The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1949
Page 6
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?.; SIX BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COUTHE* NEWS THURSDAY, JUNE i; ittff v; ^ |Tt'•-.•:;'• ' Peep Confusion (Found in China • Americant Located • In Orient Puzzled -... By U. S. Limitations ;,SHANOH.«--M»>—Chlnii is at a aew depth of confusion In trying to decide what to do about herself, The average American iu China, knowing China's needs and the United States' limitations, Is the oiost confused of al^ - China wallows in difficulties which set a record even for a cojn- try that is expert at getting herself Into difficulties. China !s divided more ways than between Nationalists and communists. China is hungry, yet much of Jier land 'and it never did yield enough to feed her) • is out of cultivation because of the civil war. China is dj?zy with inflation, printing presses cannot grind out enough money even by working day and night, China's leadership is so split that half the crises that beset her are simply ignored. Americans in China read of congressional debates centered on stopping Communism and wnndei ajiew how it can be done in this huge, crowded land without getting caught In collateral problems that might not be solved even with the expenditure of billions of dol- lirs. I'Most Americans in China feet j that Communism, like every other ] revolutionary movement in the; country's histor, 1 , was brought on ] by internal conditions whirl, the? j West always over-simplifies. They j feel thai, until those conditions are rectified, China Is doomed to turmoil and to one revolutionary move, client alter another. Renewed suggestions from Washington that the Red tide can be halted by more American 'money sounds to the average American in China like suggestions (hat the same old mistakes be repeated. i: There is also the problem, who will get the money? Chiang- Kai- sihek and the dispersed remnant of his Kuomintang government? Or LJ Tsung-Jen and his new regime, which has its eyes' on only one objective—some sort of peace with toe Reds? " Harold Stassen's recent suggestion for what he called a "MacArthur plan" for Asia has made the American in China scratch his head harder. Would that mean putting * few hundred thousand American troops in China to run ..he show— •iiid to intervene directly in the civil war? Or -would it mean another "Sttlwell affair?" A new American commander wO'jld be sub- Jwt to the same obstructions and frustrations as the late Gen. Joseph Sttlwell met during the Japanese ^»r. They are inherent In China for,any foreign leader who has a lotof money to ipend. :'WilI Uncle Sam take on a job like that on the one liand while cutting back his own military expenditures elsewhere? If It is decided to underwrite the. Nationalists and try to save the day that way, how about the Additional millions or billions needed to solve the tend problem, to feed the people while more war devastates the country, to stop inflation which | breeds misery and spreads Com- ibunism every day? ;-Will the United States step in *nd take over direction of China's filling commerce? Lack of trade will continue to nurture unrest and Communism uuti". restored. To that end, will the United States reorganize China's ports, which are so jammed and disorganized that they couldn't handle a good volume of commerce even if they got it? : Will the United States undertake all these things six y c a rs a fter abandoning extra-territorfality and becoming & rigid espouses of sovereignty? The American in China, who never had any stomach for Communism, has even less now that he has seen (he Pelping-Tientsin pattern: The autocratic, bureaucratic suppression of personal liberties, of the press, and of everything else that the Reds fear or dislike. No, the American in China realizes that Communism may mean the end of GETS DIPLOMA DESPITE BROKEN BACK—Thomas HlcVey. Jr.. ol Quincy, 111., is wheeled lo the stage :if graduation exercises ai Wesiurn Military Academy in Alton, III,, where he received his diploma depute ii broken hack. Mickey WHS injured in tin auto accident on April 3 and was brought to Alton by ambulance from Barnes Hospital in St. Louis (or the exercises. Fellow cadets wheeling the injured boy are Charles P. Taylor (left) of Toledo, O. and Charles S. Walker of Columbus, O. lAP Wirephoto). HORSEMEN Continued from Page \ with a rif!c who cvitieiHly \vas Uuutiug," The sroup spent 1t.s first night out in Gorcville. 