The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1946
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS reader Cotton esearch Urged Textile School Dean Appears Before Mouse Committee First SCAT Plane Ready PAGP Duift H<) Ots Numljtr I hciidqiuirti'is for two ilmtl. boards* Muss. iui')--'rii(! lAny bi 1 ukcU lo two or morel MoMjiillo bltos don't, llch so' Yellow fever Is .transmitted by the bite o/ moequl toes,' 1 but ' the orgunism that cau*ps the ''Sbf»tt' Is still unknown. ; : •• ' "• illNCJTON. June 20. (UP) — .Malcolm E. Campbell, ol North enrol Inn Stntp Collr»e Textiles, yesterday urged cou- ;s to expand th? government':; .on rosearch progrnm. Ie said plastioinipivgnateu X construction ^oajler Id be developed from cotton. 'e.stifying betoi'e the House iKiue CummiUf!" iti support til' ivl). Campbell sa"id: Tile Held of practical problems I nci'd lo lie .solved is virtually 'imiU'tt," he told the Home .'iculune C'ommiUec. In- euiDinitlce is considering a to eypand afciicullurnl research 'iimpbc'l! nl.':o is chairman ot raw cotton .section of the ink-ail society foj- testing ni.i- ials. He nriu'cl thai the cotlon •:i ii'h prni-rani coordinate acliv- s ol irovernmental anil privau- oratories. rot ton textile industry mil by many a«e-old Lradilimi! •* said in explaining why cotion r, mil belli!: utilized to ent. Wal^'i- L. Randolph. Alnbnma 'ni bureau federation president(I that eottou'.s fonlpetilors Ir.Ui ' advantage of vast researeh !a- tirs. 'All the fibers Mint threaten cot- ' i's nirtrkets mast seriously ',o- y are produced either by the eniical industry or by other in- \vtiich eapitalize on the of the chemical d also have bltf research pro- uns <>f their own." Randolph id. le nryed a cotton research pro- am comparable witli that Cor . Without it, he added, col- '.ou!d drive into "an even competitive position." in this type of situation." said, "where privnle e«ter- .se [.-annnl meet a tficat social d economic need, that goveni- _ __ much *U Hie Viiscct "fi['allowed, to lion rd 's lioiiso hi'i I" lloll.Sc' VCl CTIUIS vi'li'i-nns 1 fiunlllc.s liccuiis on lllnlihiiul HI, tlu« war us The mike uf Wellington WRH also n t'l-niulru if fiixilh. '-. • Hcud courier New s Wiint Ads. Bead Courier News.. W«nt Imre Univti.sity of Arkansas students are :;bo\vn above insjuliu tin fu t p i -.seiv^ei' plan iperalctl by Ihe South Central Air Transport over it ; Arkansas ui'iwork with HHIhi-ulli s. 11) Miss Dojelo tjlrls. h>ft to riyhl. iivt Dollye smith. Pine HHlff; Miss Chsirl . Uilsscllville. With them is li.iljerl 1C. Poison, SCAT pilot. tilt; licinllcr m\\\i McCailhy «f Kd li: , Candy, a deflnil IN HOLLYWOOD . BY KltSKINK JOHNSON NKA Staff Corrcspuiiilriil. HOLLYWOOD. Julie 1!). \NEA^~ An Egyptian mati : erinrniL'r was :* novelty lo us. , \V(- met an Egyptian snake- charmer once, and later learned that she was born in Chicago a:x! sold indies' underwear in a Michigan Avenue store before going jnt u the business of charming snake.* Tahja Kei'im, the EgynMan irmu- ntal enterprise should nnd must [charmer, was legitimate. ;ct that need " She's Egypt's top movie queen, J. M. Jones, Secretary or the ' 1n d hns starred In 39 pictures there since 1939. inmd Wool Growers RaU Lake City, endorsed the He asked that it be amended i hpl ' a C|iilck S10. Lou Clayton, his manager, tough widi Jimmy occasionally. Jimmy always denies havhu; done anything. As Clayton pills It. Ttow can you slop the guy? Thai's !:'.* lilcnsiircjln life, helping every bud v. Who am I to deny hlni7- Thc largest Item In Carmen Miranda's monthly budget is noi telephone bill. She likes to call liome. And home. In ca.S3 you don't kno-.v, ts Rio in Brazil. When she gets the connection. Carmen has to talk lo her mama. "Blie's really hot stuff in Egypt," her bruzzcr-ecn-law. her seeHcr- lold us while Tahla I cen-law. a secstcr. a niece, ant! a include representatives of the' staled. "The theater admission Brazilian boy-friend. The last talk cstock of wool growers industry the advisory committee. ho Must Use Highways I UP) f -unken Negro Offers siv Hazard to Those 1 FOHDYCE. Al-,:.. June 20. rfrnry Jacobs. 30-year-old NCErro. *iii!; hold in Forciyce lo'.lay a charge of assault to kill, ar- he fired Into n iiassing, auto- iliile and injured a' 15-year-oUI .ewi.s Walker told officers that, his wife and daughter t\'ere r hiK on Highway 8 when Jacobs lied at them lo stop, then fireci !