The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JULY 13, BLYTHBVILtB (ARBL) COURIEK NEWS PAOR I'HHKb HOME, F.ROM DIEPPE By Seigt. Everett Oglesby As Told To Menno Duerksen Another Painful Ordeal XIV Another case of extreme nerve and courage which came to my attention was that of a soldier who had one eye shot out. Feeling.Unit he was so much more forliumle than some of the other men, he offered his blood when he found it was needed to save the lives of some of the more sorely wounded men. In all he gave five blood transfusions for men more seriously wounded than himself. One lad was dying who wanted tq>— He was so very young, scarcely live. more than a child. Somewhere in that hell of Dieppe fpur or live bullet? had gone through his chest. He was now in terrible nnin, praying constantly for his mother. The words that have remained in my mind most vividly, he repeated over and over, "Oh, -mother, please I don't let me die." i When he began to 1 facie away they | came for him too, Scarrylng him I away to die. He | was sobbing hys- § lerically. At Dl' eppe he too had Bbeen brave I enough, but he 5 was so young and wanted so much of life. The reality of those five days is something that words cannot describe. It seemed to me as though time had stood still, or else it went on and on forever. During those days more than half the men who had been brought to this hospital died. Some of them, had they received attention, would probably have lived. Others were probably Bergt. Oglesby Nights of Suffering During those days most of the men bore their pains quite bravely, and for the most part silently. But in the nights their courage failed and some of them cried out. It seemed that the, long nights were filled • with pain, cries and stifled moans— and death. Many of the cries were for water but it was during lliese days that one could see with stark reality into the bottoms of these men bared souls. Some of the men prayed, endlessly and pitiously. Some o them cursed, violently with pas slon. They cursed the German! sometimes in delirium, as thougl they were still back at Dieppe, de manding that the Germans show up and fight out in the open. Othe men just talked., confiding in thei buddies. Sometimes their ta|k seem ed rational enough until you triec to piece together what they wer saying, Tlie stronger men tried to answe the endless calls for water. It seen ed as though some of the men, in dying condition themselves'Tvere al ways stumbling about trying bring water to their comrades. I am firmly convinced that if ev ery person on earth could see an experience there woul rth. Wa would become an utter impossibility I Grow, Weaker And then I shared in this hell to I remember that I became so stiff and weak I couldn't lift myself u ery persua on earin couici hear and feel what 1 e.\ flaring those five days Hit Tie 110 wars' on this ear ml liad to ask a German orderly o lie my sheet, to the end of the xA so I coulct pull against It to aise myselt up. On one of those days I decided 1 ftd to go to the lavatory, about 5( ards away. When I had strugglec ut of tol I found thai I couldn't tralghtcn up, but had to go buck- wards, all stooped over. One of the to uie. I \vivs' lagged for treatment. It seemed that more Red Cross supplies had reached the hospital. They led me to a table where a huge German doctor was strutting about, seeming more like n bull than a doctor. They placed mo on n table, sitting up. The doctor ordered the ncdlcal orderlies to bend me over, placing one arm behind my neck Hid the other behind my back. Placing me In such a position caused almost unbearable puin. No Anesthetic All orderly came up behind me with something I couldn't see, hand- Ing It to the doctor. The doctor, feeling on my back for my ribs, placed the point of something against my back, then struck it a heavy blow with his (1st to drive It in. It felt as though a knife hud been driven clear through me. It was R huge hollow needle they had shoved Into my lungs to drain out the congested fluid. They hud given me no anesthetic to deaden the pain. A French nurse culled Slsd't" Marie, who could speak English, was Vi'llh me during this ordeal. The pain was so intense the perspiration was running oil my .forehead hi a steady stream. She kept wiping it away with n cloth, saying "You are one of my boys so just take 11 ther fellows, who was stronger, I easy now." iclped me. When I reached the The i\cedle In my lung was mak- '•-' ing a squashing • sound as thc> pumped the fluid oft. When thcj had finished the doctor held the pan of foul mild under my fue* to show I Immediately Ml much stronger me. "Good," he said, slapping my ami easier for having tho congested, buck, • blood removed from my chest. 1 While I was In that operating lulil down, but not for loni;. When room I saw them working on an-j Uw cries for wnler bi'uini Unit night other boy loo,' cutting out n bullet. I crept out of bed and begun cur- When thai doctor Imcl finished ho •-* handed the bullel to the boy,'say-j lug, "Here Is n souvenir from Dl- > epix; where you Iriecl to piny the! part of an American gangster." Then ho laughed loudly as though he had told a great joke. The orderlies led me back to my 'll ami though I was still In pnln ryliiB water, tor I tell islrQiii{ dVQUljIi now, I kept this up (or soriio lime until the tloclor showed np, ordering luc lo Ixm and lo sUiy llicre or I would tile. "1 luive ilom 1 tho best I could for you," he suld liv now Eiiiillsh.'' l 'fliO ! rest Is up to you. You ellhcl- stay In bed or you die." Hut when he wns gone and the next eiill foi 1 water cnme, 1 went for It. FOR MINOR CUTS XMOROUNEI ; \ KTROUUM JIUY |Afc I I % SI'tTintsilMVMfc* •VT I avalory and sat down I found tlmt lie moving liad started tlie bleeding igaln, I was coughing up chunks of i!oo<l. I became so weak -I decided igain tliat I would die, right there. don't remember how. I'got'back nto bed. - Tlie'next thing I do.remember is hat. it was night again arid the men were crying for water once more.' It' seemed as though there were always ewer of the men who could still vnlk about to bring water so now I struggled out of bed once more, de- .ennlned to carry water. I -did car•y water to some of the men too, before I fell myself fading 6ut : again and liad to go back to my be ; d. Other men who could move were doing the same thing I was, trying to help their dying buddies. This went on, and on, and on. Tlie Germans finally came around FLAVOR-RICH . . ONE COOKINQj CALLS FOR ANOTHER! Tutl:i}', rncli niKreident lisril iri your rooking Inkos on new .Impar^ mice, UnexL'elleVI <iu»ll* ly is rcipiireil for «n« nnil nil. 'k'licirA w\iy good couks chou&e HuniKo^ r NOW TOINT Political Announcements The Courier New* fcx Imn W- thorized to announce tht foUowiaf candidacies, subject to: th« Democratic primary la AUfUrti STATE REPKESENTATIV1 ALENE WORD (for re-election. P<at No. 3) W. J. WUNDERLIOH {for re-election, Post No. 1) J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-election, Post No. I) LUCIEN S. COLEMAH E. C. "GENE" FLEEMAN (Post No. 4) PRO SECT] TINGJVTTORNE Y IVIE C. SPENCER MARCUS PIETZ (For Re-election) JAMES C. HALE SHERIFF AND COLLXOTOB HALE JACKSON (for re-election) W. W. (E10DBY1 WATSON ' ' COUNTY THEASUREB R, B. (8KEET) STOUT MISS BELLA PURTLE COUNTY JUDO I ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) PWIGHT H. BLACKWOOO CIRCUIT COURT CLKHK •'• HARVEY MORRIS (For re-election) COUNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) JM» BACON MEMPHIS PACKING ,CO. CAREFUL AND DON'T DROP THAT DR. PEPPER, DEAR, I'VE GOT TO Re TORN THE BOTTLE TO OUR DEALER Take Advantage of FRIENDLY SERVICE SUPER SAVINGS You'll like our mnrlccl, you'll nppvccitilc. tho dean, modern suiToiimliiiBM, llu> iilfnictivo ilispliiy.s, Die eoiiiieoiw clerlc.s. And, you'll applmid our high (|imlity, low price products. 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