six times pci line per day 05i Month rale per line 60o Cards of Thanks 50e & 76c Minimum clxirgo 50c vAds ordered for throe or six (lines and stopiKd before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of (he city must be accompanied by casli. Rates may lie easily computed from above lable. j Advertising ordered for Irregular Jj:tsertions lakes the one time rate. •^ No responsibility will be taken I for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Modem 3 room unfurnished apart nient. Main nnd Second. P. Simon phone 1fJ4. 3-ck-l Furnished apartment. 900 W Wai _""t. 2-pk-l- Unfurnished \ room apartment 122 E. Davis. Apply 313 N. otii 31-I&-5 Two story brick residence, 1010 W Main St. Phone 383. Mrs, Frank C. Douglas. 30-ck-t One or two unfurnished rooms Cool. 516 Chlckasawba. 30-|ik-b 2 furnished rooms. Private entrance. Water furnished. 53.00 per week or $10.00 ner month. 122 Holly St. 29-i>k-5 l«\vo large bedrooms for rent, Mrs Nolen, 310 \y. Walnut. 24ck-t 2 or 3 roo mfurnlshed apartment 700 W. Walnut, 22-ck-tf Comforlabie bedroom. 625 w Main Phone 2TI-J. 15-ck-6-15 b'tore building and residence combined. Good location for grocery anr! meat market. CIO lake St. See Dr. ,]'. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or -lia Attractive front bedroom. Beauty- rest mattress. 603 W. Main. Pli !*?• 10-ck-tl Furnished room , entering into balh. Beautyrest Mattress. Wll' 8|ve .2; meals a day. 818 Chlcka- I Bawba, phone 636. " " .' 'i-da fans for Jug Fishing complete with cans. Guaranteed won't leak. TJ-c each. Raymond Brooks, Stccle, Mo. 2-pk-8 Office.'rojjnis. SiWbjir^ Build Ing., See Graham Siid'bury. " ' For Sciie FOR SALE 400 Acres land, 175 cleared, facing gravel road for mile. $25 per acre. $5,000 cash, balance terms, 1 to 1 1-4 bales to acre. Also 80 acres. 45 in cultivation, 4 mules, loots and crop. $3,200. 160 Acres, 100 cleared, three liojs- cs, $40 acre, Vi mile of concrete on new road in Pemiscot county. Kialcs I.aiul Co, Glcncoe Hotel. 3pk7 Have cash buyers for various size ..tracts cf land, if you liavc land for sale list it \vlth Biales Land Co. 3-pk-7 Sow anri pigs. 631 Clark. Cot 'with springs 31-pk-12 wooden frame, wire and cotton mattress. i.U.50. Call 930. 30-da One 5-rooiii house. George M. LCD. Phone 32D. • 10-ck-li 'Wanted Wanted: Bedroom close in by young lady working, phone 411. 3-pk-a Nice furnished home for tlie summer. References. Call 253. l-pk-5 CASH PAID for good 1035, lf«G and 1037 model Fords, Plymouth; and Chevrolet. ' Phone Howard Burlon at 810. Phillips Motor Co. 23-ch-6-23 Poultry Xunmcr special. Select Wood-tesi- * eri While Rocks, Reds, Bai red Rocks, Wyandottcs, Leghorns, etc. ItO—54.95. Heavy aswrt^d $4.50. Heavy breed pullet^ S6.95. Cosk- erels $5.25. Leghorn Pullets, $9.50. Cockerels $2.50. Prepaid live delivery. Arkansas Hatcheries, Little Rock, Ark. Dairy quality and service In Dairy products. Cattle free ol Bang's Disease, In best of physical londftlon. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 102-J, for HalsclVs Grade A Raw *lllk, Cream, Country Butter, But- ermlllt, extra or holiday orders, [nspection encouraged anytime. ^ lUlsell's Dalrj- |j Promised Land, Route 2 j*ooni aurl Board Comfortable looms. . Reasonable rales. 113 E. Cherry, phone 603. 8-ck-tf i Room • and Board. Comfortable' reasonable rates. 803 \V Asi> ' phone 993, •-• • s-pk-7-3 Minnows For Sale ORTUNITY USES THE WANT-AD5-// W PAGE SEVfft Minnows and fishing canes 300 E Main. Phone 300. O. 0. Hawks. 2'!-ck-G-2'l • • Goldfish Minnows ~ F l_ Bro ^ dl> "' 319 Dnufian MINNOWS & COCK HOACliuKS '.nrl Damon Cor. Rnllroud & tfy. Persona] Arouse. Sluggish YlVer. work off Ihe bile, lo rid yourself of constipation, gas i>ji,i ls an( ) ) llrlt SOIlr punk feclim;. Take one box of KIKBV'S ACTIVE uvuit pii.r.s 2Sa ni all Klrby Stores. Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Lawn Mowers BARGAINSlN Used Lawn Mowers SOB1K IN EXCELLENT CONDITION SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Gesture to Romance Helps College Concerts CLINTON, N. y, (UP)-n, recent years the attendance at concerts sponsored;, by (he Hamilton College Musical Arts Society has been declining;. Tiic reason given by some of the students for noi attendin" was that it is hard to e=t '.'dales" to crmn and hear classical music recitals. - Music department oflicials seem to have solved the problem, whereby the cost of dating was halved and the incentive lo attend, classical concerts was bolstered Las General Barks Scotland Yard Blocks Bund at Quiz Cr °° ks ' S ^ rce Of Tips . LONDON (UP)— Audacious incth- cds are being used by crooks in Britain lo leavn .secret ways n.scil by Scotland Yard lo catch them | Scotland Yard chiefs i,«v« learned dmi poHce Imvc tieon Instructing crooks for scvcrnl weeks Ion crime detection. I The blumlcr was discovered j when a Uwchu police slalion inspector asked the criminal records ofllce at Scotland Yard for Iho flic of an arrested nmn. Stnrllccl olllclnls found Unit Ilic I man, wlio had 11 long list cf }»v~ vims convictions, was n member ol the Police War Reserve. As a part of his twining he must have been shown Hie Inner workings of the Yard, Including (he informa- ticn room, nerve center of crock- calchliif?, am! (he map room, where colored (lues denote the prevalence of crime in dlllercnl areas. He would nlsD Imvc been instructed In police methods of trapping olTemlcrs, nml \\tn\a have had access to oniclal Instnio- tlons. A quick survey strengthened the suspicions of Ynrd silk-bis that (he man was not the only crook who had taken advantage of police information to break the law. Hitherto recruits lor the rcsm'o have only had lo Jill in ;i form and pass a medical li>sl. T]>orc Ims been no Invcsllcnlloii of character. Orders have now been Issued to close tills loophole In the i-cguln- li.-ns. Toledo : TOl.KDO, O. Houston, Tex.. iUl>) Is Tlie ctly of Cliui-cli Mcivoil lo Member* MONCTON. N, li .(UI')-An en- re church wus moved from one (Ilirclor of the board 'hus > llml BOIIC to Texns | ( > assist In !ho ooitrd's fomintlon. Olher cities In- mtlsntmu (in- ^i, ipcfnllv In- elude Auburn mid Mlddlelovv'n, N. \.\ C«lar liapids. i own; Mimcie, Hid.; Kulamn/oo, Mich., mid iv-kln li> another near here ttmuregnd.-n woiilil not , ..-.. ..... v V .. &ILbLtu . it wuu u not 1 have o tt.,,llt S,, f,,,. lo KCt (0 u v • l do clmrch lnul fallen Into disuse PRESCRIPTIONS Kri'shw»( Slock (>iwriirilo«l Ho.'il |' r |cci Kirby Drug Stores um 1 , il Wilson hud no place LD worship. Uinyliiul Hie cluilco Of rlllior con- '" C C '"" rt;h Clinton I,. Ingrain i\Mf. niylhevlllo, AKKANSAS mill SUSSOUKI TITI,!! OPINIONS. ' INNdKAN'CK Shown as he tes(ificd before Dies commutes quiz inlo iillcgcd anti-Semilic cainjxijgn, M»j.- Gen. George Van Horn Moseley retired U. S. Army olliccr. asserted German-American Bund is "trying (o see thai Commu- tnsls don't lal;c over this country." the students. This year, howcvo the undergraduates may brli their girl friends to the concerts i no extra cost. "The plan Is working'out admi. ably." said Prof. Bcrrian II. Shut i- , " v;1 v <ii'i.v. sum nui. licrriai tickets jonly £<hmUcd head of We department. I WANTED TO BUY SURPLUS COTTON SEED & SOYBEANS 'Full Market Prices Bring to Our , BlutheviUe or Gosncll Gin R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. FEMININE DIPLOMAT HORIZONTAL 1,5,8, former slaicswoman, Kohde. J1 To pickle. 13 Song. 15 Cup used in refining. 1C Fabric. 18 Billiard shot. 20 Gold quartz. 21 Opal glass. 24 Root point covering. 25 New York (abbr.), 2G Cheals. 28 Halt on cm 2d Jumbled type. 30 Ear parts 32 Lode. 33 Indefinite article. 34 Skillcis. 35 Poinl. 3fi Eye tumor. 37 Therefore. 