(;-K;u]«e shotgun into the car. )c shot struck the girl ill the lid. another in the forehead. A short time later John Harrifo: nsspRsor of Dallas comity, iiis family were passing when is again aimed his shotyun d demanded that Ihey stop. Haron ignored the warning and re- Mie<i shortly to (he scene with •oce Mays, -deputy sheriff, lo ike the arrest. The Negro told officers: "l'3n link and out here shooting ac erythinj; that passes." prices go up from 40 to 80 rents when her pictures play in Cairo." Tahia is honeymooning in Hollywood with Gilbert Levy, a former Army officer from Newark, \'. J. They met in Cairo, wtieve lie was a lieutenant colonel in orci- iiaiicy for three yeairr "She danced at the Officers' Club one night," Levy said, "and J whistled the loudest." Sure, black-haired, big-eyed Tahia would like to appear in a Holly wood movie. ' v -^-. "But only if I can dance." she said. "I must always dancs.- Thc look on Levy's race Indicated .she WEXS quite a dancer. "But I don't think her dance •*ould pass the censors," he jald. HIS HEART IS BIO, TOO Jimmy Duranle, who JiiBt celebrated hi s 30th anniversary In sno» business. Is known as the softest touch among the stars. lie Jilsc can't turn down any request, whether it be lor a benellt or for wilh the folks lasted 45 mlnuiej. "PKKII.S OF I'AUI.ETTE- Paulelte Goddard has relitled Inlest. "Unconquered.'' she c-.uls It "The Perils of PaulcUe.- In the film she Is: U) tied to a prairie wagon and beaten: (21 sow on the auction block; (3) lorlmcfl at the slake by Indians; (•!> swept over n wntcrfall; made lo scrub floors In a saloon while the Needs Protection from MOSQUITOES., FLIES, ROACHES SPRAY ROOMS with FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits egetables Watermelons IARTFRS Grocery Market r>2(i North (ith Street ~ Open 7 Days a Week " Discard HarsliLaxativBs" Say Happy Ex-Sufferers! ^ Famous Cereal ^1 ' Brings Relief to Millions! low She Shops [Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache iVEirn c^i?ors!crof kiilncy function permila bisonous mallei" In re-main in your tiloo<Mt cn^^KiKRl'flf^^cric.rhpLimrvliritnins. s, lo^s ^1 PcP ^n«l cncrRj-, srLtinR mi t:hLc, swellinpr, puffincss under the eyes. rhta r.nil (Ur-zincss. Frequent or sc.nnt/ "i'S with Rniartinjr nnd tnrninir sonic- mon stiows there is EOmcthing wrong with itir riiilncyj! or tilatMtr. Don't wflill Auk your druggist for Dt>^n*.=i §ill^, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully illi'>Tis for over JO years. Dunn's KIVC rtlioE and will Iiel|i tlic 15 miics of •itlney l«l«s flush cm; poisonous waalu from r blv>od. Crt Doan'a Villa. Constipated? Harsh drugs get you down? KELLOGG'S ALL- ~I1RAN gets nfc the common cause of much constipation—lack o£ bulk in the diet. Tf you suffer from thij form of eonstipntion, cut a dish of KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN every day nnd drink plenty of water. If you do this regularly, you may jicvcr have to take another.Inxa- t ive for the rest of vou r 1 i fe t — KELLOGG'S ALL-I1KAN is not n juirpativc! It's a gentle-acting, regulating food . . . milled_cxtra- ftuo for golden softness. #^£e*i«p. More Nutritious Than Whote Wkeot -'ALL-UKAN, made from the vital outer ?«i/crs of finest wheat, coiit^ins a concentration of protective food elements found in this Krain. One oun»e of KELLOGG'S ALIrBRAN provides over 1/3 of your minimum daily need for iron —to help make good, red blood. Calcium and phosphorus—to help build bones and teeth. Whole-grain vitamins — to help guard against deficiencies. Protein—to help build body tissue essential to growth. Get ylA/WJft/hVatyour grocer's. Made by KclloEjj's of Battle Creek nnd Omaha. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no commission means more money for your livestock. LEO SWIFT °Z?T Phone 3458 ' rOH SALE\ ATALl 1 kSTORtV / *IVr r WLUUUIliLl,U FLYTOX -nvori ; 'in r f.oin ( : lo Kr , ., W()1 . t , f n wise. I K demarmecl ,, r BeiT-n wnh yni;i- „,„,„,, fllM Ht s ;, r ;.| • It's c.iil^r lo b.i'/o with THil MACtC LIILLEK'S BEST FLOUR! And you can u:e iHtf calore*! print sack in many w.iys around ihc house. s* MAGIC ILLEfi BE5I 1 MAGIC MILI.EK brings you I lie best flour obiiiiniibli; under (he present »vhe;il emergency. ROOF PROTECTION WITH WARDS ASBESTOS ROOF COATING &.