111., which is 24 niilp.s from Lhcir starting point. "We slept tliat night in a fHrnicr's barn and like to have frozpn to death so from then on we ipnrte .sleeping in the open optional allowing members of the group to go to nearby hotels if thcj' desired." "We spent our second night in Karnnk, ill,, which is near the Kentucky line and the third night in the Kentucky Slate Park atCo- litmbii.'S, Ky. We fared a littln better on nights." Monday night the party was in Hickman, Ky., which was one of the few large cities visited on tlin trip. Tite horsemen crowed iiito Tennessee Tuesaay and spent Tuesday night in Ridgley. ''How were you received by na- tive.s nlon? tlie way." Mr. Jefferys wa.s asker) but. before he could answer another member of the group interrupted with "I've never been treated so nice in my life. Everybody was wonderful along the way and went out of their way to rio thines for us." IMan Trip to Dallas In 1S50 "We were in all kli^ls of weather," one member said- "It. rained on as for two riay.s nnd yesterday when thase high winds hit this section we wore -somewhere around Ridgely and had to take refuge in a Neero tenant, home on someone's larm. It wa* rought but a lot of fun. 1 ' Asked tvhaj. they did for feed for Uipiv mounts accompanied them on their trip and members of the group would take turn about in him In China, loo; but he ran not see how more dollars can stop it. driving ahead to buy hay from farmers. "We brought -some fed from Herrin." he jsalri, "but it didn't la^t loner ami then we had to hunt it up." The Utrrin Saddle and Bridle Club was organized three years ago. Mr Jeffcrys explained, and last year its members hit upon the idea of taking horse-back trips as part of their summer vacations. "L;ist yciir we visited three states, fill- iiol$. Indiana and Kentucky, with Henderson, Ky.. as our destination ami we decided to make BIytheville our rie.stination this year when we learned of Mr, Smith's sale. Next, year we plan to go to Dallas, Tex.," he said. The Blytheville Chamber of Commerce was to be host to the travelers this afternoon at a reception and cocktail party at Hotel Noble when business men of the city will extend their welcome to the Illinois visitors. Sale Starts Tomorrow Tomorrow the excitement of the trip will he temporarily forgotten while t!ip 10 horse lovers attend Mr. Smith's sale and .several arc planning on bidding on some of the steeds offered at auction, but none of the group indicated they would offer their faithful mounts which carried them to Blytheville, for sale. The sale gets underway at 10 a.m. tomorrow and will extend through Saturday. Aside Irom the welcoming receptions given members of the group by BlytheviHe business men and civic groups today they were also ;2T?eted by their wives who made the trip to BlytheviHe in cars. Some of the women folSts were scheduled to arrive today while others will not be along until tomorrow. Following the sale the Paul Reveres will load their steeds in trucks that will be sent from Hcrrin, and with their u-ivcs will head for home in a more modern way, In automobiles. Venetian Blinds of Such cUan T«*dan blind* I Dj»t akidi ri«h! ofi Flexa- bira, it'« M Mtin-«nwolht TKif alunlnmi bend* for quiet knnb.«p«, iuap« back into p«rto<* thapat Lighter, Mi<«r to opmfe Awl tb* beintr IfMal PWta faith won't ehip *r crack. Fleia- him h fireproof, nut-proof. waath«r-f>ro«i etwow Inm bnitiM ool- on . . . brrnc wtaoow m*it- HremerrU. So m«ipCTi«ivcl Custom - made »nly. Come ehoote Irom knitiful nl«n ...ask for «tlraal* wtth»1 ablhraUm. BUILDERS' SUPPLY CO. Inc. W. R. rr> 8* H<ira; «1 J. Wllaon Renrj Phone 2434 SPECIAL SALE of PAINTS TOM SAWYER PAINTS AT COST ROLLISON LUMBER COMPANY TENTH STREET CAMP MOULTRIE DRIVE BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS SALE F ROMI JUNETit) 15 + Paints-All Colors INSIDE OR OUT: WOOD, CONCRETE OR t METAL + Best Quality GUARANTEED TO BE AS GOOD AS THE BEST Manufactured at Blytheyill* by MARTIN TRENKLE, Inc. Harmony Urged On Home Front Arkansas Member Of Congress Issues Special Appeal By Gorton Brown WASHINGTON, June 2. (/Pj_A plea /or the country to pull together in order to make democracy work lias been made by Rep Trimble (D-Ark.). "Our forefathers worked