39 Hau'.irinn food •10 Compass point •U To skim. 43 Instructor Answer lo Previous Puzzle t | lc (j 5. A. 5 Railroad (obbr.) 46 Kind of boiler 50 Upon. 51 To do again 53 Foreigner 54 Pillar. SBSIio is the • of \Vm Jj Bryan. 57 Correlative of brother VKRTICAI, 2 Exorbitant rate of " interest. 3 Shark 4 Color. 5 To exist. 6 To submit. 7 Norlh Carolina. 8 English coin. 9 Had on. 10 To run away 12 Dilatory 14 Sharp and harsh. 15 She was a member of 16 Hastened. 17 Post. 10 Siie was also — '° Denmark. 22 3. Ml 6. 23 Gnseoiis element. 2G Sieved. 27 Kind of poisoning. 2" Vigor. 31 To remark. ••iCTo fly. 38 Tubular sheath. 39 Hammer hearts. 40 Intelligence. 42 Hindi dialect. 43 Definite article. 41 Owl's cry. 47 Upright shafl 48 Beer. WCourlosy tine 51 fioad. 52 Giant king ' 54 Postscript..'' SoTranspdsed. As of April l, 1339, die average retail price of gasoline in 50 cities over (he United States w«s 13.07 cents a gallon as compared to 14.23 :en(s a ealloii on April 1, 103B. The average lax—stute, and federal-was 5.-M cents n Ballon. RKi) RYDER SKIN CANCER All N«iv l.ncnleii at 101 Nurlh Sinmil ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER « SERVICE BUREAU DON K1IWAKDS, I'rujirlrlor grotiir of neroiinullciil cuBi-!',- ,.,„ ,, -.-- ,- . r «u ' • • >°{ m '"Wcs.nn hour. The plane cnsi- s tire iilnntilm; lo build n hcll.. , • r- e pane —,_,. 1 «lll Do eqtilprjcd wjlh a'motor of HMMgi'"Wee than 250 horsenowcr . I-AWN MOWERS ~ 61inr])ciicd, fucloi'j- inetliod, adjusted o)U:<l-plck«l up & (Icllverpd $1 ATKINS Machine Shop & J. L. GUARD Optomelrist Only Clradiuilii 0|il<ime- lilst In lUjilicvllle. (ilnsscs 1'lllcd Currcclly SEED CORN Sovcrnl bushels of hybviil OO (I corn uro\vn in N o w County, Mo., |own 18 viiricty, priced ill to cloxe . out $3 )ior luishd Also .scvern! bushels of cloiincd Soybeans per bushel PAULBYRUM 122 11. Main SI, HOW LONG ' ypuit PAH HAD' AV 'AjijirovcU Ford J,nlirlcalloii7* nao | S n difference Is ubrlcatlons. Every place doe. not have the same standards . . . nor cun they give you the special Ford Lubilcnnts m.^do especially for Foul cars Get tlw folJoivlng: ...... ...... _ _ SPKCIAI, CHASSIS I.UHKICATION ANJ) WHJ^ii, |>A(JK!NG I Cur 30 JUy.1 Ollly) COMI'l.BTI? CHASSIS LUBRICATION 1'ro.s.siirc Clun Crease \\\ nil nres- siiio Oun fittings. Springs, Hood Lacings, Dooi stiikci Hates waxed, nooi ilinecs Lubilcatcd. Epoclal Oicusrs In Unlvoisai Joints, special lubi leant in htecr- hili «eiir and dltilrlbutor' caiu. 1'ACK KHONT WIIKBljS Wiihti out hub am( bearings, pack with special l-'oul Shoil nbei Sodium Soap BIC.ISC. 'Adjust wheel bearings. All Above Service )u CiiinbiiuiliOH. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Wnlmil I'honc 81U WvTS OLD SCftR FOOT.'HIM PIE MTV BAD LION--- W TAKE 1t> too ' HY FRKD-HAkMAN POM't WASTE YOUR fHEV ARE" TOP 0USV To uooK I' OJ^'To tURM -frl£ fOOR LOOSE ' • "iv-f- v3E rc;rvrHC.\_j UPlMAVtoRRlDT.00? V\f-'t> A» \MCi6OS STOCK! TAKE UON To oo(?Ll|Cl RVoes IUVE5TIGATIMG A . MILK WAGOW WRECK WHICH HIS EARLV- MORkllkJG ARRWAL CAUSED, AUE>/OOP GETS IKJTO A MILK 60TTLETHE HAR.D WAV SAY.' BY GUM.THAT STUFF EOKl'T TASTE ££.'. TH«r.'S-x HOOTS AN)) HER «Y EDGAIl,MARTIN SSS-.t^? 4 °t««r • " •'-'*— > Ul—l_CVJ I I (JM.ViWlVi „ D0 ^I?^' WM6 VASH'TUWiS HEBE'S HIS \ IKUE.V) \T.'n'S OMEOF^ TRACKS 601H6 stv VOUR SHOTGUU.ICTW. MO THIEF <S SQ1«5 TO RAW MV GAPOEU, H3 HOUSE A«0 PIG PEM. 1 RUCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS <3 DUNMO ---THEY Canclidafcs for Ilic Bopby [latch YEAH , CAP, ANQ NOW THAT I UXDK BACK on rr ALL, IT WAS . PRETTY FUNNY ' HOW LONG Do YOU THINK WE'LL HAVE TO BE IN — AND IS THAT WHAT TVttY DID? J3Y MERRILL BLOSSEK Nor AS FUNKY AS THE TIME we HUNO OLD MW-J FOGLE'S RED FLAWNELS F(SOM T;.'6 City nALL. FLASPOLE BACK IM W-. BETTER. LET; 'e^ eo ! KIDS WILL. ., BE KIDS / BUT IP 1 EVER. .GO THROUSH A TMIMG LIKE TMAT AGAIN , YOO CAN TAKET ME TO TWe -ZLOO AMD TOSS ' WE TO THE V. SQUIRRELS/

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