-, You'll add extra value, as well as extra life, to worn, leaky roofs, wilh V/nrds Asbestos Coatingl And you won't need to worry about keeping S'luej and dryl Use on any type roof: Motat, composition, slacj, felt, tile or masonry. Fine to weatherproof foundations, too, or waterproof silos ond tanks. Won't taint w'aterl Sini;lo <.i;i1l(in '. S'.tc SLEEPLESS NIGHTS MEAN DULL, PEP-LESS DAYS •Your attic is to blame for ninny a sleepless night I The hot attic air, trapped throughout the night, acts like a furnace on the whole home. Expel this hot air— draw in cool night air—and you'll sleep like a lop. BREEZ-AIR Fans Bring Comfort lo Every Room It's easy . . . economical, too. Install a Buffalo Brcez- Air Fan in the attic. This <|uiet large uipacily fan turned on after sundown quickly forces out the hot air in the attic and throughout your home- draws in the cool night air through the windows he- low. You have an invigorating breeze in every room. You sleep in cool Call us estimate comfort. for free _}" on the . proven idea in coou home cooling. 36 In Fans 84.95 42 In Fans 99.95 We also stock Emerson ond Bar-brook Attic Fans in 42 inch and 48 inch sizes Use FHA Terms — No Money Down Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. IV. Adams, Mgr. Successors to Harder way Appliance Co., Inc. Phone 2071 2()fi-08 \Vcsl .Main Durablo Steel Barrel Tire Pump I 79 Operates wilh minimum effortl Proptno for emergencies, alwuyj tarry WardTiie Pump ifl your cnil Sal.l New Riv.rilde Spark PI;, g'.-l ^ 3 -/c 5 war-deVeloped Improvements tncreaie yftjr Q(n-mileage . . . performance! Buy a set TODAYI THE NEW RIVERSIDE$ ARE NOW EVEN STRONGER THAN OUR PRE-WAR TIREfl Veil You got addoi) tlrenglh ond a^ded safety on,the new Word Rivcisldcsl Why? Because eac^h cord It itronger fp beafn wit/i, chemicdly-stronBthened to slay »trong«r lonaerl Then liquid-dipped (to "wold" thorn together) and cushioned In rubber! Finally, each ply Is comonlod before vulcanizing for a greater protection against separation, bruises and blow-outst WARDS FAUCET juo For ilandard Mmon Jan. No rubbers reeded. Buy all your canning supplies ct Wards . . . savol Bumper Jacks Reduced! $2.00 : For carj, irutks, Iraclorsl Double- aclion rakhcf fioi sclMocklng teature. Gel youri now & savel Standard Jar Rubbers E«lra Kerr lids for standard ilm , k Mujon fars.' No rubbers needed. Buy ul Wards for less and sovel KAUCK'r JUG '' ?r.«S r; ;• ".• Dot. 6c Red rubber rings, with handy lipi the v/ilh slandard 1-piece capl. Bj/ nl Wordi lor fc» and savel Sturdy 39c for doorbells, Iclephoiius IIQ riovfcoi, elc, ' "I .V/ui-di), Decorated Crystal Tumblers . 9'/l-ounc« capacityr Allroctiv*' Red Tulip decoralionl Economlcol, colorful 8lai»s for everydav ulfc , Serve ..refreshingly told or hoi drinks on picnics, camping trips, Ground cork insulation ... 2 coat etiamel steel liner . . . steel spot i°. (: . l<et • • • aluminum neck. BUILT-IN MEDICINE CABINET 14- , 10' 4.50 94 C A heavy-duty vi\e v/ilh a semi- steel body and base . . . just tho vhc for Iho home workbcnch.1 You'fl get year-round camlorl by irntalling Rock V/ool in your home nov/J It's a simpTo jobl Ruilproof. , . wilh a \OIQC wolcr- way. Can be adj'j^lcd from a steady stroom to a lEiutofU ,.j ' carbon $l«ftl blade ;;; 52^ Northern ash handle. A favorite gardening and all-purpose hoal i Porcelain gloss lined zinc jar cap* ; , . use on all standard me ;ors» Buy al Words and iavel Hardened, tempered blade and handle one pltce! Flat spring, Ond finger guard, Ru it -re listing. Sanitary glass funnel, that's re* (Ulant to hcaL Helps you fill (art quicVly and eaiilyl _ Heavy cotton d/ifl, Jute compost tion stuffing. 5 rows quilling. Spring steel hooks. Smart simplicity marks the styling of Mm large, clear-glass mirrored medicine cabinet! Builds in wal|... takes no space. Durable, welded sleel gleaming enamel. Two easy-to-clean shelve*. WARDS NEW VITALIZED OIL b your container flvt fcdW;.' Toy 19 l-2e Vital chemicals added to Wards war-proved premium grade motor oil CLEANSE your engine as they LUBRICATE! Your "engina stays cleaner . . . runs cooler— with fewer repairs! toduyl WARDS THICK-TAB ASPHALT SHINGLES fc~vwK)0«.*. C QC 1 . •iffj r 1 .• Shingle .tabs rwke as (W<it <rt butt to give a more qttraictfye atxl pronounced shadow line; The deap, rich color antf eye- ptecsirtg design will bring pew beauty to your home. MONTGOMERY WARD UM YOUR CRI t' , 1

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