together to attain our freedom," Trimble lold the House in remarks appearing In (he Congressional Record. "We, lilce them, must get aloii* together today if we are to preserve that freedom." Laws are passed, he said, to protect the country against Communism, Facism and Naiiism — at) three the same horse but In different harness"—but: "That alone is not enough to assure oiu success as a nation." "We forget." Trimble said, "that the success of our great system o( government will do more than all else to combat those who would do us Injury as a people." Trimble said "we should strive svith nil our mltfht" to see that: "We have security on the farm: "Everyone wlio lias the ambition to rio so can own his o\vn farm: "We have good roads to servr these farms: "Children horn in these farm homes along with all other children In America have plenty of good food, warm clothing and a chance for a good education. '•Anyone who has the ambition and capacity to do so can own his own business and home; "All who desire to work shall have a chance to worit'at a living wage throughout the year and have a chance to own a home; "The religious ireenom for us by our forefathers spreads its influence from the teachings at our mother's knee into every nook and cranny of the land. "One of the greatest sources of good government, r - ability to get along with people fostered and encouraged. "Likewise 1 , we must strive with all our might to see to It that the farmer, the laborer and the small- business man get along together because we well know that if either of three great groups falls into economic distress it means the distress of the other two." State to Use Convict Labor To Build Roads LITLK ROCK, June 1. Wj-Convict labor will be used In construction of an experimental type road near Tucker prison farm. Highway Director J. C. Baker slid yesterday the prisoners would be used on Highway 15 from England lo the junction of Highway IB. The X* will employ a new machine recently purchased by the highway department. To* inlxrs soil and concrete which can be spread for a comparatively Inexpensive road base. Baker said work orders had been issued for five projects on which contracts had been let, Included j are: Hem[istead and Howard coun- lies, six mile* of black lopping be- { tween Nashville and Osan, Highway 4- Jeffeison County, 104 miles ol blacktoppinc between Altheimer and Corner Stone, Highway t. Phillips County, »t miles of concrete on the Wabash-Northeast road, Highway 44. United States May UM Women at Ambotsodort WASHINGTON, June 1. If)-. Several women are under consideration (or appointment u ambu- sadora, Pmldent Truman uld today. He made the disclosure at hU newt conference when he waa «uet- tknwd u to whether a woman I* being considered for ambauador to Denmark. He said he hai several women h's easy tt Have a tog-free bone-witb COOK-KILL KILL ROACHES Mrts, Snvwnsli/ Wcrttfwijj, NUna, r -Fort«f , Eotiet tk» DDT M bovt ever nad -0« YOUR MONEY IAOCI t to several couniiic*. OH COOK-KIU M YOU* FAVOMTt STOtI COOK-KILL DEALERS Blythevilk, Ark. Bnffington Grocer? Forsrthe's Grocery French Grocery Snider Grocery Happy Hour Grocery Hays Store Luttrcll Market Pickard Grocery N'abers Grocery Moore Brothers Grocery DoEvood Grocery D. S. Hay li Son Bixhop's Grocery G H. Grear's Grocery M. S. Edwards Grocery City Super Market Kroger Grocery Company Liberty Cash Store Western Acto Associate Store TUSSY*S MEW TWO-IN-ONE' LIPSTICK Bring* You 2 Full-Sized Lip nick* in o«« tmart au* value $1 for only! plui ,Think of U! You get 2 fulUizwt Tussy :Up«tkiu im a beautiful bumi»h«d netalease. ' All {or the prie* »f a single lipstick! Vim get two «f the fan oui Tuwy «hade» - i 11 th at flatteri n g Tusiy laitute. All Out buuty it a imtrt-looking gilded easo that makes a kaodsome purs* accessory. You'll want en for yourself and several more for gifts. 'Tut*y>* "TWin-One" Upttickt in glamorout color combination! : • Garaem Ptity-Midki|1tt... u (or fair tftmplexloa • Coolr.bsnd-Midnigbt.... f M medium coapleiion • Raspberrr-Fuamalier for dark conplnio* • Funnakw-Merry Red for medium eomplexiom • Garden Party-Ourmoros*. -.for fairctHnpIexioa WOODS DRUG STORE 205 W..r Main Phon. 4451 Blythevillc Motor Co. Electric Co BEST WISHES SUCCESS to the HOUSE OF CHARM Freeman- Henley Gro. & Mkt Jackson Auto Parts

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